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Monday, July 29 Live Feed Updates


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12:03AM BBT Spencer is now talking to Aaryn Aaryn told Spencer that she feels bad and does not want Howard to go home, she wants Candice to go home. Spencer replied me too. Aaryn said she is worried that she is now a target Spencer said join the club. Aaryn also said that Howard is a good guy and Candice should go home. Aaryn also asked that Spencer keep that a secret.

12:06AM BBT Spencer and Aaryn in Hoh Aaryn said she just wants to enjoy her last few days of safety and not talk game. She wants andice out of her, She also said she wants to say allot of things at nomination but she won't. Aaryn said despite Candice being miss Louisiana she cannot believe some of the things Candice does. Spencer agreed and bashes Candice as well.

12:10AM BBT Aaryn said that Candice having Miss USA state title and does the things she disgusts her.

12:20AM BBT Aaryn is getting ready to take a bath with all the ducks, she said that the ducks don't lie,steal or cheat and they have souls.

12:25AM BBT Candice, Elissa, Andy, Helen in the Kt eating ,By crew Judd,Howard,Mccrae,Ginamarie,Spencer general chit chat. Jessie joins Aaryn in the tub with the ducks.

12:33AM BBT Mccrae.Andy and Judd in the cockpit Mccrae said that Amanda is getting the blood on her hands and nothing is getting on them. They also said they cannot be too cocky about the final 4 and they are making Howard feel he is staying which he is actually going home.

12:45AM BBT Aaryn is freaking out because a fish is dying. Aaryn said that everytime she is Hoh a black fish dies. Aaryn said that someone need to call a fish vet.

12:56AM BBT Helen and Elissa whispering in the BR they wboth want Jessie to think that they like Aaryn, they both think that Jessie is getting too close to Aaryn and they want to get Jessie to evict Aaryn. Amanda just join the conversation

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(flashing back while HGs are still sleeping)

1:00am - 1:07am bbt FISH

1:07am bbt F3/4 - Howard/Candice in semi-arguing on patio

Candice: I do not regret helping you, I do regret keeping you safe for the past two weeks. Because that is the type of woman I am.

Howard: Then why do you keep holding it over my head? I don't regret coming in that room, when I said I wasn't going to mess with a woman in here. I slept on the floor the first two nights. And if I'd had to keep sleeping on the floor, I'd have done that. If they were going to keep talking to you like that, I wanted to keep you as close as possible, no matter how it looks... after that night. So I ask that you stop acting like Helen and holding it over my head. Yes you have helped me the last two weeks.

Candice: So you didn't campaign against me today?
Howard: If you have something to say, then say it. I asked people to hold us to our own game, and I left it at that.

1:10am bbt F3/4 Jessie/Judd joins Howard/Candice on the patio, and conversation stops. Jessie says she asked BB if they will buy them more cigarettes and take the money out of their stipend. She says their reply was BB would help them try to quit. Candice asks if maybe they would provide them once you are in jury. Jessie thinks it wouldn't be a bad thing if she quit.

F1/2 Meanwhile, Amanda/Andy are whispering in cockpit, certain Howard is leaving and Candice will now target Spencer.

1:14am bbt F3/4 In HOH, Aaryn is out of bath, wrapped in towel, talking with Spencer:

Spencer: You are someone I can be friends with, it's not good for me if you go. Wait until tomorrow, someone will make up a story, probably conspiring right now that you/I are talking planning to get out Helen, and we'll have to defend ourselves.

Aaryn: Also, think about this, I didn't even choose my nominees... Howard's up, and now that you are coming off, I've made a deal with Elissa so I can't put her up, GM is my good friend, and everyone else is helping me, so I have to put Candice up. Do you know how that looks? The only time they've gone up, well Candice went up because of McCrae, but the only time Howard/Candice will be up is because of me, and you know what they've been saying about me, so it looks like that's validating it, because I put both of them up.

Spencer: I know, I thought when you were talking about putting up Howard and Candice, you are going to look like the biggest bigot in the world now, because one of them will go home on your watch.

Aaryn: Yep, exactly. I can't control that, I came here to play a game. I know what I'm like, my family knows. I already look like one at this point, so put it on my tab. Everyone already thinks I am one, so it doesn't matter any more.

Spencer: I know what you're saying.

Aaryn: It's like you've already taken that dignity from me so, why not, just go thru with it then, if you're going to put that on me, then...

Spencer: Still, Candice going home is a better opportunity for Howard to stay.

Aaryn: Please... I want her to go home, I want her to go home... Howard is a good man.

