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Monday, August 19 Live Feed Updates


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12:05 am BBT In HOH Andy has left. Aaryn tells GM that when she is sober she sees things less clearly (Cause that makes sense). Aaryn continues to tell GM that they carry Amanda and are tired of it being all about Amanda.They debate putting her up. Aaryn decides it is futile because then more people will be after her. GM tells her to make deals with Spencer and Helen for safety in return for safety. Aaryn is entertaining it by going through the numbers.

12:15 BBT McManda are folding clothes and hashing out their issues. They seem to be mildly okay. GM and Aaryn in HOH weighed the idea of getting Amanda or Helen out. GM makes her exit and Aaryn tells her to subtly send someone up. Helen talks about production and we get fish.

12:30 am BBT: Helen is now up in HOH listening to Aaryn explain why she was put up. Aaryn tells Helen that if She puts Amanda up that Helen better have her back. Helen gets ecstatic and says she will have Aaryn's back the rest of the game and will vote for Aaryn if in jury.

12:40 am BBT: McManda still hashing things out. Each apologizing for separate issues and cursing at each other. Upstairs Andy is now back in HOH with Aaryn telling her about the possibility of Amanda going up. Helen turns on the water works and essentially starts begging for him to vote Amanda out. Amanda got mad at something else Mccrae said and heads up to HOH to talk to Aaryn and says she loves Aaryn and is so sorry for letting old things blow up. She says she's madder at Mccrae anyway.

12:55 BBT: Aaryn and Amanda continue to work it out. Aaryn says that Andy was the person she was telling the wine story to and the part she was at was a small part that didn't matter to her anymore. They are talking about the fact that everyone from mccrae to Andy scare them. They are almost done hashing things out. Amanda goes on to say that she does not want GM out in front of Spencer. The boys (McAndy) are the ones that want her out first to keep some illusion of a fake deal they have with Spencer alive.

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1:05 am BBT: Amanda and Aaryn in HOH going through the dynamic of their alliance and how no one feels like she's be carried. GM is in the lounge with Helen basically saying she handles Aaryn with kid gloves when shes drunk. Feeds switch to the BYD with Andy and Spencer agreeing the whole fight was because Aaryn is drunk and it will be fine in the AM.

1:15 am BBT: Nothing new going on Amanda and Aaryn continue to go in circles about GM being safer than Spencer and Amanda not lying to her. Idle chit chat throughout the lounge and BYD with all other HGs

1:30 am BBT: Amanda telling Aaryn that Mccrae doesn't trust anyone sometimes even her. Assures her that it is just the way he isno need to be worried about him. they reassure each other Judd had to go. In the BYD Mccrae and Spencer say Aaryn is so stubborn and that Amanda not letting it go doesn't help. Mccrae says that if he goes up he'll be pissed. Andy says he will talk to her again tomorrow and say she was just drunk and acting silly.

1:45 am BBT Aaryn rehashing her conversation with Amanda and how they hashed things out. Andy has already tolc Mccrae about Aaryn thinking about putting one of McManda up. Aaryn says they are fine now and that Helen was just grasping at straws. She blamed the whole plan on Helen because Amanda is in the room. Amanda tells Aaryn to just remember that before this HOH Helen wanted her and Amanda out. Amanda makes her exit. Andy asks her where her head's at. Aaryn says that Helen is going to "die" tomorrow when she puts Spencer up.

1:55 am BBT: BBT Andy Mccrae and GM are rehashing the HN competition and Helen is listening to music in HOH while in the BYD Spencer and Amanda discuss having no sympathy for Helen being on the block. Amanda and Spencer move into the KT to eat the sugar syrup concoction that Amanda made. Menial chit chat everywhere.

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2:05 am BBT: In the BYD Andy and Amanda saying everything with Aaryn was alcohol induced. Andy says there was talk of putting Amanda up but it was silly and she shouldn't worry. Amanda says she knows and that Aaryn is just drunk and skittish. HOH group is Mccrae, GM Aaryn and Helen joking about there being more vetos and how someone needs a special power.

2:25 am BBT: Amanda and Andy still in they BYD discussing Helen leaving. Andy is going to be upset and sad. Amanda says that Helen is gunning for her so she doesn't feel so bad. The reassure each other that they don't have to reassure each other of their loyalty (Redundant no?) Spencer has joined HOH crew and they are discussing movies like Borat and the Dictator.

2:40 am BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in the BYD now. Amanda is going over her make-up session with Aaryn. They are both irritated that Andy told her they want to get GM out sooner rather than later. She says she feels like MccRae is distancing himself from her. He assures Amanda he is not and she starts to cry. She chalks it up to being emotional and on slop. In the lounge Helen is turning on the tears for Andy saying she needs his vote. He says he is voting for her to stay. She says that if she sees that he of all people is a traitor she will be flabbergasted.

2:55 am BBT: Helen and Andy end their talk in the lounge by Helen telling Andy that she wants to remember Andy as Andy the "Trusted" not Andy the "traitor." Spencer is heading to bed so is GM. Amanda and Mccrae begin their nightly make out session. Helen waits to get the last word of the night in with Aaryn. Helen is laying it on thick for operation backdoor Amanda. It's really just re-hashing of the same conversation rom earlier. Aaryn sounds more hesitant this time around (or just more sober?) Amanda busts it up by going up to HOH and not letting them talk. BB thwarts her by calling her to DR.
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3:15AM BBT Aaryn and Amanda in HoH discussing Helen's plan to call a town hall meeting in the early AM (minus Amanda) to inform everyone that Amanda will be going on the block and to ensure she has the votes. Aaryn told Amanda so she wouldn't become irate. Now Amanda walking around to Spencer and Andy telling them of this meeting. To just play along with it.

