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Friday, August 2 Live Feed Updates


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12:02AM BBT Aaryn dances around in Ginamarie dance outfit in the Hoh WC.

12:11AM BBT Ginamarie , Aaryn Spencer in Hoh Aaryn said she told her family not to send her crown because it would come out bad for her, But Ginamarie is a sweet girl and it would look different when she bring out her crown she won.

12:16AM BBT Jessie is really upset that Helen invite Aaryn to the BBQ and not her, Amanda and Andy told Jessie to talk to helen. Jessie told Amanda that Helen and Amanda have big power in the game, Jessie is really upset with Amanda.

12:21AM BBT McCrae and Jessie talking she is now crying to him because Helen invite Aaryn not her.

12:25AM BBT Jessie thinks that she is at the bottom of the packing order. Jessie is alos upset that Ginamarie is Hoh. Jessie feels that she is alone in the game.

12:30AM BBT Ginamarie is staring at Nick Picture. Aaryn just told Ginamarie that Jessie is downstairs throwing a fit about Aaryn and she thought they were friends. Aaryn reminds Ginamarie what she needs to do. Aaryn said they need to tell Jessie that she is a pawn and it is Candice that they need out. But if Candice win Veto they would have to vote Jessie out.

12:35AM BBT Amanda and Jessie just had a fight. Amanda just started screaming at Candice Amanda told candice that Howard told her some awful things.

12:41AM BBT Amanda told Helen about Candice and now Helen is screaming at Candice and Helen have tears in her eyes. Helen said that Candice frame Elissa and her when she was trying to flip the house.

12:45AM BBT Helen and Elissa told Candice that she can go up to Hoh and make deals like they do.

12:55AM BBT Andy went to Spencer and fill him in on what is going on. Apparently Amanda claim that Howard told her that he want to f**k the hell out of her. Candice cannot believe that Howard said that to Amanda. Candice said she cannot believe that a large black man would say that on national tv.

12:58AM BBT Judd is now apologizing to Candice about some things he said behind her back. Judd asks Candice what is going on with Jessie. While in Hoh they are now talking about what Howard said to Amanda. Amanda said she asks Production to check the tapes to make sure it was not in a threating environment.

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1:05AM BBT Candice wants to go to Dr to find out if Howard really said that to Amanda. Andy is now in Hoh confirming that Candice is really upset Amanda then said yes Howard said it to her.

1:10AM BBT Jessie bashing in Hoh Ginamarie said she is thinking of putting up Jessie.

1:20AM BBT Elissa, Candice and Helen talking in the Kt. Elissa said there is no reason Amanda would lie about Howard. Amanda came in and apologize to Candice

1:25AM Amanda went in the Br and told Spencer he is not going on the block. Feeds is cutting in and out.

1:30AM BBT Amanda and Mccrae wedding is going to be Sunday or Monday. Elissa explain to Candice that even the people in jail have good things about them. Aaryn said Howard was a good guy.

1:35AM BBT Aaryn mention that her therapist told her to come in the house with Adderall.

1:45AM BBT Helen told Candice that Amanda wanted Howard out since week 3 but she send Jeremy home instead. Candice ask why was Howard in the Dr all the time Elissa and Helen both said they don;t know. Elissa and Helen told Candice that they love her.

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1:55AM BBT HUGE blowup between Amanda and Jessie outside. (feeds showed mostly fish but audio was playing). Amanda talking about the bachelor party and Jessie says I am not going. Amanda says don't worry Jessie you are not invited. Jessie: Just because she has big tits doesn't make her less of a bully, she's SO nice! Amanda: Nice? The only reason I am mad at you is because you came up with a cockamamy scheme to get me out of the house. Jessie: So now you both (Amanda and Helen) want to gang up on me to get me out of the house. Amanda: Don't play the victim. I'm going to get you a shirt that says I am the victim! I'm pissed because you tried to flip the house on me twice! And you think McCrae is the hottest guy in the house! Go hit on someone else's man! [wondering why Big Brother is not showing this on any camera-Phortune]

Back and forth between Amanda and Jessie. Amanda talking about Jessie being desperate for a man and Jessie talking about how Amanda had a boyfriend before she came in the house.

Helen: I didn't know you were mad at me until I came out of the diary room. Someone said you were mad because I didn't invite you to the BBQ. Jessie: It doesn't surprise me people had their name in my mouth (that is what she said).

1:59AM BBT Helen comes into the kitchen from outside and talks to Elissa, Spencer (who just came in from outside himself) and Andy. Helen: All I have ever done is be nice to her! She's the one who tried to do all this stuff, I still never yelled at her about it. I'm going upstairs.

Andy: Do it girl, just be by yourself for a little bit. Helen: (walking upstairs) I have never said a bad thing about her, I have only ever been nice to her!

Elissa talks to production and we get FOTH with no house audio [thanks Elissa!]

