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Friday, July 26 Live Feed Updates


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1:05 pm BBT Andy and Candice still talking in lounge about the deal with Aaryn. Andy heard that his name was lumped into it. Andy knew Aaryn was staying and he genually did not know who he would put up. Candice knows Howie is a really good man, he gets paranoid, he worries alot. Andy said for the first week or two he was going into DR saying he trusts Howie and Spencer. Candice said Howard makes himself look shady.

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1:10 pm BBT Candice telling Andy she don't know what is going on. She went and talked to Aaryn and told Aaryn that as HOH don't let others tell her what to do. Candice said Howie feels like people are trying to take him out and she cares about him so she can't carry that weight.

1:18 pm BBT Andy, Aaryn, McManda in HOH talking about Spencer following them around all the time. Talk turns to the movie "Sex in the City"

1:21 pm BBT Andy asking BB to call Aaryn into DR so they can do the comp then FOTH

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1:01pm BBT: Hg are hoping that today might be a luxury comp. candice and andy in cockpit with candice repeating herself about not protecting howard.
1:04pm BBT: Mccrae saying that Candice has to go home before jury. aaryn says i agree. amanda eating the hoh candy (again) jessie doing her nails. amanda is going downstairs and Mccrae says dont start crap she says i'm not he says you better not. she says i'm not.
1:10pm BBt: aaryn talking about purfume she brought with her and about someone spraying it and how much it cost. Amanda says i know so inconsederate
1:13pm BBt: Amanda now eating out of the hoh basket (again) .Andy comes up to hoh and Aaryn says i think i am putting andy up and she turns and says oh andy i didnt see you there and then laughs.Andy says i was down there and candiice was crying. amanda says good i have no remorse. He says that Howard and Candice are now playing their seperate games now.
1:19pm BBT: Candice now in bed with Howard in coclor rm and Judd in the other bed all seem to be sleeping.Andy in the hoh with Amanda ,Mccrae, Jessie and Aaryn asking Aayn what she will do if she spent all this time getting ready for this comp and they tell her she has to play in the comp and then he laughs and we get foth.
1:23pm BBT: amanda head downstairs walking from rm to rm to see where everyone is and slams doors as she closes them . andy in hoh says i almost wish helen was hoh every week and has her americanism and he imitates her yelling that Jeremy needs to go home. Aaryn says did she say that to em and Andy says no just jeremy.
1:28pm BBT: amanda and Helen talking in wa. helen says this morning Candice told her that she wanted to play her own game not Howards and amanda says oh really thats funny and we get foth. feeds back and Amanda walsk out of wa goes to kt and gets a drink then goes back to hoh rm.
1:32pm BBT: helen is now running in the house as they wait on the comp to start. Aaryn in kt making her a drink. andy and amanda and Mccrae saying people need to leave before jury.
1:35pm BBT: Jessie says so who will be the first member of the jury Andy says maybe Elissa.
1:42pm BBt: amanda and andy talking about playing the food comp and who might win and who has lost the food comps for them. downstairs Howard is snoring really loudly as Candice and Judd are sleeping also. helen is still running through the house for her workout.
1:47pm BBT: Aaryn has now been called to the dr. Hg are hoping for the food comp now.Andy says if it is cold food i will throw up. amanda is finishing up jessies nails before the comp.helen is running to change clothes from her workout clothes before the comp begins.
1:52pm BBT: Aaryn is now out of dr and yells everyone put on your shortest shorts and pasties its time for the food comp and she laughs and goes to her hoh rm.
1:55pm BBT:Judd is making food as Elissa talks to him Mccrae is making food also befire the have not comp in case he goes on slop. Andy in hoh saying everyone lisses Elissa butt cuz of the mvp and he says that is bull.

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2:00pm BBT We have trivia. Its either food comp or Noms....or both. Let you know as soon as we know.

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3:58 pm BBT Howard talks to Aaryn, gives his pitch to not be nom. Spencer says he feels bad for Candice, Helen agrees says two weeks in a row. (Candice is a HN)

4:01 pm BBT HG have uniforms on. They got Ramen and Raisins. Andy says he lost his bed mate, GinaMarie just took her first cold shower.

