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Sunday, August 4 Live Feed Updates


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7:25PMBBT Amanda and McCrae are sitting in silence. Amanda asks if he is mad after she says she is going for a cigarette. He says "ya, I'm mad." She starts to say something and then says "Forget it, I am not going to say any more" and gets up to leave, he tells her to leave the room's door open. Amanda is outside "crying". She says people are acting all weird. Helen is reassuring her. Suddenly the tears stop. (But Jessie is attention seeking?)

7:30PMBBT GinaMarie, Elissa and Helen are outside calming Amanda down. They all reassure her she is staying. She says she is loyal, doesn't understand why someone would do this? We get FotH for a few seconds. GinaMarie says Candice is going, she keeps giving GM the cold shoulder. Amanda says that she feels good at where she is at with Candice, she apologized to her, Amanda felt happy. Andy comes out and GinaMarie yells at him to leave. Everyone pauses and GM starts laughing, Andy pulls Helen inside.

7:33PMBBT Andy and Helen are in the HoH room. Andy says he feels he can trust Amanda more than Jessie. Helen says "I already know, I am just gonna talk it out with you" Andy keeps pushing into details of why they can not trust Jessie and Helen again says "Yes I Know!" Andy reassure Helen that no one ever says anything about her, they all want to keep her. Andy says they should keep Jessie close in case she wins HoH. Helen leaves to go get Jessie so the 3 of them can talk.

7:38PMBBT Jessie, Helen, Andy in the HoH room. They tell Jessie that they can not put Amanda out this week. They will not have the votes. McCrae joins them, they all stop talking. Helen tells McCrae that Amanda is outside freaking out. Helen says "Amanda is flipping out, she wants to know who is MVP!" McCrae says "It's probably America!" And then after a few sighs he says "I need to go calm her down... she needs to chill the F**k out!" Andy says "Tell her she has nothing to worry about." McCrae leaves. Jessie starts talking immediately.

7:42PMBBT The HoH room convo continues. Amanda is crying and blowing her nose in the BY. Spencer, GM, Elissa and McCrae are listening to her. Judd walks outside, the convo turns to laundry. Elissa gets up to hug Amanda. She heads inside. Amanda is wiping her eyes, sulking. Spencer says it is just 2 weeks on the block is getting to her.

7:45PMBBT Jessie joins the BY and sits next to Amanda as she carries on about the possibility of going home. Jessie says she is just being paranoid. Jessie "I swear to you in front of all these people I am voting to keep you this week." Helen is out there now and says "Who ever is MVP dude, just fess up to it!" They think last week it was Howard. Judd says it is either America or 2 people in the house. They ask McCrae if he is MVP.

7:49PMBBT Amanda is frustrated that she has no one to direct her anger to, she doesn't sleep well, smokes more, eats less... McCrae says "I put you up for smoking my cigarettes." Spencer says "It could be an evicted HG?" Amanda goes right back into a pity party about being on the block.

7:53PMBBT Andy, Aaryn and GinaMarie are talking about the Amanda situation and the possibility of Candice staying. GinaMarie jokingly asks Andy if he wants to go up. He laughs. Andy reassures Aaryn that she has nothing to worry about, Candice is going home. Aaryn thinks that Helen and Elissa are coming after her again. Aaryn is now all sulky (are pity parties contagious?)

7:57PMBBT Andy leaves the HoH room. GinaMarie rolls over and asks Aaryn what her problem really is. Aaryn "Helen, Elissa and Jessie are talking about voting to keep Candice... all they need is one more vote! Do you know how easy it is to get one vote in this house?" GM says no way, it is not happening. "Helen knows that they are flip flopping!" Aaryn tells GM about Helen asking why they aren't keeping Candice a little over an hour ago.

8:03PMBBT GinaMarie is wondering why no one is realizing that she still has a nominee to put up tomorrow. GM is saying she can do what she wants as HoH she will keep her word. She will leave one day with a good clear head. Aaryn is complaining about Judd and worries she is being lied to. "Anybody in this house could be lying to us." GM is worried that the house will go against her.

