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Saturday, August 31 Live Feed Updates


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12:06am Btt:Judd says look at jessie he says he feels like jessie was the messenger and Andy says Jessie seen me talking to others and she told me that she knew i was playing both sides and amanda takes credit for Jessie but i was it she knew what i was doing.

12:10am BBT:Elissa goes to lounge rm and ask if they are drunk. Elissa says why dont you guys go upstairs and andy says why are you yelling at us and she says i aint why dont you go upstairs and Spencer says why to play jenga and she says we played jenga for six hours. then sahe leaves the rm and goes to hoh rm bathroom. Andy says ok she is upstairs for sure. Andy says we have been underestemated and i want us three to be here to final three. Then they start bashing jeremy again.

12:16am BBT: The guys leave the lounge and Spencer says it is almost midnight i will hang out for a few then i am going to go to bed. Judd and Spencer head to HOh rm. Andy went to bathroom then heads up to HOh rm now.elissa says oh my gosh you look so hot litteraly and figurativly and Spencer says i am hot that this chicken outfit is hot he says i am fixen to go to bed so i can take this chicken outfit off.

12:19am BBT: Gm is going down stairs very slowly as she chews her power bar. andy in hoh rm says Elissa do you realize we are sitting in a room with two grown chickens.

12:21am BBt:Gm getting a coke downstairs as andy and Elissa talk about each other in the hoh rm . Spencer is yawning and zjudd walking around the hoh rm talking about rachel. he ask is rachel a fun Aunt? she says yeah but bbrendon is the fun Uncle he plays games with him all day long.

12:23am BBT: Andy says did you all play arcade games when you was a kid and Elissa says yeah i liked to drive the cars and andy says his fsavorite game was motal combat.

12:28am BBT: in HOh rm they are talking about actresses as Gm is putting an ice pack on her foot. Spencer pops the ice pack for her and she gets on the bed to relax her foot. In chair rm Amanda and Mccrae are making out then amanda turns over and snuggles against mccrae. lights are off in the rm. they are now whispering and kissing under the covers but cant hear as they are rustling the covers around.

12:30am BBt: Mccrae says tewll me your secret.she says you really want to know and he says yeah and she says my parents and then starts whispering very low.In the hoh rm talk is about music and they keep singing and we keep getting foth.

12:37am BBT: In hoh they are talking about if an avacodo is a fruit or a veggie and Spencer says a fruit it has a seed. Elissa names more fruits and veggies and they get them all right and Elissa says ya'll are good. In chair rm amanda and mccrae talking and amanda says i used to be lesbian and mccrae says yeah and she says yeah. then they go to whispering again.

12:49am BBt: Elissa says Andy dreams about me everynight and i tell him shut up andy i have a husband and andy says no i dont and they go smarting off to each other again.

12:50am BBT: Andy say Elissa is bullying him and look at her she is putting on the headphones so she is now a cyber bully then he starts talking about candiceand how they all know candy now. Amanda and mccrae in chair rm still whispering in the dark very low with no mics on and holding hands and giggling every once in awhile.

12:56am BBT:Just general talk in hoh rm and andy says Gm might have to sleep downstairs tonight since she falls down the stairs then Elissa staets rappin about Candice and we get a brief foth.

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1:02am BBt: Amanda is in HOh rm now telling everyone who her parents were. she starts to leave and says she has tolsd Mccrae alot tonight and she also told him she had a mastwrs and laughs then leaves and goes to KT to get a spoon and says where are the spoons. she now gets in the freezer for icecream.

1:05am BBT: Judd asking andy if he is going to wait on Gm and he says yeah but i am getting sleepy. Spencer is complaining about burning upin that chicken suit and we get foth.

1:07am BBT: Judd and Spencer are heading down to bed they tell Elissa and Andy goodnight. In KT Amanda says to Judd i will ake a deal with you i will wear the costume and you go on the block for me and Spencer says dude i am burning up and he says feel up in here and Amanda says oh my and Spencer says my back is even worse and i wouldnt make you touch that he says and i stink and amanda laughs.

