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Sunday, August 11 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572
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****typo in the title of the thread Morty, should be Aug 11. Thank you!!****

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[i feel like all these times could be wrong because I was using BBViewer, and it kept messing up on me.]

12:33AM BBT: Elissa is doing yoga in the chair bedroom. Jessie, McCrae, Spencer and Andy are in the couch in the BY. They chat about re-takes they've had to do. When entering the house, they were instructed to wait until the 4 names are called before entering the house. When Candace's name was called, she turned around to enter the house right then and there, and they had to redo it. Andy says Candace is bad at listening to instructions.

12:41AM BBT: Sounds like Gina Marie and Helen are playing volleyball in the BY. Amanda has come out of DR and has joined the group on the couch in the BY. General chit chat. Helen and Gina Marie sit down on the couch in the BY. Helen says she wants to watch the season herself, and not find out from someone else that say, Andy has been against her since episode 1. Helen and Jessie play head bump with the ball.

12:45AM BBT: The housemates are talking about their parents. Andy says he feels his parents love each other, aren't obsessed with each other. Jessie says thats what second marriages are like, being obsessed with each other. Gina Marie says thats what her parents are like. Her mum is in her second marriage. Jessie hopes her mum comes to finale night. Andy asks how many people they can bring. Andy wants both his parents, as does Jessie and Gina Marie. Gina Marie says he wants his stepfather to come to scare Nick. McCrae says he thinks his friends, who are big BB fans, would enjoy the experience better.

1:00AM BBT: Jessie and Aaryn are in the washroom. Jessie is doing her makeup, and Aaryn takes out her contacts. Elissa has joined the housemates outside on the couch. Andy chats about a past relationship. All 4 feeds change to show Aaryn and Jessie in the kitchen. All 4 feeds change again to the housemates in the BY. Andy is still talking about past relationships.

1:20AM BBT: Andy, Helen, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie and Elissa are chatting on the couch in the BY about past relationships and problems in them. Andy chats about doing improv. Gina Marie joins the group in the BY. Talk changes to the wedding. Amanda says she should hold her key instead of a bouquet.

1:40AM BBT: All 4 feeds on the BY. Gina Marie, Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda, and Jessie are on the couch. They chat about blow ups in the house.

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1:55AM BBT: Elissa is in the the hot tub. Jessie and Amanda sit beside the hot tub to chat. They find it hard to believe that it's August 11 already. They feel like it was just July 4. Elissa gets out of the hot tub and gets in the shower.

2:33AM BBT: Jessie and Elissa are in the chair bedroom. Elissa is getting dressed for bed. Jessie says goodnight and heads to the colourful bedroom. Gina Marie, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are out in the BY. They chat about past housemates behaviour. Amanda heads inside, and lifts up her shirt and shows the camera above the memory wall her bra. She heads into the chair bedroom and turns off the lights. She lays down with Jessie and starts whispering.

2:45AMBBT: Helen and Elissa are dressed for bed. Elissa and Helen head to the cockpit room. They chat about how it's hard to trust Jessie and that she super inconsistent.

3:00AM BBT: Amanda is in bed in the colourful room. Gina Marie, Spencer and Andy are in the BY on the couch. General chat chat.

3:20AM BBT: All the housemates are snug in their beds for the night.

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11:00 am BBT Aaryn, Jessie and Helen in BY. Helen is running. Aaryn told Jessie when she gets out of the BB house she will appreciate things more, make better friends and do things differently. Looks like Andy in HOH room listening to music.

11:04 am BBT Jessie said people told her going on BB would be the biggest mistake of her life.

11:05 am BBT Aaryn and Jessie still in BY talking about their family.

11:09 am BBT Now all four feds on HN room watching sleeping have not's.

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11:07PM BBT:

aaryn is telling jessie tht being on big brother will change their lives - she goes on to say that she doesnt need anyone's approval and tht people will sat that about her that she doewsnt need anyone's approval. Jessie says tht she is the opposite that she had a very tumultuous - you know - hmmmm - her parents getting divorced she was pulled in many directions.

Earlier aaryn had talked about driving - back in December - from Colordao to Texas and listening to self help tapes - one in particular - and tht it helped her get to big brother and fulfill another dream. She mentioned breaking up with her boyfriend on septemeber 15.

Arryn grabs the convo back and talks about her mom and dad being divorced and how bad it was but how wonderful her dad has been to her and had time as a rancher to be with her a lot her mom not so much because she was busy. she says tht her dad was unhappy tht he couldnt spend full time with her and only weekends. She sais tht when the weekend came to an end she would scream and cry and leech onto him and they would have to pull her off him so that he could leave. She said that he never remarried.