Aaryn, Andy and McCrae in HoH discussing the plan to snow Helen. Aaryn backpedalling now that alcohol has worn off.

3:45AM BBT Amanda and McCrae outside smoking talking about keeping Spencer as long as possible, he has more loyalty over GinaMarie. McCrae worried that Aaryn is too irrational to trust.

3:55AM BBT McCrae and Amanda snuggling and smoking in BYD discussing general game talk. Basically, we are the only ones allowed to plot and plan and how dare anyone else! Sappy sentiments between the two that they already won having met each other, McCrae says same ....until I win.

Nothing much else happens. By 4:30AM BBT all are in bed, but McCrae and Spencer whisper from beds to each other about the morning Helen meeting.

6:05AM BBT: Looks like McCrae has the munchies and is eating some of the potatoes (cold) Aaryn made last night.

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#BB15 8:36am bbt back from fish and we have movement, GM and Helen in the WA... Helen shares to GM that Andy must have shared the plan to nominate Amanda. Helen starts out whispering to soft to hear...


Helen: Andy... Aaryn had a plan, you had gone to bed, I had talked to Andy... said we needed Spencer too, just in case... I left to go downstairs, and Amanda says to me, "It ain't gonna happen"

GM: Why would Andy go and tell her things?
Helen: I know... I don't know what he told her, but we need to find out

GM: I was having a good conversation with McCrae/Spencer, and Amanda comes up and gets McCrae, I asked Andy what did you say to her?

Helen: I don't know what she knows... he better not have told her anything, otherwise he is like a traitor!

GM: He can't play both sides

Helen: We are gonna have to call him out... we need to ask Aaryn what she wants to do... we need to talk with Spencer...

8:41am bbt BB: Aaryn, the bed room lights must remain on during the day. Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, have you changed your batteries?

8:44am bbt HGs are stirring and doing ADLs... expect some frantic scurrying before the POV ceremony...

8:50am bbt BB has sounded the wake up call, so far it's got Aaryn on the patio eating cereal, Helen/GM doing makeup in WA, still talking about where Andy's loyalty falls...

Helen to GM: I've got your vote and Elissa. If I go, we know Andy is a rat!

8:54am bbt BB calls Andy to the DR, Aaryn finishes her cereal, heads to the HOH, and Helen follows here there... Helen shares with Aaryn about Andy staying up last night when he said he was going to bed. Aaryn says that Spencer told her he would not vote Amanda out if she was on the block... "So they are all working together"

Helen: I can't believe Andy

Aaryn: I think you have a better chance of staying against Spencer.

Helen: I wouldn't have Andy, because he must be working with Spencer. They are all interchangable at this point.

9:00am bbt Helen can't believe Andy is with Amanda/McCrae. Aaryn keeps confirming it, says Spencer is confident enough to be willing to go on the block instead of taking an offer of safety from Aaryn. Aaryn agrees she needs to talk with Spencer again. Her fear is 'they will all band together against me'.

Helen: They(Andy/Spencer) are too scared to put them(Amanda/McCrae) up. They are going to get to the end. Andy feels too safe, that he can do this charade. Elissa and I have protected him... I can't believe he can't be trusted.

Aaryn: Jessie said Andy made a final 2 deal with her... has he done that with everyone, and is just waiting to see what happens each week? He's laying his cards down where ever he sees fit each week.

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9:08 am BBT Helen and Aaryn continue talking about Andy and Spencer. Spencer has no one, he is comfy as a pawn. How Mc has done nothing, Amanda has done nothing but they are strong players.

9:10 am BBT Aaryn tells Helen that Andy never tells her what Mc/Amanda say but tells them EVERYTHING Aaryn says.

9:13 am BBT Aaryn feels that Mc/Amanda will use Elissa against her and GinaMarie. They dont know where Andys vote will be no matter if its Spencer or Amanda on the block.

9:18 am BBT Helen says Elissa continues to talk about wk 1. Meanwhile in WA, GinaMarie whispers to Elissa. Tells her that Helen talked about the 4 of them working together.

9:21 am BBT GinaMarie says if someone has her, she has them. Elissa says Amanda is so mad she isnt doing it. They have ants in the WA.

9:27 am BBT Aaryn has gone back to bed...nm Elissa goes to HOH. Aaryn tells her that Spencer says even if he doesnt go on the block he wont vote for Amanda. Elissa tells her that if she puts up Amanda it would be a huge move for her game. Aaryn says Amanda has won nothing and she is in such a great spot. Elissa says Mc and Amanda are going to play like they arent together anymore then it will be them 2 in F2.

9:31 am BBT Aaryn: Spencer said he wouldnt vote out Amanda. She doesnt think she has the votes to get her out. But she is going to talk to Spencer and Andy first. She thinks there is more of a chance of Helen staying if Spencer is on the block.

9:35 am BBT Aaryn wonders why the heck they've brought Spencer this far. At this point she feels like she cant put Amanda up, she doesnt have the votes, let her talk to them first.

