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Friday, August 23 Live Feed Updates


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It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
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:help: We ran out of updaters tonight and Elissa hasn't even gotten her HoH room yet!

It's an important night, please jump in and do some reporting! Please!


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12:20AM Andy dogging on Candice to Judd in WA

12:22AM Amanda, Andy, McRae, Rudd in WA BS'ing about jury and returning player scenarios. Andy says he would have shit his heart out through his fuckin' butt if Jeremy had come back.

12:23AM McManda have split the WA and gone to the lounge to strategize.

12:24AM McRae comments that Amanda going on the block is fucked up. Amanda, "Does she [Elissa] not see that?"

Judd got reprimanded for talking about production.

12:25AM Andy has joined McManda in the Lounge.

12:26AM Andy said Elissa told him she's not putting up GM, Spencer, Judd, and Andy.

12:27AM McRae's paranoia shows as he speculates that if Elissa wins veto she'll take off Aaryn and put him up against Amanda.

Someone's still talking about production elsewhere. BB just popped in with a reminder about verboten production talk.

12:29AM McRae makes a halfhearted wish for Pandora's box where he gets a veto this week.

12:30AM McRae splits the lounge, leaving Andy and Amanda to chat.

12:31AM Andy says he'll try to talk to Elissa tomorrow, but isn't hopeful about changing her mind. Amanda says "She's fuckin' insane."

12:33AM Amanda says it's stupid that Elissa isn't putting Judd up to send out again. Andy chimes in with the "fact" that everyone knows how dangerous he is. [Haha! Paranoia...it's what's for breakfast.]

12:34AM Amanda and Andy exit the lounge. Andy announces to GM in the WA that he has to poop and heads to WC...then drifts back into view and chats with GM instead. GM gives Andy permission to purge and he closes the WC door as GM keeps talking to him.

12:35AM GM exits WA and heads to storeroom, finds beer and yells "muthafuckas, there's some beer heah!" out the SR door. Spencer and Judd appear to teleport into the SR with Aaryn right behind. They decide how to divide the hooch and exit the SR.

12:37AM Cameras on GM by her bed as she enthusiastically says out loud that she gets to sleep in a bed tonight!

12:40AM Spencer denying that he got one of the beers [a lie] when asked about it.

12:41AM Spencer, GM, Aaryn, Judd, Andy speculating in the chair room what various BB clothes and things would go for if people signed them and sold them.

12:42AM Aaryn saying she hated lite beer. Andy says his fantasy is to walk into the SR and see a bunch of vodka. Spencer says being too drunk to fuck "sucks."

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12:43AM Andy talking about how that had to rerecord his noms because he called Aaryn "poopy", his pet name for her. He had to do it again and call her by her name.

12:47AM Aaryn telling Judd about Amanda and McRae's wedding and the scriptures that Andy read that were inappropriate because "the wife had to serve her husband and be his bitch." and the other passage about incest.

12:48AM GM says she can't understand the bible, Aaryn says she's never read it.

12:49AM Andy comments that Aaryn succeeded in getting out the last minority. GM pipes up and says, "no, I did!" Andy reminds her that Helen is a minority. GM says, oh yeah...she's "oriental?" Conversation shifts into conversation about lineage of HG in the room. Someone [spencer?] says they're part Mayan.

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12:05 am BBT Elissa gets called into the DR for her HOH we assume and it is HN devour the kitchen time, as they can now eat.

12:15 AM BBT Spencer and Mccrae are in the SR going over each of their conversations with Elissa. Elissa told Spencer that he needs to play for veto or she will put him up as a replacement if Aaryn comes down. They are none too happy that she is threatening everyone. Andy comes in and they fill him in. For some reason we get trivia?

12:25 AM BBT still trivia....

12:35AM BBT: 12:35 AM BBT Aaryn, Spencer, Mcranda and Judd in the chair room telling stories about themselves. In the WC GM and Andy go over the HOH comp. GM exits and finds beer in the SR. There are only four so they agree Judd and Amanda should have one. Aaryn has one. Judd plans to offer one to Andy.

12:50 AM BBT Everyone but Elissa is in the chair bedroom. Talkin about what the jury will be doing. They speculate that veto will be zingbot. They think Rachel will be back at some point. Aaryn will be mad because nine HOH's got nothing and it wont be fair if she gets HOH and gets something.

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12:52AM Aaryn believes that the Veto will be Zingbot themed.

12:53AM More speculation from Amanda about Elissa getting some special power. Speculation on what Pandora's box will bring. Spencer wants money, but Andy things Rachel is a possibility.

12:55AM Elissa comes in to chair room, but no HOH key yet. She's putting on makeup for her closeup. Spencer is singing "Devil Went Down to Georgia" and we get FotH.

12:58AM Elissa goes into DR, then comes out with her key and the performance ramps up for the cameras. Everyone follows her upstairs.

12:59AM Elissa picks up the first picture she sees in the room and points out her husband, her stepson, her stepson, and her son. Aaryn says Elissa's son is so precious.

01:02AM GM wants to know what's in the basket. She's over the pics and is all about the basket swag. Elissa got Taylor Swift, a yoga met, and a bottle of vodka [Andy has to be jealous!]. Her letter is from Rachel. Elissa starts choking up while reading the letter.

01:05AM Elissa says she and her husband were married in Costa Rica.

01:06AM Elissa going on about Manduka yoga mats. It's the best, and the one they gave her is not a Manduka mat, and Manduka is the best.

01:09AM Elissa says she misses her little angel (son) as she kisses his picture, and then she says she misses her husband [long pause]...and all my kids.