4:06 pm BBT Amanda joins Mc in the cockpit. She is annoyed, its no's fault but her own. She likes to sleep in the same bed. Mc says with me? (Amanda joins Candice/GinaMarie as a HN) Mc says he will snuggle with her and walk her to her bed, he is a pro at making Ramen noodles.

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4:09 pm BBT Howard tells Aaryn that what ever she does he respects her. Back in the cockpit, Mc offers to get Amanda something to drink, he will do everything for her. She tells him his feet stink.

4:15 pm BBT Howard tells Aaryn he likes to throw stuff out there to see where it goes, he told Kaitlin stuff and it got around. Aaryn tells him he will not backdoor him dispite what ppl want her to. If she puts him up its not personal. She tells him she had to make deals, she had to agree to throw the HOH comp or put up who they want.

Aaryn says she is on the outside of the house, she had to make deals. Howard tells her he wont put her up if he gets HOH, he is going after ppl that think they run it. She says she is scared of ppl here. She sees how ppl act with her last week compared to this week. Howard says he will be on her side.

4:22 pm BBT Howard goes tell Candice that Aaryn is scared to make a move. He gets called to DR. Helen is talking to Jessie in WA but drying is running and cant hear.

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4:26 pm BBT Amanda goes to HOH. She tells Aaryn Howard wont put her up. Aaryn tells her the convo with Howard. Aaryn tells Amanda she will probably put Spencer and Howard. Amanda says you should ask who has made a secret alliance with Howard and Spencer....all the hands would be raised. Aaryn says Jeremy F'd up alot of stuff in the game.

4:28 pm BBT Andy says that most ppl dont know who close Aaryn is to most ppl in the house. She says she has had to make deals with them all.

4:32 pm BBT Howard tells Judd that he is not worried he just hates it when ppl use personal insults to hurt ppl. Howard pulls Judd into the BR and tells him he (Howard) would prob go up on the block.

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4:36 pm BBT Aaryn says she doesnt want to mess up her HOH. Amanda tells her she isnt, she is doing what the house want. Amanda doesnt want Elissa to make jury. Aaryn says she didnt know that Jeremy made deals with everybody.

4:39 pm BBT TV screen says Nominations Today. Aaryn says she is surprised more ppl havent come to talk to her. She expected Helen to come up and talk.

4:41 pm BBT Andy joins Spencer, Judd and Howard and tells Howard not to be so quick to pull ppl away like he did last night. Andy suggest he waits till they are alone. Helen comes in and asks Andy if she can talk to him. She asks if he has talked to Aaryn. Andy tells her its Howard and Spencer going up. Andy thinks America is MVP. Helen says Elissa told her how she kinda knew she was going to MVP and we get FOTH.

4:44 pm BBT Amanda comes in tells Helen and Andy that its Spencer and Howard going up with Howard going home. Andy says he is not telling Howard/Spencer that tho.

4:45 pm BBT Helen goes to Elissa and tells her she is safe. She doesnt have to worry about not playing for POV. Elissa apologizes to production for being bratty this week. BB voice says "Welcome to the BB evidence room where you will be .......FOTH

4:49 pm BBT Feeds back and Judd tells GinaMarie that "she" will teach them how to talk. GinaMarie says she can talk just fine. In WA Jessie wonders how the HOH nom stuff works. Aaryn is in DR. Amanda says Helen is the middle man she isnt going to be (with Aaryn) Jessie looks at something on the side of Amandas temple and says she just doesnt know, has Amanad been putting the med on it?

4:56 pm BBT Mc tells Helen that Elissa will prob get HOH next and they all need to go up to her room and TELL her she has to put up Aaryn or she is gone next week. Helen says she will control Elissa as much as she can but that Elissa is not coming after Mc. They need to get rid of Aaryn and GinaMarie.

4:58 pm BBT Helen tells Mc for them to control Aaryn she will control Elissa.The girls will make their own drama by themselves.

