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Tuesday, July 30 Live Feed Updates


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12:07 AM BBT Up in the HoH Amanda suggests a final four deal with Andy, McCrae, Amanda, and Aaryn. Aaryn's ok with that but she doesn't want a fake alliance. Amanda says it's not fake and they can use Helen as a fifth. She tells Aaryn about the final four deal they had with Judd and that he was in a great spot.

12:11 AM BBT GinaMarie comes up to the HoH and they question if Howard has talked to her yet. GinaMarie says yes and that he speaks without naming names. Andy and Aaryn agrees. Andy says that no matter who says what over the next couple of days Howard is the target this week. She agrees.

12:21 AM BBT Up in the HoH talk has turned to how nice and funny Elissa has been over the past couple of days. Meanwhile down in the hammock in the BY Elissa and Jessie are chatting about how different Candice has become since starting to hang out with Candice.

12:27 AM BBT Andy is going to pull Spencer off to the side at the very last second on Thursday before the live eviction to let him know that they don't have the votes to keep Howard this week. Andy will even try to have a tear in his eye.

12:35 AM BBT Up in the HoH Howard, Spencer, Judd and Candice bashing continues. Andy says he's friends with Candice and Aaryn says "Why would you be friends with someone that doesn't have any integrity?" Down in the hammock Elissa sounds like she's probing Jessie for information. Talk turns to Judd. Elissa asks if our "friends" (DR) ask about her and Judd and Jessie says not at all. Not once. Elissa is shocked by this.

12:46 AM BBT More Howard bashing continues in the HoH. Aaryn says "A Jew and Candice and Howard are on the block and I'm the racist." Amanda says no one thinks that. Amanda gripes saying that Candice is always borrowing things of hers. Amanda says Candice asked to borrow her black shorts. GinaMarie says "Her fat rear-end <not that word> wouldn't fit in those shorts!" She goes onto say it again. McCrae outside smoking. Amanda gets called to DR. Judd comes in to the HoH.

12:53 AM BBT Down in the hammock Elissa and Jessie are now talking about the lack of decent guys in the house (You're evicting them one by one!) Up in the HoH we have idle chit chat with Judd, Aaryn, McCrae, and GinaMarie. GinaMarie farts. McCrae is heading down to eat his salad. GinaMarie is going to get a cookie. Aaryn tells Judd that Amanda is freaking out. Judd wonders why. Aaryn tells him that she's afraid the vote will get flipped. Judd says he told McCrae not to freak out about it around her. Judd wonders if they don't trust him. Aaryn says they do. McCrae comes back up and Aaryn says "We were just having sex". Judd says "Way to ruin a moment McCrae!"

01:05 AM BBT Down in the BY Spencer, Candice, Helen, and Andy are chatting about different movies. Up in the HoH we have idle chit chat. Elissa has joined Aaryn, GinaMarie, Judd, and McCrae. Talk turns to families briefly. Elissa mentioned that 'they' call your family once a week to touch base and to let them know how you're doing and BB gives a "You are not allowed to talk about production!"

01:15 AM BBT Amanda, and McCrae has moved down to the lounge. Judd comes in and goes back out to grab something to eat. Upstairs Elissa and Aaryn are chatting. The current topic is clothing and how Danielle Donato had many outfits. Howard sticks his head in the door briefly and says he was just checking in on her because he hasn't seen her all day. He goes back out. Elissa says he's weird and asks if he does that all the time. Aaryn says he did that the first time she was HoH but not nearly as much this time.

01:25 AM BBT McCrae says their son will be a hockey player. Amanda asks what their daughter will be. McCrae says a hockey player. Amanda doesn't agree because she wants her daughter to be a girly girl. McCrae says his sister is a hockey player and she's a girly girl. Talk turns to different names they could call. Maddie is Amanda's favorite name. McCrae says no way. FoTH.

01:28 AM BBT Up in the HoH Elissa and Aaryn are talking about different HG's. If Elissa were Jessie she'd be offended the way Spencer talks about her. Feeds in the lounge switch to the WA briefly where Candice and Helen appear to be doing nightly ADLs while talking about how weak Candice feels after being a HN two weeks in a row. Feeds switch out to Howard, Spencer and Andy talking in the BY. Howard wants to bombard Jessie on Thursday for the vote. Spencer thinks Judd and Andy need to talk to her. Candice comes outside and joins them. Andy asks how DR was. Candice says she talked about him (Andy) and told them that he's always being mean to her so he's getting a penalty nom. She tells him to keep her name out of his mouth. Andy "Nah..."

01:34 AM BBT Spencer tells Howard that he and Candice talked earlier and they're going to continue working through things. Howard says he's telling everyone that he wants to go home. Candice isn't amused. Howard says she's done so much for his game and he doesn't want her game to be ruined. Talk turns to how they need to get Candice up and running this week and get some food in her belly when she gets a chance. Spencer tells her to eat the slop. She agrees. Howard says he admits that today is the longest day and he slept through half of it. (That seems to be the recurrent conversation of the night). Candice says she thinks the house is so quiet because they're thinking.

01:39 AM BBT Switching feeds to the lounge and they switch to Aaryn and Elissa's conversation continues in the HoH. It sounds like they are continuing to mend the broken bridge. Elissa admits that she wanted to stay away from Aaryn because some of the things she's said. Aaryn says she is the youngest person in the house but she is learning. Elissa says she's willing to put things behind them but she's not interested in getting into arguments with women. She doesn't claim to know her personally, only what she's seen in the game. Aaryn says them having these kinds of conversations allows her to see that she's a real person and not just Rachel's sister. Aaryn says she the sees that she's a good person. Aaryn says she has respect for her. Helen comes in looking for Aaryn. All three agree that they're getting tired.

01:44 AM BBT Checking in on the BY the talk is about children. Jessie asks Candice if she would adopt. Candice says she would and she would love to adopt a child from another country. Candice knows there are kids in our country needing homes as well but she's always been fascinated with foreign countries and learning about them. Candice says we have a foster system in place which is better than other countries have. Feeds switch down to Elissa and Helen in the KT. GinaMarie wanders through complaining about her allergies.

01:54 AM BBT Talk in the BY continues about babies and different organizations that are out there that can help mothers unprepared for pregnancy. Switching feeds back to the lounge we have a conversation about noses and surgeries done. GinaMarie had a nose job done.

02:02 AM BBT Andy and GinaMarie have a quick meeting in the SR. Andy and GinaMarie agree that they are going to be voting however Helen votes this week. Feeds switch to Elissa, Helen, and Candice chatting in the chair room. The conversation is how long Candice has been a HN (21 days come Friday). Andy joins the party and Elissa asks "Do many people get it for weeks in a row?" and Andy asks "Periods?" They all have a laugh. Talk turns to the cups that are all in the room. Out in the BY McCrae, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Howard are chatting. Amanda is out of the DR so McCrae follows her inside.

