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Friday, August 9 Live Feed Updates


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12:09AM BBT Helen,Ginamarie,Aaryn and Jessie going over the Hoh. Aaryn said after today no one would vote Candice back in the game, but Judd would have a better chance getting back in the game.

12:12AM BBT Aaryn said that Judd was a serial reality he did audition for many shows.

12:22AM BBT Aaryn is explaining that she is very judgmental and conservative. she has a very small group of friends at home. Aaryn said she doesn't open up.

12:48AM BBT Andy said who wants to see my Hohr. Andy got a letter from his mom.

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1:05AM BBT Aaryn and Ginamarie in Ht. Andy,Spencer,Helen and Jessie in By general chit chat.

1:16AM BBT The Hg got liquor. Ginamarie told Aaryn that she was shocked she thought everyone was on the same pageabout Jessie going home.

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3:06 am BBT cams 3/4 Have Not Room

Aaron briefly confesses to Helen that she knows GM has been throwing up multiple times a day

Cams quickly go to fish then another bedroom

If anyone recalls very early in the season when Nick was still in the house one early morning out on the hammock GM confessed to NIck that she was bulimic but she had not thrown up since she had been in the house.

I think Aaron may have been telling Elissa about this before Helen and GM entered the HN room if anyone can flash back and check that would be great!

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7am bbt All HGs still sleeping... going to flashback and see if anything happened late last night...

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1am bbt The backyard is open. Comps are gone, yard is 'reset' to being a backyard again. Everyone is outside, general chatter about the night, Judd leaving, Candice/GM fight on live tv... this goes on, uneventful, until HGs start to get tired and head to bed or other parts...

3am bbt We find GM, Elissa, Aaryn, and Helen in the HN room. They volunteered to be have nots for the week, so Andy wouldn't have to choose people. Andy stops in to say good night.

3:10am bbt The 4 have nots(GM, Elissa, Aaryn, Helen) start whisper talking strategy in the HN room. They are in agreement that Spencer and Jessie should be the nominees this week. Helen/Aaryn are driving the conversation, pulling Elissa/GM along to form a 4 woman, anti-boys alliance.

Aaryn: Spencer will do whatever he wants, but if Jessie were to win HOH, if us 3 would talk to her, I think she would listen to us more than Spencer would.

Helen: I agree with that. Jessie is more.. maliable. She will feel like she owes you, because of the whole Judd thing.

Aaryn: I'm going to talk to Andy tomorrow. I won't throw out any names besides Spencer and Jessie, those are the only 2 and I think he's on the same page. I'm more worried about him than Jessie. He's won a veto, Jessie didn't really win hers, Judd did.

Helen: Spencer's really good at comps

Aaryn: I don't know what he would do, maybe put up Amanda and one of you, or me and one of y'all, that's not good for anyone. He said he would put me and her(Aaryn up)

Aaryn: now he's looking towards Jessie and I don't know, me or maybe GM. After the way he freaked out when Judd left... I don't know...

Helen: I think Judd was MVP, he wanted Amanda to leave, so the 4 boys could work together.

Elissa: Which is so weird, because Judd never campaigned to get her out, did he?

Aaryn: No, because he was smart enough not to

Helen: no, because McCrae's his friend. He hoped she would cause so much drama, the house would decide to vote her out. The 4 boys want to stick together. Amanda has never done anything to us.

Elissa: Judd was saying 'the girls are taking over'

Aaryn: He was pissed. He told me he wanted me and GM to get with the house and go after you 2(Helen/Elissa) and whichever girl stayed, Jessie or Candice.

Elissa: Do you think he meant that? He always told me he wanted final 2 with me.

Aaryn: He told me he wanted final 2 with me.

GM: Yea, he told me the same thing too.

Helen: I think he slipped up, he told "me this HOH is so critical, I may have to throw it so I don't get blood on my hands." I told him I hope you don't throw anything! You have friends here, you don't need to throw anything.

Elissa: I wonder if Judd liked Jessie and thought she was distracting him?

Helen: Maybe he liked her, but she was doing things that didn't help his game? So he would hook up with him, but...

Aaryn: he came up to me and kissed me, in the bath room, the night of the party...

Elissa: Was it like romantic?