11:11 PM BBT:

Aaryn ends the convo and back to the hot tub. Jessie sits there in a pensive mood.

11:13 PM BBT:

Ginamarie still asleep.

11:14 PM BBT:

For some reason all 4 cams are on Ginamarie sleeping. Must be the delay. No clue what is going on elsewhere yet.

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11:27am BBT All four feds still on HN room {camera man must be sleeping too}.

11:30 am BBT Jessie and Aaryn in BY chatting. Aaryn wants good things for people that she sees hurting. Jessie feels like what is the point because she has seen so many people going throgh so much shit.

11:33 am BBT Jessie started crying and saying what did we do. Aaryn said it's not you and then all feds switched back to the HN room.

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11:34 am BBT In the BY Aaryn telling Jessie you have to see the end. Jessie is going to move here (to LA I thing) and start taking acting classes and maybe do a soap opera.

11:45 am BBT Jessie said everyone around her is going into the corporate work force and she never wanted to do that. Jessie would like to be on a show called "Making it in LA"

11:47 am BBT Aaryn is going to change and Jessie thanks her for talking.

11:48 BBT Now in the WA Helen is blowdrying her hair. Jessie just walked in and asked Helen if she took a shower.

11:49 am BBT Aaryn walked in the WA telling Jessie who is taking a shower that she (Aaryn) is going into the pool first because she has her swim suit on.

11:52 am BBT Jessie still in shower, Helen done blowdrying her hair. Andy walked in WA and asked where the hell is everybody. I did not hear anyone answer him.

11:55 am BBT Andy now in BY messing with the weight set and humming.

11:58 am BBT All four feds back to the HN room watching the sleeping have not's.

11:59 am BBT Helen and Andy in HOH room talking about Spencer and it would be good if he won HOH because he would take somebody out. Helen thinks if her or Andy approach Spencer and ask if they could handle the nominations for him. Helen is afraid if they keep Jessie then Jessie, Aaryn and GM would gang up on everyone.
12:05 am BBT Helen don't want to loose the numbers for vote control. Andy said Aaryn told him she don't want Helen going anywhere. Helen's worrie about McCrae is he is going to win first comp in final three. Helen said if the final three is Helen, Andy and Elissa then Andy or Helen could win the final comp. Andy said it is a gamble, Helen said tell McCrae they are keeping the deal then Jessie walked in and talk stopped.
12:09 pm BBT Helen left HOH room and now Jessie and Andy are talking about the POV comp. Jessie said she was counting on him to win. Andy again tells Jessie she is not going anywhere. Andy said he has been in HOH room so much because he has been thinking.
12:12 pm BBT Andy and Jessie still in HOH going over different scenario's of future HOH winners. Helen walked in HOH room and talked stopped. Andy tells Helen they were talking about the comp yesterday.
12:16 pm BBT Andy, Helen and Jessie in HOH room still talking about the comp yesterday
12:17 pm BBT Andy, Jessie and Helen in HOH room now talking about wanting Zingbot and Pandora's box to come.
12:21 pm BBT Andy feels the Judd and Nick eviction were the best so far. Helen hopes Judd realizes his game was flawed because there were too many lies.
12:22 pm BBT Andy now telling Helen that he is wrestling with what he wants to do. Helen said she will support him with what ever he does. Andy always thinks how will he remain as safe as possible. Helen thinks Spencer is a good player.
12:24 pm BBT Andy don't want to just keep himself safe, he wants to keep the people that he cares about safe. Jessie said she has never made any big moves or won HOH, she just backed people up when they needed it.
12:26 pm BBT Andy wants to reassure Jessie that she is just a pawn and everything is going to be okay. Jessie don't know how she got to be nominated three times in a row and she feels like she is disposable to the house. Helen looks at the block as a time to build opportunities and Jessie needs to figure out who in the house she can get the votes from. Jessie feels like she has done that and she just reassures people from the first week she was on the block but she can't make anymore deals.
12:29 pm BBT Jessie said if she wins HOH she will consult with Helen and Andy on who to put up. Helen said Jessie helped to expose Judd. Andy said Judd said every minute he was alone with Judd, Judd kept saying "we got to get rid of Jessie."
12:35 pm BBT Andy, Helen and Jessie in HOH room bashing Judd.
12:38 pm BBT Jessie said Judd would burst out to people he was plotting against. Helen said it made no sense what Judd was doing and he could of slid through the game, but other stuff started happening. Jessie said he would kiss her while he was plotting against her.
12:41 pm BBT Helen wanted to give Judd an opportunity to appologize, but he got angry. Jessie said Judd told her she (Jessie) made him miserable in the house. Jessie said Judd came to her right before the live show and wanted to smooth things over. Helen said Judd had relationships across the house.
12:43 pm BBT Helen said when Judd won HOH a different Judd came out. Andy said Judd got the whole house against each other and no one thought to call him out. Helen asks Jessie about when Judd was in the kitchen and Jessie was in the hallway if they were listening to her (Helen) and Elissa talking. Jessie said she has never done that but Judd might have been.
12:48 pm BBT Helen loves Judd as a person, but his lies could be a whole show in itself.
12:52 pm BBT Andy said the only thing they have to worry about is if Judd comes back in the game. Helen said they would just vote him out again.
12:53 pm BBT Andy said GM has a birthday on August 22 and she should still be in the BB house. Now HOH chat between Helen, Andy and Jessie are about people with August birthdays. Now they are going to the pool.
12:55 pm BBT After Jessie walked outside, Helen and Andy stopped in the kitchen and Andy asked if he was convincing. Helen said yes then Jessie walked back into the house.
12:58 pm BBT Spencer woke up and Andy tells him goodmorning.
12:59 pm BBT Andy told Spencer he is welcome to use the HOH shower. Andy is going to do some laps in the yard.
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1:00pm BBT: Aaryn is on the eliptical and Jessie is sitting on the by couch smoking. Spencer is heading to a shower and Andy washing his hands in the Wa he then goes to KT where Helen is and gets his laundry and takes it upstairs to his HOH rm.