Spencer: He is... why is Helen out for him so much? Why is he on the block?
Aaryn: I'm not sure it's Helen. Why has everyone been on the block except Andy/McCrae/Judd? I just did what...

Spencer: Can I ask who told you to put me up?
Aaryn: Amanda... if I go up against Amanda, I go home. If I go up against GM, I go home.

Spencer: I was told the best I can hope for is 1st member of jury.

2:06am bbt F1/2 Howard/Helen in the SR(Howard is ready to give up his game for Candice's sake)

Howard: By me having a big heart, and stepping in trying to help her with the flipping the bed thing, I knew we'd be tight after that... now, with her speaking for me, and saving me for the past 2 weeks. I can not, will not campaign against her, even saying we are playing 2 separate games is hard.... if feels like and may have been set up to get her to be emotional, even if Spencer's intent was to do that, to use people's good heart... people will use whatever against you... me, as a man, morally, unless it behoves you and moves you to pull Aaryn's chain to put up someone that doesn't matter... I'd rather if she's gonna put up Candice, I would ask you as a friend to get everyone to vote me out. If you aren't ready to send Amanda home, then by the power that is vested in you, I'd rather you send me home, I'd feel much richer, she's the only woman to stand up for me. I'll tell everyone to do that if it's what is the situation. It's hard to play the game with a big heart, when you are friendly and courageous for the one's you like. I can't stay here knowing she is the one that took up for me... I will walk out the door happily

Helen: ok, I mean..

(and like magic, Andy comes in looking for food in the fridge.. then leaves)

Helen: I want you to know something... any puppettering or pulling strings going on... I love you/Spencer as a person, this isn't just me, it's alot of people, even if I could switch a few, I don't think I can switch enough...

Howard: that's fine... if Candice does go up, I'm asking everyone to vote me out, if people are scared to vote Amanda out, I understand that...

7:15am bbt All HGs still sleeping...

8:20am bbt BB sends us to WBRB, may be time to wake the HGs for the day!

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Guest 6Borders

8:34am BB Time

The feeds are on.

Howard and Andy are talking in the Color Room. Andy is winding his mic and I can't hear him.

Andy says something about waiting to see what happens in nominations today.

BB tells Andy to put on his mic and he hollers "I'm going back to bed" {testy this morning}

Andy ties the bandana over his eyes and lies down. Howard is gathering clothes and Candace comes in wearing her pink Snuggie. Howard asks if anyone is in Have Not or Storage (they want to talk I guess)

BB sternly reminds the HG's that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!

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Guest 6Borders

8:37am BB Time

Candace is in the storeroom trying to repair something and Howard comes in.

He puts an arm around Candace and says "thank you" and she says "for what"

He says "I don't know" then tells her he's not doing anything else without her and he'd rather go home than her.

He said he went to straighten it out with Spencer and they had words..says Andy asked if all was ok. Howard says what happened last night happened for a reason and outside the house he needs her to know that he will be friends.

Candace says she doesn't want to be involved (with him) with anything more game related.

Howard says "just listen to me"...says he told Helen that she (Candace?) keeps saying the best people outside the house won't support you inside the house. Says he told "her" that it looks shady to be pitting him and Candace against each other. Says he told her he wants them to send him home and keep Candace and that he told Andy and Spencer the same thing.

Howard says he "can't play it no more and he doesn't want to play it like this no more"

He says he told them it's not Big Brother, ppl telling everyone in the house what to do. He says he doesn't like the fact that people say he doesn't like them to someone else. Howard says they need 4 votes and Candace says 5...Howard says 4 because Aaryn would be the tie breaker. He said Aaryn was crying yesterday that she didn't want to put Howard up.

Candace says everything you tell Aaryn she is going to go back and tell them (McManda?). Howard says that's because her hands are tied.

Howard says don't talk game to anyone and Spencer is going to apologize to her. She says she won't accept his apology.

Howard is getting really exasperated and says "LISTEN TO ME". Howard says don't talk game, just listen. Candace says she is not going to talk to anyone. She says "you and Spencer F'd me". He says how did we do that? She says she can't trust anyone. Howard says you are not even on the block yet and she says I am going on the block.

Howard says ok go back to the ppl who are lying to you. Candace says she's just trusting her own intuition from now on.

Candace says we will talk about it after (POV) if she goes on the block.

Howard says she will have more people staying in the house for you than against you.

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Guest 6Borders

8:59am BB Time

BB calls Amanda to the DR. Judd goes into the Have Not to wake her up and tell her.

Judd says to Amanda that he (or someone said he) was going to vote out Candace.