Aaryn: Well not on my end...he just came up to me, kissed me on the mouth, and walked away, and I was like, hmmm

Helen: I now Andy and McCrae are upset, but Judd was going to come after them eventually. Judd was probably going to have you guys go after them, and use you guys because it's easy, since you weren't friends with the house at the time that Judd decided to save you, and would be able to manipulate you to have you do whatever Judd wanted you to do. (Insert "HELEN" for "JUDD" in the above statement, and it sounds suspiciously like Helen's strategy the last 3 weeks hehe)

Elissa: He probably wanted to form his own moving company and separate us again.

Aaryn: Well the thing with Spencer is he knows he is going up every week. If he wins HOH, he has to make a big move, he can't put up pawns, he has to go after people running things. I think he's going to be way more dangerous, but I'll do what Andy wants. Nobody trusts Jessie, but Spencer is making friends.

3:20am bbt The 4 girls break up their conversation and decide to head to bed. Helen/Elissa leave to use the bathroom, leaving Aaryn/GM in the HN room.

Aaryn: what a day... somehow things keep falling in to place.

GM: Andy seems cool, he won't put me up will he?
Aaryn: No... Jessie's gonna go up

3:25am bbt Helen/Elissa have returned... and it's time for bed... cya in the morning!

(sorry I missed seeing the wake up this morning! I had a second window open with the 'live' feeds, but it was still showing them sleeping)

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Guest 6Borders

8:39am BB Time: The first wake up call was apparently shortly after 8am BBT and I missed it but the lights were on and the cameras on sleeping HG's.

BB hollered at them again a few minutes ago with "I SAID it's time to get up for the day"

8:40am BB Time: Helen is up and doing laundry and Elissa is sitting up in the Have Not Room chatting with Aaryn.

They are discussing Howard and that he hated to be called Howie. Aaryn tells that Howard was so icky and talked about sexual things all the time and they were in an awkward way.

They discuss the comment that Amanda needs to run right after the finale and Aaryn asks Elissa what her husband would do. Elisa is not sure but says probably not be very nice to that person.

Discussion turns to being a Have Not. Elissa likes it because it gives her something to do, cooking and trying new things with slop. Aaryn didn't know they can't have butter as a have-not.

Aaryn says she got no sleep and her shoulders hurt.

8:47am BB Time: Helen is jogging in the backyard. Elissa comes out and says "did you start laundry?" and Helen says yes, sorry. Elissa says no problem, she just didn't think anyone would have.

Elissa goes back inside and joins Aaryn in the kitchen. They discuss that apparently nobody cares about getting up and which muffins they tried and liked.

Elissa says oh'my'gosh, can you imagine GM and Candace in the jury house together...it would be really scary, but they agree it's inevidable at this point.

Aaryn says there is only one way that won't happen {actually there are 3: DOR, expelled or in the Final 2 -6Borders}

8:51am BB Time: Elissa tells Aaryn that he (Judd) didn't seem mad at her at all. Aaryn says wait until he has time to think about it.

Topic changes to when do they get the rest of their food and the less people they have in the house the less have-not's they should have!

None of the rest of the house seem to be heeding the wake up calls.

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Guest 6Borders

8:54am BB Time: Elissa remarks that she bet Candace hit the floor when she saw Judd.

Elissa is talking about what she buys at home and what her family likes, healthy meals, etc.

Spencer is up and has made an appearance in the kitchen, wearing his sunglasses. He mumbles something and Elissa replies something like muffins or puffins. Elissa remarks that Jessie has a whole room to herself.

Spencer is looking for something. Aaryn says it might be in storage and asks him to look for vanilla also.

Aaryn tries the slop and says it's not bad, it tastes like oatmeal. Elissa says it basically is.

Spencer come back from storage and says "there is no more (vanilla)". Elissa is excited they have paper towels.

8:59am BB Time: BB tells Spencer to change his mic for one in the storage room. Aaryn teases "Spencer, please change your attitude for one in the storage room" and then says "just kidding"

They discuss slop and it's nutritional content.

Helen is still running in the backyard!

General chit chat about eating habits between Aaryn and Elissa.

No sign of life from any other HG, at least not on camera at this time.

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8:34am bbt Elissa summarizes the morning: In the ubber glamorous s Have Not room.. it's fun... and when I say fun, I mean that in the totally worse way... I mean that in the most unglamorous, puffy-eyed, lack of sleep way...

(Elissa opens the HN room door, laughs at everyone still laying in bed, and talks to BB)
Well, everyone takes you seriously, these guys are up, with coffee, everyone is already into their morning routine, showers and dressed to impress... Spencer looks like he might be going to a business meeting...