01:10AM Elissa talking about her "angel" her husband, and her mom and what her mom sent her. Amanda commenting no candy in the whole basket. Elissa says she doesn't like sweets. Elissa says that's what you get with a fitness and nutrition instructor. Amanda looks at the bottle and it's Tequila. Elissa says she'll share. Amanda is fixated on the bottle. The tequila has triple sec already mixed in [gonna be delicious!] - someone goes to get cups so they can get that 12.5% alcohol in their bodies ASAP.

01:15AM Mcrae is back with champagne flutes for the tequila/triple sec concoction.

01:17AM Elissa talking up Manduka mats again and again. Everyone's drinking the tequila mix, except maybe Spencer. Elissa says she wants to make clear that Manduka knows she only recommends their mats. And FotH.

01:20AM Elissa makes a toast to Judd being back in the house, and Judd returns the thought by toasting her getting HoH.

01:21AM Elissa looking at the Taylor Swift album. She says her favorite song is, unsurprisingly, "Mean."

01:23AM Andy [and everyone, pretty much] commenting on how Jessie had such a bad vibe when she came in to compete to get back in the house.

01:24AM Amanda says she was surprised by how Jessie was when she came back to compete. Something like Jessie said "fuck you" to Amanda. Amanda wonders WHAT was said in the Jury house to make her do something like that when she came back.

01:26AM Judd says he's almost out of smokes.

01:27AM Elissa steers the conversation back to Elissa. "Do you think my son looks like me?"

[Can't hang with this conversation until the alcohol kicks in and things undoubtedly heat up. I'm out for the night.]

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(I'm here and going to start over at 1:30am...)

1:30am bbt Elissa talking about the pictures she received in her HOH room: Even though I would never hang any of these pictures in my house... these are like... ehhhh... I wouldn't even put these on Facebook.

Elissa continues to bond with her housemates by sharing they have a golf simulator, so her husband can play golf all day during the winter. Aaryn leaves the HOH room and heads to the K.

1:35am bbt Elissa drinks coconut water every day, "because it's good for your skin." Amanda says she doesn't like coconut water, but hears it's good for a hangover. Spencer said he heard 2 warm beers is good for a hangover. Elissa says she heard drinking a beer every morning is good for a hangover, but as a nutritionalist, she wouldn't recommend doing that.

Elissa professes her love for this game we call Big Brother, and is happy to be here.

1:38am bbt Elissa is looking at her son's art work. "Is this abstract art? This one, it looks like he is mad."

Judd: It looks like a boat to me.

1:42am bbt Judd, Andy, Elissa talk about running in the back yard. Judd wishes they had access to the straps they wear around their waist to hold the mics. Andy says they do, you just have to ask for it. Elissa says her options of who can sleep with her in the HOH bed is 'limited'(Amanda). Andy says he can sleep at the foot of the bed.

GM: Not one bag of candy? Elissa, don't you ever cheat?

Elissa: well there is Chex mix?

1:45 am bbt Elissa gushes again over how excited she is to be here, and looks at her pictures again, and calls her brother-in-law Brendon the best looking guy to ever play Big Brother.

1:47am bbt Elissa talking about Brendon being friends with rocket scientists.

Elissa: His friends have in their homes...

Amanda: pieces of the moon?

Elissa: companies, growing in their home

Amanda: k... what?

Elissa: they have companies, like start ups, and they are in college... but they are successful, just in their apartments.. he's friends with rocket scientists... when he says, 'it's not rocket science... but I can do that too'.. he legitimately can!

1:49am bbt Elissa/Amanda look at the makeup in Elissa's HOH basket, and notice some of the makeup is used. Elissa shares that sister Rachel attends parties and pretends to be interested in the items to get freebies.

Amanda: I'm sure Rachel likes you sharing all her secrets!

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1:30AM BBT General conversation by most in the HoH room. Too many people there to plot in the open.

2:40AM BBT Enough people have left HoH so we get McCrae and Amanda trying to influence Elissa as best they can. While Andy, Judd and Spencer are downstairs talking about how all of them are going to be safe. Elissa said she WILL NOT be putting any of them up.o

3:05AM BBT Elissa is sticking to her guns big time about putting up McCrae next to Aaryn to ensure he, or someone other than Aaryn win PoV.

5:37AM BBT Amanda shown in LR on chair sobbing. We have no audio, but I can see her say to Spencer (who woke up to comfort her) "I just don't want to go home I worked so f-ing hard". Tears, wiping nose on hoodie sleeves. Spencer rubs her leg. We get FotH. Feeds come back to show beds. Amanda is not in bed.

5:56AM BBT Amanda is seen getting into bed but still crying quite a bit. McCrae asks if she is ok and she said no.

Georgie go for it. :)

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1:53am bbt Elissa/Amanda bond over pictures. Andy decides to go get his bed ready now, "in case GM wants to go to bed", but says he will be back up to the HOH in a bit. Judd tells Spencer/McCrae his sleep schedule is all screwed up. Elissa tells Amanda that they believe in working for everything they have. Elissa tells Amanda when she met her husband, he liked to shop but she didn't. He had to convince her to shop, but now he tries to avoid it, because she is used to it and he knows it's a bad idea.

1:56am bbt Andy/Aaryn talk. Aaryn says Amanda convinced Elissa to nominate Aaryn and GM. Andy says he will talk to Elissa tomorrow, he doesn't want Aaryn/GM/McCrae/Amanda to go home, in a perfect world.

1:59am bbt One of those oddities of actually watching the feeds... F1/2 Elissa is changing in the HOH room into her yoga outfit, black sports bra and black leggings, preparing to demonstrate with her yoga mat for those still in the room. At the same time on F3/4, Aaryn is downstairs changing, putting on black sports bra and black leggings. The timing is just odd to watch.

2:02am bbt Aaryn has turned off the night and crawled into bed. Elissa has finished her yoga demonstration, and Judd is using the yoga mat as dance floor, entertaining Elissa. BB calls Amanda to DR, and GM returns from HOH after her DR session, pleased with how it went.

