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Thursday, August 22 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


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It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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12:15AM BBT: HoH now contains Mccrae, Aaryn, GM and spencer. They are discussing Amanda and her yeast infection. Aaryn is going over how the medicine for it works. I have had enough of that feed and have now decided to switch. Downstairs Amanda (whom I cannot now look at the same) and Helen are making up and saying no hard feelings over Helen leaving. She demands an invite if McManda get married.

12:30AM BBT: Lots of menial chit chat. Most of the HGs are in the kitchen preparing some sort of snack. They ask Aaryn if she still has feelings for David. She says she never had feelings and it was a crush. She's over it now.

12:50 AM BBT: McManda is upstairs talking about food. Amanda is starving. She is going over everything she wants. Downstairs, everyone else but Elissa (who is asleep) is going over what type of dog they are based on looks.

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1:05 AM BBT: McManda discussing the fact that they need to charm Elissa in case she wins HoH. They agree GM is nuts when it comes to Nick. Meanwhile, in the KT everyone is discussing side stories from their outside lives.

1:15 AM BBT: Aaryn, Andy, and Helen are talking about books they read in sequester and people they saw while they were there. Helen tells an interesting story about reading Andy Cohen's book. Apparently Andy Cohen (From the Bravo network) was in Julie Chen's CBS internship class. Upstairs, McManda discusses the fact that they think Elissa is after them.

1:25AM BBT: All four feeds now on Andy and Helen talking about their plans when they get out of the house. Helen wants to get serious about buying a home and Andy doesn't want to change much. He says he will continue teaching and probably will still live with his roommates. When the HOH feed returns, Aaryn, GM, Spencer, and Mcranda are making small talk about outside lives.

1:40AM BBT: Mcrae, GM, Aaryn, and Spencer are again stressing that Elissa cannot win HoH. If it is endurance they all have to convince her to drop out, even lie if they have to. They also plan on distracting her. Amanda has gone to bed. Helen is now changing into pajamas and then going to bed.

1:50AM BBT Aaryn is getting ready to listen to music. Everyone voices their nervousness over the impending HOH. Mccrae is the most nervous. Andy says he won his HoH on a day he was really scared. Mccrae says he was super nervous the day of the first Hoh so maybe it is a good sign.

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2:10AM BBT No change in the house. Small talk about GM farting and Aaryn drinking nail polish remover. Mccrae heads to bed. Andy says he is going to bed soon too.

2:25AM BBT: Spencer has now left to do bed time activities and turn in. The door has barely shut to the HOH room when Aaryn, GM, and Andy try to figure out what Spencer would do if he won HOH.

2:35AM BBT: Andy says his good nights. Mccrae is reading before bed. After Andy goes to bed GM and Aaryn are the only ones awake. GM says she is headed to bed in a few minutes.

2:45AM BBT GM and Aaryn are just going over the sequence of events for he rest of the summer. Aaryn hit the nail on the head by saying someone is coming back and we will have another double eviction soon. GM is listening and agreeing.

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Flashback to finish last night:

2:53am bbt GM left Aaryn alone in HOH. F1 shows McCrae up still reading, F2 is on no one in chair room, F3/4 on Aaryn alone in HOH.

2:56am bbt GM changes for bed in dark room where Andy is laying, then she heads to HNot room. McCrae is still reading.

3:10am bbt No change... only HG seen awake is F1 McCrae laying in bed reading.

3:18am bbt back from FISH, Spencer is out of DR, talks to McCrae, who tells Spencer that Amanda has been worried she is leaving the house soon.Spencer says if McCranda go on the block, McCrae would stay over Amanda. McCrae says if F3 are him, Spencer, Andy, then McCrae would choose to take Spencer to F2. They agree if Elissa wins HOH and targets Aaryn, it wouldn't be bad for them.

3:52am bbt Spencer and McCrae finish whispering and join everyone else in the house sleeping...

4:11am bbt Spencer makes his way to the WA, and is back in bed by 4:14am.

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7am bbt Everyone is still asleep (dreaming of winning an endurance HOH tonight?)

8:00am bbt on a Thursday morning, did you really expect anyone to be awake yet?

8:20am bbt still sleeping...

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9:06 am BBT on eviction Thursday and the HG are still sleeping. We can expect lots of FOTH/TRIVIA today as HG get ready for and practice the show.

9:30 am BBT HG sleeping. Will it be Helen or Spencer going home tonight?

9:40 am BBT Elissa is awake, goes into the WC. The cam zooms in on the water she left running in the sink. She comes out, washes her hands (with soap), turns the water off and goes back to bed.

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#BB15 10:00 AM BBT We have FOTH - may be wake up time!

#BB15 10:18 AM BBT We are going on 20 minutes of FOTH.

#BB15 10:27 AM BBT We are back. It appears that Gina received birthday wishes from everyone why the FOTH was on. Aaryn tells her that she can't wait to see Gina's HOH room tonight.