9:38 am BBT Elissa says Mc is really trying to get them to fight so they wont work together. Mc knows if Amanda goes he will be on the outs with the votes. Elissa says Amanda takes credit for every ones game. Aaryn says Mc was HOH 1st week and never been nom. That Amanda pretty much controls what Aaryn does. Elissa says if it was you and Mc in F2, Amanda would talk to jury and get them to vote for Mc.

9:46 am BBT Helen and Elissa in WA. Helen says ppl are trying to get them to fight so Elissa will vote her out. Elissa says they should act like it, then she will vote to keep Helen. Elissa curls her hair, GinaMarie goes back to bed. Aaryn putting on makeup so she can to go DR.

9:52 am BBT Elissa tells Helen that if she wins HOH next week, she would put up Amanda and Aaryn, tell Aaryn to fight for POV then backdoor Mc. Helen tells her she will need Aaryn, what if she doesnt come off. She would have to put up GinaMarie.

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9:16am bbt GM/Helen doing makeup in WA... talk turns from ants to...

Elissa: do you know what Aaryn is going to do? I feel like I know what she should do...

GM says she's not sure, she gives Aaryn advice, but she needs to do what is best for her game. Elissa suggests she backdoor someone, but doubts she will. GM shares her story of Amanda stealing McCrae away from their good conversation last night, speculating Amanda was paranoid after having just talked to Andy.

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9:27am bbt Elissa joins Aaryn in the HOH. Aaryn says she's going to put Spencer up, because he told her he will vote to evict Helen if Amanda is the other nominee. She then backtracks and says she needs to talk to Andy before she decides between Spencer/Amanda being the second nominee.

Aaryn has figured out the bottom line for this week... regardless of whether it is Spencer or Amanda on the block against Helen, GM/Eliissa will be 2 votes to keep Helen, McCrae and Spencer/Amanda(whichever is not on the block) will be 2 votes to evict Helen. So either way, Andy becomes the deciding vote this week...

9:45am bbt Elissa/Helen doing hair in WA, GM has joined Aaryn in the HOH. Aaryn says she tried to sneak back up to the HOH earlier after doing a DR session, because she wanted to go back to bed. But Helen saw her and followed her, and then Elissa. Aaryn says she thinks putting Amanda up is only going to piss people off. BB calls Aaryn to the DR...

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#BB15 10:04 AM BBT Elissa and Helen doing ADLs. No talking going on in the house on the cams we have.

#BB15 10:14 AM BBT We still have Elissa getting dressed for the day and Helen in the KT. Nothing else going on.

#BB15 10:23 AM BBT Helen sitting on BY couch. Elissa moving about the house. No other movement.

#BB15 1:34 AM BBT We had 4 cams on sleeping HG. Elissa was called to DR and we now have trivia - Veto ceremony may be under way.

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11:15am BBt: We are still on trivia.

11:17am BBt: Elissa tells Aaryn and Ginamarie and Elissa that he will vote me out.She says i really wanted Spencer to go before Amanda went and i will make sure that jury knows what is going on and i will fix jury for you guys.

11:19am BBt: andy now in HOh and aaryn says did you see how pissed spencer was i thought he knew he was going on the block. Helen says Andy listen to me you are a swing vote i have Ginamarie and Elissa. Andy snaps and says why do you think you dont have me if you have them you have me and its done.

11:22am BBT: helen still pleading to andy and Aaryn and ginamarie and she tells andy if you dont go with these people here then you are out of here. Elissa says that Amanda was so mad that i wouldnt fight with her and Aaryn says that she turned Jeremy and Nick against me and it was my fault that they left she made it all my fault.Aaryn says i think all this was going on the first week.Mccrae is in bed in the chair rm and amanda is in bed in the have not rm.Spencer is in KT eating.

11:26am BBT: Helen is crying saying Andy i want oyu to see that you are being munipulated by them i just need you to see this and i know that after this is over i know you will say that you should have stayed with me and Elissa , Ginamarie and aaryn. andy says i dont know why you are questionning me cuz that is making me mad. helen says ok sorry andy i am done with my spill . Andy says i love you and you know that and helen says i love you too.

11:31am BBT:helen and Andy hug and helen is telling them all that this Aaryn is new and that you have shown that like everyone in America wants the underdog to win and how many comps have we all won? Tons!!!!! helen says we all here have blood on our handa and the ones that win this game is the ones who stay true to their words and stays loyal thats who wins. Aaryn says Helen you are one of the most amazing people i have ever met and you are fun and you are one in a million Helen and meeting you has impacted my life.

11:34pm BBT: Aaryn says i was in panic mode you know and Helen says i know i know . Elissa says did she tell you to put us up and aaryn says yeah cuz i didnt have any other targets .

11:36pm BBT: Spencer now heading up to the HOh rm.Helen ask him if they could just have a couple of minutes.Aaryn says that amandas plan was to never let us get together and she tried keeping us apart. Ginamarie didnt like it cuz i would talk to helen and to Howard. then she went bat crazy when i wouldnt give up nicks stuff and i told her i was going to do what i wanted to do. Helen says i just dont want all of us to look like fools at the end of this. Spencer now in bed in chair rm talking to Mccrae. Spencer is worried about andy flipping and mccrae says he has been with us all this time i dont think he will flip around.

11:42am BBT: helen saying i see now that i should have helped Jessie but i didnt.

11:50am BBT: helen is saying that she gets amanda is playing all of us and elissa says out of all of us she will keep andy till final 3 .Aaryn says we cant let both of them going to the final 2 is wrong they will share the money they are getting married and Ginamarie says you think they will get married and aaryn says the only thing keeping them from it is what they do.

