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Wednesday, August 28 Live Feed Updates


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10:40 PM BBT We've continued to have idle chit chat in the BB house tonight. Amanda, Aaryn, Spencer and McCrae are hanging out in the chair room chatting about an assortment of topics. Meanwhile next door GinaMarie, Judd and Andy also have idle chit chat.

10:45 PM BBT We have game talk in the colorful room. Judd, GinaMarie and Andy are whispering. GinaMarie says Aaryn told her trust Judd and Andy but she warned that Andy was working with Amanda and McCrae. Andy says he was up until last week and GinaMarie says she understands. Talk turns what time the show comes on in different time zones.

10:58 PM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the chair and the colorful room. Aaryn joined the colorful room and talk turned to sex. GinaMarie wouldn't be surprised if Candice and Jessie were treating each other with that extra bit of oral attention (use your imagination or don't...). Aaryn screams like a banshee and asks for nausea medicine. Andy goes to the chair room. Back in the colorful room Aaryn is using her fake Chinese voice talking about nails now.

11:11 PM BBT Nothing to report. GinaMarie and Aaryn in the KT making something to eat as well as brewing some coffee. Back in the chair room Amanda continues to announce that she's horny and wants McCrae to pleasure her. Talk briefly turns to Vegas before turning right back to Amanda and her needs.

11:20 PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn have decided that they're going to bleach their buttholes tonight. Aaryn is putting the concoction together in the KT at this time. Idle chit chat in the chair room.

11:25 PM BBT GinaMarie wants no part of this and she goes upstairs to hang out with Elissa.

RT @KiMarsha49: @mortystv part of what? -- See the update from 11:20 PM BBT. It's not something I wanted to post the first time, let alone repeat it ;)

11:35 PM BBT 2 feeds on HoH and 2 feeds on chair room. Elissa and GinaMarie rehashing veto competition. Down in the chair room Aaryn came in and told Spencer to come participate. She says you take the cotton ball and dip in the solution and then apply it to your butt hole. Aaryn told McCrae to come and look at Amanda so he can decide if there is a change. McCrae declines. Aaryn tells Spencer to come and participate once again. Spencer wants to see before and after. Aaryn walks back towards the WA.

11:44 PM BBT Andy and Judd joins Elissa and GinaMarie in the HoH as they play Jenga. Idle chit chat/training for a possible quiz tomorrow. Meanwhile down in the chair room we have Amanda, McCrae, and Spencer with idle chit chat while they continue the bleaching process.

11:55 PM BBT Intermittent FoTH. Feeds are back and Aaryn and McCrae are chatting in the chair room. McCrae doesn't know who he would put up if he won HoH. FoTH.

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