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Thursday, August 29 Live Feed Updates


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12:04 AM BBT Amanda out of DR. She apparently was talking with them about their parents meeting. Aaryn thinks that's cute. Feeds back in the HoH and Spencer has joined them up there. Idle chit chat.

12:11 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in the shower. If you're interested you can see most of Amanda's right breast over the top of the frosted glass 12:08 AM BBT Cam 3.

12:16 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae continue to shower. Up in the HoH we have Elissa telling passport disaster stories. Intermittent FoTH.

12:27 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae out of the shower. McCrae tells Amanda about his conversation with Aaryn. McCrae tells Amanda that Aaryn told him that GinaMarie is going to be going after them. Amanda wants to talk to her. McCrae doesn't want to. Amanda wanders out and McCrae calls out "Just make yourself a bigger target..."

12:30 AM BBT Amanda pulls GinaMarie into the cockpit and tells her that McCrae is upset because Aaryn told him that GinaMarie is going to be working with Elissa to get her out. GinaMarie denies it and says it's not true. Amanda goes and gets McCrae. McCrae is visibly annoyed. GinaMarie reassures him that she didn't say it. They go into the colorful room and GinaMarie tells them that it's not true and she's been making things up for the past couple of days.

12:35 AM BBT Aaryn and Elissa talking briefly in the HoH. Elissa is sorry that they couldn't work together. Feeds switch to Andy and Spencer in the chair room. Andy just wants to go to bed. Back in the colorful room GinaMarie says she doesn't give names when she talks game because she doesn't know what she'll do. Amanda understands. GinaMarie points out that Aaryn said that Elissa said she thought Judd was hot. GinaMarie questions why a mother/wife would say something like that with cameras everywhere.

12:39 AM BBT Andy just wants to go to bed. He wanders out of the chair room. Feeds switch back to HoH. Elissa is sorry. She really should have put up Amanda and McCrae. They continue to chat things out. Down in the colorful room the party breaks up.

RT @moorejj3: @mortystv so it's true she's leaving next episode then? -- It is expected that Aaryn will be leaving Thursday. But this is BigBrother and things are very much fluid and can change at the last second so we'll just have to watch and see!

12:45 AM BBT Cameras literally darting from room to room chasing people. They settle on the HoH and WA with several HGs doing nightly ADLs. Up in the HoH Aaryn is Elissa that she thinks 'they' ruined her game. She acknowledges that she made mistakes herself and this is where she's going to end. Elissa says Amanda should have went home early in the season but the votes were never there.

12:48 AM BBT Aaryn says she knows she's going home but she wanted to come and tell Elissa before she left that she really does respect her. Talk turns to Amanda told Aaryn her only shot at staying was if GinaMarie went on the block next to her and that was a hard decision. GinaMarie is her friend obviously. Elissa says GinaMarie was never going to go on the block together. Aaryn goes on to say that when she told Elissa she was going to work with her she really meant it.

12:53 AM BBT GinaMarie comes up to the HoH and tells her that Amanda pulled her off to the side and said that Aaryn told them that GinaMarie was coming after them. Aaryn says Amanda is just trying to stir the pot, she doesn't know why. Aaryn says Amanda could have waited for her to leave the house before starting stuff.

12:56 AM BBT Down in the SR McCrae, Judd and Andy are whispering. McCrae wants Elissa out next week. Talk turns to how they think the jury would vote. They agree that Candice is a wild card. Jessie and Helen would vote for best game play and not just most competition wins. Up in the HoH they're discussing what they think the competition will be tomorrow. Elissa recommends that GinaMarie goes to bed. GinaMarie plans on it.

01:00 AM BBT Amanda comes into the SR to see what the shady freaks are up to. Judd says they were just talking. They all agree that HoH is important but veto this week is most important. SR party breaks up. Aaryn is getting ready for bed. McCrae comes out and tells Spencer that Judd reassured them that he wants Elissa out this week. McCrae told him that he was afraid he would be working with Elissa.

01:08 AM BBT Amanda and Judd remain behind in the SR talking. Judd isn't sure who he would put up next to Elissa. Judd points out that Aaryn started a fight with him out of nowhere this week and she's on the block. Judd once again points out that HoH isn't as important as veto this week. Amanda agrees and says she still wants to win HoH though if she gets a chance. SR party breaks up. Amanda sees GinaMarie sitting at the table looking at the memory wall and sits down to chat with her.

01:13 AM BBT Amanda and GinaMarie are talking about the various HGs that have been evicted. Back in the chair room Judd, Aaryn, McCrae and Spencer are chatting idly. Andy went to bed in the colorful room.

01:24 AM BBT Amanda and GinaMarie's walk down memory lane has ended. GinaMarie is going to bed soon. Amanda and Aaryn talk briefly while the guys Judd, McCrae and Spencer chat about various things. Aaryn says she told Elissa that she respected her game and Amanda scoffs it off and that conversation is pretty much over.

