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Aaryn - DE/Week 7 (DE HoH & PoV Winner)


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Aaryn continues to reference an event from last late last night/early this morning. After Jessie gave GM an earful about the things that Aaryn says about her, Aaryn got up to leave the HOH room and GM wouldn't let her leave. Then when Aaryn left the room GM followed her saying "you're going to talk shit about me right? You're going to talk shit about me right?" and she said that GM was bumping up against her with her chest. Aaryn has also stressed that she doesn't feel safe when GM behaves that way - I think she is trying to get BB to remove her.

She has also said that as it gets closer to the end, she is afraid how GM will react when she gets voted out. She's a chicken chit.


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One beauty tip that I will give aaryn for free. Do something about those eyebrows.


A beauty tip that I will give both Aaryn and Ginamarie for free: Get rid of those ugly, hateful thoughts and the ensuing expressions won't ruin your looks.


But I don't think they would ever have put Judd on the block at that time -- that was totally Helen's doing. The fallout from the

shock of it all was how many of them were crying. You also saw Helen continually pressing to everyone just how big of a move

it was and how necessary it was to get rid of that conniving Judd -- as if she had to convince them that what they did was of

benefit to EVERYONE in the house. LOL Helen is really too much. SHE'S the one who saw Judd as a problem to HER game.

As far as Aaryn trying to distance herself from the decision to put Judd up -- that only makes her look bad as a weak, spineless player

who is just a "robot" or "puppet" for others. If I'm on the jury, why am I awarding you the winner when you clearly admitted having

no game?


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