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Tuesday, August 6 Live Feed Updates


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11:04PM BBT Spencer and McCrae talking they both said it is close to double eviction. Elissa and Candice talking she said she overheard Judd and Andy talking in the storage room and she thinks Andy is part of the guys group, Candice does not think so.

11:08PM BBT McCrae told Spencer that if there were a double eviction it will either be Amanda, Helen, Elissa or him. Spencer said no. Judd is complaining that his pants is wet and he is trying to figure why his pants is wet. Elissa told him that Andy wets the bed.

11:12PM BBT Helen,Elissa and Helen in BR talking Andy keeps coming in and out. Helen said very loudly we have to find a way to keep Candice, Then Ginamarie and Aaryn walks in.

11:20PM BBT Jessie,Helen and Elissa now talking about prescriptions Andy is now sitting on the bed.

12:03AM BBT Jessie said she tried everything to save Candice and she hope Candice know that. Elissa said this is making her angry that Candice is going home.

11:25PM BbT Ginamarie and Judd talking Judd told her he hope they have the numbers to get Candice out. Ginamarie told him yes they do and don't worry.

11:28PM BBT Candice is talking to Elissa,Helen,Jessie and Andy why they should keep her this week. Candice said she is more trustworthy than Spencer. Andy said that was a sweet speech, But it is hard to take you seriously with the clown costume.

11:30PM BBT Candice is joking that she should Campaign to McCrae to get Amanda out, she said she will cuddle him and make him bacon. Candice also said to Judd she would make him bacon also. Candice said campaigning is not her thing.

11:35PM BBT Amanda said she feels really ugly right now, and she feels like crying.

11:45PM BBT Andy said that they give Howard and Judd too much credit last week. Elissa and Helen say they want Spencer out.

11:51PM In Hoh andy said he is going to be sad when Candice leaves because he likes her. Andy reassures Ginamarie that he is voting out Candice. Amanda said that Aaryn was a mean girl the first few weeks, Aaryn does not thinks so. Amanda said step 1 is admitting it.

11:55PM BBT Amanda said Candice has her funny moments, Ginamarie said Candice is a rat and she yells at people and Candice told her to go f*** herself.

11:58PM BBT Helen and Jessie talking in the BR Jessie said the plan to get Amanda is squashed because they don't have the votes. Helen said they have to win Hoh.

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12:03AM BBT Jessie said she tried everything to save Candice and she hope Candice know that. Elissa said this is making her angry that Candice is going home.

12:06AM BBT Aaryn is in the cockpit alone, Jessie walks in Aaryn told her she needs alone time from Ginamarie because she is driving her crazy. Aaryn told Jessie that Ginamarie have Hohtitis and does not get it.

12:12AM BBT Candice said she is going to have another keeping it real before she leave. Andy said the time to strike is not now, Jessie said she's done trying and accepts Candice is leaving.

12:30AM BBT Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae in Hoh shower, Amanda is going to have a shower and McCrae is going to join her.

12:35AM BBT Aaryn looks so sad tonight she told Amand that Ginamarie is very loud and does not make any sense when she talks. Aaryn said Ginamarie does not listen to anything she said and she only talks about Nick.

12:40AM BBT Aaryn told McCrae that she is afraid that what Ginamarie does is going to reflect badly on her .

12:45AM BBT Judd and Aaryn talking in Hoh Aaryn said that Ginamarie isn't an escape. She's a trip to an insane asylum. Aaryn said Amanda and McCrae have each other to escape.

12:49AM BBT Aaryn said she was mad at Ginamarie because today she was trying to talk to Hen and Ginamarie was hitting her with a hotdog.

12:51AM BBT Judd and Aaryn still talking, Aaryn said Ginamarie referred to Nick as her finance, Judd asks if tethey are engaged, Aaryn said Production gave Ginamarie a picture of Nick as a joke to make fun of her.

12:56AM BBT Aaryn and Judd in Hoh bed Judd asks Jessie to come in the bed with them.

12:59AM BBT Helen and Andy talking Helen said she wish they can vote out Spencer, Andy said it would upset Ginamarie and Aaryn. Helen also said they need to wait to make big moves Andy agreed.

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2:35am bbt Andy/Amanda in cockpit, agree there is no plan to flip the vote this week. They speculate(again) that Judd is MVP, and decide if 'one of us'(Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Helen, Elissa) wins the next HOH, nominations should be Jessie/Spencer, with a backdoor open of voting out Judd.

8am bbt HGs are still asleep. Checking late night, nothing changed regarding sending Candice home this week.

