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Wednesday, August 28 Live Feed Updates


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Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
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Dining Table (DT)
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Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

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Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
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12:10 AM BBT Aaryn pleads her case to stay. Mcranda ignore her. She says that after everything she did for them for them to vote her out is stupid. She gets up and walks in and Amanda worries that Andy will slide by and maybe Aaryn is a bigger target. Mccrae says no Amanda is a bigger target with how mouthy she is. He also says Spencer probably was lying to them and probably did say that to Aaryn but maybe didn't mean it.

12:20AM BBT everyone but Aaryn, GM, and Judd has reconvened on the BYD couches and are going over everything Aaryn said. Andy just asks not to be blindsided. Judd and GM are still on the hammock whispering about keeping Andy and the exterminators safe.

12:30AM BBT Aaryn bashing in the BYD now. GM is saying that the whole Judd thing is something you don't make up. GM continues to say that if that if Elissa said that weeks ago Aaryn would have said something. They said they can't say anything in front of her because it could come out completely different. They move on to talk about what wake-up songs they want.

12:45AM BBT We have turned to Elissa bashing. They think that Elissa feels entitled and that is why she takes more alcohol than anyone else and can break rules in competition. Amanda and GM and Andy goes inside. Mccrae goes over all of the insulting things Aaryn said about not voting for either of them in final 2 and that she did all their work.

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1:10 AM BBT Not much going on Aaryn is in bed and the rest of them are rehashing old competitions.

!:30 AM BBT absolutely no change. They discuss the popsicle comp. Then they decide who would beat Jessie in a fight. They agree GM could beat up anyone in the house

1:50 AM BBT Small talk about goodbye messages for people that they know wont see them. Amanda goes inside for a snack then comes back outside. Andy goes in to use the restroom and is back out.

Sorry this was the whole hour.

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2:10 AM BBT Discussion has turned to what to wearon the live show. They debate straightening Mccraes hair. Amanda says he would be hot with a shaved head.

2:30 AM BBT talk turns to stories about their outside lives and plans they have for when they get out of the house. Spencer has ideas of becoming a comedian. He mentions a friend who has not signed a release and we get fish.

2:40 AM BBT Spencer says if he wins the money then he is going to get it cashed into all small bills and go nuts. Now they are reading what appears to be bug spray or spray on sunscreen I cannot tell.

2:50am BBT They are discussing their rent and living expenses. . They are shocked at how low Spencer's rent is at $416. GM's mom pays 3k for her home.

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3:00am bbt F1/2 Spencer/GM are on patio talking, complaining to each other about how Aaryn saying things to Amanda/McCrae is hurting their game. F3/4 WA, Amanda is plucking, McCrae is sitting, Judd/Andy at sink washing, they all appear to be headed to bed.

3:05am bbt F/12 Judd has joined Spencer/GM on patio. GM is leading the conversation/talking the most, talking about Aaryn still. Andy joins them, asks if he's ok, and they all assure him he is staying this week. F3/4 show Amanda/McCrae snuggled up in bed with the lights off in the room.

3:10am bbt FISH...

3:11am bbt GM/Spencer/Judd/Andy still sitting on the patio, in a circle all leaning in... talk has turned from voting Aaryn out this week, to targeting Amanda/McCrae... this group of 4 appear to be turning into a new alliance

3:19am bbt as the 4 walk inside and say good night to each other... F1/2 Judd/Andy head to color room and change for bed. F3/4 GM/Spencer head to WA to brush teeth

3:25am bbt everyone is in bed, lights are out, the night appears to have come to an end...

7:45am bbt Andy makes his way to the WC and is back in bed by 7:48

8:00am bbt All the HGs are still snug in their beds...

8:30am bbt still sleeping...

855am bbt no surprise.... no one is awake yet...

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9:00AM BBT: FotH for music wake up. Feeds come back after 20 minutes to a full busting house of...sleeping houseguests. BB calls Elissa to the DR at 9:38 and instead of going, she moans like a dolphin, makes her bed, does some make up application and as of 9:49AM BBT has yet to go to DR.