01:39 AM BBT We've continued to have idle chit chat. GinaMarie is doing the dishes in the KT while Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer chat in the chair room.

01:49 AM BBT Elissa is horizontal in her bed in a darkened room. Idle chit chat continues. There was a pause in the conversation and Amanda says she just wants everyone to know that the loves everyone in this house except Elissa. Aaryn agrees and loves everyone and can't wait for them to get out a party hard in Vegas. Andy is back up.

01:59 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues. Current topic. The cost of weddings.

02:11 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues. Multiple conversations all at once.

02:22 AM BBT Andy, Judd, Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda, GinaMarie and Spencer continue to chat in the chair room. There's been an assortment of topics. Amanda points out that Nick said he was a foot model. GinaMarie and Spencer point out he was a hand model. Amanda said he told her he was a foot model as well.

02:27 AM BBT Andy is going to try and lay down. Spencer can be heard saying "These third shifters are strict!" (...and bored! - Niteslacker)

02:40 AM BBT Nothing note worthy happening or being conversed about. Although I'm fairly certain Aaryn just said "We're going to have Aryan babies."

02:53 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues with tons of intermittent FoTH. Amanda complains that she is always the large spoon when she wants to cuddle with McCrae.

02:59 AM BBT GinaMarie is heading to bed now. Andy stuck his head out the door and asked the chair room not to scream. He's sorry but he feels like he's going crazy.

03:04 AM BBT Judd crawls into bed with Aaryn. Spencer and Amanda egg him on to get intimate with her. Aaryn says no way. Aaryn turns the chair room lights off and they all get into bed. Aaryn and Amanda complain that the room is too hot.

03:12 AM BBT We've had horizontal HGs in darkened rooms for the past five minutes. There was a brief make-out session between Judd and Aaryn. Judd gets up and heads into his room. Amanda laughs and points out the sloppiness sound. Aaryn laughs saying she hates her.

03:23 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the chair room with the lights off. Meanwhile Andy is grumbling, ready to go insane next door because he wants to sleep but they won't stop talking. Andy says "Production...tell them they can't talk when the lights are off in the room! It's 03:30 AM in the morning!"

03:32 AM BBT Brief period of FoTH after my last update went out. Feeds back. Everyone is quiet. Aaryn just bust out in a fit of giggles and McCrae asked what. Aaryn said "Amanda bleached her butt hole and got called to DR." Amanda chimes in "And I was talking about out parents on top of that."

03:47 AM BBT We continue to have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds. Who would you like to see win HoH tonight?

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7:45am bbt Looking forward to an exciting show tonight, but for now, all the HGs are still asleep...

8:20am bbt no change...

8:55am bbt HGs are still sleeping (has anyone been up before 9am this season? Has there EVER been a season where all the HGs routinely slept in all the time?)

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#BB15 9:00 AM BBT All HG are tucked in their beds with visions of 500K dancing in their heads. Zzzzzzzz

#BB15 9:19 AM BBT HG on all cams still sleeping.

#BB15 9:34 AM BBT Nothing new to report. HG turn over and continue sleeping.

#BB15 9:49 AM BBT Still sleeping.

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Let's see if BB is using the Howard eviction as a template here; cameras went to trivia on his eviction day at 11:15AM BBT. We shall see....

10:50AM BBT: Elissa tells Aaryn to make sure she tells everyone that Amanda was behind some of her bad behavior, that she was encouraging it and that she has treated Aaryn badly the past few weeks. Aaryn says the thing that pisses her off the most is that she trusted McCranda . She has learned her lesson!

10:54AM BBT: Elissa called to DR but goes into HoH BR to tell Andy not to worry that Elissa was talking to Aaryn, she was just telling her to make sure she talks to everyone and tells them how much Amanda has beat Aaryn down the past couple of months. Andy said he understands. Elissa goes to DR, Andy listens to music. Cameras on Judd and GM both sleeping.

11:02AM BBT: GinaMarie gets up but is clearly in pain and moans. Judd asks her if she is ok if she needs anything (half asleep) She said no, she was good, and thank you. Elissa is up in HoH back from DR.

11:05AM BBT: Andy shaves, gets back into bed.

11:20AM BBT: Elissa in HoH doing Yoga.

11:29AM BBT: Very brief FotH followed by all HG's out of bed. I think this might be the HoH lockdown. Yes, all HG's in Hoh or headed there.

11:30AM BBT: And, indeed we have TRIVIA!

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10:04am BBT: We now have FOTH MUST BE A WAKE UP CALL

10:21am BBt: ginamarie is laying in livingroom floor as Elissa is stretching her back for her and Judd is walking around drinking water.

10:30am BBT: Elisaa in KT making coffee. Ginamarie and Judd back in bed Andy gets up to take a shower and aaryn in KT with Elissa making breakfast. everyone else still sleeping.

10:41am BBT: Aaryn and Elissa in Kt. Aaryn is making pancakes and doing dishes. Elissa is now going back up to her hoh rm and making her bed. Judd and Ginamarie are back to sleep .