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5:00pm BBT:Helen and Mccrae in cockpit talking.Mccrae says amanda will never go after you but she will go after elissa. helen says ok as long as she isnt after me. mccrae says even if Elissa wins hoh we are all so tight we have the numbers.Andy has walked in to the cockpit and joined the conversation now.andy saying no kidding for the last 2 weeks he has trusted Aaryn more than Kaitlin anyways. Mccrae says i want to try to make sure Elissa makes it to jury.
5:05pm BBT: Spencer is now in the hoh talking to Aaryn.Aaryn said that howard came up earlier and that you 2 had a conversation with Kaitlin and it was because they thought she was going home.Aaryn says i understand Kaitlin was strong and could have probably won but no you would have won and i know next week that i will probably go back on the block again. spencer says i would never have put you up. Aaryn says i am telling you the only rerason i am doing this is in order for me to stay here i had to make deals.aaryn tells the deal she made that if she won hoh they could make the noms.
5:09pm BBT: aaryn says i respect you Spencer and i trusted you and i got hurt. Spencer says i understand that and you got to do what you have to do but just tell me one thing if i go up am i going home? aaryn says no you are not the target. spencer says can you tell me who they are? she says i dont want to mention names but i will tell you i made the deal with helen.AAryn says they are scared of you Spencer you almost won hoh this week they are scared of you.
5:12pm BBT: aaryn says spencer i dont want you to go home i have no one here to play with or go to jury with and i dont want you to leave. Spencer says let me ask you is Howard the target? She smiles big and says yeah.
5:15pm BBT:Aaryn says A: you are not the target and B: you can win pov. and i want you to win it i dont want you leaving.
5:18pm BBT: In the cockpit Amanda ,Andy , Mccrae, and Helen are talking about making slop balls and ramen noodles. Andy tries the raman and says it is pretty good.
5:21pm BBT: In the hoh rm Aaryn is still talking to spencer. She is telling him that Judd put her in a bad situation and i wont do that to you spencer. Spencer says we are cool this week and next week we will have to cooler. Aaryn says if you win hoh next week put me up i understand. but right now i have no choice i have to try to redeem myself.BB calls Spencer to the dr.
5:27pm BBT: Spencer says he feels safe going up against Howaed since he doesnt talk game with many people . He says i got to go to dr so if you have other options then please keep me here ok. Aaryn says ok i want you in jury so i will keep you here.
5:29pm BBT: Spencer says just let me tell you there are people that can offer you better protection than Helen, Candice and Elissa. Aaryn says forget candice. he says ok just remember. she says i will. Spencer leaves to go to dr.
5:31pm BBT: we have trivia on the feeds now.
5:41pm BBT: we are still on trivia must be nomination time.

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7:00PMBBT Feeds are back. We are awaiting to hear who was nominated. Aaryn is wearing Judd's bear shirt.

7:03PMBBT Jessie is in the cockpit talking to Howard. She is crying. Telling him of all the people there he deserves to be there, it would change his life. She is asking him to not give up. Howard says "If I don't win 500thousand in this game I will win it somewhere else. Whatever you hear or anything like that, you know me, I ain't gonna say anything mean about nobody." She nods in agreement. Amanda just confirmed in the HoH room that Spencer is the other nominee.

7:05PMBBT It is confirmed that Spencer and Howard are on the block!

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7:10PMBBT Jessie and Spencer are talking about what to eat. Jessie says she can't do much in the kitchen. Spencer says he isn't either. Spencer says to Jessie "In case you are wondering I am not F'ed up abut being nominated" Jessie says "You and I are good pawns, we just gotta stay cool. How do you feel about going up against Howard?" Spencer says he hates it.

7:12PMBBT Amanda and GinaMarie are in the HoH room. Amanda is thinking the MVP was the twist and America probably has it because "Everyone was probably sick of Elissa winning it every friggin week" They are now talking about Candice. They are complaining about her voice. Amanda told GinaMarie that Howard told Candice to tell Aaryn to put them up. And we are back to the "I hate that b**ch"

7:15PMBBT Howard is deep in prayer in the cockpit room. Candice is in there eating ramen noodles. Howard finishes and sits next to Candice. She says Amanda is smiling from ear to ear. Howard is explaining his outlook to Candice, even if he doesn't "win" he will win outside of the game. He will be alright (I must say the guy is pretty positive).

