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Sunday, August 4 Live Feed Updates


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Guest 6Borders

10:50am BB Time: Helen is still running around the Jessie-insecurity subject.

Judd says no matter who we put up we all have to get a little blood on our hands next week.

The go 'round who would put up whom if they get HOH.

Judd says he wants Spencer to make it to Jury and Helen agrees. Helen thinks Elissa would be a good person to win HOH and Judd says she's do to win it. Helen says if it's down to you two, let her win it {Judd just said not 10 min ago that they need to try to win HOH's now}

Andy joins. They are still discussing who to give HOH to so they can let someone else do the dirty work for them.

Judd says he would rather Jessie go (evicted) rather than the "Blondtorage"

Helen thinks America will win America's Player {hmmm, interesting!} They discuss how everyone is portrayed, talk about GM and Helen says we could all be wrong and maybe GM and Nick will get married. They discuss Frank getting America's Choice last year.

Judd goes to get coffee and Helen is back on Andy about the votes.

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10:55AMBBT Helen thinks if Elissa wins HoH she will put up Aaryn and GinaMarie before Spencer. Judd says he wants Spencer in jury. Helen thinks Elissa maybe the perfect person to win HoH. Helen says if it is down to Elissa or Judd, let Elissa win it. Judd feels Elissa is due to win one. Andy is now back outside. Helen asks if Spencer won HoH who do they think he will put up. Judd lists of the usual suspects (aaryn, GinaMarie, jessie)

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11:00 am BBT Helen wonders about what the POV is when there is a double eviction. Andy says some kind of puzzle and HOH is usually questions. Judd asks what is up with the squirrel. They have seen him at all the comps.

11:03 am BBT Judd says he tossed his wet bandanna after a comp and broke one. They have had a saber tooth squirrel. Helen cant wait to see Amanda now that she has had a few more sprays. Andy asks Judd if he has ventured into those woods. Judd says once, there was squirrels in them.

11:07 am BBT Andy tells a story about drunk ppl walking home at night, they would buy pizzas and eat them on the way home. He would take a glass of water and dump it on their pizza. One girl dropped it and got so mad. Judd tells of wetting Toilet Paper and dropping it on cars. Helen finds a dentapic on the dryer, says Spencer needs to take care of that stuff.

11:10 am BBT Helen/Judd/Andy watch some helicopters go over. Judd wants to watch some news right away. Judd/Andy talk about their good bye messages.

11:14 am BBT Andy wonders if the ppl that he lied to that have left will be his friend afterward. Helen says Kaitlin if your out there, I love you, please forgive me. Helen says that Jeremy was intimidating, ppl had more pep in their step after he was gone.

11:17 am BBT Helen says you have ppl from different backgrounds, different areas, different dynamics. you put them together and you have the game. She says its so different each season.

11:19 am BBT Helen figures out there are 19 more comps to win. Candice making a bagel for herself and offers to make one for others, Judd takes her up on it.

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Guest 6Borders

10:56am BB Time: Judd and Andy are discussing the POV comp, how hot it was!

Andy says they are only 1 vote away from Jury. Judd says they don't need to go for anyone in their group (alliance) until Jury and Andy agrees. Judd says anything could happen and they just don't know. Andy says it's too bad that Jessie really needs the money {hello, not what BB is about} and he feels bad and Judd says he doesn't know how she would be in Jury. Judd says Jessie really f'ed up his game and Andy tells him he came out of it really well.

Helen joins and says the house could use a Spring Cleaning {yeah, no kidding!!!} Andy/Judd are reiterating the conversation about Jessie and Helen says Judd did come out of it really well. Helen relates Jessie talking to her yesterday about the fight, and asking if Helen got HOH would Jessie go up. It's a silly conversation that went 'round 'n round and where it ended up nobody knows.

Andy says it's a crucial week and it will be interesting to see who gets it. Helen wants to know how double eviction works and Andy explains that's it pretty quick like find something and that HOH will be something like step-up/step down!

Discussion about the squirrel and it's been at every competition. Judd says it's something they should pay attention to.

Teasing Judd that he killed the squirrel's cousin in one of the comps! Laughter!

11:04am BB Time:

Helen, Andy and Judd continue to discuss the squirrel being in every comp.

Andy yells out that it's time for Amanda to tan. They laugh that they can't wait to see her. Judd says she can't get in the pool and Andy teases that they should have a pool party today.