8:30am bbt zzzzzzz....

8:53am bbt no wakeup call yet, but Elissa is up and in the WA...

8:57am bbt ... and Elissa is back in bed

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10:17am BBT: Helen and Ginamarie are up and in bathroom are as BB had woken up the hg for the day

10:29am BBT:Judd and Andy in by talking general talk as Judd was smoking.helen in bathroom area getting ready to go run in the BY.

10:38am:Judd and andy still talking general talk about past hg and where they lived and Helen running in BY.

10:49pm BBT:helen running in the by still as Judd and Andy talk general talk. Andy is now going in the house leaving Judd sitting alone and BB telling Candice to change her batteries.

10:52am BBT: andy has now gone back to bed.Judd being called to DR and helen is still running her laps in the BY.

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11:01am BBt: Aaryn now up fixing breakfast.helen still running. Judd in Dr and all other hg still sleeping.

11:02am BBT:helen says Aaryn can i talk to you and she says yeah then Judd walks out to BY and helen says we will talk later . Aaryn goes inside and Judd says where you going? Aaryn says to get her muffin and she will be back and BB calls her to the DR.

11:06am BBT: helen and Judd talking about candice yelling at spencer and Helen says that he handled himself greatly and didnt yell back at candice.Aaryn is now back outside with her muffinhelen telling her what Judd and her was talking about.

11:27pm BBT: Helen and Judd and Aaryn in BY talking about who Helen has been close to in the house and about Elissa having MVP and how she had no one in the house at the beginning.

11:31am BBT: Aaryn asking if Elissa has been talking crap about her any and Helen says no she really hasnt latley she is really starting to let it all go.jessie is now up in color rm getting ready to go to the BY for a smoke.

11:33am BBT: Aaryn says she had a panick atrack lastnight and had to go to the cockpit to be alone and cried and cried. Aaryn says Ginamarie is a sweet person but she is just getting to me. helen says i am going to go get coffe and walks into the house.

11:39am BBT: Aaryn saying she told Ginamarie that she had talked to Judd about jessie and Ginamarie yelled at her and told her she didnt need to be talking to anyone cuz it is her HOH week . helen says no way and Judd says well you have to talk to people too and Aaryn says i know.

11:44am BBT: Most Hg still sleeping and Helen, Aaryn and Judd still in by talking about Jessie. aaryn says Jessie wasnt intersted in Judd untill she thought i was . Judd laughs and helen says thats weird its like in junior high. Aaryn starts talking about one of her exes and says a guy that makes you carry a bag to the train is not the guy.

11:50am BBT: Helen telling Judd and Aaryn that Elissa knows other people from other seasons like Andrew and others and how you meet the other people as you come out of the house. judd says to me elissa is nothing like Rachel. helen says they are differnt cuz rachel is more like in your face and Elissa is more like the fun joking type.

11:53pm BBT: Helen says i think that David looked like Danielle cuz they had some simalar facial features. Aaryn says alot of people think i look like Danielle Danoto but i dont think i do. Helen says i dont think your like her at all .

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12:07pm BBT: Judd , Helen and Aaryn in BY talking about survivor and Aaryn says she knows colby . helen asked how she knew him and she said she went to school in San Angelo , Texas and met him there cuz thats where he lives.helen says her friend didnt know she applied for this show and we get foth.

12:11pm BBt: In the BY they are now talking about past comps the have plyed in and how hard they was. Jessie is now running in the house to the bathroom and BB calls her to the Dr. All other Hg still sleeping.

12:13pm BBt: Jessie now getting coffee.she is now going out to the BY to join Jessie , aaryn and Judd as they talk about being tired and cold in a comp they had done. Jessie now lighting a cigarette.

12:19pm BBT: Judd goes to color rm then heads back out and goes to By again as Aaryn and Helen talk about movies.

12:27pm BBT: jessie telling helen if she doesnt win HOH next week then she will be going home. helen says maybe not.she says anyone could go home. Jessie says some people have the votes and i dont. helen says you just won POV so you can win it. helen says this game is about having relationships with people and you had one with Judd and if you hadnt had that with Judd you probably wouldnt have won. you know what i mean? Jessie says yeah maybe.

12:36pm BBT: Jessie sitting in BY alone and Aaryn in hoh bathroom doing her makeup. helen now comes back out to the BY and tells Jessie it is amazing the KT is still clean from lastnight. Jessie says thank god.

12:46pm BBT: helen and Jessie talking about Jessies sister watching her on tv. Aaryn getting clothes to chage everyone else asleep.

