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Thursday, July 25 Live Feed Updates


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12:03 AM BBT Aaryn turns off the lights in the colorful room and crawls into bed. Up in the HoH we're talking about plural of different words. Dice, mice, fish, deer, etc... Helen starts to say the words to a Beastie Boys song and we get intermittent FoTH.

12:14 AM BBT Amanda in WA brushing teeth then goes to retrieve her and McCrae's blanket. McCrae now brushing his teeth. They head into the lounge. McCrae asks her what she thinks about the comp tomorrow. Amanda says she'd almost rather see where everyone ends up first to see where they end up and then base her strategy off that. McCrae agrees. Watch how the ball rolls speed wise and think about the ball leaving your hand during practice over and over again. Amanda wonders why Judd would say anything like he did earlier. McCrae thinks he has his own agenda. McCrae flossing his teeth.

12:20 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae cuddle up in the lounge. She asks to examine his teeth. He doesn't like for her to. Amanda hopes that Candice doesn't win it tomorrow. McCrae says "It's called crap-shoot because anyone can win it...even Candice." They begin cuddling under the blanket. Amanda says she was so turned on up there. McCrae says he was trying to not think about it. They begin making out again. Meanwhile up in the HoH they are talking about previous seasons of BB and how there wasn't haves or have-nots. Cams switch around as if looking for someone while keeping the audio up in the HoH. They flip through the door outside the lounge, inside the WA until settling on Candice and Howard in the HoH bathroom whispering. Howard is talking about his hair before they begin talking game.

12:27 AM BBT Howard and Candice talk in the bathroom but it's difficult to hear due to the echo of the room and the conversations in the HoH. Candice begs Howard not to volunteer to be a HN this week. He looks as if he's really debating it this week. There was some game talk about what to do next week but again it was hard to hear. Candice can't believe his mother wasn't mushy with him as a kid. Howard says they weren't like that. Candice asks what about when he was younger. Howard doesn't remember. Howard suggests they rejoin the HoH group. The group asks what they were doing. Howard says he washed his hair because Elissa is going to give him a haircut tomorrow.

12:33 AM BBT BB calls out McCrae and Amanda for obstructing their mic. Elissa raises her eyebrows. (Don't worry Elissa...they're just making out and grinding beneath the covers). Talk turns to the different kinds of music everyone requested. Elissa rattles off a few country artists (Blake Shelton was one...honestly I forgot the other) and she mentions Nelly. Again...this talk of music causes the HGs to periodically break out into song and we get periods of FoTH. Feeds are flipping around crazy as if they aren't sure who to follow. Amanda and McCrae down in the lounge who have begun to talk about DR or the HoH who are still breaking out into music. BB reminds everyone they aren't allowed to speak about DR twice.

12:41 AM BBT Up in the HoH Elissa mentions going to bed but then Jessie tells her to listen to a song on Judd's CD with her. Down in the lounge Andy has joined Amanda and McCrae. Andy tells them that he thinks Judd made everything up. McCrae says that's genius. Amanda says there's no way he had time to talk to someone before McCrae's birthday party because the girls were with her. They continue to whisper that they don't trust Judd which is strange because they do. They're tempted to talk to one of them to tell them someone from their alliance told her something (I cannot apologize enough here, I'm completely lost which makes this conversation difficult to follow). Amanda says this pins everything on her (Amanda) and McCrae agrees. Andy says something in her eyes tells him that she's serious and not lying.

12:51 AM BBT Amanda says they need to get in Kaitlin's ear and tell her that someone from her alliance told them this information so she can take it back to her alliance and they can start pointing fingers at each other. McCrae thinks it's a bad idea. Amanda says it'll take the target off her back. McCrae says if it's not true then it makes her look even worse. She asks Andy to talk to Kaitlin. He can try but it'll be risky to say anything. Andy says it might be better to be vague and not drop names because Kaitlin can start WWIII before she goes and she may throw his name out which will put two of them on people's radar. Andy doesn't want to leave Amanda hanging out there by herself obviously.

12:55 AM BBT Meanwhile up in the HoH Candice is talking to Howard telling him that the house wants Kaitlin to go home this week and not Aaryn. They run through the votes. Candice "Andy will do what they want". Spencer comes in from the bathroom and says "Ya'll are being awfully quiet." Candice is going to bed. Elissa, Jessie, and Judd are missing from the HoH. Down in the lounge Andy wants to talk to Judd and ask him if he made everything up. Amanda says she wants to know tonight. Amanda wants to know why he said Andy and Helen's name. (Now it's beginning to make a bit more sense...). Andy thinks it's because Judd sees them as floaters.

01:01 AM BBT Up in the HoH Spencer doesn't care who goes home this week. Spencer thinks if Kaitlin is being honest then they should keep her. Spencer doesn't think this should be a hard decision this week. Howard says it shouldn't be but people are making it that way. Spencer points out that Aaryn was doing really well during practice. Howard agrees and says it's going to be a crap-shoot still. Back down in the lounge Candice sticks her head in the door and says she's going to bed. Elissa comes in (they agreed not to say anything to Elissa about Judd). Elissa asks if she was talking to Candice. Talk turns to tomorrow's HoH comp and how well people were doing. Elissa interrupts and says she really doesn't want to get in the middle of the Candice/Amanda drama.

01:08 AM BBT Switching feeds Candice and Jessie are talking in the HNR Amanda not going after Candice not going after someone. Switching feeds back to the lounge and Amanda questions who is taking the blame for starting the rumor about the overnight alliance and mentions that she and Elissa are taking the heat for this one. Elissa laughs and says she's tired of the drama. Switching back to the HNR and Andy has joined the other two and asking if they think the five person alliance is true. Candice says she doesn't believe it's true. Andy agrees. Candice wants to just stay quiet. Candice sees the big picture. Jessie wants to know what that picture looks like. Candice says it doesn't matter. Each little picture doesn't adds up to a bigger picture and she doesn't like where this one is headed. Andy wants to know what it is and if it's going to effect him or Jessie. Candice dodges the question briefly before saying no.

01:16 AM BBT Candice is worried that Aaryn staying will effect her game. Jessie points out that Aaryn staying means there's a bigger target in the house. Candice says she won't be working for the three of them. Jessie points out that she'll be working with Helen though and they trust Helen to have their back. Andy and Jessie continues to reassure Candice that things will be ok. Back in the lounge Judd is in with Amanda, McCrae and Elissa. Elissa is giggling non-stop. She says everything that Judd says is so funny. Judd apologizes for throwing Andy and Helen's name out there. He says nothing has been said since so he thinks it's ok. (They can't question Judd about his honesty because Elissa is there). Amanda is called to DR. Elissa reassures Amanda that she did not confirm with Candice that Amanda started the rumor. Amanda understands and says she trusts Elissa. Elissa is going to bed. Feeds switch to the HoH. Andy is making his rounds and is now speaking with Howard and Spencer.

01:25 AM BBT Judd is eating pizza down in the KT chatting with Kaitlin and Elissa. Kaitlin heads up stairs to the HoH. GinaMarie came in shortly before she did. Andy says they're going to do a practice vote every week and we get FoTH. Feeds back and Spencer says he's the King of Shout-outs. Switching feeds...Judd is talking to Elissa down in the KT. Elissa asks how late he stays up at night. Judd says between 3 and 5. (Verified!) Judd says he can't sleep in this house. Elissa says she slept the best when she was in the HoH. People should throw the HoH to her. Judd says he can't play. She asks him if he would consider it and...Andy and Spencer come down from the HoH. Idle chit chat begins.