1:03pm BBT: Andy telling Helen that he feels so spoiled since everything he has wanted to happen has happened.helen points at pictures on the memory wall and says look how hard it was to get all these people out already . it was so hard. andy says just think we could have been down to final 6 now but we had to have extra people.

1:05pm BBT: Andy says but look the people who were loyal to each other are still here. Helen says yeah we are.

1:11pm BBT: Amanda is now in the KT making breakfast.She asked Andy if he is hungry and he says not really. Amanda says i am making pancakes and this makes like 10 of them and Andy says i am going to have Dots for breakfast. he laughs and says out of all the candy in that comp why did Mccrae bring all dots? and they laugh.

1:21pm BBT: In the KT Andy, Amanda , Spencer and Elissa talking about Andys favorite song being Christmas shoes. Spencer says today his only objective is to get his clothes up out of the floor and into a drawer. Spencer asked Amanda if he cuts up a hershy bar will she make him a chocolate pancake and she says yes.

1:33pm BBt: most hg in KT talking about playing simon says and how good Ginamarie is at playing it. amanda still mixing the pancake batter. Andy says when i leave this house i am going to miss slop balls really.

1:42pm BBT: Andy and Elissa are in Kt laughing and cutting up with each other. Amanda still making pancakes as Spencer and Helen are sitting there watching and laughing. Andy asking Questions about food on the counter.

1:49pm BBT: Ginamarie is now in Wa taking braids out of her hair as Aaryn is in the shower. Jessie is heading to bed to take a nap. Andy and Amanda are saying that Mccrae needs to get up. Amanda asked Andy if he wants to take Mccrae a cup of coffe and Andy says can i kiss him too? Amanda says yeah but he likes ear nibbles better.Andy takes him the coffee and says Mccrae time to wake up Amanda sent me to wake you with your coffe. It is 2pm and Amanda is making pancakes so i will give you 5 minutes to wake up or i am coming back . then any leaves the rm and goes back to KT.

1:52pm BBT: helen is eating slop muffins and saying mmmm slop muffins these are so good and Andy laughs at her..

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2:00pm BBT: Andy and Ginamarie in HOH rm talking Andy says i just want you to know i am friends with these people for now and i do know what is going on in this house and i feel like i am exspendable to some of them. Ginamarie says i just know if Spencer comes off i would go up.andy says i have had a deal with aahelen and amanda and i knew i couldnt put them up. Andy says so are we good next week i will be safe if you get hoh? Ginamarie says yeah yeah baby you are good.

2:04pm BBT: GInamarie says i have made it this far in this house so i believe it was meant for me to make it this far and if i stay here i stay and if i go i go its all good with me. Andy says i wanted to be able to take him off this week but then i am glad i won pov and i dont have to put anyone else up. Spencer knows he is safe. Ginamarie says yeah Spencer knows he is a pawn and he is good.

