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Saturday, August 31 Live Feed Updates


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4:00pm BBT: Judd in Kt looking to see what the oven is set on and Elissa just made herself a sandwich . In the chair rm amanda just finished eating and is now laying down as Gm and Spencer talk about bowling balls being nailed down and if they actually have balls that look like bowling balls.mccrae gets amanda up and they go to the have not rm. Amanda says dont say anything but he said that i was more hated in the jury so maybe there is a way that you both can stay but then said we would talk about it after we see who goes up.Amanda says i would do anything to stay.

4:04pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae hug and head back t the chair rm and right back to bed.Amanda saying that Elissa was already taking jabbs at me saying who would look better in a unitard Amanda and Kirsten. Gm says i know i told her to stop already. amanda says if you keep her here she wont work with you. Amanda tells Gm you have a chance to make a huge move in tbhis game put her up dont put these guys up they wouldnt put you up and both mccrae and i will be greatful to you and if you keep me here then you have two people on your side .

4:08pm BBt:Amanda sits up in bed crying and says i am begging you please please dont let me go hiome this week please put her up do not put these guys up i promise keep me here and Mccrae and i will not put you up next week at all.

4:10pm BBT: Amanda says i swear keep me dont let me go and you will be safe i have no friends in that jury house everyone there hates me and Elissa is friends with all of them there everyone of them. Amanda says if you would put her up we have the votes to send her home and i would not go after you and Mccrae would not go after you either. Mccrae and i are together and we vote together we can keep you here and we get foth.

4:18pm BBT: amanda still begging Gm to put elissa up on the block mondy and swearing she will stick to everything that she says and so will Mccrae she saya this will be a huge move a huge move. amanda says Elissa just walks around people and kicks them and jabs them she is nasty. keeping me would be a way smarter move than keeping her and it is a powerful chaice to make. Gm says we have to monday to decide. Amanda says me and Mccrae are a bigger target as a power couple than anyone else is and they will all come after me and not you so you can go far.

4:23pm BBt: all the men in the house are in the Kt eating pizza and talking about the live feeds and who watched who on there in past seasons.. Mccrae enters the chair rm and amanda stops talking and they start talking about dinner lastnight. mccrae leaves and Amanda goes right back to saying if she will put Elissa up then she would not would not go back on her word and then she wont have a target from mccrae or from spencer and to make a deal with andy. amanda says we are not going after you snd we can make you stronger. Amanda tells Gm you can beat me. you can beat me in comps and at the end.Elissa is now out of Dr and in Kt eating her food after going to the DR.

4:27pm BBT: Amanda tells Gm that she will be safe and she will be getting rid of the person that got rid of Nick and Gm says yeah i know. Amanda says you will be getting rid of Rachels sister thats huge.

4:31pm BBT: Gm leaves chair rm and Amanda lays down alone. In the KT Mccrae is trying to make deals for the beers and ciggaretts and Judd says you need to go back to make a deal school.Judd says everyone left their beers outside to be abandoned and mccrae says if i had been thinking right i might have grabbed mine and judd says i didnt realize you was sick.

4:39pm BBt: talk in the kt with Spencer, Judd and Andy, Mccrae and Elissa talking about past HG and how old they looked. Judd is waiting for the BY to open so they can go smoke. amanda is in bed going to sleep and Gm went to HOh rm to take a nap.

4:44pm BBt: Amanda is now up taking her dirty dishes to the Kt and washing them. Everyone else is in kt area with general talk and Judd doing a dance.

4:46pm BBt: mccrae goes to bed with amanda and Amanda is now repeating everything she said to Gm about putting elissa up and her being safe next week and to make a deal with Spencer and Andy.In the KT Andy and Elissa are talling about villians. Elissa says that jessie and Judd were deffinatly the jeff and jordan. and andy says i dont know about that and Elissa says Andy we really didnt ask you sand she laughs. Andy says the BY is open now and Elissa says i am going to go take a nap and Judd staerts singing and we get foth.

