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Thursday, July 25 Live Feed Updates


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8:19PMBBTCandice in the Chair bedroom says "Ohhh I will naked booty poppin' going on. I'll do it!" Amanda says to where? Aaryn replies "umm no live feeders will have those naked screen pics all over the internet!" (Oh yes we will)
Gina, Amanda, Aaryn, Jessie and Candice are in there. Amanda tells Aaryn her secret and Aaryn goes hysterical with laughter. Amanda is all excited and proud she told Aaryn. "You have to tell the HOH the juicy thing that has happened in the house." Jessie's secret was about McCrae and she says she thinks McCrae is gorgeous and she stares at him. Aaryn is like "What? That's it?" Jessie says "But that is personal!!"

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8:28PMBBT The lounge is talking about the religion outburst from Elissa in the BY the other day. Andy explains what had happened. Spencer says "The rainbow room was the strangest thing I have been involved in in my life." (It confused the HG as much as us live feeders)
Amanda is with Aaryn, GinaMarie and Jessie in the chair room, again the talk is about Elissa. Gina implies she is crying too much. Lots of soft whispers make it difficult to hear.

8:34PMBBT Helen in the WA with Elissa. She says not to worry and she tells Elissa not to say anything. She is gunning for Howard and Spencer to go up and go home. Helen says she isn't supposed to say anything so Elissa can not say a word. Helen tells her she just wanted her to know that and leaves. Elissa smiles, checks herself in the mirror and walks into the KT.

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8:39PMBBT Candice starts yelling from the hallway to the bedroom, GinaMarie yells "OMG JUST STFU!" Judd, Aaryn and Amanda start laughing. Candice comes in and asks about how to get stuff from BB. Aaryn says "The more you ask the less you get." Candice says "Please BBBBBBBB." Aaryn says "Now you are getting nothing." She and Candice leave. GinaMarie is saying that she got tubes in her ears and the sounds Candice makes hurts her ears because they are so sensitive. Amanda agrees. GinaMarie says that is the reason she talks so loud sometimes. They are complaining about Candice and how much she talks about sex and money every day. They can't stand it. Amanda says she doesn't do that. She doesn't talk about sex all day. She asks where McCrae is.

8:45PMBBT Amanda and GinaMarie are talking to Judd about how Spencer ran to Aaryn as soon as she won HoH and was pleading his case to stay off the block. They are laughing. GinaMarie is rehashing her speech before the votes. She thinks it was sweet. Judd didn't know how to answer the question about his shirt.

8:49PMBBT The lounge is now McCrae, Howard, Candice, Spencer. McCrae is talking about the HoH comp set up in the yard. Andy floats back in to the room. He says "Oh! Candy's nail shop!" She is giving him a mini mani.
Judd is talking to Elissa about the live show in the hallway. She thinks it is neat how twitter is all a buzz about his shirt.

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8:55PMBBT GinaMarie wants to wear the bear shirt for the PoV. Aaryn wants it for the nomination ceremony and has a one liner to say before the nominations happen. Judd seems to be enjoying the attention.
Elissa is changing to do some yoga. McCrae is talking to her in the chair room. Amanda is helping Elissa stretch out after McCrae refused.. he is afraid to break her. Andy's mani continues in the lounge.

9:00PMBBT No BY for the HG tonight and no alcohol. Nicotine patches are on being slapped on!

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#BB15 9:00 BBT In the room is Ginamarie, Judd,and Amanda, they are just talking,
In the lounge is Mccrea Spencer and Candice, Andy was there walked out. They are just talking, Andy comes back in.

#BB15 9:05 BBT Now in the KT is Aayrn, Amanda Jessie, in the lounge Candice is painting Andys nails, Elissa is in the room with Mccrea doing excuses. Amanda is now in the room with Elissa.
Ginamarie is called to the DR. Howie is in the lounge and so is Spencer.