2:12pm BBT: Ginamarie still going on about Nick leaving and about Candice being a rat and thats why she called her out and called her a rat. She says i dont know what Howard put in her mind but its crazy. She says you know my mind and thats how it is buddy. Amanda walsk in and asked if Mccrae was in there and Andy says yeah he is poopin and Amanda yells to him to get a ciggarett. Andy and Ginamarie are done talking and leaves the hoh and heads downstairs. Amanda now back out in BY smoking with Spencer.

2:19pm BBT: Ginamarie is making herself some coffee as she talkes to Mccrae about her mom yelling at her for things all the time .mccrae says oh man i feel sick as he heads out to By to smoke with amanda and spencer. Andy is in by talking to them.just talking about the pov comp yesterday and Andy says he cant believe he won a math game.

2:25pm BBT: andy says i was talking to Ginamarie and she says i should say to Julie that this was deffinitly the most difficult banana i ever rode. And andy said i said it and i just cant say it to Julie.Then talk turns to Jeremy . andy says i just want to make a note to everyone that hoh itis has not gone to my head i just folded the towels for everyone and Spencer and elissa laugh.

2:33pm BBT: mccrae telling Spencer that he needs to get close to Helen . Spencer syas play games tonight dude, Helen loves playing games. Mccrae says yeah thats a good idea.Aaryn and ginamarie in WA doing makeup and hair.

2:38pm BBT: Andy and Spencer in By talking about the flies and bees that are around the by couch. Andy going in to wake jessie up to do her laundry he tells her he can put it in the dryer if she doesnt want to get up.Elissa and helen are at the pool Just general talk going on.

2:47pm BBT: HG in BY doing laundry or laying by the pool while Helen is in the pool playing with ducks and singing as we get foth.

2:57pm BBT: Aaryn in Kt getting food as most Hg are in By at the pool talking about who they got to evict and who they didnt get to evict. Spencer saying this is his 4th time on the block.

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3:11pm BBT: jessie telling Andy in HOh rm that if Andy does this for Spencer than Spencer will respect you and i am putting myself at risk here and i just know if you dont do this this week andy then we are doomed and if you dont do this they get more powerfull. Andy says i was just thinking if i keep them 4 here that they might go after each other. jessie says i know Andy i understand but i walked outside and there they was all 4 together. jessie says if you do this you will be in a power position. Andy says but if i make this move then i dont know if Helen and Elissa will be ok with taking Amanda out now.

3:14pm BBT: Jessie says Aaryn has done so much dirty work for those four that she is in good with them.Andy says i know. Jessie says when it gets to the final 5 she is going to stick with them. jessie says i know this is a ricky move and a scary move but the power players would have your back and i have your back. Andy says yeah i know.jessie says everyone loves you to death and all you will have is Mccrae upset but then he will probably come around and want to work with you so put him to owrk with you. jessie says i just want to get us to the final 2 you know what i mean i just want to help you.

3:18pm BBT: Andy says yeah i know we need to do this but i need to talk to everyone and see how loyal Helen and Elissa and Amanda and Mccrae is with me.jessie says i see cracks in helen and Elissa and i think we can work with them but i see a 4 person alliance in this house and there are only 9 people left so something needs to happen.

3:30pm BBT: All Hg outside and Amanda says Andy tomorrow is the wedding and we are trying to figure out what to make the brides toga out of and Andy says hmmmmm.

3:34pm BBT:andy tells Amanda and Mccrae he will talk to them later and amanda said she talked to Jessie lastnight but didnt think it did any good.

3:37pm BBT: Mccrae says i have a bad feeling this week and Aaryn says yeah i know.

3:39pm BBT: Mccrae heads to HOh rm to talk to Andy. Andy says jessie came up here and said the way she sees it since she doesnt know what is going on and she says there is a 4 person alliance running this house and that is Mccrae Amanda and Helen and Elissa . Andy says long story short she wants amanda to go this week and so this makes up my mind jessie has to go this week. Andy says i told her i had to talk to everyone. he says jessie sad that helen is on board with getting Amanda out.andy says that jessie said if she wins hoh next week she is ready to make that move so Andy says she just seald her fait and Mccrae says yeah yeah. Andy says no matter what this week jessie is going to go.

3:43pm BBT: mccrae says i have a bad feeling about something . I feel like Amanda is getting ready to cut me. Andy says you think Amanda will get rid of you? Mccrae says i dont know.

3:45pm BBT: Amanda comes in HOh rm and Andy is going to Dr he tells Mccrae to fill in Amanda and so Mccrae says that jessie was just up here a little bit ago and tells her everything. amanda says so Jessie has to go. Mccrae says thats what Andy just said. He says like Spencer he has no one.

