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Wednesday, August 7 Live Feed Updates


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12:01 AM BBT (Current) The game of telephone continues in the BY with 2 of the feeds on them and one feed on the WA with the occasional HG coming in and out to use the WC and/or fix the makeup. One feed is also focused on a sleeping Candice in a darkened colorful room.

12:10 AM BBT (Current) The BY group has broken up leaving Amanda McCrae and Helen. Aaryn, Jud and GinaMarie can be seen in the kitchen eating. Spencer walks in. Idle chit chat all around.

12:18 AM BBT (Current) Idle chit chat in the KT with people continuing to mill around the KT while snacking. Helen wants Bon Jovi to come in the house. Spencer says that's alright he can stay out. Helen disagrees. Talk to turns to Jodi from BB14 and Helen says she's gotten more airtime this season than she did last season. Amanda and McCrae head into the lounge to begin their nightly cuddle session. Feeds switch to Jessie whispering to Candice in the colorful room. Jessie is whispering that they were playing telephone tonight and a lot of the sentences were about Aaryn and Judd and the Aaryn and GinaMarie were being mean to her tonight.

12:26 AM BBT (Current) Jessie continues to give Candice the rewind as to what happened tonight. Jessie says Judd threw her under the bus tonight because apparently Jessie made a story up about McCrae or something and Judd told (she keeps starting and stopping making it very difficult to follow). Candice asks if he's a good kisser. Jessie says he's a sloppy kisser.

12:31 AM BBT (Current) Down in the colorful room Jessie and Candice have begun (Jedi) training what happened on what days in the house. Out in the KT Aaryn, Andy, Helen, Judd, Elissa and Spencer are chatting. Elissa and Andy being silly with each other.

12:39 AM BBT (Current) Idle chit chat in the KT with most of the house. Jessie and Candice continue to chat in the colorful room (training didn't last long). Jessie is pissed about Aaryn. Candice wonders where the drama started. Jessie says nowhere and that Aaryn is just being a little brat. Jessie wonders if the old Aaryn is coming back. Candice says the old Aaryn never left.

12:44 AM BBT Helen joins Jessie and Candice in the colorful room checking on her. Candice says she's alright. Helen asks if she's been sleeping. Candice says she did some. Helen says they missed her. Candice says if she got fake BB proposed to by Howard that Aaryn, GinaMarie and Amanda wouldn't come to her party. Helen asks if Jessie told her about the game of telephone. Candice says no (she did complain about some of the sentences that had her name in them or Judd and Aaryn's names together). Helen points out that they are making a pizza. Candice says she has to go pee so she'll get up and get a piece. Other feeds bounce around the house. Idle chit chat.

12:54 AM BBT Aaryn has joined McCrae and Amanda in the lounge and is telling them that Judd is playing both sides by telling Jessie things. Aaryn says he's sketchy. Amanda agrees but points out that yesterday Aaryn was saying that she trusted him. Aaryn says she did but she over hears him saying things. Amanda points out that she's easily influenced by things he says because she's constantly flip flopping on how she feels about him. Aaryn says Judd keeps pushing (the agenda) that Elissa is MVP but if Elissa was MVP she'd have put Spencer on the block. Talk turns to Jessie. Aaryn says it wasn't a push to get Amanda out necessarily but she is doing everything she can do keep Candice here because she feels Candice is a bigger target than her and if she keeps Candice here another week she'll have another week and be able to make it to jury.

12:59 AM BBT Over in the colorful room we have idle chit chat between Helen, Candice and Elissa. A bit before this when Elissa came in she had talked to Candice and told her she missed a heck of party. Sophistication at its best. Elissa says she suspects they have parties just like that at the white house. Sophistimacated. Candice is impressed.

01:03 AM BBT Amanda tells Aaryn that she'll have deep conversations with Judd but she always has to remember that she can't trust him. Ultimately he can't be trusted. Meanwhile over in the colorful room Helen and Jessie chat about the party tonight. Helen says it's good that she came into the colorful room to get away from Aaryn instead of letting her get to her. Jessie tells her that the day before Judd had asked where he should sleep and she recommended in Aaryn's bed...referring to Aaryn's bed. Judd then asked "What's that supposed to mean?!" Which leads her to believe he had a guilty conscious.

01:08 AM BBT Over in the lounge Aaryn and Amanda continue to chat with McCrae coming in and out retrieving food for he and Amanda. Aaryn brings up the Jessie wanting McCrae thing and Amanda tells her to stop it. She knows but she needs to stop. Aaryn says it is something that should stay fresh. Amanda says she knows it but she needs to stop. They go back and forth for a few moments about this. Judd and Andy come into the room. Andy informs Aaryn of the new sleeping arrangements for the night. She and Andy are going to sleep in the chair room tonight and Helen and Elissa are going to sleep in the colorful room tonight. Andy says he was just informed and Aaryn says she didn't get the memo but ok. Andy and Aaryn head out. They're going to turn in early tonight.

01:13 AM BBT Judd whispers and says that Candice doesn't want to sleep in the same room as Aaryn tonight. Amanda says "Oh god, these girls." Amanda says Jessie questioned her in the WA earlier asking about all the Judd/Aaryn jokes tonight and Amanda told her she didn't know anything. Judd asked if they had sex yet. Amanda says she wants to but McCrae has live feeders on the mind. Judd laughs and says it's all fun and games until you have screen shots on the net. Feeds switch to Aaryn and Andy whispering in the WA. Aaryn says she trusts Helen. Andy agrees. Aaryn makes Andy promise not to repeat something and informs him that Amanda and McCrae are pushing to get Helen out next. Andy says he won't tell anyone. Helen walks in and talk quickly stops. Helen informs Aaryn about the change in sleeping arrangements tonight. Andy rejoins the lounge.