Discussion turns to squirrels. Judd wants to know if they have squirrels in Illinois.

Candace comes out and asks if anyone wants bacon {if the HG theory that everyone is related to a past HG is correct I vote Candace is related to Adam the Bacon guy BB 11}

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Guest 6Borders

11:21 am BB Time:

Helen, Andy and Judd are still on the BY couch discussing competitions.

In the HOH room GM (sans E-Collar) and Aaryn are still asleep in the HOH bed {I never did see if Aaryn got up to change her batteries but apparently BB has given up for now}

Helen informs us that drinking alcohol makes her pee immediately. Andy says it's nice there are no Have Not's this week.

They laugh about GM's cone. Helen remarks that when GM was a have not she did not complain at all...Andy says she did little bit. They say McCrae was the worst as a have-not! General "have not" bashing

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11:24 am BBT BY talk turns to how ppl have handled being a HN. Helen says she has set down the rule that there is no game talk during the BBQ. Judd says if he knew ppl wouldnt be mad at him he would make ballsy moves. Andy says if you make them at the wrong time you are F'd. Judd says HOH's dont realize they have targets on them the next week.

11:27 am BBT Clowny Candice brings out the bagels, Judd closes the door for her. Andy says he wants her to get into one fight as clowny. Candice says that fight was uncalled for, she (?) didnt have to call her out on national TV, she could have talked to her privately.

11:31 am BBT it was GinaMarie that called Candice out. Candice says GinaMarie never had more then a 30 second convo with her. Judd says there are ppl that know him. Helen says that now that she has gotten to know him he is very smart. Candice says he is a kind person. Judd says just dont give him any math problems. He is common sense smart.

11:39 am BBT Andy asks if they can get serious, why do "they" need shots and shots of them being serious.? Why cant they do the shot then let them hang out in the BY....FOTH...back and they talk about POV meeting. Is it veto meeting or veto ceremony...people change it up. Andy says he has heard meeting more.

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Guest 6Borders

11:37am BB Time: Backyard couch. Candace is explaining ADD and ADHD and her work with the kids.

Helen wants to know if kids grow out of ADD or ADHD and Candace says no. Candace says Amanda has it and you can tell when she needs to take her meds and she is an adult!

11:39am BB Time: Andy says can we be real here and whats to know why it takes so long for them (BB) to get shots of them when they could do in really fast {Andy has had this conversation before}

We go to FOTH and when we are back they are talking about when the veto meeting/ceremony is and what it is called, whether it's "meeting" or "ceremony"...general chit-chat {prob because Andy just got in trouble}.

Judd says nomination ceremonies are nerve-wracking (the waiting). Judd wants to know if his was that long and Andy says he thinks they got spoiled because Aaryn's was so quick because she knew what to do.

Discussion about the memory wall. Judd says it's so cool and Canada's wasn't cool. Judd and Andy discuss BB Canada and who they liked/didn't like and who went out when. Andy and Judd really know this,...the rest are not participating at all in the discussion!

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11:43 am BBT Judd and Andy talk BBCA, neither liked Tom. Judd names all 15 cast. Candice hasn't seen it. She wants to. Now knowing there is more to it t hen what you see on TV. DR didn't ask her about the big fight.

11:48 am BBT They think Kaitlin turned into to a mean girl for a while. How Jeremy was bossy. How the girls said if they didn't vote their way they would be coming after him.

11:52 am BBT They agree it was crazy to make alliances the first night. You cant make lasting alliances w/o knowing ppl. Andy says that group of ppl at the beginning tried to strong arm them and it didnt work.

11:54 am BBT before the show Andy watched other seasons and a made a list of who went out quick and why. Their season followed it to a tee. Not making personal contacts--David and playing to hard to fast---Nick.

12:00 noon BBT Candice went to Gabon once to train someone for a pageant. Candice says it was very scary. Judd says he thinks Africa would be scary, the animals. Candice tells about a stew that was made with "forest meat" she says she didn't eat it. Candice has her clown nose on her forehead, Andy says it looks like she has a huge zit on her head.

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12:05 pm BBT Candice gets called to SR, she hopes its her smaller costume. She holds it up and says its just as big. She starts to change into it and the cam goes to Helen in the WA. Cam back to SR, Candice says they are getting warmer, it fits better. She thanks BB. She is wearing it off the shoulder. Helen is cleaning the WA.

