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Sunday, July 28 Live Feed Updates


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11:01PM BBT Aaryn and Judd talking in HN Aaryn think that if Spencer won Hoh he would make a big move and put up Ginamarie and Aaryn. Aaryn said that Elissa is being very nice to her. Judd said that Elissa is very unappreciative to them for keeping her in the game. And Elissa keeps on saying they did nothing for them.

11:08PM BBT Aaryn, Jessie, and Ginamarie is showing Helen their dance move., and we got fish. Aaryn admit that Jeremy control her Hoh week. Aaryn told Judd she does not want Elissa and Candice in jury. Aaryn said she did not do well in the Pov today and she does not think anyone will backdoor her because she is a weak player.

11:30PM BBT Amanda,Jessie,Mccrae,Andy and Aaryn in Hoh Amanda said she wants to win HoH because she is a target and she would not get blood on her hands. Andy said he would volenteer to get Hoh if Amanda does not want it. Amanda told Andy to work on Candice and Spencer because he is closer to them.

11:35PM BBT Elissa,Howard and Candice talking they are trying to figure who is mvp, Candice confirms that Howard is not Mvp because he would of told her. Candice wants to team up with Elissa, Helen,Andy and Jessie to keep Howard. Helen said that would not work.

11:40PM BBT Helen told Candice that Howard does not have the votes to stay. Helen said that Jessie,Judd and Andy wants Howard out real bad. Candice said it would not be that hard to flip the votes from Howard to Amanda. Helen being very firmed on Howard going home.

11:45PM BBT BY is now open the Hg also got a bottle of wine and some beer. Candice advise Helen that Jessie would listen to her Helen said Jessie only listen to Judd. Candice think that Elissa,Helen and spencer and 2 more votes can take Amanda out. Elissa said the deal can work if Jessie flips.

11:47PM BBT Candice told Helen that she is running the house. Helen said she is not controlling the house. Helen walk out very upset that Candice told her that.

11:50PM Jessie and Helen was told by BB that they are not allowed to smoke in the corner of the By. Everyone yells out Helen"s smoking. Helen told Jessie that this is not the time to take out Amanda.

11:58PM BBT Amanda and Ginamarie playing pool Ginamarie doing the Asian accent. Jessie said to Helen that Candice should play with her head and not her vagina.

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12:05AM BBT Helen told Jessie that she is not mad at her for leaking the deal to Aaryn.

12:12AM BBT Helen, Aaryn and Amanda in Hoh helen told them everything that she and Candice discuss earlier.

12:25AM BBT Judd and Jessie talking Jessie told told Judd that Candice offered a deal. Jessie said that Helen is lying to Candice because she wants Howard out.

12:30AM BBT Helen is telling the Hoh crew what Candice told her. However Helen keep on changing her story of what happen.

12:35AM BBT Helen is very upset at Candice. Helen is telling all to the Hoh crew, The crew thinks it is because Candice was miss Louisiana she has all the support. Helen also said that Candice mention to her that if they don't keep Howard she would come after Amanda,Elissa,Mccrae and Helen.

12:40AM BBT Candice and Elissa talking in cockpit, Candice said she is 30 Year old woman and she know what she is doing. Candice said that Howard is not the kind of person they are portraying him to be.

12:55AM BBT Amanda said in Hoh she is going to put up Candice and send her packing if she gets HoH. Everyone in the Hoh said that Candice is smarter than everyone think Candice figured out the boy's alliance and that Elissa is Rachel sister.

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Guest 6Borders

9:07am BB Time

The HG's are all still sleeping, however "Clowny" (Aaryn's Clown) is wide awake and appears to be taking notes.

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1:30 am BBT Howard and Candice talking in cockpit, repeating previous things. Amanda, Helen, Andy, Mc, Judd and Jessie in BY, talking about how she (Candice) needs to go next week. GinaMarie and Spencer in HOH: GM tells him ppl are glad he won, its more about Howard.

2:00 am BBT Helen tells Elissa that now is not the time to get out Amanda or Candice. They need to get Howard out first. Elissa says he will go.

2:30 am BBT Howard and Candice still talking in cockpit. There is a bit of an argument about weither he "left" her or not. They are talking over each other. In Hammock Andy tells Spencer he is glad Spencer won.

3:30 am BBT HG continue to wash, rinse, repeat.

4:00 am BBT In BY Amanda tells Howard she is not going to campaign against Candice. Howard says they have always been cool with him. If he goes home he is cool with it. After that talk the HG start to settle down to bed.

9:12 am BBT All HG are sleeping. Clowny (Aaryns stuffed clown) is awake dreaming of what he will do with the $$ when HE (Clowny) wins BB15.

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9:20 am BBT Helen gets up, uses WC and goes back to bed.