#BB15 9:10 BBT Candice is saying that shes not going to have a fake conversion with Aayrn simply because shes hoh. Spencer, is talking to Howard.
Saying that it Bugs him if Candice keeps going up to Aayrn talking to her. Now talking about both of them going to jury now talking about who Aayrn
is going to put up. Amanda is talking to Elissa in the room, they are talking about the Helen and Aayrn deal. Elissa is like I dont care. Amanda is saying
that Candice Howard and Spencer are lieing to her. and so on.

#BB15 9:15 BBT Mccrea is saying let me go talk to Howard and Spencer, to Amanda and Elissa. Saying to Elissa dont go talking to them.
Amanda is saying the target is Howard. either Spencer or Howard has to go this week, Jessie is in the lounge room now they are not talking game.
Amanda is saying that they both cant go up on the block the same time because of the veto. shes saying we have to garentee one of those two goes how this week.
Aayrn now walks into the lounge room walks out Andy and Judd are now in the room with Amanda and Mcrea they are talking about being a have not this week.
there is a chair in the dinning room gone.

#BB15 9:20 BBT Amanda is talking about Howard and Spencer trying to flip the house, this week
Spencer and Mccrea are talking in the WR Mccrea is telling him what was said in the room. Helen walks in.
Spencer asked her to make slop balls. Helen is called to the DR. Mccrea is in the room telling them what Spencer said, they are whispering so kind of hard to hear.
Spencer is now in the lounge with Candice. In the room they are still on the Spencer Howard thing.

#BB15 9:25 BBT Now in both the room and the lounge there is just chit chat going on Judd has on a patch and so does Mccrea. Smoking patch that is.
Jessie and Howard are still in the lounge with Candice and Spencer, Candice is eating Noddles and slop balls. Since have nots cant eat until 12BBT

#BB15 9:30 BBT now in the room with Mcamanda and them is Aayrn and Ginamarie, Aayrn says Helen told her to put up Spencer and Howard. Aayrn says they are
going up no matter what. Judd pack your bags badies he yells it out in the hall. Aayrn says its because of Kaitlin. Spencer is the target.

#BB15 9:35 BBT Aayrn is saying that when she goes to bed shes going to lock her door. she is saying that whenever theres a rumor going on around the house Im always the target of it.
they are always trying to make deals with me. Aayrn is saying that she was never mean to Kaitlin. Amanda is saying that she was smart about being on the block. And now they are talking about
her creepy clown she says that going to be a running joke now. Aayrn and her creepy clown.

#BB15 9:45 BBT Aayrn is in the room with Mcamanda and Helen they were talking about how Howard said to Aayrn that he was throwing every comp. And how Spencer asked Aayrn to save him and she said we will see.
Now Helen is talking about how she goes to sleep and how many sheep she has to count before she goes to sleep. they are just talking about sleep habbits.

#BB15 9:50 BBT Judd is called into the DR. in the room Mcamanda is whispering about Howard and Spencer going up this week, Now Amanda is talking about when everyone turned their backs on Elissa
how she was there for her. Helen is in the lounge room having a pillow fight with Jessie and Andy. Jessie scared Helen by jumping out from under pillows. Now Andy is talking to Mcamanda about the votes. Helen
says foods ready for anyone who wants it. Elissa is in the room wants someone to walk on her back. Elissa wants someone to put her hands to her feet. Yogo thing. In the color room is Ginamarie and Howard.

#BB15 10:00 BBT Ginamarie and Howie are talking about what went down tonight with Kaitlin, Howard is talking about Candice now. And what all he told her
Not to talk to Aayrn. saying how he told her to just be cool with Aayrn.

#BB15 10:05 BBT Howard walks up the Aayrn in the KT and says I just
want you to know that we are cool. And Aayrn says yea. Howard is in the Wr saying to himself play it cool man play it cool.
Everyone else is in the room joking around.

#BB15 10:10 BBT Howard walks into the room and asked if the Have not can eat now yea you can. He is in the kT getting food. while everyone else is in the room sitting
around talking no game talk going on.