12:20 pm BBT Candice/Judd/Andy still talking...who their families would like. How Elissa is more sophisticated then Rachel. How Rachel crying in the bushes was funny. Helen has moved on to sweeping the floors.

12:28 pm BBT Candice tells Judd that she was more offended by GinaMarie speech then by the mattress flipping. they were crass things to say about someone that they dont know. Never heard of any one saying stuff like that. Judd says GM said she will give props and criticize some one at the same time.

12:35 pm BBT Andy helps Helen take the garbage/recycling out. Helen starts to put the recycling in the garbage can and Andy stops her. She says sorry America, sorry.

12:53 pm BBT Judd/Candice and Andy continue to chit chat. Judd goes inside, says WOW Helen. Jessie is awake doing ADLs.

12:54 pm BBT FOTH

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12:58 pm BBT Judd washes the mirrors in WB... in BY Candice says the night after the mattress flipping was her fave of the season so far. It brought her and Howard closer.

1:08 pm BBT Jessie in BY, Andy says who ever calls Amanda to tan is scared of her, they wont call her when she is sleeping. Jessie says Good Morning Live Feeders!!! (Good Morning Jessie!)

1:14 pm BBT Andy asks Judd what show scared him when he was little. Judd says The Exorcist, Andy says well duh. Andy tells that he was the only one in class that couldn't figure out long division, he had to sit with the teacher on a reward trip to roller skate. HG this is a lock down please go inside and close the sliding glass door. They think its for the BBQ or to resupply the tanning booth.

1:22 pm BBT Elissa and Amanda are waking up. Amanda raises up and her robe is open Judd says he saw the whole thing, her boobs aren't orange. Jessie comes in and sees Amanda and says OMG!

1:26 pm BBT Amanda has been sprayed 3 times so far. She cant shower until 6 hours after the LAST spray. Jessie says it doesn't look that bad, like she got a bit sunburned.

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1:35 pm BBT Candice says her fave part of BB was when the person was in the costume and now its her. Elissa has a headache, she jokes with Amanda that she gives her a headache when she sees her. BBQ will be in 30 minutes.

1:38 pm BBT Helen gets her first look at Amanda and says OMG you glow in the dark! some one keeps singing Ompa Loompa doopido and we get FOTH.

1:46 pm BBT Helen and Jessie talk in WA. Jessie says it will be their way of getting Mc to work with them. They were targets anyways. Helen will talk to Mc before Thurs, he needs to konw. Helen syas lets just go enjoy the BBQ, we will talk about it later.

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2:00pm BBT:Helen is trying on shoes to wear to the BBQ, She is asking which pair looks better.Ginamarie comes in and says "Look at you. you look awesom" and Helen says thank you.Aaryn in hoh bathroom putting her makeup on as spencer and Amanda are talking about dogs in the chair rm.

2:10pm BBT: Helen is now being called to the DR and Ginamarie says oh gosh it is probably time. Jessie says try to take your time in there Helen.Helen laughs and says oh alright.

2:12pm BBT:In the WA Jessie is doing her makeup as Elissa is washing her face.Elissa has her bikini on and now putting her makeup on.In the KT is Amanda and Ginamarie talking about the thing on Ginamaries neck and how it presses on her neck as Amanda holds it up so Ginamarie can brade her hair. Mccrae comes in and Amanda ask him if in foirty five minutes when she can take a show if he can wash her back for her.

2:17pm BBT: Helen comes out of the Dr and ask who wants BBQ ?she says meet me at the door. Amanda asking if she can have a giggaret before the BBq starts and Helen says i was told to say no one is allowed outside.

2:18pm BBT:The BBQ ia all set up outside ready for the HG.we now have FOTH.

2:28pm BBT: The Hg are heading out to the by now for their BBQ. Helen runs outside and says who knows how to grill not me and more cheering goes on and we get foth again.

2:29pm BBT: Helen making a toast with can sodas and says ok lets have a great BBQ no game talk lets just have fun and then says ok someone needs to be in charge of grilling and someone on vegies.Jessie and Aaryn trying to figure out how to work the BBQ grill.Elissa is saying to turn it off then try again She turns a knob and says ok now its lighting, Helen says the steaks are under the table and there is chicken. Elissa says this is chicken salad.

2:32pm BBT: Helen says " so we have steak , chicken, hamburger and sausages. veggies are corn, aspasragas. Aaryn and Jessie are already eating chicken salad and watermelon.

