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Saturday, August 10 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

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Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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:help: Once again, we are short on updaters for the weekend. None of our regulars will be available on today from 10AM to 1PM BBT, and from 10:30PM on.

I need your Help!

You don't need any special permission to post, just jump in and write a blurb on what's happening in the house.

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12:14AM BBT Aaryn and Jessie going over what is left for them to play in the game. Helen,Elissa,Amanda, McCrae, Ginamarie and spencer talking in Hoh.

12:20AM BBT Helen wonders what Janelle would think of their game play. Spencer was told that his eyes are red, he left to put eye drops. Amanda and McCrae left Hoh.

12:27AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in By smoking Amanda said that this is the first time a showmance make it to the final 2. Talks turn to three part final Hoh.

12:35AM BBT Mccrae said that everyone should want to take Elissa to final 2 because everyone would win. McCrae said he would take Amanda to the end. McCrae said he would get Spencer and Judd votes. Amanda said she would have Helen and Elissa votes. Amanda said she would not have Helen vote if she takes her out.

12:40AM BBT Amanda told McCrae that they controlled every nominee and every replacement, and every eviction. They both said that Aaryn has to go before final 3.

12:42AM Jessie joins McCrae and Amanda in the By. Jessie told them she is grateful for them keeping her in the game and she will protect them.. Jessie wants to make that they are good with each other.

12:44AM BBT Everyone left the Hoh, Elissa asks Andy if he wants to sleep with her jacket.

12:55AM BBT Spencer,Ginamarie,Amanda and Mccrae in By. Amanda told Spencer how to beat Jessie. McCrae said they wanted to tell Jessie to go for luxury so she would not win.

12:59AM BBT Amanda is called to Dr, Andy is talking with Helen and Elissa in the Wc they are whispering about sending Ginamarie to jury.

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1:07AM BBT Helen and Elissa in Wa Elissa said she wants a picture of her family so bad. Helen told Elissa yes she have to win.

1:17AM BBT Jessie does not want to sleep in the room all by herself, now Amanda and McCrae is sleeping on Candice bed.

1:22AM BBT Amanda and spencer in Wa talking about Jessie. Spencer said this is a crucial week for me, Amanda told Spencer if she gets the veto she would use it on him.

1:29AM BBT Spencer said he is just trying to get by this week, Amanda told him he is not going home. Ginamarie is now going to bed.

1:35AM BBT Amanda told Spencer that Elissa wants him out the house. Spencer said that Jessie wanted him to sleep in there so she can say he said something to get him in trouble.

1:40AM BBTAmanda said worst case scenario Jessie wins the veto they would come up with something.

1:44AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in bed Amanda said they have to hope that Elissa does not win Pov. Amanda said she can make up a lie about Elissa McCrae said no.

1:48AM BBT Amanda said she wants to backdoor helen this week if Jessie wins Pov, McCrae told her not to push for that. McCrae also told Amanda not to push Andy he is a sure vote for them in the end.

1:55AM BBT Amanda said she did not make a final 2 deal with Aaryn or Andy and she is not going to. McCrae sid he wants to wake up early tomorrow to talk to Andy to make some changes.

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2:25AM Amanda and Mccrae still talking about the order of eviction. Amanda wants Jessie then Helen out, then they want Ginamarie, aaryn and Spencer out. They want Elissa last because she is weak.

2:35AM BBT Amanda and McCrae are having sex everyone is sleeping.

3;00AM BBT All Hg are asleep

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8:00 am BBT Hear ye, Hear ye. It's 8 am BBT and all HG are sleeping.

8:25 am BBT Andy got up, used the WC and went back to bed. All others are sleeping.

8:47 am BBT Spencer is awake. He changes his batteries and uses WC. aaand goes back to bed.

9:07 am BBT FOTH, time to get those lazy bones out of bed.

9:08 am BBT hmmm false alarm....all HG still in bed

9:12 am BBT FOTH part 2

9:15 am BBT BB is playing with us. feeds back....GinaMarie is awake, uses WC, changes her batteries.

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9:38 am BBT let's try the FOTH again.

9:43 am BBT Andy and Spencer are awake. Mc and Amanda are awake. FOTH...GinaMarie must have been called to DR earlier, Jessie is in there now and Spencer is waiting to go in.

9:53 am BBT Andy goes back to bed. Mc says he looks weird in his Memory wall pic. Amanda gets told to put on her mic. They are on LD, Mc listens at the backdoor. He's pacing in the KT.

10:07 am BBT Mc sitting inLR, Amanda going to make them breakfast. Helen goes to WC, she is in her footy pajamas. Mc cant understand how Amanda can use the splenda. Cancer much. she says, ummm this from a smoker.

10:14 am BBT Mc and Amanda go back and forth on what to have for breakfast, Mc wonders if Andy is awake, he saw him go to DR twice...FOTH (its odd for them to have DR sessions this early and for BB to go to FOTH to call them to DR)

10:22 am BBT still FOTH, this must be the wake up call.