8:07PMBBT GM is now trash talking Jessie, "She has no power, she has a veto! That's it! Is she in her own room? Is she HoH? NOOOOOO!" aaryn is now saying Spencer has to go up as the replacement. GM leaves the HoH room, as she walks out she says "Watch this!" She yells at Andy "You seen Judd?" He says he is in the bathroom with Amanda. Judd heads up stairs....

8:10PMBBT Judd asks GinaMarie what is up? She says "OK let me put my flipflops on" and tells him she needs his advice... she asks what he would do if he was her. Aaryn rolls her eyes and says "This is all stupid." she leaves. GinaMarie is questioning about Amanda being voted out. She wants solid people off the block who will vote out Candice. She is on a power trip telling Judd "I dunno if people f'in realize that I still gotta put people up tomorrow! I don't wanna get f'd over here. You f'd me with Nick. You voted him out." Judd tells her about his limited relationship with Candice and GM is pacing around saying "Ya, sure, ok ok." (she sounds like Cousin Vinny) "I need people sitting next to me who are gonna vote her out" Judd says Amanda is one of his best friends in the game, he will not vote her out. GM is saying "I think we have a bit of an issue...." Judd says "With who?" GM "Jessie!"

8:15PMBBT Aaryn is in the lounge telling McCrae and Andy about what GM did with Judd. Aaryn thinks she is getting "F***ed over!" by GM's tactics. Andy is telling them how he explained to Helen that no one is after her. McCrae agrees. Andy "I can not wait for BB to have a blooper reel... I will be like AGHHHH!!!!" they giggle. Andy reassures them that Jessie is grasping at straws. Aaryn says GM is the worst HoH she has ever seen. Andy says "I don't know, Helen's was pretty bad" McCrae says they should go up and tell GM they will do whatever she wants them to.

8:20PMBBT Andy and McCrae are whispering alone in the lounge. Andy says Jessie is a "little bit nuts" and Andy is concerned people are messing up his game. McCrae says "Do not tell Amanda everything! Or Anything! She just goes nuts! She can't handle it!" Andy agrees. McCrae warned her if he can't control her she will be going home.
In the HoH, GM asks Judd where McCrae is, she wants to talk to him. Judd says he is probably outside. GM "Can you go get him for me?" Judd continues explaining his case. Aaryn is back in the HoH room. She is making her case for Spencer on the block. No one got McCrae.

8:23PMBBT Andy walks into the KT and whispers in Amanda's ear "Relax, you are safe." her voice tone changed for the better. Helen whispers, "come on it is a no brainer!" Amanda is now cooking steak in a frying pan.

8:25PMBBT Aaryn says she is worried about the other HG's lapses in judgement even though the plan has been squashed. McCrae goes into the HoH room and GinaMarie asks if they can excuse them for a moment. Aaryn and Judd leave. GM "It's about that time again. It's operation Save Amanda again. I don't like to see her paranoid and people forget I still have someone to put up." She is basically saying the same thing to McCrae that she said to Judd. She wants to know who McCrae wants to put up, who could be flopping on Amanda.

8:30PMBBT Aaryn and Judd are rehashing their convos with GM to each other in the color bedroom. Aaryn says GinaMarie is on a powertrip. When GinaMarie went on the balcony and started yelling for Judd, Aaryn had had enough. Judd is worried that GM may put him up.

8:35PMBBT McCrae is laughing with GinaMarie in the HoH room. He is tlaking about her sayings... "You will have to do hashtag shady lane, hashtag flipfloppers!" They laugh again. GinaMarie says there is nothing special about Jessie and that she brings nothing to the table. McCrae says he is glad everything has cooled. GM is listing off what she has to do to talk to everyone tomorrow, again on Wednesday.
Judd and Aaryn are whispering in the color bedroom about Jessie and GinaMarie. Aaryn says "I swear if Elissa, Candice and Jessie start running this house, it will be a total joke!"

