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Monday, August 26 Live Feed Updates


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12:08 AM BBT Idle chit chat at the HT about how close Andy and Helen live to each other and how Joe (BB8) went to Andy's high school. Talk turns to DR and we get intermittent FoTH.

12:12 AM BBT McCrae heads inside to Amanda. McCrae says they need to figure out how to get GinaMarie on their side. McCrae says they need to pull Judd off to the side ASAP after the ceremony tomorrow. McCrae says he's going to make a fish sandwhich and eat it right now. Amanda questions who makes a fish sandwhich at this time. McCrae says this is the time he almost always eats. He'll be back eventually. Meanwhile out in the BY Judd, Andy and Spencer are out at the HT. Andy says if he finds out he's going home on Thursday he's going to rip Elissa a new one.

12:28 AM BBT We've had idle chit chat for the past 8 minutes or so while McCrae eats his fish sandwhich and Aaryn eats her watermellon. Aaryn questions whether Andy really believes that he's going up. Andy says he does. Aaryn wonders if she's doing that just to ensure that Aaryn goes home. Andy isn't sure. Spencer says there could be a TV in the BY that shows conversations and Elissa would still do whatever is in her mind. Judd wanders back outside with his own midnight snack.

12:32 AM BBT Spencer questions McCrae how he feels after his first real fight this season. McCrae says he's alright but you have to get respect to gain respect and he doesn't feel like he gets any respect from her. McCrae says "everyday in DR I ask..." and Spencer quickly says they got a warning and he really shouldn't talk about DR or he might end up with a penalty nom. Aaryn and Andy are whispering in the WA. Andy says he's sorry and he feels they've tried everything they could to keep himself from going on the block against her. They agree they'll talk tomorrow.

12:43 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY about what Judd said when he came back in the house. Judd says he didn't say anything to ruffle any feathers. Talk turns to Andy being glad Judd came back instead of one of the others because then it would have felt like someone's HoH would have been wasted. Currently we have Andy, Spencer, Judd and McCrae out at the HT. Everyone else is in bed.

12:51 AM BBT Idle chit chat/rehashing going on at the HT. Andy tells Spencer that he single-handedly ruined Candice's game by telling her to vote for Elissa because immediately after the vote she started scrambling whispering telling everyone she voted for Elissa. Andy said he originally wondered why she would admit to voting for the person that stayed in the house. They all laugh.

12:59 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH as they begin questioning Judd what he saw on his juror DVD. Feeds back and Amanda is outside. Andy wanders in. Amanda questions what is wrong with him. Awkwardness ensues. McCrae asks if she wants to go to bed. Amanda wonders if she came outside at the wrong time. Judd laughs and says she did and she should go back to bed. Amanda says she got her Claritin but she still can't sleep.

01:07 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae have gone inside and began starting nightly ADLs. Out in the BY Andy, Judd, and Spencer are rehashing things that have happened since Judd left. Andy questions them whether he'll have their votes if he goes on the block. They both agree. Amanda questions what was wrong with Andy. McCrae says he's probably just trying to play it up. Amanda says "Yeah, but it makes it looks like he's just angry at me."

01:11 AM BBT McCrae is worried about GinaMarie. Amanda says they have a few days to deal with that. Meanwhile out in the BY Andy says he trusts those two over Amanda and McCrae any day.

01:16 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae have crawled into bed. Andy and Spencer continue to chat on the couch in the BY. Spencer says when Aaryn goes that they have got to try and get to GinaMarie and pull her over to their side. Andy says Amanda came up with the plan today and acted on it which shows her loyalty to him.

01:24 AM BBT Amanda laughs which wakes up Aaryn. Aaryn whispers super quietly and says that Andy spoke with her in the WA a bit earlier and said they tried everything they could do to prevent him from going up basically preparing her that she'll be going home this week. Amanda dodges the comment saying nobody has any idea what's going to happen. Aaryn says if she goes home before Judd she's going to be pissed. She sent him home in the double eviction because it was best for all of their game.

01:33 AM BBT Out in the BY Judd continues to try and come up with ways to prevent Andy from going up on the block. Judd says ultimately he's glad that he's working with Spencer and Andy and if he would have found out that either of them were working with Amanda and McCrae he'd be mad. GinaMarie comes outside and goes to lie on the hammock. Andy and Judd tells her hello but she never really speaks. Judd wanders over and has a seat with her on the hammock asking her what's wrong. She says nothing. He knows her better than that.

01:37 AM BBT Ginamarie calls Andy over and tells him to be funny? Andy questions her and GinaMarie starts to go off saying she feels like everyone is grilling her. She says she's been working out with Elissa for weeks and now someone is questioning why she is and she doesn't want to feel bad about it. GinaMarie says Aaryn is supposed to be her friend and won't even sleep in the same room with her and instead she's sleeping in Amanda and McCrae's room and she's acting mad weird.

01:41 AM BBT Judd says he heard people were discussing that he wanted GinaMarie and Andy on the block. GinaMarie agrees saying she heard the same thing but the person that told her this told her like 6 different things and she doesn't know what to believe. What she doesn't understand is how a conversation that was supposedly had between Judd and Elissa has made it back to this person. GinaMarie says she always talks good to people.

01:44 AM BBT Spencer gets up and heads into the WC. Talk continues in the hammock. GinaMarie tells them to go get Spencer. He happens to be walking back outside and she invites him over. She didn't want him feel not included in things. Judd says he woke up this morning and they went outside and discovered the HT was overflowing and when they called the LD he went upstairs to hang out with her but he heard that people said he was trying to push an agenda or something.

01:48 AM BBT GinaMarie tells Spencer several times that she doesn't have any beef with him. Spencer questions if Aaryn tells her that he doesn't like her and she says she has. He says he never talks about her. Talk turns to how she's heard from several people that Aaryn talks crap about her all the time even back with Kaitlin. GinaMarie turns the conversation to what people may or may not have heard about an eating disorder. She says her body operates the way it does and she works better on an empty stomach. She says it was brought up by the psycho doc and then about her possibly committing suicide over Nick. Brief FoTH.

01:53 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae have been cuddling and kissing off and on since they laid down. It hasn't been worthy of really reporting but it's being reported now because the hammock crew spotted Aaryn walk into the KT and now she's back in the room talking with Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn is apparently eating cookies.

01:57 AM BBT Out in the hammock GinaMarie continues on her tirade about Aaryn and Amanda. GinaMarie thinks Aaryn's a puppet because she does what Amanda tells her even though she won all those HoHs. GinaMarie thinks the four of them at the hammock need the prize money more than the Audi driver or the one whose family owns a ranch with fifty lambs. Meanwhile back in the darkened chair room Amanda has joined Aaryn eating a cookie as well. Talk turns to how dirty the room is.

