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Friday, August 9 Live Feed Updates


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4:07pm BBT:Elissa and Spencer Amanda and Mccrae in chair rm talking about places where they live. Aaryn and helen in by laying by the pool talking about Candice and how she said she was sorry. helen says she holds a grudge and i dont know if it was because she didnt know her family or what.

4:11pm BBT: Aaryn says she will have to deal with some of the things Candice said probably for the rest of her life she says and then she talks about her boyfriend and how he cheated on her and she dumped him .

4:23pm BBT: helen and Aaryn in by by the pool just general talk going on about helen working a job. and In the chair rm is Elissa talking about having a bad week being on slop. ginamarie says they gave her two bottles of setlzer water but fifteen bottles of soda. Andy says well maybe they think we drink alot. elissa says i drink water all the time.

4:29pm BBT: helen was called to the dr and as she went inside she opened the sliding glass door and andy screamed at her and scared her and she says andy do you know you cant see through this door unless you put your face to it. he says yeah i been standing here for like three minutes waiting to do this. helen says Andy if i didnt like you so much i would hate you right now.

4:33pm BBT: amanda talking about having sores on her tonsils and how they get there and how they get hard and make your breath smell bad. Aaryn says she has had them too but her tonsils were removed now and Elissa asked to see. then Spencer tells about testicals being removed and Elissa says that is horrable spencer i almost believed you and he laughs at her.

4:36pm BBT: Andy telling a story about dolphins and how smart they are and how they can commit suicide and how when they are in captivity they will do that because they lose their sonare. Elissa says i swam with dolphins in the Bahamas and i felt so bad for them.

4:40 pm BBT: HG in chair rm making fun of Candice being in the jury house and telling Judd i told you so and spencer says she got made cuz i was talking about candyland but it was just a joke and she took it wrong.

4:55pm BBT: Helen is now laying back out in the sun, Aaryn is in the shower. Andy Ginamarie and Spencer talking in chair rm with amanda and Mccrae just general talk going on.

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5:00pm BBT: Elissa bein g called to the dr. Jessie walks in the chair rm and Spencer asked what is wrong she says nothing and he says yeah you just come out of the DR. she says she just wants to sleep and heads back to bed. Spencer says i will wake you about nine.

5:06pm BBT: Andy and Ginamarie, Amanda Mccrae and Spencer in chair rm talking about Jeremy making sandwiches and how he made grilled cheese with peanutbutter and mustard and why he made them and it was cuz he had to fix his own lunches for school and he never know what to fix so he threw things together. Aaryn in Wa putting makeup .

5:13pm BBT: Elissa in Kt getting a slop muffin and Amanda in chair rm with general talk going on about people buying houses.

5:17pm BBT: andy has been called to the Dr. Elissa says i hope this is nominations.

5:18pm BBT: we are now on trivia as SAndy goes to DR so must be Nomination time.

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6:16pm BBT: we have now been on trivia for an hour for nominations.

6:24pm BBT:Nominations are over jessie and spencer have been nominated.

6:25pm BBt: helen tells Andy that he made a good speech and Elissa says great speech. andy asking how his time was and Helen says i think it was the fastest time every.

6:27pm BBT: helen is talking about making dinner for the havenots and trying to cook the fish they got today for the have nots. jessie has now gone to bed alone in the rm. Spencer is walking around the house looking in the fridge as he walks by.

6:29pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in bed whispering .mccrae tells Amanda that spencer wants Elissa gone next week. Amanda says i know.

6:31pm BBT: Aaryn comes in to the color rm to talk to jessie and says did andy talk to you earlier? aaryn says Andy told me that you was a pawn .In the KT Ginamarie is eating Elissa is cooking and spencer is still looking for something to eat. Andy walks in and says there is beans all over the floor.

6:34pm BBT: Andy and Aaryn in STR talking Aaryn says it was so crazy sitting outside waiting cuz there isnt anyone here anymore.

6:37pm BBT:Ginamarie goes to check on Jessie and ask her if she is ok she says yeah i am just chillin. Ginamarie leaves out and goes to KT. Helen is now in HOH rm talking to Andy. helen says Jessie is no threat she hasnt won anything cuz Judd won that veto and gave it to her. Andy says do you think i made a good decision and helen says i think you made a safe decision. helen says i would hate to see her make it to the end cuz she would have pondered her way there and i would not like that.


6:41pm BBT:helen says that Andy won a very critical HOh. sjhje then ask how he feels about judd leaving today and he said i was sad and crying but i knew he had to go. Andy says i have worked very hard to get where i am then Spencer somes in the room and helen says we are just doing chicago talk. she then says you know spencer is safe and Spencer says yeah i know. Andy says i am so sorry and Spencer says i know dude i know at least i know what is going on .ginamarie yells out that the outside is open now from the KT.

6:45pm BBT: Spencer says he is fixen to grill for dinner and Helen says i want to grill the fish too. She asking him if she needs to cut them in half and he says no i wouldnt cut them you might try to pull the skin off and put a little salt and pepper on it. helen says if i fix it up can i give it to you to grill and Spencer says yeah get it ready i will grill it for you.