10:46am BBT: Elissa is taking her things downstairs to her drawers and Andy is in the hoh shower.Aaryn still in Kt and Everyone else sleeping.

10:51am BBT: Elissa makes herself a cup of coffee. then heads back to the hoh rm.

10:54pm BBT: Elissa goes to hoh bathroom and twells Andy dont freak out but i was telling her that just remeber that Amanda has been treating her so bad for months and they Amanda was getting her in trouble for it and she will get blames for it.Elissa now heading to the DR as BB has called her in .she then turns around and goes to brush her teeth before she goes to Dr. Andy ask if everyone is sleeping and Elissa says i think so.

10:58am BBT: Andy now listening to music in HOh rm and Elisaa in DR . everyone else in bed sleeping.

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#BB15 11:14 PM BBT Elissa doing Yoga. Other HG sleeping.

#BB!5 11:29 AM BBT We currently have quick FOTH. We return. Elissa still doing yoga and HG still sleeping.

#BB15 11:30 All head to HOH. Must have been called for HOH LD.

#BB15 11:34 AM BBT We have trivia. HOH LD in progress.

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1:01pm BBT: amanda and aaryn help Elissa bring her food down from the HOH rm. Mccrae back in his bed asleep.Amanda ssking if she can have the greek yogurt and then she throws a fit that there is no granola and aaryn calls her a whinney brat. Andy asking Spencer when they get clippers and Spencer says about three.

1:04pm BBT: Amanda yelling and cursing at Andy for eating all the granola. She is now looking for honey.

1:11pm BBT: Amanda says "Amanda what was your stratagy this season " and she says well what if God was one of us and we get foth.

1:12pm BBT: Aaryn eating watermelon as Andy walks around the KT and Amanda eating talking about awards they might get and Andy says i get the most hated award and Aaryn says no Candice gets that.

1:23pm BBt: Andy still packing as Ginamarie and Judd and Amanda watch and Aaryn talks to them. Mccrae now up and going to the bathroom.

1:28pm BBT: Amanda talking about Aaryn and Judd making out lastnight and then talk turns to Judds parents names then Amanda says yeah you made out

1:31pm BBT: Andy in KT putting a chese pizza in the oven as Aaryn is getting a cup of coffee. Mccrae comes out of bathroom after brushing his teeth while andy is talking abkout what his speech will and wont be like tonight. Aaryn calls him names and laughs.

1:39pm BBT: Aaryn talking to Ginamarie in color rm trying to get her vote for tonight. Ginamarie said if amanda and Mccrae had voted then she could vote that way to but she screwed everything up and aaryn says when you need people then you find out who your friends are. and Ginamarie says yeah its a game play.

1:44pm BBt: Aaryn and Ginamarie talking to Elissa in color rm about the hoh comp tonight might be a before and after comp.Andy is talking to Amanda and Spencer and Judd in chair rm about what he is wearing tonight.

1:49pm BBT: Andy says he is going to be stress pacing till the live show tonight and Amanda says that Andy and aaryn are alike and what happens if people say the wrong name tonight in live eviction and Andy says dont say that.

1:51pm BBT: General talk going on in both bedrooms about stomachs being upset and about the morning dancing they do every morning and Andy says that is his trsaining everymorning as everyone else sleeps.

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2:08pm BBT: Spencer and Andy in lounge rm eating pizza and talking about eating out all the time.

2:10pm BBT: Amanda and mccrae laying in bed under covers and waving at the cameras. Andy and Spencer in lounge rm talking general talk and eating their pizza.

2:11pm BBt: Elissa and Ginamarie in WA whispering and talking about aaryn that if they saved her she would just go back with Amanda and Ginamarie says i thought the same thing. Elissa walks to KT and Spencer says there is pizza in the Kt if you want some and Elissa says thanks then Judd walks in and they tell him the same.

2:17pm BBT: all four feeds on Amanda and Mccrae making out under covers. feeds one and two now go to Elissa and Ginamarie in Wa doing hair and makeup with general talk about back stretches.

2:25pm BBT: Mccrae tells amanda he wants to sleep a little bit and she rolls over and hits the bed with her fist and says Boring and now she is sqeeling so he cant go to sleep. In the lounge rm Spencer says damn she is loud and andy says who and Spencer says Amanda.

2:32pm BBT: Amanda goes to Wa and lays on lounger and ask Aaryn what she is doing in the shower and aaryn looks at her with a puzzled look and says i am drying off. then she starts singing. Aaryn now out of the shower and going to do makeup as Amanda gets in shower.

2:36pm BBT: talk in the chair rm with Spencer , Andy and judd about past HG on season 8 and Mccrae trying to sleep. In living rm Elissa is showing Ginamarie how to stretch her back safely.

2:51pm BBT: aaryn and Judd in WA while aaryn does her hair. Amanda is out of shower after washing her hair and is now doing makeup.Aaryn and Judd now in chair rm laughing with Mccrae. Andy is pacing all through the louse laughing with everyone.

