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Monday, August 5 Live Feed Updates


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12:06 AM BBT Elissa tells her not to worry about it because if Judd didn't like her he wouldn't have thrown the veto to her. Elissa heads back out into the KT and Candice says she needs to know what's going on. She can't campaign to McCrae. Elissa tells her to think of all the bad/mean things they've done to her or other people and bring that up every day like they do on a daily basis themselves.

12:09 AM BBT Up in the HoH Andy, Judd, McCrae, Helen, GinaMarie and Amanda are chatting (ie: Jessie bashing). Down in the KT Candice is watching Elissa as she makes something to eat. Candice is tired. She says when she gets stressed out she sleeps. Elissa feels her pain and understands. She says it is all very stressful. Candice feels Spencer has already made deals with people. Elissa says she should make her own deals then. Elissa says you need to come up with your two targets and give those names out. Candice says let's be realistic that she told off McCrae's girlfriend on National TV. Elissa says let's be realistic and that she was just as inappropriate.

12:23 AM BBT More of the same. Jessie bashing in the HoH continues. Spencer, McCrae and Andy have all made their way downstairs to get some pizza before coming back upstairs. GinaMarie keeps saying Jessie has no power so she can't make any deals. Meanwhile down in the KT idle chit between everyone include Candice and Elissa with them while they're down there. Aaryn makes her way to the BY to get her laundry.

12:31 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head outside to smoke. Jessie sits with her feet in the HT. Talk about how chilly it has been outside lately and how awful it's going to be for Amanda when she spray tans later. Amanda says she hasn't seen Jessie much today. Jessie says the same and asks where Amanda had been. Amanda says she didn't feel well earlier but she's feeling better now. Andy comes outside and says he wants to another set of 25 on the weight bench. Back up in the HoH Helen lets everyone in the room know that she loves them (Helen, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie). Helen says she and Spencer had some history but they're finally past that.

12:38 AM BBT Out in the BY McCrae is giving Amanda a thrashing telling her she needs to stop leading the charge. Amanda says she's not. McCrae laughs and tells her she is. She wonders what she's supposed to do. McCrae says she needs to just tell everyone "Well, I'm on the block, what am I supposed to do?". McCrae says Andy had everything covered with Helen but then she turned around and went back after her again even though she said she was good for this week. McCrae points out that Aaryn is getting into his head especially with all of the comments she's making about Jessie wanting Amanda out so she can have McCrae to herself.

12:47 AM BBT Up in the HoH GinaMarie is telling Helen that she will tell Spencer tomorrow that he's going up as a pawn. Feeds switch to Amanda and Spencer whispering in the WA while she brushes her teeth. Spencer says he has some news for her and he hopes she doesn't get pissed at her but he wonders if America is MVP. Amanda says she's beginning to wonder that as well but she doesn't understand why they would put Elissa up, then GinaMarie and now her and why they weren't continuing to go after just one of them.

12:50 AM BBT Elissa and Candice continue to chat in the KT as Elissa works on making Amanda's bridal cake. Amanda heads outside briefly where McCrae, Andy, Jessie, Judd and Spencer are hanging out. Amanda and McCrae head inside to the lounge. Andy hopes he's up for Amanda's next tan. Spencer mentions that they told her it would be her last PM tan and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Andy is laughing with Spencer saying "Will you at least finish the thought?" Andy says it sounded like the "Please stop singing." More FoTH.

12:59 AM BBT In the lounge Amanda, McCrae and Judd are whispering. Amanda is telling Judd that he needs to stay close to Jessie for the rest of the week. Judd is reluctant and says Amanda is exhausting him. Amanda says she needs him this week. Judd understands and he'll do it but he'd rather hang himself in the shower. Aaryn comes into the lounge. Aaryn says she's tired. Judd says she's not going to give him information. Aaryn agrees and says they already know what's on her mind.

01:03 AM BBT Out in the KT Helen, GinaMarie, Elissa, Jessie, and Candice are chatting. Helen is running through the list of things she's ate today (it is a fairly long list), and GinaMarie says "...and you're a petite little thing, go you!" Candice is getting tired. Helen is as well.

01:13 AM BBT Same old chit chat for the past 10 minutes or so. More Jessie bashing in the BY with Spencer, GinaMarie, Judd and Andy. Feeds switch to Helen and Jessie whispering. Jessie is rehashing the brief convo that she and Aaryn had in the BY and tells Helen that she figured she was getting raked over the coals upstairs. Helen says she was and she quickly shot it all down. Jessie says that Elissa heard a conversation earlier that Andy said "Me, Judd, Amanda and McCrae are solid." Which to Jessie means Andy is more loyal to them than her. Jessie is going to keep working on Judd.