12:50pm BBT: candice is now stirring around. aaryn is now back in the BY on the eliptical as Helen and Jessie talk about having siblings as Helen had none she is an only child.

12:55pm BBT: candice is now up and in bathroom area popping pimples on her face in the mirror. Still general talk in the BY with helen and jessie and Aaryn still on the eliptical. All other Hg still sleeping.

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1:00pm bbt Jessie sharing about her life/siblings with Helen on the patio, Aaryn still on the eliptical, Candice showering.

1:05pm bbt Helen asks Jessie what life is like in Beaumont, TX? Farming, industrial, etc? Helen says a friend of hers in college was very sheltered due to being raised in Jackson, MS. Jessie says 'everyone in Beaumont gets married right out of high school and stays there'. Jessie's mom/step dad met in a grocery store, she had Nascar shirt on, he had a Nascar hat on, bumped carts, got talking about the race that weekend, exchanged emails to talk about the race.

1:10pm bbt Judd is up, joins Helen/Jessie on the patio talking about Nascar and Aggie football. Jessie's mom was born in 1959, Aaryn says her dad was born in 1955, mom born in 1959. Aaryn says her dad knows 'every female around her age from there. They call him Georgeous George, he won the Mr Sexy Leg contest at Texas State, before going to Texas A and M'

1:15pm bbt Helen, Jessie, Aaryn, Candice, Judd are the only ones up.

Judd: There are only 5 people up and it's 1 o'clock, this is crazy.

1:17pm bbt Aaryn goes inside to pick out a bikini for the day. Her drawer is next to Andy's bed, so he wakes up.

Aaryn: Are you naked under that blanket?

Andy: No, I have underwear on.

Aaryn: 11 million people have a screenshot of you in your underwear.

Andy: whatever, I'm over it.

1:19pm bbt GM is up. Aaryn wants to take a shower in the HOH, but GM says 'they locked it, I'm doing my blog soon and they are setting up for that.'

Outside, Jessie tells Jude she is worried that if she doesn't win HOH, she's going up. Judd asks why, saying he wouldn't put her up, but avoids answering who he would nominate when Jessie asks. Jessie feels the order out could be Spencer, Jessie, Aaryn, GM, Judd, Andy... then it would be Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda left.

Jessie: Tell me if you don't see it that way. If you don't then I won't be worried.

Judd: Who are you working with?

Jessie: just you, and Helen and Elissa

Judd: I really trust Helen, not Elissa as much

Jessie: the only thing with Helen, is she is always going to do what's best for her.

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1:25pm bbt Helen joins Judd/Jessie on the patio

Helen: It's so wierd, I said for the first time all week, I don't know what happened, but production didn't leave me something fun in the storage room.

(feeds cut to fish for 30 seconds)

Helen(holding/talking into her mic): I was totally joking, Andy puts labels on things in the storage room and leaves them for me. He puts labels on the tampons and pretends they are from production. I was joking, it's Andy's fault.

Judd asks if Elissa is going to marry Andy, then tries to decide if Polygamy and Bigamy are the same thing.

1:28pm bbt Andy joins Judd, Elissa, Jessie on the patio. Candice, Helen in WA doing hair/makeup, Aaryn showering after her elliptical workout.

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1:40pm bbt Judd/Andy on patio speculating/joking if GM got a special power as HOH but didn't understand how it worked and wasn't allowed to tell the other HGs about it. Jessie says GM took over the POV meeting because she thought as HOH she was supposed to do it. Jessie says "I had my speech all planned, then GM got up and talked for 10 minutes". Judd said everyone told him 'go for prizes during the POV competition, you are safe', but was worried everyone was just saying that so he wouldn't win POV and was going to get nominated.

1:55pm bbt Judd/Elissa realize they both would visit Myrtle Beach, SC while in high school.

Elissa: wouldn't it be funny if we were related?

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1:58pm bbt Helen/Andy meet in the cockpit

Helen: I wanted to ask you something.. someone close to me heard, it wasn't Jessie or Candice, you in the storage room talking to Judd, and they heard you tell Judd the only people you trust in this game are Judd, Amanda and McCrae.

(Andy stares for a couple seconds)

Andy: I may have said that, but only because I don't want us(motions between himself and Helen) to be super evident.

Helen: ok, someone just told me to be careful of you, and I wanna let you know... I'm gonna.. there are certain people you have to put your faith in, you have to trust some people. I'm really putting my trust in you, as I want you to put your trust in me. So I'm not going to scream about this. I don't take every conversation as true...

