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Saturday, August 3 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

If you can't help, tell your FaceBook friends about our site, or Tweet out an S.O.S..

Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

PS: When you register to post in our forums you'll need an invitation code number. Use: 8298572
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11:10PM BBT Spencer and McCrae talking in the cockpit they are both worried about the Mvp. Spencer said he wants to have sex with Marilyn in the Hoh during the after party.

11:11PM BBT Andy screams I am Mvp and you;re going up. Amanda,McCrae and spencer in cockpit general talk about the house and how it changes when their is an eviction.

11:16PM BBT Aaryn,Jessie and Ginamarie in Hoh bathroom, Ginamarie said you cannot promise people anything once the game get farther. Ginamarie said she had a conversation with Candice after the nomination, she said she told Candice she was a coachroach and a tattletale.

11:25PM BBT McCrae and Spencer talking in the cockpit, McCrae told Spencer that he should of taken the BBQ. They both said they are voting out Candice for Ginamarie, but they really want Jessie out.

11:29PM BBT Ginamarie,Jessie and Aaryn talking about cosmetic and how much it cost, Aaryn said it is about $600 for everyday use.

11:30PM BBT Spencer told McCrae it is better to keep Jessie because Jessie would be the target next week and Candice won't. While in the Hoh Ginamarie and Aaryn singing in the mirror that blondes have more fun.

11:35PM BBT McCrae told Spencer that candice attacks like a wild animal. Spencer thinks Jessie is less likely to attack he also said Jessie is a dumb player and so out of the loop. McCrae said all Jessie had to do was be quiet and play a normal game.

11:38PM BBT Aaryn just told Ginamarie that she thinks McCrae is Mvp.. Spencer told McCrae that he think Mccrae/Amanda Elissa and helen is the strongest couples.

11:40PM BBT Amanda is now in the cockpit McCrae leaves Spencer close the door. Amanda asks what they were talking about. Spencer said he is on board with Candice going home.

11:45PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn talking Aaryn said she is scared that the Mvp would put her up, Amanda said she will vote with whatever want this week.

11:48PM Amanda asks Spencer who he would put on the block if he was Hoh, Spencer did not give a clear answer Amanda said she is annoyed with Jessie. Amanda said she think Jessie is putting on a act to seperate herself from Judd.

11:49PM BBT Spencer said she want Candice gone because Candice can always come back. Spencer said he got upset with Howard when he stopped caring about the game,because he started spending time with Candice and not him.

11:51PM BBT Amanda is telling Spencer that Howard came up to her in the Kt and told her when he leaves here he is going to f*** the shit out of her, Amanda said she was so shocked.

11:55PM BBT Amanda said she was scared of Howard from day one. Amanda said she thinks that Mvp is in the house. Amanda said she thinks Howard used his race,Religion and sexuality to manipulate Helen and Elissa. Amanda said why she have to talk about Howard in this game so much. Spencer does not think Howard did anything that Amanda said.

11:59PM BBT Aaryn and Ginamarie in Hoh discussing when the Mvp will end, they both think when the game is down to 6 people. Spencer and Amanda still talking in the cockpit Spencer said Howard had no strategy at all.

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Big Brother is waking the HGs at 7:30AM to get ready for the PoV competition. We could sure use some updaters to post at that hour. I don't think they'll start the contest anywhere near that early, but they will pick players, and that will let us know who the third nominee is this week. Please lend a hand and post an update here.

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12:05AM BBT Spencer telling Amanda that Howard pulled away from him to spend time with Candice. Spencer said Howard is smart but clueless about the game. Spencer also said that Howard f*** up when he said he was throwing the competitions. Aaryn now join the conversations in the cockpit. Aaryn said she knew Howard was bad at the game after his speech after Candice called the house meeting.

12:15AM BBT Aaryn asks Amanda if she is still on board to vote Candice out Amanda said she is ok with Jessie or Candice. Spencer said Judd would flip if he was Mvp nom. Spencer thinks that America is Mvp

12:18AM BBT Amanda still think that Mvp is in the house, Amanda said there is no way America would put up Elissa and her. Amanda said America would not put her up, McCrae said yeah right. Amanda asking what she is doing that would make America put her on the block.

12:23AM BBT Aaryn and Amanda talking in the Wc Aaryn asks if Amanda wants Candice out, Amanda said Candice would not put her and McCrae on the block but Jessie would. Aaryn told Amanda that Candice came up with the plan to evict Amanda last week.

