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Saturday, July 27 Live Feed Updates


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12:27pm BBT: Andy and mccrae in str talking.mccrae says Spencer just got played by Howard.andy says Candice said yesterday they werent playing together anymore.Andy says out of all the names that was the worst . .Amanda in str with Andy now saying Will Arryn or Jessie use the veto on me? In hoh Aaryn tells Jessie you have to play hard girl. jessie says ok i will.Mccrae says Howard is going home and Judd walks in and says he has to go to the bathroom and Amanda says you mad at me and Judd says no i just have to go to the bathroom.
12:33pm BBT: Amanda is the pov nominee.
12:34pm BBT: amanda says dont worry Mccrae. he says i am not worried i just want you to win this. he says dont over think it ok. Helen is telling her to not count groups just multipy it. Amanda is pacing back and forth in the str.
12:37pm BBT:helen in str telling amanda that every 5 minutes is 300 seconds. they are preparing her for a counting timed veto comp. Amanda still pacing and cursing. helen tells her dont stress you can do this and go into it as a confident Amanda and you are smarter than them. Mccrae says they planned this cuz last week spencer said last week that Elissa put herself up and then put up ginamarie then this week she would put up Amanda or mccrae. so she has it again.Helen gives Amanda a hug and leaves the str.
12:42pm BBT: mccfrae says to spencer in str you have to win it of course i want Amanda to win it but if not Spencer you have to win it . Howard has screwed you over with this mvp crap. Spencer says well if he doesnt have it elissa does and i didnt think elissa would put me up. Spencer says Man i dont think he has it it has to be Elissa.
12:47pm BBT: Jessie and Candice are playing in the veto comp and Helen is hosting.Spencer tells Mccrae he needs to go comfort amanda for a little bit. Mccrae says yeah but dude you need to kill this today.Amanda in hoh talking to Judd Jessie and Aaryn.Amanda says i would feel safer if Spencer came off the block but not if Howard comes off.
12:50pm BBT:helen and Spencer in chair rm talkingas helen eats. Elissa walks in and talking stops. Spencer has now put his shades on so he can take a nap before pov. Helen says have you noticed Judd is acting moody today. Spencer says yeah he has been since he is back in the have not rm. helen says i feel like he is mad at me or something. elissa says AT YOU? and helen says yeah.
12:56pm BBT: Amanda. Andy, Jessie, Judd ,ginamarie and Aaryn and mccrae all in hoh rm talking and counting things for the veto comp and if things are missing in the house. Mccrae asked amanda if she knows how the counting game works she says yeah you count. he says you count and write a number down and then you get to play or fold. he says fold the first one.

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1:02pm BBT: Judd asking if Candice wins pov and takes Howard off then who goes up me? Aaryn says i dont know. judd says helen goes up right and they laugh and Amanda says no Elissa will have to go up she cant play pov anyways.Arryn says i really dont want to do that her and i are mending fences but if that is what i have to do then i will do it. Amanda leaves the hoh rm to go take meds.

1:06pm BBT: Candice now joins the hoh rm so talk turns to meds and Amanda pacing.Helen is in the kt cooking slop balls for the have nots. amanda asked to talk to Jessie and arrynin the hall by the chess table. she is worried about Candice playing and winning. Helen and Elissa in str talking about how they will play if the pov is a drop out comp and who is dropping when.hg Have decided that jessie will drop first then when Howard dropps amanda will drop then when candice drps Aaryn will drop.

1:13pm BBT:Ginamarie and Andy has now joined helen in the kt as helen makes slop balls for the have nots.amanda is still upstairs talking about how to keep herself in the house this week and how to win pov.

1:15pm BBT: Helen and Mccrae talking and Helen says she has already talked to Elissa and she is on board to keep Amanda no matter what.mccrae says good. helen says just take care of her and we are good.

1:19pm BBT:Judd and Mccrae in bathrrom talking about amanda going on the block as the mvp. helen in cockpit talking to Andy and Jessie about they have the numbers to get out who they want so if everyone sticks with the plan Amanda will be fine.

