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Friday, July 26 Live Feed Updates


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12:02 AM BBT It's midnight Friday morning in the BB house! That means its Have-Not Happy Hour! Shouts and cheers erupt as the HNs begin eating and drinking normal food. Cheers to everyone that have been HNs more than others. Amanda gives cheers to everyone for making the final 12. Someone points out "We're finally a normal sized cast now!"

12:12 AM BBT General chit chat and joy all around the house right now as the HNs eat normal food. Amanda and McCrae are in the chair room whispering. McCrae is telling her about Dan's funeral last season and that they need to plan for something like that. Andy passes into the HNR to retrieve food he stashed away during the week. Judd, Howard and Andy have joined McCrae and Amanda are just having idle chit chat. Amanda is tired (I'll believe it when I see it!). Out in the KT Aaryn, Elissa, Helen, Jessie, GinaMarie and Candice are chatting about the Bachelor.

12:27 AM BBT Down in the chair room there is a mash of conversations going on about different subjects. Feeds switch up to Andy snacking on Aaryn's food from her basket. Aaryn and GinaMarie walk in and Andy laughs saying he though she was up there and saw the basket and started snacking. Aaryn tells him it's ok and offers him some wine. The three of them toast (GinaMarie drinks apple juice). GinaMarie is going to take off the nail polish. She says it's for people with darker skin. She knows the company and it's for black people. She goes onto say that they were looking at the pictures on the memory wall and they were talking about the black and white pictures and GinaMarie chimed in saying "The pictures were already black and white! Zing!" (Can one double face palm?). Judd knocks on the door. Aaryn says if you knock you can't come in. Judd says he wasn't sure if she was naked. Aaryn: "Yeah naked for the live feeders!".

12:35 AM BBT Feeds switch to Amanda and McCrae whispering. McCrae wanted to tell her to throw the comp before they went out. They talk about hearing the crowd gasp/cheer when the ball almost went in what it did. McCrae says that's good because if America is MVP then...<mumble> They wander off and feeds switch back to the HoH. Down in the lounge Candice and Howard are talking. Candice says she's worried if they put Howard up. Howard isn't going to simply throw names out. Candice understands but you have to give her something (names/votes). She goes on to clarify that you can't say you have the numbers without giving her the names. Candice asks who they have for votes. Howard says they have 4. Candice says you need 5. Howard says no. Candice says the HoH will break the tie. Howard says there you go. Candice says that's still so far away.

12:49 AM BBT In the lounge Candice is weighing the option of telling Aaryn about the plan to evict David the first week. Candice is afraid that she may take that information back to Amanda and McCrae. Candice wants to point out that they did with David, Nick, and Kaitlin. She knows Aaryn wants to make moves in the game, how great would it be to flip on them. Out in the KT McCrae is offering a pep talk to Elissa telling her to keep trying to build on her relationship with Aaryn. Elissa isn't hearing any of it. Elissa said she offered her congratulations. McCrae praises her for that.

12:55 AM BBT Elissa says she's not going to let Aaryn effect her ever. She doesn't care if Aaryn likes her because she doesn't effect her at all. She has a good life outside the house because she is a good person. Amanda offers her a piece of advice: Don't stress or panic about going up because it will happen. Elissa doesn't care if she goes up. McCrae and Amanda disagree saying she shouldn't say that. McCrae continues to offer his pep talk to Elissa about trying to befriend Aaryn. Elissa starts bringing up the racial things that were said by Aaryn. Talk turns to the earlier conversation I didn't document. Aaryn had told Candice and GinaMarie that she has started saying "axe" instead of "ask". Amanda doesn't think that's racial necessarily. Elissa disagrees.

01:01 AM BBT Talk turns away from Aaryn when Candice walks through to use the WC. Elissa says she doesn't want to be a HN again because her eyes were so sunken in. "They" told her they would give her eye cream and she told them she was using the best eye cream possible. FoTH. Feeds are back and talk has talked to hemorrhoids. Switching feeds, Howard is in the lounge by himself. FoTH. Feeds back and Andy says "I feel like when I go in I get an intern and they're like 'What do you want Andy?!'" More FotH. Feeds back and they're laughing at Andy. Talk turns to what the HNs have eaten. Candice had 3 slices of pizza and a baked potato. Andy calls her the p-word. They start trading lists of what they've all eaten tonight.

01:07 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the HoH. Down in the KT Judd, McCrae and Elissa continue to talk. Back around 12:55 AM Elissa had also mentioned she felt like she had been misled about this show. She was not prepared for it at all. She hopes Aaryn goes off the deep end because it will make for good TV. Idle chit chat has continued. McCrae asks if Rachel and she will get their own shows. Elissa says they already do. They do a show about pet-friendly places while traveling. During one of her trips they were driving to Vegas and they stopped at a gas-station and some lady was like "Mama won't eat!" She asked for clarification and a lady had a dog that wouldn't eat. She had to talk her husband into buying the dog from the lady. She didn't want to sell it. Eventually they finally settled on a price and the lady started crying. The dog had a large belly and was either filled with water or worms. Eventually they had to find a Wal-Mart to get food, a crate, etc... and they continued on to Vegas to catch their flight back to North Carolina. The dog's name is Zona. Feeds switch.

01:16 AM BBT Feeds switch to Amanda and Andy in the lounge. Andy asks how things went after he went to bed last night. Amanda says she's tired because she was waiting out Howard and Spencer. She points out that the Goof Troop has yet to be even up on the block. Both agree that they're all playing their parts perfectly. Amanda says Howard and Spencer will be going home this week and there is no blood on their hands. FoTH. Feeds back. Amanda says Candice is going to go insane. Andy says Elissa is insane. Elissa is saying that Aaryn snubbed her after the competition but he watched her slither away from Aaryn making it clear that she didn't want her touching her after the competition. Amanda agrees saying that she was in the KT boohooing that she'll being up. Andy and Amanda both say "Shut up! It's not going to happen!"

***Twitter Reply*** RT @whiteyX: @mortystv I never thought anyone could annoy me more than Rachel ... I stand corrected!! Elissa is SOO annoying when she drinks!! oi #BB15 -- Or when she's sober for that matter. Zing!

01:23 AM BBT Talk in the HoH is about BB finals (just before coming into the house). Intermittent FoTH. Back down in the lounge Andy tells Amanda that Elissa tried to flip the vote today with Helen and then when Helen tried to call her out on it she denied it. Amanda says Elissa turns everything Aaryn says into a racial comment. Andy says the one thing that terrifies him is if she gets HoH. Amanda says she doesn't know the four of them are working together so it doesn't matter. Spencer comes in and the talk turns to the HoH tonight.