01:34 AM BBT Up in the HoH Kaitlin, Howard and GinaMarie are talking about Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie fears he's going to kill himself after the show. Howard says no because he knows it's strictly game play. GinaMarie tries to say "She is manipulative (and murders the word)" GinaMarie says Amanda was grabbing five balls at a time during practice with the game earlier and cutting in line. Kaitlin agrees she was cutting in line.

01:38 AM BBT Up in the HoH Howard says he's going to go downstairs and see what they're talking about. He's going to bring somebody back up with him. Howard enters the lounge joining Judd, Spencer, Howard and McCrae. Howard wants to know what's up. Spencer says "If you don't want to tell her then don't tell her". Judd says Kaitlin says she doesn't want blindsided though but they're not supposed to tell someone they're going home (someone mentioned they were told that after they told Jeremy he was going home). Spencer mentions that if America is picking the third nom then they can't control that any more. Andy points out that if he wins HoH whoever doesn't go home tomorrow will go up on the block next week and then the following week the third person can go home.

01:43 AM BBT Howard says it's easy but he doesn't know why there is so much speculation. Andy says because Aaryn hasn't been throwing people's names out there like Kaitlin has and they all agree. Someone suggests that they tell Kaitlin tomorrow that the votes to keep her just aren't there. Andy tells Judd he doesn't think this is going to come down on him. Everyone else agrees. Andy says if Kaitlin is making people that he's friends with nervous then he'll just tell her that she's going to have to go. Meanwhile up in the HoH GinaMarie isn't sure why they want to keep Aaryn around. Kaitlin says because she's a bigger target. GinaMarie says she needs someone in her corner because she can't win this thing on her own. She says she needs to start going to bed at 10:30 and not talk to anyone like Jess does. Kaitlin agrees saying she's sitting pretty.

01:50 AM BBT Howard is whispering to Elissa in the WA saying he's going to let everyone sleep on it. Elissa says they should all try to push to get Aaryn out. Howard says he's smart enough to know to vote with the house. Elissa starts complaining that everyone puts their fingers in things that everyone uses (referring to the petroleum jelly). She gets a cotton-swab and smears it across her lips. Feeds switch back to Andy, Spencer, Judd, and McCrae still in the lounge talking. McCrae says Kaitlin threw his and Amanda's name out there as the source of this secret alliance and that's why they really want her gone. Up in the HoH Kaitlin mentions that the house wanted her and Aaryn put up on the block. GinaMarie says if that's the case he should get a say in who goes home. Kaitlin doesn't think he's vocalizing it clearly enough.

01:57 AM BBT Amanda out of the DR. She tells McCrae that they're (DR) onto them referring to them being travel advisors and they questioned her about it in Mexico (DR). FoTH. Judd suggests they move up to the HoH because he hates the lounge. Candice and Howard are in the LR whispering softly to each other. It's difficult to hear anything because she keeps grinding her mic against him as she whispers in his ear. Howard mentions going to bed and he'll join her in there. Up in the HoH they're following Howard walk across the house on the spy screen. Howard comes up to the HoH with a smile on his face while carrying his toothbrush. Amanda asks why he's so happy. Howard says because he's smart as heck because he wanted to ask what people were doing with the votes so he wasn't set up to vote wrongly. Spencer says up until 15 minutes ago he was voting for Aaryn. Andy says he found out today. Kaitlin and Candice comes up to the HoH and chat stops. (This is very very awkward...)

02:05 AM BBT Amanda asks Kaitlin what's up and she says nothing...she tried going to bed early but now she's wide awake (Have I mentioned this is awkward?). Talk turns to music and Candice speaks out lyrics to a song and we get FoTH. Talk turns to another song...and we get FoTH. Talk turns to haves and have-nots and foods Candice is going to eat when she finally can eat real food again. Amanda wonders if everyone else is sleeping. Feed 1 shows Helen and Elissa sleeping and Feed 2 is Aaryn sleeping.

02:11 AM BBT Talk now turns to who's parents are together and who are only children. Talk quickly turns away to a new topic and we have multiple people talking at once. Spencer's voice eventually dominates and he says his parents becoming grandparents is such an amazing thing to watch. Now Candice is talking about her parents. Someone yawns. (I do as well. Game talk was kicked into overdrive for 1.5 hours and then it comes to a screeching halt just like that.)

02:20 AM BBT Talk turns to where everyone is from and why BB had them say they are from certain areas even though they actually live elsewhere. Judd starts talking about his area and Amanda laughs saying "We weren't talking about you Judd!" Talk then turns to something else and then Amanda chimes in "Oh ok...we were talking about us and then again we're chatting about someone else again!" (In a playful tone). Talk turns to what everyone's parents do.

02:32 AM BBT The topic has turned to what everyone is going to do when they get out of the house. A few of them plan on going to Vegas after they get out. Andy says they should come see him do improv in Chicago. They try to get him to do some now. He says not right now because he says he takes it seriously and being put in an awkward spot like this won't be very good for him. Talk turns to the cameras and that they havn't moved tonight in the HoH. They wonder if they're even on them. Amanda isn't sure who else they would be on. Judd says the feeds might not be on. McCrae and Spencer head down to the KT to get food.

02:37 AM BBT McCrae says he wasn't trying to mislead them about who they were voting for. Amanda comes down as well. Amanda wonders what Kaitlin, Howard, and Candice were talking about in the LR when they were watching them on the spy screen. Spencer suggests they were being campaigned to by Kaitlin. Amanda says "Yeah but then they all go up to the HoH with us?" Spencer points out that they're the only ones up and they were looking for someone to talk to. FoTH. Amanda wants to know if people think she made that up or Elissa did. Spencer mumbles something and Amanda is ok with it. Amanda asks Spencer who Howard and Candice would put up if they won HoH. The microwave is running and it's hard to hear the whispers. Spencer mentions Elissa's name.

02:41 AM BBT (Now that they've separated...let's check out the HoH...) Howard says he'll do what needs to be done. Andy understands. Spencer comes up and asks what they decided. Howard says he wanted to ask everyone what they're doing so they're not being scumbagged and not being the only one or two not voting with the rest of the house. Judd speaks up and says he doesn't know if he's talking about him but he's not been able to split everyone apart today. Candice asks him where his head is. Judd says he feels like he's being used as a scapegoat more than any of the other HoHs especially since he can't play for HoH next week. Andy points out that other HoHs have made which nom they want to go home clear. Candice says she understands and she'll be honest when she asks who is going home everyone says "Let me talk to Judd." Amanda comes in and asks "What?" Candice points out that they're asking who they should vote for.

02:46 AM BBT Judd tells Amanda that he's being used as a scapegoat. Andy again pushes that previous HoHs made their targets clear (Fair enough...) Amanda and McCrae say they want Kaitlin out this week because they she's been dragging their names through the mud. Candice points out that if someone is protecting Aaryn then clearly she isn't as alone as she is being made out to be. Amanda says they're only keeping her because of Kaitlin throwing names out there. Candice understands but says that if Aaryn wins HoH next week she'll put up Candice. Candice says when they go to vote they can either vote for whoever they fear will go after them in the future or vote with the house. Amanda and McCrae say they want Kaitlin gone. Howard says that's fine then Kaitlin is the target.