2:57pm BBT: Elissa is giving Andy a haircut in the Wa and he says he likes it really short. amanda is dancing around the chair rm in her towel as all other hg sit there looking at her.

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3:03pm BBT: Judd saying he wished he knew what to wear tonight. Elisaa still cutting Andys hair and laughing. Aaryn, Amanda and Ginamarie in kt getting food.

3:10pm BBT: Andy's haircut is finished now it is Spencers turn and Elissa says i was born to cut hair and turns and says mccrae want a hair cut? Amanda says he will die before he gets a haircut.

3:14pm BBT: Elissa shaving Spencers head and we get trivia as the hg get ready for the live show tonight.

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7:19 PM BBT Feeds have not returned yet.

7:33 PM BBT Feeds are back and Gina Marie is wearing the HOH key. Gina Marie has won the HOH competition. Everyone is congratulating her. Several of the HGs have cuts on their hands from the chicken wire.

7:35 PM BBT Gina Marie tells Amanda that she thought of her during the competition. She wanted to go fast but made herself slow down. "Slow and steady" She wanted to do it like Amanda did the veto. Meanwhile Judd is talking to Andy and Spencer in the chair BR. Judd tells them that they have to keep them (Amanda and McCrae) away from Gina Marie this week. Judd "All they will do is lie to her." They are leaving it to Judd to talk to Elissa. Andy says Elissa no longer trusts him.

7:41 PM BBT In the BR Amanda and McCrae are alone for just a moment. Amanda tells him she will be on Gina Marie like flies on shit and "Trust me, she will put Elissa up for sure." Spencer comes in. Amanda "I think she will put up Elissa and Judd." Spencer says he thinks it might be Elissa and him up. Amanda tells him it won't matter if it is.

7:44 PM BBT Amanda follows Gina Marie into the KT. Andy and Elissa are already in there. Elissa tells Gina Marie she prayed that Gina Marie would win it. Elissa said she wanted to cheer but kept her mouth shut so she wouldn't break her concentration. Gina Marie thanks her and could tell she was pulling for her. Gina Marie is trying to scrape something off the yellow converse with the plastic scissors. She is really struggling.

7:47 PM BBT Elissa tells Gina Marie she gets to be the boss this week. Gina Marie says she doesn't care about that. She just wants the pictures, the letter, and hair dye. Andy "You don't get to get HOHitis." Elissa is telling Gina Marie what shade dye to ask for. We keep getting FOTH because Spencer keeps talking about production.

7:50 PM BBT Amanda, McCrae, and Spencer are in the chair BR. Amanda says she is going to remind Gina Marie over and over that Elissa is the reason Aaryn is gone. She uses the same quote as before "I'm going to be on her like flies on shit until tomorrow morning." Spencer "Can we have an HOH comp that I don't suck at, seriously." Gina Marie is walking around the house with the bunny ears. Everyone else has already taken theirs off.

7:54 PM BBT Gina Marie is working on trying to clean up her yellow converse while Amanda works on her purple ones. Amanda is telling Gina Marie that Elissa has been bitchy yet Amanda gets called out for being a bully. The Elissa bashing has officially begun [again---Goldylucks]

7:56 PM BBT Spencer says he has one of Aaryn's hats and jokes he will sell it on Ebay. Amanda and Gina Marie have now resorted to nail polish remover to clean up their shoes. Judd must have gotten last place because he says "I dread wearing this chicken suit."

8:00 PM BBT Gina Marie is struggling trying to clean up her shoes with the polish remover but she has cuts on her hands from the chicken wire. Her hands are burning. Meanwhile Judd is telling McCrae he could tell he wasn't going to win so he just playing to not get last place. He said he almost had it but dropped an egg. He says he is going to take a shower before he gets the suit.

8:05 PM BBT McCrae approaches Judd in the WA. He says he is going to try to get Gina Marie to nominate Elissa but isn't sure where her head is at. Judd changes the subject saying he has no idea how she finished so fast.

8:07 PM BBT Elissa and Gina Marie have a moment alone in the KT. Elissa asks her a question but Gina Marie is fixing her hair and her clothes are rubbing against the microphone. Whatever she asked Gina responds Yes (causing Elissa to smile huge) and says while looking in the direction of the BR where Amanda and McCrae are "I am just acting nice to them." Gina Marie she hopes Elissa wins next week and then Gina Marie can play the week after. Gina Marie and Judd both get in the shower. Elissa goes to hang out in the WA with them.

8:11 PM BBT In the BR Amanda tells Spencer and McCrae that Gina Marie may not want to nominate Elissa but if the entire house wants it, she will do it. [sounds like her plan is to push the entire house to encourage an Elissa nomination--Goldylucks]

8:16 PM BBT Andy goes to retrieve his bags from the SR. Amanda follows him into the color BR. Amanda tells him she feels Gina Marie will put up Elissa. She asks him who she might up next to her. Andy says all Gina Marie talked about was Elissa last week. Amanda says it might be Judd. Andy says he doesn't know but he will try to find out later. Amanda is called into the DR. Judd comes into the room with Gina Marie and Judd. Gina Marie tells Judd that they better have her back next week because it's double eviction. Judd says they do.

