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Tuesday, July 30 Live Feed Updates


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#BB15 4:02 PM BBT Candice and Howard in the cockpit talking. Howard telling Candice thank you for what she did for him. Howard tells her she is a strong woman. Howard says that he just wants to chill with her. She asks him about the cancer comment. He says he didn't.

#BB15 4:09 PM BBT Helen and Amanda in the By talk about the HOH comp and if it's endurance how Spencer would be the first to fall.

#BB15 4:18 PM BBT Candice and Howard now talking about Teach for America. In the By there is just gen chit chat.

#BB15 4:25 PM BBT In the BY - they are talking about how many followers they have. Gina says 1700 and then say that she means 1000 plus 700. They tell her that is 1700. They all laugh.

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3:06pm bbt Amanda's rebuttal to Howard's speech

Amanda: Since we are clearing the air, I know that we had spoken, and I know it was kind of instilled in you by Spencer to throw me under the bus, and he is sitting here and completely denies it and says that you are lying, that he wants you home, but I know that's not the truth. And I appreciate what you're saying Howard, but with that being said as well that you want to self evict, 3 days ago you were sitting there saying that Candice is a cancer on your game, and that from the beginning you can cut her loose to everybody. It's nice of you to say that, but...

Howard: To be truthful about what I said, if anybody wanted to get with me, Candice was always with me. If you didn't like that Candice, with one side of the house, I'd say I could bring her with me, or we could play separate game, which me and Candice have talked about that, are we comfortable enough to play separate games? If that was so, that would have been so. if some of you had been comfortable to work with me, I think she would have been on my side. The other day, all I said was I didn't really realize the impact of being connected to someone, and if it's ok, disconnect us and think of us as individuals, that's it. Now adding that extra long part that you just did, that's not that. I'd rather much you vote to evict me than stay here. We aren't playing the game, we are playing a soap opera, that's not why I came here. (Howard, I hate to tell you, but the soap opera IS the game)

Amanda: But that is the game, everything that I've said has come from a game stance. So for you to sit here and say that you've had her back from the beginning, that's a lie, and everybody knows it, and for you to sit here, did you not say that Candice is a cancer on your game?

Howard: no, I didn't say she's a cancer on my game

Amanda: or cancerous to your game

Howard: I didn't say she was cancerous to my game

Amanda: basically she's not good for your game, and you were gonna say that you were not going to campaign against her, but she doesn't help your game?

Howard: I said in this aspect of it right now, it's not helping my game right now, but she is my friend and I ask that you separate the two since we're both on the block, and I'd much rather go home than her.

Amanda: You never said that to me. I know you said that to Helen because you don't think you have her vote. But it's also very apparent that you are playing a... you want to go home but you also have a master plan. You also have a secret alliance that's trying to flip the house...

Howard: It's not a secret alliance, my game plan and my last wish is that people will vote off their own merit and not be told what to do to feel safe, and that me and Candice can stay, and know that we will be on your side. But know that if not, I'd rather Candice stay.

Amanda: But you are sitting here lying to every single person, saying that you want to self evict, when you know that you and Spencer and a couple other people are in an alliance to vote me out last minute and flip the house on McCrae, Helen, and Elissa.

Howard: I'm not in an alliance

Amanda: You know it's the truth, so don't sit here and play the victim card (Helen gets up and walks inside)

Howard: Everybody is in an alliance. So everybody that is in the middle, either you are gonna vote and do what they say to feel safe, or you're gonna stand up. If you're not gonna stand up, I'd rather Candice stay and I go, (Andy gets up and walks inside) and it's gonna be the same story every week.

Amanda: And that's, "Keeping it real with Candy". Candice, Did Spencer tell you to go talk to Helen?

(everyone is dispersing from the patio now)

Candice: Yea, he told me to go talk to her and he was going to try to get you out of the house. Thanks Spencer. If I'm here, you better be holding on to that bar for dear life.

Spencer: Anyone else have anything they want to say to me before I go back and finish my nap?

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#BB15 4:31 PM BBT Nothing really going on in the house. Andy joking that Elissa is obsessed with him. They all laugh.