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2:03AM BBT Cameras show Aaryn, Andy, GM and Candice in BR, Candice is crying over losing Howard. GM offers Candice anything from her HOH room that she might want. GM said she had promised the first night to Amanda and McCrae since Amanda was a Have-Not last week. But anything Candice might want she can have, that GM will be sleeping mostly in her downstairs bed because of Nick. Andy aksed Candice if she wanted anything, she was crying and said no, it's just been rough especially after she said what Howie said. FOTH! [come on BB! give us something!]

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Guest 6Borders

8:43am BB Time

Everyone in the BB House is still snoozing {I actually reloaded a few times to make sure my feeds were not frozen and I have, this very morning watched paint and my laundry dry...and I am in California...-6Borders}}.

It was an eventful evening/into the wee hours in the BB House. Be sure to read it over on Morty's TV!!

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Fri 5:20 AM BBT Amanda - when you do things to me I don't say anything to you. The Howard thing was f- up, the Spencer thing was f- up the MVP thing was stupid. Amanda - Howards comment to me. Yeah, it's all game. I don't feel good about it, I am not a mean person and don't like feeling threatened by her f-ing comments from a personal standpoints.McCrae you should forget all personal, there is no personal here. Amanda - it makes me see red and I want to rip her f-ing face off, maybe it will make people aware to not scheme. I am DONE with this conversation!!! I don't feel good about it. McCrae do you really want me to say you did a good job out there. Amanda I am not suppose to be upset about that? He says pick your battles and pick the right time to strike. Amanda tells him she she started it, she is getting the best of us and you turned it into an argument between us. I don't want to f-ing talk about this.

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8:52 am BBT HG sleeping

9:30 am BBT There has been some moving around but no one is awake yet.

9:36 am BBT FOTH is BB getting them up early?

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Guest 6Borders

9:36am BB Time

We have FOTH and wake up music!

{could be (be still my foolish heart) they are going to learn about double eviction today}

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Guest 6Borders

9:51am BB Time

The feeds are up. GinaMarie is up in her HOH robe changing batteries in the storeroom. Everyone else still appears to be sleeping.

GM gets something from the 'fridge.

Judd is also up doing ADL's

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9:51 am BBT GinaMarie changes her batteries. BB tells HG the bedroom lights must stay on during the day. No one else is stirring.

9:53 am BBT Judd brushing his teeth. Andy is laughing. GinaMarie says she isnt really sore. She walks into bedroom, Elissa/Helen/Andy are LOL, GinaMarie bounces on Andy. They talk about the Country music BB played.

9:58 am BBT Candice asks if the back door locked. It is. She says they must be having a food comp or something.

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Guest 6Borders

9:54 am BB Time

GM and Judd exchange pleasantries in the bathroom. They discuss the wake up songs and Judd says he just didn't have much sleep.

GM can be heard discussing "the same...song" and we go to FOTH, back and FOTH again

{this is going to be one of 'those days' in the BB house}

Feeds are back (9:56am BBT) again. Judd is talking about concerts. GM is back in bed with Aaryn saying something about slop raisins. Judd says he got up and took a shower at 7 o'clock (sorry I missed that detail)

Candace is up (putting her contacts in I think). She says to nobody in particular can we go outside and then says "oh food comp today" {I thought this was a week of no have-nots but maybe I am wrong}

10am BB Time

I hear noise but all cameras are on the bathroom and sleeping HG's!

10:02am BB Time

Candace comes out of the bathroom and prepares to engage in her ADL's!

Helen telling Candace she is happy Candace is here and telling her she loves her and it's God's way of saying she is playing the game

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Guest 6Borders

Helen discussing with Candace what is going on with Jessie. Helen is talking and Candace is saying "um humm, um hum"

They are whispering with the water running so I am not getting much of this.

Helen is telling Candace "she" hates me for some reason now. She says "it's affecting her more than it's effecting you...obviously there is a bigger target..." (something I could not hear) and it gets to point where people have to knock off people, why would I bring it up to her?

Helen says I never got angry at her, it's her game play, it's not my style...just be careful! Helen is gesturing and Candace is dodging blows. Helen is now on how she quit her job and her children...she is not going around talking about money and not talking about you {she talks faster than she jogs}. Helen is wondering what "her" anger is with Helen, she was not talking about her....!!

Helen is telling Candace she should be angry, she just wants it to stop....FOTH after BB calls Amanda to do something!

10:14am BB Time

Helen is still working Candace telling her how angry she should be but she wants to see what "she" has to say first and she could ruin her game, she didn't leave her children but she wants the money {the typical HG tears and what I gave up story}.

Helen is crying croc tears now, telling all she gave up, she forgives her but wants her out of the house.

BB calls Amanda to the DR.

Candace is relating how "she" never hugged her when "she" was leaving..and that was her way to aoplogize and maybe that was her way to stay {honestly, if anyone is following this conversation, please...}

Helen is talking about her pep talks to "her" and she could be really angry and she is employing all her anger management skills, she stayed true to Elissa when everyone was giving her crap....FOTH

10:19am BB Time

The Candace/Helen talks continue. Apparently the "she" is Jessie because Helen says Judd says we can't work with her (or it could be Aaryn). Helen says "all that scheming...we had no idea" Candace says she is confused but she is scared. Helen says the way she was talking to Amanda..where is that girl coming from!