2:35pm BBT: In the house amanda and andy, Judd, Mccrae, spencedr, and Ginamarie are making sreaks in the oven. they are talking about stabbing the steaks to tenderize them.In the BY Jessie and Aaryn are putting the meat on the grill and corn on the grill.

2:45pm BBT: Amanda inside asking if they have anymore dish soap ? In the BY Araryn, Helen, Jessie and Elissa trying to grill and drinking.

2:54pm BBT: aaryn saying that something is burning on the grill and Helen goes out there and says here is a plate to put anything we take off there on. elissa says guys our forks are on the ground.Aaryn says one of the aspargus fell into the fire so we might need to get it out of there.

2:57pm BBT: Helen saying we might have to eat as we go and jessie says we should have put the steaks on first.

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3:00pm BBT: In the By they are complaining about the tongs they have to use. helen says they are like paper.Aaryn says her Grandpa use to play for the 49ers and the cowboys.talk continues about aaryns family. then helen jumps in talking about guys that play on the NFL.In the house all Hg are in the HOH rm talking.

3:08pm BBT: ginamarie asking if Howard really tried to throw that comp in the have not comp they did throwing water.Spencer says he neverheard him say it and Judd says he didnt say it but i know he did.

3:11pm BBT: Girls in the By are starting to eat sausages that have taken off the grill now.

3:21pm BBT:helen, Elissa, jessie and Aaryn now eating their BBQ saying the steaks are huge and saying they are good. Ginamarie laying with that thing on her head showing the other Hg how she has to sleep in it.

3:24pm BBT: General talk in the BY about moving places. General talk in the HOH rm about taking naps.

3:35pm BBT: the girls in the BY are clapping saying that the BBQ was perfect they are all thanking Helen. BB has opened the door so Helen can go to the bathroom but the other hg are not allowed to go outside yet.

3:40pm BBT: helen giving a speach about if anyone is evicted it doesnt matter she says lets just have fun no matter what.

3:49pm BBT: Mccrae in cockpit wearing Ginamaries other shade around his head talking to Andy and Spencer.In the By helen and the girls are just talking general talk.

3:52pm BBT:The BBQ is now over as the girls head back in the house yelling thank you BB and everyone is cheering as Andy says lets run out and eat the food. elissa says i want to lay out. andy is looking at the BBQ table and talking about them getting beer and we get foth.

3:55pm BBT: Mccrae comes outside and says BB do we get to keep the grill? Judd is now smoking.Amanda is still in the KT cooking saying she is going to go smoke now.Jessie outside says she burnt herself on the grill.

3:58pm BBT: Spencer asking if BB played music for them at the BBQ and Jesszie says no and Spencer says what? what sucks.Andy says Amanda you looked better orange you shouldnt have showered .Jessie says wait you dont look bad you can still do the wedding. amanda says no way. Jessie says yeah you look so tan.

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4:41 pm BBT Jessie and McCrae in color room telling each other they would never put each other up. Jessie is beating herself up about what happened with Amanda. McCrae is telling her just to lay low. Jessie said Amanda told her (Jessie) that she is good, but she heard Amanda say that about other people and lied. McCray is telling Jessie he is going to need her in Jury and he is in a decent spot because he don't have too many targets on him. McCrae called to DR.

4:44 pm BBT Judd, GM, Spencer and Aaryn up in HOH. GM complaining her hands are orange. No game talk in HOH, Candice came in and asked if anybody wanted a baked potato, but no one does. Back to general chat about actors and movies in HOH.

4:49 BBT Switching to color room with Elissa, Jessie and Helen wispering game, could not hear what they are saying. They thought someone was coming so they hurried to pretend they are asleep. Now Elissa asking Jessie if she talked to Judd. Elissa feels that Judd is MVP. Jessie said if he is going to tell anybody he would tell her (Jessie). Jessie said Andy told her the clear cut decision is to cut Candice this week. Now Elissa, Helen and Jessie are wispering about trying to get Andy's vote for sending out Amanda but they are going to wait and see who GM puts on the block in place of Jessie.

4:54 pm BBT Candice asked Helen if they were talking about eviciting her (Candice) Helen says no

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4:06pm BBT: Helen and Andy in STR talking.helen says i am going to talk to Ginamarie about them trying to get Amansda out and Jessie told me that there are some people getting the votes and trying to backdoor me next week. Andy says it could be that people are trying to feel out each other.