Amanda says "he really said that" and Judd says yes, and Spencer and Andy were in there.

Judd says what if we could get two birds with one stone (Howard and Candace out). Judd says he could be trying to trick me...I don't get the trick tho.

Judd goes into the Color room and taps someone, motions, then heads out.

Elissa is in the kitchen cooking/cleaning and says "maybe they are going to temp us with music"

Judd remarks on something and Elissa said "it was really cool" Elissa washes a cup for Judd and he thanks her.

BB calls Howard to the DR. Judd says in an British accent "Spencer please go to the dirary room" and says maybe he will get hired for BB Australia {your accent wasn't that good Judd}

Amanda is wandering the kitchen. Judd says he's going to talk with his new accent all day. Judd is mixing Spanish and Australian accents together. Elissa says you are definitely not getting my job for this one..Judd says "you going to take Julie's job" and she teases "yes".

Amanda gets to wear "The Bear Shirt" today.

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Guest 6Borders

Amanda is making food and Elissa says she wonders what they will ask her today in DR. Amanda says she doesn't know, probably one question. She says "they ask you one question in and out" {production must not think it's important this morning or else they are slow on the button -6Borders}

Elissa wishes (again) that they had Greek yogurt. Amanda tells her that is a luxury item.

Elissa reads the nutritional information on the yogurt they have and says ice cream and a bowl of whipped cream would be better. Amanda says "really!" {doubt she really was paying attention to the nutritional lesson}

Amanda can't find something and Elissa says she thinks someone is trying to sabotage her...she thinks Clowny is responsible. Elissa continues her nutritional breakdown of everything in the 'fridge. Apparently it's nutritionally correct to say "energy" instead of "calories" {sounds like a weight gain program to me}

{There are no other feeds on right now, except sleeping HG's, so we are stuck with the morning nutrition lesson}

9:12am BB Time

Kitchen discussion between Amanda/Elissa continues. General chit chat about how they slept and what songs were played for wake up music. They wonder if the music they get for wake up are clues/irony. BB says they are not allowed to talk about production but Amanda continues to do so.

BB hollers Amanda, please go to the diary room and she says "I am not ready yet"

9:14am BB Time

Andy joins Elissa in the kitchen and she says "good morning stinky" {he's not a have not so???}

Candace is in the shower. Elissa mimicks production "good morning houseguests, the veto meeting will be in 67 minutes"

Candace asks GM is she has coral lipstick. Elissa begins singing "whoops I did it again" (it was one of the wake up songs) and production tells her to stop singing. She says she can't help it.

Elissa asks if they (GM etc) would describe her personality as sweet and GM says yes because she is.

Elissa says she is so bored. She likes waking up in the morning and relaxing and having a conversation with her little boy. She says she makes him talk to her for 15 min before he is allowed to do anything. Candace can't wait to have a baby. Elissa says she calls her husband and then talks to her mom every morning.

Candace says she is thankful for the weightloss (from the slop diet) but she is so hungry and craving food...she wants grapes. GM says there are raisins. Candace tells us what she ate every day with her baby sitter for 5 years.

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8:36AM BBT: The housemates are alive! Just kidding, they got their wake up call!

9:10AM BBT: Housemates are getting up and getting ready for the POV ceremony. Elissa and Amanda are in the kitchen looking at the nutrition labels. Andy and Judd are sitting on the BY couches chatting.

9:15AM BBT: Spencer sits down with Judd and Andy. Judd say's he's down. Spencer says thank you, god thank you, this is the right thing. Andy says he's going to bed for a little bit, just to lay down. Spencer says he always find screws in the BY after they deconstruct the competitions. They chat about the weather.

9:20AM BBT: Judd asks Spencer if he's a fan of Honey Boo Boo. Spencer says yes. Judd thought he might be. They chat about a pig, and the mother and how she's putting all the money they make into a college fund for the kids.

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Guest 6Borders

9:20am BB Time

Elissa, Candace and GM are doing hair and make up still.

9:21am BB Time

BB calls Candace to the DR and she says "BB can I put my make up on...I look a hot mess right now?"

9:23am BB Time Backyard

Spencer/Judd on the BY couch saying Andy lifts weights and never puts them back. Helen is taking a workout break.

Spencer says it feels awesome out here and Helen says it's also earlier than usual (than they usually get up)

Helen is on the elipitical and saying she eats way more in the BB house than at home and discussing her workouts at home vs the BB house, the best time to do laundry in BB house, general chit chat while Helen works out and Spencer watches. They discuss how old the machine is Helen is using.

9:27am BB Time

Judd and Amanda are in the Light Room whispering.