1:10am BBT: Judd brushes his teeth and heads to bed and Spencer then goes to brush bhis teeth. Amanda and Mccrae are sitting in bed with the light now on as amanda eats ice cream. Andy and Elissa are in HOH rm talking about staying together and Elissa keeps giggling and Andy says if you dont stay with me everyone in the house is going after you and Elissa says everyone is already after me Andy says but if you stay with me they wont be after you. Elissa giggles.

1:14pm BBT: Spencer is now taking his chicken suit off to go tobed for the night. Andy and Elissa in HOH rm and Andy is actually repeating things Jeremy said before as Elissa giggles. Andy says ok i am off to bed and i hope you trust me . helen told me before she left alot of things and i dont want to be the reason that you go home. he says i was pissed to start with last week but then i understood why you did it. Elissa says i really felt bad and andy says i really understand why you did it and i love you and goodnight ,

1:18am BBT: Andy hugs Elissa and says i love you again and goodnight then hugs Gm and says i love you and goodnight. Elissa hugs Gm and says Goodnight and they both leave HOh rm. Elissa says i love having fun with you,Elissa is heading to bed for the night and Spencer says did she kick you out and Elissa says yeah. Andy is in the Wa brushing his teeth for the night.

1:21am BBT: Amanda says i am going to play hard tomorrow and win . i am going to the jury house and i am done i am spent it is over. Mccrae says you better play hard tomorrow and she says i am .I am going to kick her butt.Elissa is in Kt washing her cup before she goes to bed. Andy ask where Judd is and Elissa says i dont even know where Judd is. (Judd was called to Dr about 5 minutes ago).Elissa now brushing her teeth for the night.

1:37am BBT: Amanda , Mccrae, Judd and Spencer are playing the stae/ capital game in the chaior rm. Elissa is finishing up getting reqady for bed in the Wa and now heads to the bedroom.

1:41am BBT: everyone but Elissa and Gm are in chair rm now playing where are famous landmarks at.Gm has gone to bed with lights out and Elissa is now getting into bed and we get foth.

1:43pm BBT: Spencer has now taken his mic off and chicken head off and is laying in bed. and we get foth again.

1:48am BBT:lghts are out in the chair rm and no talking. Amanda and mccrae kid=ssing and snuggling. Andy and Elissa and Judd in color rm getting ready for bed Andy says night and turns lights out and we get foth again.

1:51 BBT: All lights out in the house and everyone laying down no one talking.

1:59am BBT: all Hg in bed going to sleep no talking go on and i am calling it a night .will be back tomorrow morning before BB wakes the Hg up.

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6:37 am BBT HG are checking their eye lids for holes and some are working on their thunder noises.

8:00 am BBT We have FOTH!!!

8:17 am BBT Elissa and GM in LR (they dance to the music in the morning) GM says she liked the music today. BB: "Good Morning HG its time to get up for the day" the only ones up are Elissa, GM and Judd. Judd has his suit half way off when BB calls him to DR.

8:25 am BBT 2 cams on GM doing makeup, 2 cams on Mc/Amanda/Spencer sleeping. I think I can hear Judd talking so I turn up the volume and BB blasts me with FOTH and BB Music. ....OUCH!

8:28 am BBT Feeds back and nothing has changed.

8:29 am BBT more FOTH....back. Spencer and Mc adjusting covers. 8:32 am BBT FOTH again, BB must be really trying to get them up....no change in cams or HG getting up.

8:39 am BBT Judd was called to DR, he is back laying on bed, covers his head up with his wing. Elissa gathered her stuff and went off cam. GM still doing makeup.

8:51 am BBT GM moved onto doing her hair. Andy not happy about being called to DR, says he thinks he is hungover from last night. He gets up and goes to DR. Elissa straightens things in one of her drawers. Andy back, he says basically they told him America voted and gave him Diamond POV, but they tempted him with 2 liters of Coke and he took that. By him taking it the HG have to wear chicken suits for a week. Elissa says they told her not to listen to a word Andy says, thats her story and she is sticking to it.

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9:00 am BBT GM called to DR. Elissa says she thinks they are about to pick players. Elissa asks GM if she can wear her glasses, she says yea, but becareful the lens comes out.

