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Week Nine - The Shopping Is In Danger - And So Are The Housemates!


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On Day 59, Marcus Bentley entered the house for a task. Instead of commentating on what's happening in the house, he delivered a script and the housemates had to follow his instructions. The housemates passed this task and won a Caribbean BBQ party with live music.

On Day 60, in the task 'Aggy Adjectives', a grumpy Sophie was tasked with thinking of as many adjectives as she possibly could for the word 'Grumpy'. For every correct adjective she gave, Sophie was rewarded with a treat. However, if Big Brother felt she had not made enough effort, then one item of her clothing would be forfeited. Sophie passed the task and earned twenty-six treats and a smile.

On Day 61, Sam had to perform a night of stand-up comedy for his fellow housemates in the task: 'Sam's LOL Fest.' However, as he was aware, the more the housemates laughed the worse the treat would be. As most of the reception was good and the majority of housemates laughed at how bad his jokes were, Sam won only a small cupcake. The joke was on BB, however, as Sam raised up a slice of bread and offered BB a toast.

On Day 62, housemates took part in their final shopping task; 'Save the Shopping!'. For this task, housemates became the house's Rescue Squad and had to save their shopping from a series of dangers. The treehouse became Rescue HQ and in pairs, housemates would take it in turns to save their shopping from several dangerous fixtures in the garden, such as 'the burning building' or the 'bomb'. Among the shopping were golden tokens (special prizes) which could also be saved. On Day 63, once the task had finished, the shopping that was saved could be kept.

On Day 64, Gina had to become Big Brother's Best Friend by performing tasks that would assess if she was so or not. Her tasks included: insulting three other housemates' appearances, stealing something, revealing a big secret and who she wants to be evicted, staying away from one of her friends and throwing a strop at random. Gina passed her series of tasks above, and was rewarded with a treat at the end of the day for being a true friend to Big Brother. Her fellow HG all claimed to know she was on a secret task afterwards, despite being quite put out with her at the time.

On Day 65, in the task 'Gina Of The Lamp', Dexter and Gina became the genies of the Big Brother House for the day with a mission of making each of the evictee's potential last day in the house as comfortable as possible by granting any wishes they so desired. If they failed to carry out any evictee's wishes, they would risk losing the task.

On Day 60, housemates voted for the person they want to see in the final. It was revealed that the winning housemate (with the most votes) would receive a free pass to the final. However, it would only be given on condition that the housemates make a unanimous decision. Housemates failed to do this, and therefore the free pass was lost.

On Day 61, housemates once again nominated face-to-face.

On Day 63, the four nominated housemates were told BB didn't want to wait until Friday and that one of them would be leaving the house that night. The nominated housemates each had to choose how much money from the prize pool they would take in exchange for being immediately evicted. Sam chose the full £100,000, saying he didn't want to be evicted at any price. Charlie chose £99,000, Jack and Joe opted for £96,850, and Dexter said he would leave for £88,800, the lowest amount chosen. Housemates were told the housemate who chose the lowest amount of money would be evicted, taking with them the amount of money they had chosen which would be deducted from the prize fund. However, this was a lie and Big Brother told Dexter that as he had been the least selfish housemate (leaving the most money in the prize pool), he would be immune from the public vote but had to choose from the two remaining housemates, Sophie and Gina, someone to replace him and face the public vote this week. After pretending to agonize over the decision, Dexter chose Sophie. The fact that Dexter did not choose the higest amount available to him as did his fellow nominees caused strife in the house, especially with Sam.

On Day 61, Charlie, Dexter, Jack & Joe and Sam received the most face-to-face nominations from their fellow housemates and therefore faced eviction this week.

On Day 63, as part of the Prize Fund lie (see Twists), Dexter became immune and chose Sophie to replace him, meaning Charlie, Jack & Joe, Sam and Sophie faced the public vote.

On Day 65, Jack & Joe had the least number of votes to evict and were therefore saved. Sophie became the eighth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House. Dexter, Sam, Jack & Joe, Charlie and Gina now face the final public vote to win Big Brother.


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