#BB15 10:15 BBT Aayrn is talking about everyone eating her oreos last time she was HOH, talking to Helen about doing another nail party when she gets her room.
Now talking about what all was in Judds hoh basket that he didnt put on his list. Amanda is singing in the room and gets the please stop singing warming.

#BB15 10:20 BBT Howard is eating alone in the KT while everyone else in the room waiting for Aayrn to get her hoh room.
Ginamarie has meds in the DR. Andy and Amanda are dancing. being silly (must be silly night in the bb house)

#BB15 10:25 BBT the HG all of them are hiding up by Aayrns hoh room waiting for her to come out of the DR. they are all under the big chess table.
(amazing that they can all fit in there.) They are all going to jump out and suprise her. now just waiting, for Aayrn. still waiting,

#BB15 10:30 BBT still waiting for Aayrn under the chess table,

BB15 10:40 BBT Here she comes, 123 who wants to see my hoh room and nothing where are you all you better cheere and they all jump out and yelling. Aayrn that was the worst who wants to see my hoh ever
and she cant get the door open. Finally they are in, and there is her creepy clown. Got pictures of her two best friends. got a letter from her sister again, got shampoo and conditioner white wine, makeup oreos new nail colors for
nail party.

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10:01 PM BBT Lots of non-game chit chat in the chair bedroom and more than one conversation going on at once. Candice, Helen, Elissa, Amanda, Andy, Spencer, Jessie, GMin there. McCrae and Aaryn walk in there. Don't see Judd or Howard in there. Howard is in the Bathroom whispering to himself. He said, "...Candice doesn't talk..." and the rest was inaudible.

10:10 PM BBT For some reason, Jess is doing a front-roll on top of Amanda while she's laying down in bed. She ends up messing up and slightly injuring Amanda in the process. They laugh. Amanda jokingly walks out acting like she broke her back. Now she's dancing singing about "Mand-aids" (Band-aids for men). Aaryn is called to the DR (most likely to get her HOH room).

10:15 PM BBT Majority of the houseguests are still in the chair bedroom. Amanda and Andy are doing their own version of Aerobics to entertain the crowd. They're trying to get Andy to do improv now and he's refusing to do so. Amanda offers she'll do it with him and he still declines and walks out. Elissa asks Judd to do an improv and Judd said he doesn't know what that means. Judd: "Do you talk in improv?" For some reason, Judd and Amanda started doing sex improv pretending to hump each other. Andy walks back into the room after leaving for about a minute and the houseguests hound him to do an improv and start booing him relentless (pretty funny). Amanda is now running through the house screaming. Howard is in the kitchen looking at her confused.

10:20 PM BBT

Amanda: "The wedding will be not this upcoming week but the next week. This week will be the bachelorette party."

Andy: "But Helen won't be here next week."

Helen: "Boo!"

They all laugh

Judd now wants people to sing. Helen says she is tone-deaf.

Judd and Howard sort of wrestling (or man-grabbing) for about 5 seconds.

Now they're talking about what to do when Aaryn comes out for her HOH room. They all decide to go hide upstairs when Aaryn comes out. Now all the houseguests are running upstairs. Elissa: "They're not going to call her out for like 30 minutes." ALL houseguests are now upstairs on the balcony hiding waiting for Aaryn. They're laying down waiting for her to get out of the DR. They're all trying to be really quiet with some people saying it's going to be awhile for her to come out. While waiting, Amanda and Howard are playing chess and the others are sitting down around the balcony.

10:30 PM BBT All houseguests are still waiting upstairs. Some people are underneath the chess table including Helen. They're all talking very softly too. Candice is now massaging Andy's shoulders. Andy: "This idea is backfiring." Candice: "Let's play the quiet game."

Lots of the houseguests are now loudly shushing each other (lol).