01:35 AM BBT Checking up in the HoH we idle chit chat between Helen, Howard, GinaMarie, Aaryn, Candice and Jessie. The current topic is an episode of Sex and the City. Back down in the lounge McCrae has joined the conversation. Talk is about Elissa really being crazy. Amanda says she's known this. McCrae wishes they knew exactly what was going on with the MVP. Andy says if Elissa did have a stroke of genius and nominated herself last week she wouldn't dare do it again this week. They all agree.

01:45 AM BBT They wonder what Kaitlin is up to right now. Amanda doesn't. She says it was her own fault. Spencer says all she had to do was keep her mouth shut and she would have been safe this week. Talk turns to the blindsides of the season. They think Nick was the most surprised. Jeremy was the exact opposite.

01:50 AM BBT Idle chit chat around the house for the most part. Sex and the City talk continues in the HoH. Spencer thinks he's going to go to bed around 2:00 am BBT. Repeat game chat. Elissa has gone crazy. Candice is crazy. Kaitlin shouldn't have spoke. Judd comes into the lounge and Spencer mentions to Judd that he mentioned to Amanda and McCrae that he saw a new side of Aaryn tonight especially when she showed the picture of her in her snowboarding gear. "How great is it that she teaches under-privileged children how to snowboard!" They laugh and joke about it for a bit. Elissa comes into the lounge. Talk turns to stinky feed. Spencer and McCrae both have stinky feet.

02:06 AM BBT Up in the HoH bathroom Howard has begun talking to her. Howard is clarifying the conversation that Candice had with Helen earlier. Aaryn says that Candice told Helen she knew that she made a deal with her (Aaryn). Aaryn tells Howard that she had to make a deal with them to keep herself safe for the week. Her original plan was to throw the competition but that didn't work out as she intended obviously. Aaryn says whoever she puts up she is doing strictly going with the numbers. Howard understands and says the he knows she's a smart girl because he talked with her during her last HoH. But next week when she's out of power she'll be back where she was the week before. But if she shakes the house up things have the possibility of changing.

02:12 AM BBT Intermittent FoTH. That's all Howard has for her and he'll talk to her tomorrow. He heads out and Aaryn tells Andy, Jessie and GinaMarie what he just said. Aaryn tells GinaMarie that Howard wants her (GM) there when he talks to Aaryn in the morning. Aaryn said that Howard said GinaMarie has been with him 24/7 and she knows him. Aaryn is scared to talk to him. GinaMarie laughs and says she may be stuck in traffic but then says she'll be there for her. Aaryn says Howard comes at you like "a heathen!" Aaryn said on the one hand she was relieved when she got 36 in the HoH but she was scared. She said last time she had Jeremy, being HoH alone is scary!

02:20 AM BBT They begin to say how crazy Elissa is. Down in the HNR Howard and Spencer are whispering. Spencer said he told her that she could put him up if she wanted to. Howard says he talked to her as well. Spencer asks who he told her to put up. Howard says he wasn't going to give her names. Spencer understands. Spencer says but if she flips and gets another powerful player out that would be huge. Spencer says Elissa is his first choice out, but Amanda would be just as good. Howard says she's thinking about it because she's getting nervous about it (I don't personally believe so, she seems as if she really wants to work with Helen these next couple of weeks - Niteslacker). Spencer thinks they're in good shape. Spencer says Amanda and McCrae are upset about Candice and he asks he talked to her. Howard says he did. Howard says Candice is working to build her relationship back with Aaryn.

02:27 AM BBT Spencer says he believes that they need to get Elissa out soon. They've all said that they will vote her out when she goes up. Spencer says if she goes home they'll be able to pull in Andy, Jessie and Judd, add in Candice and they'll have themselves a small army to go after Amanda with. Talk continues on. Spencer is going to bed soon because he wants to be social tomorrow.

02:35 AM BBT Up in the HoH talk is about the different competitions they've done so far. Aaryn starts to say something but then stops. Jessie tells her to say it. Aaryn points out that she's won 2 HoHs and never been a HN that'll be good to have if she makes it to the end...and that she probably shouldn't have said that. They laugh and say they already did. Spencer comes up to the HoH. Feeds switch down to Candice and Howard in the WA. Candice says "she told me to wake her up to make pancakes with her in the morning. So I feel she wants to talk." Feeds switch back up the the HoH. Idle chit chat. Candice comes in and says she's going to bed. They tell her good night. Aaryn tells her to wake her up in the morning so they can make pancakes together. Aaryn starts to tell a story about High School and the feeds switch down to Amanda and McCrae making out.

02:42 AM BBT Feeds switch back to the HoH and Spencer is telling a story. Feeds drop back down to the lounge. Amanda says she's going to go to bed. Amanda asks if he needs to use the toilet first. McCrae smiles and laughs and says they're not going to talk about it (See yesterday's updates early morning). Amanda asks if he's sure. McCrae says he thinks he found the camera in there. Andy is may be back. He's not sure. Spencer asks if that's his good bye. Andy says it is. Talk turns to some of the different kinds of kinky sex they've had. Back down in the lounge Andy has joined Amanda and McCrae. Andy is relaying the conversation Howard had with Aaryn and someone walks by. Andy freaks out asking who that was. *knock knock knock* Howard opens the door. *Dun dun dunnnn*

02:49 AM BBT Howard says "Sup..." Andy says "Huh?" (He has a deer caught in the headlights look on him). Howard mumbles something and starts to pull the door closed but then opens it quickly and he starts laughing. He says "Uh...it's late...just so you know...we're all good right?" McCrae says yep. He's heading to bed and pulls the door closed. Andy is freaking out that he might have been heard. McCrae crawls across the floor trying to see if he can see through the frosted glass to see if he's listening outside the door. Andy spends the next five minutes running back and forth while having McCrae and Amanda talk in different voice levels to see if there was any chance he could have been heard. Andy reassures himself that he couldn't have been heard. Andy says their voices were mostly muffled even when they were talking loudly. Talk resumes. Andy says Howard, Aaryn and GinaMarie are talking tomorrow.