2:04am bbt GM talks about her DR session, leading the HOH group to talk about the HOH comp and what BB could have tempted them with as prizes... $50 gift card to PetSmart? 15% off at Golden Corral? Judd says he was shocked Helen was the 4th Juror.

2:06am bbt (I rewound the feeds just to make sure I got this next comment correct)

GM: Where are those faces... the Mt Rushmore? (McCrae tells her South Dakota) I wanna go see that. I want to go there and see that... who did that, the aliens, or people?

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2:08am bbt Since Judd was gone to the jury house, Andy decides to share about The Christmas Shoes song again, and how it made Helen cry when she heard it during Andy's HOH.

GM's version of the song: He wants to buy these shoes, for his mother please, because like, she wants to look good, if she sees Jesus tonight. But the kid don't have no money, right? So he goes to the store, and he tells the guy, he's like, "Yo, can you buy these for my moms right?"

Andy: She is accurately describing it.

GM says she's doing the hip-hop version.

Judd: But why shoes... that's so random?

2:13am bbt Elissa is looking at her Taylor Swift cd. Judd says he'll probably listen to it at some point. GM/Andy/Spencer/McCrae/Judd still in HOH, chatting about the In The Dark comp, while Elissa listens to cd now with headphones on, breaking into song from time to time.

2:17am bbt Elissa is amused by the BB connection in the lyrics on the Taylor Swift song playing... "You with your switching sides and your wild fire lies". BB isn't amused and sends us to FISH. GM/McCrae are tossing a ball from the HOH comp back/forth. BB is again not amused, giving them a "STOP THAT!"

2:19am bbt Judd feels if you lose your concentration for a second in the HOH comp, it can hurt you. Judd says that's why he fell in the log rolling comp, and thinks that happened to Candice last night. Andy thinks Candice just wanted to hang with Helen in the jury house. They tell Judd about Jessie's crazy days(Monday/Tuesday), but that she left on a good note.

2:22am bbt GM/Andy doing their best to recall for Judd the rhymes used by the Heart Broke Beaver in the OTEV POV comp. Andy and GM both do a great impersonation of the beaver voice. Judd is sad that he missed out on the comp. Andy is glad they showed the video of Elissa 'Enzo'ing him during the comp.

2:27am bbt Aaryn is back up and walking to WA. Andy tells Judd their was a rhyme for Kaitlyn used as an example for them. GM says the sound of the water made it hard to hear. BB would play the rhyme once with the Beaver voice, then in english, before the horn would sound for them to start looking for the names.

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2:30am bbt Elissa/GM/Andy/McCrae/Spencer/Judd still up in the HOH. Amanda is in the DR. They are questioning if BB is going to still call them to DR, since they are getting tired and would prefer waiting until morning. Feeds go to FISH so we don't know the answer. GM says she doesn't know what she's going to do after BB, she is going to miss everyone here!

2:34am bbt Andy leaves HOH, followed by GM and Judd, then Spencer, leaving only McCrae in HOH with Elissa.

2:36am bbt Elissa tells McCrae she's going to get her pajamas and face things. She's not tired because she's excited about her HOH. Andy/Judd are bonding while making their beds... Judd says Jessie filled him in on things, that Amanda/Helen wanted him out, Amanda is upset that he is back. Andy says Amanda/McCrae only have their best interest in mind. Judd thinks Amanda made up stories about him. Andy says Judd can trust Andy, he will keep the target off Judd. Judd says he never was MVP(MVP seems so long ago now!). Judd is still worried that he didn't give Elissa a hug when he left the house. Andy says people like Judd and he's playing with a clean slate. Judd asks if Amanda was mad earlier when he said his biggest mistake in the game was being loyal? Judd asks why Amanda was crying so much after McCrae beat her in a comp?

2:44am bbt Andy meets Elissa in HNot room where she is getting her things. He confirms that Judd is willing to work with them, reminding Elissa that Helen said they needed to work together. Elissa appears to agree with him.

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2:48am bbt Andy/Elissa meet up again, this time in cockpit. Andy again says Judd is willing to work with them, although he isn't totally sure where his head is...

Elissa: yea, sure, as long as, I get my target...

2:49am bbt Elissa joins McCrae in the HOH, they recount the HOH comp when Elissa fell and hung on/swung to the side and stayed on. They feel the baseball theme was well suited for Judd. Elissa is glad she plays lots of tennis.

McCrae isn't sure what Elissa wants from her HOH. Elissa says she's told him already. McCrae says if Aaryn/GM are on the block, threre's a 1/3rd chance... and Elissa excuses herself to the HOH WA to brush her teeth...

2:52am bbt Andy/Spencer/Judd/GM preparing for bed. BB calls Andy to the DR. GM asks Judd where he's sleeping? Candices old bed... they then inspect the sheets, cause Judd is sure they are dirty still. Spencer suggests turning the sheet inside out. GM suggest just putting another sheet over it, cause they likely won't be able to wash until Sunday. (Candice left 2 weeks ago, no one has bothered to wash these linens?)

2:55am bbt Amanda joins McCrae/Elissa in HOH. Elissa can't believe Helen won't be able to see her family, and wonders why BB won't let her talk.. they showed a segment about her POV win, but didn't ask her a question. Amanda goes to take shower in HOH WA, then asks Elissa to come look at her breast, bruised from the HOH comp balls hitting her.

Elissa: I've never seen anyone's boobs bigger than my sister, but your's are. Mine are small and perky, they just sit there.

Meanwhile, GM is putting bandaids on Spencer's knee, and talking to Judd about HGs lying and getting over it... leading to talk about Nick...