(Elissa is back in the HN room, monologing to a laughing Aaryn)

McCrae/Amanda decided this morning they were going to ditch the hippie look and wash their hair, they were scared when BB said that, it could potential be a threat, so they decided to get dressed today.. and when I say dressed I don't mean in sweat pants and ripped tshirts.. but their best attire has to be when they get their dirty clothes out of the hamper, that's when they think they are clean, when they get them back out... We thought the laundry bag meant, the clothes were laundered.. so they got confused and put their dirty clothes back on... they were going for a business look as well. They are talking about their big plans for the morning... they looked in their laundry bag and found clean clothes, and by clean I mean they weren't on the floor... McCrae put his hair up, he wanted to look a little more professional for his job... they got in a few fights, McCrae said he was moving out, Amanda didn't really care if he did or not, she said she might self evict as well, and Spencer encouraged it... so that's what we've got so far... that's what happens when BB says "You have to get up in the morning!"

(The bizarre/fun aspect of BB is watching HGs, who were enemies at one point in the season, spend time together and gain a mutual respect for each other, and end up bonding and becoming allies. Last night and this morning, we see that has happened with Elissa/Aaryn. I remember a couple weeks ago when these two could be in the same room and not say a word to each other. This morning they are sharing giggles and making breakfast together. Such is life in the BB house.)

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Guest 6Borders

9:19am BB Time: Andy is up and the rest are slowly dragging themselves out of bed.

Andy is asking Aaryn about the TV upstairs. She says it usually turns on the next day but since they got up at 8 maybe something is going to happen.

They are discussing relationships in the house and Andy is relating Season 6 where everyone was a pair and each was told they were the only one but everyone figured it out in two weeks. Aaryn speculates maybe Amanda/McCrae are really married and they just go around silly talk about who they are related to.

9:23am BB Time: McCrae is up and Aaryn informs him that BB told them to get up at 8am so he is way behind.

Silly talk continues. Elissa asks Aaryn if her entire family is from Colorado, Aaryn says no, she was born in Texas and relates more info about her family and what they do.

Camera switches to Helen working out in the BY and then to GinaMarie doing ADL's in the bathroom.

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#BB15 9:01 PM BBT Aaryn and Elissa in the KT. Elissa asks Aaryn if she would have been upset if she had never been a HN. Aaryn says yes and this is what she was storing up her winter coat for. Aaryn says she isn't sure she will lose weight though as it is very high in calories.

#BB15 9:14 PM BBT Helen in the BY with Spencer and Andy. Now saying that Howard went out on a lie. Judd tipping them off was a lie. She now feels bad for Kaitlin with all the things Judd lied about.

#BB15 9:20 AM BBT Elissa and Aaryn talk about pageants. Elissa asks Aaryn why she never went for Miss America. Aaryn says she did but only made the top 15 at state level. Aaryn starts talking about a fellow contestant from the pageant who was in the running for BB and we lose that camera to an empty LR.

#BB15 9:26 AM BBT Helen is working out in the BY. McCrae and Gina are doing ADLs in the WA.

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Guest 6Borders

9:28am BB Time: McCrae is on the BY couch with his morning cig and coffee {it is so strange to me as a morning updater not to see Judd there -6Borders}

Helen has finished her work out and is discussing slop and the benefits of slop/working out.

Elissa is still concocting "slop surprise"

Helen mentions jogging every morning and seeing Judd on the couch and Elissa says she always looked forward to drinking coffee with Judd on the couch. General discussion about missing Judd.

Andy comes down and Aaryn is teasing him with her version of the new twist, BB got them up at 8 and every evicted HG will compete to come back. They are all laughing.

9:33am BB Time: Helen, McCrae and Andy on the BY couch and Candace. McCrae says he just can't wake up and he was having super scary dreams about prison...half the house was the house and the other half was prison. He relates the rest of the dream {which is pretty bizarre}. Helen remarks what a violent dream it was. McCrae says it was like watching a movie but he was in it. Helen attributes it to the day they had yesterday and Helen remarks again how depressing it was to run and Judd not being on the couch {guess you shouldn't have evicted him}, and after her workout they would talk for about 2 hours, and then Andy and Jessie would join.