#BB15 4:37 PM BBT Amanda and Aaryn in the HOH bathroom. Talking about that Candice didn't know the whole plan or she wouldn't have done that.

#BB15 4:43 PM BBT Amanda telling Aaryn that Candice did the best thing today. Says that the only fight she has been in is because Candice can't keep her name out of her mouth.

#BB15 4:49 PM BBT Helen telling McC that Candice used her jewelry the first week and assigned a piece of jewelry to each HG to figure out the vote.

#BB15 4:51 PM BBT Amanda in HOH repeating that Spencer said he hopes she chokes on her spit and dies. She still can't believe it. She has never said anything like that about anyone.

#BB15 4:54 PM BBT Aaryn in HOH telling the HG what she put in her blog. Says she did 10 hashtags and remembers her sisters twitter name so she is excited.

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5:01 PM In the HoH room Aaryn, Jessie, Judd, Andy and Gina Marie are fooling around. Jessie is laying on her stomache on the coach and Andy is playing with her hair. Gina Marie smacks Jessie on the fanny over and over and tells Jessie her fanny is so firm you can bounce quarters off of it. Meanwhile in the BY Helen and McCrae are studying what happened on what day.

5:05 PM BBT In the HoH room Andy jokes that if he wins HoH he is going to put up Clownie and Jessie. Helen is still drilling for OTEV and tells McCrae she will work with him every single day until he gets it.

5:09 PM BBT Gina Marie leaves the HoH room and takes all the good spirit with her. Howard bashing begins. Judd tells them that he called Howard out on telling people that Judd is too scared to play. He says Howard denies ever saying it but Judd heard him twice. Judd "I was going to help him pack but he can pack his own $hit." Judd goes to leave and Andy follows. Aaryn yells from the upper balcony "Really Andy, you're leaving me?" Andy laughs.

5:13 PM BBT At 5pm Judd and Andy were supposed to wake up Spencer. They decide to wake him by opening and slamming the BR door over and over. Andy even kicks the bottom of the door several times. Needless to say Spencer wakes up. They tell him that if they didn't like him they wouldn't screw with him.

5:16 PM Andy and Spencer are whispering in the BR. They are discussing the downfall of the plan to get rid of Amanda. Spencer admits that he is pretty toxic right now but wants to talk to Andy later if he is willing. Andy "I was down but I was scared. I was turning on people that aren't coming after me." Spencer "I'm not criticizing you but I'm not kissing butt. I want to make it to jury on my own merits." They both think it was Candice that spilled the beans and they both agree that Howard's fate is sealed this week.

5:24 PM BBT Just general chit chat in the house. Helen is discussing how little is gained when you have a temper tantrum. She uses her marriage as an example. She would rather walk away and cool down but then her husband ends up feeling bad. She said she doesn't do it to manipulate, she just doesn't want it to turn into a screaming match. Spencer "The woman always wins the argument." Judd "All women manipulate."

5:30 PM BBT In the BY McCrae, Helen and Andy are talking about the competitions and their desire to keep some of the items but BB isn't giving them anything to work with because it will probably end up on Ebay. They all want to keep their paintings from the Veto. Andy jokes "I want it to remind me of my relationship with David."

5:34 PM BBT Helen, Judd, Aaryn, and McCrae are sitting in the yard. Helen looks like she is trying to sleep. Andy calls her out telling her that he was going to tell production on her. Helen "Thanks Andy." Helen then tells them that one of awnings almost crashed onto her head this morning. She said it never fails that BB always asks her to adjust them while she is in a middle of a run. By the time she is done she doesn't feel like running anymore.

5:38 PM BBT Judd and Spencer are in the SR. Judd tells him that after what Howard said today, there is no way he can work with Howard. Spencer agrees that he handled the situation poorly. Judd "If you don't do things Howard's way he tells you it's because you're scared. I tried to work with him three times already but things keep going around. I get accused of being shady anytime I talk to somebody. I'm not scared and don't look at the ground when you are talking to me (about Howard). That man has no respect for me." Spencer "I totally understand."