02:51 AM BBT Amanda points out that Kaitlin tried to get Howard put up instead of Jeremy. Candice says she knows and that Kaitlin told her that when it happened. Amanda wonders why. Candice says because they've been close and she completely understands because she was trying to save her guy. Amanda says that Aaryn that hasn't even brought her name up. Candice understands but she just wants to get the vote clear. Howard says she can go to bed now. Candice tells him to go to bed. Andy says he's going to bed in a few minutes. Judd says if there's a tie vote then he'll break the tie. Andy offers to talk with Helen and Elissa with Howard and Candice tomorrow about the vote so they can see they know who everyone is voting for.

02:55 AM BBT Kaitlin and GinaMarie are in the KT snacking. Talk in the HoH about who to vote to evict tomorrow is beginning to cycle again. Spencer says he has a list of reason to evict Kaitlin so he's ok with it. Amanda says keeping Aaryn in this house is a bigger threat and a larger target in the house. Brief silence...and Amanda points out that Kaitlin hasn't even tried to campaign to her or McCrae. Spencer wonders why anyone on the block would start talking their future targets. Amanda agrees. Back down in the KT Kaitlin says she doesn't know what's about to happen. GinaMarie says "I'm not trying to be mean but this nail polish is for black women. No really, that's the company's name" She goes on to say she didn't want to say it out loud (...uh....). Kaitlin points out that America heard it just now. GinaMarie says "Yeah CBS buys nail polish for black women"

03:01 AM BBT Kaitlin wishes she knew what was going on in this house. She's almost ready just to go home. She looks at the bright side "At least I'm almost 6 grand richer". Back up in the HoH game talk has settled. Howard whispers that he misses his mom. Candice asks if he wants to go home and see her. Talk turns to HNs.

03:06 AM BBT Andy is heading to catch his flight. Kaitlin asks to talk to him. Andy says quickly because he's sleepy. They go into the lounge. Kaitlin said she felt earlier that she was safe and now she is getting mixed signals. Andy says "I don't know...everyone is weight the options...I don't think it's going to be a unanimous vote". Kaitlin doesn't understand how there are more pros in keeping Aaryn in the house. Kaitlin wonders if Helen is planning on keeping her word to protect her. Andy imagines she would. Kaitlin whispering to GinaMarie and tells her what Andy just told her. Kaitlin says Amanda is talking very loud (in the HoH). Idle chit chat in the HoH. GinaMarie wonders why Spencer is up there with them. Kaitlin says they can go up if they want to. Kaitlin goes into WA while Andy is brushing his teeth.

03:11 AM BBT Kaitlin can't figure out if Helen and Elissa are working with Amanda and McCrae why they are saying they are voting separately. Andy is heading to bed. He tells GinaMarie "Good night stupid, I hate you!" Kaitlin comes back out and tells GinaMarie that Spencer said he's uncertain who he is voting for and not to trust him. GinaMarie says she doesn't anyway. GinaMarie says if a girl goes home this week that a guy should go home next week. Kaitlin thinks it will Howard. Up in the HoH they're talking game mechanics for something. Candice starts singing and we...don't get FoTH. Candice is ready for bed.

03:16 AM BBT Kaitlin and GinaMarie has moved into the WA. Kaitlin hates the fact that she knows how much they hate Aaryn and the fact that they want to send her home more makes her sick. Random chat continues in the HoH. GinaMarie and Kaitlin whisper a bit more before going to bed. GinaMarie stops at the memory wall and asks Nick why he had to leave. "Please tell me..." Kaitlin laughs a bit before saying she needs to pee. She tells her to wait a moment. Up in the HoH the room is quiet as they watch GinaMarie on the spy screen. Amanda says "Why is she looking at my picture! She's going to target me next!" Candice cries out from the bathroom saying she hit her head on the fire extinguisher above the toilet. Spencer said he did the other day. Judd steps outside to invite Kaitlin and GinaMarie up. They say they're going to bed.

03:24 AM BBT McCrae points out that details were released about this season of BB and some things had already come true. Spencer asks what. McCrae said three noms was hinted at on <another fan site>. Amanda didn't hear that but she did hear about the largest cast ever. Talk turns to them being 4 evictions or so away from people being sent to the jury house and what the jury house supposedly is like. Judd doesn't want to be alone in that house because he'll go crazy. Idle chit chat begins.

03:39 AM BBT Talk has been here and there...namely first impressions of each other and Candice saying Amanda told her about her boyfriend out of the house the first night they were in the house. Amanda tells Judd that he's flat footed (welcome to the club! - NiteSlacker). He asks if that's bad. Spencer knows you can't join the military if you are flat footed. Candice looks at his feet and says he's not that flat footed (...membership denied!). Talk turns to the Roscoe report and the naming of the rubber ducks in the "jacoochie" (Candice's word).

03:45 AM BBT For the past hour or so Candice has been saying that her flight is boarding...it finally seems that may be the case. Candice and Howard leave the HoH room. McCrae is going to get a nicotine patch and starts singing "chocolate milk" on the way down the stairs. Candice joins in and we get FoTH. Feeds back in the HoH and Judd says he wants to give her a heads up. Amanda recommends not doing it because they don't want it to effect their goodbye speech. Amanda says she got in trouble for telling Jeremy he was going home. Amanda says when a HG changes their speech and says something like "We all know what's going to happen so let's just get this over with..." people are more likely to change the channel at that point. Judd says that sucks and he's going to ask about it in the DR. He read something in the manual and we get FoTH.

03:52 AM BBT Feeds are back and Judd says he doesn't want to blindside her. Amanda wonders if she really thinks she's safe this week. Judd isn't sure. Feeds have started acting up. This is similar as to what we experienced almost a week ago. Feed 1 is live which consists of Helen and Elissa sleeping while feeds 2-4 are replays from earlier. Clicking Live Feed only restarts the replay.

03:58 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda come down from the HoH. They know what "they're" up to up there. McCrae can stay up all night. McCrae says Howard usually goes to bed early and Spencer is a have not they should be exhausted. They begin to make-out (C'mon control room...give us something else to watch! We're limited to 1 set of feeds right now due to technical difficulties with the site).

04:06 AM BBT Feeds are still messed up. Amanda and McCrae could hear something from the HoH so they moved into the WC to listen better (multiple HGs have mentioned that you can hear HoH conversations in the WA/WC if they're loud enough). These two are whispering super faintly...and kissing.

04:06 AM BBT ***Flashback Alert!*** Cam 1 (the only cam at the time) Well...this certainly was interesting...I'm not entirely sure they were just listening to the HoH...there clearly were other noises coming from the WC...it sure sounded like a lot more than just making out. You decide!

04:19 AM BBT Feeds are still messed up. Currently feed 1 is Aaryn sleeping. Feeds 2-4 are replays from earlier. We'll rewind a bit back to Amanda and McCrae since we have nothing else to do for the moment...

04:07 AM BBT *Rewind/Flashback* Cam 1 A...sloppy/slurpy sound can be heard at this time...and considering Amanda's conversation in the HoH room earlier... Shortly thereafter at 04:08-04:09 AM BBT McCrae can be heard gasping multiple times. 04:09 AM BBT They exit the WC with McCrae having a giant grin on his face. Shortly thereafter Amanda says she's not really hungry any more and McCrae's giant grin returns.

