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Tuesday, August 27 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


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It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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12:05 AM BBT Amanda and Elissa both apologize again. Aaryn walks out to grab her water bottle and both Elissa and Amanda stop talking. Aaryn says AWKWARD. Aaryn walks back in and tells GM what happened. Amanda and Elissa in the BYD have gone back to normal conversation.

12:20 AM BBT Amanda and Elissa disperse. Amanda tells everything they talked about to Mccrae. Elissa comes back out and smooths things over with Mccrae. Spencer and Andy are in the LR recapping the hurricane Jessie week for Judd.

12:30 AM BBT Just chit chat about Janelle in the BYD. GM is in the WC teaching Amanda how to put extensions? (I'm a boy I really have no idea about these things) in her hair. Amanda asks GM how Aaryn is doing. GM lets her know Aaryn is trying but she is realizing the end is near.

12:50AM BBT No real change. Mccrae and Spencer are playing pool. GM and Amanda are doing their hair and faces still. Elissa, Judd, and Aaryn are making small talk on the BYD couches

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1:05AM BBT Spencer gets called to DR and Amanda takes over his pool game. Aaryn heads to bed. Judd and Andy are just watching the pool game. Mcranda sing and we get fish every so often.

1:25 AM BBT Amanda, Mccrae, Andy, and Judd are assigning all the HGs roles from famous tv shows or cartoons. GM is in the WC still doing stuff to her hair.

1:35AM BBT Talk in the BYD turns to sex as Spencer joins the conversation. Mccrae denies that he and Amanda have done it. Amanda flat out admits that they have. Mccrae still denies it. Mccrae we all know better!

1:50 AM BBT Two of the feeds are of Elissa and Aaryn in their respective beds. The BYD crew is back to going over tv casts and replacing themselves as members. Andy sings theme songs and we get fish.

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2:15 AM BBT Amanda has gone to bed, followed shortly by Mccrae. Andy, Spencer, and Judd laugh about GM being their secret weapon. They do not think her and Elissa will be as buddy buddy next week. They plan to remind GM that Elissa helped evict Nick incase she wins HOH. They agree this week will be a major week.

2:25 AM BBT Andy, Spencer, and Judd think that Amanda should go first of Mcranda. They agree with her out Mccrae will have no one to work with and will depend on the three of them to go forward. Spencer says that if they take out Elissa next week then Mcranda is taking out the only potential alliance they have and only one can win the HOH after that. The only problem is if Elissa wins Veto.

2:35 AM BBT Andy says that he is going to bed earlier than the rest so they dont appear to be working together. He heads to bed. Spencer and Judd are just outside discussing how much they needed this alliance. Spencer says he was just floating around.

#BB15 2:50AM BBT Spencer gets ready for bed. GM is doing hair still. Judd is taking a min before heading to bed. It is now my bed time too. See you all for wake up call!

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6:55am bbt All the HGs are still sleeping. Spencer was up around 4am to use the restroom, and GM was up once to get a drink, then again around 5am to work on her extensions some more.

7:30am bbt Had a quick minute of FISH, back and lights are still off in the bedroom. Andy gets up but the camera doesn't follow him from the bedroom.

7:38am bbt The feeds never showed where Andy went, but he has come back to bed.(Maybe BB made Andy get up as punishment for him leaving the water running in the hot tub over night a day ago? lol)

8:00am bbt They are still asleep... no official wake up call yet.

8:40am bbt Still sleeping HGs...

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9:52am BBt: All HG still sleeping and Spencer snoring really loud.

10:00am BBT: All the Hg are still sleeping.

10:08am BBT: we now have foth so should be a wake up call.

10:28am BBT: Judd, Ginamarie and Andy out in BY and now going in the house. Judd goes to the bathroom.B tells Andy and Ginamarie to put their mics on. Ginamarie is going back to bed and Andy has now gone back to bed. ginamarie says i am going to go dream about music now.

10:33am BBT: Judd called to Dr and aaryn now up getting a bowl of cereal. Everyone else in bed sleeping.

10:35am BBT:BB calls Ginamarie to the Dr and she says OK and laughs then heads to the DR. Aaryn is sitting out in BY eating her cereal.

10:44am BBt:Judd now going back to bed after putting the awnings down in the BY for BB. Elissa up feeding the fish and aaryn in bathroom.

10:50am BBT: Elissa is heading down stairsto make coffe. all other Hg still sleeping.