02:02 AM BBT GinaMarie moves the conversation to the couch and goes in to get a drink. Judd spots Aaryn in the KT again and says she's like a hyena. Andy says that's why if he goes up on the block beside her then he'll just let her do her own thing. Spencer once again tells GinaMarie that he's never had a problem with her and GinaMarie agrees. Meanwhile back in the chair room Aaryn says 'she' believes GinaMarie and it's stupid. Aaryn says her chest hurts bad because she got fluid in her chest from the competition. Amanda points out there was something in the hot air because she's had crazy allergies since then.

02:11 AM BBT Talk in the BY continues and Judd continues to push that the four of them stay solid. GinaMarie points out that when they started talking about Elissa's husband that was just crossing the line. It was funny at first but it's not right. Meanwhile in the chair room, idle chit chat continues.

02:14 AM BBT GinaMarie says Aaryn came up to her today and said that McCrae might flip and vote with the guys and she questions why. Spencer tells her to not repeat this to anyone but nothing can be trusted that comes out of Aaryn's mouth and the guys know this. Andy continues to sell himself to the other three saying that they are four one man armies and they have to go after Amanda and McCrae. Andy says they've turned on him over the past couple of days.

02:22 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the chair room between Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae. Meanwhile out in the BY the four continue to praise each other and rehash how awesome they will be working together. Andy says he feels way better now. GinaMarie agrees. Andy says they need to come up with a name. They decide to call themselves the Exterminators because they're going after the rats and snakes. Aaryn is the target this week. (Keep in mind...Andy is still in Amanda and McCrae's pocket and he'll just be using this as a side alliance for the week but ultimately he'll return back to them next week if they gain power).

02:29 AM BBT Andy and Spencer agree to head into bed. Spencer hugs it out with GinaMarie. GinaMarie stays behind and talks to Judd. GinaMarie just doesn't want Judd to be aligned with McCrae. Amanda pulls her hair over the front of her face and wanders slowly out of the room towards the WA and stops at the end of the hall just staring down the hall. Spencer and Andy are doing nightly ADLs and Spencer glances down the hall looking at her silently for a moment. She busts out laughing. Spencer says he couldn't tell who it was for a moment because of all the gray hair.

02:36 AM BBT Spencer crawls into bed in the chair room and Amanda asks if GinaMarie is still up and comments that she has the oddest sleeping hours (Elissa and Jessie are and have been the only ones with normal sleeping hours in the house). Spencer says they were outside talking. Amanda asks about what and Spencer tells her that she was talking about Nick. Judd and GinaMarie remain in the BY rehashing.

02:48 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the chair room. Amanda tells Spencer and Aaryn that she's tried to have sex with McCrae in the house but he won't take the bait. Out in the BY Judd and GinaMarie continues their rehashing/bonding before deciding to break the party up and they head inside. GinaMarie goes into the SR and gets a pineapple.

03:01 AM BBT Idle chit chat and giggles all around. Andy, Judd and GinaMarie now in a darkened colorful room laying in their beds. Meanwhile next door in the chair room Spencer, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda are full of giggles as they try to go to sleep. Spencer says when he was younger and he couldn't sleep his dad told him "Son...close your eyes and close your dang mouth and you'll go to sleep. Silence for about 30 seconds. Spencer says he hopes he has a wet dream. Amanda hopes he does as well.

03:05 AM BBT We've had silence for about 2 minutes now. Amanda looks up at the camera above the bed and says "Cancel the Xanax I don't need it any more". Spencer says "The ole Amanda reverse psychology..." Silence once more.

03:12 AM BBT We've had horizontal HGs in darkened rooms for 5 minutes now and there was even a glimpse of the rest of the house being darkened as well. Aaryn can be heard coughing every couple of minutes or so.

03:28 AM BBT We continue to have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds.

03:51 AM BBT All four feeds continue to display horizontal HGs in darkened rooms. GinaMarie had gotten up to use the WC but just returned to bed. Now Spencer is getting up and heading towards the WC.

03:54 AM BBT Spencer back to bed without washing his hands.

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8:54 am BBT Looks like everyone is up and doing ADL's.

BBT Amanda is cleaning KT and Aaryn in WA putting on makeup.

8:58 am BBT Andy walking around cracking his knuckles. (he looks nervous)

9:01 am BBT Aaryn just called to DR.

9:03 am BBT McCrae just called to DR, Judd just finished up with shower.

9:04 am BBT Andy just called to DR

9:05 am BBT General chat so far no game talk.

9:10 am BBT McCrae and Amanda head outside to smoke

9:10 am BBT McCrae and Amanda head outside to smoke

9:11 am BBT McCrae wonders what they (GM, Spencer, Andy and Judd) were talking about last night. McCrae and Amanda agree that Aaryn has selective vision. Amanda don't care anymore she just wants to make sure they have GM's vote. Amanda will tell Aaryn that she voted to keep her and tell GM she was blindsided. McCrae said don't tell Andy.

9:15 am BBT Andy just went up to HOH room with Elissa. Elissa tells Andy he is going up but he is not going home. Andy feels Spencer and Judd are Rock solid, but he is not sure about GM. Elissa feels it would be too risky not to put Andy up because McCranda will be in his ear. Andy pleading his case about last week with Helen. Elissa will talk to GM first.

9:18 am BBT Andy said if Aaryn gets in GM's ear he will go home. Andy knows it is time to get rid of McCranda. Elissa said Amanda sat up in HOH and told her (Elissa) to put Andy up. Andy does not consider himself their (McCranda) pupet and every move he has made so far, he has done himself.

9:21 am BBT Andy said he told GM she would stay, but GM would not say it back. Andy said it puts him in the worlds most stressful three days. Elissa told him actions speak louder than words and she hasn't seen his actions yet. Inside lockdown called.

9:24 am BBT Andy will not let McCranda get back into his head and asks Elissa to give him more credit than that. He is someone who is very solid. Elissa said McCranda has never been Andy's target, but they have been GM's.

9:25 am BBT Andy told GM that Elissa just called him up and he is going up as nominee, but Elissa wants to talk to GM first.

9:27 am BBT GM wispering to Andy and Judd that Aaryn thinks everyone McCranda want's out is done so Aaryn thinks she is safe.

9:29 am BBT GM asks Andy if Elissa is going to come down and get her or if GM is supposed to go up. Andy said she will probably come down.
9:31 am BBT Andy and Judd wispering in color room, but its hard to hear what they are talking about because they are moving around alot and distracting their mics.

9:33 am BBT GM and Elissa in HOH room talking about Amanda's behavior yesterday. GM said McCranda will do anything to keep Aaryn. GM said she is the swing vote and will do what she has to do. GM said Aaryn takes Amanda's side over everything she (GM) says. Aaryn did not even say goodmornig to her today. Elissa don't understand why GM thinks what Amanda did yesterday was funny.