4:52pm BBT: Amanda relling all the guys outside that if Gm will put elisaa up then she can be safe and stay to work with them. Amanda asking Judd if he wants to keep elissa here cuz she has more friends in the jury and you wont win against her is that what you want? Judd says i dont know and Amanda says i have won one comp and no one in the jury likes me not one and if i am here you get rid of a huge target.

4:56pm BBt: Amanda saying she felt ,like she had a disadvantage in the pov comp and Judd says you had a ten minute break inbetween sessions and she says but look at my hands they hurt so bad. Judd says why did we do thatin the heat why not right now? Amanda says that doesnt make sence at a game stand point and i cant win i can not win this game and they are all going to vote on person crap.

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#BB15 5:03 PM BBT Amanda in the BY complaining about Elissa and her multiple boasts and houses. Says that Elissa doesn't deserve to be there. Amanda says that if she (Amanda) goes, Elissa won't have a target but one of the guys and that they need to see that and keep her.

#BB15 5:05 PM BBT Amanda telling them that she is logical and Elissa is not. Gina comes out to the BY and says her foot hurt. She also says that she requested booze for them. Amanda starts telling Gina that Amanda can't win in this game and that Gina is smart.

#BB15 5:07 PM BBT Amanda says that keeping Elissa in the game is a travesty. Amanda says that Elissa does what Elissa wants to. She is uncontrollable. Spencer is agreeing with Amanda.

#BB!5 5:19 PM BBT In the BY Spencer, Judd, Andy and Gina talk about the comp. They said McCrae lasted two rounds and kept vomiting.

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#BB15 5:26 PM BBT Discussion in the BY of Mc using the POV on Amanda. Andy and Spencer say it will never happen. Andy says it happened once and was the dumbest move ever.

#BB15 5:30 PM BBT Gina just realizes the BBQ is gone. Spencer says it's been gone. They break up to go inside and take naps.

#BB15 5:33 PM BBT Spencer talks to Amanda in general and says he is taking a nap. She is in bed. Gina is in KT eating.

#BB15 5:38 PM BBT All is quiet in the BB house except for the Gina eating, the HG are in bed.

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#BB15 5:50 PM BBT Gina joins McCrae in the BY. She tells him that she fractured her toe. She laughs. Gina tells him about her conversation she had with Amanda. She is trying to explain to him how she feels that she saw his fire again today.

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6:05PM BBT GM and McCrae are talking in the BY about the HG. McCrae says Elissa is clinging to her. GM says "I know." They are talking about Amanda and Elissa fighting. McCrae doesn't like the way Amanda goes after Elissa but, neither of them like it when Elissa laughs at them and her snide remarks to the HG. Looks like it is naptime for the rest of the HG.

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6:15PM BBT GM and McCrae are still chatting in the BY. They talked game, wondered about Pandora's box which GM thinks would happen on a Tuesday. GM talks about her foot injury, she is only taking Tylenol for pain. They head inside. GM says she is probably going for a nap but, might do some laundry. McCrae is wandering through the house.

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6:20PM BBT McCrae has no one to play with. He is alone at the pool table in the BY.

6:25PM BBT Judd is up, goes outside, BB says to put his mic on, he goes back to bed. GM goes in the color room, Elissa and her chat about how Elissa feels crappy, Elissa rolls over in bed. GM is now doing laundry because "Everyone is in bed." McCrae says "Amanda is still in DR." and a minute later she appears and asks for a smoke.

6:30PM BBT McManda are talking, smoking in the BY. He is telling her about his talk with GM and they go over scenarios for next week.

6:35PM BBT Elissa is up. dressed and with yoga mat in hand heads to the BY. McManda go from a low tone to a whisper. As Elissa stretches they head inside into the lounge. Elissa is now standing on her head in the BY. The lounge talk has turned to how Amanda feels people do not want her to stay. McCrae says Elissa is very manipulative.