8:37PMBBT Aaryn whispers to Judd that she hates so many people in the house. Judd just wants her gone (I believe he is talking about Jessie). Aaryn whispers "Candice, Jessie, GM, Elissa... they just need to go, the next 4!" Judd says they have to get rid of 2 more people before. Aaryn thinks the double eviction is next week or the week after, Judd says this week (Judd is right!)

8:42PMBBT Andy was listening at the HoH room door for a few minutes. He pops in and says "OK Everyone, the veggie chicken nuggets are ready!" He asks where Aaryn is, GM says "Oh she left." He walks down to the color room and finds Aaryn and Judd. Andy asks what she said to them. Judd tells him. Judd says he is worried GM is going to put him up. Andy says "No way! She is gonna put up Spencer!" They walk into the KT.

8:45PMBBT No one is immune from the GinaMarie "I got the power to put you up tomorrow" speech, Amanda is on the block and she is getting the speel now. McCrae is listening to it again. Amanda is agreeing. Everyone else is in the KT, dinner is ready! Veggie Chicken nuggets and steaks. Andy says he hates Elissa (jokingly), Judd says "Hey, she is my sister from another mister!"

8:50PMBBT GinaMarie is again running through her list of things to do in regards to HG and reinforcing her mission of voting Candice out. She is seriously repeating almost word for word. Now they are trying to figure out who is MVP. They think it was Howard and this week it is Candice. Amanda and McCrae are listening intently. Aaryn and GM are debating it.

8:55PMBBT GinaMarie is ranting and raving about Jessie to Amanda and McCrae. Oh and another Nick mention. She just called Jessie "Pig vomit" then she belches.
The other HG are small talking and eating. Very happy vibe in the kitchen.

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#BB15 9:00pm BBT Judd is talking about Mike Boogies resturant, Amanda is now in the KT with most of the HG now Aayrn is taking a shower.
they want to play vollieball tonight they are all eating Jessie is in the BY says I miss you mom. she is by herself over by the HT Spencer walks over gets her
over by the couch.

#BB15 9:05pm BBT McCrea and Spencer and Jessie are talking about their moms. Aayrn walks into the by Jessie is asking them about their moms and what they do,
Spencers mom is a teacher math, So is Jessies mom who also teachs math. Everyone else is still eating. Helen is looking at the memory wall.

#BB15 9:10pm BBT out in the BY they are talking about the golf of mexico for Jessie lives in texas by the golf of mexico. Amanda is out there now they are now talking about
golf the game. Everyone else is inside Aayrn is in the Hot Tub now.

#BB15 9:15pm BBT in the KT Andy and Elissa are say they are the new chilltown, Elissa thinks she is Will Andy says no way, out in the BY Jessie is now asking Candice about her mom.
Inside they are cleaning up now.

#BB15 9:20pm BBT Mccrea is talking to Judd in the WR. They are whispering I didnt hear what they were saying there was alot of voices in the background.
Helen is now in the BY talking about her mom now.

#BB15 9:25pm BBT Judd says he can speak four different languages. Helen says her mom watches alot of Karana tv.
she doesnt know what she will think of her being on tv. Mcamanda is in the hoh Amanda asked Mccrea if he talked to Jessie about his deal with her.
he says yes. Mccrea says no more game talk with anyone we dont have to worry about Helen. Amanda is saying that Aayrn is saying that she wants to put up Spencer and Elissa next week.
They are talking about getting Elissa out next week. now talking about Aaryn outing Jessie,

#BB15 9:30pm BBT Amanda is now saying that Aayrn is working with Judd, now onto Jessie flip flopping. Helen is talking about all the books her husband reads, Mccrea is now telling her
to stop thinking about it. Amanda is saying that Aayrn really wants her out bad. Andy is now talking about his mom. Now Aayrn is telling us what her mom like to do which is drink wine. DUH.

#BB15 9:35pm BBT Jessie asked Judd about his mom and what she likes to do for fun, Judd says I dont know. Elissa is now talking to Amanda about her medication, it appears Amanda hasnt been taking it.
She just took two of them the Addidarl. Aayrn wants to take a shower in hoh. GM is eating in hoh now Amanda is talking to GM asking if she has heard anything about flipping the house on her, GM is telling
her people, are walking around with their tails between their legs. Amanda is just going off about people going agaist her.