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3:00am bbt McCrae starts pumping up Elissa's ego in HOH to ensure his/Amanda's safety this week

Elissa: my handsome little prince charming...

McCrae: you can look at his picture all day, and not have to worry about food

Elissa: Brendon is so hot... I think my husband is sexy in a different way, because of his personality

McCrae: I would try to date your husband

Elissa: you would? why, you think he's sexy? rugged?
McCrae: Yea, he's got that Canadian look about him, I bet he beats the 's' out of people in hockey. I thought about going to that hockey rink and playing, but figured your husband would rough me up...

3:01am bbt GM explains to Judd/Spencer that the difficultly Candice and Jessie had in the HOH comp, causing them to fall, was because of their big butts... caused them to have to lean out from the wall...

3:04am bbt Judd joins McCrae/Elissa in HOH... Amanda is still in HOH shower

McCrae: I think that you(Elissa) want her(Aaryn) to go. If GM wasn't on block, she has a chance of winning POV and could pull Aaryn off, and neither one of them would go home.

Elissa: I want you all to know you all have an equal chance of being nominated, but you know who my target is, and I want her to go.

Amanda is out of the shower now. McCrae again explains the logic of why Elissa needs to nominate both Aaryn AND GM, so one can't win POV and save the other.

3:09am bbt Elissa/Amanda both getting a bit defensive, despite both agreeing that Aaryn is the target. Elissa reminds Amanda that last week Amanda wanted Aaryn to target Elissa.

BB calls for Amanda to exchange her batteries.

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In more recent news....9:00 am BBT HG sleeping

9:34 am BBT we have FOTH, could wake up call

9:54 am BBT feeds back....Elissa, GinaMarie, Anday, Judd and Spencer are sitting in LR talking about the wake up music. Aaryn comes out of DR. Mc/Amanda still in bed.

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(who cares about sleeping HGs?!?!? hehe)

Continuing from last night...

3:10am bbt Elissa blames Aaryn for being put on the block, Amanda is not her target. But... Elissa is thinking about putting up Aaryn as a threat, and McCrae because he's a great competitor and can win POV. McCrae poses putting up Aaryn and GM, and if one of them win POV, then he will volunteer to be put up. Elissa doesn't want 'to chance it'. McCrae tries again to explain that they could save each other if both aren't put up. Elissa feels that GM would stick to her word, and wouldn't use POV on Aaryn if she won it.

3:14am bbt Elissa still doesn't see how it's different, Aaryn/GM nominated, or Aaryn/McCrae nominated. Elissa asks Judd what he thinks?
Judd: obviously, there's stuff I'm not caught up on... people are gonna want me out cause I came back, someone may want to flip the script... I'm down for starting fresh...

Amanda: it bothers me that you think I'm the one that told Aaryn to put you up. She's the one that was targeting you, not me.

McCrae: that's why we wouldn't play the veto, we want her out too

Amanda: Let's play this scenario...say GM wins veto, takes Aaryn off and McCrae is on the block, who do you put up against him?

Elissa: Aaryn..

Amanda: no, GM took her off the block
Elissa: Then GM

Amanda, no, she won POV

Elissa: I don't know...

Amanda: You need someone who is targeting you... if you for sure want her to go home, you need a plan B. You have to put up GM against her. Otherwise, you are endangering yourself, and you'll go home next week. We were here helping you, and you got rid of one of your army.

McCrae: there's not reason we aren't going to fight

Elissa: That's the thing, you fight harder when you are on the block...

3:20am bbt Amanda tries again with Elissa... put up Aaryn/GM, if one wins POV, put up any of us...well not McCrae or me, because everyone sees us as a couple...

3:23am bbt Andy has joined Elissa/McCrae/Amanda/Judd in HOH. Amanda STILL trying to explain to Elissa that if she really wants Aaryn gone this week, her best option is to put up Aaryn and her closest ally.

Amanda: She just took out you and your best friend, now it's time for you to take out her and her best friend

Elissa: I don't want to take out her best friend, I want to take her out.

Amanda: if you want Aaryn to go home, this is her best option. Any other option defies logic

Elissa: I just feel like my best option is to have McCrae playing veto.

3:28am bbt Elissa delares that she is tired, so everyone leaves HOH, Judd first... Amanda begins to break down before leaving. They agree to talk about it tomorrow. Andy jokes that he talked to production, and this is the first week that HOH will go home.

3:30am bbt McCrae/Amanda/Judd meet in cockpit.

Amanda: This is completely Helen. She told Elissa to get me out.

Andy: I do think Helen got in her head today. It's like you're talking to a wall.

McCrae: I just don't get it

Amanda: It's because she's lying.

3:31am bbt Judd asks why Helen was evicted?
Amanda: we all were targeting her for a while.. Helen was the one that said you were MVP and that we had to get you out now. She was going against us.

Andy: She wasn't going against me, but she was going against my alliance. It was a tough vote.

Judd: Did you all think I was MVP?
McCrae/Andy agree it was probably America

Amanda: I don't care anymore

3:35am bbt Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Judd still in cockpit, agreeing that Elissa's logic doesn't make any sense. They continue to discuss how to approach Elissa, mixed in with trying to explain past events in the house to Judd.

3:43am bbt Judd has been replaced by Spencer in the cockpit conversation. Amanda thinks Helen told Elissa to put up Aaryn/Amanda, but feels she is closer to Elissa than McCrae, so Elissa wants to nominate him instead.

3:47am bbt Andy wonders if each of them go individually to Elissa and suggest putting up Aaryn/GM, if that would convince her. Spencer says look on the bright side, at least she isn't nominating both of you(McCrae/Amanda). Spencer believes that Aaryn is Elissa's target.