Candace says it's a game of repairs and she has to but she is scared to...Helen agrees. They say they need a witness with every conversation and Helen says we will go in together. They greet Aaryn good morning..Helen says again she agrees they need a witness!

10:23am BB Time

Aaryn is up doing ADL's. Candace just covered with Judd that she and Helen were talking about Helen's lower back being in pain and Candance would like to go make some bacon and eggs! {honestly,do they really think they are fooling anyone??}

McCrae is up in the storeroom changing batteries and wandering.

Helen is dressed for her daily workout!

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#BB15 10:02 AM BBT Candice comes out of the WC. All other HG are still sleeping.

#BB15 10:07 AM BBT Candice and Helen in the WA - They discuss Howard. Helen tells Candice she is happy she is there but knows it is hard that Howard left. Now they discuss if Jessie is okay.

#BB15 10:11 AM BBT Helen tells Candice that she knows what Jessie is doing but she isn't going to go around and ruin Jessie's game. Helen says they all could use the money. Helen quit her job to come into the house. The money would help her spend time with her kids.

#BB15 10:17 AM BBT Helen crying in the WA with Candice. Talking about how Jessie has ruined her game. Helen says Jessie is like a little devil. Candice says that Jessie woke up yesterday like another person. Helen says she was trying to motivate Jessie but she threw it out the window.

#BB15 Aaryn in WA doing ADL and McCrae in the kitchen getting food.

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Guest 6Borders

10:32am BB Time

Turn your head to sneeze and come back to find McCrae helping GM make the HOH bed {only in the BB house}

GM is telling McCrae any time they want her HOH room is ok.

They both discuss how sore they are after the comp

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Guest 6Borders

10:35am BB Time

GM is wandering the HOH room in her HOH robe {and I am hoping she does not trip on it because apparently one size does not fit all}

Enter Amanda, all smiles and hugs. GM says she is just absorbing her HOH because it won't last long. Amanda asks if she (they) can go back to sleep up there (HOH bed) and GM says "of course you can"

BB tells Amanda to put on her mic

Amanda says she is not to type of person to take (crap) and she stands up for herself. She and GM are talking about "she" and why would she even say that. GM says she didn't like that from the beginning.

GM is talking about how "she" would come in when she and Nick were sleeping, every 15 min and literally slam every door.

Says before she (gotta be Candace) had clothes in GM's drawers. It's basic Candace bashing, Nick needed his pills next to the bed, Candace just slammed doors on purpose and it's rude and disgusting and she is so tired of it {she's not the only one}

GM tells Amanda she is going to do her make up and then McManda can have her hoh bed.

10:45am BB Time

Helen is jogging.

In the HOH room Amanda and Aaryn are in the HOH bed. Amanda is discussing shout outs and saying it cuts to fish but she confirmed it (and we go to fish). Amanda is telling Aaryn that she has a strong bond with Judd...Aaaryn interrups and says she has a stong bond with "you 3". Amanda says something and we go to FOTH

Back and Aaryn says the BBQ with her, Helen and Elissa is the best thing that could happen...that she wants to just act like it's in her backyard. She assures Amanda that Amanda is going to win the other spot (in case you missed all that Helen invited Elissa and Aaryn to her BBQ and is leaving the 3rd nom up for grabs)

GM says if she goes to DR today to ask for bleach.

Amanda says since she was put up by a shady person who F'ing put her up can she host the comp. GM says she was going to give it to Aaryn and Amanda explodes...says she (Aaryn) just wants more air time.

Aaryn says in her defense she has never hosted anything and in both her HOH's she got shafted.

General silliness about if house choice does McCrae want to play {ad nauseum}

10:52am BB TimeGM is taking some time out to read her hair dye..

McCrae says he can't see out of his eyes. He gets into the HOH bed with Amanda and then asks GM if it's ok.

She laughs and says normal check out time is 3! Amanda tells GM to be quiet, that she is trying to sleep!

GM continues to read her hair dye while McManda get comfortable in the HOH bed!

All other cameras (at least mine) are on Helen jogging in the yard!

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#BB15 10:33 AM BBT GIna in HOH putting the bed back together with McCrae. She tells him if he wants it another night to just let her know. They talk about how they are sore from the comp.

#BB15 10:38 AM BBT Amanda comes into HOH and craws back into the bed Gina just made. Starts talking about the argument she had with Jessie.

#BB15 10:44 AM BBT Helen in the BY running. Aaryn comes up and crawls into the HOH bed with Amanda. Amanda asks Aaryn what her discussion with Judd was. Aaryn tells her that there was nothing she hadn't already talked about with Amanda. Amanda says Judd was MVP and he slipped up about it.