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6:40PM BBT McManda continue talking in the lounge. It isn't anything we haven't heard before (except this time there are no pageant tears from Amanda). No one likes her, she can't win anything, Elissa is the problem, she is the target. It's just done in a whisper this time. Elissa is now running laps in the BY.

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7:40PM BBT Elissa is inside, heading up tp the HoH room. GM is napping so, Elissa goes in anyways. She quickly leaves. McCrae is reading. Nothing else happening.

7:45PM BBT Elissa is now getting into the shower and McCrae is now reading outside. Nothing like a good change of scenery!

7:50PM BBT Elissa in her bikini, went to head outside, but went back in. She is heading to the HT. McCrae is smoking on the couch. No words have been exchanged.

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8:00PM BBT Elissa in the HT. McCrae at the pool table. You can hear the water from the HT, the balls clacking on the pool table and that is it.

8:03PM BBT Spencer is awake. He is now on the couch. They commented on the weather and how nice it is. Elissa is talking with him. Small talk. McCrae is still playing pool.

8:08PM BBT The HT is too hot. Elissa and Spencer both agree. Spencer tells McCrae "If you rack 'em up, I'll play with you."
All 4 cameras are still on the BY.

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8:19PM BBT Spencer and McCrae in the WA. McCrae tells Spencer about his chat with GM in BY earlier and how GM said she was considering putting up Elissa as the replacement.
Judd wanders through and McCrae says "Let's go for a cig" They head outside.
Spencer is now in the color room pouring water on Andy's head as he sleeps. "OMG... you are such an a**hole!" Spencer is giving Andy the house report of where everyone is. Spencer is now whispering what McCrae told him in the WA about Elissa. Spencer says he is sure McCrae was just BS-ing.

8:25PM BBT Andy and Spencer in low whispers. Andy says that Amanda is crazy and has to go. Spencer wonders if it is worth it to get rid of Elissa this week and break up McManda next week? He leaves the room. There is music blaring in the BY. BB calls the HG on indoor lockdown. There is a wedding on the property next door. Elissa asks why they have to go inside, "We are apart of the Powers' wedding party!" And we get FotH. The HG are now going inside.

8:30PM BBT Elissa "GinaMarie... it's 8:30. I didn't know if you wanted to get up or not." Gm says something inaudible. Elissa "OK, do you mind if I take a shower in here?" Inaudible response, again. Elissa leaves, heads to the color room and tells Judd that GM said she didn't want to get up.

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8:36PM BBT Elissa and Andy in the WA talking about the competition. Elissa says it probably made for good tv! Andy says that he hated it but it probably looked good. Elissa. now in the color room, getting her things together to go to the HoH room to have a shower. She is talking with Judd about last season's BB.

8:40PM BBT McManda are whispering in the chair room, can't hear it. Amanda is in her loose green shirt and undies lying on the bed on top of the blankets.
Elissa and Judd are whispering in the color room, can't hear it well. Elissa sounds worried about being put on the block. Judd thinks it will be him. They are talking about the before and after comp now. It is difficult to hear.

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8:45PM BBT Elissa in the HoH room. She says to Andy who is in the shower up there "Talk about raining on our parade, we are on lockdown because..." we get FotH. Feeds come back, Elissa is leaving the HoH bathroom. FotH. Elissa is back in the HoH bath talking to Andy.
Judd and McCrae are talking in the color room. Spencer was talking to Amanda in the chair room.

8:52PM BBT Andy, Judd and McCrae in the color room. They all say they are unsure of what GM will do. The talk turns to Elissa. Judd says it didn't make sense.
Amanda is up and in the kitchen making something to eat. Spencer is laying on the LR couch.

8:55PM BBT Andy "I don't know, I have talked to GinaMarie twice and I don't think she is going to put up Elissa." McCrae and Judd both say "Really?"