3:50am bbt Amanda questions why Judd is so tight with Elissa now? He didn't like her when he left, and Elissa was excited to see him come back. Amanda wonders what Elissa said to Judd in her goodbye message? Andy says he doesn't know what else to say to Elissa to keep McCrae from being nominated.

4:00am bbt Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Spencer still in the cockpit, Spencer says he's been stress-eating. They haven't made any progress in figuring out how to approach Elissa. They decide it's 4am and time for bed, so all leave and head to WA to prep for bed.

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4:03am bbt Andy/Spencer meet back up in cockpit.. Andy says he will play the 'Helen card' with Elissa... "Helen didn't want us to go after each other, so if you are good with me, I'm good with you".

Spencer says he asked Elissa, what if McCrae wins POV, what will you do? Elissa told him she has someone else in mind, but wouldn't tell him who it was. Spencer thinks Amanda is her back up plan.

Meanwhile, Amanda/McCrae have finished brushing their teeth, and are now hugging as Amanda breaks down crying...

4:07am bbt in a warped BB live feed viewer touching moment, McCrae/Amanda walk hand in hand from the WA to the K... then head to bed

Spencer tells Andy his plan is to go to Judd and say that he(Spencer) needs allies. Spencer says Judd's comment of his biggest mistake being to not flip on Amanda/McCrae built trust with him. Spencer/Andy feel safe this week.

4:10am bbt McCrae/Amanda have settled in to bed. Spencer/Andy are headed there now...

4:40am bbt Amanda has been restlessly moving around in bed, still awake, thinking, talking to McCrae (Amanda is basically whispering, and it's a repeat of all the fears she has had since Elissa told her nomination plans)... Spencer is up at the Kitchen sink

4:48am bbt Spencer is standing in the dark, leaning against the still full sized table, staring at the memory wall of HG pictures

4:56am bbt Spencer has been at the memory wall all this time, appears to be studying each HGs picture (preparing for the morphing picture POV perhaps?)

5:00am bbt After a trip to the bathroom, Spencer is back in bed. Amanda/McCrae appear to be asleep now

5:22am bbt Amanda is up... coming back to bed, tells Spencer "they won't give me medication"

5:31am bbt Amanda asks McCrae, who is sleeping, if he is asleep.

5:33am bbt Amanda gets back up and heads out of the bedroom(to sights unseen by the BB cams)

5:36am bbt Amanda is found sitting in a nominee chair, knees pulled up to her face, arms wrapped around her knees. Spencer gets up and joins her. Amanda wipes away tears, and Spencer strokes her hair, comforting her(not sure that either one has a mic on. They appear to be talking, or crying, but I can't hear anything)

5:38am bbt BB turns the living room lights on,but we still have no sound.

5:40am bbt FISH

5:42am bbt back from fish, Amanda is in the WA, mic on now, tissues in hand. Spencer is back in bed. By 5:55am, Amanda has made her way back to bed.

(and now back to live Friday morning...)

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10:02am BBt: Judd , Andy and Spencer in livingroom just talking about the jury coming back in then Judd heads to bathroom where Elissa is and gives her a hug.Andy walks in laughing at Elissa saysing something about a five dollars circle k card and she says do you think that is funny? Andy says no no and laughs more.

10:04am BBT: Elissa says to Judd and Andy that i just want Aaryn out cuz i cant play this game cuz she is always listening and Amanda and Mccrae tell her what to do. Andy says i think you have a good plan. Andy says if Mccrae comes down who is the replacement? Elissa says i dont know yet.

10:07am BBT: Andy says to Elissa i wonder why we are going to go on lockdown at 11am cuz it isnt like you are making nominations already and they arent building anything out there yet so it probably isnt food comp or anything. Elissa says i dont know but he said to eat breakfast.

10:10am BBT:Elissa and Judd start talking about Amanda crying and worried and Andy walks back in WA and talk stops and Andy talks about the banana song theu got this morning.

10:13am BBT: Judd says i want a ciggarett but i have to ration my ciggaretts. Elissa says they should give them E ciggaretts in here. she ask Judd do they give you ciggaretrs in the jury house and Judd says no. Elissa says see they care about your health.

10:15am BBT: Elissa says guy i didnt sleep at all lastnight i think it was the excitment. Andy says yeah i bet it was and Judd says i was that way too when i was HOH.Aaryn, Spencer, Amanda , Mccrae and Ginamarie are still in bed sleeping.

10:17am BBT: Andy, Elissa and Judd laughing about Candice jumping off the hoh comp lastnight and says bye guys i have more fun in jury. Judd laughs and says i didnt realize till jury that candice talks so much and you cant get a word in with her.

10:21am BBT: Elissa, Judd and Andy talking about the eviction lastnight and how fast they voted. Judd laughs and said i was so nervous but i was nervous comeing back in here too.

10:23am BBt: Aaryn is now up in the Wa with Judd and Andy and Elissa and then BB calls her to the DR.

10:31am BBT: Ellissa and Judd in HOH rm talking and elissa says when Aaryn is up here she talks so bad about candice and she is such a liar and she has to go and she wins alot so she has to go and we get foth.

10:33am BBT: Judd tellign Elissa that Amanda was crying when they came back in and he doesnt know why. Elissa says i dont know why you ever got mad at me and we get foth again.

10:35am BBT: Elissa says they Amanda and Mccrae told Spencer that he keeps getting off the block because of them. Judd says well with Spencer i was working with him before and i almost said lastnight because i thought i was going to fall off that if anyone put spencer up they woildnt have my vote. Elissa says if you me and Spencer works together we can get them out.

10:38am BBT: Elissa says i think Ginamarie will work with us and help get Amanda Mccrae and andy out if we all stick together. Judd says yeah and Andy walks in and Elissa says we was talking about Jessie cuz i just love her.

