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Saturday, July 27 Live Feed Updates


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Dining Table (DT)
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The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
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Head of House Room (HOHR)

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12:05AM BBT Ginamarie and Aaryn in Kt cooking. Mccrae,Amanda,Andy and Judd in HoH. While Candice and Howard in the BY. Elissa is in the DR.

12:21AM Amands said she does not understand Howard speech and she would like to confront him to find out what he means. Everyone in Hoh said that Howard was staring at Andy while he was speaking.

12:24AM BBT Howard and Helen talking on the hammock. Helen told Howard after the game they would remain friends.

12:32AM BBT Everyone in HoH thinks Veto is counting, Amanda hope she plays she is good at counting. Andy thinks Spencer is weird that he wants to marry Marilyn, because all he does is talk about how Jessie looks hot.

12:34AM Everyone in HoH claims that Spencer said that Jessie private part tasted like butterscotch. Amanda got really upset and said that if any man that she dated would make any kind of derogatory comments like that is disgusting. And she would never look at him again.

12:44AM BBT Helen and Candice on the hammock, Helen told Candice she can promise her that she is not going home this week.

12:50AM BBT Amanda and Mccrae is now in the pool. Candice and Helen on the hammock. Howard,Spencer and Andy on the couch.

12:54AM BBT Aaryn and Elissa talking very quietly Aaryn is explaining what Howard told them in his speech. Helen just join in. Everything Howard told Helen on the hammock she just repeat it to Elissa and Aaryn.

12:59AM BBT Aaryn just said that Jessie is sick in HoH

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:05AM BBT Jessie was on the ground in the Hoh WA feeds was cut for a bit while production take a look at her.

1:14AM BBT Jessie is now up and left HoH she has a migrain, she is now in bed Judd is also there with her.

1:14AM BBT Ginamarie and Aaryn in WA Ginamarie asks Aaryn if she thinks Amanda is real with her. Ginamarie thinks that Amanda is only protecting herself.

1:25AM BBT Amanda and Mccrae taking a shower Amanda is trying to go into Mccrae shower. Amanda is have not. Candice screams out she is trying to see what she is working with.

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9:00 am BBT HG are all sleeping. Cam 4 is on a stuffed doll...hmmm is it more interesting then sleeping HG??

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7:00am BBT HGs are all sleeping
7:57am BBT Snoozefest continues...
8:05am BBT Spencer gets up to use the bathroom. Economizes on time by running water over the tips of his fingers on one hand (we wouldn't want to actually wash!) and wiping his dirty hands on the towel. Then back to bed for him. Next up was Helen, who did a little better - she actually put soap on her hand and rinsed it right back off.
8:39am BBT Andy's up to visit the facilities... and back to bed.

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Guest 6Borders

9:34am BB Tim

Feeds are up and so are the HG's (some of them anyway)

Judd and Helen whispering at the kitchen table...I can hear Helen say I feel bad, it's a game and he's going to play hard for the Veto. She says Howard hasn't won a comp yet so we'll see. She thinks it's going to be a numbers thing. Judd says he told her (Aaryn) if she gets HG Choice he could pick him.

Helen leaves and Judd is eating...he mumbles something about "stupid bitch over there" ? and keeps eating.

Helen is jogging around the house so it must be Indoor LockDown

Judd says he doesn't know if he will put put on the block..Helen says so getting your food it right

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9:35 am BBT Feds are back. It looks like Helen is taking her morning walk through the house and stopps to wisper to Judd in Kitchen. She (Helen) is saying Howard is going to play hard for POV, then Helen left the room and Judd is left eating and thinking.

9:39 am BBT BB anounced Bedroom lights must be on during the day. Helen and judd have idle chat each time Helen passes through the kitchen on her morning run.

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Guest 6Borders

9:38am BB Time

BB Reminds them the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.

Judd says he wishes Jeremy were still here...Helen snorts. Judd says I do, he was nice to me.

Helen says he was not nice to most ppl and was awful to her.

Judd says David was nice, Helen agrees and Judd says "I don't know, I think.." (David was only there 13 days)

Helen says everyone is nice {apparently except Jeremy}

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9:41 am BBT Looks like all other houseguests are still asleep in bed

9:42 am BBT BB Anounced GM, Amanda and Candice "I said the bedroom lights must remain on during the day". Helen and Judd just laugh at that then Judd anounces he is going to take a cold shower.