02:57 AM BBT McCrae says the final six is Goof Troop, Helen, and Aaryn. Andy is still freaking out. McCrae says ultimately it'll all fall back on Aaryn so who cares. Amanda goes to take off her makeup. Andy and McCrae go back and forth over whether Andy was heard or not. Switching feeds Howard flips the lights off and kneels down to pray next to his bed with Candice already in her spot. Howard finishes and rises up to take off his pants (leaving boxers on) and Candice says "I wanted you to win HoH so you could get a new pair of flip flops". Howard laughs hard. Howard says "Ok first off the conversation with Spencer is he asked Howard if Candice said if Aaryn won HoH and she said to put up GinaMarie and me." Candice says she hasn't even talked to Aaryn yet. Howard repeats his convo with Aaryn.

03:05 AM BBT Howard said he talked to Spencer again and Spencer asked about it again. Candice says she didn't talk to her Helen or Aaryn about putting Spencer up. Howard says he told Spencer they each need to try to get Aaryn to make a move this week. Howard says he told her she's low man on the totem pole on that side of the house. Howard says he talked to Aaryn about the rumor as well. Candice wonders where it came from. Candice says she told Howard that she's going to suggest Spencer and GinaMarie. She questions Howard if he said anything. Howard says no he's just repeating what he heard. Candice wants to sit people down and call them out. Howard says to let it go. Candice gets really defensive. She wants to know who said what. She starts to move and Howard rolls over on top of her to get her to stay put. She tells Howard to get off her. She's not happy she wants to know who said what.

03:12 AM BBT Candice scolds Howard to get off of her because she wants to think. She raises her voice numerous times asking who said what and he tells her to quiet down and relax and listen to him. He makes her promise not to get off the bed and listen. Howard starts repeating the story. He heard it from Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae, and Spencer. Candice is not happy. She wonders if Spencer and Howard started it. Howard says she's all he's got in this game. She starts to raise her voice and he hushes her up again. Candice keeps raising her voice and Howard keeps telling her he doesn't want her to blow up. She gets really defensive about this and says she's not going to blow up. Finally she says she just wants to go to bed and tosses her mic on the table. Andy, Spencer, Judd, McCrae and Amanda are all going to bed as well. Amanda is walking around with her hands over her naked breasts waving a cup around. They're all laughing quite hardly. We'll rewind in a moment.

03:20 AM BBT Up in the HoH Jessie is talking to Aaryn and GinaMarie. Jessie is telling Aaryn that she thought her game was shot last week. Andy comes in and says he's going to bed. He clarifies the sleeping arrangement with GinaMarie (his bed mate this week) and tells Aaryn that he was in the lounge earlier and talking with Amanda and McCrae about Howard and he opened the door and just stared at them before closing the door. They all laugh and say there's no way he heard him but Howard just does that.

03:25 AM BBT Andy, GinaMarie, Aaryn, and Jessie are all running scenarios this week. Aaryn hopes this HoH doesn't come back to bite her in the butt. Jessie and Andy says Elissa is on her 2nd strike and if Elissa turns on Aaryn that they have 7 people that will talk Elissa into not mistreating her. Aaryn says she's going to put up Howard and Spencer this week but she wants safety next week (uh...you were kept in the house this week...That was your safety. How'd Kaitlin's deal work for her?)

03:39 AM BBT Up in the HoH room Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie continue to game. Jessie says that if Aaryn wants to get out Elissa this week she would completely understand and support her. However...she's played with the house alliance for 2 weeks now...wait...no...1 week now and they'll keep you safe if you do what they want.

03:45 AM BBT GinaMarie asks what had happened the week Nick went home. Jessie explained that she didn't feel safe with GinaMarie and Co. She felt very awkward around them and the other side of the house made her feel welcome. GinaMarie explains that Spencer told Judd that Nick was gunning for him but GinaMarie says that was the first week only but because Spencer said that it had caused Judd and Jessie to ultimately flip. Jessie says "So what we're all learning hear is that Spencer is the root of all your problems!" Aaryn says she doesn't feel like she is on Howard and Spencer's radar. Jessie understands and says that Elissa is crazy. Jessie says ultimately you have to do what's best for your game. Aaryn says she doesn't want to put Elissa up this week because if Elissa is MVP again she'll put up Howard and the house will still vote out Howard.

04:02 AM BBT The children continue to discuss scenarios in the HoH. Meanwhile Howard is up and heading into the HNR to look for Candice. Howard tells her to come back to bed. She says she doesn't want to. Howard asks if she's mad at him. She says she's just stressed out. That's what he's here for. She says he's a loyal person but if he has a game with Spencer then he should go play with him and leave her alone. Howard asks if this is about he and Spencer and then explains that he was close to Spencer early on because he is more savvy at the game than he is but he's a good guy that he trusts. But he likes her as well especially because she has helped him especially when it came to dealing with Elissa.

04:07 AM BBT Candice says the only person she told that Spencer and GinaMarie should go up to was Howard. Candice doesn't care about Spencer. He could go home for all she cares. Candice wonders why he doesn't defend her when Amanda and McCrae talk bad about her. Howard says it's because he's mingling...that's his game. Candice tells him to play his game then. She doesn't care. Howard doesn't like that. He wants to play together. He just doesn't want her to drop names. He mentions he's worried about her blowing up. She goes off on him telling him that he needs to stop telling her that he's worried that she's going to blow up. She is a professional woman. She is a Speech Pathologist on National television and was Miss Louisiana. He has known her for thirty something days and she doesn't blow up. She did blow up about the mattress because her mattress was flipped and she was antagonized. Of course she blew up.

04:14 AM BBT Howard just doesn't want her to drop names because he's seen what happens what names are dropped in this house. Candice says she's not afraid to say Amanda and McCrae's names. Howard gets really defensive saying that he's not scared of anything. Candice questions if he's working with Amanda and McCrae. He blows her off and says no. She wonders why he waited until 2 am to tell her this. Howard says he has defended her since the flipped mattress. He didn't come to the house to get involved with someone. Howard says she is constantly telling him to not get onto people about things but then she gets mad when he doesn't defend her. He wants to know what she wants him to do.

04:19 AM BBT Meanwhile Jessie has left the HoH and GinaMarie and Aaryn are still chatting about who is going up this week. Back down in the HNR Candice wants to tell GinaMarie that whatever this rumor is she wants to make sure she understands that she didn't throw her name out there. Candice says she's a real person and she hates when people lie on her. Candice says if she has to she'll sit everyone down in the LR and make each and everyone of them air the dirty laundry. She hates secrets and lies. If it sends her home then so be it. Jessie comes in and flips the lights on and asks if they've seen Judd (She had a glass of wine...it seems she's lost), they point her in the direction of the bed those two are supposed to be sleeping in. Lights back off. Candice wants to talk to Aaryn and try to get her to do a power move. Howard agrees but he doesn't want to drop names. Candice says everyone else is quick to drop his name. Howard says he ain't like that.