9:37 am BBT GM tells Elissa that it was only funny when Amanda started acting, but when it got personal she didn't think it was funny. GM said she cleaned up the stupid stuff Amanda left on Elissa's dresser.
9:38 am BBT Elissa said if she (Elissa) put's Andy on the block, McCranda will try and be nice to GM. GM said that don't matter because nothing will sway her vote.

9:39 am BBT Elissa told GM that Aaryn said GM will vote for her (Aaryn) to stay if she (GM) is not put up.

9:41 am BBT Elissa told GM she has never met people as scummy as them (McCranda, Aaryn).

9:42 am BBT Elissa and GM are bashing Aaryn.

9:43 am BBT GM told Elissa that she has her word she will vote Aaryn out no matter what.
9:44 am BBT McCranda and Andy in lounge talking. Andy is very nervous and Amanda reassures Andy that McCranda and Spencer will vote to keep him here. Amanda asks McCrae what he thinks and when he trys to answer, Amanda interrupted him. Andy don't feel like Judd will trust him (Andy).
9:50 am BBT Andy wants McCranda to tell everyone that he (Andy) did not know what McCranda were trying to do yesterday to save Andy.
9:51 am BBT Judd, McCrae and Andy in lounge and agree to talk about votes after the veto nomination.
9:55 am BBT Andy left lounge and Judd apologized to McCrae for putting him on the spot. McCrae said just wait till nominations are over. They agree to meet in the HN room after the ceramony. Elissa just called to DR.

9:58 am BBT Andy wondering through the house, just walked through WA twice where GM and Amanda are doing ADL's, not a word was said either time.

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10:01am BBT:Mccrae and Judd in lounge rm talking about smoking and Judd says he will quit after this and Mccrae says i got my friends e ciggarets and Judd says yeah maybe i need to do that too with my friends.Ginamarie and Andy in color rm telling Andy that if he goes up today then she will save him and next week her target is Amanda and mccrae. Aaryn walks in and ask how did it go and Ginamarie says not well but she is saying that she didnt tell and they people she probabaly didnt tell is me and Andy.Aaryn says Gins i ned this or i am going home and if i go Amanda and mccrae are going to win everything. Ginamarie says no thats not true.

10:07am BBTL Aaryn telling Ginamarie she just wants to stay here and have another week to get them out of here. Aaryn says are you thinking of voting me out sand Ginamarie says no way are you serious? Aaryn says i am scared i just need one more week.

10:10am BBt: Judd and Andy in BY talking and Andy worried about goinhg on the block and leaving this week he tells Judd he has a bad feeling and Judd says you know i felt the same way you do but i left a different way you know and Andy says yeah totally.Andy says i am going to go inside cuz we will be out here in 10 minutes and Judd says yeah i got to go to the bathroom and Amanda is called to the Dr . Andy says we will be back out in just a minute. They go inside to the Kt and Elissa says its gonna start in just a minute dont you think and Judd says yeah i think so.

10:13am BBt:Feeds have now gone to trivia for the POV ceremony.

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10:51am BBt: Feeds are back and andy has been nominated. Judd says i am just going to vote for myself and andy says i just wanted to punch them in the face.

10:53pm BBt:Amanda saying that she wants her gone and that no one will side with her so she has to be gone next week. Amanda is now calling Elissa an idiot and Andy saying nothing makes sence to me. judd says i said i was only smoking one ciggarett today but i think i need another one.

10:56am BBT: Elissa is now in Kt with Spencer and Ginamarie then goes to STR to get an apple. In have not tm Judd Mccrae , Amanda and Andy still talking and repeating themselves. Andy says this is gonna be a long Three days . he says i trust you guys but it is going to be long.

10:58pm BBT: Amanda hugs Judd and Andy and says sorry dude and Andy says its all good. Amanda and Mccrae leaves the have not rm and Amanda blows her kazoo and Elissa is smiling.

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11:01am BBT: Aaryn and Ginamarie in color rm talking and Ginamarie says just be cool and talk to her and be calm about it. Aaryn says i dont think it will help though.

11:04am BBT: amanda is in kt with Elissa getting in her face as she cuts a lemon and asking Elissa whats wrong am i scary? what ya doing?Elissa just smiles and giggles at her and keeps cutting.Amanda says why dont you look like your pictures what have you done to your face and elissa laughs and Amanda saYS YOUR FACE IS A JOKE. aMANDA SAYS HOW MANY DAYS YOU HAVE IN HOH 2? THEN YOU ARE BACK DOWN HERE WITH ME AND I WILL LAY WITH YOU BUT THERE ARE NO DOORS TO LOCK DOWN HERE IS THERE"? aMANDA SAYS aNDY IS THERE ANY DOORS THAT LOCK DOWN HERE AND HE SAYS DR AND aMANDA SAYS YEAH LOCK YOURSELF IN THE dR YOU do that anyways and elissa heads upstairs to her hoh rm

11:07pm BBT: amanda goes to chair rm and tells Mccrae and Spencer she decided to attach herself to Elissa.

11:10 am BBt: correction: Elissa was cutting an orange. She is now in HOh rm reading her bible and eating her orange. Judd and Andy in chair rm talking to Mccrae and amanda and Spencer.Amanda tells Andy he was the only person in this house that hadnt been nominated and Andy says i liked that title.

11:15am BBT: Amanda telling Spencer and Andy that if Elissa does not leave this house next week i will kill myself. She says i hate her so much and Andy says if i leave this house before she does i will slit my throat and Spencer laughs and says i wish the By would open up i want to go smoke.

11:16am BBt: Ginamarie has gone to bed to take a nap. Spencer reading the back of a box as mccrae bounces a ball in the chair rm. Mccrae says BY is open now and Amanda yells yay and they all go to the BY.

11:20am BBT: Andy in BY saying well Elissa has made another ememy and amanda says shocker and andy says well i was her enemy all along i never stood up for her ever.Elissa is heading down stairs and Andy says the BY is open and she says yay. Elissa goes to the sink and washes her dishes.

11:22am BBT: Elissa comes out to the BY and amanda says here she is here she comes making an enemy out of a friend and Elissa goes out and unrolls her yoga matt and mccrae throws a fit saying the grill is gone and Andy says yeah the grill is gone. Andy is called to Dr and he says yeah i get to talk about going on the block for the first time and amanda says you can thank Elissa for that one.

11:26am BBt:Spencer talking about making a fire pit and getting a hammock for his hpuse. he says he has projects and that he is constantly working on somthing.

11:33am BBT: Spencer says it is chocolate milk time and Amanda says i love chocolate milk on a hot day and laughs. Amanda is smoking and watching Elissa do yoga and then kisses Mccrae.