4:08pm BBT: Helen says i have alot of friends telling me that Amanda is not on my side and Andy says oh is anyone else saying this Helen says yeah dont tell anyone this and they leave the STR.

4:10pm BBT: Jessie laying in bed and tells Andy to come snuggle with her and he says ok and crawls in bed with her and she starts snuggling and saying oh my baby and Aaryn laughs at them.

4:14pm BBT:Aaryn goes to hoh rm and says who all is up here and Spencer says just you and I. Aaryn says where is Ginamarie and Spencer says Dr i think. He says i am just listenign to music cuz Andy said he could and he says the music isnt bad.

4:18pm BBT: Jessie telling andy she doesnt have many ciggaretts left and is counting up how many she can have a day if she stays till the end and it comes out to three a day.

4:22pm BBt: Amanda complaining about her face burning from the tan spray.Jessie and Andy talking in the color rm about who they want out and ginamarie being HOH.

4:24pm BBT: aaryn telling Amanda in HOH rm that when she drinks at lunch then she just wants to keep going out and drinking all day.

4:27pm BBT: andy walks in bathroom and says what ya doing to Elissa and Elissa says trying to figure out a way to get you out of here and laughs.

4:30pm BBT: Judd now in HOH rm snuggling on the couch with Aaryn.Spencer laying on the bed.Just general talk going on. In the color rm jessie is laying talking to Mccrae as Mccrae pleades to keep amanda in the house . Andy walks in and starts talking general talk.

4:41pm BBT:Mccrae telling Jessie that all she has to do is lay low he says you are not looking bad at all. jessie says i just worry about Amanda looking bad. and Mccrae says yeah i know. IN the chair rm helen , Elissa and candice going over past weeks of being in the house and how many votes there will be next week.

4:52pm BBT: Mccrae and Amanda in the BY smoking and talking about amanda going up as the third nomineee. she says i have the votes to stay i have you, Helen Elissa , andy and Spencer.amanda says Ginamarie has to go soon. candice says we cant keep the grill i went and asked and they said no.

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4:56 pm BBT McCrae and Amanda in BY talking on couch about who would put Amanda up. Judd came out side and told Amanda if she tells anyone else he is MVP, he is going to come after her. Now they are just talking about getting to keep the grill from the BBQ

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5:00 PM Amanda, McCrae, and Judd are sitting in the BY. They are discussing whether or not this week's evictee gets to go to jury. They don't think so. Judd asks Helen if she is still drunk. Helen tells him no. Meanwhile Andy, Gina Marie, and Aaryn are in the HoHR. They are discussing their Head Shots and that photographers are everywhere in New York.

5:03 PM BBT Amanda get her cue that it is time to tan again. Gina Marie gets all excited and almost gets her cone of shame stuck in the HoHR door trying to get out. She jams to the music yelling "It's Jersey Time!!" Gina Marie is sitting outside the tanning booth hoping to get some mist on her face. Amanda tells BB that it isn't working again. Amanda "This happens every freaking time."

5:08 PM BBT Amanda goes inside to get the directions and gets the tanning booth working. Everyone else is lined up outside watching her. Judd thinks it smells good. They give her a round of applause when she gets done. With a palm full of spray tan Amanda places her hand on McCrae's cheek. He calls it war paint.

5:10 PM BBT Candice in her clown-tard is working out on the elliptical and then joins Jessie, Helen, and Aaryn around the hot tub. Just general chit chat. Amanda is cleaning up in the WA from her spray tan.

5:17 PM BBT Judd is sleeping. Spencer is trying to. BB gives us a close up of Amanda's face. She is significantly paler where she wears her goggles in the tanning booth. Helen is in the HoH listening and whistling to music. Candice, Elissa, and Amanda are just hanging out in the KT. Amanda is afraid her skin is going to start scabbing on her face from the lack of moisturizer that she is used to. She can't shower until 11pm.

5:22 PM Candice has made some minor modifications to the top of her clown unitard. Candice "Clowny is getting jazzy." Elissa "You couldn't make it better." Candice tells Elissa that she can only take any of it off when she goes to bed.