04:29 AM BBT Jumping back live Spencer and McCrae are in the lounge talking about Amanda. Spencer says Amanda tends to act sketchy and that's why she's on everyone's radar. Spencer says he'll be completely loyal to he and her and keep their names out of his mouth. McCrae understands. Spencer asks for protection. He says he's a huge ally to have. He questions whether Andy will be as tight as he will be with them. McCrae understands. Spencer says he's going to talk to Spencer and try to keep his head in the game. Spencer thinks Howard feels like he's at the bottom of the totem pole. Spencer says Howard will also be a huge ally to have. Spencer asks McCrae to not lie to him because he's going to do whatever he can to protect them. McCrae says any information that comes his way from Spencer has been kept by him.

04:34 AM BBT Amanda comes into the lounge to join them. Spencer says he was just telling McCrae that he's not after them and he wants to work with them. Spencer says that everyone's picture in color on the wall thinks she's sketchy. Amanda says Candice and Jessie are the only two that think she's sketchy and she dealt with it and Spencer's name is tossed out just as much if not more. Spencer says whatever. He's got their back. Amanda asks about the five person alliance and Spencer says it didn't exist that they only hung out together by staying up late. Amanda questions why Kaitlin ran up to Howard every time she collected information from upstairs. Spencer says he doesn't know what they're conversations were about but he asks when. Amanda says 'recently in the past'. Amanda asks who said the alliance rumor started with her. Spencer says Kaitlin mentioned it to her. She asks when. Spencer said the night she went out there and confronted them about it.

04:40 AM BBT Amanda tells Spencer that she is tired of hearing that people thinks she's sketchy. Spencer says it's true. Amanda asks who. Spencer says everyone including Jessie, Andy, and Elissa. Spencer says Amanda ran around the first three weeks whispering and acting like it. They continue to go back and forth. Spencer says if they get rid of him they're going to lose an ally. Amanda understands. Spencer says Andy will be more loyal to Helen over them. Amanda agrees. Spencer says if they're planning and scheming he wants to be a part of it. Spencer says he can get Howard back on track. Spencer says Amanda sketches him out. Amanda says he sketches her out. Amanda says Candice is constantly against her as well. Spencer agrees and he'll talk to her as well.

04:46 AM BBT Spencer says until he can get Howard back in line and not to lump them together. Spencer says he has Howard's back until he proves that he's gone off the deep end and he certainly has their backs. Spencer says yesterday everyone say that Elissa went crazy and that most of the people think that as well. Spencer goes on to say that Amanda makes everyone nervous because her brain is always going. McCrae is saying "Yep..." with each of these statements. Spencer says everyone likes to lay back and chill a bit but her brain is always running and they worry that she's plotting and planning. Spencer says to keep him and Howard off the block and he'll do the same with them. Spencer says they all know that she is most loyal to McCrae.

04:51 AM BBT Spencer says if they want to vote out Kaitlin then they will do that. Spencer says if she makes them uncomfortable then she needs to go. Amanda says vote how you want we're not pushing anything. McCrae says he told Spencer that he was pushing for her a bit ago. Spencer says everyone wants to vote with the house and if that's what they want and they're trying to sway the votes. Amanda and McCrae say they don't want a target on their back because they're trying to target someone. Spencer doesn't understand why she is getting so defensive. Amanda says it is his wording. Spencer says maybe he should have found a different way to word it then. Amanda understands. Talk turns to the HoH being a crap shoot this week.

04:56 AM BBT Spencer says she is more like the Pied Piper and is leading people along instead of dictating who they want to go home. Spencer says he wants to be very loyal to them. McCrae says they were dead set on Aaryn going home but ultimately all this other stuff went down. Amanda says all this happened because of the stupid rumor thing. Spencer again says he wants to be loyal to them. He says Howard is drifting away and it's making him nervous. Amanda agrees. Amanda says Howard, Candice and Spencer are always being lumped together. Amanda throws it out there that Howard swore on the bible that they were going to be loyal to each other. Spencer points out that McCrae lied about being MVP. Amanda doesn't understand what that matters. Spencer mentions if they can lie to him why can't he lie to them. Amanda sees the light "...so what they cancel each other out?" Spencer again summarizes that he'll be loyal to them but he wants to be included in on plotting.

05:04 AM BBT Spencer finishes up his speech and says it's late and he's ready for bed. Amanda is ready to go back upstairs. (Please note...the feeds continue to be messed up. Feed 1 is the live feed while feeds 2-4 are repeats from earlier in the evening). The feed does not follow Amanda and McCrae to the HoH. Instead it goes to an empty WA. Spencer can be heard peeing in the WC.

05:09 AM BBT The only active feed goes to the HNR where Spencer is crawling into bed. Once again feeds 2-4 are showing replays from earlier.

05:15 AM BBT Well...since the feeds continue to be messed up for most folks I think it's about time we call it a night ourselves. Currently it sounds like Kaitlin will be walking out the door tonight. The question is...will they keep it a secret from her or will she try to create drama for everyone by going on a rampage today? If only there were a site that covered things like this in the house with people that you could talk to about it...oh wait...there is! Want more BB Coverage? Be sure to check out the Morty’s TV Fan Forums and Chat athttp://www.tvfanforums.net/ (New members can register through http://tvfanforums.net/joinchat). Plus, catch up on the live feeds on our Feed Summary Page at http://mortystv.com/bb! And it’s not too late to join the Live Feed fun with a monthly subscription to the BBUS Live Feeds:http://mortystv.com/livefeed. You can also follow BB across the pond at our BBUK page:http://mortystv.com/bbuk. Wherever you want to get your Big Brother news, we have it covered at Morty’s TV!

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Guest 6Borders

10:03 BB Time (no matter what your feed clock says)

We have FOTH so it's time to wake them up for the day

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Guest 6Borders

10:17 am BB Real Time

The feeds are on. Jessie and Andy are in the lounge whispering and then I get kicked out of the feeds.

Helen is up getting ready for a workout. Andy says "I'm up and I'm bored"

Looks like everyone is still asleep but Helen has started her in-house work out so that should get them up.

Helen tells Andy he could go to HOH and listen to music but he says he thinks Judd is still sleeping.

Judd is actually up in the HOH room and cleaning up glasses.

Andy is wandering the kitchen.

10:22am BB Real Time

Judd brings all the dishes down to the sink. Something is beeping...microwave maybe but nobody goes near it.

Judd heads back up to the HOH and begins cleaning up.

Andy is cleaning up elsewhere {at least he has something to do} and Jessie calls to Judd that she will bring (something) up to him.

Andy is preparing to shower and Helen says "your last cold shower?" and he says "yes"

{I just noticed a typewriter on the desk! Either I don't pay attention much or that's new?? -6Borders}

10:30am BB real time

Jess takes (coffee maybe) to Judd in the HOH.

Judd is cleaning, Andy is in a cold shower and Helen is still jogging.

10:32am BB real time FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

10:32am BB Real Time

Feeds are back. Judd is yelling..I didn't get it except for something that sounded like "wakey wakey, shaky bakey"

Judd and Jessie in the HOH room. Judd is taking about wanting to wear something but he couldn't find it (I think the Bear Shirt). Jessie says "what about the blue shirt with the stripe?" (they are discussing what to wear for the comp tonite)

Judd says "I'm not going to do anything unless it's a double eviction" Jessie says they will only be outside for a little while.