9:44 am BBT Candice and Elissa up, Judd in Kitchen telling Candice good morning, Helen hi-fives Candice as she passes her, Elissa making her bed, BB called Helen to DR, GM & Howard are now up walking around.

9:47 am BBT Looks like morning ADL's no other game talk yet.

9:49 am BBT FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

9:44am BB Time

We have FOTH but still have sound. Judd yells Good Morning Candace at the top of his lungs.

We briefly get the feeds back and Candace in her blue snuggie. FOTH but still sound.

Helen asks Candace if she slept ok and was it still freezing? Feeds come back

BB calls Helen to the DR (9:45am BB TIme)

Someone off camera starts to go to the DR and Candace says "Helen's in there"

I can see Elissa up making the bed and some stirring in other beds.

Judd is looking for something in one of the drawers talking with Elissa. Elissa has on the crown and they are laughing and joking. Judd asks if she is going to get a BB15 tatoo and she says joking of course, everyone does.

9:49am we go to FOTH

(I have to head out for about an hour but it looks like we have morning coverage. -6Borders}

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9:52 am BBT Elissa and Judd in kitchen taking about when they get called to DR then another FOTH

9:56 am BBT feds back and Elissa in kitchen wondering if cooking spray is a luxory item because it would be easier than vegtable oil. Judd in WR shaving, Howard said he wants to eat something and go back to sleep, Candice is naming her options for food because she is a Have Not.

9:58 am BBT Elissa told Candice she feels bad for her in the Have Not room, Elissa wishes BB would give them Greek Yogart, Jessica up in shower, Judd still shaving, GM brushing her teeth.

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10:03 am BBT Howard giving Candice suggestions for breakfast. After putting more towels on the shower door Judd gets into the HN shower. Jessie is in the other shower.

10:06 am BBT Jessie is out of the shower, GinaMarie accidentally used Jessies toothbrush. GinaMarie offers to get her a new one from SR, Jessie says it doesnt matter to her and brushes her teeth.

10:10 am BBT Spencer walks into the WA and asks Judd if he is using his (Spencer) towel. Judd gets out of shower. Helen jogs into WA says Good Morning to all. Jessie is feeling better but really tired.

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10:15 am BBT Helen suggest they have an arm wrestling contest tonight, GinaMarie says not with her hands. They complain the house is colder then usual.

10:23 am BBT GinaMarie and Amanda doing their hair, Spencer gets off the lounge in the WA. Helen is still jogging and Howard is sleeping.

10:27 am BBT Elissa wants more healthy yogurt. Amanda was told to put her mic on, she replies "your mic" Elissa says you go girl. (That's all the excitement there is)

10:31 am BBT Judd asks Elissa if she is MVP, she says no. Judd says America must be then or Howard. Elissa says the Grasshopper Alliance is going down one by one. Judd says he will shave his head or do what ever it takes to win the Veto today.

10:33 am BBT Aaryn is called to DR. Judd says must be to pick players. Elissa asks "with them still drilling out there?" They LOL. Judd: Andy we will offer you $600 to stab Helen in the back. Andys reply would be I already did for free. They LOL over this comp being a Bob the Builder comp. Grab your screw drivers and drills.

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10:39 am BBT General chat, they have been called to DR one by one. It's GinaMaries turn to wear The Bear Shirt.

10:44 am BBT There are 4 cams on the feeds, 2 on Aaryn in the HOH WA and 2 on the other WA. Aaryn is called to the DR again, this time she is ready. Jessie and Amanda still have to go to DR so they figure its not time for POV yet. Andy says they have drawn for POV then like 3 hrs later played it.

10:50 am BBT Jessie is missing stuff from her make up bag. Candice gets up and snuggles Howard for a min. Howard laughs at her as she tries to change her top, she says he just wants her boob to pop out. Helen picks up the garbage in the WA. She says when you watch the show the house is so clean. (she has never watched the feeds apparently, they are filthy HG)

10:58 am BBT Jessie is ready for DR, Andy wonders why they are calling everyone but him...FOTH...Back...Judd whispers to Andy. Judd feels bad for Howard. (Missed part of it) They need to jump on the couches and says the sympathy vote is over MF. (talking about Howard/Spencer)

11:04 am BBT Aayrn comes on WA, she says has the curling iron and a blow dryer upstairs. they have 5 ducks in the WA but some are missing from the pool. She wants to take one home with her. She leaves and Judd says he wants him (Howard) out so bad.