12:29AM BBTAmanda is upset that Jessie came up to Hoh and sat next to McCrae. Amanda thinks that Jessie is more likely to win Hoh. Amanda left and Spencer walk in Aaryn told Spencer that Amanda is not on board to get Candice out anymore.

12:33AM BBT Aaryn is now in Hoh telling Ginamarie what Amanda told her. Aaryn said Candice has to go otherwise they are f*** Ginamarie does not want to deal with this until Wednesday, she said she is the entertainment in the house and everyone will do what she says, because people do not want to see her mad.

12:35AM BBT Aaryn told Ginamarie that Amanda wants Jessie out. Aaryn said she told Amanda that Jessie said she think that McCrae is cute and she likes him because he is handsome. Ginamarie told Aaryn she should never told Amanda something Jessie told her in confidence.

12:41AM BBT Amanda and McCrae in cockpit talking Amanda said she is not used to people like Jessie. McCrae said Helen and Elissa wants Candice to stay. While in Hoh Ginamarie said to Aaryn people screwed her over with voting Nick out. She said they would not screw her over agan because she would go Al Pacinoon on everyone.

12:45AM BBT McCrae said Andy would have to tell Elissa and Helen that Candice is going home. Amanda said Spencer wants Jessie to stay, Amanda still saying that Candice would not put her and Mccrae on the block. Amanda said she would have to make a deal with Jessie if she wins Hoh.

12:47AM BBT Amanda told McCrae that she was very upset that Mccrae did not sit by her when Jessie was sitting by him. While in the Hoh Ginamarie told Aaryn they cannot let Jessie or Candice win veto because Spencer would go home.

12:52AM BBT Amanda and Mccrae laughing about Ginamarie speech today Mccrae said he could not stop laughing. Amanda told Mccrae he have booger in his nose she then picks it and wipe it on his shirt.

12:59AM BBT Aaryn is worried that Mvp might want to put her up and she was suspicious of Amanda trying to save Candice.

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1:01AM BBT Amanda told Mccrae she hopes that she does not go up for Mvp again. Mccrae said he and Andy was trying for Judd to tell them if he was Mvp. Mccrae said Judd said that Elissa was mvp again.

1:05AM BBT Aaryn and Ginamarie is the only ones up, Aaryn said they both have been blindsided twice and does not want this to happen again. Ginamarie said everyone she talk to today told her they were voting out Candice.

1:10AM BBT Aaryn is really concern about Amanda she said everything Amanda does is strategic and she uses everything to her advantage and throw people under the bus. Aaryn told Ginamarie that they would be picked off since they both won Hohs. Aaryn thinks Elissa,Helen,McCrae and Amanda would be Mvp if Aaryn went up because they want Candice to stay.

1:16AM BBT Amanda and Mccrae is now in bed. Ginamarie and Aaryn getting ready for bed.

1:29AM BBT Ginamarie is going over all her goodies in her basket. Aaryn is concerned about Amanda comment to her earlier.

1:40AM BBT Aaryn and Ginamarie general chit chat in Hoh, Ginamarie told Aaryn they are good friends but she was upset with her when she talk about Nick.

1:49AM BBT Aaryn told Ginamarie she should not be anything under 114 pounds it is not healthy, Ginamarie said she rather be skinny then healthy.

1:55AM BBT Aaryn thinks that Ginamarie will get Mvp next week because of her speech.

2:03AM BBT Aaryn and Ginamarie is laughing at Candice Aaryn said Candice and Howard can go home behind each other. Ginamarie said saddle up Candyland.

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Last night BB told the HG they would wake them up at 7:30 am BBT. It's 6:48 am BBT and HG are sleeping.

At 7:03 Helen used WC and went back to bed.

7:20 am BBT there is a lot of movement but no one is awake.

7:30 am BBT So far nothing....but remember BB doesn't always know how to tell time. Stay tuned.

7:48 am BBT HG still sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

7:50am BB Time

GM (I think) just sat up but only to adjust hair. No sign of life or fish yet!

8am BB Time and still no word from BB about waking them up yet!

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Guest 6Borders

8:09am BB Time

Gina Marie is up,,,and now she's not! She drank something and went back to bed, only lying on top and reversed.

8:22am BB Time: GM has been up and down in bed a few times, just trying to get comfortable I guess.

No other signs of BB life to report!

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8:09 am BBT GinaMarie is awake, gets herself a drink of something from her basket and lays back down on bed backwards.