10:36 PM BBT Aaryn walks out. "Who wants to see my HOH room? You assholes better cheer. I hate all of you." She's laughing as she's saying this realizing no one is coming to see her room. She walks straight to the stairs, stops, and realizes no one is coming. She then walks up and sees them all waiting upstairs. They all start cheering. She can't open up her HOH door now. Judd helped and couldn't. Aaryn jokingly: "This is the worst HOH reveal ever!" Then Amanda tried and it worked. Amanda has pictures of her two best friends, and Amanda says she thinks she knows her friend Kaitlyn Moore. Aaryn's letter is from her sister again. Part of the letter said, "Stay true to the morals you were raised with." She's got white wine, conditioner and shampoo, mint oreos double stuff, nail polish, but no ice cream that she requested. She shows a picture of her snowboarding. She used to instruct as community service for kids that can't afford how to snowboard.

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10:46 PM BBT Aaryn is offering her food to everyone in the house whenever they want. Amanda is going to freeze some oreos and fry some later. Houseguests start scattering from HOH. Elissa to McCrae: "It's crazy how people's attitudes change. I could never be like that." Elissa and McCrae were whispering, but I believe she said that Aaryn brushed right past her without hugging her even though she hugged everyone else. She might've been referring to Aaryn's first HOH win.

10:51 PM BBT Candice and Howard playing chess. Howard says he doesn't think Aaryn is going to be told what to do. He is now explaining how to play chess to Candice.

10:56 PM BBT Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, Jessie still in HOH. Amanda is holding Aaryn's clown. Judd comes up to HOH and Aaryn says, "You don't have to knock." Amanda is asking about Kaitlyn Moore again and feeds switch.

Spencer is talking to Andy in the bathroom. Helen and Howard are in there too. They're talking about grandparents. Andy had been to Arkansas when he was really young. Now talk has moved onto birthdays and what they did as kids. Now talked turn to Spencer and his girlfriend's/wife's birthday being on December 23. Talk moves randomly from one topic to another... nothing worth jotting down.

11:10 PM BBT McCrae and Judd talking in the storage room. McCrae says, "They're pissed off because she (Aaryn) won." They're discussing who may win MVP also. Judd thinks Howard has the coup d'etat (Where the !@#$ did that come from?) They're also counting votes and it seems they believe GM is on their side. They also want GM to make it feel like she is part of something.

11:15 PM BBT In HOH, McCrae comes up and Aaryn once again says, "You don't have to knock." Amanda just called to the DR and taking the clown with her. Aaryn, GM, McCrae, Andy are up there.

11:18 PM BBT Helen and Candice are in the lounge talking. Candice said that she came in as a single person and will leave as a single person. Helen says she rather would protect Candice than them. Helen: "Amanda's going to control it anyway because she controls everything. I don't know how you'll ever get her out of this house. I'm starting to worry that it'll never happen." Candice: "I'm definitely not afraid to make that move. I just gotta win HOH."

Helen: "I have more loyalty to you than to Jessie." "I love Jessie too."

Candice: "My loyalty goes to Elissa, you, and Howard and Andy. I love Andy."

Helen: "Mine go to you, Elissa, and Andy."

They are now wondering who Elissa would put up if she won MPV. Candice would hope Elissa would nominate Amanda if she were to have MVP, but Helen doesn't know if she would.

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10:45-11:00 PM BBT The HoH party broke up pretty quick once Aaryn finished going through her basket. She thanked everyone for coming and Andy jumped up and said Goodbye! (Playfully). Aaryn invited the HNs to come up and eat her goodies when their restriction is lifted at midnight. Candice asked Howard to teach her to play chess.

11:05 PM BBT We have idle chit chat all around the house. Apparently Howard and Candice's game of chess is over because down in the WA we have Spencer, Howard, Helen and Andy chatting about their friends and family. Intermittent FoTH. Up in the HoH GinaMarie is listening to Aaryn's CD while Aaryn unpacks. Jessie, McCrae and Amanda are also hanging out. More idle chit chat. Amanda is waiting to be called to the DR with Aaryn's clown. Amanda asks why Candice is wearing her hairband without asking and it's super annoying. Aaryn says Candice has gone through her hairbands as well and asked to wear something of hers that she thought was cute.

