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Sunday, August 4 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572
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#BB15 11:00pm BBT: Jessie/Elissa in KT talking about targets for next week. Jessie is afraid she'll go up every week as a pawn. in BY the guys have all been drinking for McCrae's "Bachelor party". Helen/Candice/Amanda also outside. GM/Aaryn in HOHR sleeping

#BB15 11:10pm BBT: Andy is telling the BY group a ghost story- he's been talking about all day- He says he's in bed in the rainbow room, it was a dark and stormy night.. He hears a voice "Who stole my chicken cutlet t*****", keeps hearing it get closer and closer. And then the voice is right outside... The door creaks open, "And then there's Candice and she f#### me".. They all laugh (Candice is there as well)

#BB15 11:14pm BBT: Andy/Spencer/McCrae all go into DR together, they're quite drunk.

#BB15 11:28pm BBT: Andy: "Let's have some real talk... Who do we miss the most that left?" BY crew all say "none of them". They basically said that as long as it's not them, they're ok with it. All, also, agree that Howard is a great guy, but he needed to go.

#BB15 11:31pm BBT: Andy/Spencer/Amanda/McCrae in BY say "Helen is the Jerry of our season" Andy hopes they portray her that way "with her husband who has Alzheimer's..."

#BB15 11:32pm BBT: Elissa/Jessie/Helen/Candice in KT talking about TV shows

#BB15 11:37pm BBT: Andy: "Elissa and I are the new Chill Town, I don't know why we haven't gotten a joint DR yet"

#BB15 11:40pm BBT: "Team Bachelor Party" (McCrae, Spencer, Judd, Andy) all decide they're going to wake up Aaryn/GM.. after Judd finishes his cigarette (we'll see)

#BB15 11:44pm BBT: Amanda/Candice in WA- Amanda says "sometimes I can just snap, and I am sorry" Candice: "It's ok doll, I apologize as well"

#BB15 11:47pm BBT: Most HGs are in a line for the toilet. Elissa is giving Jessie nutrition/fitness tips in KT.

#BB15 11:52pm BBT: McCrae/Judd up to no good in the back bedroom.. It looks like they're trying to make another fake person sleeping under the covers out of pillows in Candice's bed. Laughing and joking around.

#BB15 11:59pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae cuddling/kissing in cockpit. Helen/Jessie playing pool

#BB15 12:01am BBT: Helen says to Jessie "I keep thinking about what you and I were talking about earlier.. I just don't want to make the wrong move". (about evicting Amanda). Jessie says she thinks she'd put her up next week, and "they already put me up week 1. Why would I protect her?... And everybody tells her everything". They say they've never talked to Andy about it. Jessie says they only make enemies out of GM and McCrae. Jessie says she feels threatened by Amanda and thinks people are scared of her. Helen asks how Elissa feels about it, and Jessie says she feels similiar.

#BB15 12:06am BBT: Helen says there are more targets upstairs, just 1 of them won HOH this week. Helen wasn't sure, because they kept Aaryn, how much they really wanted to keep her. Gina Marie walks out, so I'm sure this conversation is stalled for now

#BB15 12:11am BBT: Drunk McCrae/Spencer are gobbling cookies that Amanda made. Drinking milk out of wine glasses

#BB15 12:19am BBT: The guys still scarfing cookies, Jessie/Amanda in the cockpit too. Andy has passed out in a matter of seconds, then they woke him up. Helen is staring at the memory wall- deep in thought

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12:39AM BBT In the cockpit Andy jump on Amanda while doing push ups. Aaryn said she love drunk Andy they all laugh.

12:45AM BBT Helen told Elissa while in By that this is top secret Helen said it would be a great idea to take Amanda out.

12:59AM BBT Everyone is in the By except Spencer general chit chat.

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1:04AM BBT Candice,Elissa and Helen in By talking about who gets into trouble the most with Production. Mccrae wants to take a shower with Amanda. Amanda is trying to take a group shower with everyone. Andy said he would do it but Aaryn said no.

1:12AM BBT Jessie,Andy,Amanda,Aaryn,Spencer and Judd in Br Judd tickles Andy Jessie jumps on Andy and starts tickling him.

1:20AM BBT Andy is pretending to vote someone out he said he vote to evict Amanda his face was very serious.

1:45AM BBT Andy,Elissa and Helen in Sr making fun of the cereal. Helen and Elissa talking in the Sr they are wondering if they would get another chance to take out Amanda. Helen said they would have to evict Candice so they would not have any enemies. Elissa said she does not trust Spencer.

1:50AM BBT Elissa told Helen that Amanda will make final 2 or 3 and no one would nominate Amanda again. Helen told Elissa not to talk about it again just think about it.

1:54AM BBT Ginamarie is Hoh looking at Nick picture. While Spencer,Mccrae in Br talking Mccrae looks a little drunk. Mccrae said this was the worst Dr he had because being drunk all he can talk about is Pizza.