8:13 am BBT GinaMarie trying to get comfy, she is laying with her feet where her head should be. She uses the HOH robe like a blanket.

8:00 am BBT FOTH...wake up call

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8:52 am BBT HG starting to move around. Andy and Helen in SR talking about who might go far in final HOH. They are trying to pick who to take to F3 with them.

8:57 am BBT Jessie frying bacon. Elissa and Andy are going to wait until they pick POV players to take shower.

9:02 am BBT general chat. Judd says if its a double eviction you are both going home...he/Elissa and Andy have been joking about sending the others home. Judd wishes Candice good luck with the POV today.

9:04 am BBT Judd and Andy make a deal to take each other off the block if they win POV, Jessie says Hey I heard that. Andy and Amanda in SR talking about POV. Helen jogging.

9:10 am BBT Aaryn called to DR, Andy says so she can make her MVP noms. They are joking around about who it is and who they will put up. Aaryn makes her way towards DR as they sing "here she comes Miss MVP" , she says you caught me.

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Guest 6Borders

8:53am BB Time

The feeds are up and the scheming has begun.

Andy and Helen are in the storage room discussing POV. Helen says they are solid.

Andy asks who in our group she wants to go far {silly question}

Helen is discussing her and Andy as the Final 3 and who they would win against. Helen says either you or I will win the 2nd part.

Helen says GM is stronger than they realize. Helen runs the senario of who they could beat.

Andy thinks they have a solid couple of weeks.

Helen says they need to think about F3 and who they could beat, and they leave the storage room.

Jessie is in the kitchen fixing food and Judd and Elissa are doing ADL's in the bathroom. Someone is humming and BB says "please stop singing"

Andy says he kind of wants to take a shower but if he's playing in the Veto then he wants to get really dirty and then take a shower.

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Guest 6Borders

8:57am BB Time: BB tells Amanda and McCrae to change their batteries.

Andy has joined Elisa and Judd in the bathroom. He's still debating on his shower (or maybe waiting his turn).

Judd says he's never slept 12 hours before and Andy says he didn't either.

Elissa says she slept so bad, got up at 2am and could not fall back asleep.

Judd says he never sleeps over 5-6 hours, even when he is hung over. Andy says he doesn't sleep if he gets really drunk.

Elissa says she didn't sleep well at all, it was too hot. Elissa teases Andy that if he's in the comp she will turn into a beast.

She tells Andy the only difference between her and Andy is that she is smarter and that she is going to kick him out of this game.

They are laughing about it and teasing. Andy teases back that he's already accepted that he's going home but he's taking one person with him. General teasing and chit chat between Judd, Andy and Elissa!

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Guest 6Borders

9:02am BB Time: Judd says he doesn't have a target. Judd teases that if there is a double eviction they (Elissa/Andy) are both on the block and going home.

McCrae and Amanda are stirring (sort of) in bed. McCrae is up and Amanda finally drags herself out of bed. McCrae says he is sore as hell (after the HOH Comp). They head to the storeroom to change batteries. Amanda keeps pressing the storeroom button and finally says "come on" and gets in. She and McCrae are in the storeroom and we go to FOTH )9:04am BB Time)

Andy/Amanda are in the storeroom. Andy says Judd was asking who got it (MVP) and Andy is saying it doesn't matter because all they need is 4 (votes to get out someone they don't want). Amanda says something about they don't need ppl who are whishy-washy and they leave.

Judd and Amanda hug in the kitchen. The camera switched to GM in the HOH so I didn't get what Judd/Amanda were saying but they were laughing and teasing.

Judd says he never got called once last night (to DR) and McCrae got called like 11 times. Judd says it really doesn't matter who goes up. Andy says it doesn't matter but if he goes up he will be gunning for everyone in the damn house...he will go rogue! Lots of laughter and teasing.

BB calls Aaryn to the Dr. and Andy teases "that's for MVP". He says he's going to sit on the couch for the next hour and whenever someone is called to the DR he will say "interesting".

Judd is starting to relate a story and Elissa says "I have heard this story before". Judd relates the story about this Church he went to and this guy is speaking and Judd is trying not to laugh. It was the tiniest Church and Judd was pinching himself so hard he made himself bleed trying to keep from laughing.

Aaryn comes downstairs and Andy sings in a Miss America voice "here she comes, Miss MVP"

They are saying they will laugh when the 3rd nom is announced. Andy thinks the 3rd nom will be Howard, but it's not going to be David (general silly stuff).