5:51 PM BBT Aaryn and Gina Marie are in the HoH room. Gina Marie "I enjoyed being with you, Jeremy, and Kaitlin. That's the crew I roll with. That's the crew I'll go down with." Gina Marie says she is going to fight really hard for HoH on Thursday. She says with Candice and Spencer it's an easy week for nominations. Aaryn "Straddle up Spencer." Aaryn says Elissa won't win endurance next week because she cares too much about her appearance. If Gina Marie goes into beast mode she can do it. Gina Marie tells her it will be a wonderful TV moment if Aaryn were to give Gina Marie the key to HoH next.

5:53 PM BBT Andy comes into the HoH room and sits next to Clownie. He sits there and pretends to have a silent conversation with him. Howard joins Spencer in the BY on the couches. Spencer expresses his displeasure regarding how Candice talked to him today. Spencer "I wish we weren't surrounded by children here. We could rally up and make things happen." Howard "I aint mad at no one. I know some people are feelilng guilty so they don't want to talk to me, but that's their guilt."

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6:02 PM BBT Judd joins Andy and Aaryn in the HoH. Judd is still really upset with Howard. He came upstairs because he got tired of looking at him. Judd jokes that Howard will probably end up having the coup d'etat and if that's the case they better not vote him out. Andy "I may, depends on how you look at me next week."

6:06 PM BBT Gina Marie is now also in the HoH room. They are talking about Howard accusing everyone about being scared. Andy "The only people I am scared of are Elissa and Clownie." Meanwhile just general chit chat with McCrae and Spencer in the BY. McCrae would love to run a comic book store one day.

:10 PM BBT Judd "I'm from Tennessee. I'm not afraid of anyone." Gina Marie "Tennessee rocks." Andy "You got to calm down Judd." Gina Marie "yeah Judd, Judd the stud." Aaryn "Judd, what's wrong?" Gina Marie "He's scared." Judd "I'm not scared, I'm mad." They then discuss the stink quality of Gina Marie's farts. Aaryn "I vote to evict the fiber pills."

6:17 PM BBT All four feeds on Helen and Andy in the SR. They are discussing whether or not Judd was involved in the plan to get rid of Amanda. They know he isn't now but is it because he was never involved or because he realized it wouldn't work. They think that he definitely needs to go soon. They accuse him of being MVP and trying to stack the jury in his favor.

6:19 PM BBT Helen tells Andy that she would rather go further in the game with Andy than Elissa. She thinks Elissa is leaving soon. She's going to end up freaking out like she did last week. Helen thinks she can get further with Andy. Andy agrees and promises her the same.

6:23 PM BBT Andy and Helen are in Hypothetical Whirlwind Land. They are planning what is going to happen when Andy gets HoH during the double eviction next week.

6:27 PM BBT Helen and Andy are wrapping up their talk in the cock pit. It seems they both are in completely that Judd needs to go and it needs to be a complete back door blindside.

6:37 PM BBT All four feeds on Elissa, Candice, and Jessie in the kitchen. Elissa is cooking a chicken dinner and talking about what she cooks at home for her husband.

6:40 PM BBT Not much going on. Feeds 1 and 2 are on Helen and Howard playing pool. Feeds 3 and 4 are on Gina Marie, McCrae, and Aaryn in the HoH room. Gina Marie is talking about how she never has liked the taste of alcohol. It burns her mouth, burns her stomach, and makes people stay stupid things.

6:44 PM BBT In the HoH Gina Marie is telling McCrae that she doesn't understand why everyone talks about Howard like he is some kind of competitive beast about to be unleashed. She reminds McCrae how poorly he has performed at all the competitions. McCrae tells her that Howard has been telling him that he was going to throw competitions in advance. Gina Marie "He just sucks. All those muscles for nothing."

6:53 PM BBT General chit chat in the house. Gina Marie mentions to McCrae that she is grateful BB gave her permission to drink seltzer water since she can't drink soda. She can do without the soda as long as she has the seltzer. Gina Marie mistakenly called it salsa water twice and McCrae had to correct her. [sprite conspiracy cover up or completely legit? -Goldylucks]

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7:09PM BBT: Candace and Jessie are sitting on the BY couches. Candace tells Jessie about the process of being a NFL cheerleader. Andy is on the elliptical. Aaryn and Spencer are in the HoH room. Spencer says that multiple people in the house that he trusts have told him that if they won HoH next week, they'd put him up just to keep peace in the house.