1:25pm BBT: Jessie pulls Judd in str and tells him he needs to chill out.Judd says i am i am just upset cuz i wanted to play. Judd and jessie are hugging as she tried getting him in a better mood.

1:35pm BBT: Judd goes in to talk to Howard and he says man i am pissed at you. Howard says why? judd says you didnt tell me you was Mvp. Howard says man i am not mvp and i will tell everyone that on our way outside. Judd says you really arent the mvp and Howard says no man i aint the mvp.

1:39pm BBT: Andy and Jessie in cockpit talking. Andy says i dont want Amanda going anywhere this week ya know. jessie says yeah i know. in the color rm Howard and judd and Candice are still talking about the mvp. Judd thinks maybe that america is but he isnt sure.

1:46pm BBT: Jessie , amanda Andy and Mccrae in the cockpit. Amanda says none of them will take luxuries this time they want that pov.all hg sitting around waiting for the veto comp to start and repeating themselves alot.Andy asked Amanda who she thinks they will put up in her place if she won pov. amanda says ginamarie or Candice i dont know.

1:52pm BBT: Arryn and Helen, Elissa and Judd in kt talking about making frames from cereal boxed and using nail polish to decorate it.helen and Elissa snd Aaryn talking about the jokes that andy and Judd plays with the keys in the wall.

1:58pm BBT:In the kt talk is about making a mat to fram called take one down pass it around. it will be matts that all the hg sighn and then you put them together and have it framed.

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2:01pm BBT: Andy in color rm talking to Candice and Howard, he says everyone is going nuts i think there is alot of energy in the house today. Howard says i dont think its energy i think its hysteria.they have all gone crazy lieing and everything. BB co mes on and says hg sleeping is not allowed except in the bedrooms. andy says eho is sleeping and Spencer says probably judd in the bathrrom sleeping.

2:10pm BBT:candice says i am so excited to play today. most hg just sitting around repeating who might be mvp and who is alligned with who.

2:19pm BBT: Judd comes in hoh and asked Amanda whats wrong and she says i am just in game mode. He says oh ok thought you was mad. she says no. mccrae says i just dont want spencer to throw this comp to howard. Judd says if candice wins this it will be terrible.

2:23pm BBT:there is just general talk going on now about steroids and mean things people say to each other at times. Howard is going to go to sleep as candice is eating slop balls in the bed.jess is getting sick with a headach and a stomach acke.

2:30pm BBT: Mccrae says i will put 5000 dollars down saying that Howard is mvp this week. Judd says he better not have it. do you think he does? Judd says yeah i will put 5 grsnd on it saying he does.amanda is now being called to the dr.

2:33pm BBT: judd telling hg in hoh rm that elissa did not have mvp last week for sure.And we get foth.

2:38pm BBT: Spencer and Andy in cockpit talking. Andy says he guesses when Helen gets called to the dr they will know that pov is fixen to start. Spencer says yeah. andy says who do you think has the mvp howard? Spencer says no deffinatly not Howard.

2:40pm BBT: aaryn comes in cockpit and ask Spencer if he thinks Howard has the mvp? spencer syas no if it was Howard he would have told me. Helen comes in and joins them and aaryn says i just want this pov to get started.

2:44pm BBT: ginamarie in hoh talking about aaryn flipping the bed and candice getting mad and saying things and how she got in candice's face but she says she wouldnt have hit her or nothing.

2:47pm BBT: helen in cockpit talking to Andy and spencer about her kids getting sick but she never gets sick and she has nevrr had the chicken pox. She asked andy if he has ever had it and he says yeah. spencer says he has scars on his head from chickenpox.

2:52pm BBT: amanda and Howard in have not rm talking. amanda asked him if he was mvp and he said i am not mvp she says then why last week was you called to the dr so much he says i dont know. amanda says you dont have any special powers or anything? He laughs and says no i only came in here with the powers i brought and she asked what is that he says my looks and being athletic.

2:55pm BBT: amanda says i honestly dont believe you are mvp i dont know why but i dont.