11:54pm BBT: Elissa says i have known since week 2 that amanda needed to be gone and Helen says and Mccrae and Ginmarie says yeah they made alot of decisions and look where amanda is at now. Ginamarie says to Helen i know you have my back.

11:57pm BBt: Aaryn says after you won hoh helen and i was there i over heard her she came in and told everyone they was wrong about this and wrong about that and then she attacked me and lastnight when she attacked me i told her. and Lastnight she came in and told me i was a racist. Helen says are you serious? Ginamarie says yeah it started when candice was here.

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#BB15 12:04 PM BBT Andy, Aaryn and Gina sit in the HOH room. Aaryn doesn't like that Spencer feels so comfortable being on the block. Andy not saying a work and just taking it all in. Gina says Spencer will only have two votes on Thursday, Amanda and McCrae.

#BB15 12:08 PM BBT Elissa in OH with Gina and Andy. Elissa says that she doesn't think there has ever been a season of BB that has been this intense. They fight every week. Gina tells Andy that he is his own person. He has his own brain and mouth. Andy says he knows.

#BB15 12:18 PM BBT In HOH Elissa asks Aaryn if Amanda and McCrae have told her that they want her for F3. Aaryn says no. She thinks they wouldn't want her there because if she won, they couldn't both go to F2.

#BB15 12:25 PM BBT Andy is called out of the HOH room. Aaryn says if it gets back, she will know it came from Andy. Elissa leaves HOH as well. Aaryn tells Gina that she will never trust Elissa. Gina says she has Aaryn's back. Aaryn says that Andy will never vote to keep Helen.

#BB15 12:29 PM BBT Aaryn says that Spencer's girlfriend's family not liking him is a sign. She has never had a boyfriend that she hasn't been allowed around his family. She says that she has only had boyfriends who their family may not like her because the boy wants to settle down with her and the family is afraid she is taking him away from them.

#BB15 12:32 PM BBT In the HOh room Aaryn and Gina talk about Spencer and how he called Marilyn his ex girlfriend and now he wants to marry her. Aaryn says when Spncer realized he wasn't going to have a showmance he started talking about how much he loved Marilyn. Gina says that Spencer is going home to no body.

#BB15 12:34 PM BBT Aaryn says she is tired of giving everything to Amanda and McCrae. She says she is a giver. She gives them her food and her nominations and her beer. She is tired of being a giver.

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#BB15 12:38 PM BBT Gina talks about if she knew Nick was going his week she would have spent more time with him. He was ripped away from her and it wasn't fair. She said that Judd was the biggest liar about Nick going.

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#BB15 12:43 PM BBT Andy in HOH room. Tells Aaryn and Gina that he does not trust Helen and Elissa. He says that Jessie told the truth that Helen wanted Amanda out. He says that Amanda never asked him to get Helen out even though Helen has asked him to get Amanda out. He thinks Amanda is more of a loyal person.

#BB15 12:44 PM BBT Andy tells Gina and Aaryn that Helen needs to go. Andy says that he will make sure that Gina, Aaryn and himself are safe if Amanda and McCrae get power. He says he has been loyal to them and they to him.

#BB15 12:47 PM BBT Gina tells Andythat she doesn't care about today, tomorrow or Wednesday. she only cares on Thursday on who Aaryn wants out and she will vote that way. She tells Andy if he is on the same page fine.

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#BB15 12:53 PM BBT Gina going off on Spencer and if people cross her etc. She is cursing so much it is difficult to follow. She says she wants Spencer out but flipping back and forth.

#BB15 12:56 PM BBT Aaryn says if Helen goes, then Amanda and Mccrae have everyone. Aaryn says that Gina and herself have no one. Andy days that he has them. He will keep them safe.

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1:00pm BBt: Ginamarie telling andy that she has no ties with amanda and Mccrae. andy says i understand but you wont go up or i will be mad at them Ginamarie says they have lied to me to many times and Andy says they have never lied to me.

1:02pm BBT: andy says i tell you if we want to win we have to get rid of Helen. He says the thing witl elissa is that if helen leaves elissa has no one.

1:05PM bbt: Andy telling Aaryn and ginamarie that they can trust him and he can keep them safe.

1:08pm BBT: Ginamarie is leaving to go lay out and Andy says i will be down in a minute.andy says do you agree with me to aaryn and aaryn says i do agree with you and i am just sad cuz i love helen and Andy says i am glad she si doing this bully thing so i dont feel so sad to vote her out.Aaryn says i just know Amanda has lied to me too. Andy says i am in tune with you.

1:20pm BBtL Helen says look this is pretty gross as there is stuff in the dirty dishes and Ginamaeie leaves and says thats fross i am lesiov g befor i get suck.

1:30pm BBt:Ginamarie and helen complaining about bugs in the kt and how no one washes their dishes and Helen says she is always doing dishes . Ginamarie says its Amanda and that candy she made she never cleans up after herslf so Ginamarie says lets hide most of the dishes and only keep enough for us to use now and get rid of the rest. her and Helen start going throught the dishes and counting them keeping 9 of each thing and locking up the rest. andy says how you locking them and Ginamarie says we will tie it shut.

1:33pm BBt: Elissa comes in from outside and looks what they are doing in the kt and Helen tells her we are washing and hiding since they had ants in there.