9:53AM BBT: Elissa is now going to the DR. Spencer got out of bed but is right back in it.

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#BB15 9:04 AM BBT We have FOTH - may be wake up time?

#BB15 9:15 AM BBT We still have FOTH.

#BB15 9:21 AM BBT We are back. Gina, Elissa, Judd and Andy are up and in the BY. The lights in the BR are still out and the other Hg still sleeping.

#BB15 9:22 AM BBT Elissa and Gina were talking about something but ceased when BB told them to put on their mics. Gina says she liked the music including Barbie Girl.

#BB15 9:23 AM BBT Seems the four HG went outside to dance to the music. The lights are now on everywhere in the house.

#BB15 9:34 AM BBT Elissa feeds the fish and brushes her teeth and craws back in bed. All HG have crawled back in bed.

#BB15 9:37 AM BBT Amanda, Andy, McCre and Judd are called to change their batteries. Aaryn and Amanda get up and stumble to the SR where they grab batteries and head back to bed.

#BB15 9:57 AM BBT Elissa called to DR. All other Hg sleeping.

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10:01am BBT: aaryn is up and goes to the color rm and Judd says morning aarin as she is getting her clothes and Bb calls her to the DR.

10:04am BBt: Aaryn is now out of Dr and Ginamarie is called into the Dr. Aaryn in bathroom with water running in sink. Elissa is in the Kt making coffee.

10:07am BBT: Ginamarie comes out of Dr and Judd ask what is going on and Ginamarie says he didnt say but i get to put on makeup and freshen up first then go back in. Amanda is called to the Dr. Andy is now up and going to the bathroom.

10:18am BBT: Ginamarie brushing her hair in color rm and aaryn doing makeup in WA. Andy has gone back to bed. everyone else still sleeping.

10:22am BBt: Elissa is putting dishes away in the Kt and Ginamarie goes to Wa to finish her hair and aaryn is getting dressed and ready for the day.

10:42am BBT: Aaryn putting on shoes and pinning hair back. Elissa laying in bed listening to music. Ginamarie in Dr. and everyone else still in bed sleeping.

10:50am BBt: Aaryn in By working out.Elissa still in HOh rm listening to music and everyone else in bed sleeping.

10:58am BBT: Elissa is up and making her bed and cleaning the rm. Aaryn still in BY working out.

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11:08am BBt: Aaryn is done with her workout and is now putting on her bikini.

11:15am BBt: Elissa up made another cup of coffee and Bb tels her to put her mic on. she is dressed to do yoga now.Aaryn getting ready to go out to the By to soak up the sun.

11:40am BBt: aaryn still soaking up the sun in the By as Elissa is doing her yoga. Andy in Wa and now heading back to the bedroom.

11:52am BBT: Aaryn still laying in the sun and elissa still doing yoga and everyone else still sleeping in the house.

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#BB15 12:02 PM BBT Elissa is doing yoga. Aaryn lying out in the sun (except where she took the time to fill up a water bottle and poured it down her back) and the rest of the HG are catching some zzzzz's.

#BB15 12:23 PM BBT Aaryn in the pool. HG still sleeping.

#BB15 12:42 PM BBT Elissa washing up in HOH bathroom. Hg still sleeping.

#BB15 12:56 PM BBT Elissa in HOH room. Her leg hurts where she pulled a muscle. Aaryn out of the shower and the remaining HG are [you guessed it] sleeping!

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1:01pm BBT: Andy is now in the By folding his clothes that Aaryn took out of the dryer and layed on the pool table. Elissa in bed reading her bible with an ice pack on her leg and aaryn getting dressed in the bathroom area and all other hg still sleeping.

1:04pm BBT: Ginamarie just woke up and ujumped out of bed and told Andy she just lost a hair and has to go put it back in. Elissa being called to the DR.

1:07pm BBT: Aaryn helping Ginamarie get her hair plugged back in her head and Ginamarie says these extensions are killing me.