01:18 AM BBT Meanwhile back in the colorful room Candice and Jessie continue to whisper. Jessie wonders why Helen is protecting Amanda and lied to her just now about it. Candice points out that they are playing a game for half a million and lying is involved sometimes and she's finally seeing that Helen is trying to protect the alliance that is protecting her. Jessie sees the light. Candice is glad. Jessie hates the fact that Helen is being so friendly to Candice while stabbing her in the back or not trying to protect her. Candice says it's because Helen wants to make sure she'll have her vote in case she makes it to jury.

01:22 AM BBT Andy left the lounge to go get a tank top. Spencer, Judd, Amanda and McCrae remain. Talk turns to the comment Spencer made in DR weeks ago how he bets Jessie tastes like butterscotch. Amanda says she heard that he said she tastes like PB and J. Spencer denies. Judd laughs and says you did. Spencer laughs saying no he didn't. Judd says Spencer said it was like a PB and J sandwich. Talk turns to how many people they've slept with. McCrae says he's slept with three people. Spencer asks for first and last names and to look directly at one of the cameras. McCrae says two of them were one night stands. Spencer congratulates him and says most of his were one night stands apparently he has very few repeat customers. Amanda laughs and says that's something he shouldn't be saying in front of America. McCrae didn't use protection in the two one night stands. Amanda says he has to get tested before they do the deed. Andy sticks his head in and says good night.

01:28 AM BBT Jessie has moved into her bed in the colorful room. Candice is without her mic and says it's strange how you after 40 days of living with someone start to miss them. Jessie asks if it feels like they should be in the next room. Candice agrees. Other voices Elissa comes in with the comforter for her and Helen's bed. The lights in the chair room are off. Jessie says she can "hear them talking". Candice says 10 million more people now know her because she's been on the show. She points out that people may like her because of her laugh or because of her bikini's. Candice says 10 million more people may be saying "Boo" now (That was a thing before Candice wasn't it?).

01:33 AM BBT Amanda, McCrae, and Judd head out to smoke. Judd asks what's the word. Amanda and McCrae says nothing. Amanda says he'd hear more than they would. Feeds switch to Spencer and GinaMarie in the hammock. Spencer says you'd think she would be acting like someone who wants to be kept. They both agree that she's a wild animal because one moment she's sweet and the next its "Keeping it real with Candi!" Spencer is surprised that GinaMarie didn't put up Elissa. GinaMarie says Helen and Amanda would be upset with her and it wasn't worth it.

01:39 AM BBT Talk in the hammock turns to how GinaMarie told Aaryn she wanted to sleep alone tonight. She says she (Aaryn) tosses and turns all night long and she wants to sleep alone for one night because she may never get the opportunity again. Judd wanders over. Judd has to use the WC but he's waiting for "them" to clear out first. GinaMarie tells him to go use the HoH. Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae doing nightly ADLs in the WA.

01:43 AM BBT GinaMarie says she would love to get Amanda out but she's been less annoying over the past couple of weeks. Spencer agrees. GinaMarie says no one can beat Helen in the final 2. Spencer agrees. They both agree that they've said in the past they can trust each other. GinaMarie apologizes for putting him up this week. Spencer understands and says she did what she had to do without ruffling feathers and if anything she is giving him the opportunity to tell Marilyn on Thurs on live TV that they will be taking a trip. Talk turns to the Candice and her lack of wearing the clown costume properly. GinaMarie hopes that she gets a penalty vote for not properly wearing the costume and says she'll tell DR. Spencer says they know about it. They see the cameras and hear them complaining about it.

01:48 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head into bed. 2 Feeds now showing darkened rooms and 2 feeds on the hammock. Judd comes out. GinaMarie asks if she should get her blanket. Spencer tells her to. Judd asks about game talk today. Spencer didn't talk to anyone really today. Either did Judd. Spencer says GinaMarie was complaining about how much she hates Candice. Someone begins belching. GinaMarie back outside.

01:52 AM BBT Idle game chit chat. Who is going to knock out whom in case there is a knock out HoH this week. Judd tells GinaMarie that Helen and Elissa are sleeping in her bed in the colorful room. GinaMarie jumps up like lightning and runs inside. Judd calls out and tells her not to tell them he said it. GinaMarie feels her way around the room and bumps into a bed as well as trips over the pile of stuff at the foot of Candice's bed. She makes her way out and heads to the chair room and whispers out to Andy asking him who is sleeping in her bed. Andy tells her it's Elissa and Helen. GinaMarie comes out outside heated worried about the bed situation. Judd and Spencer both agree that it's a one night thing only and they'll make sure she'll get it tomorrow. GinaMarie says it's her and Nick's bed and she'll stay there until she gets evicted (What is this? Bed War 3 or 4?)

02:01 AM BBT GinaMarie continues to go off about how it's her bed and she wonders why Aaryn gave the bed up (almost sounds like she's eluding to the fact that she did it intentionally). Judd says he was with Andy when he told Aaryn. Spencer says the chair room is hard to sleep in with the lights on (Just a thought...when everyone goes to bed the lights in the house are flipped down to a much dimmer level...perhaps that would help?) GinaMarie is still ranting saying it's BS and calls Candice the C word saying it's not her fault if she wants to mope around and be a loner because she feels sorry for herself. GinaMarie calls her the C word again and says she'll let her rot in the bed if she really wants it. GinaMarie will talk to people in the morning. GinaMarie is heading to bed to listen to music. Judd begs her not to mention his name. GinaMarie says she already talked to Andy and said she discovered it herself.