04:24 AM BBT Candice wonders why he's so afraid to drop Amanda and McCrae's name. She wonders what if he and Spencer are going to plow over her at the end of the game. He is mad that she doesn't trust her. He's not gaming her. He trusts her. She asks if Spencer knows about the deal. Howard says no. Howard says he didn't get it from him if he does know because he's been with her all night. Candice wonders if anyone heard them talking.

04:29 AM BBT Howard wishes she'd stop questioning his loyalty. Candice says she's more upset that she's been played by Helen. Howard understands. Howard needs her. Candice apologizes and says this all real and she's a real person and she's a fighter and she doesn't want to be fake. Howard understands and he's playing the same game with her. Candice says it's a stressful game. Howard understands. He needs her. You can hear one of their hearts beating through the mic. Howard says they need to keep it together and talk to the most important person. That person is Aaryn.

04:33 AM BBT Howard needs Candice. They get up and head back into their room. The matter seems resolved for the moment. Meanwhile up in the HoH...GinaMarie and Aaryn are still going strong. GinaMarie is on a rampage about being real. She'll compliment people when she needs to but she's not going to have tea and crumpets with someone if she doesn't really like 'em. She'll be there for Aaryn if she needs it but she needs to watch people closely. She wishes Aaryn a goodnight and tomorrow is a big day for everyone. Aaryn says it's a bigger day for because it'll be the HN comp. GinaMarie says she'll probably sleep late but she can wake her up if she needs to. She turns the light off in the HoH and takes a few dishes downstairs.

04:38 AM Feeds 1 and 2 are on Aaryn in HoH. Feeds 3 and 4 appear to be Jessie and Judd but one of them may be Amanda and McCrae as well. GinaMarie can be seen in one of the mirrors crawling into bed.

**Advert** 04:40 AM BBT On that note...it's been a busy day in the BB house. What is to become of Howard and Candice? Will Aaryn put up Spencer or Howard, or will she flip and put up Elissa, Amanda, or McCrae? Lastly, will GinaMarie become a HN? We should start to see some of these exciting things begin to unfold today. But are you aware we have more than just our Twitter or Facebook pages? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat at http://www.tvfanforums.net(New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! And it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds: http://mortystv.com/livefeed. You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page: http://mortystv.com/bbuk. Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!

04:45 AM BBT We have all four feeds on horizontal HGs at the moment. Loud clicks, slaps and bumps can be heard echoing around the house which is typical after everyone goes to bed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Under construction...or is it destruction?~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Guest 6Borders

9:15am BB Time

The feeds are up but the HG's don't appear to be except Helen who just made an appearance.

Judd is sleeping on the bench seat in the bathroom (so much for sleeping in the bedrooms only)

Helen walks into the bathroom and Judd says good morning {guess BB knows he wasn't sleeping after all..with Judd it's hard to tell}, which startles her.

Candace is also up and brushing her teeth.

{Helen is not dressed for a workout yet...shocker}

9:21am BB Time

A female producer says "Good Morning Everyone". Judd replies "good morning" and we go to FOTH

9:23am BB Time

Feeds are back (main feed anyway) and it's still Candace and Helen.

Candace says "the rumor on the street" and tells Helen the rumor is that Candace told Helen she told her to put up Howard/Spencer (and something I missed due to noise),

Helen says I did not say that, I told you what they were thinking.

Candace repeats "that's the rumor on the street"

Helen keeps looking at Candace and saying she didn't say that.

(it's hard to hear them with the water running)

Candace says they just have to stay calm...if that's the ploy

Candace is all over the place with Amanda told someone who told someone...BB calls Elissa to the DR.

Judd says something about a shower...Helen says BB told them they had time to get read

9:27am BB Time

BB calls Jessie to the DR

Candace asks Helen to hold on until she can figure out what is going on.

Howard and Jessie are up and in the bathroom. Howard says "you didn't hear her this morning...she's been going off.."

Judd (from the shower) says "what" Elissa is up doing ADL's

Jessie and Helen are laughing about something in Jessie's dream. Helen says "do you just like live in a different world" {I've wondered the same many times}

BB tells someone to put on their mic (sounded like Helen but she has hers on so it was probably Howard or Jessie)

BB says Jessie please put on your mic.

Spencer and Andy are up and the bathroom is getting crowded. They are just doing ADL's, wishing everyone good morning and laughing. Helen says "I guess I can't work out this morning"

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Guest 6Borders

9:32am BB Time

Candace is pitching her side of the game to Aaryn in the HOH and explaining the deal to Aaryn, that the deal was only if Aaryn won HOH and then Helen & Co. were just planning to put Aaryn and GM up as pawns over and over.

Candace said the plan last week was to backdoor Howie.

Candace is explaining how she found out about the plans, assuring Aaryn that she had no idea of the plan to get rid of David. She is going over it week by week and the week of Jeremy (eviction) was when she started to figure things out.

She says she's not a part of the Helen/Elissa group, more like a pawn for them

(honesty she is talking so fast and all over the page and it's hard to follow)

Brief FOTH and back with Candace explaining that they (?) tried to get her to throw Howie under the bus.

Candace goes on and on and on {I seriously doubt Aaryn is getting much more than I am, let alone listening}

Candace finally gets to the bottom line that Aaryn is HOH but she just wants Aaryn to know that Helen/Elissa will be targeting Aaryn and they are just trying to use the HOH to not get blood on their hands.

Aaaryn says she is aware of that.

Candace says she will support Aaryn's decision but if Aaryn wants to make a bold move....FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

9:40am BB Time

FOTH, back, FOTH

Back and Candace is telling Aaryn she voted for who she liked and that was Dave.

She says she came to play BB and not on the Bachelor but she's trying to protect Howie.

Candance says if Aaryn makes a bold move she will have the backing.

Aaryn says she doesn't know if anyone is legitimately loyal to anyone.

Candace says Helen wants to go to the end with Elissa. Candace says she likes Elissa but she can't read her and Elissa has lied to her. She says her loyalty is to Howie but the rest of the house has been going back and forth and waiting to be HOH to break "that" up.

Candance references what Aaryn's sister said in the letter that Aaryn is capable of making big moves...FOTH

Back and Candace is going over who will support Aaryn with a big move. FOTH again,

Back...Aaryn says there are bigger fish to fry and a lot of ppl are upset with Howard. Aaryn says if she didn't get HOH she would have been on the block and home but she has to do what makes most of the ppl happy. She says she doesn't want to put up Howie and she's not going to backdoor him...says back-dooring ppl is BS.