7:20PMBBT Aaryn, Helen are talking at the KY counter. Elissa is listening. They are eating. Kaitlin and her game play are the topic of choice. Elissa pipes up about how Kaitlin saying he will probably never see Jeremy again. Aaryn says "Ya that was just for show"
Elissa and Aaryn just shared a bowl of salad (I think)

7:25PMBBT Spencer and Andy are in the lounge. Whispering about game. Spencer is hoping the 4rd nominee makes a difference. He does not want Howard to go home. He thinks the MVP nom will be someone who has a good chance of winning. They both say Howard is freaking people out. Spencer is comparing James from S6 to Howard. McCrae sits down and the James talk continues.

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6:08pm BBT The HGs are having the nomination ceremony - who do you think is going to be put up?

6:47pm BBT We're still waiting to hear the outcome of the nomination ceremony - stay tuned!
6:59pm BBT Looks like Howie and Spencer are nominated. Lots of dancing in the storage room and HOH.

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7:30PMBBT We have FotH for 30 seconds. Howard and Candice are talking in the cockpit. Howard says he used to be like Jeremy. Candice brings Rachel's second season, she says the same thing is happening in the house right now. But now they have chosen partners rather than being made to be partners. She is going through the season and EvilDick leaving. Judd is now talking to them about it.

7:35PMBBT Candice thinks the "power couple" is picking people off one by one because everyone is afraid to stand up to them.
In the KT Aaryn, Elissa and Helen are cleaning up the cooking mess.

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7:38PMBBT Aaryn "I have 2 jugs of that Simply Lemonade in my room and some treats so if you want some come up and grab it. This HoH basket is killing me" She enters the HoH room and GinaMarie is ranting about her pageants having to go against a Toddlers and Tiaras pageant and because everyone went to that she had to cancel hers. Jessie says life is "F'd up like that!" Jessie puts food in her mouth and keeps talking so it sounds like marbles in her mouth.

7:43PMBBT In the HoH room the talk has turned into the money. Who needs it, who would probably blow it and who will actually help their friends and family. Aaryn is listing off what she will do, she will invest and make money forever. Jessie and GinaMarie are agreeing. Jessie says she will take her family on vacation but not go crazy.

7:48PMBBT Aaryn asks Jessie about Howard's game. She asked if Howard throws out names and if he throws people under the bus. Jessie says "No he isn't like that. If you ask him a question he won't answer all the time, he will distract you by asking you something or going a different way." GinaMarie and Aaryn both say "Ohh." they sounded kind of surprised.

7:50PMBBT They thought Candice was going to go "bat sh*t crazy" GinaMarie says she has 3 strikes against her. "She is on her period, a have not and Howard is on the block, it is just a matter of time." She says she wanted to "slap the sh*t outta her" but she let it go.

7:55PMBBT Aaryn thinks they should have the nail party tonight because if Howard or Spencer wins veto she will have to put Candice on the block and then it will be weird. Jessie says "She'll have to just suck it up." GinaMarie is now complaining she gained weight and her jeans are too tight so now that she is a have not she will lose weight.

7:56PMBBT Aaryn is concerned about her sister's letter "She said so many times 'Don't forget who you are' I am wondering how I am being portrayed at home. They are probably showing me as one sided." Jessie "I am wondering if they showed your fight from last week?" Aaryn "Oh ya they did, they had to." (Yes and the half-dozen before that as well)

8:00PMBBT Jessie was trying to make a deal with Aaryn. Aaryn says she isn't sure what is going to happen, it is too early to tell. Jessie is pleading her case and Aaryn is just nodding, putting on her lip balm.
GinaMarie is complaining to Helen about something that happened in the HN comp. She is happy she got raisins, she thinks America gave her them because of Nick.

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8:07PMBBT Jessie and Aaryn are still chatting in the HoH room. We can hear yelling, it is GinaMarie, the BY is open. Aaryn and Jessie hug.
In the lounge, the talk is about movies. Helen's kids love Polar Express and Thomas the Tank Engine. Helen made them a Thomas train cake for her kids' birthday.