7:17PM BBT: Howard and Candace are in the kitchen. Candace says she doesn't like brown rice, it tastes like tree bark. Howard says he doesn't like it as much as white rice. Candace is boiling water to make tea. Up in the HoH, Aaryn says she doesn't want Howard gone because of what Candace did, it's because of what Howard is. Spencer says he knows Howard is toast. He says his plan is to lay low for a few weeks.

7:29PM BBT: Jessie and Helen are sitting with their feet in the hot tub. Candace has joined them. Helen lower/raises some awnings. Helen says that the tea Candace has made is unbelievable. She could sell that tea. The three of them chat about hair.

7:42PM BBT: Spencer and Aaryn are talking about exes. All 4 feeds change to Spencer and Aaryn in the HoH room. Aaryn says she wanted to confront Candace and did, but it all bit her in the butt. Gina Marie enters the HoH room. They chat about Candace and how she's being buddy-buddy with everyone and needs to go. Aaryn says "Isn't this my HoH? Aren't I supposed to choose who goes home?". Gina Marie says she wants Candace gone. They chat about the numbers and how it'll only take 4 votes next week to evict someone. Gina Marie says that if they don't do anything now, they're screwed.

7:47PM BBT: The feeds finally split and show two different places in the house. Gina Marie, Aaryn and Spencer are talking about what could have been if the moving company had included David instead of McCrae. Out in the BY, Candace, Howard, Helen and Jessie are sitting around the hot tub chatting.

7:55PM BBT: Aaryn, Gina Marie and Spencer still talking about numbers. Andy comes up to the HoH and holds Clowney and talks about food. Aayrn talks about how 3 people asked her to do shoutouts, but she didn't do them.

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08:02 PM BBT Up in the HoH Andy and Spencer are talking. Spencer said he was crucified today and he thinks he handled it quite well. Andy says he hates when people say he's a floater because he says every vote he's gone in knowing what he wants to do. Talk turns to Howard. Spencer says Howard is ready to sink his own ship and that's something Spencer has discovered over the past couple of days which is bad because he's getting pulled under because of the suction as well.

08:06 PM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY Howard, Helen and Candice are chatting near the HT. The current conversation is about previous competitions and GinaMarie said Nick was really smart and had the packages down and it's probably good he went out the night he did. Talk turns to how Candice had 2 weeks to get ready to go into the show. Being a single woman with bills it was all very stressful for her. GinaMarie comes out and talk turns to getting ready to play volleyball. GinaMarie needs to pee first.

08:10 PM BBT In the lounge Aaryn is eating while talking to Amanda and McCrae. Talk is currently about Spencer and things he's said. Aaryn says Candice blows everything out of proportion. Amanda doesn't care. Amanda says Candice has no reason to lie to her. Aaryn says Candice is trying to get in close with them. Amanda tells her to stop because she's starting to sound like Jessie now. They have a final four deal and there's nothing to worry about. Amanda is playing with her mic and making it difficult to listen to.

08:16 PM BBT Aaryn continues to say Candice can't be trusted. Amanda tells her she knows and she wants her gone but regardless they're still solid. Aaryn says Candice lied about something Spencer said. Amanda doesn't think so because Spencer is a liar. Aaryn doesn't want them to be buddy-buddy with Candice. Amanda says she has to realize that it's not real if they do hang out with her. Aaryn says Candice is just as untrustworthy as Spencer. McCrae says ultimately it doesn't matter at all because they're solid with a final 4. Aaryn thought Amanda thought that Candice didn't have a reason to talk like she (Candice was).

08:20 PM BBT Aaryn says she understands everything Amanda is saying but she just wants to make sure that they're aware. Aaryn says Candice being here another three weeks is bad. Amanda starts to say something. McCrae jumps in and the conversation goes from super quiet whisper mode to full voice with McCrae saying it doesn't matter. McCrae says Candice can go next week. Amanda starts to say something and McCrae says nothing she says will make it matter any more. They get a bit heated with each other before finally McCrae says "Let's hear it then..." Amanda says Judd and Spencer are working together.

