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Week Six - Opposites Week


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On Day 38, housemates' selfishness was tested in the task; 'Trash for Treats.' In this task, housemates were divided up into pairs, with each member of the pair told that by smashing a glass box in front of them, they would be rewarded with a treat. Big Brother then gave the pairs ten seconds, without discussing with their fellow housemates or each other, a chance to smash their box in order to claim their treat. However, if both members of the pair smashed their glass box, neither would receive their treat. If only one member of the pair smashed their glass box, they would be rewarded with their treat, whilst the losing member of the pair would not receive their treat and instead would head directly to jail. If neither member of the pair smashed their glass box, they would both be rewarded with a much smaller treat.

On Day 40, Big Brother tasked Callum with being the house therapist in the task; 'I'm All Ears.' Across the day, each housemate was told to visit Callum and express any thoughts or troubles to him.

On Day 41, housemates began their sixth weekly shopping task; 'The Right Answer.' For this task, all housemates had to do was give the correct answer to a question asked by Big Brother. Some of the questions asked were influenced by the viewers. Each correct answer would earn the housemates money toward their weekly shopping budget; the total amount in the totaliser at the end of Day 42 would be the total weekly shopping budget for the week.

On Day 42, housemates earnt a total shopping budget of £76 for the week. As part of the task, Westlife star Shane Filan shared a conversation with Jack & Joe.

On Day 43, in the task: 'Don't Drop It!' Jack and Joe were asked to hold a series of items by Big Brother, such as a toy duck, for a reward of some pastries for them to share. Dropping any of the items would mean that they failed the task. They later passed their task, having kept their items in hand at all times, and therefore won the pastry reward.

On Day 40, Safe House residents Sam & Sophie were told to pick one of their fellow housemates to join them in the Safe House. Unbeknown to them and their fellow housemates, the person they chose would join them against the public vote this week. They later chose Dan to enter the Safe House. Thus while Dan, Dexter, Charlie, Gina, Callum and Hazel thought they were facing eviction, it was actually Sam, Sophie and Dan facing the British public vote.

On Day 37 (at the end of the fifth week), Housemates chose Sam and Sophie to enter the Safe House, meaning that they would secretly face this week's public vote.

On Day 40, Sam and Sophie unknowingly put Dan also up for the public vote (see twists).

On Day 44, only moments after being surprised with the news that he was facing eviction, Dan was the fifth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother House.

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