10:42am BBT: Andy and Judd talking about Candice telling stories and Judd eating snacks in Elissas HOh basket.

10:46am BBT: Andy tells Judd he was so scared when Jessie was doing so well lastnight. He says didnt she have like 4? Judd says yeah i think so.Judd says i was floored when i seen Helen lastnight and told her i couldnt believe she was evicted.

10:48am BBT: Aaryn and Amanda in Wa doing makeup and hair getting ready for the lockdown.Andy in HOH wondering why they are having a lockdown soon and thinking maybe they wont have no have have nots this week.

10:51am BBt: Ginamarie is now up on Wa with Aaryn and Amanda Aaryn tells Ginamarie that if she wins veto to use it on her to see if Elissa will put up Amanda and Mccrae. She tells Ginamarie that there is no need to worry. Ginamarie says i will fight for veto it is on now and i will work hard for it.

10:55pm BBT: Judd has now gone to the color rm to get a shirt . Mccrae is now up getting dressed and now going to bathroom.Spencer is getting up and Getting dressed.

10:57am BBT: Ginamarie in KT making food as other HG are getting dressed and rwady to go out for a lockdown.

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10:59 am BBT Andy tells Judd that he was scared to vote Helen, but she didnt have the votes anyway. HG are making their way outside for the upcoming LD.

11:00 am BBT Spencer and Judd both comment that there are a lot of pillows on the BY couch. FOTH

11:02 am BBT Amanda comes out of DR as BB calls an ODLD. Judd says he needs to wash some of his clothes that are dirty in his bag. Amanda asks if they have to sit there and be quiet. They say no. Amanda says this could be the Zingbot. Andy says they fixed things during his HOH wk. They could be giving Judd back his key.

Elissa and Andy fold towels. Aaryn says she needs to rewash her clothes, they still have slime on them. Andy is tempting Elissa with prizes to give up HOH....$45 gift card to Panda Express. Elissa says she would take the gift card any day. Spencer joins in the folding. GinaMarie says he does a better job then she did. Spencer says he studied laundry folding in college for 2 semesters.

11:13 am BBT talk goes from connecting flights to get to BB and reheating Chinese food. Amanda tells GinaMarie she is the mother of the house now. GinaMarie asks she is the oldest now? Talk turns to Jessie, Elissa says it was 50/50 on if she was yelling at Amanda or trying to get a showmance still.

11:18 am BBT chat ranges from popped boobs to Andys sunglasses to all evicted HG coming back in. (They are passing time till LD is over)

11:21 am BBT Amanda is shocked that Candice and GinaMarie hugged when she came back in the house last. She says, "what, am I on an alternate universe?" (no comment) Aaryn says Candice was sweeter then Jessie.

11:25 am BBT general chat about nothing continues....FOTH

11:28 am BBT Feeds back, HG talking about HOH's. The final HOH is really up to the POV holder to say who goes home. Elissa says that it wont be Andy cuz he is going home....he sighs. Judd fumbled in the dark last night, he isnt used to the dark anymore.

11:35 am BBT Aaryn says she misses her goat pics and it starts a whole convo about goats. Judd had neighbors that had some. They lol about the fainting goats ( http://youtu.be/f_3Utmj4RPU ) FOTH

11:42 am BBT still FOTH...hmmmm .... ..... 11:44 am BBT BB gives them slop bowls (green bowls with BB on them. They also have a smaller table. And BB cleaned the counters for them.

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11:47 am BBT Amanda back in bed. Aaryn called to DR. Elissa goes out side, Andy says Hello, she says Hello. A womans voice says Hello. Andy says Hello Sam. In bedroom: Amanda says "she" was sooo fake.

11:51 am BBT Amanda says she (Elissa) hates Candice so much and now she is is HOH and she likes her. Her and Mc will be up against each other and she is going home. What if she (Amanda) doesnt get picked to play POV.

11:52 am BBT Elissa and GinaMarie in HOH. Elissa says she wants them put the past behind them. Elissa says you know who is behind all this. GM says Aaryn. Amanda is such in Aaryns head, GM told Aaryn not to put Helen/Elissa up.

11:54 am BBT GinaMarie says she talked to Aaryn told her to do whats good for her, Amanda wanted Elissa or Helen out so bad. GM couldnt tell her to do it, it wasnt her HOH. GM says the reason that GM pillow and Elissas blanket got taken were because Amanda complained to DR about it.

11:57 am BBT After FOTH....GinaMarie tells Elissa that her and Andy tried to tell Aaryn they wanted to keep Helen when Amanda comes in, they say they are talking about votes and Amanda says well is there any option?

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12:54 PM BBT:

Andy just left the HOH room after spending some time trying to convinve elissa that he is loyal to her and that she would be safe if he wins HOH. He told her something along the lines of he and GM tried to help Helen stay in the house but it didnt work. He explained to her that he had been loyal all along but freaked otu the past couple of weeks, etc....

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12:00pm BBT: Elissa tells Ginamarie that she never blamed her for anything. Elissa says Aaryn is not a good girl and she will drag you down with her. Ginamarie says i liked Candice and Candice only got mad at me cuz i defended Aaryn. Elissa says well aaryn has won alot here and if we dont get her out now then Amanda and Mccrae will she si strong and she needs to go.

12:03pm BBT: Elissa says the fight with you and Candice should have never happened and it was all aaryn starting it and she even has me mad at you before. Ginamarie says yeah i know and i tried to be her friend and protect my friend.

12:05pm BBt: Elissa says i want to tell you that you are not nominated and i need Aaryn to go she got helen out and she will pin everything on you and Ginamarie says i know i know and Elissa says if you win the veto what will you do ? Ginamarie says i will keep the noms the same if that is what you want and Elissa says i want you to fight for the veto Aaryn has to go she has to go.Ginamarie says if someone comes off do you backdoor Amanda and Elissa says i tried that so we will see.