#BB15 10:51 AM BBt In the HOH room Amanda tells Gina that she wants to host the Veto because she got messed over by someone in house that put her up. Gina says that she was "axed" to let Aaryn do it since Aaryn let her do it.

#BB15 10:54AM BBT McCrae comes into the HOH room and crawls in bed after Aaryn leaves. Gina being funny that they have until 3PM and then it's check out time. Amanda tells her to stop being funny, she is trying to sleep.

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11:00am BBT: Ginamarie is feeding the fish and talking to them as she does.helen is still running in the BY.
11:07am BBT: aaryn comes into the hoh rm and goes to the bathroom to talk to Ginamarie. They start talking about the fish and how big the white fish is.
11:09am BBT: Aaryn is trying to count the fish.Aaryn says i hope the one sick fish didnt contaminate the tank. Ginamarie says yeah i know.Aaryn telling the fish to calm down so she can count them. Helen in the BY on the eliptical now.
11:12am BBT:Judd now joind Helen outside and Helen says Good morning Judd the Stud and he says morning. She ask him if he made coffe he says no i havent. Judd ask is everything ok this morning and Helen says yeah everyone is still asleep.
11:15am BBT:Helen and Judd in BY talking about the comp lastnight.Aaryn still talking about the fish in hoh bathroom.
11:17am BBT: Aaryn telling Ginamarie that a goldfish can grow as big as their tank. She says are these gold fish and Ginamarie says no i think they are catfish.Aaryn says oh i think your right and Ginamrie says look i said something smart today. Now they are trying to name the fish.In the BY Helen and Judd are talking about taking Ginamarie and Aaryn farther in this game. Helen says and Ginamrie if we send her to jury she isnt gonna care she will just be glad she has made it that far. Judd says yeah thats true.
11:20am BBT:helen is telling Judd she left two kids and a job to come here to play and i never did anything to ruin Jessie's game.She says that Jessie kept throwing her name around lasnight and i never did that to her.
11:24am BBT:Andy , Jessie and Elissa in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Judd in the BY telling Helen that he and Jessie are't together. helen says that week was it she was trying to hang on to you ? Judd says yeah.
11:26am BBT: Judd says all he wanted was for Jessie to keep her mouth shut and be a number for us and she said she went to tell people things and Judd told her you klnow Helen is pissed at you and she stopped talking to me then Andy came in and all talk stopped. helen is laughing now. Andy has now joined helen and Judd in the BY.Ginamarie and Aaryn are now in downstairs bathroom so Ginamarie can do her hair.Elissa is now doing her hair also.
11:30am BBT: Helen says Candice is a target this week. Spencer walks out to the BY and brings Andy his mic. He says bb has told him a few times to puit it on and Andy says they did i didnt hear them. then we get foth.
11:33am BBT: Andy and Judd are in the BY alone now and Judd is telling Andy that jessie and Candice are going up and Andy says Jessie is more scarier than Candice.Spencer has come back out the the BY and Andy says we was just saying that Jessie and Candice have been your biggest allys and it is helping your game. Judd says we all want Jessie on the block and we get foth.
11:41am BBT: Elissa and Gimaarie and Helen in the bathrrom doing hair and talking about doing ziplines.Ginamrie says look i want you all to know i did a comp and didnt get hurt. (she is so excited) Aaryn sais when elissa was falling off and saved herself i just knew she was going to win lastnight.Judd walks in and says he was hurting lastnight and his neck was hurting and so he went to bed but he was so hot he couldnt sleep.
11:47am BBT: Andy, Jessie and Spencer sitting in the BY talking about movies. Spencer isnt talking he is trying to talk with hand signs. Helen. ginamrie, Aaryn and Judd in bathrrom area talking about the comp lastnight and how they had to hold on to the bulls and how heavy they was. Judd goes to the BY and Jessie tells him that Spencer cant talk.Judd says you cant talk at all? Spencer shakes his head no and Jessie starts laughing.
11:53am BBT: BB calls Spencer to the storage rm to get a new megphone cuz his wouldnt work and he couldnt talk without it.andy talking about going to jury and Judd says yeah thats what he wants is to make it to jury. andy says we have to get Candice out cuz if Candice wins Ginamarie will be pissed. IN the bathrrom area Helen and Aaryn and Ginamrie talk about that comp lastnight and helen says she couldnt get in her zone.
11:56am BBT:Jessie and Aaryn and Ginamarie in bathroom area talking about how Candice was up in hoh lastnight being friends with everyone. Giamarie says she is going home so dont worry she is going home this week period.