08:25 PM BBT Amanda goes onto say that if Judd or Spencer wins HoH next week then they'll (Aaryn and Amanda) will get put up. Aaryn says she was so happy when Candice was on the outside looking in. Now she fears Candice is going to feel like she's back on the inside. Amanda says of course she is because she has nothing else right now. Aaryn says Jessie and Judd want her and Amanda out. Amanda says everyone else wants them all out. Aaryn says Jessie will vote to evict Aaryn over Candice. Amanda says no because Jessie and Candice hate each other right now. Talk turns to Helen and how she said they're all going to have turn on each other sooner or later. Amanda says that was just stupid of her to say.

08:27 PM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY the volleyball game appears to be going full force. Back in the lounge McCrae says no matter what happens ultimately whoever goes on the block next week and the following week they will go home no matter who goes on the block next to them (because they'll have the majority of the votes). Aaryn is worried that Helen is acting strange. Amanda tells her to go talk to her because she's a straight shooter. Amanda tells her to stop acting paranoid and emotional about it. "Just go talk to her and ask her what's going on because she'll tell you."

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8:35PM BBT Aaryn still saying that she want Candice gone next instead of Spencer. Amanda still saying that Spencer needs to go first.

8:38PM BBT Aaryn said she is alone in this game and Mccrae and Amanda have each other. Aaryn also said that she does not like how Helen is looking at her lately. Amanda told Mccrae it is not going to work if he does not trust Aaryn.

8:40PM BBT Amanda and Mccrae look like they are having a fake fight she told him she cannot stand him and left the room. Andy told Mccrae she would be just fine. Mccrae does not like the way Amanda talk to Aaryn.

8:45PM BBT Mccrae said to Andy that f**king Amanda pushes her agenda so hard and if she pushes Aaryn she will have to find someone else.

8:46PM BBT Aaryn and Amanda in the Kt Amanda told Aaryn how much she trust her and confides in her. Candice came in the KT Aaryn said how much she hates Candice, Amanda said to Candice how skinny she looks since being on slop.

8:49PM BBT Aaryn is still going at candice and how much she hates her, Aaryn said she is not jealous of Candice but does't not like that Candice is still good with people i the house.

8:51PM BBT Amanda told Aaryn that she would stay with her to the end. Aaryn said that Candice is a bigger threat than Spencer. Amanda said she just does not trust Spencer. Amanda said if you want Candice out next week we would take her out.

8:55PM BBT Amanda is back in the cockpit she just told Mccrae try not to question Aaryn, Amanda is telling Mccrae that if was not for them Aaryn would not be in the house and she should recognize that.

8:58PM BBT Aaryn is now in HoH crying to Ginamarie and Spencer. She said she hates Candice. Aaryn said she is upset that everyone is friends with Candice again. Aaryn said this is her Hoh and she wants Candice gone this week.

8:59PM BBT Aaryn said she is very emotonal because she is on her monthly period. Ginamarie said she does not want Howard to go home. Aaryn told Spencer that he should of kept his mouth shut and Candice would have look crazy.

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9:01PM BBT Aaryn think that Helen is upset with her because she is giving Aaryn the dirty looks.

9:05PM BBT Spencer and Aaryn talking Aaryn told Spencer he should say sorry for his comment that he hope you choke and die on your own spit.

9:19PM Aaryn said that Candice turned the entire house against her with the racist thing.

9:28PM Spencer and Aaryn still bashing Candice in Hoh. Aaryn said we all talk shit about people in the house, but she does not like when Candice talks about her.

9:33PM BBT Jessie is now complaining about Candice to Helen, Jessie said she is really trying to make up with her but Candice is not talking to her.

9:39PM BBT Jessie told Helen that Judd is not close to her as people think. She also said that Ginamarie and Judd is closer.

9:45PM BBT Mccrae and Amanda in By, Amanda told Mccrae that spencer did not apologize to her this morning. Amanda also said she is just tired of today. She is hungry and she missws her family. She is now crying.

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10:00PM Aaryn,Helen,Ginamarie,Andy, Jessie in cockpit general chit chat. Amanda and Mccrae on the hammock. Mccrae telling Amanda about him acting before BB. While Judd,Spencer and Andy talk in the BY

10:20PM BBT Aaryn,Helen, Ginamarie, Jessie and Elissa in cockpit talking about screaming at each other and hurting each other feelings. Elissa and Helen leaves and they start to bash Candice again.