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8:33 am BBT Shhhhh, HG are sleeping.

9:03 am BBT Amanda prepares for a tanning session. Mc is there for support. She says its freezing out, it starts and she screams. When its done she runs into the house half crying. She turns the water in the shower and gets told to stop that. She says she can tan 6 hrs after her last tan, its been more then 6 hours. She runs to DR door and they let her in.

9:11 am BBT Amanda comes out of DR, turns the shower water off and uses the blow dryer to warm up. Mc has gone back to bed. Elissa gets up, tells Amanda she is looking good and uses WC.

9:17 am BBT Elissa goes back to bed. Amanda uses WC, comes out and uses towel to dry her legs. BB tells her to shut it down.She says she is all sticky, the toilet seat is now stained. She goes back to bed, tells Mc it stained the toilet seat and she is sticky. It doesn't bother him as he kisses her.

9:34 am BBT Helen is awake, almost touches her nose to the stove finding out what time it is (she doesnt have her glasses/contacts on). She puts her contacts in, uses the WC, brushes her teeth, puts her hair up, changes her batteries.

9:42 am BBT Helen gets her laundry around, changes into her jogging clothes. Time to do a load of laundry (or 2) while she does her morning jog.

9:56 am BBT Helen puts the awnings down, puts the hose in the pool and has to change her jogging path to go around the tanning booth.

10:00 am BBT FOTH probably wake up call.

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Guest 6Borders

Amanda uses the WC and McCrae gets something in the kitchen {maybe coffee to accompany her...it's a little chilly in S. California right now}

Amanda puts on her cap, goggles and robe and goes out to the tanning both with McCrae in toe.

McCrae says "it doesn't work Big Brother". McCrae is laughing at her and Amanda says it's annoying. He keeps laughing and she says it's f'ing crazy. Amanda is screeching about how cold it is, grabs her towel and runs inside. She is screeching and coughing, heads to the bathroom and jumps in a hot shower. McCrae says he is going back to bed.

Amanda is saying "omg it's sooo cold" and waiting for the shower to warm up!

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9:07 BBT Amanda goes in to get the shower ready- says that spray is COLD. BB tells her to stop, she argues that since it has been 6 hours since her first tan she can shower (Side note- it looks like she is going to have some pretty nasty goggle lines on her face.)

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Guest 6Borders

9:08am BB Time: BB tells Amanda "stop that" and she fires back that she can shower 6 hours after her other tan and it's been 6 hours" but she wraps herself in a towel and heads for the DR {probably to argue her side of the story}. McCrae comes out of the storeroom and goes back to prepare for bed.

All cameras are on sleeping HG's tho I can hear doors loudly being slammed. Amanda is stomping thru the house, goes back to the bathroom {where she has left the shower running, wasting more California water}. She turns off the shower {guess she lost the argument in the DR} and turns the hair dryer on herself to warm up.

9:12am BB Time: Elissa is up and apparently trying to figure out where all the noise has come from. She goes to use the WC and Amanda tells her she is freezing.

Amanda has finished blow drying herself and goes into the WC to change after Elissa vacates. Amanda says again she is "so cold". Elissa goes back to bed. I hear someone (Helen I think) say something but didn't get it.

Amanda comes out in her robe and is using a towel to rub herself.

BB (very sternly) says "Amanda, SHUT IT DOWN" Amanda fires back that she is f'ing sticky and so is the toilet seat (she makes no effort to clean it tho). She stomps thru the house (shooting mean glances right and left) and gets back in bed with McCrae. She tells him she is sticky and says she left to toilet seat and giggles about it!

Looks like the house will now settle back down for a long Summer nap!

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Guest 6Borders

10:16am BB Time

Feeds are back. Judd is telling GM to write on her blog "we're still in this bitch".

Candace in her clown suit says she's going to shower. Andy is up doing ADL's.

BB says "please stop singing" but does not assign a name to the offender.

GM and Aaryn are in the HOH bed. GM says it's nice to be the queen and Aaryn says that makes her the princess.

GM says, no they are both queens.

GM does NOT have her "cone of shame" on!

GM is listening to her CD.

We get a brief FOTH

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10:18AM BBT Feeds are back. Judd, Andy, Elissa and Candice are awake and wandering around. Candice is in the clownie-tard adjusting and readjusting. The HoH room lights just turned on. GinaMarie is talking with Aaryn, she says "It's good to be queen." they have turned the HoH TV on to see who is where and talking to whom, they both lay back down.

10:20AMBBT Aaryn, Amanda, Jessie were called by BB to change their batteries. Candice has taken the clown suit off again. She is in the shower now. She has wrapped her hair in a towel like a make shift shower cap. She is alone in the WA.
GinaMarie and Aaryn are still laying in bed. GinaMarie has her earphones on.