11:09 PM BBT McCrae and Judd are whispering in the SR about Kaitlin going home. McCrae says he would have felt bad but she never asked for their vote. Judd says he feels bad. McCrae points out Judd didn't have a vote so it doesn't matter. Judd tells McCrae to tell Amanda to not bring up the fake alliance any more. McCrae says she's done with it but the house is going to go after them now. McCrae says they need to get Candice out as well but they can't do it if Howard is on the block. McCrae says that if Howard has the coup de'tat power that they still have the votes to chose who goes home.

11:14 PM BBT McCrae tells Judd to tell GinaMarie that if Amanda or he gets HoH that they won't put her up because she's not on their radar. The SR party winds up. Up in the HoH Andy knocks and comes in with Aaryn saying "You don't have to knock, <Q word> boy." Downstairs Judd ducks down behind the couch when Amanda is called to DR. She walks through with the clown in her hand and Judd jumps out at her causing her to scream. Feeds switch to Helen and Candice in the lounge. Helen is saying that Amanda is trying to control her and that Candice's gut was right again. Helen says as long as she (Helen), Candice and Elissa stay off the block then it's ok.

11:21 PM BBT Helen and Candice continue to bash Amanda and how much air time they think she is getting. Apparently someone heard Amanda talking about her DRs and she says she goes in "Do you have a card under the seat for me?" They wonder how she knows that's how it happens. Helen wants to talk to Elissa about it and ask. Helen says MVP usually finds out on Friday night. Spencer knocks on the door and they invite him in. Howard walks by saying he's just mingling. Talk turns to how excited they are to get off the HN restrictions. Up in the HoH Judd, McCrae, GinaMarie Jessie and Aaryn continue to chat as Aaryn unpacks her suitcase. Andy comes in and says he has pizzas in the oven. They have 35 minutes to go.

11:29 PM BBT Down in the lounge Helen wonders what Jeremy is thinking because they sent Kaitlin home tonight. Candice asks why they wanted her to go home this week. Helen points out that she has such a good social game and that she was such a competitor. Talk touches briefly about the live feeders and where they find time to document everything that she does. Helen says it would take her years to go through everything that's written so far. Up in the HoH they're discussing Julie mentioning the bear shirt. McCrae says it's kind of cool that people are watching for it. They agree that they want to try to put it on someone for each competition/ceremony. Jessie points out that Kaitlin wore it in the photo booth. GinaMarie says "That don't matter, we're talking about the real cameras".

11:38 PM BBT Up in the HoH talk is about the things that Aaryn's family sent. Aaryn knows that her mom sent the earrings because that's the box they came in and her mom had it. Judd asked if her mom signed a release. Aaryn says she did not and that her sister sent the letter. GinaMarie asks how old her sister is. Aaryn says 18. Aaryn says getting the things from home makes her feel super supported and cared about in the house. Aaryn says she knows she's said and done some super stupid things while being in the house and these things from home makes her realize they're still watching and care about her.

11:45 PM BBT Idle chit chat down in the chair room with Elissa, Judd and Helen. Up in the HoH GinaMarie and Aaryn are alone and GinaMarie whispers asking who she is going to nominate. Aaryn tells her why she was able to stay this week (by making a deal with the other side). Aaryn says she couldn't tell her because she knew she was super close to her. Aaryn says she was the target but then she made a deal with the following people. Amanda, McCrae, Jessie, Judd, Helen and Andy. The feeds are officially acting up again. No live cams at the moment. Close the browser and reopen and everything is back. Aaryn is telling GinaMarie that she told Helen she would nominate whoever she wanted.

11:55 PM BBT Aaryn tells GinaMarie that Helen pulled her into the SR earlier...and this has to stay between us...but she told me that Elissa has gone bat s*** crazy and she's flipped on her twice so far. If she puts her up she won't care. Aaryn points out to GinaMarie that the two of them had never been a HN. Candice and Howard are playing chess. Downstairs the rest of the house are gathered around the memory wall playing BB superlatives. "Which of the HG would be king and queen? Who is the hottest? Most likely to be lying about their profession?"