8:10PMBBT Amanda says she is done with cigarettes. McCrae "Are you really? Are you going to be still in the morning?" Amanda says "ya" McCrae says he will hold her to it.
Helen is talking about her kids' birthday still and the entertainment they have had in the past. She is dominating the conversation. Spencer, Howard and Andy are smiling, listening.

8:16PMBBT Aaryn walks into the BY. Amanda "Oh look it's the HO!!!" jessie "Ho???" Aaryn "Ya H-O-H.. The HO!" Jessie "Ohhh." They are now debating what the Veto will be tomorrow. Andy is now outside, McCrae is saying if someone gets HG choice, he will do anything but shave his head. Aaryn says she wouldn't be mad at someone for not taking something, it's personal. Helen is now outside. Both Andy and McCrae say they will fight tooth and nail for the next HoH.

8:20PMBBT The comp talk is still happening in the BY. Aaryn brings up grumpy cat. They want to do a grumpy cat photo in the photo booth this week.
Howard and Candice are in the lounge, snuggling. She says "You will want all the minutes you get with me" he says he isn't going anywhere. She says "You don't know that." She is listing what she can leave him if she leaves.

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8:25PMBBT Candice and Howard cuddlefest, hear to heart continues.
General Game chitchat in the BY. What comps they like, who might play, what they will wear... GinaMarie can see a purple neon thing behind the glass. She wonders if they are supposed to see that. Aaryn thinks it is weird thinking about the world outside.

8:30PMBBT Amanda and McCrae are now in the hammock.
GinaMarie is now in the lounge talking to Howard, the elliptical isn't working so she is telling him, gave them a run down of what is happening in the house and left. Howard and Candice are continuing their talk.

8:40PMBBT Howard is telling Candice about his past relationships and what worked for him and how much he likes confidence. Someone walked by and said "hey" and kept going. Howard whispers "Guilty people can't talk much".
McCrae and Amanda are whispering. They are hoping to win the veto. They agree Helen talks too loud (you can hear her across the yard).
GinaMarie and Spencer are starting a game of pool.

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BBAD (I have to call it an early night tonight, so this will be my only update)

8:00 PM BBT Jessie and Aaryn are talking in the HOH about the Have Not competition. Sounds like it was a word competition similar to scrabble. Jessie has only competed in one POV so far this season. Aaryn is buttering up Jess saying she is stronger than a lot of the girls here. Aaryn thinks there are three duos, Amanda/McCrae, Judd/Jessie, and Andy/Helen. Aaryn said that Elissa hugged her twice and squeezed her tight after nominations, and that Helen said that they weren't going to nominate Aaryn. Jess said Howard was crying after nominations. GM is yelling very loudly that they can hear her in HOH to tell them that the backyard is open. Jessie/Aaryn hug and are being BFF girly girls.

8:10 PM BBT Amanda is smoking on the backyard couches. McCrae is there and Jessie joins them. Jessie gives Amanda a hug saying, "hey my gorgeous girl." Amanda then fills Jessie in on what GM said, saying that GM is targeting her. Jessie says she doesn't care.

8:15 PM BBT Jessie/McCrae/Amanda still on the couches in the BY.

Andy/Howard/Spencer/Candice in lounge talking about their parents' ages and other random topics. Spence and Andy leave Howard/Candice alone.

Aaryn and Andy have joined the outside crew. Helen has also joined and the topic are favorite competitions so far and grumpy cat. Nothing important going on.

8:22 PM BBT Howard/Candice talking game sporadically. Candice said she'll be like GinaMarie next week when Howard leaves with Howard's earrings in her hand. They laugh.

Spence has joined the BY crew and more useless chatter. Jessie: "Y'all haven't figured it out yet? We're never getting out of here." Helen says her coworker got her hooked on BB, and when the summer would end, she would be depressed (I feel your pain). GM now joins the BY crew carrying Nick's hat. They are discussing how many days they have left. They think it's 54 or 55.

8:29 PM BBT Most of the houseguests are in the BY talking and trying to entertain themselves with beach balls and other random things. GM is trying to do the elliptical in high heels while wearing Nick's cap.

Amanda/McCrae are now underneath covers at the hammock. Amanda comments that Elissa hugged Aaryn. BB: "Andy, please go to the Diary Room." Andy: "Damn it!"