02:09 AM BBT GinaMarie goes in to get finger nail polish remover and Howard tells Spencer it seems good right now. They just have to wait this thing out. Spencer heads in to get his shoes. GinaMarie back and she asks Howard how many votes he needs. She asks who. Spencer, Judd, Andy, GinaMarie, and Jessie. GinaMarie questions Andy and Judd because they flipped on her before. They feel solid with them because they're 'on the outside'. Howard says if they don't flip the house soon it's going to be too late and the alliance of four will control who goes home. GinaMarie is cool with it but she is worried with Judd and Andy flipping on the last moment.

02:16 AM BBT Switching feeds to Jessie and Andy whispering in the colorful room. Andy is telling her that everyone is on board with getting rid of Howard. Jessie is concerned Candice is going to come after her. Andy reassures her that if Candice doesn't win HoH this week then she's going home and if she wins HoH Andy is close to her and she will not be a threat to them. Switching feeds next door in the chair room Candice is whispering with Elissa and Helen. Candice says Howard is very sad and he's ready to go home.

02:24 AM BBT Candice explains to Helen that her riff with Jessie is because Candice was there for Jessie those first couple of weeks when she was being picked on and emotional because of the other side of the house. Now Candice has needed her, hoping for the same and Jessie refuses because she's afraid of what her alliance will say. Helen tells Candice that Jessie came up with the idea for Aaryn to stay on the condition that she gave up her noms. Candice understands. Helen says she had no idea until today (She did have an idea. Aaryn told her when she suggested it). Helen or Elissa explains that Jessie wanted Kaitlin out because of the Jeremy thing.

02:29 AM BBT Out in the BY GinaMarie, Howard and Spencer are chatting still. Talk has turned to what might have happened if things had gone a different way.

02:35 AM BBT Conversation between Candice, Elissa and Helen are over. Andy comes in and the girls say it's bed time. Andy offers to tuck them in. Helen tells Andy to tuck Elissa in because she's going to get a drink. They flip the lights off and Elissa asks for a bed time story. Andy tells her about a beautiful princess that had her BB dreams crushed by a charming Prince Andy because he voted her out. Switching feeds to the lounge we have Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Aaryn. Andy joins them. Talk is about the chat rooms how some people watch people's roots. Aaryn and McCrae says the internet is mean because of anonymity. (Not all of us!)

02:40 AM BBT McCrae hopes they keep the feeds active after they get out of the house so they can go back and rewind to watch them (Avoid tonight...you won't miss much!). Out in the BY Howard and Candice are snuggling on the couch, with Candice telling a story from outside the house. Her Uncle Steve apparently has a sex swing. Howard wonders if you forgot to take it down if you'd have your kids swinging on it.

02:49 AM BBT Idle chit chat for a few. Feeds switch to Andy, McCrae and Amanda talking in the HoH. Talk is about trying to keep on top of everyone so they aren't cornered by Howard or Spencer. McCrae also wants to keep on top of Judd. Andy says he'll get up in the mornings with him. McCrae says he'll try. They don't trust Judd, etc... Out in the BY Howard is talking to Candice. He says it took him 3 months of employment to come on this show. He says if he was employed otherwise with the money he was making (or going to make, I missed that part) he would have turned it down. Candice says she has a lot of friendships to repair. GinaMarie, Aaryn, etc. Howard says she has to try. She's better at the social part of the game than he is.

02:56 AM BBT Andy says he's going to keep letting people walk all over him like a doormat. That's all people think anyway, especially the people that have been evicted so far. Andy says even Helen thinks he is because he came up to her today and told him "I'm not supposed to tell you this and you have to keep it a secret but Aaryn and (Amanda/McCrae) talked to me today and told me that they trust you." Andy laughs and says she has no clue that he hangs out with them already. He heads to bed. Amanda loves him. The two of them begin to make out in the HoH bed.

02:59 AM BBT Down in the lounge Spencer, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Judd are all talking. Andy comes in and says he's going to bed. Judd and Spencer are not far behind. Aaryn wants something cool to happen tomorrow.

03:04 AM BBT In the lounge Aaryn is rambling to GinaMarie and Judd, saying what she wants to include in her blog tomorrow. Out in the BY Howard is telling a story. Switching feeds around and Aaryn is still going on about all the things she wants to include.

03:16 AM BBT Out in the BY Candice and Howard continues to chat. Back in the lounge Aaryn is going on a Candice bashing spree. Nothing we haven't heard before. GinaMarie is chiming in and parroting things she says as she works on her hair in the mirror. Judd points out that the camera is going crazy. Aaryn says it's because she talking poop <not that word> and she hasn't talked it in so long. Judd is going to bed. GinaMarie and Aaryn starts whispering about how bad the other side wants Amanda out so bad. They both laugh saying it's not happening.

03:23 AM BBT Aaryn and GinaMarie continue to whisper and talk in the lounge. Aaryn is giving a pep talk. "Good things happen to people with positive attitudes. Look at us. Last week we were bottom of the barrel. This week we're not even on the radar." GinaMarie hates Amanda because she's the Queen Bee of the house but she doesn't want to go against her and end her game early (Mind you...Aaryn made a final 4 deal with Amanda/McCrae/Andy earlier). GinaMarie is laying on her mic and it's making it difficult to understand some of this.

03:31 AM BBT Aaryn and GinaMarie continue chatting in the lounge. More of the same. Go team go. Up in the HoH Amanda and McCrae are chatting in Aaryn's bed. Aaryn is ready for bed and heads upstairs. GinaMarie is going to the WC. GinaMarie in whispering with Judd in the HNR. Aaryn starts talking to McCrae and Amanda.

03:42 AM BBT Judd and GinaMarie whisper a bit. GinaMarie doesn't think the votes are there to evict Candice over Howard. Both agree they like Howard. Up in the HoH Aaryn rehashes the conversation she had with GinaMarie down in the lounge as well as how sketchy Judd is. Aaryn is now practicing speeches she'd like to give in the event of needing to break a tie vote Thursday.

03:49 AM BBT Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae are all praising themselves for figuring out that Judd is MVP this week. Apparently Judd was telling a story after his solitary confinement about how he was giving shout-outs to different people and companies and one of them was a BB fan site and then he said they cut to 'fishies'. They wonder how he would know that unless he was coached in the DR. Aaryn says Judd has told her that he's went to BB finale parties which is an invite only. Amanda tells McCrae that he's questioned whether Judd is related to a previous BB player. McCrae says Howie. McCrae thinks Amanda looks like Danielle Donato. Talk turns to pre-sequester finals and how McCrae spotted Judd and told all his "friends" that Judd looked like Howie. Intermittent FoTH.

04:05 AM BBT Judd theories continues. No new content on feeds 1 and 2. On feeds 3 and 4 we have sleeping HGs in the HNR.

04:19 AM BBT Judd bashing/theorizing continues. Aaryn offers Amanda and McCrae her snacks because she doesn't want to gain 3 lbs off the food. Elissa bashing now begins.