5:24 PM BBT In the BY Aaryn is telling Amanda and McCrae that everyone seems to be mad in the house. Everyone but McCrae and Judd are acting different. Amanda "I'm not acting weird am I?" Aaryn "You seem mad this week." Amanda asks if there has been any game talk to today. Aaryn said not since last night. When asked for details Aaryn said she is worried. Everyone seems to be overcompensating that Candice is going. She is concerned they are just trying to make her believe it but that it might not be true.

5:36 PM BBT Helen and Gina Marie are soaking their feet in the HOH tub. Gina Marie is telling her about the time her family member's dog had surgery and had to wear a cone. Gina Marie tells Helen she never really considered nominating Elissa because she fought to get her off to two straight weeks. At this point, why nominate her when no one would vote her out. She says she is used to Elissa now. In the BY Aaryn is talking to Amanda and McCrae. They are discussing next week's nominations. Amanda tells her that even if Aaryn or she were nominated there will be enough votes to keep them. Aaryn tells Amanda that if given a chance Gina Marie would vote Amanda out. Gina Marie thinks she and Aaryn are alone in the game.

5:45 PM BBT Aaryn goes into the kitchen. Amanda tells McCrae that she really wants Jessie out next week. McCrae agrees. Aaryn comes back. They are discussing that they may need to ask Andy to throw next week's HoH. They think he would be willing to do it if they can convince him it is best for their alliance. Aaryn is not looking forward to a "knock out" HoH comp. She knows everyone will want to knock her out making it impossible for her to win it. Meanwhile Gina Marie and Helen are still soaking their feet in the HoH tub talking about life outside the house.

5:50 PM BBT In the BY McCrae again tells Amanda that she is putting a bigger target on herself by constantly talking game to everyone. Aaryn and Amanda are discussing whether keeping Elissa in the game is good for them. Amanda admits that Elissa isn't a good gamer. They discuss that it might be best to keep Spencer in the game because he is on Elissa's radar right now and Aaryn isn't at the moment. In the HOH BR Gina Marie is looking forward to going to the Monster Truck Rally with Nick.

5:53 PM BBT Amanda wants to talk about possibly getting Gina Marie to put up Judd tomorrow. McCrae says there is no point talking about it. Amanda says she is in serious danger if Judd is the MVP because he's just going to keep putting her up. Aaryn doesn't like that idea because that would mean Candice stays and she would probably end up staying next week too. Aaryn tells Amanda that even if she might not like what Amanda is going to say she would rather hear it anyway than being blindsided.

5:57 PM BBT Amanda is really afraid that if she is nominated next week that it is very likely that the MVP would put up McCrae. They are trying to determine who (besides themselves) could win HoH and not put one of them up. Amanda says Aaryn is probably safe regardless. No one is going to nominate her because they still think she has no alliances in the house. Aaryn says it will be a knock out round Thursday and she has no chance of winning. Amanda "Judd is the common denominator in all the issues that could break up alliances. He keeps putting me up and that hurts our numbers." Aaryn "What is the only way we can really tell if it is Judd?" Amanda "By getting rid of him."

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6:01 pm BBT Helen and GM in HOH bathtub soaking their feet and talking about shoe accessories GM made.

6:03 pm BBT Aaryn in BY talking to Amanda about Judd not wanting the veto because people would be mad at him if he didn't use the veto. Amanda said that is fine and she gets it, but next week is going to be a scary week.

6:05 pm BBT Aaryn told Amanda that GM doesn't realize that Aaryn watches GM make deals with everyone in the house and that GM is not smart.

6:06 pm BBT Amanda thinks everyone should want to keep her in the house because she is a target. Amanda just told Aaryn that Judd is MVP. Aaryn don't understand why Judd would want Amanda out.

6:08 pm BBT Aaryn thinks they need to keep Spencer. Amanda said it is Candice going this week 100%. Aaryn thinks if they got rid of Candice and Elissa then Helen would be alone. Amanda thinks Helen would put her (Amanda) and McCrae up openly.

6:09 pm BBT Amanda and Aaryn in BY still speculating if each houseguest won HOH who would they put up.

6:11 pm BBT Other houseguests in taking photo's.

6:13 pm BBT Candice in the kitchen by herself eating while other houseguests are taking pictures.

6:14 pm BBT Helen now in kitchen talking to Candice general chat about Helen's husband.

6:17 pm BBT Houseguests still taking pictures and not much else going on.

6:19 pm BBT Helen and Candice talking about not spending time worrying and just spend the time enjoying.