(if someone else can take over TFU that would be wonderful. I have company coming over later and need to get ready. Thank you!!)

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10:25 am BBT HG awake. Andy says it just shows they (BB) have been listening to their song requests, now to see if they will play his most fave song "Christmas Shoes" HG talk about having to do voice overs from nom ceremony yesterday. Elissa says that will teach you to mess up nom ceremony.

10:35 am BBT Andy gets his laundry ready to send out to be washed. They have ants. Mc tells Andy, he (Mc) needs to get to Helen, should tell her he cant beat Amanda in finals. he ask Andy if he should tell her to bring it up to him and Andy says yeah yeah.

10:40 am BBT Spencer is out of HOH shower, Helen starts to run. Breakfast is getting started.

10:42 am BBT Andy pulls Jessie into cockpit: he tells her he doesnt want her to go anywhere. He hasnt talked to anybody about his plan. Going to wait to see how wins POV. She says she will play to win. They leave. General ADLs.

10:57 am BBT Andy and Spencer go over who has been MVP noms. Amanda was the only one that had it twice. Andy was always afraid it would be him. Helen continues to run. Andy cant wait to get out and see how was MVP for those weeks.

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11:00 am BBT Andy/Mc/Spencer talk about Candice going places then complaining she had to pay a govnt loan back. David being smarter then he looked, Helen says she had an in depth convo with him.

11:21 am BBT General chat in the LR with Mc/Helen/Andy/Spencer and general talking in WA with Elissa/Aaryn.

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11:30 am BBT Jessie, Elissa and Aaryn are in the WA getting dressed for what I believe to be the VETO cerm. Mc is in there as well brushing his teeth, no talking going on. Andy and Helen are sitting in the LR area discussing the Veto and what they are expecting, just general chit chat. I don't see Amanda and I heard Spencer called to the DR. Nothing really is going on right now in the BB..

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11:36 am BBT Andy goes to HOH to listen to music, Spencer comes up and then leaves him alone. Mc tells Amanda he is stressing out over "it". Amanda wants to play in POV today, she has to win something at some point.

11:42 am BBT 2 cams on Andy listening to music. 2 cams on Amanda cleaning the wax out of Mc's ears.

11:48 am BBT Mc asks Amanda what DR said about GinaMarie, was it true or not? Amanda said they are reviewing the tapes. It was food so they can tell.

11:53 am BBT Andy called to DR. Mc says this may be it (picking for POV players)

12:00 noon BBT Mc and Amanda bicker back and forth. She says she is done with it and goes to the other bedroom. In WA the girls are talking about celebrity crushes.

12:07 pm BBT TRIVIA

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2:07 BBT GM is braiding her hair and her and Jessie are talking about the ants in the house.

2:09 BBT Aaryn is playing the Saw game again with Jessie. (I can't seem to find any game talk happening right now. Could this really be a peaceful week?)

2:10 BBT Elissa and Helen washing dishes in the kitchen. (Didn't you guys just pick veto players? Why aren't you feisty?) Wait- FotH.

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#BB15 1:00 pm BBT - Feeds are back. Players have been picked for the veto comp. It sounds like Jessie, Spencer, Andy, Amanda, Helen, and Elissa are the names that have been thrown around.

#BB15 1:00 pm BBT - Most of the house is in the kitchen talking about past seasons and all star casts. Aaryn and GM in the bedroom with general chitchat.

#BB15 1:08 pm BBT - GM and Aaryn talking about who they would put up if they won HOH. They would put the nominee that is left form this week (either Spencer or Jessie) and neither would put up (Amanda or McRae).

#‎BB15 1:15 pm BBT - Aaryn now talking to Helen and Andy. Aaryn told them that GM is worried and knows she will go up if one of the nominees wins and takes themselves off. Gm wants to be there for her birthday. Aaryn also tells them that GM doesnt know who she will put up if she wind HOH.

#BB15 1:20 pm BBT - Helen telling Aaryn how much she loves her and how much respect she has gained in her. She assures her that she is not going home and to talk to them and everything will be ok. er birthday. Aaryn also tells them that GM doesnt know who she will put up if she wind HOH.

#‎BB15 1:25 pm BBT - Helen just reassured Aaryn that if Spencer was to put up her and Amanda that she would not necessarily go home.

#‎BB15 1:30 pm BBT - Andy and Aaryn alone and talk turns to the group turning on eachother. They agree they need to work together and sit back while they take eachother out. Andy tells Aaryn she is his closest ally in the house.

#‎BB15 1:37 pm BBT - Elissa and Helen alone now. Helen brings up that she tried to talk to Andy about putting someone up if POV is won. I think they are implying Amanda. Helen asks Elissa if it is worth pushing him to put her up.

#‎BB15 1:46 pm BBT - Andy tells Jessie that he wants to come out of this HOH with no blood on his hands. He tells her that he hopes she wont hold this against him. He also tells her that she is not the target.