6:49pm BBT: Amanda and mccrae in by Mccrae is smoking and amanda is eating talking about trusting the final three.Andy in the hoh rm telling spencer that he really is safe he wont go home. Spencer says i really do trust helen and Andy says yeah you are cool with her and they leave hoh rm.

6:52pm BBT:andy in by talking to Amanda and Mccrae. amanda says soon helen is going to make a run and start putting you guys up and you two need to start making a final three deal with Helen now. Andy says i think Mccrae needs to talk to her first thought and amanda agrees.

6:54pm BBT: jessie comes to the by and Andy says what ya think vengfull jury since Judd wanted the rest of his stuff back today? Jessie says yeah i thinmk so . Mccrae says all over a pack of ciggaretts.

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7:06PM BBT: Helen is in the kitchen and is going to give the mung beens a try. She reads the instructions on how to make them. McCrae passes through the kitchen and says he's going to try them. Helen says it doesn't give them any recipes, so she's just going to wing it. Outside in the BY, McCrae and Andy are sitting on the couch. Elissa is doing yoga/stretching in front of the couch. Elissa said she wishes she ate some pizza yesterday before she was a have-not. Jessie comes out in a red bathing suit (from American Apparel) and gets in a hot tub. Andy says it's his favourite. Elissa says that American Apparel is undercover risqué. BB tells Jessie to put on her mic, but she calls out that she's in the hot tub.

7:15PM BBT: Amanda and Aaryn are in the have-not room. Amanda says Elissa is gunning for Aaryn, and Helen is gunning for herself. Aaryn says she wants Elissa out either way, but thought she was over it. Amanda says not fully. Andy comes in. Aaryn says it's going to be hard to cut Gina Marie because she knows at no point in the game would she turn on her. Amanda says that Spencer is not going after any of them. Aaryn asks her if she's sure. McCrae enters.

7:23PM BBT: Outside, Elissa and Gina Marie are jogging the length of the backyard. Elissa says they're almost at a mile- 7 more laps. She says 19 1/2 laps is a mile. Gina Marie talks about how during one of the comps her arm was jiggling. She wants to tone up. She says she doesn't have kickboxing classes anymore, so all she has in the BB house is free weights.

7:30PM BBT: Helen and Andy are in the kitchen. Helen says the mung beans are actually pretty good. Andy tastes them and says they're totally good. Helen says thank you america, we love the mung beans! Andy calls out to Gina Marie and Elissa and says the mung beans are good. Helen says it's like eating chick peas.

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7:38PM BBT: Elissa and Gina Marie are doing yoga in the BY. Helen is making slop-balls.

7:48PM BBT: Jessie is teaching Andy about the different types of beer. Lots of housemates moving in and out of the kitchen.

7:59PM BBT: Aaryn says she fears she'll accidentally eat food. Amanda says she'll make sure to remind her she can't eat it. Helen says she almost got in the regular shower, then realizing she has to take a cold shower. Amanda asks Helen and Aaryn if they're a TV or table dinner person. Helen is a table dinner person, and Amanda and Aaryn are both TV dinner people.

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8:07PM BBT: Jessie is sitting on the BY couch talking to Spencer, who is grilling on the BBQ. Jessie says their only shot is to win POV. Spencer says they'll have to fight to hell for it.

8:15PM BBT: McCrae, Helen, Elissa, Spencer, Amanda, and Gina Marie are sitting at the kitchen table. Aaryn and Jessie are in the kitchen cooking. Helen and Elissa discuss their meal of mackerel and mung beans. Helen and Elissa both say they wouldn't order it at a restaurant. Helen says it's a meal though.

8:25PM BBT: All 4 feeds show the kitchen at different angles. Most of the housemates are eating/preparing their meals.

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8:40PM BBT: Andy and Helen are up in the HoH. Helen asks Andy if he's talked to Aaryn about if she'd feel bad sending Gina Marie home, and he says yes, she's ok with it. Helen says Gina Marie will get more money being in jury than she's had in her life. Helen says she hopes Gina Marie gets America's Favourite Player.

8:43PM BBT: Helen and Andy come down from the HoH and join Gina Marie in the kitchen. She's tasting the mung beans. They ask her if she likes it, and she says not really. It has a weird aftertaste. Andy jokes that Gina Marie is such a picky eater.

8:50PM BBT: Jessie and Spencer are out on the couches in the BY. General chit chat. In the chair bedroom, Amanda and McCrae are on a bed, and Helen is sitting on the floor beside them. Helen is telling Amanda how the final HoH is played. Amanda says that in the past she's forgotten about the final 3. Elissa and Andy sit down on a different bed. They talk about Candace's exit. Elissa says it was amazing.

8:53PM BBT: Aaryn enters the room, and says Candace's exit wasn't funny. It was annoying and disgusting. Aaryn says she outwitted her in both of their fights, and Candace cried the second time. They chat about Candace wearing everyone's clothes. General Candace bashing.