#BB15 9:40pm BBT Amanda is wondering if she should drink alcohol durning her party if it will interact with he medication (YES) Mccrea tells her she shouldnt drink. Out in the BY Andy is talking about when his
pets died and what all happened with that.

#BB15 9:45pm BBT not much is going on the girls in the hohr are talking about Amandas wedding party and making penis cookies, out in the BY they are just talking no game talk.

#BB15 9:50pm BBT in the BY Candice is talking about her family naming all of them. Aayrn is in the shower, GM asked if she can take a dump. and thats whats going on

#BB15 9:55pm BBT Elissa and Andy are in the sr playing what color is the mm Judd is talking to Amanda now in the room. Andy says people will think we are talking we
we are just playing what color is the mm.

#BB15 10:00pm Amanda says her meds are making her feel sick Andy and Elissa are joking around and we get the foth.

#BB15 10:05pm BBT feeds back Elissa is joking around with Mccmanda Elissa is saying that she is now not Rachels sister she is actually DR Wills sister and he told her
to come in here and kick their A$$. now talk out in the BY is about the laundary. GM is told to put on her microphone. It is on BB. Now Helen is talking about jobs where she felt abused.

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10:05 PM BBT Not much happening. Idle chit chat out in the BY between Helen and Aaryn. GinaMarie and Judd had a quick whisper session in the WA. Judd asked if he's for sure safe this week and GinaMarie told him he shouldn't even have to ask. GinaMarie and Judd also had a quick conversation regarding the fact that he had set the washer to sanitize which would have been a 2 hour wash. GinaMarie discovers alcohol in the SR.

10:12 PM BBT GinaMarie leads the conversation in the KT regarding alcohol tonight. She wonders if they should save it for Amanda's bachlorette party tomorrow night. The idea is quickly nixed by Amanda who says everyone should drink tonight and hopefully they'll get more tomorrow night when they do the party after GinaMarie gets her collar off and Amanda won't have to tan any more.

10:19 PM BBT Out near the HT Elissa, Jessie and Helen are chatting. Jessie wants to start a segment called..."What should we do with Jessie's life?" Andy comes outside and asked if there is any alcohol left. Someone says there should be a beer somewhere. Andy thanks them. Someone commented that the guys had the beer last night. Andy points out the girls will get it tomorrow night. Up in the HoH Aaryn and GinaMarie are chatting. Aaryn thinks it's hilarious that Candice has been trying to work Helen all night. GinaMarie doesn't want to invite her to the party tomorrow. Aaryn agrees but says she has to. GinaMarie says it's HoH room and she can do what she wants. Aaryn really feels like she can trust Judd.

10:24 PM BBT Judd has joined the girls out at the HT. Candice is there as well. Multiple conversations going on. Elissa is playfully joking about noming Judd. Jessie asks if Rachel gets paid for appearances. Elissa says yes but not BB wise. Jessie says Rachel is famous. Elissa says Rachel isn't a famous. Jessie sounds very defensive saying she is. Elissa only laughs and says BB doesn't make you famous. Judd chimes in saying BB wise she's famous. Jessie asks if Rachel has ever been paid for a BB appearance. Elissa once again tells her no and she gets paid for her own things that she does outside of the house. Jessie seems rather dissapointed. Helen asks if contestants ever get flown out to party in Vegas for anything.

10:30 PM BBT GinaMarie comes outside and tells the girls that the bachlorette party will be about 9:30 in the HoH and be dressed up but do their makeup in the room together. GinaMarie tells Candice she's sorry that she's going to be wearing her clown outfit (What happened to the straight shooter that didn't want Candice coming to the party?). Jessie asks Candice if they can do her makeup as a clown. Candice hesitates and says yes, she's game for whatever. GinaMarie says they'll lock the guys in the SR or maybe make them up and dress them up again.

