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Week Seven - Facing Your Nemesis


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On Day 45, housemates were set the 'Express Yourself' task. For this task, each housemate was given some paint and an easel and was told to paint a picture that represented their time in the house. If they were creative enough, they would pass the task and receive their letters from home as a reward. Housemates later passed the task and received their letters from home.

On Day 46, housemates were each set a task to follow one other housemate by Big Brother until further notice in a game of follow the leader. As each housemate successfully followed one another (eventually in a complete circle), each of them earned an ice cream.

On Day 47, in the task 'Mechanical Mannequins', housemates were divided into two teams, with each team required to pose for a particular event. Callum, Dexter, Gina and Sam were required to portray a day of fun at the beach, whilst Charlie, Hazel, Jack & Joe and Sophie were tasked with portraying a day in a park. The team that provided the best poses won a takeaway pizza; the team of Callum, Dexter, Gina and Sam won the task. However, as the other team ate the treat too later that evening, this pizza treat was voided for the winners (see punishments).

On Day 48, housemates began their seventh weekly shopping task; 'Nemesis.' For this task, each housemate was paired with their apparent nemesis in the house (i.e. the person they have the least in common with, or do not particularly favour). In their respective pairs, they were made to trash talk each other, and had to report to: 'the protein station', 'the posing station' and 'the exercise station' during the task. If the task was completed successfully, not only would housemates be rewarded with a luxury shopping budget, but, each housemate who won their battle would also receive a personal £20 budget for the week. Housemates earned three quarters of a luxury shopping budget and Callum, Hazel, Jack and Sam each won their own £20 shopping budget in addition to this.

On Day 50, Big Brother set the nominated housemates, Callum, Dexter, Hazel and Jack & Joe, the task of creating a campaign explaining why they should stay, and also creating a campaign to explain to the public why they should evict one of the other nominees over themselves.

On Day 47, whilst the nominated housemates were revealed as usual, what was also revealed was the housemates that nominated them with snippets of their nomination broadcast to them. Callum learned that Charlie had nominated him.

On Day 47, as the losing team of Charlie, Hazel, Jack & Joe and Sophie ate some of the winning team's pizza reward following the day's task, the winning team of Callum, Dexter, Gina and Sam were sent to jail and forbidden to eat the rest of their reward as punishment for not stopping this.

On Day 46, Callum, Dexter, Hazel and Jack & Joe received the most nominations from their fellow housemates and therefore faced the public vote this week.

On Day 51, Callum was the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House, leaving Dexter without an enemy and Sam without a friend.

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