1:41pm BBt: elissa and Andy in BY talking and she is telling him that Amanda and mccrae wants elissa and aaryn to take each other out and ginamarie and spencer to take each other out and then they want spencer to take you out. Andy says yeah.

1:47pm BBT: Andy says i have to vote with my head cuz i loved judd so much that it was so hard to vote him out and my heart was telling me no but my head told me it was the right thing to do. Elissa says yeah my heart doesnt want to work with Aaryn but my head told me its best for me to work with her.

1:49pm BBT:Andy and Elissa talking and Andy says i just dont know where Ginamaries head is and if the votes come up 3-2 then we know where it is.helen and Ginamarie in kt cleaning cabnits and throwing out old food and spraying ant spray in the cabnits with dishes and food still in it.Andy is now going to go get something to eat and elissa says i havent eaten all day.

1:52pm BBT: Ginamarie and helen in lounge rm talking now as they take a break . Ginamarie says i have your back and Helen says if Spencer stays he will put you up and i wont ever put you up and Ginamarie says let them talk or whatever they have to do and wait till thursday then we will go from there.

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#BB15 2:06 PM BBT In the KT, Andy, Elissa and Helen talking about DR. Andy says he is called at either 4 AM or 7 AM. BB tells them not to talk about production.

#BB15 2:09 PM BBT Andy and Helen talking about Andy's first day of the semester for school year. He always starts the first day with introducing himself and playing 2 truths and a lie.

#BB15 2:18 PM BBT General chit chat in the KT about names and what is going on in the jury house. All other HG are still sleeping. Helen doing the dishes from the ants.

#BB15 2:28 PM BBT Andy goes into the BR. Tries to wake up Spencer and McCrae. Tells them he is bored and they are going to stay up until 5AM and create a vicious cycle.

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#BB15 2:30 PM BBT Andy goes into wake up Amanda. He briefly tells her about Helen. Amanda says something about evil. It is difficult to hear. They are whispering and can't quite make out what they are saying. Amanda says that she was loyal to her until she turned against Amanda.

#BB15 2:39 PM BBT BB calls for an OLD. Gina is in the pool and happy it is an OLD. Says the HG will now have to get up and come outside.

#BB15 2:53 PM BBT Amanda in the By talking about that she has a yeast infection. Elissa says probably because they wear bathing suits all the time. Aaryn says she should ask for the pill and not the Monistat as the Monistat gives other infections.

#BB15 2:56 PM BBT McCrae starts telling Amanda that she needs Activia. Says Jamie Lee Curtis says that you have yellow circles and yellow arrows. Amanda says when she has an orgasm, it comes out as a yellow circle like a bubble and you can pop them (you can't make this stuff up folks).

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3:00pm BBT: Elissa , Ginamarie and Helen sitting at the pool. andy, Mccrae, Aaryn , Amanda and Spencer are on the By couch talking about willie wonka and all the different candy he makes.

3:04pm BBt: the house is now open and most hg have gone in to see if there is anything in there and Amanda says let me know if there is a pandoras box but says it is just probbaly the ants.Aaryn goes upstairs as mccrae and Andy follow to see if there is a pandoras box. There is nothing there.

3:06pm BBT: Spencer, andy and Mccrae in hoh as Aaryn went to get food and a drink. andy telling Spencer that Helen doesnt trust him and Spencer laughs. Mcrae asking what was said and Andy says nothing. amanda comes in and ask Mccrae if he is going outside and he says no. Andy says we need 3 solid votes. Mccrae says she dont have them.

3:11pm BBt:Mccrae and Andy and spencer talking about maybe a player coming back between Judd and helen and he says he rather judd come back. they are talking about past hg that came back and won hoh comp.

3:14pm BBt: amanda joins the hoh rm and talk turns to her yeast infection and we get foth.

3:18pm BBT: Amanda and Spencer talking about when the finale is for BB and Bb yells to stop talking about production. Andy says if i vote her out and she comes back in i will be messed up . Mccrae says if anyone but Judd comes back they will be right back out. Spencer says if helen comes back i will go raise hell with production.

3:21pm BBt: Mccrae says we should show so much public display of effection when ginamarie is around i think it makes her uncomfortable. amanda says ok i can handle that. Amanda wants to cut Mccraes hair before the live show thursday and says he is such a shaggy.

3:29pm BBT: Aaryn is now telling Amanda everything that helen wanted her to put Amanda up and they she had the votes to get amanda out. Amanda says do you think Ginamarie would have votes me out. Aaryn says if i told her to. Spencer says what did they say about me and aaryn says not much it was mostly amanda.

3:38pm BBT: Mccrae has now gone downstairs to get amanda some coffee and helen ask to talk to Amccrae sometimes and he says yeah deffinatly.Aaryn says in hoh rm that if Elissa wins hoh this week then i will not hang out up here but anyone else i will come up. amanda says do we backdoor elissa next week or do we not rick it and put her up?

3:45pm BBt: Mccrae telling that they have never brought back anyone in jury but they have brought back like the first 4 people that left the house but the jury is already in sequester.Amanda says the way Julie put it i think.. how did she say it Andy? andy says you may be out of the house but not out of the game.Aaryn says i dont want jury here they are in jury for a reason the can go to the beach and chill already.

3:53pm BBT: Helen , Elissa and Ginamarie still laying out in the By at the pool. Aaryn and Spencer talking about how Elissa being like Rachel in the comps and how she lost the round in OTEV comp and how she elbowed people.