02:08 AM BBT Spencer and Judd have idle chit chat in the hammock regarding watching the show at home. This is the first year that Spencer has had DVR. Before that he made sure he was home every night to watch BB. That's dedication. Talk turns to Kaitlin never watching the show and Candice being recruited as well. Talk turns to their homes.

02:15 AM BBT Idle chit chat continues in the BY. Spencer said he tries everyday to make his life better even if all it is just waking up and organizing the silverware drawer. Spencer talks briefly about a property that he owned one of his tenants pulled all of his copper piping and after he moved out and came back two weeks later and held the new tenants at knife point and stole the garbage disposal. Obviously they wanted their deposit back which he had used to help replace the copper piping so he had to borrow money from his dad.

02:30 AM BBT Idle game chit chat in the hammock. Judd will use veto on Spencer if he wins it in the upcoming weeks. A bit of chat about Candice and her speech to Spencer last week. Spencer said she put about 15 to 30 minutes into her hair and makeup for the speech. Judd didn't know that. Spencer is going to poop and tells Judd to wait a second before he sparks up his cigarette and he'll come back out with him before he smokes and heads to bed.

02:39 AM BBT Nothing ground breaking here for the moment we've havd idle game chit chat in the BY between Spencer and Judd. They both trust each other. They'd be ok with either themselves or maybe Andy winning HoH this week.

02:52 AM BBT Judd and Spencer continue to chat in the BY. Judd says he never watched the feeds, just After Dark. Spencer said he watched the feeds for the All-Star season (7). Spencer points out how awesome it is to be in the house. He's watched people smoke in the BY on that couch and here he is next to Judd as he smokes. Judd laughs. Judd says he watched the Canadian BB feeds and realized on how much he missed out on. Spencer is ready for bed. Judd is as well. Both agree that they'll clean up in the morning. They don't want to be banging things in the KT around tonight. Judd heads in and begins nightly ADLs in the WA Spencer in soon after. Spencer said he put in a request for TP because they don't have any.

03:01 AM BBT Judd has to poop and there is no TP. Spencer heads into bed. Judd checks the SR but appears to come up empty. He heads into the hallways leading to the darkened bedrooms to change into his night clothes before heading into the colorful room.

***Retweet*** RT @Ramona1271: @mortystv do we have MVP vote and POV? --Nothing is listed on their website so it is unknown at this time. If they haven't mentioned anything yet it's safe to say we won't see it for the double eviction but who is to say it won't be back the following week. We'll just have to wait and see!

03:09 AM BBT What's this? We have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds? It's only just after 03:00 AM BBT! Various clicks and bumps can be heard in the distance in the rest of the house.

03:22 AM BBT Andy up to use the WC. He washes his hands and heads back to bed.

03:41 AM BBT We continue to have horizontal HGs in darkened rooms on all four feeds. We'll stay with them for another 20 minutes or so but it's safe to say they are all done for the night.

03:53 AM BBT Some stirring in the beds, but otherwise everyone appears to be done for the night. On that note we'll call it a night ourselves. What will the ramifications of the day be for GinaMarie when she confronts Aaryn, Elissa and Helen about the latter two taking her bed in the colorful room tonight? Will this increase her chances of becoming a nom during the double evict on Thurs, or will Helen and Elissa have their target size increased instead?

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8am bbt Over 5 hours of sleeping HGs... They are going to be well rested for a Wednesday of.... nothing but waiting for Thursday to come around...

8:40am bbt No real surprise that the HGs are still sleeping...

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Guest 6Borders

9:12am BB Time: FOTH...Time to wake up (or at least turn the lights on)

9:18am BB Time

One feed is up. Judd is sitting on the BY couch. (In the thumbnails I can see Andy walking thru the house)

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Guest 6Borders

9:21-9:33am BB Time: Jessie and Andy are up doing ADL's in the bathroom. Jessie sings a line from a song but no admonishment from production (yet).

Andy joins Judd on the BY couch. Andy remarks that everyone is lazy this morning and they have no intention of getting up. He says Jessie is in the bathroom and may join them. Andy relates GinaMarie looking for her Crystal Light and they have a good laugh.

Judd says there was a big blow up last night about the sleeping arrangements. Apparently GM was having a fit about her bed (again) and getting it back after her HOH, because it was "her's and Nick's bed". Andy says Helen and Elissa hadn't had a chance to sleep in the Rainbow Room. Andy wonders how it's going to work tonite.

BB calls Helen to the DR. Andy and Judd continue to discuss the sleeping arrangements. Andy says if he were more immature he would call a house meeting and tell everyone that noone's bed is anyone's bed. They say Jessie and GM think those beds are their beds.

BB tells GM to put on her microphone. Andy and Judd are discussing the beds and when they were have-nots they didn't have beds and who cares and does not care where they sleep/in what bed. Andy comments that Jessie is the smallest person in the house and has the biggest bed. Andy says GM would have an anurism if she went in and Elissa was sleeping in that bed (her's and Nick's bed). Judd said GM was actually crying over it and says we have two looney tunes left and one of them is going to jury, possibly two.

GM comes out in her HOH robe and starts right in discussing getting her bed back, and she likes sleeping in that particular bed because it was hers and Nick's. Judd baits GM and says "why don't Andy and I have a bed" {GM is not getting the reference}. Judd says he will make sure nobody puts their sheets on that bed...GM says that's the way it was supposed to be this week. She asks if anyone has seen her Crystal Light packets.

GM goes back to bed and Andy says "all night she was anxious about that". Judd says he was walking on the borderline of pissing her off (they why he and Andy don't have their own beds). Judd says he wants to say something but doesn't want ppl to think he is even more grouchy.