10:35 PM BBT GinaMarie wants to play volleyball tonight. Helen and Candice says they have alcohol on board and they'd rather not. GinaMarie understands. They'll play tomorrow. Back in the chair room Spencer, Judd, McCrae, Aaryn, and Andy are talking about previous comps and the HGs that left. McCrae says Jeremy made him uneasy on things because he couldn't keep his mouth shut. Talk turns to Jessie getting injured in one of the early comps and getting a gash. Spencer thought it was a scratch. McCrae and Aaryn disagree saying it was deep but not as deep as she was making it out to be. It left a scar. Talk turns to Power Rangers. Spencer and McCrae agree that Tommy (the green/eventual white ranger) was the coolest.

10:44 PM BBT Judd, McCrae and Amanda head outside. Intermittent FoTH. Judd says he had to get a point and McCrae agrees. Judd says he told them all to go for prizes. McCrae understands and says that he is safe this week. Judd asks Amanda if she doesn't feel well. She says she doesn't and she's just annoyed. Silence. Elissa's voice can be heard over at the HT talking to everyone. Judd comments on Amanda's orange. She says she'll have to tan after twelve. Back in the chair room Aaryn is whispering to Spencer. She's barely whispering. It sounds like she's saying he's safe this week. Aaryn says at the BBQ today it would have been great opportunity for game talk but then Helen invited Jessie. Aaryn says she's heard everyone's name tossed around and even if they feel safe they may not be.

10:51 PM BBT Talk turns to comp wins this season. Aaryn says she won her first HoH with a partner and the second one was a crapshoot. Spencer says he got really lucky with his win because he just happened to lay down his pieces in the right direction. If any of them were to have been flipped he might have spent too long on it. Out in the BY Elissa has joined Amanda, McCrae, and Judd on the couch. Brief talk about open comps versus submitting online only like Amanda did. Amanda and McCrae head inside. Judd and Elissa are now venting about the HT talk they're having about being famous outside of the house.

10:59 PM BBT Back inside Spencer, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda are whispering about how much Jessie and Candice have been hanging out with Helen and Elissa. Aaryn briefly speaks about the tough love she received from Amanda and McCrae early in the season by telling her David and Nick went home at her hands because people couldn't stand her. Amanda says Jessie has been repeatedly asking Helen if she likes her more than Aaryn. Aaryn says that sounds rediculous. Aaryn says she does nothing but constantly try to build her up and this is how she repays her. Amanda is sorry because she's clearly the victim here (sarcasm). Amanda points out that Jessie has tried to flip the house on her four times. Aaryn says it's because she wants McCrae.

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11:08 PM BBT In the chair room they continue to chat about why someone recommended putting up Andy or Elissa and Aaryn says it was because they wanted to get Amanda out. Aaryn says she squashed it real quick. Out in the BY Judd and Elissa are whispering on the couch. Various aspects of the game. Elissa doesn't feel like she's close with Spencer. Judd says he is was before TMC was revealed and then he thought he was sketchy. Judd says he's getting closer to him because there are not many guys left in the house.

11:15 PM BBT Amanda has gone up to the HoH to take a shower. GinaMarie comes in and checks on her. She says she can see the orange coming off of her. McCrae and Spencer are now playing pool. Andy starts to sing "Shady <freaks> getting up off the couch making shady deals" to Elissa and Judd as they get up to go inside. Elissa says she's working to get him out of the house and everyone says they're on board.

11:21 PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn are chatting up in the HoH bathroom while Amanda is showering. Something is sketchy with Jessie. Amanda says there is plenty of time to get things figured out. Aaryn points out that Jessie told her today just before the BBQ that Helen and Elissa didin't want to talk any game today. Amanda says Aaryn needs to try and stay close to Jessie to keep an eye on her. Down in the lounge Helen and Elissa are whispering. Helen says if she wins HoH she'll put up Aaryn. Helen says Aaryn is going to try and win HoH this week just to ensure her safety. Helen says Jessie would be a great person to win HoH this week because she won't be afraid to go after people.