3:50pm BBT: mccrae tells Amanda that Jessie will go tell them in sequester about what has been going on and Andy walks in and Mccrae gets called to the Dr. andy says well jessie just came in here guns blazing for me to put you up.Andy saysthe only way she could stay is if you and Mccrae solitify something with her for her to stay all she wants is to belong because she doesnt belong anywhere.

3:52pm BBT: amanda says yeah getting rid of jessie is good i was like i didnt care either way.But she can go now. Andy says we have to make sure that Spencer doesnt win hoh next week though and Amanda says yeah.Mccrae comes back in the hoh rm. Spencer walks in and now it Andy telling Him what Jessie said and that jessie is going home now.

3:56pm BBT: Andy tells Spencer that no matter what he hears this week dont worry cuz she is going this week. Andy says she is fighting hard but you are staying. Andy says i talked to Ginamarie this morning and everyone knows that you are staying this week so dont worry.

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4:01 PM BBT Spencer, McCrae, Amanda and Andy are talking in the HoH. Spencer and Amanda both suffered from chronic ear infections as children. Gina Marie is soaking up the sun in the BY.

4:06 PM BBT Andy is called to the DR. Andy "I just got out of there." Spencer "You're the power dude." In the HoH they are discussing whether or not HGs from past seasons who went back into the house were sent to jury first. Meanwhile Aaryn has joined them in the HoH. General chit chat in the BY between Helen and Elissa as they lay out in the sun.

4:10 PM BBT In the BY Gina Marie and Helen discover they have similar tastes in music. They both love the 80s, particularly Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" from Mannequin, Def Leppard, and White Snake. Jessie is more of a Britney Spears kind of girl and prefers pop. Elissa has a soft spot for Bryan Adams. Meanwhile in the HoH they are discussing the likelihood of a HG returning into the game from jury.

4:14 PM BBT Andy is out of the DR and back in the HoH. Spencer "Have a good DR session?" Andy "Yes, I talked all about you." Aaryn says Jessie lives on a farm and will find the insulated camo one piece useful but isn't sure what Gina Marie would do with it.

4:18 PM BBT Lots of music talk in the BY amongst the ladies leading to BB saying multiple times "Please Stop Singing." Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn have left the HoH leaving Andy and Spencer to discuss movies alone. They have gone into the BY. McCrae says he is sick to his stomach and Aaryn says it's probably stress.

4:28 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the BB house. All four feeds on Spencer and Andy in the HoH talking about Andy's grad school classes.

4:34 PM BBT Andy and Spencer are still talking in the HoH. They are talking about how Aaryn can slaughter competitions including the double eviction HoH where she won in just 3 questions. Andy says it's a good week to be HoH. Andy asks Spencer who he would put up if he got HoH. Andy promises him total secrecy. Spencer says Helen and Elissa because Helen would beat everyone in final 2 and is good at competitions. Andy and Spencer both agree that Elissa is bad a comps.

4:37 PM BBT Spencer tells Andy that whomever wins next week with either put up Amanda and McCrae or Elissa and Helen. Spencer and Andy feel like they are both in a good position for next week. Andy tells Spencer that if Helen wins don't be surprised if Andy acts like her best friend to stay safe. They tell each other that they are good with each other and can talk in secret without having to worry about the other spreading stuff.

4:45 PM BBT Spencer and Andy are still talking in the HoH. Spencer says Helen still doesn't trust him because of him lying to her about David leaving. Andy "That was week one, if she still has a problem with it she can go F herself." Spencer says it's done. No forgiveness needed. McCrae joins them. The other feeds are on Jessie cleaning the kitchen and Gina Marie and Aaryn making a snack.

4:50 PM BBT Feed watchers are getting a close up of Jessie's "girls" on camera 3. She is in her bikini up on top of the sink cleaning the one way glass. Andy and Spencer are still in the HoH talking about Candice's house meeting. Spencer said to himself during that meeting "What would my Mom want me to say." Andy "Any smart person would know that screwed only her and Howard and made Spencer look good."