04:26 AM BBT Amanda asks baby if he's ready for bed. He says yes. She asks if he could sleep on the floor next to her chair. He says yes. She thought he was going to be there with her through Have and Have-Not BBdom. Aaryn has a laugh. Aaryn points out that she never sees the two of them kiss and wonders why. McCrae says it's because she has a boyfriend back home. They finally rise up and head down stairs.

04:32 AM BBT Amanda wants to go in the DR and check on something. Feeds switch to the inside of the SR and they can be heard laughing as they go in together. Feeds switch to Aaryn brushing her teeth in the HoH bathroom. Feeds back and Amanda and McCrae are in the SR. They come out and head into KT. Amanda grabs something to eat before going outside so McCrae can smoke.

04:38 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae begin Judd bashing again. Amanda knows Judd is a huge BB fan but he's burned her trust and he's coming after her so he can't be trusted. They get into a discussion about who Elissa trusts more. Amanda caves and says she probably trusts McCrae more because she told him she was MVP both times. They head inside and begin nightly ADLs.

04:51 AM BBT Nightly ADLs complete and they make their way towards the darkened bedrooms. There was a brief whisper session from McCrae reminding Amanda that they have to stay on top of Howard and Spencer so they don't corner one of the voters and get them to flip.

04:55 AM BBT Amanda had to stop and use the WC. McCrae paused at the memory wall and looked over the images. Amanda out and they head back towards the darkened bedrooms. McCrae holds the HNR door open for open for Amanda to see and get settled into bed. McCrae crawls into his own bed. We now have all four feeds showing horizontal HGs in darkened rooms.

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8:30am bbt Still waiting for the morning wake up call. There are no early risers in the BB house this season.

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Guest 6Borders

10:17am BB Time

Looks like the HG's are up for the day and I missed it (darn, it's always so exciting)

On the BY couch Judd, Candace and Andy are talking about songs. Andy says he wants to go back to bed and Judd says "no, I need to talk to you about some very important stuff" (I think he's kidding). Andy jokingly protests but doesn't move.

They are discussing being have nots.

BB reminds them that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Andy leaves to go back to bed. Candace says she's going to lie in bed with Howie so Andy says he will give them a few minutes

and joins Judd again.

Andy and Judd are talking about Amanda. Judd says you have to calm her down, she's freaking out. Andy says she's safe.

They discuss getting Candace out before Spencer and Andy says Spencer would vote for him if he was on jury.

Judd says he would not even mind Howie being on jury if he hadn't been behaving like a darn fool.

Andy says they need to pull Spencer aside right before the vote and tell him..Judd says NO and Andy says I need him to have some trust in me and even if there is a coup d'eta Howard would not put Andy up. Judd disagrees and they argue back and forth about it. Says if Spencer gets HOH he won't put them up. Judd is paranoid about the coup d'eta and Andy argues that Howard/Spencer won't put them up.

Judd says he will tell Spencer right now...that he will tell him first so Andy doesn't screw him over. Andy says "why". Judd argues they should tell him after, Andy says before. Judd says if there is a coup d'eta you can't play with your heart.

Andy is still arguing that Howard/Spencer won't be mad at them if they are the ones alerting them {I have a feeling this conversation is going to go back and forth for a while}

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Guest 6Borders

10:27am BB Time

The conversation with Judd and Andy is still going round 'n round!

BB reminds (for the 3rd time) that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!

Helen comes out and wishes Andy and Judd good morning. She's apparently getting ready to start her run.

Andy anticipates that BB will probably tell them to lower the awnings and goes to do that.

Helen remarks it's a lot warmer today {it's supposed to warm up over the next several day in S. California}

Judd says he got up at 9 because BB called him to the DR.

BB tells Candace not to obstruct her mic.

Crisis in the BB House...one of the awnings Helen was lowering came off the nail and the wood cracked. Andy says "penalty nom" and Judd goes to help her fix it. Judd's trying to help and BB hollers "Judd stop that". Judd is perplexed and says "what, they don't want me to fix it?"

We get FOTH so maybe BB is going to go out and fix it...stay tuned!!!

10:32am BB Time

GM is lying on her airplane seat bed, apparently asleep.

Candace has gone to lie down with Howard and they are completely under the covers except for Howard's arm.

BB has reminded Candace not to obstruct her mic so apparently they are not talking right now!

10:34am BB Time

BB announces (twice) this is a lockdown, please go inside and close the sliding glass doors

{maybe they are going to fix that awning}

10:36am BB Time

Helen's workout has been curtailed so she's in the kitchen making coffee and cleaning up {seriously, if it were not for Helen, Elissa and Jessie the rest of the HG's wouldn't even be able to find the kitchen -6Borders}

Elissa is now getting up for the day!

10:41am BB Time

Helen is cleaning the floor and remarks it's pretty gross. Judd is making ramen noodles.

All cameras are on the kitchen or Elissa starting her morning!

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Guest 6Borders

10:42am BB Time

Judd asks Helen who she wants to win...she says "you". Judd says don't you want to win and she says yes but her vote will be who won comps, has good sportsmanship, nice to everyone and doesn't cause bad drama!

She says Jeremy didn't have good sportsmanship and that's why she would not want him to win.

Elissa is up and has joined Judd and Helen.

Helen asks what qualities she will think about when she picks the winner. Elissa starts to answer and Helen interrupts and tells her what she would want.

BB tells Elissa to center her mic.

Helen says she won't hold who wins prizes against them in her vote.

Helen tells Judd his hair is so light. (She has to spell it for Judd because he can't understand her accent).

Elissa tells him he looks like he's been on Big Brother and outside. Elissa then says "Judd your hair is getting so light you look like David...Zing!" {don't really get that one but to each their own)

Discussion about what David would have been like if he stayed. Helen says David was on "a lifeguard schedule"

Elissa gives Judd a Zing about the awning (which doesn't make much sense). Helen said the awning was her fault.

{I gather during the FOTH BB said they were going to fix it during lockdown because Elissa was in bed at the time of The Great Awning Incident! -6Borders}

10:49am BB Time

The Breakfast Clud (Judd, Helen, Elissa) continue general chit-chat about the HG's on their season, who was awful, who would have been awful. etc.

Judd asks if they brought someone back who would you want to come back. Elissa says "definitely Jeremy" (pretty sure she's joking). Judd says David was a really nice guy. Helen says she thinks David was more into showmance than playing the game, but he was really good at chess and beat Helen every time. Helen says she thinks David was smarter than they think {Bingo, I said that from the get-go!}

Judd brings up (for about the 50th time) that he asked David what he would do if he won the money David said "go surfing dude"!

{Judd needs some new material}

Judd says David was the only one here (on BB) from the West Coast. Elissa says everyone here has lived in California, but she only comes up with two, which Judd points out, and says she never lived in California {good one for Zingbot since they are having a "zing" morning}

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10:00am BBT: All hg still in bed sleeping

10:02am BBT: we are now on foth. Maybe a wake up call for the hg.