#‎BB15 2:00 pm BBT - Jessie bouncing around the house trying to keep her energy up. She is doing some cheerleader routines for Aaryn.

#‎BB15 2:28 pm BBT - Amanda, Andy and McRae going over thier alliances and plans. Nothing new coming out of thier conversation.

#‎BB15 2:36 pm BBT - Everyone in the house have been talking about next week being a bloodbath. I think they all feel that things will have to change soon. The numbers are dwindling and options are few.

#‎BB15 2:40 pm BBT - Spencer joins Amanda, Mcrae, and Andy in the HOH. GM is done braiding her hair and has now started on Aaryns.

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3:09PM BBT: Elissa, McCrae, Andy and Jessie are up in the HoH room. Lots of FotH because they keep discussing stipends. McCrae asked Elissa if she negotiated her stipend, and she replies of course she did. Talk changes to season 14.

3:14PM BBT: Aaryn and Gina Marie are in the cockpit room. Gina Marie is still braiding Aaryn's hair. Looks like she's almost finished. Amanda has joined the housemates in the HoH. BB keeps reminding the housemates that they are not allowed to talk about production, and we keep getting LOTS of FotH.

3:20PM BBT: McCrae, Spencer, Andy, Elissa and Jessie are in the HoH talking about puzzles and colouring books. Judging by the quick cuts to FotH and BB's reminders about not talking about production, they were given puzzles and colouring books in sequester before the season started. Andy says "Let's talk about our diary room sessions"! They laugh and start talking about animals. Spencer thinks manatees are cool. Amanda says manatees are dirty. Spencer says that if he were poseidon, he'd have tons of mantee's surrounding him. They debate what a manatee is. Spencer says a manatee is a mammal who just lives in the water. Amanda says there's a bunch of manatee's in Florida, and they swim in the canals. Spencer wonders if you could ride a manatee.

3:28PM BBT: Gina Marie and Aaryn are in the kitchen. Gina Marie has finished braiding Aaryn's hair. Gina Marie has a pink bandana on her hair, and Aaryn has a blue one on her hair. Aaryn starts singing Macklemore's Thrift Shop, and feeds briefly cut to FotH. Aaryn jokes that she's going up there and do a rap. Gina Marie says she'll be her back up. Aaryn does a brief rap before feeds cut away to Jessie doing her makeup in the washroom.

[Gina Marie with her hair braided with a bandana is giving me serious Christina Aguilera vibes during her 'Stripped' era...]

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3:36PM BBT: Gina Marie and Aaryn have joined Spencer, McCrae, Andy, Amanda, and Elissa in the HoH. They discuss the puzzles on the back of Andy's cereal box. They start discussing the nutrition on the boxes. Gina Marie jokes that there's nothing better to do than read the boxes of food. Talk changes to how there's no more toilet paper in the house.

3:41PM BBT: Spencer, Gina Marie, Amanda, Andy are in the HoH room talking about when POV will happen. They wonder if they're getting costumes because of how long it's taking.

3:53PM BBT: Gina Marie talks about how much she hates the mung beans. She uses some very colourful language while describing how much she hates them. Gina Marie, Andy and Spencer chat about how crazy it is how 2 people left so quick. They can feel Judd's absence. Gina Marie says he never saw him as a threat. Andy says that if Judd had 3 days to talk to people, then he would have stayed.

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4:07 Helen & Spencer playing chess and commenting on Candice always saying Boo. GM, Aaryn & Amanda in kitchen.

4:10 Amanda asking Mc about what he is doing. He says "Looking at myself in the mirror." Amanda says don't do that. He questions why he can't.

No game talk and the POV has not been played yet.

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4:22pm BBT Not much is happening right now. Andy is in the HOHR listening to music, [alone] Amanda is cooking up something in the kitchen talking to McCrae, she says she is "attempting" to make something like a fish stick. Elissa in the BR doing yoga, GM and Aaryn are laying on the sofa's in the LR making up rap songs. Helen and Spencer are playing chess.

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4:35pm BBT Now, Amanda, Aaryn and GM are doing a BB rap with a little something for each houseguest. HE LIKES BANANAS!

4:40pm BBT Helen and Elissa are playing chess, while Andy is still listening to music in the HOHR. The rapping has stopped and Aaryn and GM are laying on couch's in LR, just General chit chat right now. Nothing much going on, it's actually pretty boring.....

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4:10PM BBT: Not too much happening in the house. Spencer and Helen are playing chess.

4:30PM BBT: Feeds show Spencer and Helen playing chess. Gina Marie and Aaryn are rapping in the living room. Amanda is cooking in the kitchen. She adds in a few raps. Elissa and McCrae are in the chair bedroom. Elissa starts yoga. McCrae tells her she defies all logic. McCrae tells her if he tried it he would break a toe. They talk about how heat makes you more flexible. McCrae says it's crazy, he doesn't get it. He says he can get both his legs over his head, and thats it.

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