4:54 PM BBT Spencer and Andy are now talking about Howard. He was so big and intimidating looking at first but ended up being awful at competitions. They said he would have done better playing "Road Rules" from MTV. Spencer tells McCrae that he always figured there was more to him than just a pizza boy. Aaryn walks in and tells Andy she has something for his hands. She puts something in his hands and tells him to scrub. Andy hates how it feels. After rinsing Andy has baby soft hands. Aaryn tells him it's a special scrub she made for Amanda to get her tan off. Aaryn offers it to McCrae and calls it "Spa Day Aaryn." McCrae "It hurts, is it supposed to hurt?" Spencer "I need new hands." [Me too, me too--Goldylucks]

5:00 PM BBT Aaryn to Andy "So, when's your Pandora's Box?" Andy "I hope soon, I want one bad." Aaryn tells him he will fall far when he realizes he isn't getting one. Andy says it was a crazy week going from not getting to do anything to getting to do everything. Spencer calls him King Andy. Andy says he misses regular Andy. They then start talking about Elissa super yoga turds and her awesome farting like cannon shots. Meanwhile Jessie is still cleaning up the KT.

5:03 PM BBT Gina Marie has joined them in the HoH. They are speculating how they find out about family members coming to the finale. Spencer thinks they will get asked in DR who they want to come. BB "You are not allowed to talk about production." Gina Marie said her family would want to party. Spencer says his parents would want to see the house and would probably be ready to leave early. Andy would like to invite his parents and a friend. Gina Marie would want her nephew there. BB gives them another reminder not to talk about production and we get FotH.

5:06 PM BBT the guys leave the HoH. They thought they were going to get in trouble for talking about production. Spencer jokes about BB "This is a public service announcement, if you don't shut F up" FotH. The camera booth is working. Amanda is in the booth. McCrae joins her. Andy goes into the BY and talks to Helen. They are trying to figure out which days the photo booth was turned on. 8,15,24,31, 38,45, and 52 days were the days. Helen tells Andy the anagram MAH-JAG-AA is how Helen remembers who won HoH in what order. Andy has trouble pronouncing that so she says do MAH-JAG-double A. Andy and Elissa go to the photo booth together leaving Helen to come up with an anagram for veto winners.

5:14 PM BBT Next for the photo booth is Spencer and Jessie. He is wearing his sunglasses and she is wearing her green feather bunny ears. Aaryn is waiting in line wearing her mardi gras mask. She takes the picture alone and then replaces the mask with her sombrero. Next up is Andy, Spencer, and McCrae all wearing their sunglasses and dark gray hoodies.

5:18 PM BBT Next up for their photo is Gina Marie. She takes one with her sombrero, her pink fuzzy bear hat, and Nick's hat. While wearing Nick's hat she makes the heart symbol with her hands. Amanda takes one in her camo hat while kissing the green stuffed frog. Since Aaryn and Andy both won the HoH and POV during their most recent reign they try to do a single 4 pictures sequence with each of them holding the HoH key and POV. Aaryn takes her photo, quickly passes it to Andy for his photo, and then quickly both of them jumping in together. They can't do it in the four seconds between photos without one of them messing it up.

5:24 PM BBT While more photos are going on, Spencer and Jessie go outside by the pool. They don't think Andy is willing to make a move this week by using the veto to target a bigger threat. He is too afraid he won't have the votes. Jessie admits that she is afraid of bringing it up in case it backfires on her. Spencer says it will be his 4th speech as a nominee. He plans on wishing a family member a happy birthday during this next speech.

5:28 PM BBT Spencer says it's pathetic that all the guys can fit into the photo booth together. Spencer says there is potential for all girls fighting against each other soon. Jessie "Girl fight." Spencer "I thought Andy would have more of a spine than to do what he did. It sucks dude." Jessie "Totally." Spencer asks her if she heard anything and all they are saying to her is that everyone is going to do what the house wants. Spencer says his feedback has been the same, all generic.

5:40 PM BBT The photo booth picture session is still in full swing. Amanda and McCrae are discussing their BB wedding. They think it will be weird not having any music. McCrae says he doesn't think "Here Comes The Bride" is copyrighted but Amanda says it doesn't matter. Even when they make up stuff BB tells them to stop singing. They then discuss how to make sourdough. They don't understand how to get the outside brown.

5:43 PM BBT Gina Marie joins the sourdough pretzel conversation. She says she knows the Famous Anus ones (Famous Amos). When she walks away Amanda says that is the funniest thing out of Gina Marie's mouth this whole time. Meanwhile Elissa and Helen are in the SR to discuss Jessie. Elissa says she would like to play with girls but that Jessie is to unpredictable. Helen "No, she's got to go."

5:48 PM BBT McCrae and Aaryn join Helen in the SR. They are talking about who Jessie has spoken to about backdooring Amanda. Helen "who is she wanting to backdoor next?" Aaryn tells them that 100% Spencer is more dangerous than Jessie but she will vote out Jessie if that is what they want. Helen admits that they can't let him win HoH next week. Aaryn tells them that she will vote the way that everyone feels is best but that Spencer makes her physically ill. Aaryn leaves and Helen and McCrae are discussing who Jessie would possibly nominate if left in the house.