10:55am BBT: Aaryn is nor back out of bed heading to the bathroom again . elissa now has coffee going and is making breakfast.

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11:05am BBt: Judd is now up in the Kt with Elissa and elissa says these bugs are so bad Judd and Judd says yeah i probably shouldnt eat these cookies and she says yeah its bad to leave anything out. She ask judd if he wants some coffee and then says i am so glad you are back i would have died if you hadnt come back.

11:07pm BBT:Judd now goes to By to smoke as Elissa is cooking her breakfast and aaryn is in the shower. All other HG still sleeping.

11:10am BBT: Elissa goes to By and says i have missed you so much and Judd says yeah it will be a stress release to get them three out.Elissa says how will it make you feel to get rthem out and have that relief. elissa says you dont even like BB and you are back in here and Judd says i am kinda glad helen is gone she was after me for some reason and i dont know why.

11:14am BBt: Judd talking about amanda yelling at elissa the other day and Spencer told him that it was rediculous and he went to take a nap and Elissa says i was just laughing and then she says that Amanda said lastnight she was sorry for what she did to her and then Elissa says that amanda told her that her husband would like her and her breast and Elissa says my husband wouldnt either.Judd ask did she talk about your sister too and elissa says yeah she said i bet your sister watches aaryn and Judd and elissa laugh.

11:21am BBT: Elissa and Judd now talking about Rachel and brendon and who left before who then talk turns to lane and Hayden.

11:22am BBT: elissa says i think Hayden had something competitive wise cuz now he is on survivor this year and Judd says you know he is with Kat? Elissa says yeah and talk turns to survivor and who got voted out when. Judd says so hayden is on survivor and Elissa says yeah he was like in final 4 when we came on the show and we get foth.

11:28am BBT: Judd and Elissa talking about survivor and Elissa says she would ,like to do survivor and Judd tells that they live in thr rough andstart their own fires and elissa says i wonder how they brush their teeth and wash their face and Judd says they boil water and to go to the bathroom they go out in the woods and Elissa says oh my gosh i dont think i could do that i would be so embarressed cuz i dont even go to the bathroom in front of my husband and i dont want to see him go either oh my gosh.

11:32am BBt:Elissa and Judd now talking about the real world and Elissa says that Amanda and aaryn should be on real world and Judd says Amanda is to old to be on there and says that Amanda should be on mean girls and elissa says yeah she should be on mean girls. then Judd tells stories about people fighting on them shows.

11:39am BBt:Elissa says she didnt know what i was going to do yesterday i didnt wnt to put him up but i had to and Judd says well either one would have been safe Ginamarie or Andy either one was safe but at first i didnt trust Ginamarie but i do now. Elissa talks about how mean Amanda is and Judd talks about aaryn saying that if she goes to jury she will be more relaxed.

11:43am BBT: Judd and elissa talking about jessie and Judd says i really like jessie and i think after this show i will be friends with jessie and elissa says yeah she is so funny then andy walks out and says who Jessie and Judd says yeah. Judd says reality shows dont help your acting carrier.Judd says you have to be dirt poor for years to becaome and actor. andy says yeah i have a friend that does acting and is dirt poo and works like five jobs. Elissa says did you like the music CD this morning and Andy says yeah i like mariah carry and elissa says me too.

11:52am BBT: Andy, Judd and Elissa in By talking about the nominations this week and andy says for sure i am staying and Elissa says yeah 100% you are staying. elissa says i am so sorry Andy but i had to do it this way so you could see how nasty Amanda and Mccrae was and andy says yeah. elissa says i love Ginamarie and Elissa and Judd says they love her too.Elissa asked if Judd and Andy wants her to make them eggs and Andy says no i think i am going to go back tobed but i will be up in a little bit ready to go.

11:57am BBt: elissa talking about her son and tells Judd you never know how love is till you have a baby and she says once you have that baby your love is stronger than you have for a spouse.

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#BB15 12:6 PM BBT Judd is napping and Aaryn is drying her hair.

#BB15 12:21 PM BBT Aaryn still doing her hair. HG still sleeping.

#BB15 12:41 PM BBT Aaryn still working on her hair. GM sleeping on feeds.

#BB15 12:48 PM BBT [breaking news] - Aaryn has finished her hair and moving on to make up. HG still asleep on the feeds.

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1:01pm BBt: Aaryn doing her makeup in wa mirror and we get foth.

