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General irks/annoying things


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Amanda laying on top of McCrea all the time.

Sleeping 1/2 the day away (East Coast loses hours of the Live Feeds in the early part of the day .... then watch them taking turns making something to eat til it time for the late news here in the east ....

(Thank goodness for Flash Backs)

Using the "F" word 3 to 4 times in a sentence

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Helen's crying face.

Aaryn's horrid eyebrows.

McCrae's refusals to shower and sit like a normal adult.

GM sticking out her pierced tongue when she lets out that laugh of hers.

Andy. Just everything about him, the embodiment of an annoying thing.

The way Aaryn and Amanda pop Adderall. I used to legitimately take the medication, and it's almost...offensive (I can't find the word) when people abuse it.

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1. McRae not showering, or even worse Amanda kissing all over him after she tells him how bad he smells.

2. GM's nasty mouth, her constantly talking about her delusional relationship with Nick, and her wanna be gangster attitude. Oh and her eating habits, smacking lips is pretty annoying as well.

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GM talking about someone needing class then saying "that c**t can s**k a d**k..f**k her"

Mc not showering

Aaryn winning HOH's then playing the victim because people might come after her

Amanda talking like she has a clothes pin on her nose

There's tons more

exactly! spenser constantly picking his nose...Andy being a big d##ck and his perfect timing fake tears just as people leave to ensure a jury vote..etc... :wacko:

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I'm annoyed that I keep watching the show....most boring season, most annoying season, and the ONLY time at time point that I was not rooting for anyone.
Helen's pep talks and loving everyone.
Andy's ugly cry and how he says his decisions are good for his game, WHAT DECISIONS?

Amanda and her smelly boyfriend. I wonder does he shower when he delivers pizzas?

Elisa's lips.
Aaryn eyebrows and extensions.

Spencer being a pawn all the time and thinking he is in the "in" group.

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This word is used entirely too much. When you start each sentence with "like" your using lazy speech. Or make a statement and immediately follow it up with LIKe. Ugh. Give me a break. I listen to the feeds a lot and it's ridiculous how much they use these same patterns over and over.

I've also noticed how much they'll start speaking in a similar manner as another hg.

And anything out of Spencer's mouth not related to the movies. His misogynist comments make me cringe.

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Absolutely NO ONE keeping a confidence


I also have taken notice of the increase in intentionally deceptive strategies this year.

I would not want to live in such a world created by this grouping of people.

I would leave them if we could not come to understandings.

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