McCrae is dreading going to the DR and Helen said she was in there for over an hour last night. Helen says she had all her make up off, and she was not going to be witty, funny or even coherent and her thoughts would have been different this morning. They are discussing not feeling guilty about evicting Judd because it had to be done.

9:38am BB Time: Helen and McCrae are still discussing Judd and how good he was at the game. Helen says "I told DR.." and FOTH briefly. McCrae says he doesn't hold it against anyone and Helen says don't feel like it's your fault

(feeds froze...brb)

9:42am BB Time: General "what if" discussion about who won HOH and what would have been different, and who would have taken what the wrong way and used things against other ppl

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#BB15 9:34 PM BBT In the BY McCrae and Helen talk about a dream McCrae had last night. McCrae had a dream that he was in prison and one of the inmates was trying to kill him. Says that half was the BB house and the other half was a prison.

#BB15 9:40 AM BBT Gina and Aaryn in the WA. Gina said Judd going up and going home came out of left field. She said that she wasn't aware anyone was even thinking about it.

#BB15 9:45 AM BBT In the BY McCrae, Andy and Helen talk about different votes for different HG. What would have saved their game etc.

#BB15 9:53 AM BBT Talk in the BY about Pandora's box. They tell Andy that if he gets the box, he should open it. They all agree they will not be upset if he opened it.

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Guest 6Borders

9:52am BB Time: Andy, Aaryn,Spencer, Helen, McCrae, Jessie on the BY couch discussing past comps, Pandora's box, crazy comps (where the prizes are $25,000, a car a house). Andy wants to know if any of those have been game changing.

General discussion about different seasons and what might be in Pandora's to benefit the house. They discuss Lane's lame prize from Pandoras. Aaryn says when she gets home she is going on a date with Lane.

Aaryn says she's not telling Jessie Judd kissed her before the (have way) party! The rest didn't seem to know that happened. Spencer (I think) says "save that for when you get in a fight".

Discussion about Jessie's reaction when she walks into jury and Judd is there. Aaryn is telling about a deal she made with Jessie not to come after her because she saved Jessie's life so lets everyone know if in case Jessie does come after her.

Andy asks Helen if she is done with her run. She says yes, she will have one more cup of coffee and a shower and then wants to talk to Andy. General Jessie bashing about what they are not going to tell her.

Aaryn thinks Pandora's "100% no way it's not going to happen" that an evicted will come back in thru Pandora's or given an opportunity to compete to come back in, otherwise why would they say the game is not over for them.

Andy says it could mean anything, if GM got Pandora's Candace would 100% sure come back. Andy is relating GM last night saying what would happen if she went to jury and beat up Candace. Aaryn says she needs to talk to DR about "her situation" sending us to FOTH and a camera switch to the kitchen discussion between Helen/Elissa about what time the bus came to go to work.

All cameras are currently on the kitchen!

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Guest 6Borders

10:06am BB Time: BY Spencer and Andy are discussing Spencer's dogs. Andy teases that he doesn't mean to call out Spencer but he discusses Murdoch more than Dutch...Spencer agrees that he talks about Murdoch more. Spencer tells how Murdoch was in the pound and so sick and he just had to rescuse him {I've been a Shelter volunteer for 14 years and a Rescue for 40 so I can relate, or a prop to Spencer for that at least -6Borders}

10:10am BB Time: Spencer and Andy discuss the grass, Spencer says he likes not having real grass and Andy says they would probably have to cut it. Aaryn joins briefly, says she is going to the pool..Spencer teases that's a terrible idea.

BB tells Aaryn to put on her mic. General discussion between Spencer and Andy about body washing, etc.

Spencer debates if BB will give him a scrubbing brush for his back.

Andy wonders where Jeremy (the beetle) is because he's not flying around. Andy says after Nick, Judd was the most crucial eviction. General discussion how Judd was playing everybody.

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Guest 6Borders

10:19am BB Time: Andy and Spencer on the BY couch telling each other (basically) that they have each other's backs and nothing is change. Andy says he's going to take a shower {I have a feeling he will still be talking 5+ minutes more before this shower happens -6Borders}.

Andy and Spencer discuss the weather in Southern California vs what it is like at home right now (Ark and Chicago).

Andy says he misses eating candy with his friend Mike right now. Spencer is talking about his neighbor Melinda likes candy and she's about 50 so her slang is "really dated slang" {kind of like mine}. Andy shouts out "by eating candy I mean getting drunk" and Spencer says she really means candy.