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#BB15 3:03 PM BBT Amanda in HOH telling McCrae and GM about her conversation with Howard. She says that he hugged her and told her that he has a feeling he isn't going home nor is she. Amanda says she asked him if he was related to a prev BB player. She asked him if he was related to Danielle - says he lowered his head and said "no".

#BB 15 3:11 PM BBT Howard and Candice now talking. Howard tells her about the conversation he had with Amanda. In the SR Andy and McCrae talk. Discussion over who MVP is. McCrae says it has to be Howard. Now talk of Jessie having to win POV. McCrae says she has to win it. Upset that Amanda told her she had to win and take her down.

#BB15 3:19 PM BBT In the HOH room Amanda, Aaryn and Gina are trying to figure out who goes home. They are sure Howard has the MVP.

#BB15 3:31 PM BBT Gina and Spencer have a conversation about who this "Kroger" guy is that they get their food. Spencer tells her it is a grocery store. [it is also known as Ralphs Grocery Store]. General chit chat now with Helen in the BR.

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#BB15 3:36 PM BBT In the cockpit Amanda, McCrae and Andy talk. Amanda is stressing out. She says that she doesn't know if "she" would use the coup de tat. Andy asks if Aaryn agreed to put up Gina if needed.

#BB15 3:41 PM BBT Amanda wants to get on with the POV. She is concerned it will be a night comp. Andy says that they are still building outside.

#BB15 3:49 PM BT Spencer, Candice, McCrae and Helen discuss what were the worst punishments HG have ever received. In the cockpit Elissa, Aaryn and Andy talk. Aaryn is whispering and says something to Elissa about if she has to put her up and keeps her safe [difficult to hear] Elissa says that she promises she won't put up Aaryn next week.

#BB15 3:56 PM BBT Jessie and McCrae talking in the BR. McCrae telling her that its only important that Jessie win the POV. She doesn't have to use it. Gen chit chat in the KT.

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#BB15 4:06 PM BBT Amanda and Andy in the cockpit. They are discussing votes and how much they want Howard to go. Andy doesn't think he is a bad guy but a scary player.

#BB15 4:08 PM BBT Amanda upset that Jessie even considered taking luxuries instead of winning the veto and saving her. Now they discuss what kind of comp it will be.

#BB15 4:11 PM BBT McCrae joins Amanda and Andy in the cockpit. McCrae tells them about the convo with Jessie and how important she will be to them if she wins. Amanda says if she takes a luxury she is going to be very lonely.

#BB15 4:14 PM BBT McCrae says he understands because he took a luxury. Amanda says but they weren't on the block last week [referring to her team mate].

#BB15 4:19 PM BBT Aaryn and Jessie in HOH. Discussing who may be MVP. Aaryn considers maybe Howard. She says that she knows it's not Spencer or it could be Elissa. Jessie called to DR.

#BB15 4:23 PM BBT Instead of going to the DR, Jessie stops to put on make up. Judd tells her she will do well in the comp. They talk about her stomach issues She finishes her makeup and heads to DR.

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#BB15 4:27PM BBT Spencer and Howard quietly discuss their time in the house. Howard says he is glad Spencer got him to move on from the MC. In the BR, Amanda and McCrae snuggle on the bed.

#BB15 4:32 PM BBT Gina in HOH talking to Aaryn. Says that she tries to stay positive in the house. Says that when she was nom'd she just chilled. Now talk about if Amanda comes down that Gina may go up. Gina says if it's time it's time. Aaryn says that the house agrees that the MVP nom is safe no matter what.

#BB15 4:37 PM BBT Gina says that she is interested to watch Howard today in POV. She says he is supposed to be such a beast and isn't. She then uses the word coordination correctly and is very proud of herself.

#BB15 4:42 PM BBT In the KT Amanda is sitting and McCrae is running her back and giving her a pep talk. [Looks like a Rocky movie with the trainer giving a talk].

#BB15 4:46 PM BBT Amanda is studying the memory wall in case it is a morph comp.

#BB15 4:51 PM BBT Helen come out of DR. Tells the HG that it is not time for POV yet. Amanda is very stressed by the wait.

#BB15 4:55 PM BBT Just gen chit chat. All waiting for the competition.