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Guest 6Borders

10:22am BB Time: BB says, Amanda, Aaryn, Jessie, please change your batteries. (Aaryn does not move)

Candace is showering and all the cameras are on the bathroom and HOH room so I am not seeing anyone else.

10:26am BB Time: Andy asks Candace "hows your shower stupid?" and she says fine.

Andy says he really hopes they play (some song). He starts to say "in the DR..." and stops himself.

BB gives a 2nd call to Aaryn and Amanda to change their batteries (apparently Jessie complied). Aaryn is still not moving and I see no sign of Amanda.

10:31am BB Time: Andy and Judd are in the kitchen. Candace has finished her shower and calls to Andy if he has seen Elissa. He says she is in bed and Candace said she was going to ask her something but it's ok.

Andy goes to the backyard and Helen is jogging. He says the pool is looking cleaner. Helen asks him to put the hose in and he complied then asked if he could mist her. She says totally and Andy accidently squirts her right in the face. Andy goes to get red Gatoraid!

Helen says she misses weight lifting with Howie. Andy says "is it really that sad?" (joking) and she says he misses him as a person.

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10:25AMBBT Andy is now talking to Candice while she is in the shower. He hopes tomorrow morning they play her music choice. He wants to hear it. He leaves.
Aaryn and Amanda have been told to change their batteries again. Aaryn is not moving in the HoH bed.

10:30AMBBT Candice is now doing ADL's in the WA. GinaMarie and Aaryn are still in the HoH bed. No signs of other HG.

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10:35AMBBT Helen is talking to Andy, "Please don't share this with anyone" is what she starts with. She is worried about Elissa but wants to keep her around because McCrae will get rid of Elissa over Helen or Andy. They are going for protection. Andy thinks that in a Double Eviction, who ever votes against the house will be the first target. Judd and Candice are talking in the WA. Candice is taking her time getting the clown costume on.

10:40AMBBT Helen says she has told Amanda to calm down to keep it down. Jessie has made it clear to Helen that she wants Amanda out. If Jessie wins HoH she is going after Amanda. Judd is now in the BY with them and the talk turns to Elissa and how she wants to keep Candice. Helen says GinaMarie did the dirty work for them so they don't have to put their friends on the block.

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Guest 6Borders

10:35am BB Time: Helen has finished her workout and joins Andy on the BY couch...let the scheming begin!

Helen is discussing that Elissa says she will vote out Candace but Helen doesn't trust that. She tells Andy please don't say anything {Helen's most used phrase}. Helen runs down who protects whom and they have the 3 of them (Helen, Andy, Candace) and they have to protect each other. Andy and Helen say they must get Elissa to understand that Candace needs to be voted out and Helen needs Andy's help because Elissa needs to hear it from someone but her.

Helen says to Andy that she talked to Judd and "this is between you and me..." {Helen's other fav phrase} but says this is NOT the week to evict Amanda. Judd joins and Andy tells him they need to reiterate to Elissa that she needs to vote out Candace.

Judd wants to know what Elissa's plan with Candace is...Helen and Andy laugh and Andy says they don't really get it.

Helen says she told Elissa there is a time in this game when you have to vote out friends, and when someone else puts your friend on the block there is no blood on your hands to vote them out. Helen reiterates that they have to make Elissa feel good about voting out Candace.

Judd says worst case senario is Aaryn gets HOH and puts up Spencer. They finally decide that they have to wait to see who is HOH {like they really will..they'll be back on it within 10 minutes}. They discuss that it's going to get tougher and tougher every week and they need to try to win every HOH!

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10:42AMBBT Judd says worst case scenario, Aaryn wins HoH and puts up Spencer and Elissa. Helen wants Spencer in the jury house. Judd thinks they have to focus on getting GinaMarie and Aaryn out. Helen says she really likes Aaryn now and it is tough. They talk of putting Elissa up as a pawn.

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Guest 6Borders

Helen says they should let Jessie win the next HOH because she would put up Spencer and Aaryn. Judd says no way she will put up Spencer and Helen says "maybe she will put up me..." we need to rethink this...not a good idea.

Helen is telling about the fight with Candace. Helen is going over Jessie's insecurities and Helen has to keep reassuring her. They are going over Jessie's being so upset about the BBQ...same old stuff!

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10:45AMBBT Helen, Judd and Andy are talking about Jessie in the BY. Helen worries about Jessie's insecurity and how when things don't go her way she flips so easily. Helen invited Aaryn to the BBQ because of what she did last week, she could have flipped on them and she didn't. It was Helen's way of saying thank you. Judd agrees, they both feel Jessie has done them both "A lot of wrong"

10:50AMBBT Judd and Andy are still talking about Jessie and what she has done in the game. Andy gets up to go inside. Helen tells Judd she is happy that he won $5K. Once Andy is inside, she tells Judd again that she can not trust Jessie because of her insecurities.

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