Judd remarks he hopes GM is a Have Not.

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9:12 am BBT FOTH for about 10 minutes or so. Waky Waky

9:19 am BBT Judd smoking, Andy gets some TP from the SR for someone in the WC, GinaMarie searching KT for something.

9:24 am BBT GinaMarie looking for her Crystal Light boxes. Andy/Judd talking about GinaMarie being upset that Helen/Elissa sleeping in "her and Nicks bed". In WA: GinaMarie asks Helen if she can go back to her bed. Helen says yes, they even switched the sheets, she thanks GM for letting them sleep in it, they never slept in that room.

9:29 am BBT Judd asks GinaMarie why he and Andy dont have their own bed. The bed situation is sorted out, GM will get her bed back.

9:32 am BBT Andy says he felt bad when ppl were talking about what bed they were going to sleep in and he had been sleeping in the HNR for a week. He felt like they expected him to sleep in there forever.

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Guest 6Borders

9:33-9:37am BB Time: Judd and Andy continue to discuss which HG's are good about the bed situations and who is not.

Jessie joins the boys on the BY couch and Andy tells her the story about GM flipping out about her bed.

Talk turns to the songs they heard. One is Groove Is In The Heart, Jessie sings a line and earns us FOTH.

Back and Andy is saying "all really good and ridiculous songs" and mentions (a song I think) that sealed Jeremy's fate.

They discuss good music mornings.

BB asks Andy, Jessie and Judd to please lower the awnings. Andy says he thought they were going to be called out for talking about production. Andy is singing under his breath and BB calls him out on it to stop singing.

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9:36 am BBT Andy/Judd/Jessie get asked to lower the awnings. Amanda turns on the water in the shower then uses the WC. (doesnt CA conserve water?) Jessie asks Judd what all the rumors are about him and Aaryn. Judd says they just friends. Jessie asks if they are working together. He says they are just friends, not hanging out more then normal, just less ppl here.

9:45 am BBT Jessie and Andy try to fix the hose reel, the hose is wrapped wrong. They both put their feet on it and Jessie pulls hard to untangle it. All better and Andy puts the hose in the pool. Judd says Jessie is blanket hog. He says she moans in her sleep. Elissa says she had a nightmare last night.

9:52 am BBT Jessie tells about a dream she had that had the HG in it. Helen talks to Amanda while Amanda is in the shower, cant hear much with the water running. Talking about next HOH/noms/voting

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Guest 6Borders

9:37-9:43am BB Time: The awnings are lowered and Judd comes back to the couch and asks Jessie "are you ready to win HOH?"

Jessie starts in on Judd "why are there all these rumors about you and Aaryn". Judd plays dumb and says what rumors, he's confused and he and Aaryn are friends and have always been. Jessie asks if they are working together. Jessie says he gets weird when she talks about it and Judd says ppl make it weird. Andy rejoins, asks what they are talking about and Jessie says "the same thing"

Judd says he does not know for sure who he would put up if he won (HOH) and Andy says he doesn't either.

They all hope MVP ends this week.

Andy says something about the pool and hottub but there is a lot of noise and I didn't get it. Jessie seems to be back on the "Judd and Aaryn" situation. {Judd keeps trying to side track her, with "umm's" and "dunno's" but she is totally focused on this subject}

BB calls Jessie to exchange her mic with one in the storage room {I am sure Judd is relieved. He's getting up...maybe to go hide out}

9:43-9:48am BB Time: Judd joins Elissa in the kitchen and they discuss the weather inside vs. outside.

Elissa heads out to the BY and starts cleaning the table. She picks up something and says "oh gross" and dumps it in the trash.

Elissa remarks to Andy that it feels good out in the sun. Andy and Jessie are working with the hose and they concur that someone wrapped it wrong. Andy says it was "really stuck and who the F did this". Jessie untangles the hose and Andy thanks her for the help.

Andy, Elissa and Judd discuss how they slept. Judd says he didn't sleep well, it was really hot in that room. General discussion about how they slept/didn't sleep.

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Guest 6Borders

9:48-9:56am BB Time: Elissa says she had a nightmare last night and it was weird because she never has them. Judd thinks it's because she's not exercising as much as she normally would. Elissa says she normally sweats more. Jessie says she thinks it's psychological and Elissa says no, you do release a lot of toxins when you sweat.

Jessie says she usually had dreams about people in the house. Jessie proceeds to tell about her dream, the house was a regular house but all the HG's were there. Amanda had red eyes (contacts), Andy was evil in her dream and kind of mean (Andy says OK). Elissa had a car in the dream..it was like a jeep. Elissa says "oh well" {I'm sure she is just trying to be nice}. Jessie's dream continues that there was a girl who was like a guy. The San Antonio Spurs were on TV and when she sat on the couch to watch the game she vote out.

Andy remarks "Interesting" {that's what you say when you don't want to say anything else -6Borders}

Elissa says...that she doesn't want to jinx it but maybe it's (premonition) of the Jury house. Andy wants to know if you can watch TV in the jury house and Elissa thinks so.

Elissa is relating Spencer's plan for campaigning against them in the DR, getting Andy fired, etc. {joking I am pretty sure}

Andy says he was only in DR once this week and it was for good-byes. Jessie says Regan didn't get that much DR time right away. Jessie says not that you are Regan...Elissa teases "she basically called you Regan"

They remark that it (BY couch area) definitely looks like they had a party last night. Elissa does shout-out's to BB, CBS, etc. They tease about one more day to eviction and all their plans (it's all joking and silly). They continue with general silly talk, deciding if they are going back to bed or not.

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Guest 6Borders

10:20am BB Time: Feeds are back and general discussion on the BY couch is about Elissa's son and the sports he plays.