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4:01 PM BBT In the HOHR Spencer is telling Andy, McCrae, and Aaryn that if Rachel were to come back in the house he would very mad. He says they would see a different kind of Spencer. McCrae says instead of Pandora's Box they probably have Pandora's Player and it's Elissa. Meanwhile in the BY Helen, Amanda, Elissa and Gina Marie are talking general chit chat.

4:05 PM BBT Spencer bashing in the BY between Amanda and Gina Marie. Amanda doesn't want to work with Spencer she wants to work with Gina Marie. Gina Marie says Spencer just lies to her. Helen bashing in the HOH by Aaryn, Andy, McCrae, and Spencer regarding her threat to Aaryn about throwing the POV for safety. Talk then turns to how the house broke down after Judd left. Spencer said he was too relieved to feel sad for Judd. He might have felt differently if he had been on the voting end.

4:10 PM BBT Spencer says that of the five times he has been on the block he's only had one vote to evict him. He expects that will change this week. He says that after packing so many times he told BB not to even give him his bags back. Aaryn is called to the DR. Meanwhile in the BY Gina Marie goes inside to get coffee and some insecticide for the ant problems on the patio.

4:13 PM BBT Andy says he loves sleeping in the color BR. He says jokingly "Jessie knew what was up when she took that bad. It's my bed now. No one's getting my bed." McCrae, Andy, Spencer are back to trash talking about Helen. They don't like the way she talks down to them. Andy says Helen acts like she has carried him the entire game. Spencer says she acts like he is supposed to thank her for still being here.

4:16 PM BBT Gina Marie comes out and declares war on the ants. Amanda tells her that she has thought of a new game called Towel Bowl or Towel Bowling where they roll pool balls onto different color towels for points. Meanwhile in the HoH they are speculating what would happen if jury members came back. Andy said Gina Marie would attack if Candice came back.

4:19 PM BBT Amanda goes up into the HOHR to explain her Towel Ball game. They said it sounds cool and will try it later. Amanda says she told BB to give them less pork and more chicken because they don't eat the pork. Spencer says they don't eat it because they never have enough of it. In the BY Helen has decided to join Elissa over on the hammock.

4:23 PM BBT On the hammock Helen tells Elissa that she thinks they are still on track for Spencer leaving but they have to stay on top of Andy and Gina Marie. Helen says Amanda will probably be chirping in Aaryn's ear a million gazillion times. Helen says that Andy probably doesn't understand that if he works with Amanda and McCrae then he is going to end up leaving right behind them (Helen/Elissa). They discuss that Amanda needs a better attitude in the house. She never compliments anyone and is always starting arguments.

4:28 PM BBT Helen tells Elissa that Andy has been playing so safe and that he is now willing to vote out his closest allies. Helen says that if she leaves then it is up to Elissa, Aaryn, and Gina Marie to go after "them" because Andy doesn't have the balls. Meanwhile in the HOHR Amanda, Andy, McCrae, Spencer, and Aaryn are talking about an endurance competition. Amanda says it will probably be some yoga like thing where you have to bend or hang and Elissa will win it. Aaryn says to Amanda that she doesn't care if Amanda's arm falls off, not to let Elissa win it.

4:33 PM BBT In the HOHR Spencer says within the next two weeks Gina Marie will end up standing on the edge of the balcony while wearing Nick's hat and threaten to jump off. Conversation then goes to the Have-Not Black Box competition. In the BY Helen and Elissa leave the hammock and join Gina Marie by the pool. They are trying to figure out how Roscoe got his name. Gina Marie takes credit for it talking about Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles being her inspiration.

4:42 PM BBT In the HOHR Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy are talking about Elissa. They think she is crazy and needs to be on meds instead of accusing Jessie of not taking them properly. They then talk about her allergic reaction. Spencer says he is allergic to a bunch of stuff but what Elissa had was not a serious reaction.

4:45 PM BBT Andy is trying to figure out how to kill Clownie again. Andy tells them that Clownie has already died in the tub with a hair dryer, was hung in the shower, and overdosed on pills. They decide that Clownie needs strangled with a plastic bag this time. Andy likes it and leaves the HOH. Amanda is called to the DR.

4:48 PM BBT Helen, Elissa, and Gina Marie are still out by the pool but Helen appears to be falling asleep. BB reminds them they aren't allowed to sleep outside. Gina Marie jumps to her defense "She's counting, she's counting." Meanwhile in the HOH Aaryn, Spencer, and McCrae discuss that with certain fonts there is a huge space between the "Y" and "N" and Aaryn's name looks like Aary n. Aaryn agrees that it does look like that. Spencer sings "Aryan Nation" and Aaryn continues "Don't Be Jealous."

4:56 PM BBT In the HOHR Aaryn is saying that she is glad Helen is leaving on her HOH. She says they can relax and enjoy themselves after Elissa leaves next week because everyone left will be people that are cool with each other. Spencer "I'm going to fight for HoH next week but because of Elissa leaving he won't be upset if someone else he trusts wins it." He says after next week he is going to fight even harder though. Spencer is called to the DR.

5:00 PM BBT Everyone but Aaryn leaves the HOHR. McCrae and Andy have joined Amanda in the BY. Amanda says Andy ate the last of the slop balls and will never pass up balls in the mouth, even if they are sloppy. Andy "Amen sister." Helen and Elissa have gone inside. Helen is putting on makeup and Elissa says she needs to pluck her eyebrows. Aaryn has found a plastic bag strangled Clownie and takes it outside and hits Andy with it. Aaryn "Andy, how do you keep finding things to do in this house and it blows my mind."

