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Week Three - Big Brother Doubles Down


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On Day 17, a pet dog known as 'George Clooney' entered the Big Brother House and Mikkayla became his Chief Carer. Mr. Clooney is allowed access to all areas of the Big Brother House, including the Safe and Halfway Houses. He is able to go between houses via a clear panel Doggy Door located in the yard on the fence dividing the two houses.

On Day 16, housemates undertook their third weekly shopping task; 'Big Brothers Ice Cream Shop'. To pass the task housemates had to deliver accurate multiple ice cream orders to Big Brother within the time allocated only from memory. Housemates were not allowed to write down any orders.

On Day 17, housemates failed the shopping task, having incurred six out of a five acceptable fails.

On Day 17, Katie & Lucy were given a Diary Room Challenge in which they had to play a game of charades and get at least half or more of the answers correct in order to win a luxury family lunch for the house. However, if they failed they would receive only basic lunch rations. Katie & Lucy handidly passed the task. Caleb took it upon himself to help the sisters with cooking the steaks over the grill.

On Day 19, housemates took part in their third weekly Showdown. Tully was the winner and was rewarded with $5,000, the nominations superpower, and a night in the Presidential Suite with Tahan, the housemate of her choice.

On Day 16, after nominations took place, the nominated housemates moved into the Halfway House.

On Day 17, a box appeared on the kitchen table with the words 'Do Not Touch Under Any Circumstances'. It was thereafter revealed to be a game of Pass the Parcel. Housemates then had to play the game (except for Xavier as he was in control of the music), and the winner of the game was Mikkayla (she held unrapped the last layer after Xavier accidentally dropped the music player, causing the music to stop randomly. As the winner, she was given the chance to swap one person from the Halfway House with another person from the Safe House. Mikkayla chose to save herself and replaced herself with Matthew. In doing so, Matthew became a nominee and Mikkayla was safe.

On Day 16, housemates nominated. Ben, Mikkayla, Rohan, Tahan, Tully and Xavier received the most nomination points and faced eviction this week.

On Day 17, after Mikkayla chose to save herself and replace herself with Matthew, Matthew was nominated for eviction (see Twists).

On Day 22, a double eviction took place. Rohan, on his birthday, was the second housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Shortly after, Xavier was shocked to find himself the third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House.


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