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Week Ten - Finale!


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On Day 66, housemates took part in the task: 'Big Brother's Press Conference.' For this task, each of the five finalists had to create a speech addressing why they should win the show, and why they deserve to do so. They had to present this speech to the rest of the house, who then had to query what they had said. Housemates also faced tweets from the public, received a phonecall from home, and had delivered to them a series of individually-tailored questions from celebrities including Vanessa Feltz, John McCririck and Sugababes singer Amelle Berrabah and ex-housemates Jemima, Wolfy, Dan, Callum, and Hazel. They all challenged what they had said in their respective speeches.

The Housemates also had a final formal supper where they reminisced over the season and for dessert, received recorded messages from home.

On Day 65 (from the end of the ninth week, following Sophie's eviction), Charlie, Dexter, Gina, Jack & Joe, and Sam became the five finalists.

On Day 68 (the live final), Charlie left in fifth place, Jack & Joe ended in fourth place, Gina departed in third place, followed by Dexter as runner up, leaving Sam as the winner of Big Brother 14 and the £100,000 grand prize!


Day 67, the final full day in the BB House and the Final 5 housemates reflect on their time in the BB House. Charlie makes up her mind and it's Dexter No and Sam makes a confession to Gina and then BB treats the housemates to a "How I Spent The Summer" slide show.

Back to the present, it's time to talk to the house. The great British voting public has been voting for their winner. The housemate with the fewest votes and coming in 5th is Charlie. Twins Jack & Joe come in 4th. And coming in 3rd is Gina. It all comes down to Sam or Dexter. Do the British public want a villain or an innocent?

And the winner of BB UK Season 14 is Sam! Dexter leaves the BB House in 2nd place! Dexter admits he had a strategy going into the house but his feelings for Charlie were real. A legend in his own mind is Dexter Koh.

But what about Sam? While Emma talks to Dexter, Sam is alone in the BB House trying to come to grips with being crowned the winner of BBUK and the complete 100k prize pool! Sam says he will give 25% to charity, 25% to his mom and save 50% for his future. Sam admits some of his jokes were pretty awful. As Sam steps out onto the outdoor stage one last time underneath the confetti, Dexter is the first former housemate to run out and greet him, though it is best mate Callum who gives him the biggest hug and whispers, "I told you!"

Yes, you did, Callum, it's time for Sam to soar!

To all of you who have followed this page from Morty's TV this summer, thank you. I hope you enjoyed the BBUK season and I hope you enjoyed our coverage.

The regular season of Big Brother UK is over but the BB House will not be on the market for long. Celebrity BB UK launches this Thursday Night! Let's hope they bring in a proper cleaning team!

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