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BB Media, Photoshops, Artwork, Videos etc.


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Hey guys! I'm Ronnie from TrashTalkTV and formerly TVgasm.com. I'm working on a full series of Big Brother 15 speed recap parodies, and I thought I'd share them with you here. This is a crazy season, and I want as many people in on it as possible! Hope you enjoy the latest! This is the speedcap for Week Three and it's called "Pretty is a Race."


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I want to make a thread to post all the goofy BB stuff that I've made recently, but feel free to post any kind of BB media in here - pictures, Photoshop's, links to funny videos like Wil Heuser, and anything else BB related.

A lot of this stuff has already been posted throughout the forums, but it's nice to consolidate it all into one place for any new people that might be passing through. Post whatever you like but please remember to keep it classy folks!

"Butterscotch" "End of the day"


"Hippie Howard" "Andy's street corner"


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I couldn't agree more! Purely awesome! ONLY Aryan would have 'Clowny' as her little buddy!

Those are hilarious!!!!!!!!

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