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Week Eight - Irreconcilable Differences


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On Day 53, Dexter performed a night of magic and mystery for his fellow housemates as tasked by Big Brother which included three tricks: showcasing his ability to read minds, transforming certain objects (suitcases), and making one housemate disappear (Sam). When he returned, he revealed he had been watching and listening to the other housemates.

On Day 53, Gina was set the task; 'Fake Mail'. For this task, she had to fabricate fan mail for herself and her fellow housemates. If she completed her task successfully, she would win a reward. She chose Hazel to be the one housemate not to have any fan mail.

On Day 54, Sophie was set the task of getting the majority of her fellow housemates to carry out tasks for her, such as giving her a high-five or a makeover. However, she was unaware that the rest of the house had been told of her task and that they had to sabotage her mission by refusing her requests. As the majority of housemates did not refuse Sophie's requests, they failed the task and earned no reward.

On Day 55, Jack and Hazel were sent to a secret area and were given the task of providing running commentary on the events of a day inside the Big Brother House. But, what they were not told of was that the rest of the housemates could hear them. The rest of the house had to pretend that they could and did not hear anything that had been said as they staged a series of mimed scenes; in doing so, a reward was earned.

This week, housemates did not nominate - instead, their friends and family nominated for them. Charlie's friend Sophie in particular caused controversy with the bluntness of her reasons.

On Day 52, Gina was escorted to a nearby hospital after complaining of a hurt chest following the 'Nemesis' shopping task undertaken in the previous week. That same day, she returned to the Big Brother House (having been given the all-clear).

On Day 54, Charlie, Dexter, Hazel, Jack & Joe and Sophie received the most nominations from their fellow housemates' friends and families.

On Day 58, Hazel was the seventh housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Jack & Joe, Dexter and Sophie received the fewest votes to evict.


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