01:25 AM BBT In the lounge Amanda, McCrae and Andy are whispering about how much they don't trust Jessie. McCrae feels like Aaryn is good with them but she has a tendency to stir the pot. Amanda and Andy agree. Elissa comes in and gives Amanda a sample of the icing her for wedding cake.

01:30 AM BBT Candice and Judd are chatting. Candice is heading to bed. Spencer and Helen are playing pool. Back in the lounge room they continue bash Jessie and now Aaryn because she stirs the pot. McCrae tells Amanda to stop letting Aaryn get to her with the "Jessie wants McCrae" comments. Switching feeds Judd is talking to Jessie in the colorful room. Jessie says that she has safety for this week because of the veto but she thinks she's next in line. Judd says he wouldn't have given the veto to her if she was a target because it makes it look like they're together.

01:35 AM BBT Jessie says if Candice goes home this week then she (Jessie) will go home next week. Judd says he doesn't want to vote out Spencer. She doesn't want him to. Judd asks "Amanda?" Jessie says yes. Judd thought they worked their beef out. Jessie says they did but she (Amanda) was upstairs talking about her earlier. Judd wants to know how she knows. Jessie says that doesn't matter. Jessie says if Judd helps vote out Amanda this week Helen, Elissa, and Jessie would be loyal to him. Jessie also thinks Andy would come over as well. Jessie says McCrae would be pissed but he wouldn't be mad at Judd and that McCrae and Judd could work together. Jessie says if they don't do this, then they're just giving Amanda and McCrae the game.

01:39 AM BBT Just prior to this conversation Aaryn came into the room briefly to get something out of her drawer. Judd asked Aaryn where she would be sleeping. Aaryn thinks down here. She leaves and Jessie asks if he's sleeping with Aaryn tonight. Judd thinks so yeah and asks if she'll be upset. She says yes. Judd says finish what you were talking about.

01:42 AM BBT Over in the lounge Elissa is talking with McCrae and Amanda. Amanda told Elissa how Jessie had referred to them as Princess Elissa and Princess Amanda. Elissa says "At least she knows we're Princess'". She leaves the room and Amanda says she feels like she can trust her. Amanda says she knows Aaryn doesn't like her but she can trust her. McCrae says Aaryn just wants her gone next week. McCrae says the girls aren't playing a game. They're playing High School. Because they don't want their friends sitting next to their enemies (Preach on brother!)

01:47 AM BBT Back in the colorful room Judd and Jessie hug it out. Jessie asks Judd to think about it please. Judd says he will. He kisses her on the cheek and she gives him "the look" and he starts to pull back and she whispers again to think about it. He leans in and they kiss briefly on the lips. She asks for him to please sleep with her tonight and not to sleep with Aaryn. He agrees. She says she wants to cuddle. Judd comes out and Andy asks where he's sleeping. He says with Jessie. Andy goes off to find Aaryn to see where she's sleeping. Judd comes into the lounge. They ask where he's sleeping. He tells them. They ask what else is up. Judd says nothing. (Judd does NOT tell them about the Amanda conversation).

01:53 AM BBT Amanda tells Judd that they figured out what the conversation that Elissa and Jessie had earlier and that it was only Jessie complaining about the bed situation (This is not the case, there were more things said. See the updates at 10:40 and 10:44 PM BBT). Andy comes into the lounge and they do a bit of Jessie bashing. Judd offers Andy a sip of water from McCrae's cup (Judd already took a sip). McCrae cries out as Andy drinks from his straw and they all have a good laugh.

01:59 AM BBT Over in the colorful room Candice is getting ready for bed. Jessie and Candice are talking about who MVP might be. Candice suspect's it's Amanda and McCrae together. Jessie thinks it's McCrae only. Jessie says Elissa is 100% on board to get rid of Amanda. Judd is 50-50 and Helen is 0% on board. Candice says she'd be more loyal to keep around than Spencer. She wonders why Helen would want to keep Spencer over her. Candice called to DR. She is freaking out that she is going to be in trouble for not wearing her clown costume (she just got out of the shower and was in bed in a t-shirt and her underwear).

02:07 AM BBT Over in the colorful room Jessie has grabbed Elissa from the next room (dressed in her yoga outfit) and tells her that Judd is thinking seriously about it. Meanwhile back in the lounge Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Andy continue to whisper and bash Jessie. Amanda says Candice makes Helen stronger. Judd tells McCrae to take a drink of water. He says no way. McCrae needs to poop. Amanda needs to pee first. Judd needs to go smoke.