10:25PM BBT Helen and Elissa is now talking in the Br everything they heard Aaryn said they are discussing it now. Candice just join them Candice said she heard that they are going to evict her. Helen said Spencer should not try anything.

10:31PM BBT she Andy and Elissa can take out Mccrae and Amanda in a double eviction. Elissa said she need Candice to go home this week, Helen said she is not voting Candice out. Helen said Elissa just said that she read on spoilers that there was going to have a 70 year old man in the house.

10:33PM BBT Helen said she wants Judd gone Elissa said really why I know he make things up and he is working with Spencer.

10:35PM BBT Ginamarie,Aaryn and Jessie still talking about not voting Howard out and vote Candice out instead. Ginamarie hands go up in the air for victory because they are thinking of voting out Candice afterall.

10:40PM BBT Jessie said they should let the house know that they are going to vote out Candice. Aaryn left the room and told Ginamarie and Jessie do not say a word to anyone about this.

10:45PM Elissa, Helen and Candice talking about the jury house and a billy would be there and we got fish. Aaryn and Jessie in Hoh talking about votes.

10:51PM BBT Mccrae,Amanda,Andy,and Judd on the hammock general chit chat. Aaryn,Jessie and Ginamarie talking about order of eviction with M&M on the bed.

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11:06 PM BBT Helen retrieves Andy from the hammock and pulls him into the lounge. Candice just told her that Judd, GinaMarie, Jessie and Spencer were going to evict Candice this week. Andy says it's not true and she must be lying. Helen rehashes the conversation that was just had in the SR. Andy wonders where she heard that from. Helen doesn't know because Candice wouldn't tell her. Helen says Judd doesn't Candice in jury because Howard would be a vote for him in the end. Helen wonders why GinaMarie would flip. Helen wonders why Aaryn would flip. Andy doesn't know.

11:10 PM BBT Helen asks to go get Candice but Andy seems reluctant. Helen then mentions going to get McCrae and again Andy dodges it. Andy wonders if that's the plan then how Candice found out about it. Andy thinks she's just trying to stir the pot and turn them all against each other.

11:12 PM BBT They run the votes again. It'll be a 4-4 tie and Aaryn would vote to evict Candice. Helen says it was Jessie's idea to keep Aaryn this week. They don't trust Judd or Jessie. Amanda comes in and Helen tells her. Amanda wonders how she knows that. Helen doesn't know. She tells her that Jessie has been following her around all day and finally pulled her off to the side and tells her that she feels like Candice is giving her the cold shoulder. They wonder what they should do. Helen again suggests talking to Candice. Again the suggestion is danced around. Helen says Jessie is acting super weird today and Judd has been super nice. Helen offers to go get Candice again and Amanda says sure. Helen out of the room.

11:17 PM BBT Helen comes back with Candice and Elissa. They question Candice. Candice says she's figured it out. No one told her. Elissa suggests that they would do it because they would control the votes next week and not their group. Candice says Jessie hates her because she leaves the room. Amanda says she'll talk to Aaryn to make sure she votes to evict Howard. Andy doesn't think the plan would work. BB calls out a reminder to not obstruct your mic. The super hushed conversation continues. BB calls out Helen and Candice to not obstruct their mic.

11:20 PM BBT Candice says she figured it out today because she (Jessie?) went upstairs and talked with Spencer after questioning in the BY why Candice would call this meeting today the way she did. "Doesn't she know this is BB?" Feeds switch to Judd passing in front of the lounge door a time or three. The hushed whispers have become normal speaking voices. Whispers resume. They question how they should talk to Aaryn. Candice says you have to think about the core of the person, she flipped a mattress. Jessie walks in and talk stops. Amanda tells Candice that they're good.

11:26 PM BBT Up in the HoH McCrae, GinaMarie, and Aaryn are talking. Amanda left the lounge after asking Jessie where everyone was. Talk up in the HoH is about how many people jury will consist of and how many weeks worth of people they have to get rid of before jury starts. McCrae says Helen knows she has to cut Elissa off when the time comes. GinaMarie says she's all in and when they get down to the final five they'll all compete because it'll be everybody for themselves.