Aaryn says she knows Candace will be upset if she puts up Howie...Candace says she would understand because Aaryn is between a rock and a hard place.

Candace says I can't tell you what is going on with Elissa...says someone has to break up Amanda/McCrae.

Aaryn says the reason she is not considering that (putting up McManda) is she doesn't want to bit the hand that feeds because if she (Amanda) stays Aaryn will be f'ed!

Candace says maybe the person who is keeping you safe is the person who is really trying to get rid of you...Aaryn says she is fully aware of that.

Candace says she thinks Aaryn is confused...that Aaryn is thinking Amanda is running the show and keeping you safe, but Amanda is the one not keeping you safe and spearheading to put Aaryn on the block. Candace says she knows for sure..I haven't talked to Helen..but says Amanda is the one spearheading all this.

Aaryn says Helen (?) told her she would go right back on the block.

Aaryn says she felt Helen/Elissa were the only ones who would be able to get the votes to keep her She says to Candace the best possible thing you could do would be get to Helen/Elissa and get them to change their minds (about putting up Howie) {and keeping the blood off Aaryn's hands!!}

Aaryn says I hope you understand I am in the worst possible position and if I make a bad decision it's going to mean me going up and going home {ummm...might have thought of that about 3 weeks ago -6Borders}

Candance finally leaves.

9:53am BB Time

Nothing happening...everyone is just getting ready for the upcoming comp.

In the bathroom Aaryn says "good morning Elissa", gets no reply and says "good morning towel"

Most everyone is in the kitchen now getting food and general chit chatting.

Spencer asks Judd if he "eats at Candi's place very often...I see you at the bar"

Candace goes to the storage room and Howard is there...she says something and then says "you are acting weird"

Candace goes to the Have Not Room. Howard comes in and she says why are you acting weird and he's says he's sleepy. He says (someone) had him up all night crying!

Candace relates her talk with Aaryn, sayign she is completely oblivious to McManda and loyal to them. Candace says she did the best she could and maybe she can talk to Helen. Aaryn does not see that Amanda is behind everything..that it's going to be one of the 3 (Howard/Spencer/Howard) on the block because Aaryn won't put up McManda and bite the hand that feeds her.

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9:00am BBT: all hg still sleeping this morning.
9:03am BBT: Music starts playing in the bb house to wake up hg then we go to foth.
9:16am BBT: Judd is laying in the wa covered up Helen walks in wa and Judd says goodmorning and scares Helen.She says oh my gosh Judd. Candice is in str changing her batteries and then shuffles to the kt and to the wa and says morning to Judd and Helen.everyone else still in bed.
9:22am BBT: Candice putting on makeup and a ladies voice comes over the speacker and says Good Morning everyone and Judd says good morning and we get foth.
9:25am BBT: candice says to Helen that she told her to tell Aaryn to put spencer and Ginamarie on the block and thats the word on the street. helen says i did not say that.Candice says the reason howard is mad about it is that amanda confronted howard about it lastnight right here.Helen tells Judd that the voice on the speaker said that we had time to get ready. Judd says it only takes me 5 minutes to get ready.
9:29am BBT: andy tells Ginamarie that he is going to go take a long hot shower in case he gets have not again.Jessie is telling about a dream she had.She had a dream that her and Steven Tyler was making out. candice is now in hoh talking to Aaryn.candice says i wont play around with you cuz i know everyone will probably get you to put up Me and Howard or Elissa and Howard and this could be a crucial week.Candice says they didnt keep kaitlin cuz she had a social game and you was desperate and i knew the deal and the deal was only being made if you won hoh and next week they would put you back on the block and use you as a pawn every week.
9:33am BBT: Candice saying last week she heard amanda tell Arryn that she was safe this week and when we went out to play pov Amanda said good luck howie so i knew then that they wanted to backdoor howard.she says she knew week one that there was a boys alliance and thats when i went to Howard and joined with him. She says the week that nick left thats when i noticed that they was after Howard. She says week 3 i was with Helen and Elissa but i wasnt really with them. Candice says i like elissa but i am not really with them .She says they have tried to get me to throw Howie under the bus they told me he was mvp but i feel like Elissa was mvp.
9:38am BBT: Candice says i would like to work together i dont know if you will but they would never guess we would work together. she says they are using other hoh's to not get blood on their hands by telling the hoh to do what they want. And i just want you to know if you make a bold move on the people that are close in this house and if you make that bold move you will have the numbers and if you want the numbers i can tell you. and we get foth.
9:42am BBT: candice still pleading her case and trying to save Howard this week. Andy is in kt making breakfast.Mccrae getting coffee.and Helen washing dishes.we keep getting alot of foth. Judd is now in kt talking to Andy.Ginamarie just walked through kt going to wa.
9:47am BBT: Candice tells AAryn that someone has to break up Amanda and Mccrae.Candice says she has the people to protect Aaryn if she makes this bold move. AAryn says she hears her but she needs to talk to other people and see what they say also.
9:51am BBT: Aaryn says i told them that i would throw hoh or win and let them pick and i think the best thing for you to do is talk to helen and Elissa they havent told me what to do yet. candice says ok i just wanted to come talk to you about it. Aaryn says i hoope you understand i am in the worst possable situation. Candice says i do and ok thanks doll and candice leaves the rm. Aaryn continues to put her makeup on.in the wa downstairs hg getting ready for the have not comp.
9:57am BBT: helen is still washing dishes Judd and Spencer watching her. Candice comes in kt and ask if there is bacon. Judd says have you ever eat at candys bar. Spencer says i dont know.Judd says i have eat her taters before. Candice asking Howard why he is acting weird and Howard says i am just tired baby. she says are you sure he says yeah i am sure.Candice telling Howard that Aaryn said she is stuck between a rock and a hard place and she said her nominations arent hers. candice says Aaryn did say she wont backdoor anyone and i asked her if she would put up amanda and Mccrae and she doesnt know. So whatever game amanda talks is probably going to stick and i will probably be on the block.

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Guest 6Borders

9:58am BB Time

Judd, Elissa are in the light bedroom talking. Judd says "you got one under your belt now" (POV). They are discussing it was a hard comp. Elissa is just sitting there replying "um hum" to everything.

They are discussing the comp and Judd says he got mud in his eyes. Elissa says she wore her goggles and can't believe Judd didn't.

Elissa says "I love Sam" (production person maybe) and says she wonders if it's part of the criteria that you have to have a cool voice.