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9:19 am BBT Its all laughs and jokes this morning. GinaMarie pokes her head out of HOH and they others Harmonize her name. Elissa hopes BB tells them there is no MVP this week. Aaryn feels nauseous and doesn't want a breakfast sandwich.

9:25 am BBT Amanda wants to know who was MVP last week...Will the real MVP please stand up!

9:27 am BBT Aaryn talks to Andy in HOH. Andy said he shut his brain off for one night. Aaryn says they will just have to wait because the MVP has some kind of agenda. HG are being called to DR. GinaMarie asks Andy if he is 100% for Candice and he says if that's what she wants. She says that's what she wants.

9:37 am BBT HG eating or getting ready. Judd says a quarter is 25, Amanda says a quarter after is at 15. Judd says he changed it. Amanda says if you flash your headlights at a streetlight it changes. Judd says no it doesn't. Amanda says yeah, that's what the cops do. He is afraid to drive now, its been so long.

9:47 am BBT Candice is ready, she makes some breakfast. Amanda gets called to DR. GinaMarie is still doing her hair. Aaryn in HOH shower.

9:56 am BBT Jessie called to DR, she is in a towel putting makeup on and says she cant right now BB. They call Candice to DR. Helen say they listened to you Jessie. In HOH: GinaMarie does the "my jeans are too tight" dance.

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Guest 6Borders

9:13am BB Time: Kitchen general discussion is still silly about the comps they have had.

Helen is jogging around the house! McCrae is eating (looks like pizza) and wiping his mouth on his sleeve!

They are laughing about the Police Challenge. Andy asks Amanda when she fell on the barrel challenge did she say the F-Word and she says yes. They say 5 people said that {that might explain a lot of the brief FOTH's during that challenge}

Amanda and Jessie are discussing what Jessie is cooking for everyone. Judd says "10:45" so perhaps that's POV time.

Andy says last night he heard the DR door open so he knew ppl were getting called. BB reminds that they are not allowed to talk about DR and Andy says "I just said I heard the door open".

Amanda berates Aaryn for not cleaning the pot for the (nasty) mac 'n cheesey thingy she made.

GM arrives and they all sing-song "GinaMarieeeeee...."

Andy is doing up to the HOH. On the stairs Elissa pretends to kick him on the leg (he apparently kicked her yesterday and made her leg bleed).

General discussion again about how long they slept. Judd says he hates waking up really early and being alone...boring.

Jessie comments she is feeling nauseous when she wakes up.

BB calls Spencer to the DR and the others say "MVP" and then Andy someone says "no way"

They discuss can you be on the block and still be MVP...Judd confirms that you can.

9:24am BB Time

Andy is up in the HOH room talking to GM. He's going to listen to her music and says her CD is by far the best.

He says it's such an upgrade over Jessica Simpson. Andy puts on the headphones and GM continues her ADL's.

Back in the kitchen Amanda is saying if she had to balls to put someone up they would be going home.

Amanda is called to the DR and the others say "MVP"

Aaryn comments that the trash smells really bad (but does not make any move to take it out).

Judd is discussing taking a shower. He says he woke up this morning and was bummed that he had to take a cold shower and then remembered he didn't. Amanda says it was great to get up and eat cream cheese or anything she wanted.

9:27am BB Time: FOTH briefly and then right back.

Kitchen crew is now discussing bones and muscles and where they are on the body (Judd's got most of it right)

BB calls Spencer to the DR and Judd yells "again"...says to Spencer "don't put me up son, I know it's you" and then laughs that maybe he shouldn't threaten everyone right now.

Amanda wishes they had "chula"...she says it's a hot sauce {never heard of it...anyone???}

Judd asks "y'all going to eat before veto" and they say yes because it will probably be hours.

Amanda says she has a strong feeling MVP is going to be Aaryn this time. She says that makes sense.

Judd thinks it's going to be random. McCrae says to Amanda he thinks she will go up. Amanda says it would be stupid to put her up because she has no alliance (oh really?) and she's not voting (targeting) anyone so it would be a waste of an MVP.

Discussion is back to what time they went to bed. McCrae says he went to bed at 2, Amanda says it was 12:30. Judd went to bed at 8. Amanda is eating and talking with her mouth full about the hot sauce being really good.