9:37 am BBT Helen has been in bed but awake, she gets up, puts her contacts in and does some ADLs. She collects her laundry, makes coffee, changes her batteries. She grabs her jogging shoes and heads outside, starts her laundry and her morning jog.

10:15 am BBT Helen still jogging, Judd has moved around a little....FOTH maybe wake up call.

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Guest 6Borders

9:26am BB Time

Looks like Helen was just up for a WC break and has gone back to bed (unusual for Helen not to be up and jogging by now)

The camera person must be bored because we were just treated to a zoom-in on Spencer.

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Guest 6Borders

9:36am BB Time

Helen is either up again or the tape just reran. Nope...looks like she is up and getting ready for ADL's.

She has dressed for a workout and preparing to start her morning jog.

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Guest 6Borders

9:42am BB Time

Helen is in the kitchen making coffee before she works out (she spills all over the counter trying to fill it and ignores the water all over...very unHelen like not to clean something up)

She changes her batteries in the storeroom, drags the trash bag outside (it has laundry it), unloads clean clothes and starts new washer/dryer loads.

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Guest 6Borders

10am BB Time

Helen is still jogging and everyone else is still sleeping! It's a lazy Sunday morning in the BB House.

(She is either counting her workout or talking strategy to herself while jogging)

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10:36 am BBT Judd tells Helen (she is on the elliptical) that BB called Amandas name but nothing else. Then says maybe she got in bed with Mc like she was going back to bed. Amanda goes to HN rm and tells GinaMarie that she is not allowed on soft surfaces. She lays down.

10:39 am BBT Helen and Judd agree that GinaMarie needs to go out before Jury. Then she turns around and says they can mold GinaMarie. It will be really tough to get Amanda/Mc out of the game. Helen says they need to work together to get Amanda/Mc out. If Amanda makes Jury she will vote Mc to win.

10:42 am BBT Helen says heres the deal, knock out Jessie then we can knock out Amanda or Mc out before jury. In HOH WA, Aaryn practices her speech to put up Candice as replacement.

10:47 am BBT Helen now trusts Aaryn, she stuck to the deal. Judd says Spencer deserves Jury before GinaMarie or Elissa. Helen says Aaryn cant go to jury she would vote Amanda or Mc to win.

10:52 am BBT Judd says dont be paranoid but he feels something is going down this Thursday. Some kind of power. Helen says that would suck.

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Guest 6Borders

10:33am BB Time

Feeds are on. Helen is on the eliptical talking with Judd. They are discussing Amanda getting called to the DR (apparently really early). Helen comments the machine is hard.

Judd said he was in bed at 4:30am, got up at 8am on his own but he was so tired he was like (he strikes a sitting dazed pose).

BB says "you are not allowed to talk about production" Helen and Judd wonder if it's them and decide not.

(mostly prob Amanda, I just saw her up in the Have Not room adjusting her eye mask)

Helen is teasing Judd about Jury. Judd says he will keep a journal in Jury.

They are discussing who to take out before Jury. Judd thinks they should keep Spencer and knock out Aaryn or GM before Jury. Helen says Aaryn will be loyal to McManda and they are going to have a hard time taking down McManda {hello Helen, you have a chance right now} Helen says they can mold GM.

Helen says she loves McCrae and will take McCrae. Helen says she and Judd need to work together to get McManda out of the game. Says they can't take Amanda or Aaryn to Jury. They say there are so many idiots F2.

Helen says she, Judd and Andy need to work together, says don't tell anyone else..Judd says he thinks Jessie will be on board and Helen says she's already talked to Jessie, Elissa and Andy (so much for don't tell anyone else). Helen says they have to knock out Amanda or McCrae right before Jury.

Helen asks can she trust Judd.

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Guest 6Borders

10:46am BB Time

Helen's worry about keeping Aaryn is that she won't be loyal. She says Spencer's dream is to make jury...she wants Howard out first. Judd says Spencer deserves Jury more than Elissa or GM.

Helen proceeds to tell the 9 people going to the end {what confidence} and one of either Aaryn, Spencer or GM can't go to jury. Helen says again Aaryn's loyalty is to Amanda...tells Judd again how smart he is and he's not a floater at all.

Helen says Amada/McCrae will vote for each other and Aaryn will vote for one of them.

Judd says he would not vote for Jessie just because they have a flirtmance, he will vote on best game {a BB First}.

Judd does not want ppl to make Jury who don't know how to vote and vote based on friends/popularity!

Helen says again McManda will be hard to get our or beat at the end and Aaryn will side with them. She says don't tell McCrae and Judd says he won't {poll is open on that one}. Judd wants Jessie to make Jury because she was a game changer for them..Helen agrees.