Elissa asks Judd what they did last night. Judd is mumbling basically nothing. Elissa starts pumping for information, feeding Judd prompts about what happened when. Judd just mumbles "I don't know, I don't remember {I'm going to have to remember that tactic!} Judd is relating silly things that happened...nothing to do with game talk (that might or might not have gone on)...Spencer mooned someone, etc. Judd is either going to fall asleep again or pretend he is.

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10:00 am BBT Candice tells Howard the whole convo was pointless, Aaryn didnt get it. Candice says it will be some combo of you, me, Elissa or Spencer.

10:04 am BBT Howard tells Candice if she wins POV to use it on herelf, if he wins he will use it on her. She tells him If she is not on the block and wins it she will use it on him, she cant go up.

10:07 am BBT Judd tells Elissa he took a test on Animal Plant that told him what kind of dog would be best for him. Judds parents have a Blue Heeler.

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Guest 6Borders

10:04am BB Time

Back to Candace/Howard

Howard says if you get the veto use it on yourself, if I get it I will use it on you. Howard says if he's on the block the night before he can talk his way out of what happened {can't wait to hear that}

Candace says "she" is focusing on Helen/Elissa so she's going to go do some housekeeping with Helen.

She says Helen is trying to act like McManda are running the show but it's Helen is running the show.

She says the deal was to keep her safe and Helen would pick the nom's {I may be getting old but I remember the deal that Helen made Aaryn promise to let Elissa decide the noms}

Candace reiterates that Aaryn thinks the only reason she is there is because of Amanda.

Candace says now she's F's with Helen, Mcmanda and Elissa

Candace asks Howard if he's being truthful with her...he says yes he is, but he doesn't know what else to do but be truthful to himself, that he's told her everything. He said it's hard, these ppl can't just pick a side and fight for it.

Andy is talking really loud in the hall and then comes in and wishes Howard/Candace good morning.

General "how did you sleep"

BB hollers at Andy to put on his mic..he says "I don't even know where it is" and leaves.

Candace hammers Howard again to tell him if he is working with Spencer and not telling her things.

Candace says something is not adding up...Aaryn didn't seem to know anything about the GM situation.

Howard says everything just makes him not to want to talk to anyone.

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Guest 6Borders

10:12am BB Time

Judd is talking about his dog that had some kind of parasite and they took her to the vet and she died, but before they got another dog they "lined" the whole yard in case there was something in the ground.

Judd says it was hard...2 dogs dying within a year. Elissa is very sympathetic. She asks if Judd wants to go get coffee.

Elissa is relating her dog was attacked and died.

Camera switches to Helen/Spencer on the living room couch. Helen is discussing how she paid for school. Spencer says his company has (a benefit package for school maybe?)

Andy is frantically looking for his mic throughout the house. Spencer says "go ask th DR..maybe they have seen it"

In the bathroom GM, Judd, McManda. Amanda says "didn't they say a surprise this morning". Judd or someone says it might just be the competition.

Andy has found his mic so all is right with the BB world again.

They are discussing catch phrases they used in the DR. Andy says Amanda stole his when she says she used it in the DR (she doesn't say what it is). Judd's catch phrase is "who did it?" (he promounces it "whodid't"

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10:16 pm BBT Amanda/Mc in WA. Amanda wonders who took the 5th duck. Andy (putting his mic on) tells her it was always in the shower. Amanda tells them that last night Spencer thru a candleholder thing at her, she had no top and she covered both boobs with one hand and caught the glass.

10:23 am BBT Judd and Andy use different voices to say things BB says. Jessie comes out of WC, Spencer asked her if she really just stood on that nasty WC floor w/o shoes on. HG say ewwww that floor is gross now she is going to get athletes foot and be pregnant. Jessie says she is going to take a shower anyway.

10:27 am BBT WA crew talk about how ppl on Facebook only post a part of what they are thinking. EX: We found out the sex of our baby. Amanda yells....Well what is it!!!! (so agree with them)

10:31 am BBT Howard heads up to HOH, knocks on the door, no answer. He pokes his head in the door and closes it again, comes back down stairs.

10:36 am BBT Mc is working up to poop. The only time he uses his Laptop is on the toilet. They talk about Judds bear shirt. Candice tells Howard he needs to eat just in case. BB told HG to expect the unexpected. They hope its a house HN comp. Joke about it being double eviction/HN comp together.

10:40 am BBT Jessie is done with her shower and brushing her teeth. She has on a bathrobe. Amanda comes up behind her, reaches her hands around her and gropes her. Jessie finally pulls away and they LOL.

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Guest 6Borders

Amanda is discussing her boobs being out last night, Spencer threw a glass at her and she managed to cover her boobs and catch the glass at the same time {there's something for a resume}

Andy says "don't flatter yourself" She says "I am". Andy says "why don't you go to the DR for a half hour and talk about it, I'm sure they would love to hear it"

They are discussing who the teams should be for have-nots. Now GM bashing about how she was crying last night and talking about the tubes in her ears make the sound horrible. Amanda mocks her and then says she understands because she had tubes in her ears. She says the crying was so funny.

Amanda says the best thing that could have ever happened...(then whispers and I can't hear her)

Amanda says she would give up the 500K to watch that fight (I think the Elissa/Aaryn/Kait fiasco)

Just general chit chat while waiting for the comp to begin.

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Guest 6Borders

10:33am BB Time

General discussion and bathroom habits...seems McCrae's stomach is bothering him...and germs.

Spencer hopes they get some cool costumes in the comp today. The discuss what the bear on Judd's shirt is doing (it's eating a fish). Andy says it would suck to be eaten. Judd wants to know if they say "craw-dads" or "cray-fish"

Candace come in and they wish her good morning. Amanda starts to sing a made up song about "crae.." and BB is taking no chances so we have FOTH.

Feeds back and they are discussing the comp. Candace hopes it's a house food comp. They say they were told to expect the unexpected..Andy thinks it will be a double evict.

Andy says maybe they will bring back Jodi as their coach. Judd says something about bringing back coaches in the middle of the game and we know what the F we are doing. Andy says they always bring back the worst players as coaches.

Amanda is trying to wrinkle her forehead but she can't because of the Botox. Candace says maybe she should get botox so she won't make that face. Lots of silly chit chat.

Andy wonders that the comp is...he thinks endurance and Spencer agrees. Judd says it will definitely be endurance because they have not had one in a while. Andy hopes it's a wrestling ring and they can just beat the shit out of each other and the winner gets food {actually that would be really fun if only one person got food and everyone else was a Have Not -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

10:45am BB Time

Just a lot of silly chit-chat while waiting for the comp to begin.