1:11pm BBt: Bb calls Elissa to the Dr. Aaryn still doing makeup as all other Hg are still sleeping.

1:22pm BBt: Elissa in the Kt making eggs and aaryn in the Wa brushing her hair after doing her makeup.

1:36pm BBT: Elissa still making breakfast and washing her dishes and aaeyn on BY couch alone. Judd just got called to the DR.

1:39pm BBT: judd comes out of Dr and ask Elissa who all is up and she says just us three you me and Aaryn. Elissa tells Judd she is fixen to get dressed that they get the camera in an hour.

1:42pm BBT: elissa telling Judd she just finished her blog and that she felt like she didnt put much and they told her she typed alot.She says when i tweet i will put team Julissa and give candice a shout out too since she didnt whe n she was blogging.

1:46pm BBT: Judd is now back in bed and andy and Ginamarie asking what time it is and Judd says almost 2pm . Andy says no way. Judd says i am thinking about getting up and getting ready for the day but he lays in the bed.

1:54pm BBT:andy and Judd and Ginamarie talking about what week Judd and Candice left and andy says candice left week six and you week seven and Judd says but we left in a double eviction and andy says yeah but technacally she left week 6 and you week 7.

1:56pm BBT: Ginamarie telling Judd and Andy about a dreamshe had lastnight. Aaryn in By alone and Elissa in shower getting readt to get the camarea. amanda now getting up and tells mccrae to get up.

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2:12pm bbt: Amanda doing laundry and Judd and andy talking about if Elissa got a pandoras box.

2:17pm BBT: Amanda fixing her hair and andy telling his stomach to shut up and judd laughing at him for it. Ginamarie has gone back to sleep and mccrae and Spencer are still sleeping.

2:20pm BBt:Amanda picks up some things on her way to the KT and then throws it away and then goes to STR to get cream for her coffee.

2:23pm BBT: All hg up now but Spencer and Mccrae and most in KT getting food to eat as Elissa is in dr geting the camera.

2:27pm BBT: Aaryn in STR looking through food and Amanda and Judd and Andy in KT talking with Ginamarie as they are eating and snacking just general talk. Elissa comes out of Dr with camera and Ginamarie gets excited.

2:37pm BBT:All HG putting on their hoh jerseys to take a picture in and Aaryn says i guess i will take the picture since i didnt get a jersey.Elissa is saying they all have their birthday numbers on their jersys and says it is so cute and BB is so awesome.

2:41pm BBT: Spencer sits on the end of his bed and says he has to get control of his laundry today and do some washing. mccrae has layed back down in his bed. all other Hg still taking pictures.

2:45pm BBt: Mccrae now in Kt with Spencer and andy getting something to eat. Ginamarie in hoh rm taking a picture of Elissa in the HOH robe.

2:51pm BBT: Judd is in the shower and Aaryn and Ginamarie are going to the By to sit with mccrae as he smokes. Andy is walking around the house and spencer laying on lounger in bathroom. just general talk going on all over the house about food and what day it is in the house.

2:56pm BBT: Ginamarie and mccrae out in BY and Ginamarie says i cant believe we live in a little box. A little box and mccrae says yeah.

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#BB15 3:30 PM BBT Amanda talking to Aaryn. Says she got her meds today and is in a much better mood. Says that wen she doesn't take them on a schedule then she is moody. Aaryn says it's because Amanda didn't give BB a schedule.

#BB15 3:37 PM BBT Aaryn and Gina in the WA. Aaryn says
please let her get Pandora's Box". Then silence.

#BB15 3:43 PM BBT Gina is trying to fix her weave. Aaryn going on about why she should stay. Aaryn offers to help Gina with her extensions because she is having trouble.

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#BB15 3:53 PM BBT Amanda talking about selling houses and her biggest sale was almost a million. She says she doesn't get paid on it until next April.

#BB15 3:59 PM BBT Aarynin SR talking to Gina about how to sell keeping Aaryn to Spencer and Judd. Aaryn says there is no reason to vote her out. Andy is a bigger threat.

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5:50 PM BBT: McCrae and Amanda have cleaned up their bedroom. You can actually see the floor!

6:00 PM BBT: Andy, Spencer and McCrae in the cockpit talking about forming a boys alliance - one that doesn't include Judd or Amanda. McCrae saying he can't tell Amanda anything because she repeats it.