9:10 am BBT GM still in DR, Elissa only other HG not in bed. Change that....she lays down too.

9:24 am BBT GM in DR, other HG in bed.....fast FOTH then it goes to TRIVIA. Time to play POV.

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9:47 am BBT Feeds back, HG are wondering around....Judd says lets redo that and you pick me. They picked players but didnt play yet, they are still on LD. Elissa in WC she leaves the skin water running while she is in there. Spencer wants to take a shower. GM says dishes are done man.

9:50 am BBT Amanda looking for Andy, only place not checked was HOH. Amanda going up to look. Elissa refills the TP. There is Andy, Amands says she picked Spencer instead of him cuz she doesnt think GM would put him up and didnt want to put him in the position of having to choose one of them to take down. she says the odds are in Mc favor (she doesnt know that GM wants Mc out more)

9:53 am BBT Spencer double checks to see if they are alone. He says if this is a double eviction they need to get Amanda out. Andy says right right, they need to get Elissa out too. Spencer tells him Judd woke him up last night telling him that Elissa wants to put them up. It got Spencer scared.

9:56 am BBT GM,Andy, Elissa, Judd in cockpit. Judd says Mc wanted him on the block. they split up after some whispering. Spencer in HOH shower, Judd going to take a shower downstairs. Andy says if he wins POV he isnt going to use it. Judd tells him Elissa thinks Andy is playing both sides of the house.

10:00 am BBT GM says the old guy in DR says he thinks her toe isnt broken, but to ice it. Andy tells GM about Elissa thinking he is playing both sides. She expects him to stop talking to them. GM tells him she thinks the only reason why is that when he was picked Amanda said YES. She tells him to do what he wants. He says dont even think that.

10:06 am BBT GM goes over the date with Andy/Spencer, she says his has to be a double, then next week is the final HOH and the room is not used. After Amanda leaves there are 6 left, then double eviction with Mc and Elissa going, the she goes and its final 3. Spencer says the F4 is a big deal.

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10:10 am BBT GM says it would be sweet if this week was double and we got them both out.They walk into Jury hand in hand.

10:12 am BBT Andy says if Amanda stays she will gravitate towards Andy and Spencer and Elissa will go towards GM and Judd. They can NOT let one of them get POV. GM says even if one gets it that determines who goes home. GM didnt tell Elissa she wants Mc out over Amanda.

10:15 am BBT Judd comes in HOH...He and Spencer are now out of the chicken suits. Spencer asks if it was a time thing how do they want to do it. Spencer says he can drop after Amanda and one can stay up with Mc. GM asks should she drop right away? Judd says he can drop after 20/30 min. Spencer says that Mc will stay with him, so if he buzzes out early then Mc will drop out shortly after, then GM can buzz out after that. He told them (Mc/Amanda) that he could do the time thing until about 2 minutes.

10:21 am BBT They agree that GM will drop after Mc. Judd says Amanda didnt pick him cuz he wouldnt take one off, so they think Andy will use it. Andy says dont worry about it. Judd says he thinks Amanda was fake crying. GM says its all crocodile tears. They are crying about leaving each other not about losing the game. They will be together in Jury house. They dont think they will last after the show, her work schedule is crazy, whats he going to do, stay home with the dog?

10:25 am BBT GM goes on about Amanda crying, she is tired of it. GM is over her F'n BS. Judd is going to punch his face in, he wants to play. Spencer says you're going to punch your own face?? Spencer says now with Judd not playing its more important they take punishments.

10:28 am BBT They continue to discuss taking money/punishments. GM says she wants everyone to get some good things to take home. Judd is glad to be out of the chicken suit, he was in it when he was in the argument yesterday. when he and Andy were yelling at each other he was in his undies with shaving cream on his face. Why cant he have an argument in normal clothes.

10:31 am BBT GM/Andy/Judd/Spencer say they can smell the chemicals of the Exterminators now. They are excited to break Mcranda up. GM talking about Amanda, she teased her about the hat, she wasnt her friend before so why now? Judd says between her week long unwashed coochie and his month long unwashed body they have flies. GM says Spencer pile of clothes is different.