Andy: You know I trust you more than Judd

Helen: I know, I don't want anyone putting wedges in between us

Andy: Don't believe it.

Helen: well if you hear anything, you need to come to me to..

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#BB15 2:03 PM BBT Elissa and Judd in the BY talking about yoga. In the KT, Helen, Candice and Jessie cooking.

#BB15 2:09 PM BBT Cam changes to BR with Andy, McCrae and Amanda. No game talk but not sure if Andy told them abut Helen's talk with him. Amanda is up but McCrae still in bed. Now talk about wake up songs.

#BB15 2:15 PM BBT still cooking going on in the KT. In the BY McCrae and Jessie sitting on the couch. Just gen chit chat.

#BB15 2:21 PM BBT Judd and Andy stretch in the BY. Judd tells Andy that they may not need to run after working out. In the KT, Aaryn finishes the bacon for the BLTs she is making Amanda and herself. She asks Amanda if she wants egg or meat on the sandwich as well.

#BB15 2:36 PM BBT Judd has given up running after a few laps. Andy and Elissa still running. Cooking still going on in the kitchen.

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#BB15 2:47 PM BBT Andy comes in to the KT. Andy talking about that he normally runs a 7 minute mile. They talk about running half marathons. Helen wants to run one.

#BB15 2:53 PM BBT Gina comes down stairs crying. She tells them that she can't spell or do anything. She is upset about her blog.

#BB15 2:57 PM BBT Gina has gone into the cockpit room and collapsed on the sofa. She wants to be alone. The HG are in the BY eating and telling the other HG that Gina is upset.

#BB15 3:02 PM BBT Gina asks for Helen. Andy and Amanda go in as well. They give her a pep talk and tell her that she is her own person and people will love it.

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#BB15 3:18 PM BBT The camera is being used in the BY. Amanda having different poses with McCrae. Helen comes out to get the camera for Gina.

#BB15 3:23 PM BBT Picture taking is happening in the HOH room. They are dressing up and laughing.

#BB15 We currently have no signal

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4:09 PM BBT Still no signal on the feeds. Fear not friends, we will be watching and waiting to report all the current happenings of the house as soon as the feeds return.

4:29 PM BBT We have a new message on the feeds screen. "Something is technically wrong. We're going to fix it and have things back to normal soon."

4:30 PM BBT. We have sound. I can hear Helen and Elissa talking. Helen tells her that if given the chance she will throw Thursday's HoH to her. Helen is trying to give Elissa a pep talk. Elissa is down in the dumps.

4:37 PM BBT Feeds are back!!

4:38 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda are laying in bed. Helen and Elissa are on the hammock. Elissa is talking about Gina Marie. Gina Marie made her heart melt in showing her appreciation for Elissa doing her hair.

4:42 PM BBT Helen and Elissa are talking about Gina Marie not even having a credit card or debit card. Helen predicts that Gina Marie will win the fan favorite prize and could really use the money. Elissa tells Helen she doesn't mean to come across as rude but she just isn't interested in talking game with the other people in the house right now.

4:43 PM BBT Judd comes into the BR where McCrae and Amanda are laying down to change clothes. Amanda jokes with him saying she can see his genital warts.

4:50 PM BBT Helen and Candice are laying out in the BY talking about the movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days." In the BR Amanda is talking about menstrual cycle mishaps.

4:54 PM BBT Aaryn and Gina Marie are in the HoHR. Gina Marie says that she hates it that BB has already referred to her as a bonehead and then she has to write stuff (HoH blog, tweets). Aaryn says she would rather be called bonehead instead of egotistical. Aaryn says Candice is jealous that Aaryn is now friends with everyone in the house but her. Aaryn says Candice yells at everyone all the time for no reason. Aaryn says she yells at people because they deserve it. Gina Marie "She hits low".

4:59 PM BBT Aaryn is nervous that Amanda's attitude is so bad that it's making everyone in the house nervous. She's afraid it might interfere with Candice leaving. She feels something in her gut that things might change with Candice leaving and there is still another whole day ahead.

5:05 PM BBT In the HoH room Aaryn tells Gina Marie that she has her doubts about Amanda. She thinks that Amanda is playing her. She is beginning to feel like Amanda has her doing her dirty work. Amanda is claiming to do things for Aaryn (like getting rid of Kaitlin) but it is really Amanda doing it for her own game. Aaryn "I am not cool with people using me and that is what it's starting to feel like is happening. Just some shady stuff going on in this house and I don't want to be the brunt of it anymore."