1:14pm BBT: Elissa walks in Wa where Ginamarie is making sure her hair plugs are secure and says she is going to lay out for a bit and asked if she wants to lay woth her and she says yeah yeah i will in a little bit i have to fix this first.

1:21pm BBT: Elissa and Ginamarie in Kt talking about brushes and then Ginamarie goes to the Wa and talks to Aaryn. They whisper so low you cant hear then talk. Elissa in Kt making breakfast.

1:27pm BBt: Ginamarie has gone back to bed and tells Andy that Elissa is making lunch in the Kt and aaryn is in the bathroom and Judd is in the Dr and everyone else is in bed. Andy asked if the suitcases are in the STR yet and she says i havent been in there yet today and says they might be there later cuz i think i packed on wednesday. She then puts the bandana over her eyes and go silent.

1:34pm BBT: Judd in the Kt with Elissa talking about the have not rm and other seasons have not rooms. amanda up and getting dressed and puting her mic on.She now heads to the KT and says good morning.Judd and Amanda saying now they are going to put a patch on.

1:44pm BBT: Judd and Elissa in Kt eating talking general talk about getting lost. Then Amanda says her apple gps messes up all the time and it is so bad. aaryn still in Wa doing makeup.

1:52pm BBt:Elissa and Judd talking about Spencer has never been a have not and Elissa says that is crazy that he hasnt been a have not.

1:53pm BBT: andy now in the Kt getting cereal.elissa tells Judd that it was a secret that she came in the house to marry him and thwen laughs and Amanda says did anyone tell you about me and Mccrae and Andy says dont go there i walked in on them and i can tell you its true. elissa laughs and says her husband told her to come home with someone else to join them and she chose Judd and they all laugh.

1:56pm BBT: Elissa, Judd and andy talking about saved by the bell tv show and aaryn blow drying her hair.

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#BB15 2:06 PM BBT Aaryn doing her hair in WA and general chit chat with Judd. Amanda eating in bed and general convo with Amanda and Spencer who are still in bed.

#BB15 2:29 PM BBT Most of the HG in the pool. No game talk. Just general chat.

#Bb15 2:35 PM BBT All 4 cams on sleeping Gina.

#BB15 2:49 PM BBT Aaryn making lunch in the KT. In the pool HG general chi chat still. Lots of laughter.

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3:07pm BBT: General talk in the pool. Aaryn in KT still cooking and Ginamaerie in bed sleeping.

3:19pm BBT:Aaryn going out to the By to eat her food.Ginamarie still sleeping and everyone else in or around the pool with general chat and Amanda and mccrae hanging on each other in the pool.

3:27pm BBt: In the BY talk is about missing their animals.and elissa talking about being a mom and missing her son.

3:35pm BBT: aaryn has now finished eating and tells everyone else there is more toys in the STr such as Jenga and cards and a slinky and other toys and Andy says you are just now telling us and she says yeah i was cooking and eating. Judd is now playing with the toys and going through them in the livingroom.

3:41pm BBT: Judd comes outside and says there is no games in the STr and ginamarie says are you kidding me and Aaryn says i swear i didnt make that up and Judd says there not in the STR we been punked and Ginamarie gets out of the pool to go see and says if there isnt any i am tossing aaryn in the pool then Aaryn says if they arent there and i get throwed in the pool Judd i will get you. Hinamarie comes out with the games and says we have games and comes outside and says Judd lied to me and i am tossing him in the pool for making me get out of the pool.

3:45pm BBT: Ginamarie just took Judd out of the hottub and is now rolling him across the yard to toss him in the pool. He is fighting her on it and she is still trying to move him as everyone else laughs at them.

3:47pm BBT: Ginamarie drags Judd across the BY and Amanda helps a little . Ginamarie trying to get Judd in the water and BB says Ginamarie , Judd stop that and Spencer says ignore that and Ginamarie keeps going and judd is now in the pool.