02:22 AM BBT Judd wants to out and smoke. Judd, Spencer, McCrae and Andy all head out into the BY. Spencer says when he says he gets called into vote on Thursday he wants to say "I vote to evict Bozo, I mean Candice." Back in the colorful room Candice says Judd had mentioned giving the veto to Amanda and Candice told him that Amanda was telling everyone he was MVP. Judd questioned her (Amanda) and that's when she went crazy and started screaming at her. Jessie wants to talk to Helen tonight so she gets up and goes next door to the chair room and wakes Helen up. She sticks her head of the bedroom doorway and asks Elissa to tell her if someone is coming. Jessie tells Helen things are looking solid with Judd "We kissed tonight and he's thinking about it". I'm going to give him a day or so to think about it.

02:30 AM BBT Jessie says she hasn't told him that she talked to her about it. Helen appreciates it and wants to think over it a day or so herself and see where he settles down. Jessie goes over and tells Elissa about the conversation she's had with Helen and Judd. Elissa questions whether or not she would ever work with Aaryn again. Jessie says if they do this for her she would not work with Aaryn again. Jessie heads in to use the WC. Meanwhile out in the BY we have a discussion of movies.

02:41 AM BBT In the colorful room Candice and Jessie continue to whisper about Amanda being a bully and running the house. They both want to evict her. Candice is going to sleep. Jessie is reading the bible. Switching feeds into the lounge and Judd is whispering to Andy saying he doesn't want to tell Amanda yet and he asks Andy if he knows what's going on. Andy says he knows Jessie is starting a plan to get Amanda out. Amanda walks in and the conversation quickly stops.

02:55 AM BBT Jessie is called to replace her mic. She heads outside. Judd leaves the lounge and also heads outside and asks her what's up with her mic. She's not sure. General talk in the BY while they discuss movies and stars while smoking. Back in the lounge rinse and repeat game chat between Amanda and Andy. McCrae comes inside and says Jessie, Judd and Spencer are out there. Amanda wonders if McCrae wants to go back outside and chat with Jessie. McCrae says no. Amanda then questions how long she's been out and why she's up.

03:08 AM BBT Talk is slowing down while those awake wait for Amanda to get called for her next spray tan. Rewinding a bit, Jessie and Judd were left alone on the BY couch with a light make out session beginning (02:59 AM BBT Feed 3). Jessie told Judd that Candice told Elissa and Helen were in the room and heard Amanda say that she wanted to get Judd out because she thought he was the MVP right before the PoV. Jessie said it is another reason to get her out. Jessie tells Judd her theory that McCrae is MVP. Judd tells her that he thinks Elissa is.

03:18 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae remain in the lounge after Judd and Spencer walk out to the BY for Judd to go smoke. Andy went to bed. Judd tells Spencer to trust him in the future and that if he asks him to vote a certain way to just remember he has his back. Spencer says he may ask him to explain himself. Judd understands but he's just trying to get them down to the final 7. Spencer says he can't rock any boats until they get to jury. Judd says you can trust him, Andy, Amanda and McCrae. Judd warns him he may go up tomorrow but he's not going home.

03:26 AM BBT We've had idle game chit chat for a little bit now with Judd and Spencer in the BY and Amanda and McCrae in the lounge. The only two noteworthy moments...Amanda asked McCrae if he thinks she'll make it to jury. He's not sure. Also, Judd tells Spencer he'd love to be sitting in the final 2 with him because obviously Amanda has McCrae.

03:30 AM BBT Judd and Spencer continue to talk. Judd tells Spencer how Jessie started throwing his own name out there last week when they were close it was getting scary. Spencer says he had a sit down moment with Jessie before the HoH LD last week and he asked who she would put on the block if she won and she said "You and someone else because the house wants you out." Judd asks Spencer if he's heard any more about him being MVP. Spencer doesn't think they think that any more. Back in the lounge Amanda is telling McCrae that she doesn't feel like he's fighting for her and he's arguing with her every day. McCrae says it's because she doesn't listen to him and she's always running around making scenes everywhere. Amanda asks if she's been better this week. McCrae says yes and she should try to do it again this week.

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~~~~~~~As of 05:00 AM BBT they are still awake and going at it~~~~~~~~~

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Guest 6Borders

8:44am BB Time: The feeds are up and the HG's seem to be in fine form this morning.

Elissa, Spencer, and a few others are joking and laughing. GM seems to be trying to do sit ups with her cone one.

I see Aaryn, Elissa, Spencer and Helen up (or at least awake)

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Guest 6Borders

8:46am BB Time: BB reminds everyone the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Elissa is teasing Andy and she is pretty loud. Judd says "Elissa...shhhh" and she says sorry.

Aaryn is in the BY getting something about of the fridge, and sits with her legs in the hot tub.