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Guest 6Borders

11:03am BB Time

Judd and Andy are chatting in the bathroom.

Aaryn comes in and tells Andy she can't wait until he's HOH because it's so awesome waking up in the HOH...it's like a vacation.

Aaryn says they still have 5 ducks in here (bathroom) but 3 ducks are missing from the pool. Aarryn is taking a duck to her HOH bathroom.

Judd and Andy whisper about Howard. Judd says at least we know what we are dealing with with Spencer.

Andy says don't try to convince me,,,my mind is made up. Judd says he's not.

Judd says if it (BB) were really about charity cases they should go find some charities.

Andy says he wishes he was as productive as Helen..she gets up and runs like 8 miles and then cleans the whole house.

Andy says the one time he did dishes he was ticked because none of them were his. Discussion about messy HG's.

Andy asks who are you the saddest to see gone and Judd says Kaitlin.

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11:09 am BBT Andy wishes he had Helens energy, she jogged 8 miles then cleaned the house. Andy/Judd say they wash their own dishes. Judd misses Kaitlin the most of the evicted HG. Jessie/Andy/Judd and Helen are in the Breakfast Club, they get up early and have breakfast outside and chat on the couch.

11:14 am BBT Meanwhile Candice and Howard are quietly talking she is telling him about some dates she went on. Howard is called to DR and Candice finishes her makeup.

11:17 am BBT Amanda made some Vanilla slop ice cream, Helen and Andy say, "OMG thats really good!" Helen is putting dishes away. In WA Candice is telling Judd that if outside the house Howard pursues her and asks her on a date she would say OK.

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Guest 6Borders

11:09am BB Time.

Andy & Judd discuss the HG's who are gone. Judd says getting out David was a good move. It's good that Jeremy and Kaitlin are both gone because they were so messy!

Jessie joins the boys discussing her DR. She says her personality doesn't come across in DR.

Andy asks who she's putting up with her MVP...says "we know you got it"

Helen is cleaning and the rest are watching her.

They discuss The Breakfast Club (the HG's who get up early). It's Judd, Andy, Helen and Jessie.

Andy says Nick was part of it..I miss him (he's joking but it takes them a minute to catch up)

Some mild Nick-bashing.

11:14am BB Time

Andy is saying "I just want to have this stupid (POV) meeting".

Judd says yeah, he wants to know if he's playing or what.

Just general silly chit-chat then Andy decides he needs to eat something.

Judd wants to know if you gain or lose weight on Ramen noodles...Andy says depends on how many you eat but he doen't think Judd will gain weight on the two a day he says he will eat.

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11:21 am BBT Amanda sings Mc awake. She starts naming ppl that she misses and we get FOTH. Back. Amanda says she thinks they are telling everyone to wake up but they dont really need to. She puts Deodorant on Mc underarms. She feels she is going to get MVP today.

11:27 am BBT Helen telling us that while she lived in DC she had 13 roommates. Every blonde that lived there got engaged and moved out. She was the only one to stay there. she interviewed a few from Craigs list and 2 are now her best friends. There was only one that she didnt get along with.

11:32 am BBT Helen continues to tell stories about the bad room mate. Elissa and Amanda say they are not playing BB they are playing BB clue. Some one had mentioned they smelled a skunk last night. Spencer said it was probably musty towels.

11:36 am BBT Aaryn tells a story about her bad room mate. Andy's turn to tell a room mate story. FOTH, back and talk changes to what breed of dog do the HG look like. Jeremy was like a Rottweiler, GinaMarie would be a Chihuahua . Nick would be a hunting dog. Jessie would be a beagle? Aaryn called to DR.

11:40 am BBT No Jessie would be a terrier. Andy would be an irish setter. Howard would be a friendly pit bull. Candice is a poodle. Elissa would be a lhass apso. Kaitlin would be grey hound. Mc is a japinese chin. they change Nick to a rat that acts like a dog. Jessie is changed to a corgi.

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Guest 6Borders

11:18am BB Time

Helen is cooking/cleaning the kitchen and Jessie is fixing her hair over the counter. Amanda comes in and puts something in the microwave (or gets something out) and leaves.

Kitchen they are discussing Nick. Helen says there was potential for him and he was probably pissed he left...he could have won the whole game. Andy says he was most sad to see Kaitlin go and Helen agrees.