5:08 PM BBT Aaryn yells out in the BY that her HOH-itis is talking. She says there is no reason for seventy six red Gatorades and not a single orange. She said no one drinks red Gatorade, It is her HOH week and enough with the red Gatorade.

5:11 PM BBT Strangled Clownie is now sitting at the bar in the KT. Spencer "What happened to you, I thought someone was watching you." Spencer goes into his own red Gatorade fit saying he won't be able to hydrate. Aaryn and Spencer vent together and Spencer threatens to dump all the red Gatorade in the DR. Aaryn compliments Gina Marie on her flat stomach. She said if she could build her own body she would have Amanda's boobs, Gina Marie's stomach, and Elissa's legs and butt. She would keep her own hair. Spencer said if he could make the perfect woman she would look just like Marilyn.

5:17 PM BBT In the BY Amanda, McCrae, and Gina Marie are talking about what has happened in the house that would be mentioned on The Soup. McCrae thinks "Yous cockaroaches" was definitely on there. Gina Marie says that always tell the dumb things blondes say. McCrae says the Amanda/Candice POV fight was probably on there. McCrae says he hopes he makes it on The Soup just once. McCrae tells them about Hamsterwatch and The Soup mentions and sex act tallies. [Not me, if I was on the show I'd only show love to Morty!!--Goldylucks]

5:26 PM BBT By the hot tub Aaryn tells Helen and Gina Marie all the different ways that Clownie has bit the dust. Aaryn is surprised she hasn't found him in the pool yet. Helen puts two and two together that Candice's clown unitard was Clownie inspired. Meanwhile Elissa is cooking in the KT and Amanda is called to the DR.

5:30 PM BBT Aaryn says she is a forgiving person and was over the Candice thing after she had to wear the clown suit for over 24 hours. She started to feel sorry for her. She was over it (being made at her) until Candice pointed her out in her last speech. She says people can't let go of things. Helen "For some people forgiveness for them is blocking it out of their mind but not truly getting over it."

5:36 PM BBT In the BY Amanda is explaining to Aaryn, Helen, and Gina Marie how she sells homes through a company. They offer her a website to increase her sales and she splits her commission 70/30 with them. There is plenty of talk about people outside of the house so we keep getting frequent FOTH.

5:41 PM BBT Most of the HGs are in the BY talking about their wake up calls and in what order they have heard what songs. They make some requests and we got FOTH because Andy was singing "I like big butts..."

5:44 PM BBT Aaryn points out the splotchy spots on her arm like older people get. Spencer says it's liver spots. Her liver is producing too many enzymes because she drinks too much. Aaryn says "I only drink two glasses of wine." Spencer "Historically" Gina Marie tells Aaryn that Spencer is full of crap.

5:46 PM BBT McCrae freaks out in the BR. Amanda has decided to take a shower completely nude. McCrae fusses at her that they we (us feedsters) can see that. She readjusts the towel she has hanging over the door. McCrae stands up on the stool to look from "our" perspective. McCrae "They can't see now but they sure could see before." Amanda starts singing in the shower so we got FOTH.

5:50 PM BBT Amanda is out of the shower and using moisturizer on her face. In the BY they are talking movies again and Helen is called to the DR. Helen goes in to change because she doesn't want to do her DR session in her bikini. Aaryn must be bored. She has strangled clownie at the photo booth and she is checking it out. She looks under it, inside it, and spins the seat. She knows BB has cameras in there somewhere probably because they expected people to hide in there to cry.

5:58 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the BY. In the HOHR Aaryn and Amanda are talking. Aaryn tells her that people are telling her she can't trust Amanda. Amanda reconfirms that she is loyal to Aaryn. Amanda "It sucks when people are pushing so hard against you. It makes you feel like you are really not liked." Aaryn "I don't like it, even when they are a fake target."

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6:02pm BBT: Aaryn saying she puts on a front and i contain some things at home that i dont here and it scares me that they will think i am bad. amanda says to amanda that you dont have to do the things i have to do here to stay.

6:04pm BBt: Spencer, Mccrae, Helen and Andy on by couch talking about tv charicters.In HOh rm Aaryn and Amanda still talking about their alliances and Amanda says i rather leave this game knowing that i was loyal to the people i was suposed to be loyal to.

6:07pm BBT: Aaryn tells Amanda if Elissa or spencer ot Ginamarie wins hoh then i feel like you , me and mccrae are goijg to go up. Amanda says yeah i know but we just have to make sure one of us gets hoh this week.

6:11pm BBt: Amanda says can you imagine us 2 the final two we will be the hottest final two ever. aaryn says yeah and the votes will be split and aamanda agrees.

6:16pm BBT: Amanda and Aaryn still in hoh rm and aaryn says i dont like talking about past stuff and Ginamarie brings up the nick thing everyday and i am sick of it. she doesnt get it that nobody cares.

6:20pm BBt: Elissa in the KT with ginamarie and helen saying she wants some fruit so bad that this slop stuff is torture helen ased to talk to Mccrae and they go to the lounge rm. helen says first i want to say when i talk to you i have never told anyone anything you ever told me and it came back to me that you told and when i talk to you i want it to stay between us. helen says i am asking for your vote and i know Amanda might be mad at you but Amanda is not being portraid very well and you dont want to be portrayed that way so i think it is a big move that you vote to keep me as i have a deal with you and Andy that no one knows about.