Judd says "that's what they are saying" Amanda says it's weird and something is up.

Amanda is wearing "The Bear Shirt" Judd says he doesn't want to take a cold shower.

Helen has finished her workout. They are laughing that Judd will pay off his mortgage by selling his bear shirt after BB.

Discussion about what to wear for the POV ceremony.

Discussion about what past HG's have sold on EBay. Judd and Spencer say they would never sell their keys.

9:32am BB Time

GM is packing or organizing in the Color Room and trying not to disturb Andy who is trying to sleep.

GM lets out an ENORMOUS burb {thanks GM, you just blew off my headphones}

Amanda/Candace doing ADL's in the bathroom. Amanda says she has such bad insomnia.

Judd and Elissa having a silly conversation about accents and Judd is relating a story about a friend from Australia.

Elissa wants to know how you spell "Mate". Her parents furniture designer is from Perth.

Judd would love to go to Australia {and be on BB too} for a month. Elissa says it's really scary and her mom says there are dangerous animals everywhere. She says there are signs about harmful animals everywhere. Judd says it's like Swamp People on Animal Planet. He loved Crocidile Hunter

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Guest 6Borders

9:38am BB Time

Judd is looking for something in the Light Room. Judd is demonstrating to Spencer how the door catches and slams {maybe it's not all Candace's fault after all}

Spencer is lying in bed staring at the ceiling.

In the bathroom the girls are still discussing snakes and other creepy things. Amanda is talking about the snakes in Florida. Elissa is relating a true story (she swears it is) about a friend who got her shopping cart in the parking lot, does all her grocery shopping and some lady starts screaming at the check out and there is a boa constrictor was in the bottom of her cart and was there the whole time (and she didn't notice it when she got the cart in the parking lot or the whole time she was shopping apparently). Elissa says it was someone's pet and wanted to be around people.

Elissa says Target didn't even give the lady 15% off for the experience and someone should have been checking the shopping carts {believe me, if there was a snake in my shopping cart I would notice it it if was 6" long let alone a boa constrictor -6Borders}

9:46am BB Time

Howard and Spencer are folding laundry and discussing the Candace situation.

Spencer says he is going to talk to "her" (Aaryn I think) and there is a plan to keep Howard and get Candace out

and their may be a tie. Spencer says he wants to keep the focus off Howard. Howard says in his speech Thursday night he's going to talk about people doing the right thing {like that's ever worked...just saying}

9:48am BB Time FOTH

9:48am BB Time

Spencer takes a shirt to Aaryn and tells her there is some conversation about keeping Howard and getting rid of Candace.

I can't hear her reply. He says he hopes Howard hangs around and asks her if she agrees. Aaryn says "I don't want to shake my head" (she is doing her hair). Spencer leaves and GM comes in to borrow tweezers and says Aaryn is looking cute. She says the music is F'ing killing this morning and she's liking it.

They discuss the fish who is still dying but would not eat the food Aaryn put in.

BB tells Aaryn to put on her mic.

GM says she is glad BB told them when they woke them up that veto ceremony would be in about an hour and a half.

9:52am BB Time

General chit chat and ADL's still going on.

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9:30AM BBT: Candace and Elissa are in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Feeds cut to Gina Marie and Judd in the kitchen. Amanda and Judd are in the chair bedroom whispering. Spencer, Helen and Elissa walk in. Amanda is wearing the bear shirt. Elissa says she has a broken blood vessel under her eye. They all chat about how Judd is going to make a killing off his bear shirt when he gets out of the house.

9:43AM BBT: Elissa and Judd are chatting in the kitchen about Australia. Elissa says her family's furniture designer is from Perth. She really wants to go. Judd says he doesn't want to visit Sydney, he'd rather visit the west coast. Candace and Helen are in the washroom chatting about lizards. Amanda says she once saw a snake on her floor. Candace says nuh uh, passed out, stroke. Elissa tells a story of how she found a lizard in her bath tub, and wanted to keep it. Amanda says there is a huge outbreak of python/boa constrictor/some big snake because someone let some loose and they bred like crazy. Elissa tells a story of how her friend was at Target and another customer had a boa constrictor in the bottom of her cart the entire time. Elissa said her friend took pictures and everything.

9:47AM BBT: Spencer is in the BY doing laundry. Amanda, Gina Marie, Candace and Elissa are getting ready in front of the main washroom mirror. Candace says she's missing a black pair of booty shorts. Elissa says she's missing a black dress.