BB again sternly reminds the HG's that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day/

The lights in the Color Room are now on. Andy is laughing with GM about her cone and the ceremony and what they are wearing for it. Elissa says GM definitely needs to wear the police badge. They are being silly and laughing {it's the most awake and animated morning in the house since moving in -6Borders}

BB tells Andy (I think) to put on his mic. Judd mumbles something about the DR. Elissa is teasing Andy that he dreams of her "female....(she can't come up with an appropriate word apparently)"

Andy heads to the backyard, tries the door and it's either locked or he's changed his mind. Helen is up in her jogging outfit. Andy asks her how long she is running and she says 9:22-9:27ish.

Candace can be seen in the bathroom donning her Clowntard. They are all discussing one of the songs this morning that they think was "stupid".

BB tells McCrae to change his batteries and Andy comments that McCrae hates doing that.

Andy wants to know if BB ever made Amanda tan last night (apparently not). Andy says it was the worlds worst punishment and Helen agrees. Andy says it should have been called "3 Spray Tans" or "Glow for the live show"

Discussion about the weather. Judd says it feels like winter (in the BB BY this morning).

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8:50am bbt HGs are saying BB told them the POV ceremony will be in 60-70 minutes. If so expect lots of primping from now until then.

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Guest 6Borders

8:56am BB Time: Andy and Judd whispering on the BY couch. Andy says he doesn't want to "scare you but..."

Judd says he just wants to make sure it's still solid and he doesn't want to be out of the loop. Andy says it's a done deal.

Jessie comes out to do her makeup on the BY couch. More discussion about the "song that sucked" this morning.

They are happy that "she" got to hear "her" song at least.

Andy is discussing how many times songs have been played, he wants some variety and "California Girls"

Helen is jogging, Judd is smoking and yawning. Andy says he hopes GM picks out a good veto outfit.

Amanda's tanning call song just played and everyone cheers.

BB calls McCrae again to change his batteries (this is call #3) and then calls Amanda to the DR.

GM asks Andy if she can wear his shirt and he says yes.

9:01am BB Time: Andy says he is so happy now that he got up for Amanda's tan.

Andy starts to discuss the Garfield Show and Garfield was always putting Nermal (the kitten) in a box to send to Abu Dhabi.

Jessie is relating her dream about going there. She flew there and back in a day...Judd breaks in to make sure this is a dream she is relating. {this is just a typical Jessie dream, with the names and places changed!}

Jessie asks Helen if it's different from Dubai and Helen says they are, that Dubai is a high end resort type of place and Abu Dhabi is a prison...then she says she should not have called it a prison and we go to FOTH!

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Guest 6Borders

9:05am BB Time: Feeds are back and Andy is asking Jessie if she is excited to lead a meeting and she says she is.

Judd asks where Amanda is and GM is called to the DR.

Judd says Amanda is going to be pissed because it's so cold out. Andy says (basically too bad) because they didn't call her last night and it's the world's easiest punishment.

Amanda comes out and gets in the spay tan booth and Andy, Judd and McCrae line up to watch.

Amanda tries to turn on the machine and it's not going on so she is hollering at BB (she should know by now it takes a few minutes). The spray tan starts and Judd, McCrae and Andy are having hysterics. Andy remarks that it's his "4th tan freakout"

Amanda's tan is done and Andy says she can't wash it off before the meeting, which is in about 40 minutes.

Andy says to Jessie, you missed that, it was the best tan ever. Jessie says she saw her.

Jessie says "did you hear what the tanning machine said to her...and says psssttttt"

BB says twice "stop that". Andy is questioning if it's them and they are not allowed to talk about the tanning machine???

BB next says SHUT IT DOWN and Andy says "it's Amanda" (probably either trying to wipe off the spray with a towel or take a shower...both are not allowed).

9:13am BB Time: Jessie is still doing make up on the BY couch and Spencer has joined her. Spencer says "day 46...is that right". He asks Helen how many laps and she says she is on 40 right now!

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9:02 am "Get your tan on" music plays, but Amanda gets called to DR first. HG are talking about Abu dhabi. Andy says Garfield always sent Nermal there. Helen says Dubai are different, Dubai is like Vegas and Abu dhabi is more like a prison, sorry not like a prison....FOTH. Wake up music was Woke up a new Bugatti, no one had heard it.

9:08 am BBT Amanda gets in the tanning, it wont come on, she screams she isnt going to do this it doesnt work!! Andy, Mc, Judd are watching and LOL. Andy says she cant wash it off before the meeting. Mc asks when is the meeting...in about 40 min. Amanda wipes her self off and gets yelled at by BB. She says she can dab herself off.

9:13 am BBT Candice says that song is the craziest bar song ever. Andy gets in the shower, Candice (in WA) and Jessie (in BY) putting on make up.

9:18 am BBT Judd asking WA if its warm enough for jeans, Andy says yeah but its going to warm up. He goes outside and asks them it they think its warm enough for jeans. Jessie says yeah but its going to warm up. Helen is jogging.