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#BB15 5: PM BBT - Elissa and Helen entertaining the house with dance routine. Most are in the living area waiting impatiently for the Veto Comp.

#BB15 5:06 PM BBT - FOTH for a couple minutes. Possibly the start of the comp.

#BB15 5:09 PM BBT - Feeds are back and everyone has moved away from the living room.

#BB15 5:15 PM BBT - Andy pulls Jessie aside to verify that she has to try to win the veto. Andy tells her if she does she doesn't have to use it. Jessie said that she is going to try as hard as she can. They both agree that Howard and Spencer CAN'T win it.

#BB15 5:19 PM BBT - Spencer is doing some heavy breathing and pacing alone in the cockpit room.

#BB15 5:26 PM BBT - Aaryn is leading GIna and Jessie through another dance routine.

Candace is stretching out Howard on the living room floor and the two switch so Howard is stretching Candace's legs.

#BB15 5:35 PM BBT - Candace telling Howard some detailed info about her family. Howard also sharing. The two seem to be having some very personal conversations.

#BB15 5:35 PM BBT - Trivia...looks like the Veto comp has finally started....stay tuned!

#BB15 6:25 PM BBT - Still FOTH!

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#BB15 7:02pm BBT: Still FOTH.. Do you #BB15 Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net (New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! And it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds: http://mortystv.com/livefeed. You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page: http://mortystv.com/bbuk. Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!

#BB15 7:23pm BBT: Feeds back. Spencer won POV

#BB15 7:24pm BBT: Spencer/Howard/Candice in HN room. Spencer says he went off on McCrae- said he's playing stupid. Mccrae said "Howard took the first shot at Amanda". Spencer tells Howard/Candice that he told McCrae that Howard isn't MVP and needs to think out of the box.. Spencer: "You know what we've got to do now. We need to make this happen. Y'all know what we need to do- we have the votes: Helen, Elissa, GM, Me, and maybe Andy". Candice needs to try and figure out how not to get put on the block. Candice needs to talk to Helen. Amanda/Helen/Andy in SR, Helen saying she'll tell Aaryn to put up Candice- but tell Candice she didn

#BB15 7:28pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn in HOHR. They're listing the reasons why Candice should go up on the block. McCrae says Spencer is mad at him, for telling Spencer he needs to win veto for himself". They are saying how this couldn't be better because they want Howard out. Aaryn says "All he needs is 4 votes, and I will vote to evict him"

#BB15 7:31pm BBT: Aaryn: "Candice is going to go on the block, and she's going to say it's because Howard and her are both black and she's racist".

#BB15 7:32pm BBT: Candice: "The only way Amanda will get evicted is if Helen/Elissa are on board, that way Jessie will follow suit and so will Andy"

#BB15 7:34pm BBT: Helen in HOHR w/ Aaryn/Amanda/McCrae/Andy- Helen saying that she told Candice she'd try to fight for her, so she's just putting it out there. Aaryn says that Candice is coming after her no matter what, Elissa promised her safety if she stays off the block, GM is on her side- so it makes sense for Candice to go up. Helen says that's fine, she doesn't care as long as Amanda doesn't go home. Helen says Howard hasn't done anything to help any of them in this game, so he needs to go

#BB15 7:28pm BBT: Candice telling Howard that she's trying to figure out the connection between Helen/Elissa/Amanda/McCrae. Howard says "When did Helen become ruler of this game?" He wants to know if people are scared. Candice going through the whole game in how Amanda concoted every plan. She says that when Helen became HOH the house split. Candice says "Jessie is up Amanda's ass". Says "Helen got Jessie and Andy riled around her". They don't know what's going on with Judd. They seem to be realizing that Helen has a lot of power and has made lots of deals with people

#BB15 7:44pm BBT: Judd/Spencer in bedroom. Judd says he wanted Spencer to win because he knew he really wanted to win something. Judd thought that a girl was going win, because girls are better with puzzles. It sounds like Amanda was very close to winning

#BB15 7:48pm BBT: Judd and Spencer talking about only 3 more evictions until jury.