BB needs to tell Helen to stop obstruct her mic...right on cue (thanks BB)

Helen is asking who they think MVP was last week. She and Judd think it was Howard and he also has the coup d'eta.

Helen asks Judd if it was fun hosting all the stuff last week. She says it's a lot of work and tiring. She says she was 3rd in line to host Aaryn's veto. Andy says it's fun and Helen says it's fun and you get a costume.

Helen debates on taking a shower but it seems like a lot of work. She says she should have worked out this morning, that she had plenty of time.

Helen mimicks production "the music is there to wake you up" and we get a brief FOTH.

BB calls Howard to the DR and Helen repeats it. Andy hollers to Howard "don't put me up for MVP" Judd says me either...says don't put me up for the coup d'eta.

They discuss who had zero votes...Helen says it's nice to get zero votes because then you know nobody is lying.

Andy says if you were told you would get zero and you got 3 and stayed would you be pissed and she says yes because someone would be lying. She relates how it works in Congress and says BB is no different than them (HG's) being members of US Congress trying to pass a bill into law {gads, I hope not!!}

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10:49 am BBT HG have been called to DR one by one, its Howards turn. Other HG are getting something to eat before the comp. Helen says this is just like politicians trying to pass a bill. You wrangle wrangle and then it doesnt happen.

10:57 am BBT General chat, eating, waiting for comp. Jessie goes to HOH to ask for a link roller. Aaryn tells her Candice was up there. Jessie tells Aaryn she was getting crap from Amanda in the WA when she was getting ready. She just brushed it off. Jessie says Candice made bacon for her and Howard but not for any one else. (on the way up to HOH Candice told Jessie there was probably enough if she wanted some)

11:03 am BBT Jessie is glad Aaryn is HOH, she can come bitch about everything. Aaryn is glad they are on good terms again.

11:05 am BBT Candice called to DR before she can eat. She tells Howard his bagel is ready. She offers the rest of the bacon up for grabs. Jessie says nothing, Spencer takes it.

11:09 am BBT Andy goes to HOH for some candy. Aaryn tells him her convo with Candice, Mc joins them, followed by Amanda. Aaryn tells them Candice said Amanda/Mc would put her up. Mc goes...WHAT?. Andy says its always a tactic to threaten the HOH.

11:15 am BBT Aaryn tells Amanda (even tho she told Candice she wouldnt) that Candice wants her to put Amanda up. Andy asks if they think Howard has a power, they think he does. They wonder if there will be a pandoras box, Aaryn said she would prob get Rachel. Mc thinks Coup-de-ta would be for 2 wks.

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Guest 6Borders

Helen thinks it would be fun to get the Speaker of The House to play BB, he would be a major vote wranger.

Helen also thinks Celebrity Big Brother would be interesting {I respectfully disagree}. Talk turns to celebrities on other "reality" shows.

Andy feels like he gained 5# last night from his feast. He is debating what he should drink right now.

General chit chat continues.

BB reminds everyone sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms which brings a chorus of "Judd", who mildly defends himself.

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Guest 6Borders

11:05am BB Time

Candace is called to the DR

The HG's are just lounging, making food and chatting. Nothing significant going on.

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11:18 am BBT Amanda says what a c*** (Candice), she hates her. They cant believe that Helen would start rumors. (as Candice says she did) Amanda cant wait until Candice and Howard go up on the block.

11:27 am BBT HOH crew is talking about HN comp. The numbers are uneven. Jessie says maybe she will get to pick someone to be a have.

11:31 am BBT In HOH: Amanda HATES Candice. In KT: Helen wonders how to get herself out of this predicament. Helen tells Candice that when she first saw her she thought she was going to be bitchy but she isnt.

11:35 am BBT Andy and Jessie want to be on the same team in the comp. Together they will have the drive to win it. Jessie tells HOH crew that she had a dream that Steven Taylor was in her BB bed and they were making out. They think its weird as he is in his 70's. She says must have been a younger, smoother version.

11:40 am BBT Andy changes the bags in the Cheez-it boxes. In KT: Helen, Elissa, Candice are saying they think some HG are related to past HG.

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Guest 6Borders

11:09am BB Time

BB reminds them again that sleeping in the living room is not alllowed. Spencer yells "sorry sheriff"

Elissa said sarcastically "who would do something like that"

Andy goes up to talk to Aaryn. Aaryn starts to relate her conv with Candace and McCrae comes in so she continues.

Enter Amanda!

Aaryn says Candace came up and started bombarding her, saying "they" are not loyal to her and she should be loyal to Candace/Spencer/Howard. That she knew Elissa was MVP and not Howard and they would be putting Aaryn right back on the block. Andy says it's always a good tactic to threaten the HOH.

Amanda says "they want to flip the house an hour before eviction" and adds "Idiot".

Andy says he still thinks they can protect Aaryn even if Elissa gets HOH. Aaryn says she knows she will be going up again but can she please have a little break. Andy says if he is HOH no way he will put her up but he will put her on slop.

Aaryn asks McCrae to feed the fish.

Aaryn relates Candace says Helen is spreading a rumor (and says I promised I wouldn't tell you but) and that Amanda should go up because she was spearheading for not wanting to keep Aaryn and they all have a good laugh.

Aaryn says if she opens Pandora's she will get Rachel and the others will get a party.

McCrae discusses coup d'eta that there will still be the 3rd vote. They discuss what coup d'eta is and explain it to Aaryn and she says "whoa". Andy says he doesn't think in the first 4 weeks BB would do coup d'eta.

Amanda is a combo of pissed/amused that her name keeps getting thrown out. Amanda calls Candace an idiot and a (C-word). They discuss if Elissa gets next HOH and she probably will she will put up..and if Elissa puts Aaryn up after Aaryn keeps her safe she will go ballistic.

Jessie joins the group.

Aaryn says no matter what Howard says to her right before noms she is not changing her mind. They are relating what Candace told Aaryn to Jessie.

Spencer comes into HOH and obviously this stops conversation. Aaryn says what is going on downstairs and Spencer says just finishing up breakfast.

Aaryn relates every detail of her shower.

Amanda is still pissed at Candace and says it's going to take everything she has to cool down.
She says now no matter what happens and if there is a rumor it's "blame Amanda". She says she is down with it.

They are now pawing thru and analyzing Aaryn's HOH basket.

McCrae comes in and says jokingly that DR said he was funnier than Andy.