10:36 am BBT Andy says that her cheating on her at home BF so quickly showed him she couldnt be trusted very far. His mom even bought the live feeds. GM says its all for TV.

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10:06 am BBT: Amanda and McC Sleeping.

GM in HoHR talking with Spencer and Andy about a double eviction this week. Also talking about how good it would be if Amanda or Elissa get HoH because that means Amanda will get Elissa out or Elissa will get Amanda out. GM letting them know that Elissa doesn't know she (GM) wants McC out more than Amanda this week. GM has ice pack tied to her foot.

10:20 am BBT: Judd walks into HoHR w/o his chicken suit. Spencer is also w/o a chicken suit now. They all talk about who should fall out in what order in the upcoming veto comp... I think. Apparently Judd is hosting the comp.

10:25 am BBT: GM feeds the fish. Judd says he said to Amanda "Why didn't you pick me?" (regarding veto comp game) and Amanda said, "Because I knew you wouldn't use it on me." Andy says McC seems defeated and was crying last night. Spencer thinks the speech GM gave for choosing him to go on the block is the reason he's upset. Judd says all Amanda's tears are croccidile tears but McC's tears don't seem fake. GM says they are just crying because they don't want to leave eachother, not because they are leaving the game. GM says she's been w/o Nick for months and they will only be away from eachother for about 3 weeks. No one believes they will remain together when they get out. GM says McC's friends will tell him he's a dick when he gets out of the house. They agree Amanda will chew him up and spit him out when they are out of the house. A lot of Amanda bashing happening.

10:30 am BBT: Still in HoHR talkig about the upcoming veto comp. Judd just so happy his chicken suit is off, he felt like a "damned fool" walking down the hall in a chicken suit and yelling at people.

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10:38 am BBT they talk about turning tears on and off. Amanda and Helen were both good at that. GM says sometimes she could feel Helens pain. GM says she some times cry when she looks at Nicks pic.

10:40 am BBT GM goes over her injuries, heel, hand, back, fell downstairs, fell off stage, sipped in WA, hurt her hands. Judd says he was awake last night and "pulled a Jessie" making a lot of noise. Judd says Elissa snored last night. Andy has a man snore, more like a breath then a snore. they wonder about Pandoras Box. they think BB wont do it.

10:44 am BBT GM says with Amanda on the block she knows how it feels, Elissa is laughing and smiling. Its nice to have ppl smile and laugh. Judd talks about tanning lotion you use before you get in the tanner.

10:47 am BBT Andy wonders how many Followers they will have. GM says dont let Mcranda guilt them into anything. Andy says he wont.

10:56 am BBT Talk in HOH continues to be about Amanda. Andy will tell Amanda about Exterminators in his Good Bye message. GM says no she still goes to jury. Andy says the jury needs to know how they made it.

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11:31 BBT Andy and GM are saying that they can't wait to see the show when they get out. Judd doesn't want to watch it, but they can't wait. Andy is saying that Candace screaming at GM after the competition might be the most dramatic day of the season. Everyone was working so hard to get Nick out and then the mattress thing happened.

McCrae and Amanda are back in bed. (Is it just me or have they completely lost the will to live?)

Nick's picture has joined in the conversation as Andy is laying out to GinaMarie the plan to make Nick leave. She is taking it well, and ask's Nick's picture about his thoughts.

Andy says things could have gone better for Nick if he had picked a better social player to align himself with, or a girl.

GM says that Nick's problem was aligning with people too quickly. He would have brought her into the fold in another week or so, but he picked people randomly because they were big guys. He should have taken time to figure out who was worth his trust.

Judd has come to the HoH room. Andy and GM talk to Judd about the moving company and GM says YOU IDIOT! Should have brought me in! He chuckles and says Yeah. Clips his fingernails.

Andy says Nick's problem is that he wasn't personable, GM says I know, and that's where I came in. Andy says I tried to open up to him but he wouldn't say anything and it made him look shadier. Judd asks if Andy thought he (Judd) would go out early. Andy says no.

