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Week Four - Yes, No, Call Me Maybe


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On Day 23, housemates began their fourth weekly shopping task; 'The Yes/No Challenge.' In this challenge, housemates had to say yes to all tasks Big Brother asked them to do. If they succeeded in their respective challenges they earned a certain number of pass or fail balls to put into a lottery, which was drawn at the end of the task. This would determine whether the housemates had passed the task or not. On Day 25, the lottery was drawn and the housemates passed the task.

On Day 24, Drew and Tim participated in the game 'Our Little Secrect' to try to obtain luxury food items for a seafood platter for the weekly family dinner. In order to keep the food they had to resist as many items as possible, and for every item that they could not resist one item of the seafood platter treat would not be achievable. At the end of this task, the seafood platter would be handed to the housemates, with or without some or all of its original ingredients.

On Day 24, housemates participated in the fourth weekly Showdown, of which Jade was the winner. As a reward for winning, Jade earned the save and replace ability and a night in the Presidential Suite with Katie and Lucy, the housemate of her choice.

On Day 23, after the nomination results had been announced, the nominated housemates were sent to the Halfway House.

On Day 24, the Halfway House and Safe House housemates joined together to make one house, with the divides removed overnight while the housemates slept, and all housemates then moving to the Safe House. A new bedroom was also unveiled in the space once used for the Halfway House half beds.

On Day 30, the fourth evicted housemate has the power to give the Nominations Super Power to the housemate of his or her choice.

On Day 23, housemates nominated. Jade, Jasmin, Katie & Lucy, Matthew, Mikkayla and Tahan received the most nomination points and faced eviction this week.

On Day 24, after winning Showdown this week, Jade was rewarded with the 'save and replace' ability. She later chose to save herself and nominate Ben in her place.

On Day 29, Jasmin became the fourth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. As her last act in the game, she gave Heidi this week's Nomination Super Power.


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