8:20 PM BBT Andy tells Judd that he will enjoy the chicken suit. Judd says he already sweats like crazy in the house. He is not looking forward to wearing it. [There is some speculation on FB and Twitter that Spencer is also going to be wearing the chicken suit--Goldylucks] When Judd and Gina Marie are alone Judd tells her that Amanda already said she was going to be on her like flies on shit. Gina Marie smiles. He tells her she can dodge her questions by saying BB will not allow her to say who she is nominating.

8:23 PM BBT Andy and Judd are trying to figure out if anyone else in past seasons have ever won the chicken suit. Gina Marie wonders what the options for us viewers were. She says duck suits or dinosaurs. Judd says "A bunny suit would have more comfortable."

8:28 PM BBT We get FOTH as Spencer sings "This girl is on fire."

8:31 PM BBT In the color BR McCrae says he thinks the POV will be a competition on what are you willing to do. Spencer says he wants the chum bath. McCrae says no, that he wants it. Spencer "I guess we'll have to wait and see who pushes the button first. Andy says he doesn't want it so they can go ahead and fight over it.

8:35 PM BBT Gina Marie goes to the memory wall. She says "Nicholas, got another HOH baby" and kisses his picture. The guys plus Elissa and Gina Marie are still speculated on what the options were besides the chicken suits. They all think the bunny suit was definitely an option. Andy thinks we had a third choice to go with the Easter themed comp. He's thinking a baby lamb or something.

8:40 PM BBT Andy is asking BB to not make anyone a Have-Not this week.

8:46 PM BBT Amanda is out of the DR and heads straight for Gina Marie. Amanda tells Gina Marie that she needs to put up Elissa. Gina Marie says she doesn't want to put up Spencer because he's been up so many times. Amanda mentions Judd. She promises Gina Marie safety next week if she doesn't nominate Amanda and McCrae initially. Amanda says if she puts up Elissa and Judd then she volunteers herself as the replacement nomination if the POV is used. Gina Marie mentions that Judd did get a privilege that no one else got....a second chance at the game. Amanda says if either one of them leave no one will be mad. Amanda reminds her that if Amanda or McCrae leave then she has enemies. Amanda tells her not to ruffle any feathers. Amanda says she is so confident that she will volunteer herself as a replacement POV nominee as long as it's Judd or Elissa up there too. Gina Marie changes the subject to how hard it was to vote to evict Aaryn. Amanda brings the topic back telling Gina Marie that Amanda and McCrae have been faithful to Aaryn for so long.

8:53 PM BBT Amanda tells Gina Marie how sad she is that Aaryn is gone and Gina Marie hugs her. Gina Marie tells her not to cry. Amanda then drills Gina Marie wanting to know if Elissa and Gina Marie made any promises of safety to each this past week during Elissa's HOH.

8:56 PM BBT Amanda is telling Gina Marie that her and McCrae are two strong votes for Gina Marie and that if they work together the three of them and Andy can go all the way to final four. Amanda promises Gina Marie safety next week during the fast paced double eviction. Amanda tells Gina Marie if she keeps her, McCrae, and Andy safe then the three of them will all support her. "Anyone that strengthens Elissa has to go."

8:59 PM BBT As soon as Amanda leaves Gina Marie alone in the BR Gina Marie quietly laughs and looks directly at one of the cameras. Gina Marie whispers "Amanda is crazy hahhahaha and she is going up." Gina Marie gives us a thumbs up and smiles before leaving the room. [it wasn't one of our feeds she was directly talking to. We got a side view of it. But A+ for the effort--Goldylucks]

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7:36PM BBT: GM is pretty happy but, not rubbing it in. She is talking to Amanda in the WA. Amanda keeps saying GM killed it! Judd and Andy tell GM she did a good job. GM Is now bragging about what she did in the comp.

7:38PM BBT: Judd whispers to Andy and Spencer "Worst case scenario, one of them wins PoV." Sounds like the plan is already to put up McManda! GM is talking to Amanda and McCrae in the WA. GM cut her arm in the comp.

7:44PM BBT: GM is walking through the house with bunny ears on. Elissa offers to make GM a sandwich, GM says "No thank you sweetheart." Elissa says she is so glad GM is HoH. GM says "It's always a good week when I am HoH!" Elissa says "My gosh girl, you have no idea, I didn't even stop praying." Andy in the other room says "Listen, Elissa is up her ass!" to Spencer and McCrae.