#BB15 7:53pm BBT: Jessie/Candice in WA. Jessie says she wants to just go with the house and not make waves. Jessie says that Amanda scares her, but she's afraid to say that now.

#BB15 7:56pm BBT: Candice reports back her conversation with Jessie to Howard.. They don't like that everyone is controlled by Helen. Jessie/Judd in WA- Jessie retelling her side of the convo. Jessie says she had major attitude, and she's afraid that she's going to go and tell Amanda what she was saying about her last week. Judd says Amanda wouldn't care. Then Judd says to just deny it or that she agreed to it bc she didn't know what else to do.

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#BB15 8:00pm BBT: Judd to Amanda/McCrae in cockpit. Judd says once Howard and Candice go, they need to worry about getting other people out before Spencer, like Helen and Elissa. They all agree Helen scares them. Judd wants Helen out first before Elissa- Mccrae says Elissa first

#BB15 8:09pm BBT: Candice/Howard talking about offers they can make to Helen. Candice says it's hurtful that Jessie wants to go with the house, after crying when Howard was nom'd.

#BB15 8:17pm BBT: Judd (to Amanda in cockpit) saying that Helen is freaking him out and that she does too many unncessary things. Back in HN room, Howard says he doesn't feel like he's going home.

#BB15 8:24pm BBT: Howard is making his way up to HOHR. Andy/Helen/Aaryn/Gina Marie/Jessie are up there. Just chatting

#BB15 8:27pm BBT: Amanda asks Judd: "Do you think I'm going home this week?" He says no, he would tell her, and who she needs to talk to. But says, again, that Helen needs to go soon. Saying she is making side deals with everyone

#BB15 8:34pm BBT: Goof Troop in cockpit. The guys think Howard has coup d'tat. Amanda is saying that he definitely doesn't have it, and listing reasons... He made the speech yesterday and seems scared. Andy thinks it might be Elissa and she's throwing the blame, but they don't think she's that smart. Lots of back and forth speculation

#BB15 8:45pm BBT: "no signal" written on feeds. Never seen this before..

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Feeds back. Andy, Howard and Candice chatting in the bedroom. Talking about previous HOH comps.

On other cams, Amanda and McCrae chatting in the cockpit room. Talking about Amanda being on the block.

Amanda asks if he thinks people will blindside her. Mc rolls his eyes and says no, not against Howard.

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Amanda says she's being a baby about this. Mc says he would, too. He says she's going with him to the jury house so they can bang all the time. She says they could go to final 2.

Amanda doesn't think anyone but Howard would put her on the block.

Feeds switch to Helen and Elissa in the storage room. Helen says she thinks it'd be a good idea to keep Amanda this week and hope MVP puts her up again next week and get her out after Howard. Elissa wonders if Amanda is coming after her and Helen isn't sure. She says that Amanda and Aaryn are getting very close and that worries Helen. Helen mentions Elissa having to make a deal with Aaryn to keep her safe next week.

Helen says they'd keep Hoard for Candice and hope Candice and Howard would stay loyal to her and Elissa. Elissa doesn't think enough people would vote against Amanda and Helen says you only need 5 votes. Says Spencer and Candice would vote Amanda out. Helen just wants to consider all options.

Helen thinks Howard and Spencer staying in the house together is a bigger threat than Amanda staying. Elissa says if Amanda goes this week, then McCrae would get made and that'd break all their (Helen and Elissa's) deals they've made with the others. Helen likes McCrae and they agree that Amanda and Aaryn are getting too close.


Helen says she wants to make sure Elissa and her are on the same page and not to tell anyone about this convo. But, Helen wants to talk to Jessie first and wonders if Jessie and Judd have had this same convo, about getting Amanda out. Helen and Elissa don't want the whole house again McCrae, so they'll get Amanda out next week.

Elissa says with Howard gone, it'll be more clear on who MVP is. Helen says if Howard leaves, Amanda may not go up as the MVP choice again. Helen says Howard needs to go, but feels bad for Candice and is worried that Amanda won't be put back on the block again.

They wonder if they can get the MVP powers back after Howard is voted out. They say now they know Amanda isn't MVP b/c there's no way Amanda would risk her game.