3:53pm BBT: Andy in the KT making food and Aaryn comes in and ask Spencer who is in the Wa if a shirt was his or Howards and he says it is Howards but Amanda has been sleeping in it. Aaryn now starting another load of clothes and Elissa setting up the Jenga game .Amanda is now in the shower shaving her arm pits.

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#BB15 4:03 PM BBT Elissa and Judd play Jenga in the backyard. Spencer taking a shower. Amanda in and out of the shower - doesn't wash her hair but then puts baby powder in it.

#BB15 4:16 PM BBT In the BY The HG discuss the different HN food and what worked and what didn't.

#BB15 4:28 PM BBT Amanda back on the bed. Spencer and Judd in the BY talking about movies.

#BB15 4:31 PM BBT McCrae climbs in bed with Amanda. She asks him if he brushed his teeth (negative) and if he showered (negative) and if he put on deodorant today (negative). She then called him her stinky boy.

#BB15 4:38 PM BBT McCrae tells Amanda that he is out of sorts. he misses his family and is a bit scared about next week.

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#BB15 4:48 PM BBT Amanda telling McCrae that she would have been miserable if she hadn't met him.

#BB15 4:53 PM BBT Gina and Aaryn talking. Gina says that it sucks that she couldn't save Aaryn. Says she tried to save someone last week and it didn't work either. Aaryn giggles a bit at that. Gina is crying. BB has just put them on an ILD.

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5:01 PM BBT Judd, Spencer Andy, and McCrae are talking general chit chat in the chair BR. Judd is playing with a slinky. Aaryn just got done painting her nails in the color BR and heads to the WA to do her toes. Gina Marie joins the boys.

5:06 PM BBT The guys are all hanging out together in the BR together. Andy asks if they think Julie has favorites in the house. Spencer "No doubt, she's asked Judd a bunch of questions." Andy hopes she asks someone besides Judd what it's like having Judd back. Gina Marie has a headache and heads to the color BR to lay down. Andy is going to get her some meds and a swig of soda.

5:12 PM BBT The HGs know that the Wednesday's episode of BB is on right now. Andy uses his best BB voice to announce it. Aaryn is making a snack. The guys joke with Amanda that out of all the eviction hugs she got the most half butt hug (exchange butt for another word) out of all the half butt hugs. Andy said Jessie should have just punched Amanda in the boob instead.

5:21 PM BBT Aaryn has joined Gina Marie in the color BR. Gina Marie tells Aaryn she feels bad. Aaryn assures her it isn't her fault. Gina Marie changes the subject to what she wants to do later in life. She wants to open a dance studio. She said she worked at one where 75 percent of the people left after she quit. They ended up closing their doors. Aaryn is called to the DR.

5:28 PM BBT Amanda tells the guys that production is holding a package of birth control pills for her. Spencer says she should start taking them so she can bust it up in the house now. Amanda laughs. Meanwhile Gina Marie is talking to Aaryn about why Gina Marie voted for who. Gina Marie "I don't want people thinking things because I voted out my best friend." Aaryn "they will use that." Aaryn tells her to explain it's just a game. Gina Marie says the others aren't talking ame to her and won't even answer simple yes and no answers.

5:34 PM BBT Aaryn says her biggest regret of the game is making herself too big a threat in the game. She advises Gina Marie that she can go far if she doesn't show any of her cards even if she does become really good friends with Elissa. Don't let anyone know what she is thinking. Aaryn says Gina Marie needs to work with Andy or maybe Elissa and Judd. Aaryn "You can beat Elissa or Spencer. You can't beat Amanda or McCrae. You have my vote no matter what." Aaryn says Elissa is smart and is teaming up with people she knows she can beat.

5:40 PM The guys plus Amanda are talking about what wake up music they would like to hear. Andy says he wants an epic song since it might be his last. They are naming off everything from Christmas Shoes to theme songs from 80s television shows.

5:49 PM BBT Andy to Gina Marie "I don't want to scare you but your key is missing." She tells him to leave it alone. Spencer comes in and yells at Andy "Quit screwing with my key!"

