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Candice - Week 6 - Evicted (Aug. 8) Juror #1


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This thread is open because there are still things that happen that relate and refer to her and I think it appropriate that we be able to talk about her on her own thread so I hope it stays open.

Is calling a person a monkey a racist slur...I guess if you think the people known as Negro look more like monkeys than other so called races (given that there is really only one human race) We are all one chromosome different from the chimpanzee after all.

There were certainly many racist remarks made against Cand. Calling out a racist by referring to the Confederate flag or the KKK for that matter is not racist. It is a recognition that certain people who are racist have some symbols which they rally under for purposes of stating their solidarity in their racism.

There was a time when Af Ams did not move their heads like Balinese dancers when making a point. They started doing this before the valley girls of California started speaking with the disdainful vocal fry. It is a cultural thing for the group, but is not a racist thing to note nor to enact. O no she di'n't ...

I am glad someone pointed to all that Cand has achieved. Personally I am most impressed with her education and profession. She can go back to it with her head held high. And when she needs to make a point, she can do that Bali move because there is nothing shameful, low class, or wrong with having cultural affinity with Af Ams...unless you are a racist of course.

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This thread is probably still open because the people who run this site want it open. Why are you so bothered that it is open? Having fun, Candice? I'll bet you and Jessie are having some real gossip-fests. Looks like you are really in for a treat soon; girlfriend. :)

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Yes, those are real accomplishments and I won't say anything more because I can see it means a lot to you.

As a realist in the real world you are only as good as your last performance. I'm sure she will accomplish more.

Thank you!
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