10:17am BBT: Judd, Andy and candice in by on couches just general talk going on. Andy says i think i am going back to bed.Judd says no dont do that and Andy says but i am so sleepy.Helen in wa doing makeup.

10:21am BBT: Candice leaves the by to go lay with Howard and Judd and Andy start talking about getting rid of Candice next week.Andy says i want Amanda here cuz she is layal and i think i need to pull Spencer aside and tell him that.Andy says i dont want him pissed at me so i am going to tell him and i think you should also. Judd says i dont know.

10:26am BBT: Andy says i think we should really tell Spencer what we are doing cuz if we dont he wont trust us and if we do he will trust us and not come after us.

10:28am BBT: Helen walks out to the by and Andy and Judd tell her good morning. Judd says did you hear Young Guns? Helen says yeah it was awesome. Andy asking Helen if she is running and she says yeah. Andy gets up to put down the awnings in the by.

10:37am BBT: Helen is in the kt making coffee as they were put on indoor lockdown after Helen broke the the awning as she was putting it down. BB says Candice , Hg this is a reminder sleeping is only permited in the bedrooms . Candice says i am not sleeping bb i am just relaxing. Judd goes to bedroom and elissa says jusdd wear your bear shirt not everyone on twitter has seen you ZING. and Judd says Elissa you crapped your pants ZING.

10:41am BBT:Helen is now cleaning the kt. Judd took trash out. Elissa is making her bed and getting up.In the kt Helen says this floor is pretty gross too. Judd is making raman noodles for breakfast.

10:48am BBT: Helen Judd and Elissa in kt talking about david and Elissa keeps zinging Judd about his hair being so light that it almost looks like davids and about him breaking the awnning.

10:51am BBT: helen and Elissa and Judd taking about how they would vote at the finale and that if jeremy had stayed or come back into the game . Elissa said yeah he would have won a new boat.Helen says yeah he was good he could play this game.

10:55am BBT: Judd is eating his raman as Elissa is drinking coffee and Helen washing dishes. Elissa says i cant believe everyone is still sleeping was they up all night. Judd says i went to bed at 3:30am and there was still 6 people up.

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Guest 6Borders

10:55am BB Time

Kitchen: Discussion about everyone still sleeping and what time everyone went to bed. Elissa said she slept really well and thinks she was snoring and wants to know if anyone heard her.

Howard and Candace are lying in bed, awake but not talking!

Back to the Kitchen: Judd is eating his ramen noodles and Elissa treats us to the fact that her hubby says she talks in her sleep.

Elissa asks Judd if he snores and he says he thinks so but not a lot tho.

Judd remarks on Elissa's North Carolina sweatshirt. She sings some of the fight song (I guess).

General discussion about movies, songs and CD's.

BB tells someone to go to the DR (didn't get it over the noise but both Howard and Candace got up)

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Guest 6Borders

11am BB Time

Judd and Elissa are discussing songs still. Elissa does not care for Reba McIntyre and Judd asks "why"

Elissa sings a line for something (so far no admonishment from production)

Judd is discussing a cat that had it's growth stunted and it was really old but still looked like a kitten (I missed the first part but something about it got a dog medicine that caused it..not sure exactly). Elissa discusses that its not safe to use full size dog medicine on a small dog {duh!}

The backyard is now open!

Judd remarks it's 2pm Eastern time. Elissa says isn't it 1? {I have friends in NC and it's indeed 2pm there -6Borders}

Helen is debating her workout. Judd says Helen cusses when she runs. Helen is surprised...says maybe it's because she's hot and sometimes it's about all the towels and why don't ppl pick them up.

Discussing turns to a bite or something Judd has and it's going away, and West Nile Virus and someone Helen knows in Chicago got it, was ok but sick for a long time. Judd says he had a mild strain of Swine Flu right before coming on BB..the girls believe him so he says he was kidding.

Helen wonders if her co-workers watch the show and that her husband is probably wondering why she is living in squaller!

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Guest 6Borders

11:06am BB Time

The Mom Club (Helen/Elissa) are discussing cleaning and the kitchen floor {a mop must be a luxury item}, and Elissa says she wishes they had new food options every week. She brings up Greek Yogurt and it's nutritional un-value (again..she had the same conversation about this time yesterday).

They are discussing dreams. Helen had a dream about Kaitlin.

Talk turns to when there are only 4 people left and they both think it's so weird.

Elissa says she will run with Helen if she wants to wait. Elissa says she is not a runner anymore...used to run marathons but it's too taxing for her body. General discussion about what workouts people do/like/works for their body.

Helen says she doesn't think she would like marathons..to run 26 miles seems like work. Elissa says marathons make you feel accomplished! She still does 5K's!

Elissa says Andrew (from BB) does marathons. Helen wants to know how Elissa knows his last name and Elissa says he is best friends with her sister and Brendon. Elissa says Andrew ran 126miles over 3 days or something...she thinks she might have totally butchered that {so we need to look it up}.

Helen wants to know if Andrew said anything about being on the show and leaving his daughter. Elissa says it's only for 3 months. They discuss Andrew being a Have-Not and being on baby food and bananas.

They are discussing baby food. Elissa has tried baby food, Helen has not!

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9:19AM BBT: Judd and Andy have been awake. Judd went to the washroom and the one feed where it showed him is now FotH. All the other 3 feeds show sleeping housemates.

9:30AM BBT: Judd has made his way back into bed. All housemates are in bed.

9:45AM BBT: Elissa got up and turned on the tap on the way to the washroom. She heads back to bed.

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Guest 6Borders

11:14am BB Time

Switching to the BY couch, Judd is "fly-giggin" {that's swattin' flies in California talk and you heard it here first -6Borders)

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Guest 6Borders

11:17am BB Time

BB calls Amanda to the Diary Room

Howard is getting back in bed sans Candace (I think he just got done praying but didn't see that on cams)

Camera switches back to the kitchen: Helen/Elissa

Elissa says "Howard and Stewart..." think there are guy votes/girl votes and guys like guys and girls like girls on TV

Helen has to say did you mean Howard and Spencer...Elissa says yes and she always messes that up.

10:20am BB Time BB (2nd call) calls Amanda to the DR (she is nowhere to be seen on any camera)

Howard materialized thru the kitchen and went back to a bedroom.

Elissa is discussing the crowds (on live show night) and thinks their crowd is the best. She thinks girls are more fun to watch than the guys. Helen says Britney and Janelle were fun to watch...Elissa says she thinks our girls are funnier.

They think Amanda is the funniest and should have her own show like Chelsea Handler and GM is Wendy Williams.

General discussion continues about the HG's, Amanda is so witty and Helen doesn't know anyone like Amanda.