They ask what time it is and Judd says "29 minutes Helen"

Amanda says something about no time and is that so you will be disoriented? (it was hard to get since she had her mouth full)

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Guest 6Borders

9:34am BB Time: Judd is discussing something he would have won if he had not been asleep (some fun comp the HG's made up but I didn't get it).

Judd says he was not desperate to go to the BBQ like you 3...Amanda immediate says "I wasn't desperate" and Judd says he was just kidding.

McCrae is relating that BB Canada's clock was always off. They discuss how it would be if they didn't have a clock.

Amanda says it would be hard not to have a clock. McCrae is looking for more sponges and Judd says they can put it in the microwave (to disinfect it I assume), McCrae says F it, it's Big Brother money and Big Brother has the money for sponges.

Discussion about Elissa's skin being sensitive and she (I guess) got a reaction from waxing. Amanda tells her to put some ice on it. Discussion changes to how to tell time and driving sensors on police cars. Judd and Amanda say if it was at night and nobody was coming the would run a red light if there were no cameras. Judd says "right Elissa" and she says "un uh".

Judd says he will be scared to drive (when he gets out) and when you start driving again after a few days it will feel like you are in a video game.

9:40a, BB Time" Amanda is relating that she got in a car accident a few days before coming to Big Brother.

Her car was in the shop and she had a rental car and she didn't even pay for her car and she gave her rental car to her parents.

Judd says he feels terrible not paying for everything and he left his checkbook. Amanda says she will have to pay her ex when she gets back, unless she gets back and finds photos of her all over the internet and then she's not paying him back. She says she feels he is doing "not nice things". Amanda says she doesn't really care but she thinks she will probably never work in her town again. Elissa wants to know if Amanda should take that as a threat!

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Guest 6Borders

Amanda says maybe she should hide out in Minnesota for a few months. McCrae says she could live with him and his roommates. Amanda says..yeah you and your 4 roommates. Amanda says she lives in a very clean environment and McCrae fires back just because he has stuff all over doesn't mean he's not clean.

Judd says Minnesota is clean as shit and he heard that Miami has a lot of tranies (transients). Amanda yells to BB that anytime they want they can call her in (to DR).

Talk returns to Elissa's sensitive skin and what she should put on it. Judd sings "stereotypes, stereotypes..."

BB tells them to stop singing. General chit chat and then BB calls Amanda to the DR (9:46am BB Time). Amanda leaves saying "you are all going up" Judd puts on his Aussie accent and says "don't put me up or you'll never work in this house again"

McCrae is talking (I think) about Amanda's ex. He says he's a scumbag or at least that's what he has heard about him. Elissa wonders if they did an interview with him. McCrae says he wouldn't do it unless he got paid. Elissa says how stupid (to do an interview with) the boyfriend.

The are looking for butter and Judd says GM has a bunch of it in her fridge. Judd informs us he doesn't iron his clothes, he uses some spray. General discussion and chit chat about laundry, borrowing each other's things (Jessie wants to borrow Elissa's green scarf and Elissa says yes) and what Judd got at the Dollar Store, how to get rid of wrinkles with a dryer sheet.

9:50am BB TIme: GM comes downstairs in her HOH robe acting like she is on a pageant runway. Discussion turns to the audience booing/cheering (on live eviction night), and some celebrity who was on Big Brother, maybe UK, who died of cancer but they can't come up with me {me either}. General discussion about other BB's!

9:53am BB Time: Discussion about movies and Andy sings a line or two from Capt & Tennille's "love will keep us together"

and then something else. It takes BB a few minutes to tell them to stop singing. Andy says he and McCrae have similar taste in music. General discussion continues about music and movies.

9:56am BB Time: BB calls Jessie to the DR.

Andy is still relating details of different movies. Candace asks Andy if he can watch the bacon cooking and take it off in 2-1/2 minutes (at least she didn't leave it like Helen did once time).

GM seems to be practicing a walk and speech in front of the HOH mirror. Aaryn (I think) is taking a shower in the HOH and GM comments they are taking a long time (not exactly what she said).

BB calls GinaMarie (prob to DR...couldn't hear over the boys taking)

Judd samples the bacon and Andy asks if it's ready. Judd wants to know if you can get poisoned if the bacon is not done.

Andy takes it off thinking it is ready.

10:01am BB Time: Kitchen crew is between movies and mild Candace bashing.

Aaryn comes down wrapped in a towel and says she feels nauseous. Judd offers to get her a Sprite.