12:08pm BBT: Ginamarie says i dont have to kiss butt for a vote and Elissa says they are all telling me to put you up and do you realize that this isnt Amanda telling me to do this it is Aaryn do you not realize they are working together? ginamarie says i thought they might be. Elissa says i feel like aaryn needs to go this week and Amanda needs to be the target next week.Ginamarie says i gotcha and i want you to know i like you you did my hair and i was most happy and i told you from the beggining i liked you.

12:13pm BBT: Ginamarie and Elissa still talking and Elissa says i need aaryn to go she disrespected other with her cutlural coments and i work with people well we all do with differnt cutural backgrounds.Ginamarie says i knowElissa tells Her that she just wanted to tell her that she was safe and not going on the block.

12:16pm BBT: Ginamarie says i will hold back a little bit in the veto comp and try not to have to use it so you wont be mad at me and other mad at me for using it but if i had to save myself i will win it and it wont bother me if someone is upset. but i will do what you want to do. elissa says if someone comes off i have an idea who will go up and Ginamarie says ok i will work with you and if you need anything just let me know i respect you.

12:19pm BBT: andy in by with Spencer, Judd and Mccrae he says i am checking the STR to see if it is restocked and then we will know if we are having have / have not comp tonight. Spencer says they might put us in LD in a couple of hours and have a night comp.

12:21pm BBt: andy comes out and says the STR has been restocked there are mr goodbars in there now.in HOH Elissa and Ginamarie are still talking about taking Aaryn out this week.

12:26pm BBT: Andy goes to HOh and ask if he can come in and Elissa says no we are talking and says sorry he says thats ok i undersyand and leaves Ginamarie says thank you for talking to me and if you need anything come to me and we get foth.

12:31pm BBT: Aaryn in hoh talking to Elissa and tells her that she didnt want Helen out that her target was spencer.Elissa says you have to except reality and you are the one who always targeted me i never targeted you so you did this to yourself. aaaryn says Helen told me you was targeting me and elissa says i dont know why Helen thought she could talk to me i have a mind of my own and a mouth. Aaryn says i understand you will do what you want but if you wont put me up this week i will do what you want and elissa says for me to help you i would have to be safe for the next 3 weeks. elissa says there is someone here that you do all her work for her and Aaryn says i was scared i would leave this house and Elissa says you would vote out amanda? aaryn says i will do what you want even if it takes out Amanda i will do anything you want with votes and nominations and i mean that i promise on my family and everything.

12:36pm BBt: Elissa says i have alot at stake being here to play BB and Elissa says i know you do and i do too and i swear to you i will do anything for you this money would chage my life and i swear i will protect you if you keep me here and do anything you like and i understand if you dont want to keep me. elissa says i feel like i cant rrust you since you sent helen home this week. Aaryn says i understand but she wasnt even my target they made me do it .

12:42pm BBt: Elissa tells Aaryn that she feels like she has credibility cuz she never went after aaaryn . Aaryn says well you tried to get Mccrae to put me up week one and elissa says no i didnt Aaryn says you have been after me since week one and Elissa says no i was never after you .

12:44pm BBT: Aaryn says really Elissa i will do anything you want me to do if you keep me off the block and Elissa says i dont know what i am thinking now but if you stay this week i just want you to play for yourself. aaryn says yeah everyone in this house except Judd who just came back in this game wants you out you were thweir target this week.

12:45pm BBT: Aaryn says Elissa if you keep me off the block this week then you have my loyalty and all i can do is give you my word and i have saved you like when Ginamarie wanted to put you on the block before and i stopped her. aaryn says thank you for talking to me and leaves hoh rm.

12:47pm BBT:Elisaa snd Andy now talking. Andy says are you still thinking what you was lastnight and Elissa says yeah.Andy says i was loyal to everyone till some people got in my ear last week. andy says i will honor anything you want this week and if i get to play in veto i will fight for it and Elissa says you better.

12:50pm BBt: Elissa says if we can find people to play a good game and have a good final 2 and Elissa says who would you put up if you won hoh and andy says Spencer and Judd cuz they try to flip the house on me. Elissa says i feel i cant tell you anything cuz you go tell them and andy says no i dont i am scared of everyone and now that Helen is gone i dont have a partner and you dont have a partner and i feel like we are sitting ducks.

12:52pm BBT: andy tells Elissa if you dont put me up i wont put you up and elissa says for two week and Andy says yeah.

12:54pm BBT: Elissa is downstairs getting clothes to chage to and Spencer Mccrae and Judd in lounge rm talking about voting Helen out and filling Judd in on some house things that have happened.

12:57pm BBT; Andy walks through the house announcing the nomination screen is up now and Elissa says i know.

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12:58 PM BBT:

Andy cautioned to stop that. Whatever it is. Judd and spencer talking about how bad judd wants HOH. Spencer says he is always on the block and nobody wants anything to do with him tht he could go at any time. Previously spencer had told judd tht he didnt want to be an I Told You So but that he and howard tried to convince him to go with them. Judd talking abt he would never get jessie's vote tht jessie hates him. Spencer says tht he thinks helen will be able to turn them into GOOD jurors before time to vote. Helen will mold their minds to making smart decisions. Judd says tht he thinks candice will be bitter towards him. Spencer says to him maybe. Judd says he thinks tht candice doesnt even care about the game. Spencer agrees. Judd whispers about amanda. Cant hear him. Spencer says he has suface conversations with amanda and Mccrae and tht the last week they talked more to him than in the past 60 days. Judd says it did not pay off for him to be loyal. Judd whispers something abt an alliance with spencer. Says tht andy says tht judd made up about the alliance with howard and everybody knows it. Spencer says yeah you took the heat I appreciate it now it is a clean slate and we can help you. Everybody is glad you are back and are willing to forget everything. Spencer says if new lies come out tht he supposedly told then he could be in hot water and not supportive in the future. Spencer says tht if a new detail comes out about the rumor then it would put them in jeopardy. Spencer afraid tht it will come back up. Judd talks abt him lying abt kaitlin. spencer says tht he has been on the block 6 times 5 consecutive and tht is why he hasnt been able to talk game because he was always on the block. Judd says tht he didnt want helen to win. spencer says he is so glad she is gone. they agree tht she is a scary player. Spencer says say one thing to your face and talk behind your back. Well, she is gone, says spencer and she aint coming back. Its a whole new game.