5:10 PM BBT Aaryn in the HoHR is telling Gina Marie that they have earned credibility in the house. They keep it straight and they are trustworthy. Gina Marie "That's all me every day." Aaryn so many people in the house have no credibility. Gina Marie calls Candice a Rat F***.

5:16 PM BBT Andy, McCrae, and Spencer are in the BR talking about what Jeremy might be doing now outside of the house. Spencer says Jeremy McGuire is a redneck name. Elissa walks in. They joke about the M & M's having a special power in the house. Spencer asks Elissa if she has done something different with her hair. Elissa says no. Spencer tells her it looks more dirty than usual. Elissa said it is probably the power of the M & M's.

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5:22 PM BBT Spencer and Andy are joking in the BR. Andy says Judd is 0 for 4 in Have Not competitions. They both agree they don't want on his team for Have Not competitions. They want to be on Aaryn. She hasn't lost one yet but she was HoH for two of them.

5:29 PM BBT Andy, Amanda, and McCrae are all hiding under the covers in the BR. Spencer is (sort of) sneaking up on them and making them scream like little girls. Hey yanks the covers off and Amanda screams bloody murder. Andy is laughing through it all. Amanda "It's just really hard to explain."

5:31 PM BBT Elissa comes into the BR where Andy, Spencer, Amanda, and McCrae are. She announces the bachelorette party is at 9pm. Andy jokes "Thanks for announcing to Amanda when her party is. Your party is at 9 Amanda whether you are coming or not." Elissa "The only thing that matter is whether or not you are there Andy because you are live entertainment."

5:33 PM BBT Helen and Judd are laying on the lounge together in the BY. Helen says it will be crazy if Jessie wins HoH Thursday. Judd thinks it may be a knock out round. He tells her that he would want to put Helen up against Jessie because Helen is the smartest and could knock Jessie out. Helen says that what works so well for their alliance is that each person has their own talents. Each are good at something and though the won't win them all, then will win most.

5:36 PM BBT Andy joins Helen and Judd in the BY. Judd said he is nervous about taking prizes. He said people would tell him to take prizes but it makes him wonder if they want him to take prizes so they can backdoor him. Helen "Please Judd, take prizes so we can backdoor you." Helen and Judd both say that they like Spencer. They hope they can protect him next week. They are afraid that he will go up, especially if Jessie wins.

5:39 PM BBT Judd tells Helen the key is to get rid of bitter jury people. Helen thinks Jessie would be bitter and would vote a winner based on crazy reasons. She would vote against someone that nominated her. Judd mentions that Elissa once said she didn't want to go to jury. Helen tells him that she doesn't feel that way anymore. She was the biggest target for 3 straight week and was completely miserable. They are discussing how the house would be different if David and Nick had stayed in the house.

5:45 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house about why New York has the best pizza. Amanda says it's because of the dirty water. Aaryn is cleaning up the KT.

5:50 PM BBT In the BY McCrae says he is going to lie down again. Judd jokes that he better take a shower before laying down in his bed. He then says they are going to play a new game called Torture McCrae. Andy says he would be interested in playing that. Meanwhile Elissa is telling Amanda in the WA that she has her wedding all planned out.

5:55 PM Jessie, Judd, and Aaryn are in the BY talking about Playboy. Aaryn said she doesn't understand why they have to naked. Judd tells her that's the whole point but there is literature in there too. Spencer says it's more classy than magazines. McCrae and Amanda head back to bed.

6:03 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house. Gina Marie is talking about her hair and Helen is talking about the people who work really hard but never real make it in the career world.

6:11 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda are snuggling under the covers again the BR. He tells her she has pizza breath. Helen and Candice are still talking about careers.

6:18 PM BBT The next round of pizza is done. Candice sings that she likes pizza but that the calories don't like her butt. Amanda and McCrae are still under the covers. Amanda says he is trying to suffocate her. Andy comes walks through and just stares at them. Amanda wants to play tent again.

6:23 PM BBT Aaryn is telling Spencer in the BY that she doesn't know who she can trust anymore and that she isn't doing anyone's dirty work anymore. Aaryn tells Spencer that Candice is campaigning for him to leave instead of Amanda. Meanwhile Andy joins McCrae and Amanda in the BR so they have to surface out from under the covers.

6:28 PM BBT Helen and Candice are still talking about their careers. The current topic is Helen's job and her maternity leave. In the BR Andy has found the junk drawer. Andy "The Mother Load!!" McCrae rolls over and Amanda fusses at him "Stop turning your back on me. I hate that so much."