Amanda joins Helen and Elissa in the kitchen {or at least the part of her walking and yawning does...she is not quite all there yet}

11:25am BB Time

BY Couch: Judd is either falling asleep and about to get hollered at by BB or else he's playing possum and waiting for the flies to come back so he can gig 'em! {It's quite the exciting morning in the BB House}

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Guest 6Borders

11:39am BB Time

BY couch discussion with Judd and Helen (Amanda is expected back any minute)

Judd is discussing crying on the block and asking Helen if she cried when she was on the block.

Judd asks Spencer or Candace? and Helen says she doesn't care but wants them both gone.

They are discussing who they don't want to make it to jury (I think it's Candace).

Helen says "she" is my friend but she's bad for my game. She doesn't play this game to be friends, she came to play BB and can take out her friends in the game but she plays with ppl who are smart.

Helen likes Howard but he's not good for her game so she has to evict him. Helen says she is loyal to Judd and also McCrae because they "took particularly hard votes" {not sure what that means exactly}. She says Jessie's vote was huge and changed the game. Judd would prefer not to put her up but he will.

Judd says The Knock Outs have to make the final 6. Helen says if you helped me get far you probably got far...says eventually they all have to vote on their friends.

Amanda is rehashing Howard & The Moving Company, that he threw Candace under the bus and she still fights for him. Judd is saying Howard prays on women's heartstrings!

Amanda says they all have stuff they can't talk about on National TV and Howard comes up with (?) and Amanda has made herself such a huge target, sacrificed herself...there is something secretive about Howard and they all say he needs to go and they hope he goes on Thursday.

Talk turns to who is better in comps and did what in what comp.

Amanda is relating how Jessie was made at her for cooking dinner and Amanda didn't clean up the pots and pans and then went to Candace and Candace turned it into some argument with Jessie. She says "you can't bully people..." {oh really???}

Helen is relating she has children to set an example for so she is not going to say "sit the F down" {hope Helen's kids are not watching her on the feeds...just saying!}

11:50am BB Time

Jeremy bashing by Amanda. He didn't know the game, his mom submitted his am, he was mean and rude....Judd says and he ate a lot of food! More Jeremy bashing about drinking the have-not milk!

Judd says 2 more days and Thursday is going to go by so fast...!

Candace/Door Slamming Bashing...not worth going into!

Discussing about the upcoming comp: describing knock out vs crapshoot vs endurance!

Helen thinks HOH will be endurance!

Discussion about past comps!

11:55am BB Time

Amanda said she taped good-bye's today!

Judd says he wishes they did it later because something might happen big!

BB chimes in "Amanda you are not allowed to talk about production"

{I love how this season BB is calling them out by name for things like singing and talking about DR/production -6Borders}

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11:03am BBT: Judd says by is open now as he washes his dishes. Helen and Elissa are talking about working out as Elissa chops veggies for her eggs this morning. Judd tells Helen that she cusses when she runs. Helen says i dont hardly talk when i am running. he says you curse when you run. Helen says probably about all the towels laying around since no one washes them.
11:08am BBT: Judd is now in the by smoking. Helen and Elissa in kt. Elissa says she had a dream that she cut her hair.helen said she had a dream about Kaitlin and she doesnt know why.
11:14am BBT: Helen and elissa talking about andrew running a tryarthalon and Elissa said he is best friends with rachel and Brendon and that Andrew has a little girl that is about 9 or 10 years old.
11:18am BBT: Howard is now up in the have not rm getting clothes. Judd still in by alone.BB calls Amanda to the dr.
11:22am BBT: Elissa and Helen talking about past seasons of BB and Elissa says i think the women on our season are funnier than any other seasons dont you agree? Helen says yeah i think Amanda should have her own show.Judd is still in by alone playing with a fly swatter.
11:33am BBT:Judd is now back in the kt with Helen and Elissa and they are talking about having female bosses and Judd says he loved his female boss and he still keeps in contact with her.
11:34am BBT: Judd says Elissa come out and smoke ciggaretts and Helen said i got busted the other night for smoking. Judd says well i will be outside if you want to join me. Helen says i am going to run in a few minutes. Elissa is washing dishes.
11:36am BBT: amanda comes in the kt and asked where everyone is. Elissa says they are all still sleeping. Elissa says what time did you go to bed Amanda and she says about 5am and then they call me to dr early. helen says i am going to go out and run come join me and Elissa says i will .
11:40am BBT: Elissa tells Amanda that she feels so tired after drinking coffee. Amanda says this week feels really long to me. elissa says yeah i know it can. amanda says is it because i am on the block and Elissa says yeah. Judd and Helen in by talking about who will and wont make it to jury. Judd says he doesnt want Candice to make it to jury.Judd says she is playing the poor card wanting me to feel sorry for her.
11:46am BBT: amanda is now in the by with Judd and Helen they are talking about how they was able to get nick out. Helen says i want good people to win this game if you tske me far then i will vote that way. Helen says everyone is my friend and its hard. amanda says yeah but you have to look at it this way howard was in the moving company and they would have put us all out of the house so we turned on them.Judd says yeah he gives his sob stories and his praises and tries to make us feel bad.
11:52am BBT: Judd and Amanda talking about Candice slamming doors when everyone is sleeping. Elissa comes out and ask Helen if she already worked out and Helen says no i was just fixen to.
11:54am BBT: Helen and Judd thinking that this weeks hoh comp will be a knock out. Judd says yeah with this many people it might be a knock out.Amanda asking how a knockout works and judd says you knock out the person you dont want to win hoh. Judd says that is the comp that rachel said floaters grab a life vest Kirsten. and they laugh. Amanda says we are doing our goodbye messages today. Judd says really i need to go get a shower. BB says Amanda you are not allowed to talk about production.