6:05 PM BBT: Amanda just brought a load of laundry out to the washer and dropped it there. Elissa is doing yoga in the back yard. Amanda seems to be in quite a cleaning mood.

6:16 PM BBT: Spencer telling Andy and McCrae in the cockpit that he wants Elissa to go home so bad. Says "every week that she continues to make it just sickens me more and more". Andy says Jessie needed the money more and it killed him to get rid of her. Now they're saying that they would like Howard to have been in the jury house. He wanted to fly his mom and sisters to DC to see the MLK Memorial. Spencer says if he gets jury money, he would like to give him the money to do that. Andy says if he wins, he would like to give him money to do that. Conversation changes when Amanda comes in and says they're having a BB15 beer pong contest tonight and to pick your partners. Spencer says he picks McCrae. Amanda says OK, then "Andy, do you want to be my partner?" They all laugh.

6:20 PM BBT: Elissa still doing yoga in a very quiet back yard. Aaryn was in the hammock, but went inside. Spencer, Andy and McCrae are still talking in the cockpit.

6:30 PM BBT: Aaryn laying in bed very quiet, looks deep in thought. Spencer, Andy and McCrae still in the cockpit talking. It's humid outside and they're more comfortable in the cockpit.

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4:03PM BBT: Amanda and Spencer are talking real estate reality shows in the BY. Amanda is laying out in the sun while she talks.
In the KT, Gm and Aaryn are talking. Aaryn is whining about her leaving and Andy staying. She says the only reason Andy is staying is because he was loyal for longer. Aaryn is making Taco Casserole. Andy comes in and says "Oh you really like these box recipes!"

4:16PM BBT: Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking on the BY couch. They are small talking and calculating the days in the house and how many more to go.
GM and Aaryn are in the KT. Aaryn says Amanda is now being mean to her. "Maybe it's just me but she is acting like I don't exist." Elissa is looking for sour cream, Aaryn offers her some taco casserole. Elissa says she will just make a pita instead.

4:30PM BBT: McCrae is alone on the BY couch, Amanda is in the sun again. She tells him she would like to clean up their part of the bedroom.
GM, Judd, Spencer, Elissa and Aaryn are telling stories in the KT.

4:40PM BBT: Spencer, Amanda and McCrae in the BY, laying around, storytelling, yawning.
Aaryn, GM and Elissa in the KT, small talk there as well. Elissa isn't saying much at all.

4:50PM BBT: KT talk turned to how different Rachel's seasons were compared to this one. Amanda is walking through the house, she is going to wax, put some self tanner on... "look like a lady" She also says "I feel so much better that I took my meds! There is a reason I should take them!"

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5:00PM BBT: Not much happening. GM is cleaning the kitchen. She is on a stool digging through the stuff on top of the fridge. Elissa is reading her bible in the hammock. Aaryn tells McCrae the casserole is ready.

5:15PM BBT: GM, Aaryn and Spencer in the chair room. Small talk at best. Elissa in the hammock, jet flies over head.

5:25PM BBT: Chair room chat is about the Zingbot. Amanda is drying her hair, McCrae is in the shower.

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5:30PM BBT: GM's turn in the shower. Amanda has joined Spencer and Aaryn in the chair room. Spencer is watching Amanda dig for clothes in her bathrobe.

5:40PM BBT: McCrae, all clean from the shower, put his dirty baseball jersey back on. He and Amanda are cleaning up around their bed, organizing clothes and throwing out garbage. Elissa is resting in the hammock. Spencer and Andy are in the lounge. Andy asks Spencer if there is anything new. Spencer "Ya, I think Poopy (Aaryn) is giving up." Andy says he is gonna keep going like he is going.

5:50PM BBT: McCrae is now in the lounge with Spencer and Andy. They are rehashing scenarios of how the game could go from here. They are wondering who GM or Judd would put up. Andy wants to take Elissa out. McCrae agrees.
Amanda is still cleaning up the bedroom.

6:00PM BBT: McCrae says to Spencer and Andy, "You can't put me up without Amanda though." As they continue talking game.
Amanda is doing laundry in the BY.

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6:15PM BBT: The lounge talk has been about Elissa and Aaryn, who they think they are good with in the jury house. Amanda is smoking, she is shouting out to Elissa. They are hoping to get wine tonight. Amanda is trying to set up some sort of game or competition with Elissa. It is not being well received by Elissa.
Spencer says what Howard wanted to do with some of the winning if he won. Howard wanted to take his mom and sisters to Washington, see the monuments. Andy and Spencer both say if they win some amount of money they will make that happen for Howard and his family.