Elissa hopes he will play basketball. They are discussing sports camps and sports. (all the other feeds go back and forth to FOTH). Jessie is going to cook and asks Judd what he wants to eat, and is taking food orders from Elissa as well.

Judd says he's going to run later and Andy says he will run with him.

They are discussing why Andy thinks they will have a lockdown and Andy says to build the sets for the HOH comp tomorrow. Elissa thinks her little boy is playing sports all day every day. Judd is telling about his cousin and realizes that it's her birthday today and gives a shout out to "TinTin (her name is Tinley and Elissa thinks that's an awesome name).

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Guest 6Borders

10:31am BB Time: Helen is done with her workout and she and Judd discuss different workouts they do at home.

Helen says to Judd that Jessie is telling Helen that they were kissing and stuff and just letting him know that is really bad for his game, but he didn't hear that from her. Judd says something to the effect that she needs to go.

Aaryn is on the BY couch with Judd discussing skin and zits and why the come back in the same place and how you can go to a dermatologist and they can zap the pores and the zits won't come back. Amanda and Andy join the discussion.

BB tells Judd to reattach his mic. Discussion about Amanda's tan

10:35am BB Tim FOTH

Feeds are back. Aaryn and Amanda seem to be discussing taking meds, Aaryn says she takes less on Sunday.

Discussion turns to Jessie going home and Aaryn says "after she goes home the game is going to get weird and hard".

Amanda says 2 more evictions and then they will all be on jury {maybe sooner than you think}.

Candace bashing and her awful game play, that she doesn't go to the nail parties, etc. and if it's not your nature Andy remarks that you should not be playing this game. Judd relates that Candace's game play was "if you keep me I will make you breakfast (etc)"

Amanda says she will play this game on game play and if someone gets her out they played a better game. Her pet peeve is ppl who just sit back, fly under the radar, and have no game play. Discussion continues about what makes good vs not good game play.

Discussion turns to how much fun the bachelorette party was and Amanda remarks next week is the wedding {could be in the Jury house -6Borders}

Wedding discussion continues that there are not enough men. Aaryn says she will walk down the isle man-less but won't play the man's part. Amanda says after they walk down the isle everyone will have to be in the audience.

Discussion turns to tweet and twitter. Helen is telling a story about her twitter account being hacked and loaded with profanity. Amanda wants to know how twitter works and someone (her sister I think) put up a twitter and facebook for her.

Amanda says she hopes her sister is campaigning for her right now. Amanda does a shout out to everyone to find Amy Zuckerman on facebook...and we get FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

10:44am BB Time: Talk turns to visiting each other after the show. Helen thinks if they all went out together that Big Brother fans would all go ballistic to see them {probably not!}. Aaryn invites them all to Texas to go to the River Walk, shopping and festivals. Andy has never been to Texas.

Amanda says she wants to do this again (BB). Helen says Amanda would definitely be asked back. They discuss who gets invited back and way. Amanda equates herself with Rachel and Janelle, and discusses who would be on the show with her.

Someone says Janelle probably won't do the show again and how she was a lot more quiet the last time.

Amanda thinks GM would be asked back and Aaryn says no because you have to be good at game play, not just crazy.

Andy relates that GM freaked out last night about the bed situation and Aaryn reiterates that nobody has their "own" bed.

Aaryn and Andy think they have slept with pretty much everyone and in every bed (she mentions 3 exceptions) and then teases that she's slept in every bed because she's a big whore. They discuss who they have slept with.

Aaryn says she never slept with Howard because Candace told her he was feeling her up. Amanda says no way and Aaryn thinks it happened and she was too scared to sleep with Howard.

10:50am BB Time: BY Couch Crew is discussing comps and who was good at them, which ones they found hard or easy, etc. Helen is reinacting being on the barrel.

Jessie comes out to tell them the pancakes are ready and she's working on bacon right now. General discussion about random nails and things left in the BY after a comp.

Discussion between Andy/Amanda is about GM's odd diet, how many fiber pills she eats and what her insides must look like! Aaryn and Helen are discussing vision.

10:54am BB Time FOTH

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!0:02am BBT: Judd and Amanda in bathroom area. Amanda putting her makeup on as Judd is just talking to her about sleeping arrangements. Helen , Andy , Jessie and Elissa in BY talking about their plane rides.

10:05pm BBT: Amanda asking Judd why Jessie is protecting Candice and Judd says i dont know.In the BY talk about friends and planes.

10:08am BBT: Judd asking Amanda what she will do if she wins HOH and Amanda says i dont know it will be a hard week to win HOH but i will have to crunch the numbers.Judd says you better study up but then it could be a knock out like everyone thinks it is.

10:13pm BBT: amanda talking about the MVP and how she is always the third person and she says if they keep putting her up it is going to piss off the live feeders.Judd says yeah i know what ya mean. Aaryn is now in the bathroom area with Judd and Amanda doing her makeup.

10:16am BBT: Judd tells Aaryn about Ginamarie getting mad in the middle of the night about Helen and Elissa sleeping in hers and nicks bed that it is her bed and she doesnt want anyone in it.Aaryn says that is ridiculous i am so over her. Judd says i told her i would get her bed back for her but she was still mad.

10:22am BBT: Jessie asking Judd in BY what he wants for breakfast and he says a bagel with bacon on it with just butter.Jessie asking Helen what she wants and she says nothing right now thank you and Jessie says what about pancakes and Judd says he really isnt hungry right now.

10:28am BBT: Jessie in KT making breakfast and Amanda telling her what to put into the pancake batter.Judd and Elissa and Andy in BY talking general talk and Andy says the hottub is full now. helen is running in the BY, everyone else still sleeping.