Judd says between then and he doesn't want Helen to get all paranoid but he has a feeling "something is going to go down Thursday". Judd thinks it will be a new power, not coup d'eta, since BB has been doing different things this year.

Helen wonders if it will happen this early.

Judd says they need to stay on their (Howard/Spencer) good side just in case. Judd says Howard told him he did not know Candace was bullying/threatening ppl and that hurt his game. Judd says if Howard were not so dangerous they would get rid of Candace this week (they are still convinced Howard has MVP and put Amanda up and has another special power)

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10:56 am BBT Judd says he didnt come here to push other ppl to the end, he came here to push himself to the end. In KT, Elissa finishes eating and washes dishes. Howard has finished praying in the photo booth and joins Elissa in KT. She says they are the best cleaners in this place.

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Guest 6Borders

Judd says we didn't come here to push other people to the end. Helen says they need to think about their best senario if they get to the end. Judd thinks Amanda would win over McCrae if they got to final two. He says Amanda thinks of senarios before they even happen {think about that Judd}. Judd and Helen both agree if Amanda were F2 they would vote for her.

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Guest 6Borders

10:58am BB Time

Helen and Judd are rehashing why they voted who out and why they needed to go (nothing we have not heard 50 times before).

Helen just wants to make sure, she likes Aaryn a lot but Amanda/McCrae...the stories (about Aaryn) and Helen only heard one side...Judd breaks in and says he does not think Aaryn is a raciest at all, just what she said came out wrong.

Helen says she didn't hear it, just heard about it...not worth talking about and she will watch it (the show). Judd says it might be shown different than it happened.

Judd is discussing Jeremy and the fly incident and how it was over the top. Apparently it was about S. Africa or something where there are a lot of flies, and Helen is laughing saying everything gets blown out of proportion.

They are deciding Aaryn didn't make any of her comments in a mean-spirited way.

Judd is relating the things he never heard before: pots and pans thrown down the stairs is how Asian ppl get their last name, the Puerto Rican shower....!

Helen asks Judd how it feels if someone calls him a "redneck" and he says it doesn't bother him.

They are discussing cultural differences based on where you live.

11:06am BB Time

Helen says they just have to be smart about who goes next week. Helen says they need to band together at some point if they want to win this game. Judd says after Elissa's shenanagians she should go early and Helen says that's fine. Helen says Elissa would vote for Judd in F2. Helen assures Judd Elissa is not coming after him but he just doesn't want any more of those crazy outbursts in front of the whole house. Helen agrees!

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Guest 6Borders

11:10am BB Time

Helen and Judd continue to discuss alliance. Judd says one of Howard's many alliances and Helen says he would make an alliance if he was in a room with any 2 ppl

Helen thinks The Knock Outs will be the best alliance in BB History and so far it's working. Helen hammers again that "we we get to that part of the game we need to knock out one of them and she thinks Amanda first"

Judd thinks Jessie should be their 6th person. The discuss Jessie's loyalty. Helen says Jessie needs to stay longer than Aaryn in this game. Judd says if he gets HOH he can't put Aaryn up because Aaryn didn't put him up {we all know that's not the reason}

Helen says lets not talk to anyone about Aaryn. Judd whispers Candace CANNOT make Jury, that she does not deserve jury and they discuss that Candace does not even know the game and Spencer deserves Jury over Candace.

Helen says she would rather have a fan go to jury like her, Judd, Spencer, McCrae, Andy...says Elissa doesn't really seem like a fan but maybe she really is.

11:16am BB Time

Judd is talking about making his tape for BB, accidently deleting it, etc.

Helen returns to game talk...says we are on the same page. Helen says she would love to see Judd win the game (if she can't win) because he's tried out 4-5 times. Judd says if he can't win he wants someone to win who plays well and loves the game, their social and strategic game. Judd discusses one thing about McCrae is he kind of isolates himself from everyone and McCrae might look back on this experience and think of how he should have played a more social game.

11:20am BB Time

Judd and Helen agree not to tell anyone else about their conversation {we'll see how long that lasts -6Borders}

Judd comes over and wishes Elissa good morning and hugs her, joking her parents were going to name her Melissa but were too drunk.

Elissa was wishing BB would play Brad Paisley (for wake up). Judd says nooooo, I don't like him

Helen/Elissa are folding laundry and Helen is relating (sort of) her conversation with Howard...saying he (or it) was so weird.

Judd is still there and they are discussing singers and who is married to whom.

Judd mentions everyone folds towels differently. Elissa says Canadians are good people, every one of them.

Elissa is discussing her towel folding at home, that she rolls her towels and ties them with cute little ties.

Helen remarks "really Elissa!!"

They are showing each other how they fold towels.

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Guest 6Borders

11:25am BB Time

Camera switches to Andy asleep with a bandana over his eyes.