11:35am BBT: Amanda talking to Mccrae about Elissa's husband saying i wonder if she was the secratery or the misstress maybe. she was married before.Spencer is now in the STR with Judd and Judd says i was thinking about keeping Andy and Spencer says oh thank you i was worried about that.Amanda is now in bed laying down with aaryn laying in the other bed but neither one is talking.

11:39am BBT: Andy walks outside and says what happend did Amanda scare elissa again and feeds swithc to Judd knocking on HOh door and Elissa doesnt answer.

11:41am BBt: Amanda telling Aaryn what to say in her speech thursday and aaryn starts crying and Amanda goes and gets in bed with her and hugs her.Elissa now in Kt talking to Judd they are whispering and rattling bags then Elissa goes out to By to finish her yoga and Bb tells her to put her mic on. Andy is spraying fly spray on the table outside and Spencer and mccrae are yelling to not get it in their coffee and milk and andy says move it then i am spraying it anyways.

11:47am BBT: Amanda is now in bed crying saying she tried so hard and Aaryn in the other bed crying worried she is going to go home and she says this is going to look great on my reseme when i get home.Aaryn says Ginamarie is going to work with Elissa no matter what and amanda says no she is not she wont have power next week.

11:49am BBTL Aaryn tells Amanda dont use this unless you have to but Spencer is going to put you and Mccrae up if he wins and Judd is going to put you two up and Ginamarie will too and Andy i dont know what he will do. amanda says when did thay say that and Aaryn says they didnt say it straight up so be careful with them.

11:52am BBT: Amanda telling Aaryn that she came here thinking she could win at least 2nd place and she tells her she has ran this game and she came here to play this game and so did you. Amanda says she is good at this game and she is running it.

11:54am BBT: Andy walks in on Amanda and aaryns conversation and says whats up ladies and amanda says we are just taking about this game. Andy says if i go home or aaryn goes home it feels like it is a lose lose and i feel like everything that could go wrong went wrong.

11:55am BBT: Amanda says Elissa wasnt kidding when she said she would come after you , me, Mccrae and aaryn if helen left and thats why she has to go and Andy says yeah my radar is up. Amanda says i want her to go home next week more than anything. Andy says unless she gets a pandoras box and the diamond veto she will and Amanda says oh gosh andy.

11:57am BBT: Aaryn says i tried and Andy says she is a loose cannon and Aaryn says i tried i deffinatly tried and i knew that if she won this would happen.

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#BB15 12:07 PM BBT Aaryn and Gina in the BR. Aaryn telling Gina that she has to align with Judd and Andy. She is whispering and hard to hear. Aaryn is crying. She says that she doesn't regret anything but she does. She can't change anything. She says she just wants to accept this because she can't go through anymore emotional crap.

#BB15 12:11 PM BBT Andy comes in to put on deodorant. He tells Aaryn and Gina that he loves them both and that this is sad. Gina says it sucks. He leaves them. Aaryn and Gina continue to talk.

#bb15 12:17 PM BBT Aaryn tells Gina that she is tired of everyone flip flopping and how mean everyone is. She just wants to be relieved and happy. She tells Gina to be happy this week.

#BB15 12:18 PM BBT Aaryn tells Gina that she can't be real when playing this game. Gina says she can only be herself and not be mean.

#BB15 12:23 PM BBT Gina and Andy talking. Says that she has to keep her word but Aaryn knows what she has to do. Gina tells Andy that she doesn't want McCrae out but does want Amanda out.

#BB15 12:27 PM BBT andy comes into VR. Amanda asks him why he is being so nice to Elissa. She doesn't have any more power. Amanda says she is the only one torturing her. Amanda says that she is the only one looking like an ass. She says I guess I will be the bully and you all can look like the nice guys. Andy jokes that he held the green knife to her throat and threatened her. Amanda says that she is the only one standing up to Elissa (insert another name her) and everyone else is hiding in Amanda's shadow.

#BB15 12:29 PM BBT Amanda says that she is tired of Elissa who calls everyone disgusting. Spencer says he is disgusting and laughs. BB tells Amanda not to obstruct her mic. Amanda says that she isn't wearing her mic and they have to tell her to put it on first. Amanda now yelling that she hates that Elissa walks around like the queen and no one will stand up to her.

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#BB15 12:33 PM BBT Amanda tells Andy and Spencer that if whoever wins next week doesn't put up Elissa..she cups her mouth and says she will slit their throat. She calls Elissa all sorts of obscenities I can not type here but says that the stench Elissa leaves around the house in horrible. Amanda says that she isn't threatening Elissa (sounds like she may have received a warning?)

#BB15 12:37 PM BBT In the BY Aaryn and Judd talking. Aaryn talking about who she will hang out with. Says that she will probably hang out with Jessie back at home but because Jessie is so jealous of boyfriends, when Aaryn gets a boyfriend, she will have to stop hanging out with Jessie.

#BB15 12:39 PM BBT In the BR Amanda asks Andy to do some shout outs in his speech and call Elissa a C-rag. Andy says he can't do that as it is cussing. She asks Andy if he can call Elissa a whore. Andy says he can probably say that. Amanda says if she sees anyone talking to Elissa, they are next on her list.

#BB15 12:49 PM BBT Aaryn in the By talking to McCrae and Judd. Aaryn says that Candice is probably different outside of the house She feels Candice won't even be mean to her and that the hate Candice kept pushing was game play.

#BB15 12:55 PM BBT Andy talking to McCrae and Judd in the BY. Talking about real life Andy vs game Andy. He says in the game he hasn't been a push over. If someone does something he doesn't like, he tells them to their face.

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1:00pm BBT: Judd telling a story about being drunk and flowwing his friend home.Elissa in HOh getting her hair and makeup done.Amanda and Spencer and Ginamarie sleeping.

1:10pm BBT: In the By Judd , Aaryn and sndy talking about drinking and driving and just general talk. Mccrae is in chair rm putting on deodarent the heads back out to the BY.

1:17pm BBT: Aaryn, Andy, Judd and Mccrae in By still telling storys about drinking and driving and car wrecks on the higheays and andy says he is scared of highway driving after a simi truck hit him and ripped his door off.

1:24pm BBT: All is quiet inside the bb house as most Hg are sleeping and Elissa in the Dr. Aaryn has gone inside now as Judd, Mccrae and andy sit in the By just general talk and stories about their houses and cars.

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#BB15 1:46 PM BBT McCrae and Judd talking in the BY. McCrae says that he knows if he and Amanda are up on the block at the same time, he would stay. Judd says if he ever won POV, he would use it on McCrae and not Amanda.

#BB15 1:55 PM BBT Andy, McCrae and Judd talking about jurors. McCrae upset that he didn't take Elissa up on her comment about wanting to go home. Andy hates that Elissa feels she is above going to jury. Andy says that there is no way Elissa is America's favorite. McCrae agrees.