More talk on social games. Andy thinks he has sat down and had a good one on one with everyone. He would bet that say, McCrae never had a sitdown with Candace.

GM says, I like to talk to everyone but someone like Candace probably wants to talk about, like, dick-sucking all day.

GM says, I can't wait to see Amanda's DRs. She is probably all like "I run this house with my McCranda, bitches!". (GM, you will be right.)

Andy thinks he has Big Brother cred now because he survived an eviction. HoH, Veto, survived an eviction. Judd wins the conversation by saying he got evicted and got back in. They concede.

10:53 BBT McCrae is sitting in the lounge looking like he wants to die. (No seriously, has McCrae said more than 5 words since the nominations came down?)

11:58 BBT GM is stretching and listening to her Britney cd. (Her mike is close enough to hear it- "Stronger" is on. Bring on the copyright lawyers!)

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11:00am BBt: Gm, judd and Andy in HOH rm . Judd is going to go make a sandwich and tells Andy and Gm good luck today and Gm says i hope it is a good one hosting today for you. Andy says give us a thumbs up down there if they are still building. They watch the screen and get a thumbs up from Judd and Andy says guess they are still building. He then says i guess i am going to take a nap.

11:06am BBt: Andy and Gm laying on bed talking about they only have three weeks till Gm gets to see nick again and she says oh i am excited and Andy says it will be so amazing if we make it to final four.

11:09am BBt: Judd comes back to HOH rm to eat his sandwich and Andy ask him what kind of sandwich he made and he says Roast beef and peperjack and Andy says roast beef and peanut butter and jelly and Judd says no roast beef and pepper jack cheese and Gm laughs.

11:13am BBT:Judd finished eating and heading back down stairs. Andy says i hope this is a fun veto where everyone is not puking and Gm says i am excited and my stomach hurts. Judd is now being called to the Dr and Gm says he we go.

11:16am BBT: mccrae is now awsake and out of bed and getting clothes now. Andy in HOh rm says i got to go to the bathroom. Judd comes out and says everyone get ready for Veto and everyone gets excited then Judd yells Just kidding.

11:20am BBT:Gm in Kt making coffee Judd walking around and Andy in HOH bathroom while everyone else is sleeping.

11:27am BBT:Judd is now back in his chicken suit and is walking to the Kt and Andy is in HOh rm eating granola from a coffee mug and Gm is in the bathroom everyone else still sleeping as they wait on the pov comp to be played.

11:33am BBT: Judd just went to Color rm and comes back out with out the chicken suit on.Andy and Gm in HOh talking about how votes went each week and who voted who out.

11:39am BBT: Judd in HOh rm clipping his nails as they talk about Nick and the moving company and Gm says dude i had your back so hard why did you do that to me as she looks at Nicks picture.

11:47am BBt: Mccrae is now up and in the KT getting coffee. Andy and Gm and Judd in HOh and Andy says i wish they would start this but then again the time between veto and thursday is boring i wish they would give us something to do then.

11:53am BBT: Judd was talking about breaking his nose and Andy ask how he broke his nose and he says he and his cousin was wrestling and his nose slammed into something and it broke it and he says it was gushing blood and everything. Mccrae is in lounge rm alone drinking his coffee.

11:56am BBT: Judd is being called to the Dr again and Gm says dont mess around this time i cant hardly walk and he says i think this is really it this time and he heads to the dr.

11:57am BBT: Andy says i am getting pumped up right now and Gm says yeah lets get up now and Andy says music totaly pumps me up now and Gm says oh heck yeah and goes to the bathroom. Amanda and Elissa are now up in the KT getting coffee.

11:59am BBT: Gm is now doing stretches in HOH rm floor as Andy listens to music.

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McCrae won Pov!!!

2:10PM BBT: McCrae won PoV and the exterminators (Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM) are in the HoH Room talking about convincing McCrae to use it on Amanda and swearing they will save him. In the WA Amanda comes in and hugs McCrae saying she loves him. They are both crying. Amanda says she tried really hard. She is happy he won it though. Amanda saying she fought hard, she did not throw it, but McCrae has the best chance of making it to the end. Meanwhile in the HoH the exterminators are trying to decide who will go up as the replacement nom.