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9:00-9:15pm BBt: Gm telling Andy she doesnt care what Amanda says that she is going no matter what and she will not put Elissa up on the block and that she will not let amanda intimadate her. then Mccrae comes in and Gm says good of you to come up here and join us and mccrae smiles.

9:16pm BBt:Elissa is in the color rm laying in bed taling to Judd about the wedding that put them om LD cuz they could hear the yelling and the music. In the HOh rm Gm is telling Andy and mccrae about her falling hurting herself.

9:23pm BBt: Elissa in STR getting food. and now we have foth.

9:25pm BBt: Elissa just dropped dishes on the floor and broke a couple of them as Spencer walks in and says what is going on and then tells Elissa to go get her shoes on and he will pick it up. In the hoh rm Gm is talking about water in her blisters on her hands and everyone else checking their hands too.

9:29pm BBt:Andy and Elissa in Kt smarting off to each other again as usual Spencer fixing food and Gm asking Mccrae in HOH what time the music started and he says he dont know and she says it is usually 4 or 5 hours and we get foth.

9:35pm BBt: Gm and Judd and Mccrae in hoh rm talking about taking pictures and seeing a movie stars home. Mccrae ask if he can have a snack out of her basket and Gm says sure take what ya want. In the Kt elissa and Spencer and Andy talking general talk and Elissa says lets do something fun tonight.

9:43pm BBt: Andy and spencer talking about Gm saying she wont put Elissa up and he says he is going to tell Amanda that he doesnt think Gm will do it and Andy says i have no beef with Amanda and mccrae but Amanda can be obnoxious. Amanda is now in HOh and listening to Gm talk about a comedian and talking loudly.

9:47pm BBt: In the lounge rm Spencer and Andy talking about movies then Andy says if we have a double eviction we can get him out and Spencer says yeah i will trip mccrae in a veto and Andy says i almost feel like Elissa will win hoh and i hope she doesnt.

9:52pm BBT: spencer says we are down to the wire dude and he says if it is a double eviction it will be questions and Andy says yeah .

9:54pm BBT:In the HOh rm Gm is going on about Nick and if he had been there longer they might have gotten closer but its all good i will see him again soon.She says he called her babe all the time and Amanda says really thats cute. Spencer and Andy now go back to the Kt and Judd is called to the DR.

9:58pm BBT:Gm is putting an ice pack on her fractured toe and amanda and mccrae are listening to her talk about her not being alligned with Elissa she says Elissa just klings to me, Mccrae says Judd says next to her and you are staying close to her so next week you are going to take the fall for Elissa.Mccrae says Judd will come and tell you not to put up Elissa and he is protecting himself he is not portecting me and we are wonded animals and if you nurse a wonded anaimal they are loyal to you and Gm says yeah i understand that.

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10:04pm BBt:Gm telling about aaryn and how aaryn worked her hoh time and mccrae says it sucks and Gm says the veto thing didnt work and thats good for you guys your still here. Amanda says i always tried to save Aaryn like with the kaitlin thing i was always protecting her.

10:12pm BBt:Elissa in Kt washing dishes and Andy walking around and Spencer at the table eating pork chops and he says he doesnt know if he over cooked them or if they are just tough. Andy went to let the HOh crew know that dinner is done.

10:17pm BBT: Amanda has gone down stairs through the Kt and straight to bed. Mccrae goes back to the Kt to eat.Gm is now in Kt making a coke and getting pork chops to eat.(NEWS FLASH) Mccrae is eating at the table and not in bed.Everyone but Amanda at the table eating and general talk now.

10:23pm BBT: Amanda is now up and in the KT and sits at the table between Mccrae and Elissa smiling at andy and his story he is telling about a person on a flight he talked to and had fun. Elissa says it is like that on a flight to Canada all the time.

10:29pm BBT:Amanda now back in bed and Andy and Spencer goes to chair rm and Amanda asking what Elissa sais and Andy says she was telling about how her mom used to make her answer the phone and she still does and Amanda starts calling Elissa and her parents names and Andy laughs.