10:40am BBT:Judd, Amanda, Aaryn and Andy sitting in BY just general talk about coffee pots. Amanda says well let me tell you i am gonna play this game on game play and i cant stand anyone who sits back and just floats through this game its bull crap. Andy says yeah some people dont play. In the KT Elissa and jessie are cooking breakfast talking about Elissas husband.

10:46am BBT: Helen and Amanda, JUdd , Andy and Aaryn in BY talking about Janelle and her having a baby before her third season being on and Helen said after she had the baby she was less agressive.Andy and Aaryn started talking about the bed situation and how Ginamarie was mad over the bed lastnight.

10:54am BBT: talk in the BY about Ginamarie not eating food. Amanda says i only see her eat fiber pills and no food. and we get foth.

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Guest 6Borders

11:03am BB Time: The feeds are back up and Jessie is in the kitchen fixing the bacon.

In the BY Helen is relating the conversation with Candace about why Helen was not campaigning to get Spencer voted off. Judd repeats "it's not your job" and relates Candace's campaign was keep me and I'll make your bed.

Helen is going over the whole situation/conversation with Candace and her advice to Candace, and she couldn't take any of Helen's suggestions unless she had Helen's vote. Helen says she told her to get everyone else's votes and then she would think about it {no blood on my hands!!}

11:08am BB Time: Candace bashing continues. Aaryn is relating how it ruined all of Aaryn's air time.

Discussion about Jeremy was trying to work the entire house. Andy says Jeremy never talked game with him until Helen got HOH and then he tried to make an F4 deal. Aaryn relates everyone Jeremy had deals with.

Judd says they have to make sure Jessie does not get the HOH this week...that it would be scary as F! He says if Jessie got the slightest bit mad at him she might put him up. Helen disagrees and says Jessie is in love with you. Judd doesn't understand it and doesn't get why Jessie thinks there is something between him and Aaryn. He says he is friends with everyone in the house. Helen says Jessie talks a lot about him (she just wanted him to know). Judd says it's one-sided and female attention is nice but it turned into jealousy and crazy plans. Judd says "don't tell her that" and Helen says "of course not Judd" {we'll see who she tells}.

Judd says he hopes he has his job when he gets home and he won't have time to just travel around and visit ppl and he would not visit her. He admits that they did make out but he's cutting that off now!

Helen says Jessie did apologize to her last night!

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Guest 6Borders

11:16am BB Time: Judd says he is ready for tomorrow night and he feels a double eviction coming on. Aaryn says "not until jury" and Judd says who knows, it could be tomorrow night! Judd says he's nervous about it and Helen is telling them how to be calm about it. They say they dread the OTEV because people are grabbing things out of your hands, etc. Aaryn says she does not want to compete in that because people always get hurt. Helen says she doesn't like what OTEV looks like and Judd says they change him.

Aaryn wants to know from Helen if she heard that Jessie wants to backdoor her (Helen). Helen says no and Aaryn says Amanda told her that. Helen suddenly remembers that yes, she did tell her that but she didn't believe it so she didn't even discuss it with Amanda. Helen relates the conversation and says "why does everyone always come to me".

Helen is relating what Jessie told her, that Amanda was trying to backdoor her and Helen believes it was just so Helen would try to help get Amanda out.

Helen says she never even brought it up to another person and Aaryn says that's what she wants to know is how it got around. Helen says she doesn't think it's true but if it is "go Amanda", that right now Amanda needs Helen's vote because she keeps going on the block. Aaryn is upset that Amanda thought she said something and says she's never said anything bad about Amanda {oh really???}.

Helen is now thinking maybe she did tell someone and is trying to figure if she talked to Elissa or not. Helen asks if Amanda is upset with Aaryn and she says no but now McCrae doesn't trust her. Helen says she will talk to them (McManda) but thinks Jessie is making it up.

Helen tells Aaryn that she has her back over Judd because she trusts Aaryn more than Judd {again, of course, Helen says "it's between you and me"}. Helen says she sees what Judd is doing with Jessie, keeping her close because she's a vote for him on Jury and tells Aaryn she needs to be wary of Judd. Aaryn is now aware of that, but she doesn't understand fake deals. They discuss Judd being MVP and trying to make them think it's someone else.

Helen thinks keeping Amanda in the game is smart for them. She doesn't think McCrae is capable of playing his own game, that he plays a Amanda/McCrae game. She says if McCrae is left he will align with the boys and "brigade us right out of the game"

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Guest 6Borders

11:26am BB Time: Helen continues to reiterate why they need to keep Amanda in the game so the boys don't form an alliance, and if Amanda leaves McCrae's game just gets stronger.

Judd comes out and Helen says "you can come out". Helen says she will tell and threaten her that if she works with the guys Helen is done with her. Judd says something about Jessie and Aaryn says she is done with Jessie.

Judd says the Veto is very crucial this week. Aaryn says her situation is shaky and discusses who is a target and a pawn and she feels she might be potential for a backdoor and that freaks her out. Judd says this week is going to be different because people are going to be looking at who is a good jury member. They all agree that Jessie will be a bad jury member.

Aaryn is now showing a scar and relating how she got it on her 21st Birthday in Vegas from these really awesome shoes she had on. She and her dad did everything in Vegas because they only had two days, and her feet were getting blistery.

She had to take the shoes off and the bacteria is really bad on the Vegas sidewalk {as opposed to what other sidewalks in America???} and her feet got infected and she had to have meds.

Andy tells us that his plantar is better since he's been in the BB house. Discussion goes back and forth about how they got what injuries on their feet.

Judd relates that Andy told him he only gets blisters where he pees. Andy denies it at first and then says he did say that.