Elissa thinks Howard is a bigger physical threat but Amanda is a bigger strategic threat. Helen says she told McCrae that Aaryn cannot make jury and he agree but Helen feels Amanda is manipulative.

They say that only Spencer or Candice would put Aaryn on the block next week, since Elissa made a deal with Aaryn to keep her safe next week.

Helen says that if Aaryn leaves, that leaves McManda in the game and they are a strong team.

Elissa says it's a lot to think about. Helen agrees and says to keep quiet and she'll talk to Jessie about her opinion.

Elissa says that Aaryn flipped a switch and is being so nice. Helen doesn't think Aaryn would target them and Elissa says maybe not this week but she porbably will in the future.

Elissa says Aaryn needs to go next week and they should chance keeping Amanda. Helen says Amanda will campaign to keep Aaryn next week, just you watch. Neither of the girls want Aaryn in jury to vote for a winner. They think Amanda will keep Aaryn for a vote and make Helen or Elissa take Aaryn out, getting the blood on their hands and securing a vote for Amanda.


Helen says as of right now, they are voting out Howard, but she'll talk to Jessie. Helen asks how afraid are they of McCrae and Elissa says he's a strong competitor. Helen doesn't want both Aaryn and Amanda in jury together.

Talk turns to food and they leave the storage room.

Other feeds show McManda still laying next to each other in the lounge.

Aaryn, Jessie and Elissa are in the kitchen.

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Feeds switch to the colorful bedroom, where Judd and Andy are chatting. Candice and Howard are also in the room, quietly chatting to eachother in their bed.

Andy goes out to the kitchen to find out how much longer until the chicken is ready.

Feeds show McManda again. She has switched positions (hey oh!) and is now sitting up in the lounge.


Andy and Jessie talking in SR. Jessie says Candice hasn't been nice to her for the last few days and all of a sudden approached her tonight about her feelings on Amanda.

Jessie then says she's looking for nuts (hey oh again) and Andy finds a bag of nuts for her. They leave the SR.


Judd joins McManda in the lounge. MC asks if anyone is in the DR and wants to request his white hat. He leaves to ask DR and Amanda asks to request whole milk. Seems DR won't let Judd have one of his hats, either, but MC says he's not going to ask about Judd's hat.

Other feeds show Candice and Howard in bed chatting.

Elissa has joined Amanda and Judd in the lounge. They're talking about the POV comp.


Spencer comes into the colorful bedroom. He asks Candice and Howard what they're game plan is tonight, if they're going to talk to people tonight or wait. Candice wants to wait until the replacement nom is done on Monday before they start talking.

Candice mentions Helen and Spencer says he and Helen are cool. Candice says he needs to talk to Helen b/c she has an army and if Spencer can get Helen on his side, people will listen to Helem. Candice says they'll both talk to Helen and they only need 5 votes to evict. Spencer wants Jessie up are a pawn but Candice says that won't happen. Candice isn't sure if Aaryn really wants to put her on the block or if it'll be b/c then Candice can't vote to save Howard. Spencer says to tell Aaryn that if she puts Candice on the block that she's a bigot.

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Spencer, Andy, Judd and McManda in lounge talking about veto. Spencer says he got all his puzzle pieces first. Amanda says she wants to win something in this game. Andy says he just wants to play in a veto and Spencer says he'll nominate Andy next week to grant his wish.

Judd asks Spencer if he's going to use the veto on himself. Spencer says no and Judd asks Howard and Spencer says no, he's just not going to use it. They laugh and someone asks if that has happened before. They say yes and mention Marcellas. They then talk about when Brenchel when home on BB12 and 13.

Amanda says she doesn't like the thought of talking on live TV (since she'll still be a nominee on Thursday's live show) MC says she really loves it and she says no. Andy says, well, we'll find out how funny you are.


Feeds back - (Anyone else out there to take over?!)

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#BB15 9:30 BBT Feeds are up Amanda and Mccrea are talking Candice and Andy are also talking.