#BB15 10:31 AM BBT Gina talks about that it was great (whatever they did for her while on FOTH). She eats something at the counter and heads off to take a shower. Leaving her dishes on the counter. Elissa jokingly tells her "Not to use all the cold water".

#BB15 10:39 AM BBT Gina takes a quick shower. Says she will wash her hair upstairs. Helen running laps in the house. Other HG have gone back to sleep. Elissa in the KT.

#BB15 10:57 AM Helen still jogging. Not much going on in the house.

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11:05am BBt: Elissa is running as Helen is doing situps in the living rm Bb calls Amanda to the Dr.Aaryn is in HOH shower.

11:11am Bbt: helen talking to Ginamarie telling her that she has alot of highs but when he have your lows its low but when you gave your soeech lastnight i started crying cuz i seen your compassion lastnight. Helen says i want you to know that i am a different person walking out of here and i just want you to know that and i know the tital and the prize here will never change you cuz you are not ashamed or to proud. Ginamrie says than you helen thank you.

11:14am BBT: Helen tells Ginamarie if she could make a deal with Elissa then yall can go far and Elissa might not be able to work with Aaryn but she will with you. helen says you have to get in Aaryns head and tell her what is going on in this place cuz i am leaving but ya'll can go far.

11:15pm BBT:Helen telling Ginamarie that Amanda , Andy and Spencer and Mccrae are working together and they are going to get ya'll to pick off Spencer for her. And Amanda will never go up unless you Elissa or aaryn put her up cuz Andy Mcfrae and Spencer will never put her up.

11:20am BBt: helen still telling Ginamarie that she has to work woth Elissa and Aaryn and one of them win hoh and they will have two votes to get Amanda out or Mccrae out. She says that They are working everyone turning people against each other but you need to talk to Elissa and i will talk to Elissa for you too .

11:27am BBT:Amanda in Wa after taking a shower and is now getting makeup out. Helen and Ginamaire are still talking in Have not rm Helen is repeating herself alot about everyone protecting Amanda and how she didnt want Jessie to leave even though she got mad at me.

11:34pm BBt: ginamarie and Helen leave the have not rm. Amanda heads to the Hoh rm and says hey poopy and Aaryn says hey. Amanda says i want to go back to sleep and crawls into aaryns bed and covers up.

11:36am BBT: Helen now in lounge rm talking to Elissa telling her she needs to talk to Ginamarie and work with them.Elissa whispering real low and helen says Ya'll could make a big move. Elissa says i am fired up and helen says i know you are fired up.

11:40am BBT: All HG are now up and heading to the HOh rm with coffee for their lockdown to get ready for tonights live show. and we have now gone to TRIVIA.

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1:01pm BBt: helem in KT making slop balls for the last time she says. Elissa washing dishes saying she is so hungry. Andy walking around KT. Mccrae and amanda coming down stairs to the KT. Aaryn in color rm unpacking her things and Spencer has gone back to bed in chair rm.Ginamarie in Wa blow drying her hair.

1:06pm BBT: Mccrae Aaryn and Andy in color rm talking and saying if we all stick to this and we all switch off winning hoh then this will work and andy says yeah we have to Mccrae says we dont know what Elissa will do so we have to win.Aaryn says yeah i trust you guys so you have to win.

1:13pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae talking with Andy and Spencer about selling their BB stuff like their costumes for comps and bags and things and about how much you can get for them and then Mccrae says what about Judds bear shit.Spencer says that will go for alot man,

1:18pm BBt: Andy saying they will probably have to wear athletiv wear tonight so Spencer says he will wear the pants that Howard left tonight.In the KT helen is making slop balls and Elissa complaining about her stomach hurting.

1:24pm BBT:Helen blowdrying hair now and Elissa doing her hair and putting deodorant on as Amanda went to bathroom and told Elissa if its endurance tonight not to wear cotten cuz if it is water it will make her colder.

1:32pm BBT: Aaryn, Andy. amanda, Mccrae and Spencer in chair rm talking about past comps and what to wear for a comp tonight.

1:46pm BBT: helen and Elissa in lounge rm whispering really low. in the color rm all Hg but Ginamarie is talking about eskimo pies and eskimo huts in texas.andy tells mccrae he looks like he has lipstick on and mccrae looks in the mirror and says i been drinking koolaid.

1:55pm BBt: general talk about movies and movie theaters in the color rm. helen in Wa with Elissa and Ginamarie doing her hair and saying the flat iron doesnt work.

1:58pm BBt: Elissa and ginamarie in lounge rm and elissa says wanna make a deal before hoh and Ginamarie says absolutly. elissa says if i win hoh i will not put you up and Ginamarie says i wont put you up either and i told helen that earlier and i feel like we need to put Mccrae and Spencer up cuz they lie alot and Amanda pushes people into things but i need one of them out and you are a ok in my book and i am gonna work my butt off this week it is my birthday and i want to win. Elissa says i am going work hard to but if we are up there we can make a deal now instead of out there so what do you think? Ginamarie says i am going to work hard and put my heart into it and i want everyone else in it to but when we are up there we can make a deal thats fine.