5:56 PM BBT Spencer and McCrae are tossing a ball back and forth down the main hallway. BB hasn't told them to Stop That yet. Spencer wants a pizza delivery for celebration on 9/11. Aaryn, it's not a day of celebration. He calls it Patriot Day and it's like the 4th of July. Aaryn tells him it's a day of remembrance.

5:58 PM BBT Andy has the Jenga game set up and is waiting on Spencer. Spencer says he's ready though he is still tossing the ball with McCrae. Andy "I am not going to play with you while you play with someone else. It's me or nothing" Spencer "Oh I'm sorry Amanda I mean Andy." Meanwhile Aaryn says she is going into the DR. She is going to tell them that since she is being evicted tomorrow she would love an alcohol delivery.

6:03 PM BBT Andy, McCrae and Spencer are playing Jenga. BB has used a black marker to blot out the word Jenga on each tile. Andy and Spencer are laughing at McCrae's technique. He is playing it safe.

6:10 PM BBT Spencer tells McCrae to man up and pick a tile halfway down the Jenga tower or lower. He uses minds tricks on Andy. "You cannot save it." Spencer "You gotta be soft, that's the secret. Like butterfly kisses."

6:14 PM BBT While they play Jenga Andy is eating. Spencer "Can you chew any grosser? You sound like a chupacabra." Andy "I think we are doing well." Spencer "Shut up, haven't you ever heard of the Jenga jinx?

6:19 PM BBT Andy does in fact suffer the Jenga jinx. He loses. "I freaking hate Jenga." Meanwhile Aaryn approaches Judd who is laying in the color BR. She tells him she has no hard feelings and he deserves to be there. She says she wants to be friends afterwards. He hugs her and says "For sure." Aaryn she says she has accepted it and is happy because she didn't expect to make it this far.

6:22 PM BBT Aaryn tells Judd he came back at a great time. There are so many targets that he is way down on the list. Andy thinks he plus Amanda and McCrae are the targets and she says no. She tells him not to trust Spencer because he lies about everything. "You are in a really good spot."

6:24 PM BBT Aaryn says it will be so much better and less stressful to spend her birthday at the jury house. She asks Judd about the jury house but he says he can't talk about it. Meanwhile the boys are bored and are now thinking about playing hot potato.

6:28 PM BBT Gina Marie has twisted her back and can't remove the hot/cold patches herself. Aaryn helps her and replaces them. She is wearing two, one above the other. She is limping around the house and settles down in the LR where McCrae and Spencer are playing catch.

6:37 PM BBT Aaryn, Gina Marie, Spencer, Andy, and McCrae are all sitting in the LR. They are discussing sad pet stories. Spencer had a dog get picked up by a hawk that dropped him from about 100 feet. Spencer and Gina Marie both had pets named Max. Andy and a friend of Aaryn's both had dogs named Hannah.

6:44 PM BBT The HGs are wondering who from production is working the cameras tonight. Andy says one of them is actually facing a wall. Gina Marie calls it the R2D2 camera. Andy would like to know exactly how many people are watching them on the feeds right now.

6:53 PM BBT Not much going on in the BB house. Aaryn, Spencer, Andy, McCrae, and Amanda are sitting on the LR couches talking. Gina Marie tells Andy that prostitution is legal in Nevada, just not on the strip. Andy is finding it a bit hard to believe. Gina Marie talks about Father's and Sons going to the strip clubs together. Aaryn is distressed by that.

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7:10PM BBT The general chit chat continues in the LR. Amanda and Spencer talk about the shows on tv where people buy by auction. Stories continue, we get a few FotH's while they talk. It seems everyone is getting along well. If not, they are faking well. Aaryn says Amanda always has a death grip on McCrae with at least one leg in the morning.

7:15PM BBT Andy says Jessie is a "Slight nymphomaniac." they laugh and ask why, he says "She was always talking about sex." (ya because they never talk sex) they are talking about how Jessie would love to see Amanda in the jury house. It's still just chit chat.