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GM, JUDD & ANDY celebrate in the SR... GM said AMANDA is convinced she will put E up bc of AAryn being nominated & going home. They are so excited & GM said she will put Mcnasty up & at least one of them will go home. Think Judd said Amanda will be all over GM. She agrees

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7:48PM BBT: GM says she really wanted her pictures and the hair dye when Andy says "You don't get HoHitis!" Amanda is walking around, not missing any conversation. Elissa agrees to dye GM's hair. She tells her to get an ash tone for her hair. Amanda in the chair room says "I hated that challenge. I thought I would be good at it because I have long fingers." Spencer says Elissa's answer tonight was the dumbest thing he ever heard. Amanda says "After what Julie said to me, I know how they are portraying me now!" (We didn't need Julie, we already knew)

7:52PM BBT: Elissa says "I think Amanda's Mom should be ashamed of her and how she was raised." To Andy. Judd comes in and says "I was just competing to not be last but I dropped a damn egg!" Andy is called to the DR, he says "OK!" Amanda is ranting about being perceived as the bully in the chair room.

7:55PM BBT: Elissa is whispering to Judd in the KT, things Amanda said after the live show. "She said that they probably did show you taunting, I am sorry, I don't taunt." In the chair room, Amanda says "I hate it that they are making her look like an angel and me look like the devil. I am standing up for everyone and now I look like a bully!"

(from CTV) 7:48PM BBT: Flashback! Spencer: I'll turn these shoes into 'project shoes' for around the house, or sell them online... the chicken suit winning shoes. Sounds like he is wearing the suit!

7:58PM BBT: Amanda is planning on dying her hair. She is making her case to GM. GM agrees to give her the left over developer. GM is now saying she puts her heart into everything, she just trying her best. McCrae is praising her.

8:04PM BBT: Judd is talking about dropping his egg at the very end. Possibly Judd and Spencer could be wearing suits. They are both planning on taking showers before putting on "the suit!"

8:06PM BBT: Judd heads to the shower. McCrae stops him and whispers about what he and Amanda are going to talk to GM about with nominations. It is very hard to hear. Judd listens and nods. Elissa is eating chips... crunch crunch crunch!

8:11PM BBT: GM and Judd are in the shower! One on each side. GM wonders why there are so many bugs in the WA.
Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking about Elissa. Amanda thinks Elissa is going home this week. Spencer says "Oh only 7 more days!"

8:16PM BBT: GM didn't have her mic on, you couldn't tell.
Spencer, Amanda and McCrae are in the chair room. Spencer says he wanted to tell a homophobic joke... "If this competition requires a lot of bending over, Andy will be a shoo in!" McManda laughs. Andy is now in there so they are whispering game and how they want Elissa out. They want to deal with GM. Andy is agreeing... "Ya, Ya, oh totally!"

8:20PM BBT: Spencer just did a little dance for Elissa in the WA. She was laughing. Andy, Judd and GM are in the color room. (she is LOUD tonight) She is getting dressed. They are all loud in there.
Spencer, Amanda and McCrae whisper as they walk by each other. Judd and Spencer have both said they gotta put on their suits. Elissa asks Spencer if what she said was good. He says "No it was awful." She asks again. He says "No it was fine." She says it was the most awkward question ever.

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8:30PM BBT: Spencer is in the shower. He and Elissa were talking about her response to Julie. She wanted to get the point across that she did not condone Amanda's behavior.
Andy is unpacking in the color room. GM, McCrae and Judd are small talking. She tells McCrae he can sleep in her bed of he gets sick of Amanda. He laughs.
Spencer sings "This girl is on fire!" and we get FotH.

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8:35PM BBT: Elissa is talking with Andy, McCrae, Judd and Spencer in the color room about coconut water and amplified water. GM is staring at the memory wall. She is now walking back into the bedroom area.

GM Kissed Nick's pics when she was at the wall. "Nicholas! I got HoH baby!" then she walked to the bedrooms.

8:38PM BBT: Spencer says "Have we been here so long it is Easter already?" As they talk about the competition. Elissa quotes Corinthians 3:16.

8:41PM BBT: Andy is begging BB to not make them havenots "We are already boring as hell... don't make us more boring with no energy!" GM is hoping for a luxury comp.

8:44PM BBT: Spencer and McCrae are whispering in the KT. Spencer tells him the plan. That for sure Amanda is on the block. Spencer says he is glad Aaryn's gone because she was trouble. McCrae agrees. Amanda is now in the KT. They say everyone is in the color room.

8:47PM BBT Amanda and GM are in the color room. Amanda is talking nominations to GM. She is telling GM to put up Spencer and Judd then backdoor Elissa but if Judd goes it's no big deal because he is only "attached" to Elissa. Amanda has said she won't put GM on the block. Amanda: "All I am asking is that Me or McCrae are not on the block."

8:50PM BBT GM is still talking to Amanda. Amanda is saying Andy and McCrae will be "really pissed" if she goes home. She just offered to be put on the block as a replacement against Elissa because she is confident she won't go home.