6:25PM BBT: Lounge talk is still about the game. Things that have happened, what they could do. Amanda is strutting through the house with her latest laundry pile. She is now making the bed.
Elissa is doing yoga in the BY, Aaryn is chilling in the hammock. GM and Judd are napping.

6:45PM BBT: Spencer starts talking about taxes on winnings. BB "Spencer you are not allowed to talk about production." Spencer "I am talking about f'ing tax codes in Arkansas!" He explains how much you will probably have to pay on winnings. He tells McCrae to "just be smart with it dude. Do go spending it on stupid stuff" McCrae says "I am already planning to." Spencer says "Just promise yourself to have to hove some money in a year from now or something good to show for it!" (Pizza franchise maybe?) Spencer says to not even buy a new car but a used one, to go see Andy's Dad. Andy shouts out his dad's work (car dealership)

6:58PM BBT: Amanda is wrapped in a towel again. Looks like she had another shower. She asks McCrae what is being said, he replies "All just shooting the sh*t" It goes quiet then Amanda announces "OMG I just shot my vagina to the world!" (I didn't see it but some camera guy did I am sure)

7:05PM BBT McCrae pays $100 for rent, he lives with his friends in a house one of the parents own. He has no credit cards and no real bills. He says he only buys food, gas and alcohol. He says "Me and money don't mix well."

7:10PM BBT Spencer mentions that Sept 10 is his "last shed payment... I own my shed!" He talks about how hard it can be to save and pay bills on time. They continue talk about money and work. McCrae thinks he will be able to use his BB experience on his resume. He used to work for a small local network.
Judd is awake. Aaryn is whipping up a bowl of something in the KT.

7:15PM BBT Spencer to McCrae, "You gotta grow up at some point!" He is explaining the reality to McCrae. He says "Things happen, your friends will get girls pregnant and settle down that way... this time of your life is flying by right now."

7:25PM BBT Judd, McCrae and Spencer are talking about kidney stones and how it is comparable to a woman giving birth. Judd thinks he has one, he should go up to the HoH washroom to pass it. Spencer is telling him to stand up to pass it and how he has to force it out. Aaryn is cooking still in the KT.

7:30PM BBT Christina on FB gave us this update - Mccrae is talking to Spencer abt Jessica (his girl back home) and says he could really see himself getting back together with her. He says he wants to take a month alone at home to think about it. He hates not knowing whats going to happen with Jessica or Amanda. -- thanks for this!

7:36PM BBT: Andy. Judd, McCrae are in the BY. Judd says he needs some caffeine. Andy asks who hasn't gotten an HoH, "Just Amanda and Spencer?" McCrae would love to see some pics or a letter at this point. GM and Aaryn in the KT.

7:45PM BBT: They are hoping for some beer tonight so they can have a beer pong tournament. Andy says that if Elissa sits out it will be even then. GM doesn't drink. Aaryn comes out with a cookie for them to try. She is headed in to get more!

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7:51PM BBT: Small talk in the BY. GM and Andy joke about Andy being a copycat and a floater. Andy is quizzing GM about her pronunciation. He gets her to say "Seltzer" and "Salsa" she does it properly and he praises her.

8:00PM BBT: Spencer asks Amanda when she got her tattoo. She says she was 20 and she is going to remove it but she didn't have the money. They are talking about ages and when they finished school. Aaryn says it is going to be weird to say she is 23. Elissa is the only one not outside.

8:07PM BBT: Amanda tells Aaryn that she is going to thin out in her face as she gets older. Aaryn's tone goes up like she is panicked a bit. McCrae goes inside to get a drink. It is a lot of small talk in the BY tonight.

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8:12PM BBT: Amanda says she went to the high school that the movie "Friday Night Lights" was filmed at. Andy says the movie and the show were exceptional. Spencer says the book was great.
Spencer says he hates the Olympics. Andy says "Nobody hates the Olympics!" Spencer says "Every 4 years they take all the sports no one gives a frig about and puts them on tv! Then they add patriotism to it!" Aaryn and Andy keep saying "No one can hate the Olympics." We get a brief FotH. When the feeds come back Spencer says "When it comes on all I can think is 'Damn my shows are off for 2 weeks!'"