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#BB15 9:00pm BBT not much is happening its a pretty quite nite in the house,
Jessie is outside smoking byherself, everyone else is Judd and Candice bashing in the chair room.

#BB15 9:05pm BBT Jessie gets some ice cream then joins everyone in the chair room, they are just chatting, about
the show and such.

#BB14 9:10pm BBT they are still candice bashing in the chair room. nothing new

#BB15 9:15pm BBT Aayrn is talking about drugs and we keep getting the fish, spencer is now telling a story about drugs, its drugs
story telling and we keep getting fish durning the drug stories.

#BB15 9:20pm BBT they have been telling stories of drugs drinking, and getting arrested. Elissa and Andy are in
the hohr Elissa is saying that she didnt agree with what they are talking about, She is asking Andy what his plan is.
Elissa my gosh that would be so funny, she is saying how Ginamarie may have "issues" with eating and we get fish, Elissa was saying that production must know about it.
and so on.

#BB15 9:25pm BBT Andy is talking about how Ginamarie was saying that she has a problem drinking water, thats why she drinks soda.
Andy is saying you cant just drink soda you have to drink water. Elissa is saying she can get what she needs without being unhealthy about it. She is talking about healthy eating.
like eating small meals is better then eating large meals snacking. in the chair room they are just chatting now.

#BB15 9:30pm BBT Elissa is really worried about Ginamarie not eating, Andy is saying maybe Helen should go talk to her, if anyone can talk to her its Helen, Elissa is saying
its good that shes eating the protain, now they are talking about different health food. Helen is in the chair room Amanda is in the DR.

#BB15 9:35pm BBT Elissa and Andy walk downstairs now, in the chair room they are talking about the have not room. Amanda is now in the wr doing her hair.
they are talking about getting up and going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Aayrn we are talking about prodution again and she gets the you are not allowed to talk
about production.

#BB15 9:40pm BBT Now they are talking about how to cook the fish, Helen says she doesnt know how to cook it. they are talking about what kind of beans they got more cans ones then dry beans,
Helen Spencer tell us a story, Andy no Helen you tell one.

#BB15 9:45pm BBT They are now just joking around up in the chair room, Amanda is cutting her split ends on her hair, and thats about it

#BB15 9:50pm BBT they are now talking about throwing up durning the live show and what would Julie do is someone threw up durning the live show. pretty much just sitting around talking about throwing up.

#BB15 9:55pm BBT they are now talking about the saw movies, and about the girl that had to cut off her arm, verse the fat guy that was cutting out his belly. they are just talking about the different saw movies.

#BB15 10:00pm BBT the are still talking about the saw movies and Aayrn is now called to the DR.

#BB15 10:05pm BBT they are just talking about different horror movies the others, therea a spider in the room they kill it, cam shows us the dead spider, its a small black one, Ginamarie is called to the DR, now they are
talking about guess what spider movies.

#BB15 10:10pm BBT Aayrn is talking about her four wheeling, and how much fun it is, they do it around the ranch she has. they do it for fun, Spencer and Helen are in the Wr Spencer had to go pee so did Helen they are not saying anything,
Jessie comes in. I have to go really bad. Helen you can go next, thanks. Spencer washes his hands. they are talking about how close to the bathroom the have not room is. Helen and Spencer are now going to play pool.

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10:20PM BBT Amanda and Ginamarie chit chatting Amanda told Ginamarie the plan is now to get married on Monday.

10:30PM BBT Jessie told Helen that she has Helen back if she stays in the game. Jessie told Helen if she stays she wold never put her up.

10:35PM BBT Spencer said he is really trying to lay low this week. Jessie,Andy and Spencer in Hoh having a skittles party.

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11:00PM BBT Amanda and McCrae smoking outside McCrae said he should make a fake final 3 deal with Helen.

11:05PM BBT Aaryn,Elissa and Helen making protein muffin in the Kt.

11:25PM BBT Elissa and Helen in the cockpit, Helen does not think that Andy is loyal to them, Elissa think they should keep Jessie then go after Amanda and Mccrae. Elissa still saying they should get Aaryn out Helen said she does not think Aaryn is coming after them. Helen said that Aaryn is a competition beast and it is hard to get her out.

11:38PM BBT Helen told Elissa that Aaryn is more loyal to Amanda than them. Elissa is panicking that she would not see her family for a while. Helen and Elissa join the cast in Hoh.

11:50PM BBT Helen said that Aaryn said no to backdoor Judd yesterday. Aaryn told Helen and Elissa to say goodnight ti the Hoh crew because she is going to bed. Jessie and Aaryn is now talking in the Hnr.

11:58PM BBT Jessie told Aaryn that Amanda and Mccrae is going to be together after the game so if either one of them wins they both will benefit.

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:help: Once again, we are short on updaters for the weekend. None of our regulars will be available on Saturday from 10AM to 1PM BBT, and from 10:30PM on. I need your Help!

You don't need any special permission to post, just jump in and write a blurb on what's happening in the house.

Saturday, August 10 Live Feed Updates

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