#BB15 9:35 BBT Mcamanda doesnt look happy, Mccrea says he is going to keep talking about production he doesnt care, He is trying to cheer up Amanda says she
is going to jury with him so they can bang all the time. Now in the storage roon is Helen and Elissa talking about Keeping Amanda and getting Howard out this week.
now talking about how Amanda and Aayrn are getting close. Helen doesnt want Amanda coming after Elissa. Helen heres my thing we keep Howard for Candice getting her on our side.
Andy will go with us. Now shes just talking about whose with them they are going back and forth on Keeping Amanda over Howard. Or Howard over Amanda.

#BB15 9:40 BBT In the end with Helen she says Howard is going out this week try to get Amanda out next week. In the color room Judd Andy and Candice are just talking.
Helen and Elissa are going back and forth. Now with the MVP and so on.

#BB15 9:45 BBT Elissa is saying if Howards goes Candice will go nuts she will come after us.
they are now talking about next week. Helen keeps going back to Amanda and Aayrn getting close and that scares her. (little does she know that they are working together so she is right on target with that.)
no saying after next week two more week to jury. Saying they need to get Aayrn out before jury.

#BB15 9:50 BBT Elissa is saying that Aayrn is now trying to be so nice when for awhile she was the dveil. and Helen is saying over and over
we need to get Aayrn and Amanda out before jury. BB Andy you are not allowed to talk about production. Elissa and Helen are just trying to figure out how to get them (Aayrn and Amanda) out.
Helen right now we are going after Howard. Helen its not that I just dont want Amanda is jury I dont want they both in jury Helen ok dont say anything about this. Now talking about what to make to eat
Amanda and Mccrea are still in the lounge. Elissa and Helen are now in the KT with Aayrn.

#BB15 9:55 BBT nothing new to report, Aayrn is cleaning out the refreg. Helen is cutting something, they are cooking chicken Mcamanda are stuggingle and kissing,
Howard and Candice are in bed together. Judd is sleeping. Amanda is telling Mccrea that he makes this game so much more fun to play. Jessie and Andy are now talking in the SR.
Jessie is talking aboout how Candice came up to her to talk about Amanda, she saying that Candice isnt being really nice to her, throwing Amanda in her face threating her. Now they are looking for nuts. walks out.

#BB15 10:00 BBT Candice is saying how Andy came up to her and says the house wants Howard out and all this now shes talking about if she stays they will come after her now.
now talking about the votes. All we need is five people. Judd is now in the lounge with Mcamanda and Elissa walks in. They are talking about the Veto comp now.

#BB15 10:05 BBT Candice and Howard are just talking about the same thing, in the lounge they are talking about the Dimond power of veto, Elissa is talking about how her husband treats her like gold
shes now saying that she has no advantages in this game at all. She couldnt even put up who she wanted to when she was mvp.

BB15 10:10 BBT in the lounge they are just talking about the veto and how much fun it was

#BB15 10:15 not much going on just chit chatting.

#BB15 10:20 BBt Ginamarie come into the lounge and yells f*** you dick I dont want to hear it and walks out.
in the kt now is Helen, cooking fryed rice, Aayrn,Jessie and Elissa Spencer is called to the DR. its dinner time.

#BB15 10:25 BBT the HG are starting to eat all but Amanda and Mccrea and Judd, everyone else in at the table eating chicken and salad.

#BB15 10:30 BBT now eating is Andy, Helen, Elissa, Jessie, Ginamarie is sitting not eating. Candice is sitting at the counter not eating. they are talking about other dinners they have had.
Judd and Candice are in the have not room. the light goes out so they can go to sleep. Amanda and Mcrea are in the lounge room.

#BB15 10:35 BBT the dinner talk is about the veto comp.
talk is also on Helens fryed rice (reminds me of when Aayrn told Helen to go make some fryed rice well now she did and it was good.)

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10:40PM BBT Howard and Candice talking in the HN Candice told Howard to give her real kisses not fake ones.

10:45PM BBT Andy,Helen,Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda and Mccrae in KT. Amanda said she was thinking of back dooring Mccrae it was a joke. The Kt crew told Elissa congrats on being nominated the most times.

10:48PM BBT KT crew talking about past nominations and past competitions.

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