6:24pm BBT: Helen says i am saying to you if you and amanda go on the block or if you are up against Aaryn then i can sway Elissa to vote anyways i want and you need to think what is best for you. mccrae just keeps saying yea ya yea. helen says i have a really good relationship with andy and Elissa so if you keep me you wont be voted out. mccrae says i do want to keep you for a form of calateral just something that i can pursue amanda or use in the future to assure that i wont be put up and if i am i can use it.

6:36pm BBt: :helen and Mccrae still talking and Helen says if i leave you lose a huge ally. helen says you dont have that with amanda either you dont have to go through amanda to talk to me like everyone else does.helen says if you vote yo keep me you will have me Elissa and Andy and mccrae says yeah.

6:39pm BBt: Mccrae says i will talk to Amanda about this and Helen says why dont you just stick up to her just stick up to her be the man you are Mccrae stick up to her and if you dont where is your relationship going to go Mccrae and Mccrae says Yea yea. Andy now walks in and helen says i am just saying love is love.helen tells Andy that she is just telling mccrae about love and marriage and how hard marriage is.

6:42pm BBt: Andy goes to HOh rm and ask where amandais and if anything is new and aaryn says no i am just talking to her about relastate stuff and we are kinda in the same thing

6:46pm BBt: aaryn telling Andy that amanda is scared when she leaves here that she is going to get so much verbal abuse from her boyfriend that she left at home and he told her that he would make sure that she never worked in that town again.

6:51pm BBt: Helen repeating herself over and over in lounge rm with Mccrae and elissa trying to get Mccraes vote and all mccrae says is yeah yeah yeah. in HOh Amanda and Andy talking about helen going home and andy repeating what Helen said all day.

6:56pm BBt: Andy tells Amanda that she is the face of all the votes even though i vote how i want you take the brunt of it. Amanda says thats ok.

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7:05PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are sitting on the BY couches talking, GinaMarie is pretending to work out. Amanda is complaining about not being able to eat anything but slop. GinaMarie is playing around with the stuff in the BY. BB "GinaMarie, Stop that!" She yells out "Hey I am trying to work out here!" BB now tells her to put on her mic.

7:11PM BBT Helen and Elissa in the hammock, McManda go inside. Helen yells out to GM, "Wow she is really turning on the charm!" GinaMarie says "Ya?" Helen is telling Elissa about Helen's talks today in the house. Amanda goes into the HoHR and says "Did you hear? According to Helen I am a bully, she has even said it to McCrae!" Spencer says "Tell her, I don't care, pack your bags and get the f**k out!" Amanda is now talking about Elissa. McCrae chimes in and says that Elissa was telling him to stand up for himself and not let Amanda push him around. Amanda "I am carrying you? I am pushing you around?" She is getting mad.

7:16PM BBT McCrae is telling them about the talk he had with Elissa. Amanda barks out, "Apparently America, I am a bully because I am honest after she came after me and I told her I want her to go home."
McCrae continues to say what he was told and Amanda says "Ya I am a bad guy." she then asks who the bad guys are, Spencer was mentioned. Spencer says "I am not trying to state the obvious but, she is campaigning for votes and if she doesn't get them she is making sure everyone turns against you?" They say yes.

7:20PM BBT McCrae is laying it on thick about what was said. (this is the most I have heard him speak in one convo!) Amanda is going on about how she could possibly be bullying Helen. Andy says to Spencer, "Well you did call me a f****t and say you were gonna kick my ass after the show but that is just because you are a redneck from Arkansas!" Spencer laughs. They were trying to lighten the convo. McCrae continues talking, Amanda is sighing and rolling her eyes.

7:25PM BBT McCrae tells Amanda "Apparently you were the mastermind behind this HoH" Amanda "Ya, these are my nominations, no matter who is HoH it always comes back to me!" Amanda is explaining that she told Helen she wanted to backdoor Aaryn but told Aaryn she was going to say it so it didn't come back to her. Andy tells Spencer, "It is all set in stone, Spencer don't even pack seriously." Spencer says that Elissa is probably hated outside the house. McCrae thinks people either love her or hate her. Spencer says if he was watching, he would be "oh f**k her!" he would not like her.

7:30PM BBT Helen is in the hammock with Aaryn, GinaMarie and Elissa. Helen is telling them about her convo with McCrae. GinaMarie "I do not like A) sore losers B) bad sportsmanship C) throwing someone a competition." She asked McCrae if he threw it, he said "Yes" she said "Why you are here for you!" She keeps telling him to focus. GM is getting fired up. Aaryn and Elissa are just listening. Helen says he is a huge fan of the game, why would he keep her?

7:35PM BBT Helen is speaking fairly highly of McCrae in the hammock chat, McCrae and Amanda are trashing Helen and Elissa in the HoHR.
Aaryn says that McCrae is worried about what the livefeeders think of him and wants to get the America's player. Helen doesn't think he will win it now.

7:40PM BBT Andy and McCrae are planning on working on Elissa together, Amanda says "Without me?" in a jealous tone. McCrae says that right now it has to be them. McCrae says "Don't go to her, don't. Just be subtle." Spencer pipes up and says "Even if Elissa wins HoH, you won't have a problem. She is going after Aaryn and GinaMarie"
In the BY, Aaryn talking about how Amanda was accusing them of working with Elissa and Helen.

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