The Breakfast Club (Helen, Elissa and Judd) are putting away the towels and Elissa jokes "do you think Spencer is going to use the veto on himself?"

Helen gathers more laundry from the bathroom to take out to the machines (the pile is HUGE). Helen says BB needs to give them another washing machine. They discuss how the towels disappear.

Elissa thinks they should get mongrammed towels for each HG. They discuss how the house is already a little bit cleaner with Jeremy and Kaitlin gone. Helen says they should start evicting ppl based on how messy they are {they've had this conversation before when Andy started it} or keep who does not drink so they can conserve alcohol for themselves.

Candace bashing: Judd says they have kept her too long and she'll get America's Player and All Stars next to Kalia, JenCity and that she has Eddie Murphy to pay her bills, etc....just silly stuff.

Judd is relating Rachel telling Kalia on several occasions she would definitely be on All Stars. Judd says she didn't say it mean unless she snickered about it later. They discuss if Rachel will make All Stars and Elissa says "of course".

They discuss Season 2 and they didn't have POV. Helen is agast at that! She says she can't even imagine that and it was brilliant that they added it. Helen says she will have to watch Season 2.

Elissa says ppl kept Dr. Will because he was so funny. Helen says he was ridiculous in All Stars. They discuss Dr. Will, the Coaches season, Dan, Evel Dick.....

Judd hates when they bring ppl back because people like Ian and Frank get overshadowed by Dan and Boogie, and they don't get the credit they deserve.

Judd says he didn't like Boogie and he didn't root for him.

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#BB15 11:05 BBT In the BY Helen and Judd talk about stereotypes and what names their nationalities are called. Judd doesn't mind the word "redneck" says it just doesn't affect him. In the KT Howard and Elissa easting breakfast and gen chit chat.

#BB15 11:14 AM BBT Judd and Helen continue to discuss who they should take further in the game. Who should be F6 with them.

#BB15 11:22 AM BBT Elissa starts laundry and Helen starts to fold towels. Judd and the girls start to talk abut music and singers they like. Other cam on Andy sleeping.

#BB15 11:38 PM BBT Talk in the BY about past guests who deserve a second chance. Talk turns to the HG from last season who didn't even get to spend one night in the house. Dan sent her home the first night.

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Guest 6Borders

11:38am BB Time

Discussion about past seasons. They think Jodi deserves a 2nd chance because she went thru all that and didn't even get to spend the night in the BB House.

Helen starts to discuss if you applied for the show and they come and ask you about the twist and you say no then you would know about the twist and ...you guessed it FOTH!!! {that was probably a BIG BB no no}.

BB says "you are not allowed to talk about production" Helen says "that's me"

Judd relates that Chef Joe was an alternate because some guy backed out. Elissa wants to know if they got bubbly feelings? Judd says he was a nervous wreck until he got on the stage with Julie and then it all went away. He said he was expecting to be asked about solitary and it threw him when Julie asked about the bear shirt.

Elissa wants to know if Dan won HOH a lot...Judd says he knows Dan got it once.

Elissa says she wants to win (HOH) sooooo bad...Judd says "me too"

Judd says "what if we get F2" Judd says he needs the money and wants the money but more so he wants the title.

He says he feels worst for the 3rd place person. He says they are all in a good spot right now...just need to worry about a twist or something.

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Guest 6Borders

Judd says it's warmed up and it was kind of chilly this morning. He says the weather here (S. Calif) is not that great.

He says he will need another suitcase for going home.

Judd says he would have failed miserably in the comp...he thought they were building a tiki man, Judd says it was the Veto symbol. Elissa is convinced it was a dinosaur egg. Helen says Come On, really. Helen says she would have loved that comp. and the hardest would have been finding all the pieces but the puzzle she would have loved. Helen says she likes puzzles a lot...Elissa says she does too and wishes they had a puzzle here.

Helen says again to Elissa you really didn't think it was a dinosaur egg and Elissa says she really did. It was apparently a Veto Rock.

They discuss if what you see at home is what BB looks like. Helen says the camera shots are different she thinks.

Judd is not sure he will watch their season...it would be like listening to yourself on the answering machine. He says he's heard it's really like two shows...what you see on the feeds and what you see on the show/BBAD. Judd says he prob won't watch After Dark. General discussion about the HG's on After Dark vs. The Feeds.

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#BB15 11:41 AM BBT The only 3 up, Judd, Helen and Elissa talk about the Veto comp puzzle yesterday. Also discuss how the show looks on TV. Judd isn't sure he is going to watch the season when he gets home.

#BB15 11:56 AM All 4 cams on sleeping HG.

#BB15 12:03 PM Nothing much going on. We get sleeping HG and a few seconds of Judd and Helen chatting.

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