9:21 am BBT Jessie tells Spencer he is at a healthy wt, she says she could pick him up....he says if we were at a bar.

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Guest 6Borders

9:17am BB Time: HOH room, Helen is telling Spencer they have a long history and she is done coming after him and she wants their relationship to be where it used to be. Helen tells Judd and GM she is good with them. Helen says she is happy they won something...just don't ever bring it up and make her jealous (and laughs). Judd is hoping he won't have regrets (about taking the money). Helen says once Jury starts "it" will go up to $10,000.

Judd is helping GM navagate the stairs in her HOH robe and cone {thank you Judd!} Judd and Candace hug at the kitchen table. Elissa is fixing food. They are discussing what their favorite wake up songs would be and general chit chat.

9:17am BB Time: Camera switches back to the HOH. Judd is playing with GM's cone. GM asks (everyone who will listen) "do you think Nick is happy I won HOH" and they all assure her that he is.

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Guest 6Borders

9:21am BB Time: McManda on the backyard couch reshasing what Aaryn told Elissa, etc. McCrae says he wants to know what they are talking about and why they won't let anyone in. He says it worries him and Elissa is going to pull some stupid shit that she always pulls. We go to FOTH!

Feeds back and Amanda is saying that Andy put it all on Aaryn so it would look like Andy wasn't telling her anything and it was all on Aaryn. McCrae is trying to explain that the way Amanda makes her statements and speech...Amanda breaks in and denies it. Enter Andy and Amanda is now defending her actions to Andy (she is talking at warp speep with no break in sentences).

McCrae tries to break in again and Amanda shuts him down. Amanda goes over everything again.

Andy wants to know what Aaryn said that he said in front of everyone and Amanda says nothing. Andy says I thought you did.

Amanda asks what they think "they are/were talking about with Elissa". Judd says "God only knows".

Discussion about sleeping arrangements. Judd says he will sleep in the Have Not room before sleeping with Jessie. Andy says he will take one for the team and sleep with Jessie. They are rehashing that they were not allowed in the cockpit when the Elissa & Co. discussion was going on.

Amanda says she has a weird taste in her mouth. Judd says he does too. Amanda says she thinks she ate chemicals and goes inside.

Judd asks McCrae if it's a bad call if Aaryn sleeps in his bed. Judd is mumbling about something. Andy comes back and says he just wants to give a heads-up that Judd is sleeping with Jessie..Judd says he's not. Aaryn comes out and Judd says are you sleeping with me and GM?

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9:28 am BBT Elissa and Spencer joke around...they are the biggest bad guys in the house, the biggest showmance on the show was Howard/Spencer. Elissa says he and Howard sure got shown and its not Spencer. Andy gets told to put on mic, Elissa says he should get a penalty vote, he does that on purpose, arent they on to him yet. dont they keep a tally of that.

9:36 am BBT Jessie whispering to Judd about getting Amanda out. Judd still worried about going up in Jessies place, she tells him he may go up but he wont go home. She tells him if he becomes solid they have a plan. If not she is going home next week.

9:42 am BBT General chat and ADLs. Candice sprucing up the clownitard. GinaMarie sprucing down the dog cone. Amanda hiding in a hoody. Spencer goes to HOH, GinaMarie says she needs his help, she has 3 ppl she is thinking about. Who ever she does put up are not her target, nothing against him if he does go up. If he does, come talk to her afterwards.

9:45 am BBT GinaMarie says ppl are gunning for her to put up Elissa. Candice is her main target. If it doesnt go that way it wont be fun, you will see Candice on steriods. If he does go up he is not her first choice. She is prewarning the ppl that might go up, they are just there to look pretty. Spencer says if you do put me up dont bash me in GinaMarie fashion.

9:47 am BBT GM says she wont, she will be nice, not like Candice you're a Tw**. She cant wait till 4:00pm when she cant take the cone off. Spencer says if she does put him up he may say something but it will be funny.

9:50 am BBT Spencer sends Judd up. GinaMarie tells him she is putting up Spencer but needs to make it look like he is talking to others too. Judd says she is a sneaky one, she had him scared. Judd sends Andy to HOH, she tells him the same thing.

9:54 am BBT FOTH

9:55 am BBT Feeds back, GinaMarie still talking to Andy, Candice cooking, Spencer gets clothes from dryer. sounds like its Jessies turn to wear the bear shirt but its wet.

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Guest 6Borders

9:30am BB Time: Camera keeps switching back and forth (very annoying when you are in the middle of a conv)

Spencer is whispering with Amanda in the bathroom. I can't get a lot with the noise but he seems to be going over last week. He says McCrae told him (Spencer) that he was the target this week. Amanda says McCrae didn't tell her that {doubtful}. Amanda is brushing her teeth to get the chemicals out. Spencer tells her she needs to wash off the mouthpiece {duh, ya think?}.