Andy is giving Aaryn a run-down on organic granola. Aaryn says the 2nd ingredient is sugar.

Camera switches to McManda. Amanda is singing "good morning to you" and uses her nephews names in her song which sends to to a brief FOTH.

Amanda asks what's the date today 27th or 28th? McCrae murmurs "idunnoknow"

Amanda says McCrae smell...adds "yummy" after a pause and puts deoderant on him.

Amanda says she wonders who is going up for MVP today and says she has a feeling it's her. McCrae agrees and she says "really?" They whisper something I missed.

Judd comes in with a jug of orange water.

McCrae says he would get the F up if they didn't play the same stupid songs every day.

Elissa is in the next bed. Discussion is just different songs.

Amanda gets excited about something I missed and briefly runs out of the room.

General discussion about jewelry. Elissa starts to name her kids and we get FOTH

11:26am BB Time

Kitchen: Helen is relating when she lived in DC she had 13 room mates and the joke was it was the water. If you were blond and drank the water at their house they got engaged and 6-7 blond roommates all got engaged. Helen said she found someone late and was teased about Helen is still there.

Helen tells us she found some roommates on Craigslist...Helen doesn't know if Michelle and MaryBeth signed releases {apparently they did because we did not get FOTH}

Helen tells about a roommate who had hundreds of dog figurines and relates a story about how they were accused of 4 figurines being moved. Helen says she did not know what to say.

11:30am BB Time

Camera switches to the light room. Elissa is relating a product that tones your butt.

Elissa says the broken chair on the wall freaks her out. Andy (I think) asks "what's the point". Elissa doesn't know.

She wonders if it means something like broken chair=broken promise or broken heart.

Amanda says it does. Elissa says we are not playing big brother we are playing mystery.

Amanda says someone skunked their bed last night. Elissa wants to know what that means and Amanda says "with skunk spray"

Elissa wants to get up but her body doesn't.

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Guest 6Borders

11:35am BB Time

Andy is now relating roommate stories to Aaryn. Aaryn wants to know if Andy's roommates are gay or straight - Andy says one of each. Andy tells us about his roommates and how they became friends. Brief FOTH

Aaryn is trying to decide which dog figurines the HG's would be: they decide Amanda would be a great dane, Jeremy would be a Rottweiler, Candace would be a poodle, GM would be feisty chihuahua, David would be a golden retriever/yellow lab mix; Nick (I think) would be a hunting dog; Jessie would be a beagle but then they decide not...Andy ponders and then decides Jessie could be a boston terrier. Andy thinks due to the color of his hair he could be an Irish Setter...they think that Aaryn might be because of her hair.

Jessie says name some dog types. Andy says Judd would be a bloodhound. Judd disagrees..says maybe a chihuahua and Andy says GM is already one. They decide Howard would be a friendly pitbull. Andy says McCrae would be a Japanese Chin..Judd disagrees and thinks then says "this is a stupid game".

Andy says don't rain on our parade we were having fun.

Judd thinks Elissa would be a poodle...something pretty.

Spencer (I think) is a St. Bernard and Helen is a shiba inu.

{Judd is right, this is a stupid game}

Aaryn has been called to the DR so they think POV will be soon.

Dog discussion continues and now they are just naming dog and their personalities.

Jessie sings "you ain't nothing but a hound dog" but we don't get BB piping in.

Judd decides Jessie is a corgi and Andy agrees.

11:46am BB Time

McCrae is telling about a dream that he woke up and the BB House was connected to another house and the people there were playing Big Brother also {didn't they punk this on BBUK???}

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11:46 am BBT Mc says he had a dream that BB moved a wall there was another whole BB house with ppl playing BB. Judd says they do that in other countries. Talk turns to the different size tables they get.

11:52 am BBT the guys are in kitchen playing games with the Memory wall. Some is appropriate, some not.

11:55 am BBT Aaryn comes out of DR saying "Hey everyone its...LOL..let me start over. "Hey everyone its time to players for Veto competition." TRIVIA

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Guest 6Borders

11:47am BB Time

Discussion is when they get a smaller table and how many tables they get. Andy says only two and they disagree and say it's 3...that you get a real small table at F4.

Andy says something fishy is going on...Aaryn just ran out and got something and ran back to the DR.

Andy asks who based on their photo do you want to punch in the face most and least.

Most is Judd...also Candace

Least is Kaitlin and (missed the other one)

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