2:15PM BBT: Exterminators are not worried too much about the replacement, even if one fishy vote, GM breaks tie so they are ok. She does not want to put up Andy (he was up last week) or Elissa (she didn't put up GM) so it seems to be between Judd and Spencer.

Amanda putting ice on hand while wearing a yellow tutu looking at her hands and crying, saying she tried she tried, and she did not throw it. Close up reveals many superficial cuts on Amanda's hands. Talking about how dizzy she was getting. (Spinning involved?)

2:19PM BBT: Elissa joins the group in the HoH. Judd says McCrae hates him. Group confirms GM has earned their respect. Judd glad there were no punishments. GM talking about if she should have picked Amanda, since she had the knack of it, or McCrae. GM says worse case scenario is McCrae wins HoH, Spencer says McCrae winning today was a fluke.

2:22PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda in WA lying down on the cushion bench. She wants a cigarette, he says he will throw up. They are holding hands and just looking at each other. Meanwhile in the HoH, Andy says he hopes now he has proved where is loyalty lies and all agree.

2:25PM BBT: Spencer down in the WA talking to McCrae and Amanda. Tells them he doesn't think GM will put up Andy. Judd comes down to WA and tells McCrae and Amanda good job! They thank him, he goes back upstairs. Amanda McCrae wondering if they tell GM they have no on if they can convince people to vote out the replacement Nom. Because they would guaranteed be two votes and next week two votes are huge!

2:30PM BBT: This was definitely a knock-out competition. Amanda said it wasn't fair they she kept getting called up over and over after spinning, she is still dizzy from it. She washes her hands and complains about them stinging. Andy now walks into the WA. Asks McCrae if he feels any better. McCrae shakes head no. Andy tells them he was afraid to make a move in the PoV because he was afraid he would go up. Amanda says he would go up anyway. She doesn't think it was fair, you should have to choose someone who hasn't gone already. Amanda said she was surprised that Andy would have her go up, she didn't think he would do that, but it doesn't matter, she is going home. Her hands are all blistered and red.

2:35PM BBT: Amanda whispers they will probably put up Spencer. Asks if McCrae and Andy will vote for her. McCrae says it depends. Amanda says on what? He says what his position is. Andy is crying. Amanda is now crying. Says what has Spencer done for Judd. She deserves to be here. GM only wants her out for a stupid ass reason. Amanda said she wasn't that dizzy, but her hands hurt her so bad. She cries hard, says she honestly didn't think she would make it this far. People are just riding by, like GM and Spencer.

The HoH crew are just shooting the breeze, no game talk as far as I can tell.

2:40PM BBT: Andy wiping face with a towel. Amanda says that if they vote for her that GM will have to break the tie and send her home. Maybe she can get Judd (to vote for her), she doesn't know. She is really glad McCrae won. Judd comes down. Hugs Amanda. Said she did good. Andy said she had a better technique. McCrae says he is nauseous.

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#BB15 1:13 PM BBT We still have trivia. Who will win the POV?

#BB15 1:40 PM BBT Trivia still rolling. POV still being decided.

#BB15 2:09 PM BBT We are back. Spencer telling GM that she will have to put up him or Andy. McCrae vomiting in the bathroom (it sounds like). It looks like McCrae won POV.

#BB15 2:12 PM BBT Amanda joins McCrae in the bathroom and confirms McCrae won. She is crying.

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#BB15 2:13 PM BBT Amanda telling McCrae that she couldn't hold on any longer. In the HOH, Spencer talking about who has to go up now. Gina says that she will not put up Elissa as Elissa did not put her up. Spencer volunteers to go up. Says he trusts everyone.

#BB15 2:18 PM BBT Comp sounds like a type of knocking each other out. In the HOH, the HG getting stories straight. In the WA, Amanda is crying about how hard she worked for this and it's not fair. mcCrae comforting her and looking a little ill.