9:53AM BBT: Spencer heads up to the HoH room, and chats with Aaryn. He says he's talked to some people, and says it's possible to keep Howard over Candace. He leaves, and Gina Marie enters. Gina Marie asks to borrow her tweezers. They talk about the dying fish. BB asks Aaryn to put on her microphone. Gina Marie says the music lately has been killing lately. She was so excited for the music this morning that she forgot to change her batteries. Gina Marie says she likes when they tell them when the POV ceremony will take place so she knows how much time before she has to be ready.

9:59AM BBT: Aaryn says today will be interesting. Gina Marie says she saw Howard, Judd, Andy and Spencer in the cockpit room around 2:30 last night, and how their body language changed when she went in to say goodnight. Gina Marie talks about how a ring doesn't fit on her anymore.

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Guest 6Borders

9:58am BB Time

Backyard couch: Amanda, Spencer and Judd are talking about places they visited/would like to visit.

Amanda asks if Spencer has been to Santa Barbara. Spencer says no, is it off Pacific Coast Highway and she says no it's more like the dessert {wrong but a nice try} Amanda says Spencer and Marilyn should visit Santa Barbara after the finale.

Spencer wants to know how many tickets you get for the finale. Amanda says two. Spencer wonders if BB provides airfair for the families to come out. Amanda thinks they do {I don't know the answer to that...anyone???}

Discussion about airports and flights.

10:01am FOTH

10:02am BB Time

Spencer says he got so hot last night...BB calls him to the DR and he says "here we go"

10:07am BB Time

FOTH and Trivia so must be time for the POV Ceremony

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#BB15 10:00 AM BBT In the BY Spencer, Amanda and Judd talk about how many tickets they get for the finale. Amanda wants her Mom and Dad to be there.

#BB15 10:07 AM BBT General ADLs and wandering in the house going on. Getting all pretty for the POV ceremony today.

#BB15 10:10 AM We have trivia! Veto meeting underway!

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Guest 6Borders

10:52am BB Time

Feeds are back and nobody looks happy.

We came in on Jessie and Amanda saying someone is a real douchbag!

Spencer/Helen in the cockpit. Spencer says "I'm not after Amanda, I am for Howard"

Helen is saying "I don't think it's going to work". Spencer says "you said you want Amanda out before Jury"

Helen says "not before Jury but at some point in this game" (opposite of what Helen said yesterday)

Spencer says he's not going to sink his game to campaign for Candace or Howard but for his game it would be better if Candace went home. He said it's not his plan to push Amanda out.

Helen says Judd and Andy are instrumental to her and Andy she trusts more than anyone.

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#BB15 10:53 PM BBT We are back. Spencer and Helen are in the cockpit. Helen telling him that she understands what Candice told her. She just doesn't know that she can sway the other HG. She tells him that McC has been so loyal and she would lose that bridge. Helen says she wants to keep Amanda but she loved both Spencer and Howard.

#BB15 10:55 AM BBT Spencer tells her that he isn't against Amanda but he is for Howard. Helen asks him if he has spoken to the others and he says he has not.

#BB15 10:59 AM BBT Candice has been named as the replacement nominee.

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Guest 6Borders

Helen is saying she didn't know if she was being put in the dark and everyone was pro-Howard or what!

Spencer says he would not stage a coup.

Helen gives her famous "Helen-Ism" this is just between you and me!!!

Jessie joins them and Spencer says she's starting to look like him wearing sunglasses in the house.

Helen says when you finally win a comp you feel more motivated...just to win that one is just like...Spencer says it's an emotional high.

10:59am BB Time

Andy/Amanda in the storeroom. Amanda says she will tell McCrae (whatever they just talked about) and Andy gives his famous "Andy-Ism" Just don't freak out.

Amanda tells McCrae (I can't hear with doors opening/closing and the whispering).

She says no matter what Andy won't flip so if it's a tie...(sorry too much noise to get this...hope someone did))

11:02am BB Time

Back in the cockpit lounge...Andy is going to check the temp outside, Elissa is going to take a nap.

Spencer is just sitting looking pensive.

11:03am BB Time

Helen and Amanda on the backyard couch.

Amanda is ticked...says "what the F" (half dozen times I think)

Helen is relating the conv. she just had with Spencer.

Helen assures Amanda they are solid.

HOH room: GM and Aaryn are talking and Amanda pulls Judd to the chess table to talk.

Judd is whispering everything was cool when he went to bed..this is not logical at all and this doesn't help my game at all.

Amanda says look me straight in the eye and tell me the truth...Judd says you are not going anywhere.