Jessie wants to know if anything happened last night after she went to bed and Judd replies "nope".

Judd says she missed the (something that sounded like stake-out or make-out).

Judd says something about McManda and they are getting antsy and making sure everyone is on the same page and they have Andy walking around telling Howard

McManda said the reason they want Kait to go is because she wants Amanda out. Judd says he said his reason were that Kait is good at comps and a good social player. Jessie says there are so many reasons and if Kait stays there is more reason for Jeremy to come back {don't understand that one}, that Kait has never watched BB before, has lied about being in a secret alliance..."countless reasons" according to Jessie.

BRB...sound on the feeds keeps repeating

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Guest 6Borders

10:39am BB Real Time

Judd and Jessie still talking about Howard/Spencer vs McManda (I think..feeds are acting up, at least mine are)

Judd says it doesn't make any sense,..nominations are already in place.

Judd is saying when Helen and McCrae were HOH he didn't go and ask them what he wanted (I think he's referring back to Helen telling everyone it's Judd's HOH, etc)

Judd says he did his job by putting up the nominations and now it's just up to everyone to make their decisions on how to vote. He says Helen is the worst.

Judd says he doesn't think he is allowed to tell Kaitlin she is going home {it's supposed to be a rule}

BB tells Andy to center his mike.

Andy arrives in the HOH room and Jessie covers saying she was just telling Judd what a great job he did as HOH.

Judd is rehashing the conv. about the stake-out last night, etc.

They are being silly about taking the HOH couch downstairs, and BB played "that because it was your favorite song" and on McCrae's B'day they played all Prince but McCrae slept right thru it.

Andy says he can't believe the lazy ppl in this house who sleep until 1pm.

Andy says he thinks it so funny and Howard/Spencer and McManda were trying to wait each other out last night.

Andy says he got up to pee about 5:45am and McManda were not in their bed.

They discuss the HOH comp. Andy says he is really going to work for it and Judd says he was going good.

Judd whispers something I can't hear about "they would hate...". They are semi-bashing Spencer now!

Judd says something about another "45 min conversation" (one of Spencer's marathon conv's)

Andy is saying who he trusts...he does not trust Elissa at all. Now they are Elissa bashing. Judd says she has to go. Jessie says Elissa was trying to explain what happened (the Elissa/Aaryn/Kaitlin fight) and Jess says Elissa explained it away as a "brain haze".

Andy says the only way Aaryn will go is if Howard/Spencer get HOH.

Judd says "she" (Elissa) threw him under the bus and backed it up.

Andy says the last 3 weeks could not have gone better {except for being a Have Not I assume} and everything he has wanted to happen has happened.

Judd is relating Elissa having her ear up to the HOH door listening and they could see her on the spy cam.

Andy says he has taken his last cold shower. Judd says he is going to take one up in HOH before they kick him out.

He says he's glad he didn't bring all his stuff up to the HOH. Andy says he won't either..he wants his letters and pictures.

Judd says he'll leave Candace's basket up in the HOH. Talk turns to Candace bashing about how rude she is about slamming doors and barging into rooms when ppl are trying to sleep.

10:57am BB Real Time

HOH discussion is still on Candace. Judd says every time you talk to Candace she sticks to the same story every time, says she doesn't have alliances, she has friends...etc.

Jessie says she is lying about being in an alliance..Judd says he doesn't really think Candace got invested in an alliance.

Talk turns to Amanda and how Amanda thought everything got blamed on her. Andy says Amanda is just such a planner she gets nervous. Judd says McCrae needs to keep her calm and since she yelled at ppl she now has a target on her back.

Judd says he's going to watch TV (the spyscreen) and take a shower.

Andy says to Jessie if we win HOH this week we are going to need to get blood on our hands. Judd says you will have a lot of support tho. Andy thinks they might want to get Candace on board with them. Judd says if you want a big shiny target go ahead. Andy keeps persisting and Judd says you will be the main target then

11:01 am BB Real Time FOTH

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10:02am BBT: Hg still sleeping.
10:05am BBT: we now have foth maybe bb waking the hg for the day.
10:18am BBT: Jessie and Andy in kt making coffee. they go in the cockpit and Andy says that Judd wants everyone in the house to agrree on someone to vote out and lastnight we was in the hoh and agreed kaitlin will go home today. Jessie says ok and they leave the cockpit. Helen is getting ready to run in the house as they are on lockdown.
10:21am BBT: Judd is up in hoh rm gathering everyone dirty dishes from lastnight to take downstairs.Andy is looking at the memory wall as Helen runs in the house for her morning workout.
10:32am BBT: Judd gets a cup of coffee and joins Jessie in hoh rm. Judd is talking about his bear shirt.Jessie wants to wear it but Judd says it is dirty but she could hand wash it. She says i will wait. Helen is still running downstairs.
10:36am BBT: Judd is telling Jessie that everyone wants Kaaitlin out because she wanted amanda out but my reason is because she is a good player and for social reasons. Jessie says yeah she has beat others at comps and she always said her and jeremy was going to win and there are countless reasons she needs to go.
10:43am BBT: Andy joins Judd and Jessie in hoh. Jessie tells Andy that she was just telling zjudd that he did good as hoh. Andy says yeah he did.Judd is asking Andy if he gets to keep the robe and Andy says surely you can.
10:48am BBT: Andy asking Judd what the 5 of them (spencer, Howard, Amanda, Mccrae) talk about after i went to bed lastnight. Judd says nothing really we was just talking.
10:52am BBT: Judd saying Helen is still running in the house.Andy says she is always running. Judd says she talks to Howaed and spencer as she worksout. He says one day we had the screen on and seen her. Andy laugh. Andy says i just fook my last cold shower. Judd says i think i will take a shower up here before they kick me out . He says i am glad i didnt bring all my stuff up here.
10:55am BBT: Andy saying Candice is always slamming doors and cabinets. Jessie says yeah she doesnt care and slams cabinets and i am trying to take a nap and she just slams things. Andy says she cant walk quiet either she shuffles. Jessie says yeah she shuffles and they start laughing.
10:57am BBT: Helen is still running in the house. Judd, Jessie and Andy still in hoh talking about how crazy Amanda is. Judd says we just have to get Mccrae to keep her calm.

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Guest 6Borders

11:04am BB Real Time

Feeds are back. Judd and Jessie are cleaning/packing in the HOH.

Helen can still be seen running laps in the house.

Everyone is snoring away in the Color Room.

Elissa is making an attempt to get up and BB calls her to the DR. She grabs her mic and makes her bed (sort of) first.

Andy says he's going to lay on the couch and watch her. I just saw Aaryn walk thru so the HG's are starting to materialize.

11:08am BB Real time

Andy is on the living room couch and Helen lies down on the floor next to him to do sit ups

We go to a brief FOTH.

Elissa is doing ADL's before going to DR. She tells someone who is in the shower it's their last day of being a Have-Not and "it's exciting don't you think?"

BB tells Helen to put on her mic.

Aaryn is up doing ADL's and mumbling.

FOTH again (11:10am BB Real Time)

11:11am BB Time

Helen is talking to Andy about her baby sitter and how she pays her a premium because she brings activities for the kids, and her other babysitter is a friend who went to lawschool with her husband's friend. Tells Andy he would love her...she's an attny for Northwestern Trust (I think), and she signed a release so Helen can mention it. Helen says she won't take money so Helen pays her with a couple of bottles of wine or such.