5:56 PM BBT McCrae goes up to talk to Andy in the HoH. McCrae tells him that Helen is going to want to talk to him soon about Amanda being too dangerous to take to final 4. According to him Helen said that Aaryn will choose to take Amanda over McCrae. They will all need to get together to talk about it later. McCrae says he has a girl at home that probably hates him now. Andy asks him about his relationship with Amanda after the game. McCrae says he doesn't know. He and Amanda are both there to win so he can never 100% trust her but he knows he has to.

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6:02pm BBT:mccrae telling andy about a girlfriend he had a home before he came in thwe house and he told her he had to go and she flipped him off and stuff and he had to go back to her place and get his wallet but was worried about telling her where he was going. Andy says well you cant fix nothing while you are in here. Mccrae says i want to send messages but then there is amanda and i dont want no one seeing.

6:07pm BBt: Andy and Mccrae in HOh still talking and Jessie comes in and asked if she can get snacks. Andy tells Mccrae he has alot of dots from the comp yesterday and Mccrae laughs and says i love dots i used to get them at the movies all the time.

6:13pm BBT:Amanda and helen and Aaryn in KT cooking. Andy Mccrae and jessie in HOH rm talking about how upset Mccrae was when Judd left thursday night and how he went to the photobooth and cried like a baby.

6:16pm BBt: Mccrae says i forget the cameras are on when i get up in the morning and when i say things then i remember and say like crap i forgot.andy says i dont think i have slandered anyone so far and Mccrae says yeah you and spencer are real careful of what you say.

6:24pm BBT: helen says one good thing about living in this house is if you cook something and it isnt good you can throw it away and not feel bad about it.In hoh Mccrae and Andy talking about working outside the house and watching a movie.

6:29pm BBT: In HOh rm andy Jessie and mccrae talking about movies. In the KT amanda making pretzels and Helen talking about making cheese and chocolate dip for them.

6:40pm BBT: Amanda has now joined the HOh rm and Mccrae has stopped talking as much. Andy Jessie and Mccrae now talking about last years bb season and when everyone was evicted. In the KT Helen is washing dishes and cleaning the kT.

6:44pm BBT: elissa and Ginamarie in BY doing yoga.Amanda in HOh saying that Mccrae was the first in the house to tpuch her love handle and mccrae says i better be the only one and Amanda says yeah the only one. andy says the photobooth must be closed if Ginamarie is in the BY doing yogo cuz she gets so excited doing photos.

6:53pm BBT: andy and jessie in HOH and Jessie says i need to win next week so bad and he says i hear you girl.In the BY Elissa and Ginamarie running around the BY.

6:55pm BBT: Spencer and mccrae in STR looking in fridge and going to fix some chicken and steaks. Mccrae says i think everything is good and i think Andy really wants to get out jessie but i guess jessie told Andy to backdoor amanda i guess and Spencer says yeah i was going to tell you later that Jessie said she was going to talk to andy about trying to get Amanda out.They leave the STr to go cook chicken and steaks on the grill.

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7:07PMBBT: Andy and Jessie are still chatting in the HoH room. Andy is explaining his game and who he has had to make deals with and how much he has had to do to stay there. He says that he has gotten this far being everyone's friend. He tells Jessie she can trust him, Spencer knocks on the door and says he is making steak and chicken and what do they want, they both yell "Chicken!" They are now down stairs with the other HG.

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7:13PMBBT: Amanda was trying to make pretzels and it turned out more "like biscuits" she is in the BY with McCrae eating.
Helen went into the HoH room to listen to music. Andy followed her up there to tell her about his convo with Jessie. Jessie thinks Andy is in the middle of the house and "needs to make a power move" and Andy says "Duhh.... she has no idea" He hates that he is betraying Jessie so much and she trusts him but, it has to be done. He can not go after Amanda without 3 people being mad at him. Andy says "Ok now she needs to go." Helen says Jessie is so dangerous. The goal is to have Jessie surprised she is being evicted.

7:20PMBBT: Helen and Andy are excited about their new deal with McCrae. McCrae wants to talk to Andy while Amanda is preoccupied doing something else. Sounds like they are working out the details of a final 3 deal. Helen and Andy have agreed to take each other in final 2 or 3, they are unsure where McCrae is. Elissa is now in the HoH room, Andy tells her that he talked to Jessie and she is definitely going home but "don't tell her that!"