11:07am BB Time

Jessie and Candace talking in the bathroom. The discussion is a little heated about their prior discussion and Jessie is telling how Candace was preceived and she was trying to help her. Candace says I'm on the block and it is what it is (confirmed Candace is the replacement nom for Spencer)

It's just the back 'n forth cat fight about who attacked who, how it was taken....

and we got right to trivial at 11:10am BB Time.

Feeds are back and in the HOH room...and the camera switches to the backyard.

Amanda/Helen in the backyard and Helen goes to get McCrae, comes back and says she can't find him.

Amanda says Judd told her not to worry, that's it's not going to happen (Amanda going home I assume) and someone is trying to make a deal.

Helen says "so it wasn't going to be true..." Helen says it looks fishy that the whole deal was to get Howard out and now Judd and Jessie are making her look bad.

They think Judd made up a lot of stuff about Kaitlin and when they get to jury they have to get him out {that's a lotta people they plan to get out before Jury -6Borders}

Amanda is saying all Howard's campaigning is just to get her out. Helen is so mad at Judd right now. She assures Amanda that she owes her because they (McManda) helped them (Helen & Co) get further in the game.

Helen discusses backdooring Judd and bringing Aaryn into The Knockouts.

McCrae finally joins Amanda/Helen. McCrae tells Helen she was funny last nite. She says "because I had too much to drink?" and they laugh.

Amanda asks if her speech was too much. Judd tells her she was soft-spoken, Amanda says GM says she was loud.

Judd asks "is it Candace this week". Helen gives an exasperated "I don't know Judd" then "no it's not Candace this week" Judd tells her she changes her mind like the wind {Bingo..one for Judd!!}

General chit chat about how you can tell the food by who has left..that now there is always choc milk and more pizzas

(because Jeremy used to eat everything)

11:19am BB Time

Back in the bathroom the conversation between Candace and Jessie continues.

It sounds like it's the same back 'n forth what I said/what I didn't say

{Very annoying trying to switch cameras and they switch on me to something else...grrrrr1}

McCrae (BY couch) is telling about a dream he had that a police officer was in the house because they evicted Jeremy.

General discussion about how they slept.

BB asks the houseguest to please lower the two southwest awnings {lets see if they have a sense of direction}

McCrae complies and lowers them!

11:23am BB Time BB calls Spencer to the DR

Candace has joined Judd.

Judd is telling McCrae "they said southwest" and they will tell you to stop if they don't want you to.

Jessie joins and discussion is about getting a cuticle clipper and if Candace got eggs and bacon that would just set her off right now. Judd is trying to get a fly off him {and you are all probably wondering what you did to entertain yourselves before BB feeds & updates -6Borders}

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11:10AM BBT: Jessie and Candace are in the washroom. Candace has her hair up in curlers and is also curling her hair with a curling iron. Jessie says she'll be there for her, but doesn't know if she can be there for her boyfriend. Candace and Jessie are bickering. Jessie says that the only thing Candace cared about was Howard. Candace said it was because he was on the block. If Jessie was on the block, she'd be acting that way for her. Jessie: "You're so attacking me right now." Candace: "I'm simply stating how I felt in that situation, and you're stating how you felt. If you think that I'm attacking you or being aggressive, that's fine." Feeds cut to trivia.

11:19AM BBT: Candace says she has a very strong personality and she's a strong woman. Jessie says if she sat down with her and approached her a different way, it would've been different. Jessie felt like she was on the defensive. The reason Jessie wanted to have this conversation was because they are friends, and she felt Candace was pulling away. Candace says she was just following up about a conversation they had a few weeks ago. Jessie says that if they had sat in the hammock, or sat down somewhere instead of being cornered in the washroom it would've been better. Jessie says she needs time to think and process. She can't have an answer right when she asked.

11:27AM BBT: Candace and Jessie hug and both leave the washroom. Jessie goes to the kitchen, and Candace heads out to the BY. She sits on the couch next to Judd. She's filing her nails. BB tells them to lower the awnings. Helen, Gina Marie and Aaryn are in the HoH room. They chat about Nick's hat. Aaryn asks how the house is downstairs. Helen says Candace has been very cool about it. Helen says she talked to her yesterday and told her it wouldn't do her any good to flip out.

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11:36AM BBT: Amanda, Andy, McCrae and Judd are in the cockpit room talking about the votes. Andy says it should be 8-0 this week. Helen and Aaryn enter. Aaryn says they shouldn't all be in there, so Helen and Judd volunteer to leave. Aaryn says Howard is using reverse psychology while talking to her.