Helen mentions another friend by name who "didn't sign a release" sending us to FOTH

11:14am BB Real Time - Feeds are back

Apparently BB told the HG's to clean the house during the FOTH because Helen jokes about it.

Elissa goes into the DR and Candace comes into the kitchen wearing her blue Snuggie.

Candace is pretending to be a waitress for The Crab Shack.

Candace yells to Helen asking if she knows about the crab story. Helen says no but she wants to hear it {I doubt she really does}

Spencer makes an appearance and wishes everyone good morning. Candace asks what time they guys went to bed.

Candace says she is so ready for the Have Not Happy Hour...says tomorrow they are going to wake up and have French Toast and Bacon...and....

11:20am BB Real Time

General morning discussion about how they slept. Spencer goes to brush his teeth (before lockdown in HOH)

BB tells Jessie to put on her mic.

Candace and Howard in the storeroom. He says he got a chance to talk to Judd a little bit more. Candace says Helen and Elissa made a deal with Aaryn that if she got HOH they get to pick the nominees (for her).

(feeds are repeating and freezing so I didn't get that...sorry)

11:24am BB Real Time

Helen in the kitchen telling her message to Jeremy about how "we slayed the dragon" and that earns us FOTH again.

Andy is doing dishes and Helen is cleaning the kitchen.

Aaryn, Kait and Jessie are in the bathroom doing ADL's and make up.

Helen sings something but BB doesn't holler at her. Helen asks BB for a vacuum {apparently that is a luxury item for the house}

Spencer asks they they need help or if he can take out the trash. She says he could take out the recycling and that would be helpful. Helen says she likes how Spencer is their designated trash guy {uh oh..hope that doesn't start a firestorm}

11:28am BB Real Time

Judd and Aaryn are in the bathroom discussing something they read in the (BB) manual.

FOTH again (it's going to be a long day)

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Guest 6Borders

11:30am BB Real Time

Howard is in morning prayer. Jessie finishes whatever she was doing and says she's taking this show upstairs.

McManda can be seen making the bed.

Andy, Spencer, GM and Judd are already in the HOH room (looks like awaiting lockdown). They say if they are going to be locked somewhere it's better to be there (the HOH room) than outside in the heat. Andy says they (BB) don't need 2 hrs to do their shots (camera) that they could do in 5 minutes but Andy thinks they just want the HG's to stew.

McCrae arrives and makes a bed on the floor. Aaryn, Jessie and Howard are there also now.

Helen informs us that the HOH shampoo and conditioner stay in the HOH room. GM is ensconced in the HOH bed.

They are all talking over each other now about the song this morning and other chit-chat!

The Have Not's are being congratulated that it's almost over. Helen says the first week they were have-not's they had no extra food and how did they even do that.

Andy relates (I think the first week) that two of them went into the DR and were told they don't allow that....we got to FOTH

11:38am BB Real Time

Trivia so I guess lockdown has commenced.

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11:04am BBT:Judd in the hoh bathroom fixing to take a shower. andy is walking around the house looking bored . Helen is still running. Elissa is being called to the dr.
11:11am BBT: Helen and Andy in living rm talking about her friend that babysits her kids and she pays her in gifts.
11:13am BBT: Aaryn is now up. Helen says Bb you want us to clean the house? come on what do you think we are hg? and they laugh. Helen is now cleaning the bathroom mirrors.
11:18am BBT: candice is now up . aaryn putting makeup on in wa. helen is now cleaning the kt.andy drinking coffee and Spencer sitting in kt watching Helen clean.
11:26am BBT: Spencer asking helen what he can do to help now. Helen says we need the recycle stuff taken to the sr. Helen says we need to vaccum bb the kt floor is gross .In the wa is Judd Jessie and Aaryn just general talk. Candice and Howard in have not rm talking. Candice says you need to stop stressing. Howard says i am not stressed. and we get foth.
11:31am BBT: Spencer Andy, Judd and Helen in hoh rm. Elissa is heading up to hoh rm. Now all hg are heading to hoh rm for an hoh lockdown. Elissa asking Helen if she wanted some fruit and Helen says i am good. Helen says we have alot of eggs left. Jeremy ate alot of eggs and pizza and hg start laughing. Jessie is in the hoh bathroom blowdrying her hair.
11:36am BBT: all hg in hoh rm for a lockdown and we get foth which has now turned to trivia.

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12:43 pm BBT Still Trivia

12:55 pm BBT Feeds back, HG in KT or walking around the house. Candice and Howard in a cleaned up HN rm, they are joined by Judd and Andy. Just general chat.

12:59 pm BBT They dont have to be ready until 5:45 pm BBT. McCrae is doing dishes. HNs are saying they cant wait to eat and how hard it is to sleep.

1:05 pm BBT Spencer tells Howard he thinks Judd is the mole. Spencer says their best move is to kiss butt and be royal lap dogs. and just wait it out.

Spencer says they want Howard to control Candice. Judd comes back in and says Its against the rules to tell someone they are going home.

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Guest 6Borders

12:59pm BB Real Time.

Feeds are back. The HG's are mostly in the kitchen eating. Andy says 11 hours until he can eat.

Judd, Spencer,Howard and Jessie are in the Have Not room. Andy comes in and says he's bleeding. He's picking at his arm and Spencer (I think) says "your time of the month" Andy takes the joke well and says he's bleeding there too.

Andy says he's glad he does not have to sleep in that bed tonite. Spencer tells Andy he would be a great HOH. They discuss what they would want from home in their HOH baskets.

Candace comes in and says her stomach is crampy.

Jessie comes in to bring something and leaves.

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Guest 6Borders

Judd comes in the Have Not Room and tells Spencer/Howard he told Aaryn they were not voting her out. He says he thinks it's a good idea not to tell Kaitlin...that he already told her it was 50/50. Spencer asks what about GM? They discuss what time to tell (Kait?) and Judd says 5:30...Spencer says 5:45 and they laugh.

Judd leaves and Spencer says to Howard "I think he(Judd) is the mole"

Spencer discusses a Mohammad Ali move they should do (sorry I missed it and not familiar with what it might be)

He says they have to kiss Helen/Elissa's ass.

Spencer/Howard are discussing talking to McCrae...says they need to tell them they will be loyal. Spencer says "they just want you to control Candace"

Judd comes back in and says he asked (in DR) that you can't tell someone they are going home. They discuss telling GM that they tried (to save Kait) but it just didn't work. Spencer thanks Judd for what he said to Aaryn.

Judd leaves and Spencer/Howard say "this is good"

Spencer says they know Amanda is so full of shit...they turned the whole house against Kaitlin.

Candace comes back in and interrupts.

Spencer says he told McManda last night that they are stupid to go over him, he's a low number and can deny the alliance with Kaitlin.

1:10pm BB Real Time FOTH

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1:09 pm BBT Howard and Spencer rehash what others have said. McCrae, Andy and Judd go into SR. Andy says the mangos have to go, there are flies all over them. Back in the KT, a breakfast burrito is in the making. So are nuggets, the HN want Helen to make slop balls.

1:22 pm BBT Candice cuts off pieces of dental floss and lays then on the counter. She made a tic tac toe board. Andy beats Elissa at a game.