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11:45pm BBT GM asked Aaryn if Candice would be nominated. Aaryn says no, her plan at this time is to honor her deal with Helen and nominate Howard and Spencer.

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11:25 PM BBT Aaryn is saying this HOH is another chance to make amends with Elissa. Judd comes up with wine glasses and McCrae, GM, and Jessie are still in the HOH room. Andy comes walking into HOH also.

Andy says he's going to stuff himself tonight til he pukes. (Have nots eat at 12:00 AM tonight)

There's nothing important to report in the HOH.

11:35 PM BBT They're talking about Elissa now and how she snubbed Aaryn during the HOH. GM then brings up the fact how Elissa pushed GM off her when she tried to hug her after Elissa was nominated by the MVP last week.

11:40 PM BBT Same people are still in the HOH. Some are randomly walking out and getting stuff from the downstairs and bringing them up.

GM is on her period. She said she's going to be mopey the next few days.

11:42 PM BBT Spencer, Candice talking in lounge. Sounds like they were trying to talk some strategy, but couldn't make out what they were saying before they dispersed. Seems like fewer people are in the HOH now getting ready for midnight.

Elissa is in the chair bedroom reading the bible and tells Helen and Judd that Nehemiah is a really interesting chapter in the bible. Elissa is saying in the book of Daniel, everything he has prophesied has happened.

11:47 PM BBT Aaryn and GM are alone in HOH. Aaryn is telling GM that she is putting up Howard and Spencer. Aaryn said she made a deal, but couldn't tell her because GM and Kaitlyn were close and Aaryn was scared to tell her. Aaryn: "I told Helen that if she can let me stay, that I would either throw HOH or win it and let her choose the noms."

11:52 PM BBT Aaryn is saying she has more deals while GM says she has no deals with anybody. Aaryn says they are with the numbers now and that she was told that "they" want to work with her long term. GM says those same people told Kaitlyn the same thing all week long.

Aaryn: "Basically Helen said that if I won HOH and put up who she wanted, that we were a team."

GM: "Be careful, but Helen said she would also save Kaitlyn because of what she did with the POV."

A: "I told Helen that Kaitlyn said she was going to use the POV either way and Helen said it doesn't matter." "The real reason they turned against Kaitlyn was because someone started a rumor, wasn't me, that Kaitlyn was going after Helen."

GM: "I didn't know that."

A: "Helen came up to me in the storage room and goes, 'Elissa is bat shit crazy. She's turned on me twice. Last night, she freaked out and then today she tried to flip the house. I don't trust her now. If you put Elissa up, I won't complain about it.'"

Aaryn is smiling saying, "Do you understand we just went from lowest on the totem pole to HOH." They laugh and GM says, "the boys would be so proud of us."

GM, "I want to go home with something. I don't necessarily need to go home with 500,000." "If I can go home with some chunk of change and be happy and buy a new car and get my teeth fucking fixed, I'll be happy."

A: "I think we're going to make it jury. That's $13,000." "Three people leave then it's jury." "The next three people to leave are Howard, Candice, and Spencer." "We have the number to do that, we just have to win HOH." "Jeremy, Kaitlyn, they needed to win those HOH's and that's why we're in this situation."

GM: "You're a smart cookie, you. I like you." "I'm not a have not either so I don't need to be downstairs."

A: "We've never been have nots!"

Talk about the HOH now. Aaryn said it was all luck. They say Elissa's ball was on the line and then rolled into the 0. They are now talking about how cute their balls were (botchy balls that is).

GM is talking about Jessie being wishy washy. Aaryn is saying if Jessie didn't vote against Nick, she would be with us in this situation.

A: "We just have to keep it going."

G: "I know I stay chill. It's just the two people that I'm 'like this' on is Jessie and Candice."

Rest of the house is around the Memory Wall talking about who is the unhealthiest eater. I guess they're playing a game.

That's is for BBAD. Tomorrow BBAD begins at 8 PM BBT and goes for 3 hours. (Aaryn definitely seems a lot more amicable on the feeds lately.)

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