9:32am BB Time: Spencer has joined Judd, Andy and McCrae on the BY couch. General silly talk. Spencer jokes he will get one of the orange beach balls, put a robe around it and pretend it's Amanda.

Talk turns to Candace and Elissa freaking about (about the orange on the toilet I think)

Amanda joins and informs us yet again that her mouth is numb and the sprays are soooo cold.

Talk is now about Jessie's dog and what he looks like...he's part chihuahua and part doxie!

Andy says he hopes he is still up for Amanda's next tan. Judd says they got her up at 2 (apparently that's the one Andy missed). Spencer says Amanda was told that was her last pm tan and we go to FOTH.

Feeds come back and Jessie says "please stop talking about production" (which pretty much means they were) and we are earned another FOTH.

Spencer and Jessie are talking about short-term memory. They are teasing Jessie about her short-term memory is due to all the meds she took and Andy jokes "I've seen you take them". Jessie comments about Spencer telling everyone on National TV about her "butterscotch vagina" and Spencer says it wasn't on National TV it was in the DR. She says you had to have told someone (he did) and we get FOTH.

FOTH is going back and forth now as the HG's are saying inappropriate things and driving production nuts no doubt!

9:39am BB Time: Cockpit lounge has Judd and McManda discussing the next HOH and Judd says "we need to put her up every time" (I think Jessie). Amanda is telling Judd she only trusts him, McCrae and Andy! Judd mumbles something about a short term hate and being associated with her again. Judd wants that to stop. Amanda says getting close to Elissa and Helen who want all the guys out is scary and why that is super-dangerous if Candace stays.

Judd says something about GM (I didn't get it and apparently Amanda didn't either). Amanda says to Judd that GM trusts him. Judd says she has other friends in the house and they dont want to freak her out (GM). Judd says GM doesn't trust Elissa, and Elissa hates Candace and wants her out this week {funny, I heard Helen say she had to talk Elissa into voting out Candace this week}

Amanda and McCrae says hey are not really starting to trust Spencer.

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Guest 6Borders

9:39am BB Time: Aaryn joins the cockpit crew and asks what they are talking about.

Aaryn is saying it's done and Judd says it's clear as day (Candace going home) and Amanda says "is it?"

Judd is going over the bed situation again and Andy told Judd he's not supposed to know but Jessie is sleeping with him (Judd) tonite. Judd says she is like a 6th grade girl. Aaryn leaves!

Judd says he thinks "she" is annoyed and that she is a little tipsy. Judd says she said she was just annoyed about the bed situation and asks McCrae if that's what he heard..McCrae says "something like that".

Judd keeps saying "Jessie was so annoyed" Amanda says "she was in such a good position"

Amanda says "they are so happy in there...why is Candace so happy, that scares the shit out of me"

Amanda starts to go over the votes again and says "no way" that there are still 4 against Candace. Judd says Aaryn is not going to flip and the 3 guys are solid (assuming Spencer goes on the block). McCrae whispers "that was Jessie that just walked by" Judd says he's leaving before Jessie traps him, that she's been following him and grabbing his back!

Amanda is telling McCrae that she has to make him (?) think she trusts him. McCrae starts on her again that he does not get why she does the things she does. Amanda is about to cry and says because Jessie is gathering troops (against Amanda). McCrae says Andy said he squashed that right away. Amanda says that Aaryn told her the plan Aaryn made with Jessie and McCrae didn't involve her..McCrae says "what" and explains away the situation.

Aaryn comes back in and Amanda says "are you ok..you seem annoyed" Aaryns says she is and Amanda says "because she is trying to start shit". Amanda tells Aaryn that Judd is very aware that Jessie is making moves on him again so don't worry about it. Aaryn is reiterating that she tried to get Candace out on her HOH and she is annoyed. Amanda goes over the votes and says "what's the problem?" Aaryn says "we'll see" and says she thought she knew what was going on but doesn't know. She says "is Jessie acting weird to you" Aaryn says "Candace has to go, Spencer has to stay"

She says she walked in on Elissa and Jessie and they dispersed when she walked up...says "its the biggest joke"

Aaryn says Elissa needs to know that Jessie said Elissa's name along with her. Aaryn wants to know who Jessie is trying to flip the house on now. She and Amanda go over every senario.

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10am bbt GM takes a moment to work on her Nick shrine, before going to find Helen, who is talking with Andy in cockpit... and we get fish.. time for POV ceremony?