1:27 pm BBT Amanda plays her fave high school game. "Punch the Gay Boy" and "Chase the Gay Boy" Andy plays along and runs away.

1:30 pm BBT Elissa comes out of WA and says They (BB) wouldnt give her hair dye so she improvised, she put in blonde hair extensions. The HG tell her to talk like GinaMarie, she goes...Yo Yo Yo.

Andy and Judds birthdays are both in November, Andy is two weeks older. Some times Judds Bday is on Thanksgiving.

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Guest 6Borders

Feeds are right back on Spencer/Howard. Howard is saying he can go to them one more time (McManda) and say they could make this real simple and it could either be the 4 of them or add Candace and be the 5 of them (F4 or F5)

Spencer says he told Amanda it made them look sketchy that she talked about their agreement in front of Andy.

Says he told her not to talk to anyone in the house because they (Spencer/Amanda) are the easiest ones in the house to blame things on.

Storeroom: Andy, Judd and McCrae getting supplies. Judd says he warned Jessie this morning.

Judd teases Andy with "I hope they don't confront you" and Andy says (shocked) "confront me" and then realizes it's a joke.

Back to Howard/Spencer: Spencer is saying they don't have the numbers right now to go against "them" and if you can't beat them join them. He says there are only 3 more weeks to jury and they are going to be long weeks.

Howard is talking about the vote and people have told him to vote differently (either for Kait or Aaryn).

Howard says it's a scapegoat thing to keep their hands clean. Spencer wonders how Helen/Elissa are voting and Howard says probably for Kaitlin.

Spencer discusses his plan to jury and if he goes out he still goes to the jury house and he can kick back by the pool and make money. He thinks (as to Amanda) they should tell them they will be loyal and after 3 weeks says he will get his sword out and cut their head off.

Spencer says if they go after you they will put me on the block with you...howard says I know I'm going.

Spencer says nobody trusts us after that Moving Company stuff...maybe Andy does and Helen might be starting to a little bit more. Howard thinks it's a personal matter "how they are doing us all"

Spencer says it's all good, just talk to them, just say I'll protect y'all, never vote against you and if I get to jury it will be a vote for you (this is his advice to Howard as to what to tell McManda). Spencer says they should pitch bringing Candace, that it will be another vote...then says it will make Candace more loyal to them (Howard/Spencer)

Spencer says he completely denied the alliance (to them) by saying they thought Aarny was the target.

Spencer says Andy doesn't have anyone but him...says I can here and got into a showmance with a dude from Chicago.

Spencer asks Howard are you good with it? Howard says he appreciates it. Spencer says he just wanted Howard to know everything he knows. Spencer mentions again "when we get to jury" {sounds to me like Spencer will volunteer to go on the block and get voted out as the first juror -6Borders}

1:25pm BB Real Time

Spencer says we just play it the way it is not the way we want it to be. He asks Howard if he is going to finish praying.

Howard says yes and Spencer says he's going to lie down and sleep for an hour.

Spencer lies down (and typical Spencer is not finished with the conv) says "hey...I think Judd's the mole" and to be careful what you tell hi.

Spencer finally lies down to sleep and Howard begins his prayer reading.

1:28pm BB Real Time

The crew in the kitchen are finishing up lunch and cleaning and being silly. Amanda is chasing Andy around the house.

General chit-chat!

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1:35 pm BBT In the KT they play guess the % of Daily Recommended Allowances does Mango have. Andy is reading the bag while the others guess. Judd goes to take a nap, asks Candice to get him up at 3.

1:44 pm BBT HG talk about HOH comp. They think it will be like a roulette table. The HN hope there is no HN as part of the HOH. They cant do another week of it.

1:47 pm BBT Aaryn, Elissa, GinaMarie are getting ready. Amanda heads towards the shower. BB calls Amanda to the DR while she is in the shower.

1:51 pm BBT Aaryn says her hair extentions were supposed to be $1500 but she got them for $500, they will last about 6 months. Amanda again called to DR, she replies....ummmm woman in the shower with conditioner in her hair. Mc going to shave some of his face.....not all.

1:55 pm BBT Mc asks Andy how his beard looks, Andy says shave it all off, go clean. Mc leaves the mustache but shaves the beard.

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2:00pm BBT:Candice and helen in kt talking about educational games for kids and how Candiceteaches her children in therepy.
2:03pm BBT: Helen says the slop is ready. Mccrae and Howard in str talking. Howard says i just want you to know i aint coming after you or amanda . he says i only talk to candice. Andy walks in str and says hi. Mccrae ask him if he wants a mustache ride. Andy says what is that? Mccrae says you never heard of a mustache ride and Andy says no then Mccrae laughs . they all leave the str.
2:07pm BBT: Andy goes to wa where Mccrae and Amanda are and says " what is a mustache ride" Amanda says let me show you and mccrae laughs.Mccrae now has his shades on saying i am going to laugh if i get a question tonight about my mustache and Amanda yells you are not wearing that mustache on live show. Judd is in the chair rm asleep.Elissa is doing yoga. In the kt helen is doing dishes.kaitlin is in the color rm packing her things for tonights live eviction.
2:11pm BBT: jessie is worried about the hoh comp being a food comp also and her not getting a break from slop. she says she will have a break down if she goes right back on slop. Candice tells her not to worry about it they have to let us have a break.
2:14pm BBT: Andy walks in the kt and Helen tells him to wash his hands and they are going to make little balls. Andy says dont get vulgar Helen and she laughs. Andy is now helping helen make slop balls for the have nots.
2:16pm BBT: Mccrae is now shaving off his mustache cuz Amanda told him he wasnt wearing it on live show. Amanda is watching him as she blow drys her hair.
2:23pm BBT: Jessie finds something stuck to the wall as Andy lays by her in the wa so Andy reaches up and pulls it down and says what is this and lays it on the lounge. jessie is asking what it is and Andy says i dont know but i am washing my hands now. Candice is shaving her legs and Helen is still making slop balls.
2:26pm BBT: Helen and Howard in cockpit talking Helen says Kailtlin told her she was going to use the pov anyways no matter what. helen says that Kaitlin told her that when Jeremy left he told her to come after you and me. Howard says ok thank you. Helen says so it is better if Kaitlin goes ok . Howard says ok thank you thank you.and Helen goes back to cooking slop.
2:36pm BBT: helen has finished cooking slop balls and is now cleaning the kt. Howard is shaving in wa with general talk in wa with Andy and Candice. Kairlin and Ginamarie packing in color rm. amanda is in there talking to them about eyeliner.Arryn is also packing her things.
2:41pm BBT: amanda in wa doing makeup talking to Howard, Mccrae and Candice saying they should so have a double date. Andy in the kt esating slop balls. Helen washing dishes. Mccrae puts on some kaki pants and amanda tells him he is not wearing that it makes him look like Grandpa Joe. Howard says it looks good on him with the sweater he has the best of both worlds.
2:47pm BBT: Mccrae has now gone to the chair rm and is changing clothes putting on jeans after Amanda told him he couldnt wear the other clothes tonight. In the wa candice is brushing her teeth and amanda is putting makeup on. helen walks in and Candice ask what she is wearing and Helen says she is wearing her Julie chen outfit.
2:53pm BBT: most hg just getting ready for the live show tonight and the 3 nominees are packing.just general talk going on all over the house.