10:23am BB Time: Andy goes to take his shower because he says he's gross.

Helen is cleaning (I think) and Spencer is watching (I'm sure). Spencer comments that it feels awesome out her (in the BY) and Helen says "perfect weather".

10:25am BB Time: the camera has switched to the kitchen and discussion on nutrition. Elissa is talking about steel-cut oats (slop) and Aaryn is talking about the Paleo Diet. Elissa has not heard of it, and Aaryn says maybe it's a thing in Texas. She says it's not dairy friendly and she gained weight on it {I have a friend on it because she's diabetic}.

General discussion about diets around the world!

10:29am BB Time: Spencer is on the hammock and McManda are in bed. Aaryn is headed for the pool with her Mardi Gras mask on, Helen is cleaning and flossing and commenting on gross things in the bathroom...basically all is normal in the BB House!

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10:00am BBT:Elissa in KT cooking and making hot tea as Helen talks and tells her that she used to fly to meet her husband on weekends while she was going to school.

10:05am BBT: Helen says when she leaves the house she wants to go be in a pagent. Elissa says i have never wanted to be in pagents. Helen says me either but i want to try it.

10:07am BBT: In the BY Andy is on the eliptical as Spencer is talking to him about his dogs. Aaryn is running in the BY.

10:11am BBT: Aaryn is done running and Spencer asked if she was going to get in the pool? he says that would be an idea today. Andy says he has 5 minutes left on the eliptical. In the KT Helen and Elissa are talking about opening their own buisness and calling it Helping Hands.

10:16am BBT: Spencer says he feels so out of the loop and Andy says if you hadnt been on the block yesterdfay then you would have been in the loop but we just wanted to keep it quiet so we could pull it off and Spencer says yeah i understand. Andy is now done with his workout and is going to go take a shower before he gets called to the DR.

10:25am BBT: Helen is wanting to talk to Andy before noms happen but he wants a shower first so Helen says no hurry i just know everyone else wants to talk to you too. Andy says there is only 8 people well really seven cuz Elissa is going on the block and Elissa laughs and says i know right.

10:29am BBT:Aaryn is talking to Amanda about people having a chance to get back in the jhouse when they are down to five people left and Amanda says why do you tell me this when i just wake up? feeds switch to by and Spencer going to lay in the hammock.

10:36am BBT: Elissa and Mccrae and Amanda in chair rm talking about lastnights hoh comp. Elissa says you almost cried when you beat me in it mccrae but you didnt when your wife (amanda ) didnt. mccrae says i did feel bad about beating amanda and Amanda says you should have felt bad.

10:45am BBT: Andy finished his shower and comes down stairs and says ok servents whats for breakfast and they all laugh.Spencer is making his breakfast now. Mccrae just went outside to smoke and drink his coffee. Andy is now in by with Mccrae. Andy says he is going to wait till jessie goes to DR and pull everyone together and tell everyone at one time. andy says no i will talk to everyone sepreatly but if spencer wins pov and comes off then Ginamarie has to go up and she will go home over Jessie. andy says are you cool with that cuz i know you want jessie gone and Mccrae says yeah.

10:51am BBT:Andy now telling Amanda what his plan is and that he is putting jessie and Spencer on the block and that Jessie is his target that he doesnt want her to know. but if her or Spencedr comes off the block then Ginamarie will go up.

10:54am BBT:Amanda says if you put Helen up against Jessie then we have the votes to keep Helen. Andy says if it is a tie i break it and Helen still stays. Amanda starts talking about a dream she had lastnight after Elissa walks out to the BY.

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#BB15 11:03 PM BBT McCrae and Spencer talking in the BY. They are worried about an all-girl alliance. McCrae wants Elissa out next because he is afraid she is planting seeds with Amanda.

#BB15 11:07 PM BBT Andy and Helen talking in HOH. He is talking about scenarios. Seems Amanda suggested that he put up Helen as a pawn. Helen tells him she wouldn't be comfortable with that and she would go home. Andy says that he told Amanda that he wouldn't put up Helen if she wasn't comfortable with that.

#BB15 11:11 AM BBT Andy tells Helen that he won't put out Amanda or McCrae. He says they have never lied to him and he trusts them but his first loyalty is to her. Helen asks him doesn't it worry him about how strong they are. He says no. He doesn't think they are strong at comps.