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Guest 6Borders

9:35am BB Time: Judd is talking to Jessie in the Color Room. She is saying she wants to go far in the game with Judd and they have to trust each other. Jessie says this is a big week. Judd says "this week?? Candace is going home"

Jessie says "if you want me out next week Candace is going home {way to seal your fate, Jessie!!}

Judd says you want me to vote Spencer out...Jessie's says no, and he says Amanda???

Jessie asks "so, are you going to sleep with Aaryn?" Judd mumbles back and forth don't knows, and redirects "finish what you were talking about {smooth move Judd -6Borders}

Jessie continues who is going to be loyal to whom. She thinks Spencer and Amanda made a deal. Jessie says if Candace goes home this week it will just be her, Helen and Elissa and that's who they (McManda) will pick off, and then there is you. Jessie says Amanda is running the game and has been since week one. Jessie says if you do this we would have the votes (to get Amanda out). Jessie says if they pull this off Andy would come over to their side and McCrae would be alone, he would be pissed at first.

Jessie says you don't have to tell me right now. Judd says don't you think we are pushing Elissa to the finish line. Jessie says if we don't do this we are handing Amanda and McCrae the game. Judd says she's not as powerful as you think and Jessie says she is.

Jessie says whatever they are telling you, and she knows there was the previous loyalty, but we are halfway thru the game and they (McManda) is the last showmance and nobody is targeting them because they are afraid of her (Amanda).

Judd says McCrae would partner up and Jessie says who would be partner up with and Judd says anybody.

Jessie makes the argument that Andy would come over to them because he would not want to be on the wrong side.

Judd says he sees her point but he has to think about Helen/Elissa and Judd says do they already know. Jessie says basically they talked about it but Helen/Elissa didn't think they could get Judd's vote so they dropped it. Jessie says she told them she would talk to Judd. Jessie says getting her out if they don't do it now would be a bitch!

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10:20am bbt Trivia since just after 10am... it's POV ceremony time... GM has said Spencer is going up as replacement when Jessie takes herself off the block.

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10:47am bbt feeds are back, Spencer telling GM in HOH that he understands being put up and is ok with it.

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Guest 6Borders

10:47am BB Time

The feeds are back and it looks like several are going back to bed.

In the bathroom Aaryn is doing her hair and Judd is talking to her...they appear to be happy.

In the HOH room GM is talking to Spencer. Spencer is telling her he is a loyal dude and once they get to jury everything will be good. GM says "because she did this to me I will do anything for you f'ing future wise" even if it's difficult she has his back.

Storeroom: Helen and Elissa. Helen is back on her "there is a week for that and this is not the week" (to get Amanda out" speech. Helen is trying to explain that Candace is a vote for herself...in comes Andy (right on cue). He asks what is going on and Helen hedges "nothing new, just the usual" {I can see Andy's radar going off not believing that one}

Elissa is teasing Andy and Judd wanders in as the girls leave. Andy says to Judd Helen came up to him an hour ago and says no matter what you hear it's still Candace. He says she thinks Jessie is still going to try to get Amanda out {and your first clue was....?} Judd says let her do what she needs to do.

Andy goes over the votes again and confirms they have 4 solid. Judd says one of the 4 of them need to get the HOH for sure.

Helen comes back in and Andy asks what is up with Elissa. Helen says she doesn't know, that Elissa wants to vote Spencer out. Helen is frustrated and says "he's going to want to put her up". Judd says Elissa just wants all guys out.

Helen confirms "she is leaving, she is completely leaving". Helen says "I'm sorry, I'm not voting Spencer out and I'm not voting Amanda out". Helen says she needs to talk to Elissa. She says she wants Spencer to go to jury.

Andy and Helen say Jessie has to go next week. Judd says GM deserves Jury more than Jessie.

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10:50am bbt Helen/Elissa in SR debating who to evict. Elissa wants Spencer out, Helen wants to stick with Candice. Andy joins them, they don't include him in the debate. Helen leaves, Judd enters, then Elissa leaves. Andy tells Judd that Helen said no matter what, Helen is voting out Candice. They agree to let Elissa shoot herself in the foot with her vote. Helen comes back and they all agree Candice is out.

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Guest 6Borders

10:56am BB Time: Judd goes to the HOH room and tells GM "good job". Judd says GM looked like she wanted to kill Candace and GM says yeah, she thinks she is entertainment value and she sucks. GM says when she doesn't like someone you know because she gives the stink eye. She says she said nice things about Spencer and she's glad he got to play for the veto. GM says she told Spencer that Judd was also a potential to be put up, even tho it's not true she had to tell him something.

10:59am BB Time: BB calls Amanda to the DR.

GM reiterates to Judd her conversation with Spencer, that she has his back in the future, etc etc. GM says if Spencer had won veto she would have to put up Andy, then changes her mind and says she would have put up Elissa over Andy.