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12:05pm BBT::Spencer is now up and in the by with Judd and amanda on the couch and Elissa is also there. they are talking about bad breath and bad hair. Elissa says i am going back to bed now i think its the medication they are giving me that makes me sleepy.helen is running her laps in the by.
12:13pm BBT: Amanda says have you noticed in this game everyone is really dumb or really smart. Judd says yeah we are smart and Amanda says well some of us are smart. Judd says that some people are just here for entertainment values.Judd says i think you know who i am talking about. amanda says i know .helen is still running.
12:19pm BBT:Judd says this is day 30 and Amanda says isnt it day 40 and Judd says yeah i cant keep up and Judd ask how many days are in the month and Spencer says 31 and he counts on his knuckles and says 31 days in this month.he says thats how i remeber you just count on your nuckles.
12:22pm BBt: Spencer asking judd is he slept well after his long naps yesterday. Judd says we just have 2 days till thursday then thursday will go by fast. Judd says if Howard happens to go wich i am not saying he is but if he then Candice goes then it will be jury. Spencer thinks the hoh might be an endurance this week.
12:28pm BBt: Amanda tells Helen good job on her running and Helen says thanks . Amanda says how much more and Helen says 3 more laps will make 80 laps. Spencer says finish strong finish strong as Amanda is yelling and cheering her on. Spencer asking if there is gatoraid in the fridge outside and Helen says yeah so he goes to get some then ask Amanda how she can drink the hot coffee in the heat outside and she says its the caffine.
12:30pm BBt: spencer tells amanda that he thinks he got put on the block this week because of her and she says it wasnt me and Spencer says i dont believ that for one second Amanda and they talking stops and they both watch Helen workout. Amanda says you was never the target this week, Spencer said well i was and Howard was my ally and you and mccrae told me if i didnt win pov i was going home this week and that was even before the replacement nom was made. Amanda says we werent after you and Spencer says i dont give a crap amanda. Spencer says i dont give a crap what you say amanda so shut up amanda and amanda says your a bully spencer your a bully. amanda says you just told a woman to shut up and spencer says i dont care amanda.
12:35pm BBT: Amanda says maybe why you got put on the block because you told the hoh that you would put her up and laughs. Spencer says no no i feel howard went up cuz we was close. Amanda says you went up cuz you told candice to campaighn against me from the beggining. Spencer says i hear things around here and amanda says ok i hear the same thing. and all goes quiet.
12:37pm BBT: Amanda says i was the number one target for the moving company, spencer says yeah you were when you got close to Mccrae but i told Mccrae i would never go after you.
12:39am BBT: Helen goes in the house and wakes Mccrae and tells him that Spencer is yelling at Amanda in the by.helen is saying what Spencer was saying so Mccrae is getting dressed and going out to the by now.
12:40pm BBT: Mccrae goes to by and Spencer stops talking for a minute. Amanda says do you think howard has been derailed because of her? Judd says he has no clue what Howard was talking about. Spencer says howard says he will play this game as he is in side or outside of the house. Judd says he confuses me and amanda says yeah me too.
12:44pm BBT: Amanda says i understancd you want to protect howard in this game cuz i have people i want to protect in this game too but i just hope it isnt at my exspence. Spencer says i want Candice to be gone this week.
12:46pm BBT: Spencer says Howard is telling people to send him home this week instead of candice i dont know why he is protecting her and i dont know how he plays but he is telling people to send him home over candice.
12:49pm BBT: Amanda says i want candice gone too and if you were to work with us we can make that happen. Spencer says i cant trust you amanda. you tell me that you want my trust and want to work with me but then you tell me you want me to go home. Amanda says then start coming after me.
12:53pm BBT:Amanda says she doesnt want candice here eather. Spencer says i hear what you are saying and i know what you said 15 minutes ago i know you dont trust me and i know you dont like me. Amanda says i dont not like you.
12:55pm BBT: Spencer says we are talking in circles dude you know who i want out so lets just get to thursday and see what happens. Elissa and helen walk out to sit in the by to listen to Amanda and Spencer going back and forth over who they trust and dont trust.

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1:00pm BBT: Spencer says i feel like yoo Helen and Elissa are responsable for me going up this week and Helen says yeah i was but you was not the target howard is and i need him gone this week. Spencer says why? Helen says because there are several reasons. Spencer says lets get this out now do the math if Mccrae had voted with us then Elissa would have been out and i am the one that came to hoeward and Mccrae and said we need to keep elissa. Amanda asked is that true and Spencer says it is true.

1:06pm BBT: Amanda says there are people on my side that want you here so if you work with us we can make sure you get to jury but if not we cant protect you. Helen says including me we want to get you there. helen says i want to help you make your dream come true and when you was in the moving company you protected me but howard didnt. amanda says if come thursday there are no votes against me then next week if i win hoh i wouldnt put you up but you have to make sure there are no votes against me. Spencer says thats wonderful i dont expect any votes against you. Amanda says and i dont not like you i am not that type of person.

1:11pm BBT: Elissa asked Spencer who he thinks the mvp is. Spencer says i think its you. and Elissa laughs. She says you think i put myself up? Spencer says i do i think you put yourself up cuz you knew Araryn or Kaitlin would go . E,lissa says you think i put Amanda up? spencer says it was either you or amaerica .Elissa says i can tell you 100% that i am not mvp but i think howard might be cuz he cant even look me in the face.

1:18pm BBT: Amanda and Spencer still going over who to vote out and who mvp is. Elissa and Judd and helen sitting there also thinking Howard has the mvp and Spencer saying he knows for sure that Howard doesnt have Mvp.

1:21pm BBT: Spencer says all i know is that Howard is tired of all the crap that goes on here and Amanda says so am i .

1:23pm BBT: amanda says i am just worried that you want to keep howard here and howard wants Candice to stay then come thursday they are both here. Spencer says Amanda i think your brain is getting ahead of you.

1:26pm BBT: Spencer says we can work together amanda but you have to get. Amanda says but you are after me and spencer says no i havent. she says you havent been going around asking if they have the votes to get me out. spencer says no i havent i want candice out and i know you dont believe me.Amanda says i havent won any comps so i am no threat.

1:30pm BBT: mccrae and JUdd in wa just general talk going on about trying out for the bb house.In the by Amanda and Spencer still going back and forth playing the blame game.

1:34pm BBT:BB tells AAryn and candice and Ginamarie to change their batteries. in the by amanda tells Spencer that she can help him. she says be honest with me dude if hyou help me i will help you.amanda says so there hanst been any talk about me going? Spencer says no he says you say you can trust me after this week then we will see.

1:38pm BBT:in the cockpit is Helen Judd and Andy. Helen says when you make a deal in bb you have to be willing to take that chance.Helen is saying how exspensive it is to be in a pagent. Judd says if you are that poor then how can you be in pageants? Jessie walks in with iced coffee.

1:41pm BBT: Judd says Candice will be weak if Howard leaves this week. helen says if she wins hoh she will put up Ginamarie and Aaryn dont you think? Judd says that Candice and Ginamarie is close and andy and helen tell him they are not close.

1:43pm BBT: Candice and Mccrae have now joined Amanda and Spencer in the by and they are talking about pandoras box and ocho. and his hair.Amanda gets up and goes into the house.

1:45pm BBT: Candice says i woke up this morning and thought whats for breakfast ? dry raman or cooked raman.whats the choices?

1:47pm BBT: Amanda now in cockpit telling helen, Andy, Jessie and Judd what all spencer said to her and how he told her to shut up.Jessie says he told you to shut up? Amanda says yeah and says he just wants Candice out and he is working to get her out instead of Howard.

1:51pm BBT: Amanda asking if they think Elissa is mvp and Helen says no. Andy says that Spencer actually thinks he can flip the house on me.Now she is repeating what all Spencer said outside.Elissa is washing dishes and candice and Howard are walking around the kt talking about pandoras box and if Brittney got one. Elissa says yeah she did.

1:55pm BBT: Spencer is now in bed takijng a nap. Andy in cockpit saying i wonder if this year we will have a 9 person jury instead of 7? Howard walks into the bedroom where Spencer is and he is going over what Amanda was saying in the by.Spencer then says we will talk later.Andy going to the havenot rm. In the kt Elissa is still cleaning and now Howard is making food.