#BB15 11:40 PM BBT Amanda and Helen in WA. Amanda plucking her eyebrows. Helen talking about Judd and that he waited to long to make moves. Andy in HOH listening to music.

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#BB15 11:48 PM BBT In the BY HG talk about TV shows like Pawn Stars. In the WA Helen and Amanda still talking game but just rehashing old stuff.

#BB15 11:55 PM BBT Spencer and Jessie are talking about cremation. Spencer tells her and McCrae about how cremation is done. Spencer says that the ashes are strange looking.

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12:01pm BBT: In the BY jessie is talking about movies to Spencer and Mccrae. In the WA Helen. Elissa and Andy are talking to Amanda and Aaryn. Amanda says she told Judd that he was going to be ok when she went to vote lastnight so i think he knew he was leaving and Helen says yeah he was freaking out like having a dog put to sleep. amanda says candice and Judd in jury and they all start laughing.

12:09pm BBT: jessie and Andy in hoh rm talking . Andy says you are not my target this week and i will be pissed if who i want to leave doesnt leave this week and Jessie says i know and io trust you. and she leaves the hoh rm.

12:11pm BBT: Andy has asked for Mccrae to come to hoh now.Mccrae comes in and andy says ok yeah so i talked to helen and she is worried about anyone but Ginamarie up and he told her that he has plans and he says helen told him that ginamrioe wont vote the way you want and i told her that just whatever happens your fine.

12:13pm BBT: Mccrae says i am with you one hundred percent and we can keep our hands clean. Andy says if that veto gets used then you have to tell her that ginamarie is going and Mccrae says yeah yeah.

12:14BBt: andy says he told helen that id Jessie wins POV then ginamarie goes up and Ginamarie goes home . Ginamarie is now in the hoh rm and Andy says you are not going up this week but if i dont put you up can i assume i wont go up next week? Ginamarie says you are good with me i wont put you up. She says i dont think anyone is after me except Jessie. Andy says well i am going to put her up. Ginamarie says ok cool. Andy says if she wins pov then i dont know who i will put up but then spencer will go home.

12:22pm BBT:andy telling Helen and Elissa that he told Jessie she wasnt his target that he was after someone bigger so there isnt alot of trouble this week. Elissa so we make jessie feel safe this week> Andy says yeah i dont want anyone mad this week.

12:24pm BBT: Spencer is now in hoh and andy says seriously i am unlike anyone else in this game but i have your back and i just want you ro know if you go up on the block you wont go anywhere . andy says let me explain i want to go into next week with no one mad at me i feel that is the best for both of our games but jessie is my target and if Jessie comes off the block then Ginamarie goes up and she goes home so you are safe.

12:27pm BBT: Andy assures spencer that there is no chance in hell that he will go anywhere if he goes on the block.

12:30pm BBT:Spencer says this is what i want you to do for me. he says include me in everything i need like to have a plan to move forward besides being on the block every week but i totally understand what you have to do. it is nerve racking for me . Andy says i know and i am sorry. Spencer says for me i dont feel like i am in a terrable position but i feel like i am exspendable.

12:33pm BBT:Helen is ironing her clothes as jessie is putting her makeup on. Andy is repeating himself over and over to Spencer.Spencer now saying that jessie told him to tell andy to put up Ginamarie . Andy says if i put up Ginamarie then she wont leave either she would have zero votes. BB has called for an outdoor LD and all HG are to go outside and close the sliding glass door.Andy says oh and i still need to talk to Aaryn as he and Spencer leave the HOH rm.

12:48pm BBT: all HG on Outdoor LD and we keep going to foth.

12:51pm BBT: andy and Helen saying they hold the record and this is number three for being on slop . Helen says i am tied with Andy so i volunterred so no one would beat me and they all laugh.

12:55pm BBT: Hg on LD in backyard and wondering why they might be on LD. Amanda says they might be stocking the STR for them.

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1:03pm bbt Everyone is on the patio, discussing kids snacks, goldfish are crowned the favorite.

1:07pm bbt Andy: Quick poll everyone, Olive Garden, yea or nay? Yea wins... Andy loves Chilis, Amanda loves Cheesecake Factory, GM says an ex felt Cheesecake Factory was too expensive so wouldn't take her, "Why did I date him? Well he was good in bed"

1:10pm bbt Andy tells story of woman who died when a whale grabbed on to her pony tail. He felt guilty, because he/friend were joking about this happening a week early. "God heard us and thought 'on that is a good one'."