#BB15 2:03 PM BBT In the KT, Aaryn cooing and in a sitting at the counter looking a little sad. In the BY, the guys are general chit chat.

#BB15 2:11 PM BBT Gina and Elissa are in SR. Gina tells Elissa that Aaryn knows she is going and is okay with it. Elissa asks Gina what Amanda said. Gina says she hasn't talked to Amanda at all. Gina says Elissa is good next week with her and gives Elissa a hug.

#BB15 2:16 PM BBT Aaryn cooking... Elissa making a sandwich. Boys in BY chatting about hoe far they would go etc in the house.

#BB15 2:23 PM BBT Andy and Judd in the BY. Andy tells Judd he trusts Judd and Gina. Judd agrees. Andy says he thinks everyone is pretty solid.

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#BB15 2:30 PM BBT McCrae comes in the house to use the bathroom. When he comes out of the bathroom he tells Aaryn in the KT that ants are crawling over his underwear. Aaryn is serving lunch to everyone. She made chicken tacos.

#BB15 2:38 PM BBT HG eating outside. Aaryn still cooking in the house. Amanda and Spencer sleeping.

#BB15 2:44 PM BBT judd and Elissa in the KT. Judd gives Elissa a hug about everything that happened yesterday. Elissa says yesterday was awkward.

#BB15 2:48 PM BBT In the BY Aaryn telling McCrae and Andy that she knew in week 1 that this would come back to bite her and it is. Andy says that he is pissed that he has been loyal to Elissa from the week 1.

#BB15 2"53 PM BBT Andy says that they are all just upset that Elissa one-uped them. Aaryn agrees.

#BB15 2:56 PM BBT Aaryn bashing Spencer and saying he is gross and she doesn't want to hear any of his stories. She goes into the house and Andy calls her hurricane poopy.

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3:02 pm BBT GM telling Elissa asked who she would put up and GM said "I don't know" GM said she is not aligned with Elissa.

3:04 pm BBT Andy, GM and McCrae talking in BY saying Elissa is alone. Spencer just called to DR.

3:05 pm BBT GM says she tells people certain things that are not true to see what gets back to her and to know who she can trust. McCrae wants to go striaght to the source. Andy said yesterday he went straight to Judd.

3:07 pm BBT GM, Andy and McCrae in BY general talk. Aaryn in KT cleaning.

3:10 pm BBT Aaryn went to color room and now her and Judd are wispering. Aaryn is telling Judd that Andy is working with McCranda. Aaryn has a plan and wispered it to Judd (but I couldn't understand what they were saying) and then Aaryn tells Judd to think about it.

3:14 pm BBT Aaryn joined the outside group with general chat going on.

3:15 pm BBT Andy, Spencer and Aaryn in KT. Andy is studying the HG picture wall. General talking about being boared and taking a nap.

3:19 pm BBT Andy now pacing in the KT while the camera follows him. Aaryn and Andy both decide they are going to take a nap.

3:21 pm BBT Aaryn is now in KT wispering to Spencer that if they keep her she will go after McCranda with them.

3:23 pm BBT Andy and Judd in color BR sleeping. GM, Spencer and McCrae in BY general chat about getting pulled over by police.

3:26 pm BBT McCranda and Spencer now outside in BY. McCrae is saying Aaryn told McCrae that Spencer, Judd and GM are going after McCranda now.

3:31 pm BBT Spencer said yall know that you are good with me. McCrae is saying GM said she just went up to HOH because she did not want to go on the block. Spencer said it is 4-2 playing and everyone has to do a lot of Aaryn ignoring.

3:32 pm BBT McCrae said Aaryn is telling him that Spencer gets to pick Aaryn's nom if she wins HOH next week.

3:34 pm BBT Amanda said if she is going to live in a house with Elissa where she thinks she (Elissa) is going to run shit, it won't work. Now they are Elissa bashing.

3:35 pm BBT Amanda wanted to stay loyal to Aaryn because she has done so much for them, but they did all they can do and now they give up.

3:36 pm BBT Amanda said now we just have to watch who goes upstairs all the time. Spencer said she (Elissa) will have a lonely 3 days.

3:37 pm BBT GM now upstairs in HOH with Elissa and GM is going to give Elissa the 411.

3:38 pm BBT GM starts by saying she has been asked to talk to Elissa on behalf of Aaryn, lol. Aaryn says Andy is working with McCrae and Amanda and she don't have the votes. GM told her she would keep her word. Since Aaryn wants to stay, if Elissa would keep Aaryn, she would put up McCranda if she gets HOH next week. Elissa said that is hillarious. Elissa said Aaryn says that every week that she cant trust McCranda. Elissa said there is no way, Elissa tried to work with her the past few weeks.

3:41 pm BBT Elissa said all they have been doing is calling her names and everything they say is the complete opposite. Elissa would have loved to work with Aaryn, but sees her ugly colors. GM thought that yesterday too, but Aaryn is now realizing that McCranda don't have her back. Elissa said Andy is not going to work with McCranda after this week.

3:44 pm BBT GM said someone told McCrae that GM was going after them. GM explaining that she told them how she plays games. Elissa said McCranda is going to say that kind of stuff to try and get her on their side. Elissa said GM has a much better chance of wining HOH if Aaryn is gone.

3:46 pm BBT GM will relay the message to Aaryn that Elissa wants her gone.

3:47 pm BBT Now Elissa and GM are reviewing possible questions for comps.

3:48 pm BBT GM and Elissa now just rehashing all Aaryn has done

3:52 pm BBT FOTH

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#BB15 4:0 PM BBT Aaryn arrives in HOH to tell Elissa that personal stuff aside - Andy is working with McCrae and Amanda. Elissa tries to say something but Aaryn says to let her finish. Aaryn says that if she wins HOH then she will put up McCrae and Amanda. Elissa say that Aaryn knows nothing about her life. Aarn says she doesn't care about Elissa's life. Elissa says that its not anything personal against Aaryn but that she feels sorry for the person that Aaryn is. Aaryn says its all about game and not personal. She says this is all that she can offer in this game.

#BB15 4:4 PM BBT Aaryn tells Elissa that she will do whatever Elissa wants to stay this week. Elissa tells Aaryn that McCrae wants her out and that McCrae is happy that Aaryn is going home. Aaryn says that she just figured that out. Elissa says that last week she tried to save Helen and Aaryn didn't care. Aaryn says she knows now and is sorry. Elissa says it's to late.

#BB15 4:07 PM BBT Elissa telling Aaryn that she tried to get Gina up. Aaryn says she never told Elissa to put up Gina. Elissa says she did and right in front of Spencer. Aaryn says to get Spencer up there.