They all laugh and say that's too much information. Helen says the bachelor party is over.

Discussion turns to GM/Nick. Helen hopes he really is in love with her and they will date after the house or GM will be a mess. The rest of them tell Helen that it's all in GM's mind and that it's one-sided. Helen says GM told her all about she and Nick talked about dating and their kids. Aaryn says GM gets really mad when someone tries to tell her that she and Nick are not going to happen. Helen says she feels so bad for GM and that she will be so devastated. Judd says we could all be wrong tho, and they say no and we get FOTH (11:38am BB Time)

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Guest 6Borders

11:43am BB Time: Feeds are back.

Aaryn is relating that what Judd told her that Jessie told him she knew they didn't have the votes...FOTH again {prob TMI and leaves no room for suspense tomorrow night}.

11:44am BB Time: Feeds are back and Judd is saying "it was a long time ago, week two".

Helen is telling Aaryn that she definitely deserves her spot (in the BB house), that she has earned it.

Aaryn says her worst fear getting out of the house is seeing how she will look ridiculous for being loyal to people who were not loyal to her {that's the least of her worries about what she will see!!}

Judd tells her you can't worry about it, Helen says she will feel the same about situations.

Aaryn says it's so embarrassing and humiliating and disgusting that her friends and family are watching that and it's going to be there forever and ever. Helen tells her she will not be alone in that. Judd teases, especially Andy and he laughs and says "I'm always trusting the wrong people".

Judd is fly giggin' (swatting flies) and Helen compliments Jessie on the pancakes! Candace has joined in her ClownTard and doing her make-up on the couch. Discussion turns to someone was snoring really loud.

11:50am FOTH again

11:52am BB Time: feeds are back and the BY crew is discussing grilling. Jessie says she eats everything and name something most ppl don't eat and she will tell you if she eats if. Someone says horse and Jessie says people don't each horse and the others say they do. Judd is talking about an egg people eat in Thailand where the baby bird is in the egg.

He says they ate them on Survivor and the only reason he knew about it is because he knew a guy who did.

Talk turns to babies and how placentas are put in capsule form and drinks and it's the most nutrients you can get.

Judd is not believing it and Aaryn says she would never eat a placenta...Tom Cruise did it!

Judd wants to know how you would spice it up, like with BBQ sauce. Candace says it's a pill, and Aaryn says there are placenta recipes you can google {not at one of my parties -6Borders}. Candace says no way she would eat it, she can't even eat slop. Judd wants to know if you can grill it!

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11:04am BBT:helen and Aaryn are talking with Judd and Andy about Candice wanting Amanda out. Helen says Candice told her why cant you get amanda out if not her then Spencer . Helen says i told her go talk to Ginamrie about it. Then Helen says why arent you trying to push Spencer out and helen says honestly i dont want Spencer out. Helen says i told her to go to the other Hg and see if she can get their votes then come back to me and i will think about it and she says Candice says well i need your vote to tell them that and she laughs.

11:10am BBT: helen telling about Jeremy and Spencer and candice walks out to the BY and Judd says good morning clownie.Aaryn says Jeremy had all kinds of deals wirth me and Andy says he never talked game with me.Judd says we have to make sure that Jessie does not get HOH this week i am serious folks she cant get it. It would be like Ginamarie getting it. Judd says 2 random people will go up if she wins it you know what i mean?

11:15am BBT: Elissa is washing dishes as Jessie is still cooking breakfast. In the BY Helen and Judd and Andy and Aaryn in BY . Judd says i cant wait till tomorrow night and i hope it is a double eviction. Helen says no there wont be a double eviction till jury.

11:19am BBT: Judd and Andy go to the cockpit and are talking about Jessie and how he has had benifits with her but he says if he wins HOH then he has to get her out next wek. andy says you have to. Andy says you are safe if i win HOH and judd says that Andy is safe too. Andy says i really want this HOH.In the by helen and aaryn talking Aaryn says i have never said anything bad about Amanda. helen says i keep telling elissa that we cant trust Jessie cuz jessie tells lies.

11:23am BBT: Aaryn says i feel that judd is going back and forth between me and Jessie and telling us the same thing. helen says ok let me tell you i trust you more than i do Judd and he is going arouns wanting to keep Jessie but he is going with us and going to send her to Jury cuz he doesnt want to get caught with her.

11:25am BBT: helen says i dont trust Judd i think he has been the one who has put amanda up the last 2 weeks.

11:28pm BBT: helen says we have to get Jessie out of this game.Judd says the hardest part is who do we put up against Jessie and Aaryn says Spencer.Helen says he has already been up so much.

11:44pm am BBT: aaryn talking about jessie saying that jessie said thats what Aaryn said. Aaryn says she heard her talking in the KT.In the bathroom areal Candice is doing her makeu[ as amanda drys her hair and Elissa and jessie just talking general talk. Jessie gets up and leaves the bathroom area.

11:47am BBT: jessie goes out the the BY and all talk stops as she gathers the dirty dishes from outside.

11:54am BBT: Aaryn talking aout people eating horses and she wont talk to them now since they eat horses. talk turns to eating placenta.Andy gets up and walks off. Helen Elissa snd Amanda in bathroom area and andy comes in and tells them what is being said in the BY.

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12:11pm BBt: general talk going on in BY between candice , Judd and aaryn.

12:22pm BBt:judd and Jessie in plane rm and jessie asking if he wants to go over things before the comp tomorrow night. he says he has things to do and she asked him to take the trash out in there and he says ok then says damn i dont know where my tennis shoes are. Judd leaves and Jessie starts going over the comps they have already played.In the By Andy and Aaryn are talking about who has been on the block and aaryn says if i ever go up against Amanda that makes me nervouse she will use anything she can , Aaryn says she wi.ll do that to you too and andy says i know.