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#BB15 2:00 PM BBT Amanda and Elissa in the SR. Amanda tells Elissa that Jessie looks up her and she needs to stay close to Jessie and make her feel welcome.

#BB15 2:06 PM BBT In the BY Amanda, McCrae and Gina are talking about Amanda putting the fear into Spencer. Now talk about once in jury, all bets are off and they understand that. Some Candice bashing.

#BB15 2:16 PM BBT Helen and Candice talking. Helen says she is no good at endurance. Now says that she heard Amanda and McCrae talking about that Helen has all the power in the house. Helen says she doesn't have any power. Now talk about Jessie making the deal and leaking it.

#BB15 2:23 PM BBT Helen and Candice still talking in the cockpit. Candice says that she would rather go home then kiss butt. She doesn't want to be there if people don't want to play. She isn't going to spend her last week there trying to suck up. In the BY talk about cigarettes and who has what left.

#BB15 2:29 PM BBt Amanda and McCrae in the BY telling Jessie how she turned everything around for everyone. Jessie swears her allegiance to Amanda if Amanda protects her. Amanda says she will.

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#BB15 2:36 PM BBT Amanda and Andy left in the BY. Amanda asks Andy who he would put up. Anday says he doesn't know. Amanda says she wants Judd gone. And says that Judd never told him about the Kaitlin thing.

#BB15 2:44 PM BBT Gen chit chat in the BY. Gina heading to the hot tub. Candice and Helen getting into bathing suits in the WA

#BB15 2:48 PM BBT Aaryn has the camera. She goes to take a picture of Gina, Amanda and Jessie. Gina grabs a beach ball and Amanda tells her not to let it cover their breasts.

#BB15 2:54 PM Candice wants to call a house meeting. Amanda say she thought they were not going to call anymore house meetings. Candice says that she wants to.

#BB15 2:56 PM BBT Amanda and Gina refuse to get out of the pool. The HG are waiting for them and tell them to get out of the pool.

#BB15 2:58 PM BBT Candice says that today she woke up and has been bombarded with everyone telling her that Spencer wanted her to go and yet Spencer told her that he wanted Amanda. That he told her he wishes Amanda would choke on her own saliva. Spencer says he didn't say that. Spencer says that his preference would be Howard to stay and Candice to go. Spencer says she is trying to make him look bad. Candice says that he doesn't need any help with that. She tells him to keep her name out of his mouth. He says he will be voting to evict her. She says she wants everyone to vote with their own heart. She tells Howard not to self evict.

#BB15 3:06 PM BBT Amanda now speaks. She tells Howard that 3 days ago he told her that Candice was a cancer on his game and he could cut her lose. Howard says to clarify what he said was that Candice was on his side but they could play the game together or apart. He says all he said was that he didn't realize the impact of being with someone.

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3:01pm BBt: Howard saying i did not come here for this . he says jeremy came here and was disresoectful. he says 5k wont make me be fake i cant play the two face game i am truthfull. he says this is not how i am if i go home then ok i wont let my family see that i can be mean cuz that isnt me.Howard is telling somepeople thank you for being there for him and for having his back. he says just vote me out if thats what you want and i will go home and be happy .he says i want people to fight for yourself to be here just keep other peoples name out olf your mouth. i wont talk to anyone so dont talk game to me i wont talk game till that night.

3:08pm BBT:as the hg are having this meeting elissa is doing her yogo.Howard says either your gonna vote and stay safe and if your nit going to stand up then vote me out of the house over Candice > candice says ok spencer you better hang on to that bar for dear life. Spencer says can i go back and finish my nap? Judd says i guess i better grab my floaties and a life vest for the rest olf the time.

3:12pm BBT: helen says i cant keep all these people in this house to Aaryn. Aaryn says i am hoh and i am not showing all my cards and Howard thinks i am the puppeteer. Amanda says Candice you are a straight shooter and i respect you for telling the truth and getting it out there.

3:14pm BBT: Andy yells oh no guys the beetle names Jeremy that is always flying around is now in the pool. helen yells oh no Jeremy he looks lifeless. Andy gets him out of the pool and helen says dont bring him near me Andy.

3:19pm BBT:Andy goes in the kt where Ginamarie and Aaryn are and says that was a heck of a meeting. he says i was gonna talk bad about you ginamarie. Candice outside saying keep my name out of your mouth idiot with a beard mr santa clause.amanda gets up and goes inside. Amanda walsk in and says that was insanity.

3:25pm BBt: Helen and Candice sitting near the pool . Candice says if i leave this game everyone is going to know i leave this game. jessie comes out and Helen asked if she wanted to join them and she says yeah. jessie says Spencer looks worried. helen says he should if you say things like choking on your own spit i wouldnt say that.

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2:58pm bbt Candice calls a house meeting

Candice: ok, um, you know I woke up this morning, and I'm bombarded by people telling me that Spencer is telling everyone that he wants Howie to stay and wants me to leave. You come to me and you tell me that you want to rile an army to get Amanda to go. ok?

Spencer: ok

Candice: I wish to God it was you sitting up on that block and I wish to God that you keep my g**d*** name out your g**d*** mouth.

Spencer: That's a very christian approach to this.

Candice: I don't really care.

Spencer: I would like for Howard to stay and you to go, absolutely

Candice: Thank you. Thank you 100% for being honest, because last night you said you wished she(points to Amanda) choked on her own siliva, and you were riling an army to get her out.

Spencer: That's not at all what happened Candice

Candice: So stop being an liar. Stop having your name in my mouth, and quit it. Keep it real. If you want me to go, thank you for being completely honest.

Spencer: I do want you to go and I want Howard to stay.

Candice: Howard has come to you and told you like a man to keep my name, out of your mouth

Spencer: And that is exactly what I've done.

Candice: Well really? Because you didn't do that today.

Spencer: No, I wasn't campaigning against you, in fact if you'd have been out here earlier, I'd said that what happened is Howard has been telling everyone to send him home over you, because he respects you so much, and that's exactly what I said. I said my personal preference would be for you to go and for Howard to stay.

Candice: ok, well last night when you pulled me aside in the bathroom and told me you wished that she choked on her siliva...

Spencer: That's not what I said at all.

Candice: ...and that her f***ing boob would pop out and she would die...

Spencer: Her boob would pop out and die?

Candice: ...all of this stuff that you are saying, I really need for you to stop lying

Spencer: Candice, you are trying to make me look really bad..

Candice: oh I don't have to try honey, everyone knows the true Spencer, so I really wish the real Spencer would please stand up

Spencer: That's fine, the real Spencer is here

Candice: So that next week if you win HOH I expect to be on the block and I'm cool with that because I'm a for real person, but I'm gonna tell you one more time, keep your name out your mouth.