Candice/Howard still talking in the lounge. GM walks in and gives Howard a hug. GM says the elliptical is not working. She invites them outside to join.

In the other snuggle session, McCrae: "You're not going anywhere, pretty girl." Amanda, "Thanks, baby." In the background, you can hear Helen, and Amanda comments: "She's so loud."

BBAD continues until 11 PM BBT tonight. Good night.

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8:42PMBBT GinaMarie starts talking about her ex fiance, calls him a jerk, and how much she loves her friends and we get a brief FotH. She is now singing. So another FotH. Amanda and McCrae are small talking in the hammock still and you can still hear Helen through everyone else's mics.

8:46PMBBT McCrae and Amanda are surprised that Candice hasn't freaked out yet. McCrae "But, Howard is probably calming her down" He worries that he and Amanda will go on the block together. They have a deal with Judd and Andy. Amanda thinks they are safe because she and Andy are "sooooo different." McCrae is giving her tips on how to get through their week of slop.

8:50PMBBT Amanda "Ughhhh I wanna have sex." McCrae says "Wait til jury house." Amanda "We can have sex in the bathroom" McCrae "They can record there too!"
GinaMarie and Spencer are still playing pool. Candice and Howard are still whispering in the lounge.

8:55PMBBT Candice sings a line from a Rihanna song.
Amanda says that production is encouraging her and McCrae to get it on and we get FotH.

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#BB15 9:00 BBT Howard and Candice are in the lounge talking Candice thinks they maybe trying to backdoor her.

Amanda and Mccrea are lying in the hammock just talking. Spencer and Ginamarie are playing pool.

#BB15 9:05 BBT Candice is talking to Andy and Spencer in the lounge talking about the have not comp, Mcamanda are

still lying on the hammock Elissa is running.

#BB15 9:10 BBT Candice is talking about how many calories are in the noodles theres 380. Amanda gets up and goes in the KT

now Candice is talking about how her and Howard cant sleep together. Mccrea walks by the KT.

#BB15 9:15 Andy wonders about the what the veto comp would be since they are not setting up tonight. Spencer is now asking who the mvp maybe.

He says he hates being up agaist Howard. Candice hopes the mvp puts up a bigger target then Howard now talking about season 13

#BB15 9:20 BBT Candice is still talking about season 13 comparing it to this season, Amanda is making raison jam. calls Andy over is asking him if

he got mvp. Andy no.

#BB15 9:25 BBT Candice says that the third person the mvp puts up never gets any votes, It happened with Jessie and Helen.(fact is Jessie and Helen were not the MVP noims that week.)

#BB15 9:30 BBt Howard, comes out the DR Ginamarie is called to the DR. Aayrn is in the KT getting ice cream. Candice is sleeping in the lounge, Howard is making grill cheese toast.

#BB15 9:35 BBT Helen says she feels bad for Candice being a have not for two weeks in a row. Helen and Jessie are playing pool. Judd is in the Have not room with Spencer, who was giving him a wake up call

Judd is called to the DR. Mccrea and Spencer are talking, about Howard being the target this week. Helen and Jessie are talking about goals in life. Mccrea is telling Spencer that they the girls were going to put up Candice.

But Helen wanted him and Howard up. Mccrea is telling him that he wants him here and if he wins veto he will take him off the block.

#BB15 9:40 BBT Spencer and Mccrea are trying to guess who the mvp is this week. and who they will put up. Mccrea thinks the mvp is Candice Judd and Howard are talking about how long

it takes them to go to sleep in the have not room. Andy joins Mccrea and Spencer talk stops Andy then walks back out. They continue talking about the mvp. also who will go up if someone comes down

by veto. Elissa.

#BB15 9:45 BBT Elissa and Andy are talking in the KT about what time they usually go to bed outside the house. Andy walks out.

Out in the by now are Andy Howard Judd Mccrea and Spencer. they are just talking.

#BB15 9:50 BBT Elissa is in the WR talking to Ginamarie about Hydrogen Peroxide Amanda burns the slop. She is trying to make Slop balls with raisens, cinnion, and powerd sugar.

while the by crew is just smoking and talking.