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12:03pm BBT: In the BY Elissa . Andy, Judd Helen and Spencer talking about the comp lastnight and how Elissa almost fell off. In the bathrrom area Jessie , Aaryn and Ginamarie talking about peoples excuses of getting people out and that it is wrong.Jessie says Ginamrie i dont want to take up to much of your time today and Ginamarie says no its ok we can talk all you want i will listen to everything you have to say. Ginamarie says i dont even know if nominations are today and Aaryn says oh it will be today for sure. Ginamarie says well they will have to set up for helens prize.
12:10pm BBT:Jessie says to Ginamrie that next week if she does get hoh she would never put her or Aaryn up but there has been people that have had your name in their mouth like Candice and Spencer. Jessie says people are going to come to you because of what happened lastnight but i wioll never come after you or Aaryn. Ginamrie says thank you honey and later i will call you to talk but it wont be fair if i didnt so you are all good and Jessie leaves the bathrrom area.Jessie goers out to the BY and asked Elissa what happened to her leg and Elissa says Andy kicked me and laughed. Andy now goes inside to the kt as ginamarie walks in the kt.
12:13pm BBT: Aaryn and Andy in str talking and Aaryn says i was talking lastnight and i really dont trust Judd but i am willing to keep him a little longer. Andy says ok cool. Ginamarie is now outside in the BY as Judd talks about the pool. The screen in the living room is now saying Nominations Today.
12:16pm BBT: Andy runs up to the hoh rm to talk to Amanda and Mccrae to tell them everything that has been said already today and they are still sleeping he yells through the door LAME and walsk back outside in the BY and yells hey guys the nominations today screen is up now and Elissa says oh good cant wait to send you home and laughs. Andy now says and the str is stocked again.
12:23pm BBT: andy and Elissa run inside the house from a big flying bug so Judd kills it then picks it up and takes it inside to elissa and Elissa screams and runs through the house as Judd is laughing. He then shows it to helen and Helen says i dont like bugs and Judd says i dont like Buggs and she says no. Andy comes out of the str and says he heard Elissa scream in the str.
12:27pm BBT: Jessie and Helen in cockpit and then Amanda comes in and says sorry to Jessie for lastnight.Amanda says i really want to stay in this house bad and my stress level was high lastnight and i felt like i was being bullied lastnight but i understand.Amanda says with the comment to Mccrae i got mad and its ok Jessie says the comment to Mccrae was meant for him i nevrr ment you to hear it cuz i didnt want to hurt you but you do have a cute guy there.
12:30pm BBT: Amanda leaves and helen says Jessie you are like a sister to me and i was like i have neverr done anything in this game to hurt your game but when you say things it hurts and when you said lets all go to jury that was a huge move for you and i liked that but i have heard some things the last couple of weeks that you have said things to Candice and i kept Aaryn here so she would get blood on her hands and keep it off mine to get Howard and Spencer out and it hurts me. Jessie says i didnt tell it on purpose.
12:33pm BBT: Helen says so now Candice knows that i told Aaryn who to put on the block and yes Amanda had a little to do with it but it was me and when i hear things that are said about me it hurts. helen says she told everyone she is protecting Elissa and i quit my dream job and two kids to come here to play and so did Elissa and i never would have said anything to her about you i have suported you in this game i love you so why would you say that about me why do you hate me so much? Jessie says i didnt mean to say that and Helen says i dont get why you hate me so much i came here to win not to have fun i left two kids at home for this.Jessie says i dont know why i said that and i feel bad about it. Hel;en says it hurt me do you see what it has donme to me in this house. Jessie says yes and i am sorry.
12:38pm BBT: Helen said and last about the BBQ i offered it to Aaryn cuz everyone was trying to get her to flip last week so i thought she deserved it and i offered it to the hoh to help my game. Jessie says yall have excepted Aaryn back to the fold now and helen says but yall wanted to keep her you got what you want.Jessie says i know and there was nothing i could offer her. and i had no idea that it was something that was going to be offered to me. helen said i could have been so mad at you Jessie and i didnt want to put a target on you. Jessie says maybe its because it is the way i started in this game and i have never been included in anything i am alone. and it is what yall have been telling me it is a trust issue with me cuz i see you getting close to Aaryn so where am i?
12:43pm BBT: Jessie says she thought that was some simple descussion and you alwasy tolds me to go to Judd and i did and the Candice things is and Helen stops here and tells her to be quiter and helen says when there are this many people ileft in this game you ahve to be loyal with the numbers.
12:45pm BBT:In the hoh rm is Andy and Ginamarie talking before noms. Ginamrie says i am not a huge sore loser and i am competitive and i like to push myself to be the best i can be and i want to compete with people that are great and you are great like me and mccrae were right there yesterday and if i was competing with people who didnt fight then why play this game you want to win so win and people that suck i dont want to compete with . its like being in a pageant competing like i am beautiful and i aoutomaticaly win no thats not compitition. she says andy you are one of these people that are warm when you walk in a room and i like you and if i like you i will hug you and talk to you.
12:49pm BBT: Ginamarie says will you be voting out Candice this week? Andy says yeah i will do whatever you want me to do. Ginamarioe says i want you to be you and play for you but i want Candice gone.back in the cockpit Helen and Jessie are still talking.helen invitesd elissa in and elissa says i just wanted to see if you wanted breakfast and helen says i am good.Jessie is talking about the way Amanda went off on her over Mccrae. helen said thats why i walked out i felt it was better for me to leave. Jessie says it was never said to me like your nevrr ever going up but then i heard from Amanda that you said i was coming after you this week and i wasnt.
12:58pm BBT: Jesie says to Helen i know you are oldrr than i am but i dont know if you are going to go to bat for me and Helen says i would have. helen says when Amanda was on the bliock i was like bam Amanda on the block we will save her. jessie says well i didnt know that.