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6:35PMBBT Candice and Helen are in the BY talking about what happens after you leave the BB house. Candice wants to know if you ge to go on the Talk. Helen says "No just the early show." In the chair room, Judd, Amanda and Andy are chatting, rehashing past events in the house. Aaryn and GM were in the SR and GM started complaining about Candice and BB modifying her costume... all feeds go to the chair room for a few moments. Judd is now in the SR with Aaryn, she is flirting with him.

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6:45PMBBT Candice and Helen have discussed who is the hottest HG ever (Jeff), what other reality tv shows they would like to be on, who knew where they were going.... just chatting. Jessie is on the BY couch with Spencer and Judd. She says she is not participating in the lingere bachelorette party. She is uncomfortable doing it. Spencer says it is just like a swimsuit, he doesn't see the difference.
In the chair room, Elissa is showing Amanda, Andy and McCrae how to Cha Cha Slide. Lots of giggles and small talk.

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6:55PMBBT It's snuggle and whisper time in the BY. Candice crawls on to the chaise with Judd and Helen. Judd asks "What's up?" Candice says "I am just clowning around." Judd is asking what they think of the whole Aaryn thing. Helen asked if he wanted to be a Chippendale for the bachelorette party. He said No. Spencer and Jessie are in the hammock on the other side of the yard. Took a while for them to balance it, not much convo going on.

7:00PMBBT Aaryn pops out the door and asks if they know of any games they can play at the party. Jessie starts complaining about Amanda. She doesn't understand why everyone "Is soooo obsessed with Amanda. She is just a realtor from Boca!" Then she starts in about Elissa "She is kind of a disappointment, I mean she is Rachel Reilly's sister and she is basically just a floater." Spencer is coddling her. So the pity party continues.

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7:10PMBBT Aaryn wants to play "Pin the bandaids on Amanda" for a game. She and Helen are trying to figure out some games. Aaryn is making penis cookies, Elissa is making the cake. Jessie is still whining about the party and how she.... well she is whining. It is the same thing she said 15 minutes ago. She is now begging Spencer to not say anything.

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7:20PMBBT Jessie has joined Helen and Candice in the chaise... and the pity party continues about Amanda's party. Candice says that having a talk with GinaMarie about why she should stay in the BB house is pointless as GM doesn't seem to understand the BB game.
Spencer is now inside in the chair room and he is telling McCrae and Amanda about Jessie's feel-sorry-for-me-spiel. Andy and Judd are whispering to Spencer in the color room. Spencer says he feels good about this week even though he is on the block.

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7:30PMBBT Candice is having a "hate Amanda" fest in the chaise. Jessie is agreeing with a lot of what she is saying. Helen is listening, not saying much. Candice says this is all Amanda and Aaryn feeding GinaMarie. She will not be going upstairs to make a deal. Helen says "I have to go get my nail file, I'll be right back." Candice and Jessie watch her go inside and continue complaining about Amanda and Aaryn. In the chair room, Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are having naps.

7:40PMBBT Jessie and Candice are laying it on thick with Helen. Helen says "Well if you have the votes, let me know!" (the feeds did not show if Helen talked to anyone) Candice was going on a rant about the way the house works and at the end she said "This is all just re*****d" (she said the r word) After a few minutes Jessie and Candice push the flipping the house idea on Helen again.

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7:50PMBBT Elissa and Aaryn are baking up a storm in the kitchen, the penis cookies look a little like clovers. They are talking about past BB HG and bachelorette parties. Elissa says Rachel had the best one planned by her but her own wasn't so great. They are talking about Brenchel's wedding.
Mission: Convince Helen to flip, continues in the BY. Candice and Jessie are harping on Helen. Howard, Nick, Kaitlin ad how they were evicted have all been brought up. Jessie says that they have the numbers now, next week probably not. Candice is going over Howard's plan and that they only needed one extra vote. Helen says she just can not go against the house. She says that last week made her just sick. Jessie is almost crying... again.

7:55PMBBT Helen says she does not agree with the way Amanda has treated Jessie and Candice and that is the only reason she would vote her out. Candice says "NOOOO You vote her out because she is a target!" Helen wants to talk to Judd and see where he is at. (could something be brewing?) Jessie says she can not play "what does the house want game" she has to play for herself. If Helen and Elissa flip then, they could get Judd and flip! Helen is getting defensive then says "Let me think about it." She heads into the house... says she is going for a shower.

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