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7:30PM BBT Today is Day 69. Spencer is hoping for pizza and music tonight. Elissa mentions she needs one more week before being a havenot again because she is in so much pain. Andy says "Ya you are really suffering in that HoH room." GM says they played the song from the Fresh Prince of BelAir and the song from the Lion King. Andy and GM are now placing their requests for morning tunes.

7:35PM BBT Music talk continues. Spencer requests Motorhead. Elissa says "NO don't! It's my last day as HoH!" She agrees to Good Vibrations by Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. They list off a lot of songs, Andy says "Stop listing off songs so they don't forget!" They really want Party all the time by Eddie Murphy.

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7:45PM BBT General chat still. More music talk. The topic changes to weddings. Amanda: "GM for the rest of her life when she sees a photo booth will be yelling 'It's photobooth time bitches!' and everyone will be like WHAT?"
Not much exciting happening.

7:50PM BBT GM asks if the DR is bulletproof... "No I mean sound proof." they say no because they have heard her yelling in there before.
GM has now asked who invented the slinky.
Spencer asks Amanda what she is making for dinner. GM is now lying on the floor in the LR.

7:55PM BBT Elissa: "It's so weird that we can be so bored and people watch us all day long." (Please do something. Entertain us.)

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8:05PM BBT Spencer and Elissa are playing catch, she goes upstairs and they start throwing it between floors. They hit the camera. BB "Elissa! Spencer! Stop that!" Spencer yells "OK Gramma! We have only been playing for like 10-15 minutes!" Aaryn is packing in the color room. Elissa is going to make food. She is making cabbage rolls.

8:13PM BBT Amanda is clipping McCrae's toenails with fingernail clippers. GM and Judd are talking to Aaryn in the color room as she packs.

8:15PM BBT Aaryn says "My birthday is next week, have a beer for me and please if people are talking sh*t... don't let them. That is all I want for my birthday."
In the LR Amanda wants to know what shows the winner gets to go on after the finale. She was hoping for all 3 major networks.

8:20PM BBT Aaryn is explaining her philosophy about the house. She says that some people like Spencer never win anything so they never have to show their cards. No one is ever mad at them.
Judd tells GM "I am gonna show you where my stuff is in case this is a double eviction week." Amanda is now in the color room talking about the beds and which are more comfortable.

8:22PM BBT Amanda just said "The bloody sheets are probably from me. Sorry." (after she spent 48 hrs blaming Elissa for them)

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8:30PM BBT Color room chat. They are talking about what Andy will say in his speech tomorrow. Aaryn asks Amanda if she liked what she said in her veto speech. She referenced Frank from BB14 saying "I wish you had 2 of those jokers" she then says "Frank will meet me and we will get married!" Amanda says "Frank, if you are watching, she scissors like mad and is a level 5 clinger!"

8:35PM BBT And now they are conspiracy theorizing about Howard. He had True Religion jeans and had expensive shoes. Amanda says "He was unemployed and it just doesn't add up for me!"

8:36PM BBT Andy pulls out a pack of pop rocks. Amanda screeches "WHAT!" Andy says they are his and now they all are sizzling as they small talk because Andy shared.

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8:40PM BBT They are now talking about the first night sleeping arrangements. Amanda starts talking about how she and Nick were going to share a bed, GM shuts her comment down. Gm now says BB didn't want her to have any clothes. She says: "Watch when you see my sh*t bro! I got the illest gear!" FotH.
They come back and Aaryn is showing her shirt she bejeweled her clothes to cover the logo. Andy asks Judd if he bejeweled his clothes or if they came like that?

8:45PM BBT Aaryn is telling the story of the song Christmas Shoes. Andy says it makes him cry. Aaryn "If it doesn't then you are morbid and dark." Andy is called to DR.
Spencer and McCrae are small talking in the LR for about 20 minutes. Elissa is still cooking dinner.

8:49PM BBT Amanda is explaining how to have sex in the BB house. She says in the middle of the night is best and in the end "I just end up blowing him anyways" and makes slurping sounds. Aaryn says she heard them last night.