10:32pm BBT: In the STr is Andy Spencer and mccrae and they get beer and wine. Gm staets into the STr and says oh my gosh its a party. they got six beers and a bottle of wine.Gm tells Spencer that the STR smells like puke and Spencer says thats the last cap we need toplay checkers and Gm got excited and ask if they can play tonight and he says hell yeah.

10:35pm BBT: Amanda grabs the wine and runs up stairs with it as Judd chases her and she says i will give you a little bit but i am drinking the rest of it. Judd makes a deal with mccrae for a beer for two ciggaretts.Andy and Spencer join the hoh rm now and they all give cheers saying Happy birthday Larry KIng.Gm is now in HOh rm also. Elissa just walks in and wants wine and Amanda says i didnt have any yesterday or today so no.Elissa says Amanda took the whole bottle of wine production can we have another bottle?

10:38pm BBT: Everyone in HOh rm talking about drinking and collage days.Elissa and Gm playing Jenga now . Amanda says see i gave Elissa a little bit of wine i didnt take it all.

10:41pm BBT: Judd says i only drank 2 berrs earlier and Elissa drank 2 and Elissa and Amanda says you lie Judd and they talk about who had beers after the POV comp.and Amanda says i was spinning for like 80 damn times.

10:48pm BBT: all Hg going to the kt table to play poker and drink their beer and wine.

10:53pm BBT:Judd trades Mccrae another half beer for 2 ciggaretts later when thwy get to go back in the BY after the wedding music they coild hear is over.Everyone but Spencer is at the table playing cards and he is still in DR.

10:56pm BBT: Gm says who ever wins gets to pick who does dishes tonight and then who ever wins picks who wears the chicken suit and does the chicken dance every 10 minutes. they are all laughing and amanda is the dealer.

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11:06pm BBT: all Hg in Kt at table playing cards and laughing and Spencer still in the Dr.

11:09pm BBT: Spencer is now out of the Dr and takes Andys place at the table and Andy goes to the Dr and Gm explains to Spencer how toplay the game.

11:20pm BBT: All HG still playing cards and laughing and having a good time. Andy still in the DR.

11:22pm BBT: Gm and Elissa goes to get Judds chicken suit to lay on the couch for Andy when he comes out of the Dr.

11:25pm BBT: BB told the hg that Andy cant wear the chicken suit so now they want to put him in a pink dress with a pink tutu and everytime music comes on he has to spin like a ballarina.

11:29pm BBt: All the girls are putting on hats and shades waiting for Andy to come out of Dr and saysing they are going to have so much fun. Amanda yells open the By please and we get foth.

11:31pm BBt: Andy out of dr and they send him to the cockpit for his new outfit. Amanda says for one hour you have to wear this Gm outfit sand everytime you hear production you have to dance, Andy says i canr wait to win HOh and put you all up and they all go back to the tabele and get ready to play cards again and Andy says we playing another game and they all yell yeah.

11:34pm BBT: Andy is now putting on the pink dress and the pink tutu and the pink hate with ear flaps on it now he puts his mic back on and is heading to the Kt. they all start laughing and yelling yes yes yes and Mccrae yells i got a boner. They tell him he has till 12:30am to wear this and everytime you hear production buddy you dance and we get foth.

11:43pm BBt: Andy isnow dancing and he tells them they have to tell him he is a pretty little princess and they all yell it but Elissa and she says your a pretty little liar and we get foth again.

11:47pm BBT: after a brief foth we come back to Andy dancing in a circle again and then laughing saying pretty little princess and pretty little liar.

11:51pm BBT: Everyone snacking on chips and playing cards at the Kt table general talk going on and alot of laughing and giggling.

11:52pm BBT: Amanda yells at Andy to share the hummis and he says i will when i finish and Amanda says i just got that from the STR. Amanda says remember i might be going to jury soon and my vote is very important and Elissa is laughing and Amanda yells how long is this damn wedding and we get foth again.

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