8:53PM BBT The boys are slicing up a pizza in the KT. No chicken suits yet for Spencer and Judd. Amanda and GM are still talking in the color room. Amanda isn't completely throwing Elissa's name around. She is pushing for Judd as well. GM says "Ya" and "I understand" a lot. Amanda and GM are hugging. GM says "Don't cry. I just did my make up and I don't wanna cry."

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9:09 PM BBT Amanda is talking to McCrae and Andy in the color BR. Amanda rehashes her conversation with Gina Marie. She tells them that she agreed on their behalf to the final four deal and that Gina Marie's eyes lit up. Amanda is convinced that Gina Marie will be nominating Elissa and Judd and said that Gina Marie was willing to do that.

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9:00PM BBT: Amanda and GinaMarie are still talking in the colorful room, the guys are eating, GinaMarie is telling Amanda that all she has is her word, Amanda is offering GinaMarie a final four deal.

Amanda leaves the room GinaMarie is making the crazy sign with her finger to her head at the camera, and laughing.

9:10PM BBT: McCrae goes to read his Bible, Amanda is washing dishes. Judd talks about having to wear a chicken suit. They are talking about how many times they have been a Have-Not. Judd is talking about candy and Chili.

9:15PM BBT: Amanda is talking to Andy and McCrae in the colorful room, she wants to try to scare GinaMarie into putting up Judd and Elissa, saying that if she doesn't put them up then she will go home next week. She is telling Andy to bring up the fake final four, and also, "I'll go up as a replacement against Elissa so she will go home."

9:20PM BBT: Spencer takes Andy suitcase and hides it in the storage room. Elissa is talking to GinaMarie in the bathroom.

9:25PM BBT: GinaMarie and Elissa are talking about yoga, Spencer and Judd talk about when they are going to get their chicken suits. Spencer is playing with the Slinky.

9:30PM BBT: GinaMarie Andy and Amanda are talking in the colorful room, GinaMarie was saying that all she wanted to do is make sure she was OK next week and we get the fish.

9:45PM BBT: After about ten minutes of fish, the feeds are back Spencer and Judd have their chicken suits on. Judd's looks like it's way too big. They are sitting around in the living room .

9:50PM BBT: They are singing chicken songs and we keep getting short FotHs, Judd is taking off his bear shirt it's too hot even in the chicken suit. Spencer says the suit is itchy. GinaMarie is talking about the way she makes coffee.

9:55PM BBT: GinaMarie is called to the DR, she is getting her room YAY!!!!

10:00PM BBT: GinaMarie is packing her stuff to take up the the the HoH room, she hasn't gone to the DR yet. she is packing.

10:05PM BBT: Andy is looking for his stuff that Spencer hid in the storage room, Amanda is sitting outside smoking alone.

10:10PM BBT: Andy has found his stuff Elissa found wine and Beer, she is whispering in GinaMaries ear I couldn't hear what she said.

10:15PM BBT: Amanda and Andy are talking about who gets what Andy wants wine, There is only one bottle of wine and six beers. GinaMarie is talking to Spencer. GinaMarie is talking about putting up Amanda and McCrae. Guess she's not getting her HoH yet.

10:20PM BBT: Amanda is worried that Elissa is trying to sleep in the HoH with GinaMarie who saids no I'm sleeping in there alone. They are outside, Judd is called to the DR. Spencer asked him to find out if they have to sleep in the suits.

10:25PM BBT: Amanda is talking about being a waitress, she says she has been a waitress since she was 19. Now Andy is talking about his being a waiter.

10:30PM BBT: they are talking about getting drunk GinaMarie asked Spencer if he wants to play pool, yea, They are now talking about waitressing and tipping them.
GinaMarie is in the colorful room.

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10:30-10:44 PM BBT Nothing new to report. The game of pool ended with GinaMarie scratching on the 8 ball. GinaMarie laid down on the hammock for a bit and Spencer tried joining her after mentioning to Amanda he was going to campaign. Amanda whispered to try and get Judd put up. Spencer laid down next to her (GinaMarie) and Elissa wandered over as well and the three of them were giggly about GinaMarie winning tonight. Spencer is hot and decides to inside. Everyone heads in.

10:45 PM BBT Judd and McCrae head outside to smoke. Elissa says she'll join them. They go outside and then wonder where Elissa went. Amanda stuck her head outside and asked if McCrae was looking for her. He said no. Amanda says Elissa is lying. Amanda goes back in and confronts Elissa about it saying "I thought good little religious girls don't lie!" Amanda goes outside and tells McCrae and Judd what she said.

10:48 PM BBT Amanda goes back inside and sits down in the LR with Andy, Spencer and Elissa and begins harassing her again. They go back and forth a bit and Andy tells them to settle down it's GinaMarie's special night (she's currently in DR). Amanda tells Elissa that she'll be on the block and to just wait and see. Elissa smiles and nods. Spencer points out that there is a giant chicken in the room.

10:53 PM BBT Amanda begins in again and the party in the LR quickly breaks up. Andy and Elissa head into the WA. Elissa asks if she's going to have to listen to this for the next four days. Amanda calls out goodbye to her and says she should go hide out in her HoH...oh that's right...