8:52PM BBT Aaryn and Amanda are complaining about the color room and how it freaks them out. The pattern isn't consistent and it bothers them. Aaryn is packing her boa, Judd says "Is it yours? You brought it?" She says "Ya I brought it just to do strip teases for you!" and makes a little dance with it. She got it during her HoH and is not sure why. Amanda confirms that Aaryn is going with them to Vegas.

8:53PM BBT McCrae to Spencer "I am not trying to be racist but they should just give Amanda the jew d'etat." Spencer says "But she will just save it though" they laugh. Spencer says "That sounded awful though." McCrae "The JDL will be all over my butt!" Spencer "They will call you McCraedolf Hitler" they laugh again.

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9:00PM BBT: Aaryn tells GinaMarie and Judd she wants alcohol because she is bored. Amanda is called to the DR, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are in the living room talking. Andy asked Elissa what time it is.

9:05PM BBT: Elissa has made cabbage rolls and tells everyone to get them before the ants do. Andy and Elissa are joking with each other.

9:10PM BBT: Elissa's cabbage rolls are done and it's dinner time in the house. Andy is sitting in the living room by himself. McCrae and Judd are getting their food.

9:15PM BBT: The After Dark shout outs begin. They are eating in the living room, GinaMarie is in the shower. Aaryn walks in the get her food.

9:20PM BBT: Amanda is out of the DR, Elissa tells her there are cabbage rolls, Amanda gets some food and says thank you to Elissa, who is still doing dishes. Spencer is now going into the DR.

9:25PM BBT: Nothing new to report just eating dinner and talking. Aaryn and GinaMarie are in the bathroom.
9:30PM BBT: Judd is playing with the Slinky, Amanda is talking to Elissa about how her mother makes cabbage rolls at home. Andy is walking around eating chips and Judd is still playing with the Slinky.

9:35PM BBT: McCranda are making-out, making a lot of kissing sounds. Elissa asks what everyone thinks the competition will be tomorrow. Amanda is now talking about a shooting range. Andy doesn't like turkey, which is why he's not eating cabbage rolls. McCrae doesn't want Amanda to meet his mom and dad. She doesn't like that.

9:45PM BBT: Judd, and Spencer are playing Jenga, Andy, and GinaMarie are in the bathroom Elissa walks over to join Judd and Spencer in their game of Jenga.

9:55PM BBT: Judd, Elissa, and Andy are playing jinga, Spencer is just sitting there eating, GinaMarie is doing her hair in the bathroom.

10:00PM BBT: in the chair room laying down is Spencer, and McrAmanda they are just talking, and the Jenga game continues.

10:05PM BBT: the game has broken up they are now in the chair room, talking about how they are seen on the show. Elissa is still downstairs.

Amanda is talking about winning competitions.

10:10PM BBT: Elissa is doing dishes she stops for a minute and puts her hand on her chest It looks like she is still having tummy problems.
up in the chair room, they are talking about dental dam. and Survivor.

10:15PM BBT: GinaMaries back is really hurting, BB gave her some stuff like icy/hot, McCrae asked Elissa about her socks, he is missing some of his socks
Elissa tells him he can have those. Aaryn is now talking about skin cream.

10:20PM BBT: they are just laying around talking, Elissa is upset that she didn't get a Pandora's box.
Andy brings up a double eviction. Amanda I hope it's not this week. GinaMarie I'm leaving the icy/hot in the storage room for anyone who needs it.

10:25PM BBT: Amanda is telling GinaMarie what she needs to use on her back, not the cold the hot. Judd and GinaMarie are playing cards on the bed.
They are playing war. Aaryn is telling a boyfriend story.

10:30PM BBT: Amanda is sucking on McCrae's nipples, Aaryn thinks that's gross to do on TV. Now Amanda is showing McCrae her nipple.
Andy is now in the colorful room with GinaMarie and Judd.

10:35PM BBT: it's story time in the chair room they are just telling stories, and Judd and GinaMarie are playing cards a quiet night in the BB house
(for once)

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