8:17PM BBT: They are now talking about recent events. Spencer says he was a sophomore when 9/11 happened. Amanda asks when the Sandy hook happened. Andy mentions the shootings in Aurora and GM says "Hurricane Sandy was last October." Spencer says it was "Technically a super storm". GM says that she believes some of the things are set up. They are now talking about conspiracy theories. GM is talking about how she thinks Sandy Hook was a set up, she is listing off her theories she saw online. BB calls Spencer to the DR.

8:20PM BBT: Amanda is being the voice of reason. She tells GM to be careful what she says on "National TV". She cuts GM off from her 9/11 conspiracies. GM announces that she thinks the government is hiding aliens too. Aaryn is asking about her Sandy Hook theory (she was inside when GM was talking about it). GM says the Boston Bombings were a hoax too, Judd stops her and says "They always say things like that!" Aaryn says she can't think about things like this, she can't put her energy into it. Amanda starts talking about the good things that came out from the OK tornadoes and the woman who found her dog. Judd is now inside brushing his teeth.

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8:24PM BBT: Gm is talking about the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Some people she knows had insurance money stolen by a contractor. Her house was ok, no flooding but they had problems with the roof. She and Amanda are discussing insurance practices. Andy is wandering through the house.

8:28PM BBT: Amanda regrets them keeping Elissa and getting rid of Nick. Aaryn says Nick's strategy was to only win once he had to. Throw everything til then. Judd says "Then why did he hang on for 3 friggin hours?" They laugh. They are now rehashing the Popsicle competition. Elissa was just called to the DR.

8:31PM BBT: The BY crew are talking about past competitions. Spencer is inside getting a drink and some advil. When Elissa walked through he said "HELLLUUUUUOOOO!" She said Hi and went into the DR.

8:33PM BBT: Spencer in the SR looks at the camera and says "Hide a friggin veto, in the friggin cookies so I can find it! Alright? Just hide a veto in the cookies!" And he leaves the SR.

8:37PM BBT: Spencer is outside with the By crew again telling stories from home. He raises his voice when imitating someone and Aaryn says "That sounds like a pedophile voice!" He continues the story and we get FotH.

8:40PM BBT: Inside, Andy asks GM how Aaryn is doing. GM pulls him into the WA. She says Aaryn has an idea she is going. She knows she doesn't have the votes and GM is planning on voting with the house. She is cleaning and emptying garbage as she talks. GM says she has tried but she didn't win and Aaryn said she didn't win either so?
Andy says they won't give them alcohol til after 9 so he is heading outside (yes the convo flipped that quick)

8:43PM BBT: Aaryn asks BB in the BY, "Could we please have whisky tomorrow night, BB please. I just want to get wasted in the BB house!" Judd says they probably won't because of things that have happened.. he then looks up and says "Amanda!" She says "What?" Aaryn says "That day you were being a brat they said absolutely NO alcohol!" Amanda says "Wait? When was I being a brat? I was not." She notices that she has ants crawling on her. She comes back to sit down and Judd says "Your pants are see through." She smiles and says "Ya I know."

8:48PM BBT: Judd has glitter on him. They start talking about Glitter Gary from BBCanada and how Aneal stole a bag of glitter to annoy the other HG and get Gary nominated. They are giggling and laughing. McCrae gets told by BB to stop singing. GM has put more cookies in the oven. Aaryn made hers from scratch, GM's were premade just need to bake.

8:52PM BBT: Elissa is cooking something in the microwave. Amanda walks in and asks her if she is ready for beer pong. Elissa says "Ya!" Amanda says they need to make another alcohol request. Elissa says "We must have given them a good show because no one is called in... on a Tuesday?" Amanda agrees and goes to the WA. McCrae is singing again.

8:55PM BBT: Stories are flying around the BY about photobombing. GM starts talking about bugs in the boxes in the house. Judd asks "Why were they crying??" Making fun of her pronunciations. Elissa is excited about veggie burgers! Amanda is looking for the alcohol. She feels like it is later than 9, Elissa says it isn't yet.

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9:00PM BBT: Elissa is in the kitchen fixing a snack, everyone else is in the BY talking. No game talk.

9:10PM BBT: Elissa takes her sandwich outside, they are waiting for their beer so they can play their game. Andy talks about is America task, Aaryn says she already did that. They are now talking about their beer game. whose on whose team. and so on.