BB calls Jessie to the DR. Judd says "it's 10" and we get FOTH (it's actually 10:-2am BB Time)

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10:01 AM BBT The guys are all hanging out in the kitchen while the ladies monopolize the wash area getting ready for the day. Just general chit chat this morning.

10:20 AM BBT Still just general chit chat and ADLs this morning. Helen is teaching Elissa and Judd how to count to five in Korean.

10:25 AM BBT FotH

10:29 AM BBT Feeds returned for just a moment but now we are on Trivia. Must be picking players for POV.

10:55 AM BBT Feeds return. Spencer is playing. Not sure if he is playing as the 3rd nominee or by token draw. Amanda is the 3rd nominee.

10:57 AM BBT Based on their conversations I believe Amanda is the 3rd nominee. If I am hearing things correctly: Playing in the POV is Gina Marie as the HoH. Jessie, Candice, and Amanda as the nominees. By token draw I believe Spencer and Judd are also playing.

11:00 AM BBT Amanda, Helen, Aaryn, Andy, and McCrae are in the HoH. Gina Marie tells them it doesn't matter about MVP because they only need 4 votes. Elissa joins Candice in the cockpit. Elissa does her best Gina Marie impression "I nominate yous because you gots to go. I love you. You's beautiful. Yous love that I love Nick. You's kind. I like yous for all the reasons that I don't like yous."

11:05 AM BBT Gina Marie tells Amanda that she will only use the POV on her if Amanda can guarantee Aaryn's safety. Amanda goes down to join Elissa, Candice, and Helen in the cockpit. They think Judd is the MVP. Amanda mentions that Judd told her she would use the veto on her if gets it. They think he nominated her as the MVP and then will use the veto on her to cover it up. [because that makes perfect sense NOT-Goldylucks]

11:11 AM BBT Judd meets up with Gina Marie on the balcony outside the HoH. He tells her that if wins the POV he will make Jessie think he is taking her down but he will actually take down Amanda. He says the replacement nomination will help them figure out who the MVP is. Gina Marie tells him to do with it what is best for his game. In the HoH Jessie asks Aaryn why she is upset. Aaryn "Because everyone is going to use the POV on Amanda. Everyone." Jessie gives a shocked expression but says nothing. She goes back to listening to music.

11:19 AM BBT Helen joins Gina Marie in the HoH bathroom. She tells her that she has been talking to Candice and wanted her to know that in case she hears it from others. Helen tells Gina Marie that Elissa would never allow her to nominate Candice so this HoH (with Candice leaving) works for her. She assures Gina Marie she will vote with the house to get rid of Candice even though the two of them are friends.

11:22 AM BBT Elissa and Candice are still talking in the cockpit on feeds 1 and 2. Feed 3 is Gina Marie and Aaryn doing their hair in the HoH bathroom. Feed 4 is Jessie is busting a groove with the headphones on. Funny to watch without any music. She obviously likes it though.

11:24 AM BBT Candice is telling Elissa that she is a straight shooter and she may go home over it. Candice predicts if Amanda comes off the block then everyone will vote to keep Jessie and Candice will be leaving. Elissa "It would suck if you go home." Meanwhile we now have 2 feeds dedicated to Jessie dancing in the HoH room.

11:27 AM BBT Andy meets with Amanda in the SR. Andy tells her not to talk to Gina Marie about using the veto anymore in front of Aaryn. He tells her "We have her trust right now. We are going to lose that." Amanda agrees but eventually says "Who would Gina Marie need more in her alliance? Her of me?" Meanwhile Gina Marie and Aaryn are talking in the HoH. Gina Marie (who thinks Candice may be MVP) asks Aaryn "Why would they give it to her over me?" Aaryn supposedly quotes Helen saying that the black vote is very strong. Aaryn "Helen said that, not me." Gina Marie "I lost Nick and got my heart broken and they give it to her?"

11:35 AM BBT Andy goes to McCrae next for Amanda damage control. He tells McCrae that Aaryn will think Amanda is very selfish and untrustworthy if she continues to talk to Gina Marie about using the veto on her. McCrae is in completely agreement.

11:40 AM BBT It appears that Gina Marie impersonations are the new thing in the house. Judd tells Spencer in the BR that he is going to look like a D**k for laughing during Gina Marie's nomination speech. Judd "Jessie, you's beautiful and you's nice but you's a tattle tale." Meanwhile McCrae has joined Aaryn and Gina Marie in the HoH bathroom. Gina Marie tells him that as long as they don't turn their backs on her that they are A-OK. They are discussing how dumb Elissa is for publicly saying she won't vote for Candice to go. They say she is putting an even bigger target on herself. Aaryn admits that she is worried.