1:15pm bbt HGs talk of travelling to Europe. Andy says he would love to see the Eiffel Tower, would likely cry because he's always wanted to see it. Spencer says go in the summer to see it, the summer heat expands the metal so it's about 15 feet taller.(Google says 3.25 inches) In the middle of everyone, Helen is asleep.

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1:24pm bbt Andy hasn't been to Vegas, asks if anyone else has not been to Vegas? Then...

Andy: Since I'm a cheap b&*&@$, like I'll drink a bunch at my house before I go out, and then let's say I have a friend that's gonna give me a ride home at 2am, but my dad will drive me to the bar, and so I just wish I could video tape the conversations that I have with him, cause I'll be like 7 shots in, and I'm sitting in the car with my dad, trying to act sober.

Aaryn: Me and my dad drive around in the truck and drink beers.

Andy: My dad is like, I just don't want you out there, taking shots and getting ridiculous, and that's like all I do.

(feeds cut to fish)

1:35pm bbt (still fish)

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1:37pm bbt We are back from fish, and the LD is over, HGs are back inside, Andy, Aaryn are in HOH, others are in K with HN food revealed: Mung Beans/Mackarel!

1:39pm bbt Andy/Aaryn talk in HOH
Andy: I want to take out Jessie this week. It breaks my heart cause I feel she has my best interest, but I feel she wants to make a big move, against people we don't want her to make it against.

Aaryn: You don't think Spencer is?

Andy: I think Spencer 100% has my back, and he's really cool with McCrae, so I don't think he would go after McCrae, Amanda, you or me.

Aaryn: I think Spencer would definitely go after me, but I don't know who he would put up with me.

Andy: I insured him he is not leaving this week, so he wants to work with us. He will be thankful I am letting him in, with him here, you aren't going anywhere. The problem with Jessie is she can flip like that. Next week she could put up you and Amanda.

Aaryn: You don't think Spencer would?
Andy: I've been working with him for weeks, now that Judd is gone, I'm his only go-to.

Aaryn: Is he not going to be the target next week then?
Andy: Oh yea, I'm appeasing him. I'm telling everyone Jessie is more dangerous. What I told Jessie is, if you go up today, realize you're not my target, I'm ready to get a big target out. But she's my target.

Aaryn: If she wins POV, would you put up GM? Would she become the target?
Andy: She almost has to be, she only sees things in black/white. I feel like if I put her up, she's going to be coming after me, you know? Would she be the best option if Jessie uses POV?
Aaryn: yea.. I'm just scared of Spencer

Andy: don't be, I can get him to go after other people

Aaryn: but I've put him up twice

Andy: I'm putting him up today... he's gotten zero votes... I've been working on him... so basically that's what I told Jessie. Come veto, one will come down, and if it's not used, Spencer goes. So if you win, don't use it. I kinda want to blindside Jessie. If I win POV, I pull Jessie aside and tell her I thought about it and decided it's not time to make the big move. I'd almost want Spencer gone over GM if she did get put up, but I'm worried she'd come after me

Aaryn: Yea, she'd likely put up you and Jessie

Andy: If you get picked to play POV, play hard, and keep the noms the same.

Aaryn: If GM goes up, she'll need to go, cause she'll go crazy. I may have to be a single vote against Spencer in that case though.

Andy: Are you cool with this? Is this an ok plan? What would you do if you were HOH?
Aaryn: I understand and I'm on board, but I'd be going after Spencer

Andy: We can see how Jessie is this week, I want to be the one to decide who goes this week, but maybe we would blindside Spencer.

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2:00pm BBT: andy and Amanda going to hoh rm. Andy says alright you know the drill. Amanda says how do you feel about everything? andy says i talked to everyon e else and jessie is the target but i told her that she was not my target cuz i dont want anyone mad all this week and she is fine with it.Amanda says yeah and Andy says he told Jessie that if she put Ginamarie up then she would be mad and he wants everyone happy. Amanda says i just feel like Jessie has to go this week no matter what and i feel like if Jessie and Ginamarie is on the block after pov this week then Jessie still needs to go.

2:03BBT: Helen and Aaryn and ginamarie in kt washing dishes and cleaning up the KT. Amanda and Andy are still in hoh repeating themselves about they have to win pov and amanda says we might should put up Ginamarie instead of Jessie. andy says should we backdoor jessie and Amanda says yeah maybe if we put up Ginamarie and Spencer then jessie cant play in POV then we can send her home.