Aaryn comes out of the bathroom and says, "There's puke on the back of the toilet seat; I almost threw up! I can not clean that off of there- I can't." GinaMarie: "No way, I was just in there and I didn't see anything." Judd: "I was just in there too." Aaryn goes back to clean it up and says, "I'm about to be sick, I cannot believe I'm about to do this."

9:20PM BBT: Aaryn says she won't do porn for any amount of money, "I have more respect for myself, I'm not saying I'm above doing porn, there's just no chance in hell I would do porn." Now the talk turns to gay porn. GinaMarie and Elissa are in the bathroom doing hair and talking.

9:30PM BBT: They're still waiting for beer and looking for paper cups to set up beer pong. BB told them they can only use paper cups.

9:35PM BBT: McCrae is talking about how he cuts his own hair, because he don't like the way other people cut it. Andy is in the kitchen. Aaryn is now talking about the puke on the toilet seat and how gross it was. Spencer is now telling a story.

9:40PM BBT: Andy walks out with his veggie sandwich, and they are now talking about drinking beers.

9:45PM BBT: They're talking about E-cigarettes vs. patches. They're just sitting around looking bored.

9:50PM BBT: Elissa is talking to Judd in the kitchen about Amanda, Elissa says she is so gross she still bugs her. Judd walks outside, He is going to check the storage room to see if there is beer Amanda beats him to the punch. Spencer is doing shout outs to After Dark. They won't let Amanda in the storage room. BB gives Amanda a "Stop that." Everyone is outside doing shout outs to After Dark. Aaryn is at the storage room with Amanda and Judd and we get fish.

They Got Beer!

9:55PM BBT: They only found two cups for beer pong. Aaryn wants to do quarters, uhm we don't have quarters. Spencer is trying to throw either Andy or GinaMarie into the pool. They are chasing each other. BB: "GinaMarie stop that." They are trying to figure out how to play beer pong, BB didn't give them enough beer.

10:00PM BBT: Amanda goes to get the glass glasses for beer pong, BB: "Amanda, stop that." Amanda: "Then give us cups." She goes to the storage room but they won't let her in.

Elissa is going to open the wine, she wants some wine. Amanda tells her no wait, "don't cheat." Everyone just wants to drink. Amanda didn't get cups, they are waiting for the paper cups. They vote on putting the beer in the cups or not!

They just can't get this together. Amanda is at the storage room again looking for cups. Aaryn: "Lets just have a chuggin' contest." They are trying to figure out what kinds of games they can play. And they still won't let Amanda in the storage room.

10:05PM BBT: Amanda gets her cups.

10:10PM BBT: And it's beer pong time with grapes. They are using both the beer and the wine.

10:10PM BBT: They have now gone from beer in the cups to water, so they don't waste the beer when it's knocked over.

10:15PM BBT: Beer pong is now in full swing, now that they have finally figured it out.

10:20PM BBT: GinaMarie is called to the DR comes out and says, "Time out. We have to move the cups away from the ledge of the mirror."

Elissa just wants to drinks some wine.

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11:00 BBT: all the HGs are and have been outside chit chatting and watching GM shoot a light up ball in the air.

11:15PM BBT They have started a game of telephone and Spencer messes it up every time. Amanda suggests a new game. Seems like the night will be fun to watch but there won’t be much game to read about.

11:25 PM BBT Elissa pulls Andy into the lounge and makes sure he does what he needs to do to stay. She is freaking a bit. Andy says he's sure he is fine. Elissa goes to bed. The rest of the hgs start playing Indian chief.

11:35PM BBT Aaryn says that Elissa wants her out because she told Aaryn that Judd is the best looking guy in the house and she obviously had a crush on him. Amanda cannot stop laughing and runs upstairs and tells Elissa everything. Elissa cracks up at how absurd it is. I honestly cannot stop laughing.

11:40PM BBT The running joke now is that Elissa, her husband, and, Judd are moving to Utah to have a joint home. Everyone but Elissa and Amanda have moved back outside. The girls are in the KT making snacks and thinking of all the jokes they can think of about an Elissa and Judd showmance

11:55 PM BBT Spencer, GM, and Andy on the hammock. They are reassuring Andy he is safe this week. Aaryn tells Mccranda on the BYD couches that she doesn't understand what people don't get about her being a bigger target to keep around. She continues by saying Andy will just slide till the end and Aaryn is a bigger target. She says that so many people are talking about putting Mcranda up like Spencer. They call Spencer over and he tells her to stop campaigning. They aren't yelling but they swear at each other and call each other liars and Spencer walks away.

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