10:57 PM BBT Amanda says she hopes America sees what this c*** is doing. McCrae tells her to chill the f*** out. McCrae says she's not making it any easier on herself because GinaMarie doesn't like this type of stuff.

11:00 PM BBT Andy and Elissa are in the WA talking. They agree to not put each other up if they need to. Elissa begins Amanda bashing. Back in the LR Amanda and McCrae talk about her attitude and her disdain for Elissa. Amanda says she's not going to let her bully her. The comment that set her off the second time was apparently when Elissa said Jessie was the only 10 (as in a scale of 1 to 10) in the house. McCrae tells her to let her and she'll look way better.

11:05 PM BBT Spencer, Judd and Andy are having a talk in the far corner of the BY near the pool. They agree that this is going to be a long week between the two girls. The three agree that the vetos are what are important from here on out. Andy warns the other two that if they see him talking to Amanda and McCrae to not assume that he's working with them. Meanwhile back in the LR McCrae is coaching Amanda to play the victim this week. Amanda sounds annoyed but agrees.

11:08 PM BBT Elissa goes outside. Amanda wants to go outside. McCrae says no. Amanda says she really wants to go outside. McCrae doesn't want to. Amanda promises not to say anything and that she doesn't want to isolate themselves either. Outside Elissa is saying she's tired of be followed around and attacked and harassed. She says that Jessie had a PG-13 meltdown the week she went home. Amanda is having an R rated meltdown.

11:11 PM BBT Back in the LR Amanda is saying that Elissa is evil and she's always talking down about people. Interestingly enough Elissa is outside telling Spencer, Judd and Andy that yes her husband has nice things but he works hard for his money and he's entitled to nice things. Back in the LR McCrae is trying to calm Amanda down and to get her to avoid getting into fights with her. Amanda wants America to see (Oh we do see...) how Elissa is acting. McCrae says it doesn't matter. They're playing BigBrother not America's game.

11:14 PM BBT Amanda starts to sniffle and cry. She says she's never met someone like Elissa before and she's such an evil person. McCrae says who cares. Amanda says she cares because she's being portrayed as a bully apparently. McCrae gets more firm and again says "Who cares?!" Amanda says there are 20 million people watching and McCrae interrupts and says there can be 200 gabillion people watching and he's telling them to f*** off. They're in the house playing the game of BigBrother and America is at home watching.

RT @lvjan: @mortystv who won the HOH? GinaMarie did and she's currently in DR. We should be covering HoH reveal within the hour or so.

11:20 PM BBT Andy comes inside and Amanda asks what she was saying out there. Andy tells her that it was basically what it has been. She denies that she's pushing buttons. Amanda starts bawling saying it's not fair because she's being portrayed as a bully. McCrae is really annoyed now and he says who cares. Andy is being portrayed as a floater and he is being portrayed as a p****. But again who cares?! Andy wanders off and Judd and Spencer wander inside. They say it's ridiculously hot outside. GinaMarie out of DR. Who wants to see my HoH room?!

11:24 PM BBT Elissa says she's super excited for her. GinaMarie thanks her. GinaMarie got a picture of Freddy (her dad). The CD of the week is Britney Spears Greatest Hits. She also got some new underwear, nail polish. OPI. Rips. Diet Pepsi. Socks. Andy digging into the snacks and Elissa has asked for a soda. GinaMarie also got her teeth whitening and she starts to scream and bounce around. McCrae and Andy join in.

11:28 PM BBT GinaMarie also got some perfume and Sweedish Fish. A new shirt. Elissa says the perfume her favorite kind. She also got some sausage. Lemonade. Frozen White Castle burgers. Rice Crispy Treats. Captn Crunch. Ice Cream. Raw eggplant parm. She's going to read her letter now.

11:30 PM BBT "Hey G. How you doing. The house is finally finished. Baby Andy is getting big and he's talking up a storm and Freddy can't wait to watch movies with you. G. You won't believe this Andrew was outside playing with his cars and started eating dirt and it was in his teeth. He got sick all over Freddy. He really does miss you. Happy birthday baby. Me and Freddy are going to have a birthday cake for you on your birthday. We all love you so much everyone wishes you a happy birthday and miss you so much. We'll have a birthday party when you come home. Love Ma and Freddy." She says her family rocks. Elissa agrees and GinaMarie says her family will love them as well.

11:35 PM BBT GinaMarie also got another picture of Nick. One of the pictures is when she was super skinny. She thinks it was 2010. McCrae thinks Freddy is awesome and he can't wait to meet him. Talk turns to the CD. GinaMarie is going through her lingerie that was in her basket. Spencer tells her to model it. GinaMarie and Elissa laughs. GinaMarie also got some coffee in her basket. Andy wants pictures of Freddy for his next HoH. He doesn't want pictures of his own family he'll take pictures of Freddy.

~~~~~~~~~~Under Construction~~~~~~~~~~

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