Judd says last night he was bs'ing with Spencer and told him he prob had a good chance of going up so Spencer kind of felt it was coming. Says he told Spencer he probably would not get any votes.

Judd says he does not trust Elissa and GM says she doesn't either and never did. She says she never talks game to Elissa because Elissa is almost like a nightmare sometimes. GM says Elissa is the first one she'd put up. Judd says based on the game he does not trust her and she's all about a girls alliance. Judd says now she wants to vote out Spencer. GM says Elissa does not want Candace to go!

Judd says McManda or Aaryn have to win this HOH, or even Spencer. GM says she would be afraid if Spencer won HOH.

GM goes over the next week: Candace leaves, GM can't play for HOH so the ppl they want to win are Aaryn, McCrae, Amanda...Judd says Spencer won't put you up.

11:04am BB Time: Helen has Elissa cornered and is explaining again why Candace needs to leave. Helen is really animated& exasperated, waiving her arms. Elissa is whispering but there is so much background noise I can't get most of it. Helen is telling Elissa that she (Candace?) apologized to Helen last week {pretty sure that's a lie}. Helen is asking how can you save someone who did so wrong? Helen is telling Elissa (I think) that this puts a target on her and bringing attention to her!

Sounds like some music went off...maybe Amanda's call to tan!

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Guest 6Borders

11:09am BB Time: Amanda and Jessie on the BY couch. Amanda says she feels like "people" are trying to antagonize the McCrae thing to get under her skin. Amanda is explaining it away that she had a little wine and that people are telling Amanda that the reason Jessie wants Amanda out is because Jessie wants McCrae, and that "people" don't want her and Jessie to be friends. Jessie says that makes sense. Amanda tells Jessie she will not put Jessie up and Jessie says what if the house wants otherwise. Amanda says she will convince the house otherwise!!! Amanda tells Jessie Judd does not want Jessie out {liar}.

Amanda says Elissa wants to get rid of Spencer over Candace or her. She says she knows Candace will try to throw deals at Jessie but just look at Candace a couple of days ago trying to throw Jessie under the bus. Amanda says "I never was after you". Jessie says it just seems strange that after they have a fight all of a sudden Jessie is on the block. Amanda explains that away saying GM went with the house and do what the house wants to do. Amanda then says she is not in GM's ear and says "if I wanted you to go home..." (she doesn't get to finish because Jessie interrupts).

Amanda says GM has that weird loyalty that she won't put anyone up who didn't put her up!

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Guest 6Borders

11:16am BB Time: BB calls Spencer to the DR

Jessie tells Amanda she doesn't even know why Amanda is worried because she's not capable of flipping the house. Amanda says "your vote does matter". Jessie wants to know where she falls in Amanda's plan. Amanda tells her that Judd told Amanda he wanted Jessie to go far with Judd.

Jessie feels Amanda should have given her the benefit of the doubt over Candace. Amanda says she feels she will be going up as MVP every week. She doesn't understand if she is the target why she didn't get any votes last week and why put her up again?

Amanda is explaining the reason she got mad last week. She says she never ever said Jessie's name to anyone and she wanted Jessie there. She says Candace has a really good way of manipulating people and twisting and turning things.

Amanda is back on Jessie wanted her out because she wanted the attention from McCrae. Jessie is not buying it and basically says so, that McCrae would never work with her. Jessie winds down with Judd is her dude and it is what it is.

Enter Judd, stage left, and Amanda reiterates the conversation to Judd.

The conversation is interrupted briefly by a bug on Jessie.

Amanda is now relating the good 'ol times she and Jessie had hanging out, she will support Jessie to the end, Jessie saved them (when she flipped her vote)...blah, blah, blah!!!

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Guest 6Borders

11:26am BB Time: Helen and Elissa in the kitchen talking about Elissa's kids and their sports, who cleans and does not clean after the cook and what dishes were left by whom!

The conversation in the backyard with Judd, Jessie and Amanda continues.This is basically more of who said, did, wanted who out when. They are rehashing everyone we've basically heard before. Amanda says Jessie was a pawn because Aaryn and GM have wanted Candace out since the beginning. Jessie doesn't even see why she would be in the mix.

Aaryn joins. Amanda is back on last week that Jessie was trying to get Candace out over Howard and that's what everyone thought. Jessie doesn't get it. Amanda says because ppl are always looking for a scapegoat and "it's usually me"..the blame everything on Amanda mantra.

Aaryn chimes in the way she sees it is because Aaryn was starting to prove her point (no idea what that point is).

Amanda goes over why who put up who...Aaryn goes over why (who had more chance of winning veto etc).

Aaryn assures Jessie she was a legit pawn and it was not personal.

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