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7:23PMBBT: In the BY, they are discussing food, clothes. Small talk, typical of this time of day.
The HoH room talk is on GinaMarie, Elissa doesn't think she is playing to win, just to jury (GM has said this openly a few times). Elissa thinks Aaryn has influenced the way people treated Candice. They are talking about the way things have changed in the game since Day 3 when Elissa became the "enemy". Andy was told not to talk to her, Helen was told she was going home for being friends with Elissa. They say without MVP, the game would have been different. The last 2 MVP's they felt messed it up (we were trying). McCrae is now in the HoH room.

7:30PMBBT: Joking around in the HoH room, Andy says he should claim to be the MVP for the whole season! "I am just gonna say that my biggest move was being the season's MVP and blaming it on Elissa!" They all laugh.
Helen asks him if being HoH is exhausting. Andy says even with a good memory he is having to remember so much! McCrae agrees. He didn't even know anyone's name when he became HoH. Helen and McCrae are now talking about their HoH experiences. No Amanda talk yet. Elissa is in the HoH shower washing her hair.

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7:40PMBBT: Aaryn is now in the HoH room, she says Spencer is "too sketchy." she thinks she may be having a slop vision but, she thinks it is a matter of time before he does something "really sketchy". Andy agrees, now they are talking about the Veto and Spencer throwing comps to stay. Aaryn sounds like she is campaigning for Jessie with out saying her name.

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7:45PMBBT: And now Aaryn has called Spencer a "Shady F**k!" among other things. She is acting like she is really frustrated with him. McCrae, Andy, Elissa and Helen are agreeing, they are rehashing the veto comp and how Spencer is too eager to throw things but then tries. The talk has turned to teachers in school. Spencer and GinaMarie are in the by talking game. Spencer says he trusts Andy, even though he was a "chicken sh*t for putting me up." He says he is the easy pawn.

7:50PMBBT: Aaryn is now explaining about her college courses. She chose psych then went to International studies then business. Helen wants to know what is international studies? Aaryn says it is courses learning about the world, language, she wanted to be a travel agent. Helen took an anthropology course at one point and found it interesting. Aaryn says she was in love with one of the TA's she had in college and we get all 4 feeds on Spencer BBQ'ing in the BY.

7:55PMBBT: Helen is telling a college story and how she passed an exam and only one other student passed and the professor made them retake the exam. The first time she got 97% the second time she only got a 78%. She had to take the second grade.
GinaMarie is eating something in the BY, Spencer is still grilling, McCrae is saying he is tired.

8:03PMBBT: Real life talk happening in the house in the KT and the HoH room. GinaMarie is telling Amanda she might work out with Elissa tomorrow. Spencer is still cooking dinner. Andy, Elissa, Aaryn and Helen are talking about the college experience.

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8:26PMBBT: Lots of small talk, they are taking turns razzing each other. Amanda says she loved he cartoon Rugrats. Andy says he watches a ton of TV. Really not much happening. No game talk yet. Amanda and McCrae are chatting in the color room now.

8:30PMBBT: McCrae is telling Amanda that Helen wants her out by final 4. Amanda says that she or Aaryn will have to have the power by then. They are whispering so it is difficult to hear. Amanda mentions Elissa voting and they don't know which way she will vote (let's face it they all vote together)

8:34PMBBT: Amanda says if she wins HoH she would put up Spencer and GM then want someone to use the veto and take out Helen. She thinks if Helen got HoH she wouldn't put Amanda up.

8:38PMBBT: Elissa screams in the KT! There is a fly in the slop mix. Lots of "OMG that is so gross" and the house is quiet again. Amanda is in the color room alone in Candice's old bed. (is this the new McManda bed?)

8:43PMBBT: Amanda is whispering to McCrae. She says GinaMarie is coming after them, she thinks Elissa and Amanda and McCrae are in an alliance. Elissa is in the KT talking about when she hurt her tooth while in Canada. Elissa says that the stuff they used to clean her tooth was like "clorox" (they really do not understand Canadian health care system).

8:48PMBBT: McCrae and Amanda are laying in bed. They are whispering and it is incredibly hard to hear. Scenarios of what to do next week being tossed around. Mics are under the blankets so lots of rustling noise. Elissa is creeping out still about the fly. She says "Everything in this house describes every kind of crazy."

8:52PMBBT: Helen and Elissa are in the SR talking game. Helen zipped up her hoody so some of the convo is muffled. GinaMarie and Aaryn are both mentioned as untrustworthy.
The snogging between McCrae and Amanda has begun in the color room.

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