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1:02pm BBT:Mccrae now in hoh talking to Ginamarie.Ginamrie says i cant be mad and hold it against people cuz i was upset that nick left cuz you had to do what Howard wanted to do so i have to do what GImamarie wants to do so if i dont put you up cuz if i dont see things with my own eyes or hear it but someone told me that if you won hoh you would put me and Aaryn up and Spencer says i never said that. ginamarie says you are smart and a great runner and i want you to stauy as long as you can and the only reason why i am saying this to you is because i heard you would put me and aaryn up together and i am not saying i am a loaner cuz i aint but we are friends and thats just friends.She says you have your own mind and your own vote but if candice goes up i very muchly need her to go home and thats all i have to say un less you have something to say and Spencer says this is nerve racking and you know if i had gotten hoh i would do somethin g different and Ginamarie said i knwo you would.
1:10pm BBT: Elissa and Jessie leave the cockpit Jessie goes out to the BY and tells Andy she feels like he has been on the eliptical for a long time and he says i have only been on it for 16 minutes.
1:19pm BBT: Helen now in hoh talking to Ginamrie . helen says it is so fun to see different people win hoh. Ginamarie says i want to talk to elissa too and basically i am 100% putting up Candice. Helen says you dont have to tell me cuz my week was Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy. this week i wanted Howard out and luckly Aaryn worked with me on that one.Helen says she will never ever again listen to one person i will listen to ecveryone cuz i didnt know that you andf Candice were fighting. Ginamarie says yeah exactlly.She says you know i am loyal to you Helen but what i would like and i wont tell you what to do but i would like you to vote Candice to leave this week helen says you got it. ginamarie says i dont think she is loyal to anyone and she snaps easily. Ginamarie is called to dr she says crap i hope it aint noms yet.
1:25pm BBT:Ginamarie goes to dr and Elisssa tells her she looks nice and Elissa says i really wanted to talk to you about getting Andy out this week and Ginamarie laufghs and says ok we will and goes into Dr. helen is now in bathroom area doing her makeup. Andy comes in and says i know they call the hoh in then call for a lockdown then we all have to go outside.
1:29pm BBT: Just general talk around the house while they wait to see and get ready for the nomination ceremony.
1:34pm BBT: Ginamarie is out of dr back in her hoh rm.Aaryn and Jessie and Judd and Candice and Andy in bathroom getting ready. gimarie is now talking to elissa . she tells Elissa she is amazing and if i didnt like you i would not hug you are compliment you i love you and i think your a beast and i think of you as a role model . your pretty and a great body and i think your amazing.Elissa gives Ginamarie a hug. Gimarie says i just ask in nomonations that if i dont oput you up that if you get hoh you dont put me up and i will tell you it is Candice it isnt that i dont like her i just need her gone. and i have proved to Helen that i am trustworthy. Ginamrie says Aaryn can get a shower in hoh shower, then tells Elissa that you your own person and you your own mind and if i do put her up it is your chaice to vote her to leave but that is pretty much what i want to say and we get foth.
1:40pm BBT:Elissa pulls Ginamarie in the hall since aaryn was in the shower she says i have never got to talk to you one on one and i want to say i like you and i am so happy for you and excited for you and your personality is awesome. Ginamarie says thank .
1:43pm BBT: Helen and jessie out in the BY talking about deals that have made in the house. In the hoh ginamarie and Elissa hug and elissa leaves.Ginamarie yells is anyone there that needs to talk to me? Candice says let me finish my makeup then i will be up there. Ginamarie says i think only elissa Amanda and mccrae wanted to talk . Judd is looking to see if Amanda and Mccrae want to come talk to her and says tell them they can come up together. andy says are all your meetings over and Ginamarie says yeah i will be in traffic for another hour then i have another meeting.
1:48pm BBT: Elissa is now in BY with Helen and Jessie doing Yoga as Jessie and Helen talk. helen says i wont put spencer up or try to get him out again i am done if people want him up and oput they have to do it themselves.
1:50pm BBT:Elissa runs in her sweats in the by and helen and jessie cant believ she is doing that it is so hot. Helen goes inside and Judd says there goes all my fun. Andu follows helen inside and they are getting a drink and andy whispers to helen if candice and Spencer goes up its an easy week right? helen says yeah i hope it is i am over all this. helen says you want to go talk in the cockpit and Andy says yeah. Judd is in the BY smoking again. jessie and Judd are talking about their favorite things to do outside the BB house.
1:54pm BBT:In the cockpit Helen and Andy are talking about Aaryn being hoh last week is that helen wouldnt have all the blood on her hands and she says she told jessie that she heard that she was telling everyone that she didnt need the money and helen says that jessie said she was wrong and sorry for saying that and Andy just shakes his head. helen continues to repeat what she had said to jessie earlier this morning.Judd and jessie in the by and Judd says i want you to sit back in that good spot you was in. Jessie says i know i wish i could go back and do it over again. She ask Judd if he thinks she will go home this week over what has happened and Judd says no you wont.