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3:01pm BBT: helen and kailtlin in cockpit. Helen tells Kaitlin that when jeremy left that people told her that Jeremy was coming after her and Howard. kaitlin says he was after Howard not you. Helen says i was told that you wanted me out. Helen says whith the whole Aaryn thing started we wanted her out but when the whole You Judd and Aaryn alliance started i got worried and i am scared now.and i dont know what to do now.
3:05pm BBT: helen tells Kaitlin that from what she has heard Aaryn is going home. Kaitlin says that is what Candice said to. kaitlin says if i get voted out i am going ot be mad. helen says other have alliances and it makes sense for you me Andy and ginamarie to be together.Kaitlin says Aaryn has been screaming at her and Candice for no reason. Helen says i dont know about that and if i am protecting you then i expect the reverse. kaitlin says i am a good person and i dont deserve this.Kaitlin says i want you to trust me i trusted you last week.
3:09pm BBT:Helen is telling Kaitlin why jeremy was evicted last week she says she felt bad enough that she wanted to keep him but the house wanted him out.Helen says to be honest i started not to put you up last week i was going to put up ginamarie but then you kinda asked to go up so i went with you.You was always the pawn i never wanted you out.
3:19pm BBT: we now have trivia

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#‎BB15 4:25pm BBT -Spencer pulls Helen in to verify who is supposed to vote out. Apparently there was some confusion. Helen confirms that they are voting Kaitlin out in a unanamous vote. She does state that she would prefer Aaryn go home but that is not happening.

#‎BB15 4:27pm BBT - Judd comes in to Helen and Spencer and says he feels terrible. Helen agrees and says she feels sick too.

#‎BB15 4:29pm BBT - Spencer tells Helen that he is promising his jury vote to her. Helen said that gives her good reason to get him to jury.

#‎BB15 4:34pm BBT - Spencer and Helen are talking about the possibility that America voted to put up Elissa as MVP this week.

#BB15 4:36pm BBT - Helen is worried about having blood on her hands. They also bring up that Elissa was out of her mind this week.

#BB15 4:39pm BBT - Helen tells Howard that if he can be loyal to her and he makes it to the end she could consider giving him the money

#BB15 4:42pm BBT - Helen tells Spencer that she can't let Aaryn win because Aaryn only watched one season of big brother before coming into the house.

#BB15 4:52pm BBT - Helen and Spencer are doing a great job of complimenting eachother and promising eachother votes in the end.

#BB15 4:57pm BBT - Spencer is assuring Helen that Howard is not after her. He tells her she in not even on his radar.

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7:00PMBBT Aaryn, GinaMarie, Jessie, Judd and Andy are in the color bedroom talking, they are all saying to Aaryn that they will support anything she does. Howard and Candice are sitting quietly at the dining table. Spencer, Helen and McCrae are at the KT counter. Howard says he was hoping the comp would have been a 2 shots not one. Helen and Aaryn are now in the SR. Candice went up to Helen before the live show and confronted Helen about the deal she made with Aaryn. The plan is to put up Howard. Helen asked if she thinks Elissa leaked the deal to Candice. Aaryn says "She leaks everything" Amanda and Elissa are in the lounge. Elissa is crying. Aaryn was supposed to throw it. (it was a hard comp to throw)

7:08PMBBT Elissa is sobbing, Amanda is reassuring her, wiping her tears away. Elissa says she doesn't want to be a sore loser. She doesn't want to be going up every week. Amanda says "You are not going up on the block, we are gonna get someone else out."
Aaryn and Helen are still talking in the SR. Helen is really mad that Howard and Candice know that Howard is going up.

7:12PMBBT The house wants some pizza. Elissa is in the KT, sulky, quiet. Spencer is laying in the chair bedroom, says he is enjoying the bed. Candice runs through the sleeping arrangements and Spencer gets his own bed. He is smiling. Candice and Howard are in the cockpit and she is telling him about the deal she heard. Candice had not told him until now. She says "Helen made a deal with her (Aaryn) and Helen gets to pick the nominees." Helen is now telling Jessie that Candice found out about her deal with Aaryn.

7:16PMBBT Spencer asked Aaryn "I know it is early but, am I safe this week?" Aaryn says she doesn't believe he is on anyone's radar. She whispers that she has heard he was campaigning against her for Kaitlin to stay. She says "I have to do what I have to do to stay because if I am not HOH, I am on the block." GinaMarie has again mentioned Nick and how his vote went compared to tonight's. Aaryn "I did not want to win HOH to be honest with you."
In the cockpit, Candice thinks she and Elissa are going on the block, or Howard and her. She thinks the house will protect Elissa.

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7:25PMBBT Helen is telling her deal story in the lounge to Judd, McCrae and Amanda. Helen says that she told Candice to keep things quiet. Helen went to Elissa and Elissa said she didn't tell her about the deal. Amanda is trying to sway it so that Howard and Spencer go up and if one of them win the veto then Candice goes up. Helen says Elissa is messing with her game. Helen wants the blood on Aaryn's hands. Amanda says no matter what either Howard or Spencer is going home this week.

7:30PMBBT The lounge discussion continues. Elissa and Candice are in the KT cooking. Aaryn and Judd are now with them and they are discussing the have not competition that should happen tomorrow. Aaryn says they should put a bunch of pizzas in, a bunch of cookies in and get the cokes out. She is listing off what production has not put in the SR for them. There was no chocolate ice cream this week, no fruit loops last week. They are still talking about the twist and Aaryn thinks Julie lied about the twist.

7:35PMBBT Amanda and Aaryn are talking at the chess table. Amanda is talking nomination scenarios with Aaryn. Amanda says she trumps all of "those people downstairs" she can get the votes. She says that if Aaryn puts up Howard and Spencer together, one of them will go home.

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7:42PMBBT GinaMarie and Andy are in the cockpit talking about the nominations. Gina feels safe, so does Andy. Andy says he has GinaMarie's back.
Spencer tells the lounge group that Aaryn is gonna put him up. Amanda drags Aaryn into the color bedroom, Amanda said "OK they are gonna try to get you to put up Elissa. They are gonna tell you that she is talking about you but it is bullsh*t." Amanda says that they all hate "her" and they can manipulate her.

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7:55PMBBT Aaryn, Jessie, Candice and Andy are chatting in the chair bedroom. Elissa is in the WC crying. She comes out, wipes her face. Judd comes into the WA and asks if she is ok. She is very emotional.
In the SR, Helen is talking to Candice. She is telling Candice that she is going to do her best to keep Howard off. "I am not after him, between you and me, I would like to send Spencer home. Please do not share this with anybody. This is between you and me."
McCrae and Spencer are talking in the lounge.

8:05PMBBT Helen says they can not tell Elissa anything. She doesn't want her to go home. Helen tells Candice that the house wants Elissa gone but she is doing what she can to keep her in the game. Helen says she really wants McCrae and Amanda out of the house. She wants Aaryn out first. Candice is saying "mmmhmmm". Helen worried about Elissa's freak outs.

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8:12PMBBT In the lounge, Spencer says he is not expecting to see his key tomorrow.
SR chit chat with Helen and Candice is happening, Candice is frustrated with Amanda's game play and how she "beats it to the punch". Candice says she doesn't play that way. She asks "How did Andy get in the deal?" Helen says he was just there. Helen is hoping Aaryn goes home next week. Helen again says "Again, don't tell Elissa any of this." Candice agrees.

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