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2:04pm BBt: Ginamarie and Elissa go to Wa to do makeup and hair and Elissa says i am a little fired up today and Ginamarie says thats good keep it that way and Elissa says i might get a little fiesty and Ginamarie laughs and says that is a good thing.

2:11pm BBT: General talk with Elissa and Ginamarie. andy is walking around waiting for slop balls to be readt that Helen is now cooking.

2:15pm BBT: Ginamarie and andy whispering and then Ginamaroe says go ask her to bring me her makeup and if she says it is already in here then tell her we cant find it.Andy goes and gets Aaryn but he cant find her since she is in the Dr.

2:21pm BBt: andy and Ginamarie talking to Aaryn in lounge rm about keeping helen this week. Aaryn says but if helen stays it is going to make Elissa stronger. Ginamarie says we can control Elissa and andy says i think and my gut tells me we are making the wrong move.

2:22pm BBt: Ginamaroe telling Aaryn that Amanda and mccrae lies to everyone and i mean everyone and i know Helen does to a little bit.Andy tells Amanda that they are talking making sure that they are mamking the right move and amanda saYS are you questioning me? ginamarie says no but Spencer is a little to comfortable by not packing so we are just talking. Aaryn says do you want Elissa in power and they say no and Aaryn says Spencer will take her out.Ginamarie says i dont think Helen will come after us so why are we getting rid of someone who isnt coming after us?

2:26pm BBt: andy says we wanted to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Aaryn says but helen will put us up and Ginamarie says i dont think so. Ginamarie says we just wanted to check with you. and aaryn leaves the lounge rm.Spencer walks in and Ginamarie says we are waiting for Amanda to talk then you are next. Spencer says whats going on and Ginamarie says oh nothing just making sure we are all on the same page. Amanda now comes in and Ginamarie says i am nervouse that if Spencer wins HOH he wont put up Elissa t6hat he will put up me and aaryn and Amanda says no.

2:29pm BBT: Ginamarie says i am worried Spencer put me up in round 2 of that comp so i want to make sure that he is on the same page. amanda says elissa is next to go.Aaryn tells Spencer the conversation about him not packing so he is now up packing his clothes for the live show tonight.

2:32pm BBt: Mccrae and Elissa in STr and Mccrae tells her we have to fight hard for HOh and it has to be either you Me or Amanda and Elissa says yeah and they leave str.back in lounge rm and Aaryn walks in and Ginamarie is saying she is worried about Spencer and his lies. Amanda asking what she will do if she wins and Ginamaroe says i just want to know what he is going to do.

2:35pm BBt: mccrae in loungerm now with Ginamarie she asked Aaryn to send Spencer in he wants to talk to him . He comes in and she says basically we wanted to confirm with Aaryn that if you win hoh that you put Elissa up and Spencer says absolutlly what other plan would it be?Ginamarie says i just wanted to make sure everything was good. spencer says why is this even a question and Ginamarie says it isnt we just want to make sure we talk to everybody.

2:37pm BBT: aaryn and Andy in color rm talking and repeating what was said in the lounge rm and andy says do not worry. aaryn says you would put Amanda and Mccrae on the block and vote Mccrae out? Andy says absolutly.aaryn says i went to spencer and asked him if he was 100% putting Elissa up and he sais yes.

2:45pm BBt:andy and spencer and Mcfrae in color rm and telling them what Ginamarie said in lounge rm and blaming it all on Ginamarie. Spencer says he has to pack but he doesnt have much to pack. Most of the women are in the Wa doing makeup and hair.

2:48pm BBt: amanda in color rm with Aaryn and tells Aary that she better get ginamaries mind off me and mccrae and back on to Elissa and Spencer. Ginamaroe tells helen to go talk to aaryn again and she is telling helen about Spencer lying to her and she says i can not trust his butt. helen says i hope she knows she is going up if she trust him and Ginamarie says i know.

2:58pm BBT: Andy and Elissa and Mccrae in color rm talking and Andy says i think we are ok no matter what and mccrae says yup and andy says we dont know what elissa will do if she wins it and mccrae says yeah Elissa asked me to throw HOh to her and andy says elissa asking to throw it makes me mad.

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3:05pm BBt: Andy goes to have not rm to talk to Elissa he ask her if she is ok and she says no not reallt. elissa says is there any way and andy says i dont think anyone is going to budge. He gets up and says i will leave you to it.and leaves the rm. Andy now walking to tthe Kt where Amanda and mccrae are fixing food.

3:07pm BBt: Helen in color rm talking to aaryn and she says i wanted to tell you that i have the highest regard for you and i want you to listen to me you are the only one that knows what i have done in this game and not even elissa knows and when you watch this show you will see i never lied to you and never talked bad about you.helen says as she cries that over the last few weeks i have really enjoyed getting to know you and i hole you in the highest reguard.

3:14pm BBt: Ginamarie comes in as helen leaves and Andy is crying.aaryn and Ginamarie whispering as Andy sniffles and aaryn says i know your upset i know and we get trivia.

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