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2:00 BBT: Jessie and Judd still in BY talking about the BBq for Helen and Helen invited Aaryn to it. IN the Bathroom area candice is still doing her hair and makeup . helen in KT fillinf ice trays and listenign to Andy and Elissa pick on weach other.

2:03pm BBT: Andy in STR getting food. Helen sitting in BY eating and talking to Judd just general talk.

2:11pm BBT: Helen is telling Andy that if you can get through this house without drinking a beer with all this stress you are amazing.Judd now goers to talk to Ginamarie. Judd says i just want to say why dont you put up Andy and Ginamarie laughs and says to Andy he knew you was in there.

2:13pm BBT: Judd cover his nose as he lays on the bed with GInamarie and she says i had to fart sorry and we get foth.

2:17pm BBT: Aaryn is in the hoh bathrrom doing her makeup. Jessie and helen in BY talking just general talk about Brad Pitt.

2:19pm BBT: Judd laying on HOH bed and Ginamrie fixen to listen to music.Aaryn in bathrrom doing her makeup and hair. Helen and jessie still outside just general talk. IN hoh Judd says candice offerd me to sleep with her tonight but i dont know.

2:21pm BBT: Ginamrie noticed a bruise on the inside of her leg and said look at this . Judd says where did you get that and Ginamarie said i think when i jumped off that thing lastnight like a dope. and Aaryn says like a dope? and ginamarie laughs and says yeah like a dope then Ginamarie starts looking and talking about Nicks picture.

2:24pm BBT: Ginamrie says Jessie has some issues and i understand that people have issues but hers is over the top. Andy says yeah she threw a fit about the BBQ abd Ginamarie says yeah i gave up my spot and Andy says yeah i did too. Judd says i was so embarressed about that. he says i dont get embarresssed about myself but i do for other people.

2:29pm BBT: Ginamrie says i thought the contest was a good idea tonight and would be something fun to do. she says Jessie said she isnt very good at impressions so forget it font try out then. Ginamarie says she could wear my clothes and have a new york accent and do it . Judd says she has been outside practicing.

2:31pm BBT: Andy saying when someone fell i looked over to see who fell and i fell off lastnight. Ginamarie says i knew Candice wouldnt make it she drags her feet she slams doors and drags her feet all day. Andy says she drags her feet so loudly. Ginamarie says thats ok next week we will get sleep Candioce will be gone. And they all laugh.

2:34pm BBT: In the BY Helen and Jessie talking about the Bible and how people dont understand it. Helen says it is like you read it and from generation to generation you remeber oh yeah i heard that. and the stories never die they are the same always they never change.Back in the hoh rm Ginamarie, judd and Andy are talking general talk and Aaryn is still in hoh bathrrom doing her makeup.

2:38pm BBT: In the Hoh rm Judd is laughing at Andy and saying Candice is taking her time doing her makeup and you would think that if you were going on the block you would be up here talking to the hoh. Ginamarie says yeah whats with that? you would think that she would come on up here i been sitting here for an hour so if i get called in then oh well.

2:41pm BBT:Ginamarie says dude do you think that Howard really said that to Amanda and Andy says i really do amanda didnt have time to make that up and then candice walsk in to talk to Ginamarie and everyone leaves the hoh rm. candice says this is where everyone talks and i respect what ever it is you need to do and i tell you that you was not my target i was focused on keeping howie in the game i was never after you. )candice is crying) Ginamarie says i knopw baby you are a sweet girl and i know how you feel i did the same thing with nick but when you get to this part of the game it is hard to put people up but i basically said to everyone feel free who you wabnt to stay and vote for you.

2:46pm BBt: Ginamrie says you have to survive in this game to go as far as you do and i dont look at the big prize buit that is what we are here for and yesterday was my strength day and i am not here for the moneyit wont chage my life it will stay the same and i applaud you for proteecting howard.

2:48pm BBT: Ginamarie says i know its hard in here and congrats on the 5k and lets say if anyone wins something next week then i am fine with it i want everyone to walk out of here with money.candice says i lost my footing lastnight and ginamarie says i am so glad you got a box since you fell off and you know about the BBq thing with jessie? candice says yeah i heard that and i need to talk to her about it.

2:51pm BBT: Ginamarie says just have a clear head weather your hoh or mvp and play your own game. she says it gets harder and harder at this point in the game and i wish i had the bond you and Howard did but with nick i didnt know like you did. I got my heart ripped out Candice it hit me hard i wont lie.