6:24 pm BBT Elissa and Candice in kitchen now talking about butt glue to use with bathing suits.

6:26 pm BBT Judd and McCrae in BY playing pool. Amanda came out to look for a cigarette. Judd said Good morning Amanda orange you glad to see me, lol.

6:28 pm BBT Judd and McCrae wondering if the live fed watchers are board because there is nothing going on.

6:30 BBT Other houseguests still inside taking pictures.

6:31 pm BBT Amanda, Spencer and Jessie now in BY on the couch talking about Spencer trying to sleep earlier. Elissa has now joined them on the couch and they are talking about the ball caps they got with their name on it.

6:33 pm BBT Helen and Andy talking in SR. Helen said Amanda and McCrae have not talked to her all week. Helen said Elissa, Jessie and her (Helen) are willing to vote out Amanda this week. Andy is shaking his head and said they have to get Judd on board. Andy thinks it might be to early to do it. Aaryn walked in and asked if everything is okay. They tell Aaryn their thinking about what to say to Candice when they tell her that she is leaving. Aaryn suggest to wait until Thrusday.

6:37 pm BBT Aaryn suggests telling Candice in her message. Andy don't know what to do if Candice asks him aobut his vote. Aaryn said your going to have to lie.

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#BB15 6:00 PM Amanda says that the only way to get rid of the MVP is to get him out. Aryan says the already got rid of Howard and it turns out he wasn't it. Amanda says that she was told eventually she would need to go. Aaryn says eventually they all have to go.

#BB15 6:02 PM BBT McCrae wants to get up. Amanda upset and asks him if he is being bothered by her talking. He says no. Amanda asks him if he is mad. He says no. He just wants to go look at props. Amanda tells him she will be right there.

#BB15 6:08 PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn talk about that Elissa will not put up the three of them. Amanda says Helen will put them up openly. Aaryn says that Elissa will never win HOH anyways.

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6:38 pm BBT Aaryn now leaving the SR and Andy said he is going to be straigt up with Helen and he don't want to get rid of Amanda this week. Helen said her friends are very strong about this. Andy wants to know how is that possible. Now GM walks in SR and game talked stopped for a minute. GM leaves and Andy tells Helen he trusts McCrae 100% and Helen said someone has to make the first move. Helen is going to tell Jessie they will try for it next week. Now Judd walked in to SR and again asks if anything new is going on. Andy again said they are talking about Candice.

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6:47 pm BBT Aaryn just told Amanda Judd wants final two with Aaryn. Aaryn thinks Jessie Judd and Spencer want Amanda out so they can have a final four with McCrae.

6:49 pm BBT Helen and Judd in SR. Helen asks Judd if he thinks America is MVP and Judd said he was starting too. Judd thinks it could possibly be Candice and that is what Helen was thinking.

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6:58 pm BBT Aaryn and Amanda in HN room talking about making aliances with others in the house for next week. Andy now walked in and told Amanda that Helen is getting freaked out because she (Amanda) and McCrae have not talked to Helen all week.

6:59 pm BBT Aaryn said GM is putting Spencer up. Andy said Helen will vote Candice out, but she is not sure about it because McManda is not talking to her so Andy said to pull Helen back in.

7:00 BBT Candice bashing in the HN room by Andy, Aaryn and Amanda. Andy told Amanda that Helen feels like she could rope McCrae if Amanda was gone. Andy said if HOH is a knock out he has a pretty good shot at it.

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#BB15 7:09 PM BBT McCrae joins Amanda and Aaryn in the HN room. Aaryn tells him that Helen is leaning towards voting out Amanda. McCrae upset. Amanda says they need to decide who should go up to replace Jessie.

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7:15PMBBT Andy is in the lounge, whispering to McCrae what he heard Helen say about Amanda and him. Amanda is telling Andy what to tell Helen. She says that Andy needs to tell Helen that it is Jessie coming up with all these schemes. Aaryn and Judd are in the HN room whispering about possible game changes. Aaryn is trying to convince Judd to talk to Helen and they will vote out Amanda!

7:18PMBBT Judd says Candice does nothing for him, at least Amanda works with him.
Amanda is telling Andy still more that he should say to the others. She says they can no longer talk game in front of Aaryn. Andy leaves the lounge. Amanda and McCrae are whispering and mouthing words. Andy is now talking to Jessie in the WA. BB tells Amanda to move her hair away from the mic.

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