11:45 AM Amanda joins McCrae, Gina Marie, and Aaryn in the HoH. Aaryn admits she is worried about Amanda getting taken off the block because she may go up instead. McCrae has told Amanda that she needs to calm down and not worry about it. Amanda "Aaryn, why are you freaking out? McCrae, Why are campaigning so hard for me to stay on the block?" Amanda gets huffy with them and says "Fine, keep it the way it is. I'll get myself off." **Insert several curse words where you see fit.** Amanda storms out.

11:49 AM BBT Amanda has gone to the Have-Not room and is falling apart. Judd is consoling her. Amanda starts to cry saying that Aaryn is freaking out they may use the veto on her. "Aaryn is telling everyone not to use it on me." She admits that she is so stressed out again like last week. Judd puts his arms around her and assures her that she is going to be 100% safe. Judd tells her that he will use the veto on her if he wins it. Judd switches subjects to guessing who the MVP is. Amanda says she thinks it's Candice and that's why Amanda and Aaryn are the ones in danger for the 3rd nomination. Judd thinks it's Elissa. Amanda "I just don't want to pack my bags again. Just being on the block again....easy target." Judd assures her again that since Jessie and Candice won't be able to vote that she is perfectly fine. Judd "And I will never trust Jessie again in this game. Not after what she did last week. If you go they lose me and McCrae. They aren't going to do that."

11:55 AM BBT McCrae joins Amanda and Judd in the Have-Not room and asks if they are kissing. Judd "Yeah, we are making Juddies." McCrae fusses at Amanda that she is coming across as some master schemer. Amanda "I don't understand. Where does your loyalty lie?" Amanda accuses McCrae of being afraid he would replace her on the block. McCrae "I don't give a F**** if they put me up." Amanda "I don't understand why you are in the middle of it." McCrae cannot get Amanda to understand that she is rocking the boat and making everyone nervous by campaigning to Gina Marie for the veto. McCrae "You have everyone else playing for you, do you have to have everyone?"

11:58 PM BBT McCrae explains to Amanda that if the situation was different and McCrae using the POV would put Amanda in jeopardy, would she want him to use it. Amanda admits she wouldn't. McCrae "It's the same F****** thing." Amanda "But it's different, you are my person." McCrae "Gina Marie is her person." Amanda "It's not the same thing."

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Guest 6Borders

10:03am BB Time: Feeds are back.

Judd says "where's Aaryn?" then says HOH-itis.

Spencer wants to know if she (Aaryn?) slept downstairs. He said the song scared the heck out of him (wake up song I guess) and Andy says he was having a nightmare.

Helen has finished her workout and is making food.

McCrae and Amanda are in the bathroom. Andy has popped in (not sure when that happened, he is quick). Andy is doing his Candace impression. They are talking about comps and will they get hats. Andy says Judd gets pissy and Judd says he doesn't, he just gets nervous before comps. They say yesterday's comp took 4 hours.

GM says "Jessie you are not a floater, you are worse" (discussing speeches)

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Guest 6Borders

The bathroom crew is discussing past nomination ceremonies and who said what that was bitchy. Judd says he hates when ppl say they don't lie on Big Brother because everyone lies. They say everyone lies at some point. Amanda says she can't believe girls do this (hair/make up ) every single morning and she has never seen Aaryn without a full face of make up and perfect hair.

McCrae says just don't do it and Judd says he likes it better when girls don't wear a lot of make up {that does not surprise me}

Andy says they should let him do their make up.

General chit chat. Judd is relating a bachelor party where they put rum in a squirt gun shaped like a penis and all the girls were taking shots. McCrae teases "I don't get it". Judd says they should all come to Nashville sometime, it would be so much fun.

McCrae is talking about technology makes things weird and some really strange show or video game (it sounds really weird).

BB calls Jessie to the DR. Andy tells her her mic is there on the counter.

10:14am BB Time Andy and the boys start singing and we get FOTH briefly.

BB calls GM to the DR and Judd says "I'll never go to the dam DR" and then says "oh, it's time" and puts on his British accent "it's time to pick players for the Veto" {he's actually pretty good at it}

10:15am BB Time FOTH (Judd might be right)...wrong, feeds are right back

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