#BB15 4:10 PM BBT Aaryn begging Elissa to try to save her. She continues to say personal aside. Elissa says that she can't put it aside. She thanks Aaryn for the convo but no thank you. Aaryn stays put and keeps begging. Aaryn says they don't have to look at each other or talk if she stays.

#BB15 4:13 PM BBT Aaryn leaves and Elissa tells Gina that Aaryn is lying. She tells Gina that she should not campaign for her. Gina says she isn't.

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#BB15 4:18 PM BBT Aaryn goes outside to the washer. McCrae asks Aaryn what's up. Aaryn says that Gina and Elissa are in HOH. Elissa was throwing Aaryn under the bus to Gina and it was not necessary.

#BB15 4:23 PM BBT Aaryn leaves the By and Andy tells McCrae that Hurricane Poopy is a brewing. McCrae worried that someone will spill his original final 2. Gina and Elissa have come down to the BY.

#BB15 4:28 PM BBT Elissa takes Andy to the hammock. She tells him that she doesn't want him to be upset but she knew he wouldn't go home. She tells Andy that Aarynis campaigning against him. Andy says that he just doesn't want to ruffle any feathers this week. Everyone says he is staying. he says he knows what Elissa did and why. They are cool they say and Andy moves off of the hammock.

#BB15 4:35 PM BBT Andy asks Aaryn if she is okay. Aaryn says that Elissa is throwing her under the bus and doesn't listen. She whispers something else and leaves the room. Andy makes the bed.

#BB15 4:40 PM BBY Aaryn talking to Judd (she doesn't have her mic very high so hard to hear) She is saying Amanda started everything. basically Aaryn is throwing Andy under the bus and asking Judd for his vote.

#BB15 4:50 PM BBT In the BY Aaryn, Elissa and MCcrae sit in silence.

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#BB15 4:51 PM BBT Aaryn leaves. Elissa tells McCrae she doesn't want them to be mad because of Amanda. McCrae says its not because of Amanda. He doesn't want them to be angry either he just doesn't agree with her reasoning for being put up. Elissa says she knows he would have saved Aaryn. McCrae says Elissa wanted her cake and eat it to.

#BB15 4:54 PM BBT McCrae says that Elissa fired the first cannon across the bow. That Elissa laughed in their faces. Elissa says that Amanda was being nuts and that is why she was laughing. McCrae says you don't put up allies. McCrae says he wouldn't have put Elissa up.

#BB15 4:58 PM BBT McCrae tells Elissa that he has walked around on egg shells around Elissa for 66 days. Elissa says she doesn't want him to do that. They agree they like each other.

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5:01 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda are in the BY having words. They are discussing how some things Elissa says may be taken the wrong way (regarding asking Jessie if she was on meds). Elissa "I don't have justify it. I won't even take the time to say something nasty." McCrae "That was nasty." Elissa says she won't justify things when they are taken out of context. Elissa defends that she doesn't talk nasty to people and McCrae says he takes offense to all kinds of things.

5:06 PM BBT Elissa tells McCrae that their goals in life are different. She wanted a family. McCrae says "I'm really good at holding my tongue. Once I went up I didn't have a reason to censure myself anymore." McCrae accuses her of not caring and laughing at him and Amanda when he was showing his fear of being nominated. Elissa apologizes for being insensitive. They tell each other that they think each other is a great person and likes each other.

5:11 PM BBT McCrae says Elissa has said a lot that he doesn't agree with. He points out that she calls Gina Marie and Amanda freaks which she denies. He brings up her discussion about walking away from jury and how that is disrespectful to the game. Elissa "What you are saying to me and everything you say I do is what you have done. I mean you are sitting here judging me." McCrae says "everyone cares about Rachel's sister in the game. No one cares about McCrae being there." McCrae says Elissa being miserable the first few weeks is part of the game and her wanting to leave means she doesn't care about the game. Elissa says she was excited to be there but then 15 people were talking about her.

5:16 PM BBT McCrae tells Elissa that he and Amanda wanted her there and that Elissa turned her back on them first. Elissa "You mean Amanda has been saying in DR that she wants me here?" McCrae "Yes." Elissa says he isn't seeing things the way others are seeing things. He claims his being nominated was insurance that either he or Amanda was likely to go and that just made her lots of enemies. Elissa "If you love BB so much how can you say that makes enemies?"

5:19 PM BBT McCrae tells Elissa that she has made enemies with him and Amanda plus Andy because Aaryn is leaving this week. Elissa says she knows. Elissa "I don't want to have animosity with you and I also don't think it's nice that you are totally judging." McCrae "I don't judge anyone because I have a miserable life. I have nothing." He calls her condescending and not able to hold back anymore.

5:22 PM BBT the feeds cut from the argument in the BY between Elissa and McCrae. We get 4 cameras in the KT where Gina Marie and Spencer are trying to find items to make checker pieces for the chess board. Feeds go back to Elissa and McCrae. Elissa says she doesn't understand why her family has to watch "That". McCrae "you signed the papers so yes they do." Elissa tells him that having children changes everything and little eyes are always watching you. You have to be a role model. McCrae is called into the DR.

5:27 PM BBT Elissa says that Amanda has been mean to her since the day she put McCrae up. McCrae blows her off saying she always makes that excuse. McCrae heads to the DR. Meanwhile Aaryn and Gina Marie are whispering at the chess board. Gina Marie says she is going to do the same for Aaryn she did when Nick was on the block even though it didn't work. Gina Marie says she is her best friend in the house. Aaryn says she thinks she is going home. (It's hard to hear here because there is a full house in the KT talking to each other from across the house.)

5:31 PM BBT Aaryn is really concerned about going home. She asks Gina Marie "What do I do?" Aaryn says something about there being too few people in the house to try to get votes. Gina Marie is begging Aaryn to play checkers with her. Aaryn says she hates checkers but will teach her more about chess. Aaryn makes her first move and Gina Marie asks her "How do I kill you?"

5:35 PM BBT Gina Marie to Aaryn while playing chess. Gina Marie "Can I kill you now?" Aaryn "I can't be killed right now. But here is how I kill you." Gina Marie "Dang it, I just axed you." Aaryn "That's how you do it, diagonal." [horizontal, straight, or diagonal...I'm dying right now--Goldylucks]

5:38 PM BBT McCrae is out of the DR and talking to Amanda in the BR now. McCrae tells Amanda that Gina Marie is going to go to Elissa any time Amanda says anything. Amanda fusses at McCrae for apologizing to Elissa. She says she would never apologize to her ever and is annoyed that he did.

5:41 PM BBT Amanda goes off about Elissa talking about being a mother and using the mother card. Amanda "It just means her vagina is looser than everyone else's." She goes off some more and Aaryn and Gina Marie stop because they can hear her all across the house. Gina Marie tells Aaryn she knows that Elissa is crazy and all but that Amanda is being ridiculous.