Andy hollers "Call me to the DR" and earns us FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

11:25am BB Time

McManda have (once again) taken over the HOH bed. Spencer is telling a story about some restaurant he goes to or went to.

In the kitchen Helen, Candace and Elissa are discussing the promos and Elissa says she thinks they all had to say the same thing. They keep using the phrase "all day and all night".

Helen wonders in the "barometer of seasons" how their season will compare. Elissa thinks they have made history in their season {every season they think the same thing}. Elissa says because they got the 3 guys out and broke up the best alliance in history week 2 (Nick/GM).

Candace says when you are in close quarters it's easier to figure things out. Elissa wants to know if intuition gets stronger or weaker...Candace says stronger and Elissa seems surprised. Candace says watching expressions and putting little things together is how she figured out the boy's allianace. Candace attributes her skill to past boyfriends.

Elissa says she has good first impression instincts and goes with her "God Sense".

Helen tells Candace when they first came in she didn't think she would like her and thought she would be bitchy and like Monet and found she isn't at all.

Helen tells Elissa as soon as she knew Elissa was a mom it was "done deal" but she never would have guessed Elissa was a mom of 4 kids. Discussion on first impressions continues.

Candace says she knew right away that Elissa was Rachel's sister.

Discussion about how tough it will be watching their own season and if they can get through.

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11:41 am BBT FOTH.... In HOH they are talking about their first impressions of the HG. In KT they are talking about first impressions of the HG.

11:51 am BBT Candice is telling Helen that for the first 26 years of her life she thought she was one person then found out she came from someone totally different (adopted) All 4 cams go to HOH. Aaryn has the phones on and up so loud we can hear the music.

11:56 am BBT Aaryn in HOH tells us a story when she was scared by a mirror in a bathroom. She told her dad and he told her he saw a ghost once. Also that her greatgrandmas table mirror would always come off the dresser. One night it was bent in half. Story continues about how he would get scared going to his truck at night, some cousins confirmed it.

12:08 pm BBT Andy says it would be funny if Spencer/Elissa did a "Freaky Friday" thing. Spencer says he would do everything to embarrass Elissa.

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12:31 pm Elissa Candice and Helen in lounge speculating who is MVP this week.

12:34 pm Andy joins girls in lounge and they are talking about Katlin. Andy said Katlin made him nervous the last few days because she stopped talking game to him. Elissa said production called Howie in the DR right after Katlin left.

12:37 pm BBT Helen is talking about how the beautiful people don't develope the social skills because their looks help them through life. Helen said Katlin was upset at Jessie for switching sides. Candice don't feel like Jessie switched sides. Andy said yes she voted nick out. She (Jessie) was the deciding vote and if the moving company would have worked, they would have been completely f****d. Andy wants to trust Spencer, but he thinks back to how he was fooled by Spencer and there is always a red flag.

12:43 pm BBT Candice is crying in the lounge and Helen and Elissa are comforting her. Helen is saying it's going to get harder and harder every week.

12:46 pm BBT Andy asked Candice what is making her cry and she said because her and Howie just decided to play separate games.

12:47 pm BBT Candice said she can't fight Howie's battles and he can't fight her battles. Candice feels like if her family was watching they would say she came to play BB so play BB.

12:49 pm BBT Spencer joins the lounge group and asked Candice what is wrong. She explains that she is just missing her family then talk turns to the next comp and who will be the host. Spencer then tells Candice he is sorry she is missing her family. Now talk turns to having bad dreams.

12:52 pm BBT Up in the HOH Aaryn is complaining about a zit she has that wont heal.

12:53 pm BBT HOH room Aaryn, McCmanda and Jessie talking about Candice having a bad day and crying and how annoying she is.

12:55 pm BBT Andy, Helen Candice and Spencer still in lounge talking about compititions that will possibly be coming up. Spencer is going to catch a nap and Candice tells Spencer that she did not say that (?) to GM, and Spencer says its okay. Candice don't like when people say things that aren't true.

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12:13pm BBT: helen and Candice in kt talking about family and fullfilling everything you want to do in life.Spencer mcrae and Andy talking in hoh about tv shows and Movies as amanda and jessie are sleeping.
12:21pm BBT:Helen says i wouldnt mind being a have not this week if it keeps my friends off it.Candice says i went and taled to aaryn this morning and helen says can we just make an aggrement befoere we start this that we will all three stay together through all this to the end. Elissa says i will be friends with you both outside this house and i might self evict if you wasnt here. candice said i was told lastnight that i suposidly told spencer that he was going up and i to put Ginamarie up and i never said that.
12:26pm BBT: Candice says i like howie and he likes me but i came to play this game not have a showmance and i have to play for me i cant play for 2. I play for myself thats not my personality and i wont do that.Helen says if she tries to backdoor you then Elissa and i wont let you leave i can get jessie and Judd to vote with us and Andy so you will be safe and Candice starts to cry and says i am so stressed right now and i cant do it anymore.
12:30pm BBT: Helen says can i ask you something Elissa and Elissa says yeah. she says when you get mvp do they put something on the ccouch so you know and we get foth.
12:34pm BBT: candice and Helen and Elissa still talking about who might have had mvp last week and Andy now walks in and starts talking about kaitlin and how weird she was last week. Helen quitens him down as he was talking really loud.candice says that Kaitlin kept asking her if she was going to go home and would say just tell me please if i am going to go home. candice said i couldnt tell her because i couldnt.
12:41pm BBT: general talk in the hoh rm with jessie, Mccrae and Spencer and aaryn as amanda is sleeping in the hoh bed. Andy and candice and helen and elissa still in cockpit talking aboit last weeks mvp and who should go up this week.
12:43pm BBT: andy is complaining about bb getting them up so early this morning and Helen says yeah i could have run this morning so from now on i will just run and have plenty of time to get ready. candice starts crying and helen and Elissa go and give her hugs.
12:45pm BBT:helen is saying it is to early to break down we still have alot of game to play. Andy says Candice stop crying you are making me sad. she says i am just emotional sorry guys. helen says this place is emotional and crazy but it will be ok .
12:49pm BBT: Spencer now joins the cockpit where candice is crying. Andy says i want the have not comp to take place and get it over with.
12:52pm BBT: Candice is saying her mom probably doesnt watch the feeds since she cant get online and Andy says i know my mom is probably watching right now. candice says i hope my mom didnt see the mastress flipping and everything she wouldnt understand it since she is older.
12:56pm BBT: helen and Spencer talking about memorizing the delivery comp and helen says that Jeremy fired her up to remember all that.

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