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2:30pm BBT:In Wa Amanda is complaining about the comp and she says she doesnt see how it is fair why couldnt it be like the banana instead we just kept spinning and spinning and it just wasnt fair. She runs her hand under water and cries it stings so bad and heads to get the first aid kit.

2:32pm BBT: Andy wants to explain why he did what he did and he says i was so freaked out and Amanda says it doesnt matter i will go home anyways and i dont see how that comp was fair i went four times and everyone should have went once before we went again. She says do they play comps like tbhis and Mccrae says yeah and Amanda says i just cant believe you put me up there Andy but its ok i am going home anyways.

2:34pm BBT:in the HOh rm they are talking aboit accidents in a car and then relastate in florida. Elissa says everything that Amanda talsk about is inappropriate. and says she is just really excited that "in Amandas words" byeeeee.

2:38pm BBT:Amanda still crying in Wa as Mccrae sits there sick at his stomach and Andy trying to cover his Butt by explaining why he did what he did in the comp but Amanda keeps cutting him off.Now Andy is crying with Amanda.

2:41pm BBt:In HOh rm Gm tells Elissa that she told Spencer she would give him her makeup and Nicks hat to garentee that he wouldnt go home if she puts him up.

2:42pm BBt:Judd is now in Wa with Andy and mccrae and Amanda as Mccrae says he feels so sick and nausous. Andy asking did anyone of you count as we were spinning and Amanda says i did.

2:46pm BBT: Judd is now cooking pizza in the oven and Mccrae tells him to save the cardboard. In the HOh rm Elissa and Gm are talking about eating and Elissa is going to go eat lunch , she says i was gonna work out but i am tired.Elissa gets her shoes and goes down stairs.

2:48pm BBT: In the WA talk is about past comps and how Howard tried to throw the one have not comp. Andy says did Howard not want helen to eat or something and Judd says come on Howard didnt throw comps.Elissa walks in Wa and Judd says whats up Elissa.

2:50pm BBT: mccrae tells Amanda that he just wants to curl up and die and curl in a ball and lay at the bottom of the pool.Amanda says did you feel bad for me as she smiles and Mccrae says yeah.

2:53pm BBT:Elissa goes back to the hoh rm with a beer in her hand and Judd ask if he can listen to some spears and Gm says sure i like you guys hanging out up here and Elissa says i like hanging up here too she says it is boring down stairs.

2:57pm BBT:Amanda and Mccrae in Wa alone now cryinf and Amanda says i dont want to go home though and she says i am glad they picked on me though instead of you. She says nobody saved you but yourself you did it yourself.

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#BB15 3:4 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae in WA. Amanda concerned with Elissa's goodbye message and how mean it will be. McCrae says she can tell the jury how mean Elissa has been and just because she is a Mom she think she can say those things.

#BB15 3:09 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae share a shower. In the HOH room they are general chit chat.

#BB15 3:16 PM BBT In HOH the Hg talk about the movie Boogie Nights/ Elissa says that she watches shows like Suite Life and Wizards of Waverly Place.

#BB15 3:24 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae finish in the shower. McCrae tells Amanda he wishes she lived in CA. Says it would be better for his career. Amanda asks him if he isn't going to move to FL. He says not that's not it. McCrae wants to work on BB. Amanda says maybe if America likes them together then they can do Amazing Race and things. McCrae says no. Amanda says look at Brenden and no one liked him.

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#BB15 3:32 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae talk about the money he has made this season. She says he needs to come to Florida to meet everyone. She says that he needs to meet her sister and her boyfriend. Says both are potheads and we get FOTH.

#BB15 3:39 PM BBT Judd with Amanda. Amanda is crying and asking for his vote. Says that if he votes to keep here then she and Mc will never put him up until there isn't anyone else. Judd being non committal.

#BB!5 3:43PM BBT Spencer, McCrae, and Judd eating in the BR. Amanda getting dressed.

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#BB15 3:50 PM BBT During FOTH it appears Elissa asked the Hg who would be more memorable Kristin or Amanda. McCrae tells Amanda that. Amanda says to Elissa that it's real class to kick a horse when it's down. McCrae asks if that's the phrase and Amanda says yes.

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