Spencer: ok Candice

Candice: If Howie said he would self evict, I'm a woman, I defended Howie because I believe in him, just as I would stand up for anyone else that I believed in in this room, ok? When everybody goes to cast their vote, I hope that everyone uses their own mind in there and their heart. If you want to play the game with me, vote for me. If you want to play with Howie...

Spencer: I will be voting to evict you on Thursday

Candice: Trust me homey, if you are up there next week, I will glaaadly tell Julie 'I vote to evict the (brownie?) man', ok?

Spencer: I'm sure you will

Candice: So, further more, if you would like for Amanda to stay, vote for Amanda to stay. Vote with your heart, not because anybody else tells you to, and Howie, I do not want you to self evict. If you want Howie, keep Howie. If you want me, keep me. If we're the two targets, that's fine, but I'm gonna tell you one more time, you have s****ed on me with the mad-hatter situation, you lied and you told Aaryn, you have lied and you have schemed and everybody has seen how you are, so g**d**** if it's a wall you better hang on to that b***** because you are going home next week so help me God.

Spencer: That's just fine Candice

Candice: Thank you the meeting is adjourned.

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3:28pm BBT: Andy is whispering to Amanda in the kt. amanda says and now he is going to be going after Candice. She says i would get my hands dirty . Howard walks in and amanda and andy split and amanda goes back out to the by. Howard in chair rm telling spencer that all that wsas out of nowhere. Howard says i didnt know she was going to do that. Spencer says i didnt figure you did.howard says lastnight Amanda and mccrae didnt know that candice and i was up till 3:15 lastnight and we were so go get em dude go get em. spencer says yeah and Howard leaves and Spencer is now going to take a nap.

3:34pm BBT: Amanda , Mccrae, Andy and judd and Ginamarie on by couch talking about the meeting they just had and saying thats bull that Howard would self evict. amanda says i aint gonna let Spencer swing people cuz he is lying. Judd says i dont need no house meeting to get my point accross.

3:42pm BBT: candice , Helen and Elissa are by the pool talking.They are still talking about the house meeting . helen says if Spencer is going around trying to create this secret alliance then that is wrong. She says spencer told amanda earlier that he wouldnt put Amanda up or go after her.

3:45pm BBT: Ginamarie is on the by couch listening to amanda say this house meeting wasnt a good thing. Ginamarie says saying G damn wasnt a good thing.

3:49pm BBt: mccrae says i wonder if Judd told Spencer already? andy says i dont know. Mccrae says he had to of why else would he sit there quite when all this went down. he had to have said something. and Judd must have realized that this week was not the time to flip it.

3:50pm BBT:amanda Ginamrie, Jessie and Cansice are sitting in the hottub .candice says this is not a happy week for me and i still wont be happy if howie leaves.candice says i mean that when i say i want people to vote for the people they want to play the game with.

3:54pm BBt: Most hg still going over and repeating what was said in the house meeting.mccrae and Judd now in the kt making food and a drink.Judd asked did anyone take a picture today and Andy says no i didnt take a single picture. Mccrae asked did she already take it in? Mccrae says yeah.

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3:00pm bbt Howard gives a post-meeting speech

Howard: I still want to self evict, cause if you ain't going to play this game to compete, and you are gonna use, I understand using a lie here or there, to hide your alliegence to, if you are with a group, but when you've got to stoop to like, maliciously lying, or manipulating people, and then knowing that they're more indians than rather chiefs, and they would rather be safe than play the game, I don't think that's what the game is about.

Someone(I think Helen): What are you talking about?

Howard: I'd much rather go home than be here and fight for the fact that I'm here, everybody's here on their own merits, so I didn't come all the way, just for a certain group of people to tell the middle people what to do every week, and watch something like this go on, and these same people... whether Candice is on the block or not, everybody left here has their own mind and is willing to fight and be warriors, and I respect that to the utmost. But Jeremy, I think he was immature with some things, and disrespectful, but it's the same disrespect just done in a mean, vile, cynical way. With that being said, it's not just because of Candice, I could probably name 3 or 4 people that are true to theirselves, and will stand up and make their people proud at home, family, wives, kids or whatever. $500 thousand is not gonna make me be vile, vindictive, and bring up lies and say we can be friends, cause we are not gonna be friends, cause my friends wouldn't do that. My friends stand in battle. That's what this game is about, so, I can't play the two face game. I'm truthful, if people come ask me, take off the fricking scary mask, and see that the people that run up to them the fastest but don't want to say it in public, are really the ones that are being vindictive, like that's all I want, so I can't really do this, it's not where I'm from, I'll go home $500,000 richer in here(points to his heart) and my family be proud of me, than to stay here and see how money can change me and be mean and vindictive and make up lies just to get an advantage in the game and compete. If this side wants to go at this side, then cool, we can know that and we can all chill and hang out. I can't even chill and hang out, because I know that at the end of the day, somebody throws something out there, and they wait for you to bite, and whoever is straddling the fence, if they want to feel safe, they are gonna believe it, even if they know it's a lie, then you gotta act funny and think that the person being lied on is funny, when it's you feeling guilty because you know what's not the truth. So I promise you, I like what you(Candice) say, thanks for being real since you've been here, thank you(Spencer) for having my back, thank you(GM) for being who you are, thank you teacher(Andy?), and McCracker, I've got mad respect for you, I felt this game was for you. Everybody else in between, I don't know, all I ask is that you come to me. If not, I don't know, that's just it, who I am, that's my religion, I'll go home like that, richer for it. So if you don't want to compete, if we all want to stay here and do this charade, I'd rather Candice and Amanda stayed, and I'll leave, cause I can't play this charade, I want to come here and play and fight. My family will be proud of me at the end of the day. Other than that, I'd ask that you keep everybody's name out of your mouth, especially if... this is one way to know it's a lie, if they know this, ask for this person to be brought in, then we can talk, but if that ain't the case, then you know something is up with it. Like to me that is common sense, if you aren't going to play with common sense, I would still rather go home. Cause I've watched Big Brother, maybe I'm not as big a fan as some of you all out here, but that's boring to me if the same few people are going to manipulate everybody, that's going to be a boring season, because the same thing is going to happen every week. I want people to fight for the reason you are here, make your people back home proud for who you are, stand up for yourself, and that be it. I don't want to ask any questions, because I know whoever is feeling a certain way about what I'm saying or even what Spencer has said, it happens all the time, that's why I don't say anything, cause when something like this happens, the first person to say anything probably feels a little guilty, or has said something, so please don't say nothing to me, I'm not gonna talk about no game, not until Thursday night, then I'm gonna say the same thing to all of America, I'll go home being me any day. I ain't gonna put anybody on front street because of what I know. Play the game. If 4 people can run the house, that's interesting, or even 5.. I hear the comments, I hear everything. The way I react to stuff wouldn't be civil and probably not christianlike. With that, I have been very quiet and selective about what I've said. That's why I'd rather say it in group setting so you can take it and eat on it however you would like. That's all I've got. (Whew that's all?)

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