11:29 PM BBT Up in the HoH Amanda asks who Jessie said she'd put up. Aaryn says Spencer and GinaMarie. GinaMarie says "Whoop deedoo! I put her up so she'll put me up, I don't care, I'm not scared! She sucks at everything!" Aaryn points her out that she was in the top three in the last comp. GinaMarie doesn't care. Aaryn says she should care some because she can't play for HoH next week. GinaMarie is not going to spend her week worrying about next week. Aaryn understands. GinaMarie can't wait for Jessie to leave and she's not going to let her listen to her CD anymore.

11:33 PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn are worried that Jessie can get Helen and Elissa to flip. Amanda says Candice has to go this week. GinaMarie says she's been trying for three weeks. Aaryn tells Amanda that she has to stop doubting Judd. Amanda says she has stopped doubting him. Aaryn says he's still scared that she doesn't trust him. Judd asked Aaryn today "Are you sure that Amanda isn't coming after me?" Aaryn points out that they need Judd to stay solid with him because he is a vote and she doesn't want him to get freaked out and make a mistake. Amanda understands. GinaMarie chimes in that Judd never said anything like that to her. Aaryn points out that she and Judd has a much different relationship. Amanda says Judd is good then but Jessie is clearly coming after her. Aaryn agrees. Aaryn says Jessie said last week that It's Princess Elissa and Princess Amanda's world and she's just living in it.

11:40 PM BBT The HoH conversation continues. Aaryn says Helen lied to her today because she interrupted a meeting that was being had in the SR room. Helen said it was one conversation but then later Andy confirmed that it was in fact a different conversation which upsets Aaryn because she did her dirty work for her last week. They debate on when they're going to out Jessie. Aaryn is trying to hold out on making any waves because she could end up on the block next week. Meanwhile down in the lounge Elissa and Jessie are whispering. Jessie says she feels like one of the three of them (Helen, Elissa or Jessie) have to win HoH to vote her out. Jessie and Elissa agree that Amanda has to go this week.

11:44 PM BBT Feeds switch to Judd and McCrae in the LR whispering. McCrae reassures Judd he is safe from going up this week. Judd says if one of them wins HoH next week they need to make sure they put up Elissa. The meeting adjourns as movement can be heard in the KT. Feeds back in the lounge and talk is about how "they" have controlled the house since week one and they continue to pick people off one by one. Elissa says people aren't smart because they don't see it.

11:48 PM BBT Up in the HoH McCrae, Helen and now Andy are chatting. They're talking about Jessie and the fact that she's trying to flip the house again. Andy and McCrae point out that Elissa and Jessie are talking in the lounge and they have the bible in there. Andy says they wouldn't let him in the room right now. McCrae says the same thing. Helen says if Elissa wants to try and flip the house then that's on Elissa and they can't freak out about it because they have the votes. Amanda says she is freaking out because Jessie has been up her rear end for the week and that scares her. Helen says she understands that but she has an army behind her and Jessie doesn't so of course she is going to make stuff up.

11:54 PM BBT Amanda continues to Jessie bash. Helen says she will continue to on Elissa and point out the suicide of her game if she tries to vote to keep Candice this week. Amanda asks if she contemplated voting her out. Helen says no that Elissa wants Spencer out. Amanda says it's very scary that they are down in the lounge talking with a bible between them and that they wouldn't let Judd or Andy in. Down in the lounge, the Amanda bashing has come to an end and they walk out into the KT. Jessie goes outside and takes a seat near the HT with a cigarette in hand.

11:58 PM BBT Up in the HoH Judd and Spencer have joined the group. McCrae and GinaMarie are looking for the spy screen remote while Amanda, Aaryn and McCrae continue to question why Jessie has flipped. Everyone relax! The remote has been found between the chest at the foot of the HoH bed and the bed. Out in the BY Jessie continues to smoke by herself. Jessie comes back inside and signals to Elissa to come into the lounge. Jessie tells Elissa that she was outside smoking and Aaryn came out and she called out "What's up girl?" twice to Aaryn. Aaryn responded the second time saying that they're up in the HoH dealing with people that say they're loyal when they're not. Jessie guarantees that Amanda and McCrae are upstairs raking Helen over the coals right now. Elissa says she has to calm down. Jessie fears Judd is throwing her under the bus.

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