11:48AM BBT: Amanda and Gina Marie are in the HoH room. Amanda tells Gina Marie about Howard and Spencer's plan to get Amanda out of the house. Gina Marie feels that Howard and Spencer are trying to 'get' McCrae back. Gina Marie says they're very good at what they do, but they cant persuade her to do anything.

11:54AM BBT: Jessie and Spencer are on the BY couches chatting about the shade and the awnings. In the cockpit room, Andy says that it'll be an easy couple of days. Just say what they want, and then vote out Howard. Andy says he would have rather got Spencer out. Howard is on the elliptical machine in the BY.

11:59AM BBT: McCrae and Amanda are in the storage room. McCrae tells her as long as she keeps her head down, she'll be good. Amanda says she's not going to worry, she's going to trust him. They kiss and hug. Aaryn is talking about the mattress incident.

Aaryn: “She said I was just like laughing and when I did it, and I went over and took all the shit off her bed, everything, I just went like this and threw it on the ground, we were laughing, I was like it was a joke, and I literally was like I took the mattress and propped it up against the wall, went and sat down on my bed and was like nobody wants to sleep in that bed anyway. And it got turned into like Aaryn was like tearing the room apart. When ya’ll go home and watch that, you’re gonna be like (makes a face and facepalms?)”

Andy: That’s like one of those things that I wish I could’ve seen.

Aaryn: But I mean, it wasn’t like anything that they made it up to be. I would never touch anybody’s things, ever. EVER. I was raised better- I was raised better than to flip a mattress, BUT I was raised better than to touch people’s personal things. Obviously it was a good moment, we were interviewed about it.

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#BB15 12:02 PM BBT Amanda feeling a bit ill. She accidently drank some soap when she was washing out her cup. Aaryn in the cockpit explaining that she was raised better then to touch anyone's belongings. Says that she was raised better then to flip a bed but that must have been a good thing because she was interviewed by Julie about it.

#Bb15 12:17 PM BBT Howard and Spencer talking. Spencer telling Howard about the conversation he had with Helen this morning. In the HOH room Amanda is telling Helen and Aaryn that Judd isn't stupid but actually very smart. Helen is telling Aaryn that Judd will take Jessie further then he will take her.

#BB15 12:20 PM BBT Helen, Amanda and Aaryn talking. Aaryn says she wants F5 to be her, Amanda, McCrae, Helen and Elissa. They tell Amanda that Judd will protect Jessie at all costs. Amanda tells Aaryn that if she continues to do what she is doing with Judd, it will flip a switch with Jessie.

#BB15 12:26 PM In the HOH room the girls discuss who has MVP. Talk of if it was Candice then who she would put up. In the KT, Jessie is getting some lunch.

#BB15 12:30 PM BBT Jessie talks to Gina in the BY about how it is sleeping in the HN room. Gina says it isn't bad. Her shoulder hurts a bit from it. Gina says she has slept in plane seats before. Jessie guesses that BB must have someone try it out for a week before they do it.

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#BB15 12:33 PM BBT In HOH there is some more Jessie bashing but Helen corrects them that Jessie is not coming after them yet. She is just confirming what she is to do. Amanda says Jessie will stay more loyal to a guy.

#BB15 12:41 PM BBT Amanda talking to McCrae and Judd in the BY. She now says that Howard can't have a special power because he is so desperate to work deals to stay.

#BB15 12:46 PM BBT In HOH Andy and Aaryn talk in gen. Aaryn says she is so lucky she won HOH this week. In the BY Amanda and Judd talk about Jessie and a relationship. Judd says he wouldn't want to start anything here but see afterwards. Judd says that they don't live in the same state. Amanda says that it shouldn't matter if you love someone, you should go where the person is.

#BB15 12:51 PM BBT Candice and Helen by the pool talking about the Bible. Candice says that she has considered being a minister. In HOH Elissa and Aaryn talk. They discuss that Spencer feels he can get the votes to get out Amanda or Candice.

#BB15 12:59 PM BBT Aaryn and Elissa discuss the MVP. Aaryn said Julie said it was a special MVP and it could be someone not in the house. Elissa said she felt it could be an evicted HG. She feels Nick got it the first time.