5:44 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are fighting and it is heard by everyone. Amanda is saying she doesn't care. McCrae says she should care, she is playing the game personal. Amanda says she knows she will be on the block next week. She starts crying saying she never thought she would make it this far and is playing this game her way. Meanwhile Aaryn and Gina Marie are listening from the chess board and shaking their heads. Gina Marie "Give me a break."

5:49 PM BBT Amanda, McCrae, Andy, and Spencer are in the BY. McCrae starts to rehash his conversation with Elissa and says it was the most annoying conversation in his life. It was like talking to a wall. Amanda says the only people she trusts are the ones she is facing right now. They have to win everything. No more social game. Everyone lies. It's all about winning.

5:52 PM BBT Amanda says if she is nominated she is going to fight and that she came in second in the HOH and won the POV. She is going to fight like the Dickens. Andy "OK, threat police." Amanda "It's okay. I'm mad and I'm going to be mad until I leave." Andy says he isn't going to be mad. He is going to be quiet and let Aaryn sink her own ship.

5:56 PM BBT The Elissa bashing is still going on outside. Meanwhile Elissa is sitting with Aaryn and Gina Marie as Aaryn teacher her about chess. Gina Marie "My castle is going into foreclosure here."

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6:01pm BBt: Amanda says what fulled my fire with the memory wall and he laughing in my face was her saying they threw the comp to me and it was the best day ever.

6:03pm BBT: Amanda says i want her gone. and Spencer says do you really? I couldnt tell as he laughs.Amanda says i dressed as an old woman yesterday and yelled at her and Spencer laughs.

6:04pm BBT: Andy has gone up to the chess board inside with Aaryn and Ginamarie and Elissa asking if Elissa knows how to play chess and she says yes i do.baci in the BY Spencer and amanda and Mccrae are talking general talk now.then Spencer says why does anyone care about being a mother. Mccrae says thats her defence and my mother would never treat anyone like this.

6:08pm BBt: Amanda bad mouthong Elissa saying tnhhnat she sold her soul for a seventy eight year old man and says oh i love my husband so much and she she loves her son so much but what about her step kids she never talks about them. Spencer says if i had step kids i would love them just as much as my own kids.

6:14pm BBT: Andy now heads back outside to BY. Mccrae is waking around throwing a ball and Spencer is heading inside, Amanda says elissa talks about my mess. andy says Elissa is playing chess with aaryn and Ginamarie right now and Amanda says they are playing chess with Elissa? and Andy says yeah Elissa is locked out of hoh.

6:18pm BBt: Mccfrae and Amanda , andy and Spencer talking about what the hoh comp might be thursday night and Amanda says it wont be before or after cuz Judd was gone for two weeks. Mccrae says i think it will be zingbot questions since we has zingbot. Andy says why didnt you tell me that i wanst listening to them all.

6:23pm BBt: Aaryn and Ginamariein the hottub and Mccrae and Andy walking around BY Spencer and Amanda laying on by couch as Elissa is in HOh rm curling her hair. In BY talk is about helen and how she played the game and how howard sucked at eveything including chess.

6:31pm BBT: Mccrae and andy and spencer raising the awnings over the windows as amanda lays on the couch and Ginamarie and aaryn are in the hottub with general talk going on. Elissa is in the HOH rm reading her bible. Amanda now asking aaryn how her talk with Elissa went and Aaryn says she screamed at me the whole time and Amanda says she screamed at you and BB calls aaryn to the DR.

6:35pm BBT: Ginamrie gets in the pool and staets throwing ducks at Andy and andy misses the duck and falls in the pool . Everyone is laughing and Mccrae takes his wet mic to the storage rm for BB. Aaryn comes out and Spencer says you just missed Andy falling in the pool.

6:36pm BBT: Andy goes to HOh rm to change clothes and tells Elissa that he just fell in the pool and Elissa says i was just thinking that no one has fell in the pool yet this summer and laughs. Aaryn is down in the BY telling Amanda about Elissa yelling at her and how Elissa will get Spencer and Ginamarie to vote for her and she says i wish you and mccrae would vote for me and amanda says i dont have the votes to keep you aaryn.

6:38pm BBT: Aaryn says if you and zmccrae arent going to keep me then i have to try my own way to stay in this house cuz i dont want to go home and Amanda says yeah you have to try and aaryn says i dont care what i have to do but i have to try to stay here.Spencer and Mccrae come back out to By laughing about Andy falling in the pool when he jumped to get the duck. Ginamarie starts laughing and mccrae says they have to show that now and they all laugh.

6:49pm BBt: Amanda Spencer and Mccrae in BY general talk about plane rides home and how long lay overs will be.elissa in hoh doing yoga.

6:54pm BBT: Andy and Judd sitting in By together wearing orange shorts and green shirts. general talk in By about grandparents and if they are living or not and we keep getting foth off and on.

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7:00pm bbt General talk outside with everyone except Elissa. Andy mentions having jumped in the pool at one point with his mic on. He forgot about having it on.

7:04pm bbt Aaryn says someone switched the stickers for Aaryn and Elissa's batteries. Aaryn goes from accusing Judd, Amanda, then Andy.

7:12pm bbt Amanda/Judd have headed inside for snacks. Aaryn then GM go inside to color room, Aaryn to change clothes, GM for meds. Aaryn starts whispering that she is trying to work for Judd/Spencer's votes.

7:22pm bbt Spencer tells Andy/Judd/McCrae that he turned 25 while in rehab.

7:25pm bbt Elissa has joined the outside group of Andy/Spencer/Judd/McCrae chatting. GM is laying in color room, Aaryn is getting supplies to do her nails with GM, Amanda is doing dishes in the Kitchen.

7:33pm bbt Back from fish, all feeds on GM/Aaryn in color room. GM swears on her life she didn't tell Judd 'the plan'. Aaryn wonders if Spencer did. (Aaryn is filing her nails with an emery board, bb version of nails on a chalkboard to me-georgectv)

7:40pm bbt Aaryn tells GM the only person who couldn't win HOH won. "It's like gambling, I put my money on the wrong number, I see my mistakes and need to change things. I should have waited until the night before, but people need time to think about stuff. I know this is why there are 3 days, to figure out what the best move is."

7:45pm bbt Aaryn tells GM she wanted to make a deal with Elissa if she wasn't put on the block that she'd vote how Elissa wanted. Aaryn thinks someone is listening in on them, but actually it's Elissa/Amanda being civil to each other in the kitchen.

7:56pm bbt Aaryn tells GM she won't apologize for having good sportsmanship in the game. Plus she needed to do what she needed to, to try to get their vote. Everyone else out on patio with small talk.