They talk about final two possibilitites. Spencer says tht he wishes andy would come in there. Oh there he is. Whats up. Just BS'ing. Elissa in the Kt making coffee. andy whispers he went up there earlier. Judd asks still aaryn and mccrae. andy says yeah I think so. Spencer says he forgave him for moving company thing. They talk about veto meetings, etc... nothing much. spencer bragging on his veto meeting talk. andy says tht DR asks him abt spencer and told andy laughingly tht spencer better watch his jokes or he will joke himself out the door. They all laugh and giggle about their families. Andy says tht he lied and lied to jessie all week making her think that spencer was his target.

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1:00 pm BBT Spencer and Judd talking, Judd asks if they know he lied about Kaitlin. Judd doesnt know who he would put up if he got HOH. Spencer tells him he has been on the block 6 times, 5 of them consecutive weeks so he hasnt been able to talk game.

1:03 pm BBT Spencer feels better with Helen gone, she would be sweet to your face and then talk about you behind your back. Its a whole new game. Andy says they restocked the SR, they dont do that if there is a H/HN comp.

1:05 pm BBT Andy joins Spencer/Judd, tells them he thinks it will be Aaryn and McCrae going up. Aaryn/GinaMarie talking. GM says Andy will be on her side now. Aaryn says he treats her like the plague. GM says that Amanda/Mc dont with crap, she should put them up.

1:10 pm BBT Aaryn wrapped in her pink blanket, laying on her side on her bed. GinaMarie makes her bed and tidies up the room. Back in cockpit the boys talk about how Amanda just wants to win something. Spencer wants to win HOH, its part of the experience, a week of safety. This is a big move week. Andy says Elissa wont play it safe.

1:13 pm BBT Judd leaves cockpit and Spencer tells Andy the convo he had with Judd. Judd stops to talk to Elissa. Elissa feels like the guys are going to talk. Next week if he, her and Spencer can vote together they will make it. Judd says Amanda had a bigger part then Mc did.

1:20 pm BBT Judd knew something was up after talking to Julie, but nothing happened after the first week. In cockpit: Spencer says they need to see how Judd plays now that he is back. Spencer says he will play hard. Andy says he will play but knows ppl will be playing harder for it. If he does throw it and she (elissa) puts him up..... (fyi--they start and stop sentences mid sentence, its hard to keep up)

1:24 pm BBT Andy says if his best friend was playing this game he would slit his (the best friends) throat to win it all.

1:31 pm BBT Elissa says Aaryn came up here crying throwing them under the bus. Mc says Amanda would take her over him cuz she feels she can win with her. Mc says GinaMarie has a better chance of winning POV. He and Amanda have NEVER targeted her, they want her here. If she puts him up against GM then he will go home and she will still have 2 going after her. He suggests putting up Aaryn and GinaMarie. He has better odds going up against Aaryn then GinaMarie. Tell GinaMarie she is a pawn. Elissa says he should be mad at her. Elissa says she knows Mc/Amanda wanted her and Helen up together. Mc says no that was Aaryn.

1:35 pm BBT Mc says they havent gone after her since the first time. Every single person wants Aaryn to go home. Elissa says you all wanted me to go home. He says no, they wanted to keep her here, she will benefit their game. Andy was not a part of her going. They wanted Helen to go.

1:38 pm BBT Mc says if she puts him up with Aaryn there are more ppl wanting him gone. She says she is putting him up with Aaryn. Mc repeats that if she does that GinaMarie will be fighting for Aaryn too. there is a 2 to 3 chance of her being drawn. Elissa says so you think that GM looks her in the face and just lies. Mc says she wanted you gone so badly.

1:40 pm BBT Elissa asks him what they said. He wont say spefically, he mentions her blanket and how GinaMarie hated Candice before but now loves her. Elissa says she has more confidence to win POV. Mc says they wont fight for it. Elissa says if they dont--he interrupts her saying if its what would you do for POV that unanimous.

1:43 pm BBT Mc continues: they have what 6 HOH and POV and he has what 1. He feels she has a better chance to stay if he isnt up there. She reallly wants Aaryn out, they all do but she has a better chance to go with GinaMarie up with her.

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1:44 pm BBT Elissa says he needs to tell ppl that Aaryn is a bigger threat then he is. He says she is!. Elissa says ppl like him more, they trust him more. Mc says Amanda is a bigger target. Elissa asks if he wants Amanda to go home, he says no. He keeps repeating that with GM up with Aaryn there is only one fighting for Aaryn.

1:47 pm BBT Mc says he will fight for POV, he just volunteered to up as a replacement nom if POV is used. Elissa says its not like she hasnt thought about it. She wants to play the game how she wants. She wants to work with them. She has only trusted him.

1:50 pm BBT Mc: yeah I dont know. The odds are better if GinaMarie not playing for Aaryn. Elissa says he is smart. ahmmmm, yea, Mc says he's gotta to, just thinks Aaryn has a better chance of going if she is up with GM. Elissa says she trusts him to play for it. Mc says oh he will.

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