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2:00pm BBT: helen and Howard are playing chess as they have been for an hour. Amanda and Mccrae in the lounge rm and Amanda goes to get some slop. Most hg either napping or laying out by the pool.
2:05pm BBT: amanda and Mccrae in cockpit tsalking. Amanda says there is no point in talking game right now as long as you and Judd do what you have to do i am good.Helen and Spencer still playing chess.
2:10pm BBT: Amanda saying she has to trust Judd even if she doesnt want to but it is going to help us in the long run.mccrae is half asleep as Amanda is talking.Aaryn now comes into the house from laying out by the pool.Judd is now in the ktand heading back to the wa as bb tells him to please put on his microphone.
2:16pm BBt: Elissa and Judd in wa talking about their eyes being hurt. Judd says my face is so red after laying in the sun for awhile.In the cockpit Mccrae and Amanda are now laying down.
2:23pm BBT: Elissa and Judd talking about yesterdays photobooth pictures and Judd says that ginamarie said yesterday that Candice talking makes her ears hurt. and Elissa laughs. Amanda and Mccrae are kissing in the cockpit.
2:26pm BBT: Judd leaves the wa and Elissa is getting in the shower. Judd walks through kt and says it is so quiet in here today. Howard is at the sink and Candice is sitting at the bar but not talking.judd goes to chair rm and opens door to have not room and slams it a couple of times . He then laughs at Spencer and says you told me to wake you areound 3 and walks back to the kt.
2:33pm BBT: aaryn and Howard cleaning the kt and Amanda Mccrae and Judd in cockpit talking about candice slamming doors this morning and keeping them awake.
2:45pm BBT: Howard and Candice in have not rm talking. Howard says i need some support or prayer from you and right now you have this mantality that your by yourself and i cant do that.Candice says if helen and all them vote for you. Howard stops her and says i have counted the numbers mamma.Candice says but they are still howie bashing.
2:49pm BBT: Howard says i am waiting till the day then i will talk to Aaryn and Jessie and make sure we turn this and that you wont be a puppet. He says she had enough respect not to backdoor me so i might can turn this around. Candice says ok so why she have enoigh respect not to backdoor you and give you a chance to play and not me. She didnt give me a chance to play. candice says i aint crazy i know what they are doing.
2:58pm BBT:Howard tells Candice that she has been so gung ho on being there for him the last 2 weeks and now she isnt so come on be there for me .Howard says i had a hard time going to bed lastnight there was so many things running through my head but i gave it to him (god) and went to sleep. he says they will try to pick your brain but dont let them.Howard says i am going to go and leaves Candice laying in the have not rm.

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3:02pm BBT: Helen and Elissa laying outside and Helen asking Elissa whi she will put up if she wins hoh. elissa says i dont know and Helen says it will have to be Spencer and Ginamarie and the only way to get Aaryn out of here is backdoor her but we need to get Spencer out of here. elissa gets up to go to the bathrrom she says i will only take 2 seconds.
3:08pm BBT: Helen is in kt with Aaryn and says that it is just her and Ginamarie laying out in the by as everyone else is still asleep. AAryn says i know thats weird. Helen heads back outside and Aaryn is washing dishes. Mccrae is eating in the cockpit whispering to Amanda.
3:19pm BBT: Elissa says i wish i had brought more finger nails polishes . she says that Rachel told her not to take nail polishes that there was like a thousand bottles there already. aaryn agrees they need more colors.
3:37pm BBT: Aaryn nand Elissa in kt fixing food and talking about being allergic to different foods and having to go to the dr to see what you are allergic to.
3:42pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae in cockpit talking about who needs to go when so they they can both at least make it to jury. Aaryn and Elissa in kt . Elissa is eating and Aaryn is baking. They are talking about highschool sweethearts. Elissa says her husband is not her highschool sweetheart.All other hg are taking a nap.
3:50pm BBT: Aaryn still baking cookies and elissa is making slop. Amanda and mccrae are still whispering low in the cockpit repeating themselves. helen is in hoh listening to music.

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#BB15 4:01 pm BBT - Elissa and Aaryn are both trying to push thier food off on McCrae and Amanda...both seem a bit put off when neither of them are interested.

#BB15 4:15 pm BBT - McCrae is a little worried that the votes may change to Amanda going home. Elissa and McCrae are trying to figure out who may flip. They think poss GM, Aaryn and Jessie.

#BB15 4:27 pm BBT - .Elissa states that she doesnt want to lose her standards of cleanliness by hanging out in dirty. She doesnt want her kids to think its ok to be slobs.

#BB15 4:34 pm BBT - Helen and Aaryn are playing Chess. McCrae is now joining the rest of the house by having a nap. Very quiet in the house this afternoon.

#BB15 4:47 pm BBT - Amanda is worried because she knows how influencial that Howard can be. Amanda and Elissa are going over some of the deals that Howard has made ie. Kaitlyn and Aaryn.

#BB15 4:56 pm BBT - Elissa is very surprised that there is a camera in the WC. Helen and Aaryn tell her about clips of previous seasons that showed the camera shots.

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