8:00pm bbt Spencer talking about 30 for 30 documentaries on ESPN. Aaryn has joined the patio crew, where talk has gone to Duck Dynasty and Honey Booboo. Amanda is alone in kitchen cutting up oven toasted bread to make croutons to go with salad. She announces to others that dinner is ready.

8:20pm bbt Dinner is over, and fate has put Elissa, Amanda, McCrae all in the kitchen at the same time.... and... nothing happens... they clean up dishes..

8:24pm bbt Patio crew is now Spencer/Aaryn/Andy/Judd/Elissa. Aaryn wonders if the photo booth and odd camera movements will be part of a future comp?

8:30pm bbt Andy finds Amanda in SR, who is looking for recipes on boxes. Andy's paranoia asks if everything is ok, he is still staying, doesn't want to be blindsided. Amanda says nothing to worry about, goes back to looking for something to make.

8:33pm bbt Andy is back out with the patio crew, talk turns to HOH blog. Elissa says even though you write something, it doesn't matter because people are watching you all day anyway. Amanda/McCrae in Kitchen cleaning up after dinner.

8:40pm bbt Judd is telling patio crew stories of trips he has taken, clubs he's visited on spring breaks. Aaryn says she will never let her kids go when they are 17 and 18.

8:46pm bbt Spencer comes in for a drink, tells McCrae he doesn't understand what is being talked about on the patio(just random conversations led by mumbling Judd).

8:58pm bbt Andy asks Elissa if he can go up to HOH to listen to her cd. Judd/Spencer/Elissa are left on the patio talking about wake up music. Andy makes his way to Amanda in chair room, who confirms Amanda/McCrae/Andy have a final 3 deal, then says it's not a stipulation of Andy staying, but she is pushing him to commit to taking her to Final 2 over McCrae.

9:00pm bbt Aaryn is called to the DR. Andy tells Amanda he just wants it to be Thursday!

9:03pm bbt Elissa asks Spencer/Judd who they think is leaving Thursday? They laugh/avoid answering, then Judd says the jury is going to be all girls. Elissa asks Judd if the jury house is like a spa? Is it huge? They talk about how much smaller the house/back yard is in person compared to seeing it on tv.

9:05pm bbt McCrae finishes dishes, goes to Amanda in chair room bed, complaining about his hands hurting. She tells him about her talk with Andy about F3, but she doesn't think she will make it that far.

9:10pm bbt Amanda's fear of not getting far in the game has turned to tears, she doesn't like the stress. She tells McCrae she isn't a mean person, but is bothered when Elissa is mean and laughs in her face. One thing she said before coming to game is bullies bother her, she's a challenger, when someone is mean, she turns into a crazy person, she doesn't want anyone to think they can do that to anyone, especially Amanda. When she said she threw the comp to her... there's the show, Big Brother Elissa, and a normal, down to earth Elissa, that's when Amanda feels bad...

9:15pm bbt Aaryn joins Judd on patio, tells him that she saved Spencer from eviction last week, and now if he votes her out this week... She asks why are people wanting to evict her, all her comp wins? Judd says he isn't sure, cause he was napping today. Aaryn feels she'll have a huge target on her if she stays. Spencer joins Amanda/McCrae in chair room, tells them group outside was talking about BBCanada and wanting to meet Topaz. Amanda asks what she was like. Spencer didn't watch it, McCrae thinks she was like Candice, but doesn't really remember. Amanda asks if she was black, and jokingly calls McCrae racist for not knowing if she was. Spencer says this is a case of being forgetful, not racist.

9:22pm bbt Aaryn tells Judd she has no one, hopes Judd/Spencer have a chance to discuss the vote and actually consider keeping her. Judd says Andy hasn't mentioned any specific deals. Aaryn says Andy is working with Amanda/McCrae so won't put them up. She says so much for the alliance she was in, they are voting her out. She should have kept Judd. He is back and she is paying for her mistakes.

9:24pm bbt Aaryn/Judd agree it does no good to do something that helps a lot of people in the house. GM joins them outside, seeing a butterfly on her way to the patio. Spencer/Amanda/McCrae talking about how quickly they will get paid after the show ends.

9:28pm bbt Andy joins the patio group, talking about mics again. GM turns talk of mic antennaes into talk about crooked wieners. Aaryn says she wouldn't know because she is a virgin. Andy has a pimple on his leg and Aaryn wants to pop it.(yuck!)

9:30pm bbt Aaryn wonders why other seasons like AllStars had so much more stuff happening. She wonders if maybe they are so entertaining this season that BB doesn't need to do anything else?

9:36pm bbt Aaryn standing in hottub, Judd sitting beside it, start reviewing comps. Andy joins Spencer/Amanda/McCrae. Spencer tells Andy that if he will be upset if Andy goes home, which only makes everyone laugh and Andy get worried. Andy happy he was last one in house to get nominated, Amanda points out she was the last girl.

9:49pm bbt Aaryn/Judd still reviewing. Andy browsing the BB rule book. Not much happening. Amanda is bothered by directions on obvious stuff, like shampoo bottles and tooth paste.

9:55pm bbt GM is redoing her extensions in WA. Aaryn is still talking with Judd, saying why Spencer may be wanting to vote her out. But she says a few days ago, Spencer pulled her aside to see about working together, but now he is brushing her off. She fears people are going to give her false hope and then blindside her. Judd says he isn't doing that, he just isn't sure how he's going to vote at this point, he wants to consider it.

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10:45PM BBT After a lot of general chit chat the SR is explored and Aaryn finds alcohol is found! Aaryn is honest and tells them there are 6 beers and a bottle of wine. They split it up and Mccrae barters five cigarettes for a beer.

11:00 PM BBT they all start joking about Judd hiding beers and being stingy. Almost as they say it he walks into the BYD with another beer they didn't know about.

11:15PM BBT Everyone but GM (who is in DR) is in the byd with their beer and wine chitchatting about comedians and tv shows.

11:30 PM BBT Everyone but GM and Aaryn now is in the BYD talking about who they recognize from "summer camp" or the the finals of the casting calls. BB yells at them as feeds switch to Aaryn eating alone in the WC. They switch back once production talk has ceased.

11:40PM BBT Amanda and Elissa in the BYD talking civilly about Rachel and the kind of person she is. Feeds switch to the blond ladies in the WC doing their hair and the boys in the LR chit chatting. In the WC Aaryn says she feels like she is going home. GM says she doesn't know that yet. Aaryn is nervous because she doesn't know how to play it.

11:50PM BBT Amanda and Elissa are hashing out their earlier disagreements. Elissa says she is sorry for hurting her and Mccrae and that Aaryn is her target. Amanda says that her target is for sure going home. Amanda says that Aaryn really helped her gameplay so she wanted to keep her around but now she can't because Mcranda are more loyal to Andy. Meanwhile, GM and Aaryn are bashing Elissa's gameplay by saying she focuses too much on personal bs.

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