#BB15 9:55 BBT Elissa is taking a shower now. Jessie joins the By crew Helen is in the BY now eating nuts. Jessie is talking about how she was flashing back to her High school days.

They want alcohol tonight now talking about the tv show sex in the city.

#BB15 10:00 BBT The BY crew is still talking about Tv shows Aayrn is in her hoh room with Andy, who is eating her oreos Aayrn is talking about her childhood friend

Mccrea comes in, Aayrn offers him some of her snacks The cheeseits Judd walks in. talking about Jessie crying after her noims. they are digging into her snacks with her. Aayrn is saying she wanted Jessie to see how it felt to

have someone she cared about being on the block. Andy asked if Jessie is likable.

now in the hohr they are talking about red necks and Honey BooBoo???

#BB15 10:05 not too much is going on right now, Really no game talk just chit chatting

Aayrn is just saying that no one is going after Elissa now because shes on everyones side.

Mccrea is saying even if they come after them they dont have the number. now talking about who mvp will put up. Elissa again maybe

Ginamarie. Mccrea think Elissa will go up again.

#BB15 10;10 BBT Aayrn is talking about EvelDick saying that he will just hate her. Talking about how he

was really bad towards his daughter on his season. They are now talking about the veto and houseguest choice.

out in the by Helen and Jessie and Spencer are just talking.

#BB15 10:15 BBT In the By they are still just talking, Jessie is talking about a ranch house her family owns, Amanda is

now in the hohr. Aayrn is saying how the bench Elissa had to go under durning a comp, was bent and how she said something about it.

you can hear BB say you are not allowed to talk about prodution Elissa is now in the BY

#BB15 10:20 BBT Helen is telling a story about some mobile home, and a farm and what all they grow on it,

its one of her families friends. up in HOH they are just sitting around.

#BB15 10:25 BBT Helen Andy, Spencer, Elissa and Amanda. are all at the memeory wall talking about the HG that they kicked out. Ginamarie is up in hohr talking to Aayrn, who is saying that she told everyone that her major was phycology, she says she lied.

Ginamarie says people lied to her face, they got alcohol so they are all happy now even the have not get to drink some Candice has some wine.

#BB15 10:30 BBT the HG are getting their drinks

#BB15 10:35 BBT

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11:05PM Jessie and Candice talking in the By. Jessie told Candice she wants her to be normal in the game. Jessie told Candice to stop the negative vibes. Candice is upset that she is HN and Howard is on the block.

11:15PM BBT Judd,Ginamarie,Andy,Amanda,Aaryn in Kt general chit chat.

11:17PM BBT Spencer /Howard playing pool Spencer said to howard they both are in a bad position. Howard said he think it might work out for them.

11:21PM BBT Feeds is on and off tonight, Aaryn is making fun of the cookies she made she said it taste like perfume. Andy said you just got taken to the candyland Bit**

11:27PM BBT Howard just had a meeting in front of everyone in the KT he said he is just playing the game and he does not like when they take it personal. He also said he is going to play hard in the veto, and no one is going to tell him what to do. Howard said he is also loyal and grown cannot be different from who he is.

11:39PM BBT Spencer and Howard talking Howard said that he and Candice need to win Veto to shake up the house. Mccrae and Amanda counting votes if one of them go up as the third nominee there is 8 people they need 5 votes to stay.

11:43PM BBT Jessie talking Amanda and Mccrae she said that Howard,Candice and spencer have a bad attitude and are being sore losers, and they should suck it up.

11:49PM BBT Amanda and Mccrae in the cockpit she is giving Mccrae a hickey on his stomach.

11:51PM BBT Mccrae think that Howard speech insulted him because said he had bigger fish to fry. Meaning Amanda and Mccrae.

11:55PM BBT Mccrae thinks that Howard is so fake and Howard would win Veto. Mccrae said Howard have deals with everyone in the house. Aaryn said she is so ready for the Pov tomorrow. Aaryn said she would not take any luxuries or prizes so the nomination would stay the same

11:58PM BBT Aaryn said the only person wants Howard there is spencer and Candice. Aaryn just told Mccrae and Judd that Howard told her someone made him swear on a bible that he would not put them up. Mccrae replied that was me that made him do that.

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