12:25pm BBT: Elissa and Helen in bathroom area putting on makeup as Judd is telling them that he doesnt want to make jessie mad and Elissa says she has to go find her shoes and Judd says yeah me too. Judd is now fixing his hair.

12:31pm BBT: elissa is in the By putting her sweat shirt on so she can sweat alot. andy comes out and is going to join elissa and yoga he starts stretching. now Judd is stretching and going to work out with them. helen is fixing to go lay out by the pool and take a nap.

12:43pm NNT: alot of general talk and repeating themselves in tnhe house today.]

12:48pm BBT: Judd tells aaryn that jessie is draining him and that she gets mad over nothing. Amanda now joins then in the cockpit .amanda says whoever gets hoh then whoever get MVP i will probably go uput i think the MVP things is about over. Amanda asking Judd who had MVP the ladt couple of times and Judd says really? Amanda says Ginamarie will put you up amanda if she got MVP. Amanda says really i woild have never have thought that.

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1:04pm BBT: Just alot of general talk going on right now as some hg are smoking and some are laying out by the pool and the rest sleeping still.Oh and Amanda packing ger bags while mccrae is sleeping.

1:17pm BBT: Jessie and Spencer on BY couch and amanda comes out and says your a little beach bunny azrent you jess? and jessie says yeah. In the Kt helen is cleaning as amanda comes in and talks to her about Spencer talking to Jessie. Andy comes in Kt and talk stops then Judd walks through balancing a water bottle on his head twelling Andy to drae eyes on his eye lids to make Candice mad and laughs.

1:24pm BBT: Aaryn tells Elissa and Judd that she has been cleaning up rat droppings in the KT and Elissa is freaking out. Andy comes in to take a shower and Elissa asking him if he has seen rat droppings in the KT he says no. Elissa says that is so gross. In the BY mccrae is smoking with Spencer and Jessie and Amanda. jessie talking about who might be HOh next week and who will win POV.

1:28pm BBT: Judd now in the BY smoking and Hg are talking about glutin free diets and fruits.

1:38pm BBT: Judd talking about when you drink and drive and get arrested and how some teens he knew got arrested and he had to call thweir parents to tell them.

1:44pm BBT: Andy telling a story about when he was drunk and fell asleep in a strange appartment and how the men that came home threw him out and a girl took him to her apartment and then leaves him there and went back to the guys apartment and she was able to get everything but his phone back that the guys had smashed. He says the girl took him home and put him to bed and left her number and said call me tomorrow you will want to know what happened.

1:52pm BBT: Just general talk going in by about drinking and goodwill store that the girls go to and other talk about thrift stores.

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#BB15 2:06 PM BBT Discussion in the BY about musicals. Judd doesn't like Grease. He says he doesn't like stories that break out into song.

#BB15 2:16 PM BBT Amanda wants McCrae to come to the cockpit room to talk. She is going over why Jessie is chatting with someone in the HN room. He is worried. Now talk about who Jessie would put up.

#AGT: Andy comes in to the cockpit room when Amanda leaves. he talks to McCrae about that Amanda worries to much. McCrae agrees. McCrae tells Andy that he has to win this week.

#BB15 2:25 PM BBT McCrae tells Andy that he is worried about Aaryn. He says that she is in Amanda's head and can wreak havoc. Andy says he trusts McCrae, Amanda and Helen.

#BB15 2:31 PM BBT Helen playing chess with Spencer and starts to tell him that word on the street is that he is confiding in people he shouldn't. Tells him that others don't want him to go to jury and she and Judd do. Spencer says that isn't true. [difficult to hear what she is saying]. Helen says that someone is trying to get her to put him out. She says that she is putting her trust in him.

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#BB15 2:40 PM BBT HG in the BY sun bathing. Spencer and Helen play chess.

#BB15 2:44 PM BBT BB calls an ILD. Aaryn upset that they have to come out of the sun.

#BB15 2:48 PM BBT Judd and McCrae decide to smoke before going into the house. McCrae wants a 5 minute warning for lock downs. He and Judd discuss if tomorrow will be a double eviction.

#BB15 2:52 PM BBT The HG in the By trying to decide what they should bring in the house from the washer. Amanda notices a pair of her undies are on the ground and asks Andy if he can pick them up. He says sure and they he says "With your teeth". The HG head inside.

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#BB15 2:57 PM BBT Excitement in the BB house - Judd taking a shower, Elissa folding towels and Helen and Andy playing finger football.

#BB15 3:03 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae in the cockpit room. Amanda sawing [really - back and forth] her finger nails. Talk about Jessie and some bashing. She says if she is voted out, she will be blindsided.

#Bb15 3:15 PM BBT Amanda in cockpit room with the guy. She says something smells like mold. Spencer says it may be his feet.

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#BB15 3:22 PM BB Andy has been correcting the grammer of HG in the cockpit room. They are all laughing as Spencer tries to say different sayings.

#BB15 3:26 PM BBT Talk in the cockpit room about porn and what people are doing now. Andy says he went to school with a guy who did porn.

#BB15 3:29 PM BBT Now talk about past HG. Talk about what kind of name is Nickomis [sorry if mis-spelled] and Amanda says "a bad one". Andy say she came into the house with her real name of Jennifer. Judd doesn't like her because he thinks it is dumb to make up your own name.

#BB15 3:35 PM BBT Judd just said that LD will be an hour. Aaryn says that no one is allowed to be asleep. She wonders if they are going to be taped outside. Judd says maybe the Zingbot?

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