11:29 PM BBT Switching feeds to Jessie and Judd in her bed in the color room. Judd says someone is pissed. Jessie says Helen, Elissa, Amanda, and McCrae and Andy is in the middle. Judd says they need to roll with them then to stay safe. Jessie says it would be Judd, Jessie, Candice and Spencer and she doesn't want to roll with Candice though. Jessie fears that Helen and Elissa wouldn't put Candice up though if they won HoH. Judd says it wouldn't be the worst thing. Jessie says it still wouldn't be the worst.

11:33 PM BBT Jessie and Judd think Candice is bad news. Jessie says Helen showed her cards today by coming out and getting Andy and then by them all meeting together in the lounge. Jessie is mad that Candice is being so nice to all of them again. Jessie questions why Helen wouldn't talk about something. Judd doesn't know. Judd says she only talked to Andy. Judd says he'll get to the bottom of it tonight. Jessie wants Spencer and Howard to go over the next couple of weeks.

11:36 PM BBT Back in the lounge Amanda is telling Candice about the plan that the other side had to evict her (Amanda) this week. Candice tells Amanda about how Spencer had commented on her choking on her own saliva or choking on her transmitter. Back in the colorful room Andy has joined Judd and Jessie. Andy is reassuring them that she doesn't have anything to worry about. Ultimately your word is on how you vote not how other people say you are going to vote. He doesn't trust Candice and they all will see how loyal they are when Howard goes home on a vote to 8-0.

11:41 PM BBT Back in the lounge Candice continues to talk with Elissa, Helen, and Amanda. They appear to be rehashing different conversations that they've had recently with different people. Candice admits to Amanda bashing because she wasn't exactly on Team Amanda. Candice mentions talking to someone yesterday and they "DR'd" her yesterday. FoTH. Back in the colorful room Andy is continuing to reassure Judd and Jessie that the group is all fine and they have Aaryn as well. Andy says unless Judd and Jessie or Amanda and McCrae are being shady but then if that's the case shame on him. McCrae called to DR.

11:44 PM BBT Andy says Aaryn really put her neck out on the line this week and he's appreciative of it. Jessie is going to bed, she feels better. Judd and Jessie kiss before heading out. Andy turns the light out. Judd tells her good night good lookin'. They leave the room. Judd walks out and tells Andy that Jessie is starting to scare him because she's having conversations about him without talking to him about it. Andy says she's fine. Judd doesn't want Elissa and them to think he's involved in the scenarios she's coming with. Judd suggests putting her up as a pawn if he wins HoH. Andy says Spencer definitely needs to go up. Judd agrees and says he was thinking three to four weeks down the road.

11:48 PM BBT Andy and Judd go looking for other people. They find the crowd in the lounge. Amanda asks if they were upstairs. Andy says no and explains where they were. Amanda goes upstairs to the HoH and asks GinaMarie and Aaryn about Candice's conspiracy theory and tells them to be honest with her. GinaMarie tells Amanda they've been using candy to decide votes and Aaryn says she even thought out a vote where there would be 3-3-2 and Aaryn would still evict Howard. Aaryn says it was a worse case scenario. Andy comes up as well. He says he just talked to Judd and Jessie and they're solid, he hopes Candice is being crazy. They all agree they are. Aaryn says Candice acting like this makes her want to vote to evict her. Amanda says no way.

11:53 PM BBT Down in the BY Helen is talking to Spencer. Spencer thanks her for saying that. Helen gives him a hug and says that America will see that he is a good guy. Spencer says he worries that his family is going to see that it's going to break their heart. Helen agrees and says it's very similar to the way things went down with her and Jeremy. She says it kills her to think that her family had to see that. FoTH.

11:56 PM BBT Feeds back and Helen is again telling Spencer that the way he was called out today was very much like the way Jeremy and her went at each other. Similar but not exactly. Helen tells Spencer that if she gets HoH she's not going to put him up. He's paid the price more than enough. Spencer says he respects Candice way more than she respects him and he's heard her stories about her adoption and...FoTH again.

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