2:09pm BBT: Andy says to Amanda here is how i think i always think a week ahead and see who might or might not be going after me.amanda says mccrae is worried cuz he really wants jessie going home this week.Amanda says the only two people i worry about in this gae is Jessie and helen and they will have to go.

2:14pm BBT: mccrae in the BY with Aaryn just general chat. Andy and Amanda in HOH still repeating themselves over who needs to leave and who will help who and how Amanda only trust Mccrae and Andy in the game and she will never screw him over.

2:23pm BBT: Amanda and Andy are talking about Judd and how he had to much power over this game and he should have trusted me or you. they hug and Amanda leaves hoh rm. Most of the women are in the kt cooking something as Ginamarie is making slop balls with Helen and aaryn. mccrae now in hoh rm to talk to Andy. mccrae is getting a snack from the hoh basket.

2:26pm BBT: Andy says he told Spencer what was happening and he wants mccrae to talk to him that he will be safe no matter what.

2:37pm BBT: Andy and Mccrae in hoh talking about Judd and when Pov is and who has been lying and compromising Amanda and Elissa.In the KT ginamarie and aaryn are sitting at the kt counter and jessie is getting a drink as Helen is cooking slop balls for the have nots.

2:44pm BBT:Mccrae tells Andy that it is going to get really tough and dicey in here from now on. Andy says yeah it is just know you can come talk to me anytime.Ginamarie and Aaryn in color rm getting dressed up alike same shirts on and Ginamarie has a blue bandanna and Aaryn has a red bandanna on. they are hoping to get the photobooth today for pictures.

2:49pm BBT: Aaaryn changes her bandanna to a blue one and her and Ginamarie walk out to the Kt and says Helen look twins and Helen laughs and says oh gosh twins. Aaryn is now putting on pink lipstick to mach Ginamaires.

2:54pm BBT: Ginamarie and Aaryn are all dressed alike and are now practicing for a dance and laughing. Andy and Mccrae are still in hoh talking about the hg that have been evicted and how they was with beer and wine.

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3:04pm BBT:amanda in kt with Aaryn , Ginamarie and Helen and Jessie they are all sitting around and eating slop balls and drinking water . Spencer walks in and goes through to the WC. Andy and Mccrae still in hoh repeating themselves about Jessie and Spencer going on the block today.

3:12pm BBT: Helen is now in hoh talking to Andy about what everyone said to him and he is telling her that everyone understands and is on board to evict jessie this week if she doesnt win POV.

3:21pm BBT: Most Hg outside in by doing laundry or just sitting around with general talk going on and elissa is taking a nap in the house.

3:25pm BBT: Helen and Elissa in chair rm talking about clothes they brought to the house with no logos on it so they could keep them. Spencer in by telling a story about his bills.

3:29pm BBT: helen telling elissa that she has lost bra pads fro her sports bras in the house somewhere and she says all her clothes are so messy. Elissa says all her stuff is discolored now. Elissa says i am so tired now i just feel like i cant function.

3:36pm BBT: BB announces that the STR is now open. Jessie goes to STR followed by Mccrae. he says nothing? She says no just regular things.

3:40pm BBT:helen is saying we have been here for 40 days now and Mccrae says he wishes they could have cards or games cuz it is getting to that point now.Mccrae tells Helen there is only one pack of makarel and Helen says no way we need alot and then she reads how to make the munga beans on the stove top.Helen looks at the fish package and says she cant belive iot is $42.00. Mccrae says maybe they want to see if you all will eat it before they buy to much of it for $42.00 and we get foth.

3:45pm BBT: helen was going to go show Ginamarie the package of fish and BB says the STR is unavailable then they walk past the scrteen in the living rm where it says NOMINATIONS TODAY. then BB says the STr is now available, Ginamarie is making herself a protien drink with seltzer in it and says it taste so much better with that in it. Elissa says i am glad you all get what you want and i dont. Ginamarie says what is that and Elissa says cooking spray.

3:52pm BBT: Helen and Aaryn is in by laying in the sun.Aaryn says i think about this all the time and sometimes it is hard to get this wrapped around your head. helen says yeah i think well its hard in here but at times i think about i am ready to go home but then i think no this has just really begun.

3:55pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in chair rm whispering about going on the block and what they need to do (hard to hear as they are moving alot and whispering)

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