2:53pm BBT: GInamarie says i told him dont leave me and he walked out the door and i was like what happened and i know i held him and no one else got to tell him bye and i know it sucks to be put up on the block and it sucks with the MVP thing but if anyone needs to talk to me after my decission is made then feel free to come up and talk to me.

2:55pm BBT: Candice is done in hoh and now jessie comes in to talk to Ginamarie. jessie says ummmm well you met with candice and i am curios about what she had to say and Ginamarie says it wasnt nothing no names were brought up and we just talked about Howard and Nick , She says i am making this decission and i am taking into consideration about wjhat people say so what i do is my dicesion. the only one i said was safe is probably Helen.Jessie says this is my first time doing this i have nevrr come up to hoh and talk except with mccrae the first week.Ginamarie says dont get upset and dont be like whatever. she says i am just kidding GInamarie says i am after Candice so dont worry.

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3:00pm BBT:Jessie tells Ginamrie if she wants Candice out this week dont put me up next to her cuz i am going to be a target now for some people. Ginamarie says you are not my target cuz Candice has been my target for weeks. Jessie says i know but if you put me up next to her it might steer it away from candice leaving and i am very happy for you this week. Ginamarie says i want to compete with people and i want to win so i think the strongest should stay.

3:04pm BBT: Aaryn and Judd and Andy in the color rm they are making it look like a body is laying in a bed with shoes hanging out and laughing saying thats good.Aaryn asked how long did it take your mother to cathc on when you did crap like this Judd? Judd says i dont know and they laugh and leave the room.Now they are making a body in the bed next to Amanda to make it look like to Mccrae that someone is in the bed with her she throws her arm over it and Andy laughs.

3:14pm BBT: Spencer is talking in his megaphone as he lays in bed and Mccrae says that has to be the worst punishment ever.Back in the hoh rm jessie is still telling GInamarie why she doesnt want to go home this week but if she is put up next to Candice she might.Ginamarie says whatever we discuse i wont tell anyone and what i said to candice i didnt discuss and i am pretty honest and the way you point it out to me i hear what your saysing and thats how crap gets atarted is when things are popped off. Ginamarie says i know we are talking human and not any other way and i dont like fingers pointed to m ake people look bad to make themselves look better and we have foth.

3:20pm BBT:In the BY Amanda , Andy and Mccrae in By talking and Andy says no matter who MVP puts up we have the votes. Amanda says if Candice stays and Jessie leaves then it is good for our game you know what i mean and Andy says yeah. Jessie comes outside and the talk stops.Aaryn is now in the hoh rm and Ginamarie says i had good conversations with everyone and i told em about the Nick situation and thay i wont put them up for sending my man home. And she says to Spencer that if she didnt put him up that next week he cant put you and I up. Aaryn says thank you. Ginamrie says i only believe things i hear with my own ears and thats why i stay sane in this game i aint jumping arouund nervous and all cuz i dont let everythin g thsat comes after me or i hear to get to me.

3:25pm BBT: Ginamrie repeating everything she has said to everyone and how her talks went to aaryn. In the BY Andy helen and Amanda sitting on couch talking about their body parts that hurt from lastnights hoh comp.

3:30pm BBT:Ginamrie in HOH talking to Amanda and Mccrae now telling them what she told Jessie about Candice being her target so if she goes up she knows she isnt my target.

3:36pm BBT:Ginamarie repeating herself alot and in the BY there is just general talk about money and education.

3:42pm BBT:Ginamarie heading downstairs as Aaryn tells Amanda and Mccrae that her and Judd have a bond but i know this is a game.In the BY Spencer is talking in his megphone just General talk about being sore from lastnight and Helen says these comps are so hard.

3:51pm BBT: Elissa is in the kt making food. Helen and Spencer in the BY with Spencer getting in trouble with BB for playing with his megaphone. Aaryn in hoh telling Jessie and Judd and Andy she is going to move when she gets home.

3:53pm BBT: Judd says to Spencer in the kt that he soeant have much longer with that megaphone do you? Spencer says no not much longer just after nominations then i put it back in the STR.

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#BB15 4:02 PM BBT It's Elissa's time in the HOH room with Gina. Elissa tells her how happy she is for her. Gina says that they agreed they wouldn't put each other up and she isn't putting Elissa up. Tells Elissa that anything she needs, just let her know.

#BB15 4:09 PM BBT Gina is called into the DR. She said she got dressed up so she doesn't appear thugged out on camera. She says it may be time to give her noms.

#BB15 4:11 PM BBT We get bits and pieces of gen chit chat. Various FOTH as well. No game talk.

#BB15 4:16 PM BBT In the WA Judd, Aaryn, McCrae and Amanda talk about the video Kaitlin was in. Amanda says that Kaitlin was a naughty girl. McCrae says Kaitlin once asked if anyone has had a popsicle inside of them. Aaryn say that will lead to an infection. BB calls for an OLD. We get FOTH.

#BB15 4:17 PM BBT Correction. We have trivia! The nomination ceremony will be starting. Who will Gina put up for nominations? Who would you like to see her put up?

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