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Tuesday, July 23 Live Feed Updates


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12:10 AM BBT In the HoH we continue to discuss Howard and Spencer. Down in the BY McCrae and GinaMarie are chatting on the couch while McCrae smokes. McCrae wants to visit NY. GinaMarie says come on up and visit and stay with her.

12:14 AM BBT Aaryn is also on the couch in the BY painting her nails. GinaMarie talks a bit about her friend Danny that was on The Amazing Race. She said she was in the intro to the show because she was standing between him and his race partner Joey. http://bit.ly/161etz3

12:27 AM BBT We continue to have idle chit chat all around the house. In the HoH we have Howard, Andy, Spencer, and Elissa with current topics including Spencer wondering if the Nike museum is in Chicago still and whether anyone has ever tried dropping peanuts into Dr. Pepper and drank it that way. Apparently it's a thing.

12:33 AM BBT Out in the BY on the couch we have GinaMarie, McCrae, Amanda, Aaryn and Candice are chatting. GinaMarie is telling the story about how her ex-fiance proposed to her by a surprise proposal through the Tyra Banks show in which she thought she was interviewing for a health segment on her show and she was sent to get a bag out of the next room of her studio and when she walked in and some of her kids were there and had signs reading "Will you Marry Me?"

12:44 AM BBT Up in the HoH Howard, Spencer, and Judd are talking. Judd is complaining about how weird Elissa has been acting all week. Spencer is probing Judd for why Aaryn told them to come chat with him about them having an idea for keeping her. Judd says she came to him and said that someone might have a plan. Spencer says Aaryn told them the same thing and it's even more reason to get her out because you can't trust her. Judd says he's made deals with both girls this week because he doesn't know who will end up going home. Howard says he likes Kaitlin but she has a tendency to easily be lead. Judd says Aaryn knows the game but Kaitlin's more physical.

12:50 AM BBT Judd asks them what they're thinking. Howard says it's not his decision. It's his decision as HoH. Someone recommends that it may make sense to keep a physical person like Kaitlin around because you can get her to work for you. Down in the WA Candice mentions that she's going to be recording her good-byes in DR tonight. Elissa is confused by this wondering why so early. Candice called out by BB for talking about production. Elissa asks Candice about keeping Aaryn this week. Candice says she'll have to think about it (What happened to keeping this a secret? - Niteslacker), but she's just one vote. She'll do what the house wants her to do.

01:07 AM BBT Jessie comes up to the HoH and says she's going to bed. Judd asks her to stay up a bit. She's tired. Spencer asks to pick her brain about who is going home this week or who she'd like to see go home this week. Jessie isn't sure. Switching feeds to the BY Kaitlin, Candice, Amanda, Aaryn, and Andy are talking about funny things that have happened in the house this season.

01:10 AM BBT Feeds cut away to McCrae briefly as he whispered to Helen in the lounge. They agree they're trying to keep Aaryn staying a secret so Howard and Spencer don't try to offer her a better deal than they do. Helen agrees and clarifies that Aaryn said she's going to either throw the HoH or nom whoever they suggest. McCrae says they all really think Aaryn shouldn't throw the HoH. Helen understands. McCrae heads back to the BY.

01:14 AM BBT Up in the HoH talk continues about who they trust or don't trust more between Kaitlin and Aaryn. Jessie will support whatever decision he makes but she thinks he needs to come up with a plan because someone might take advantage of this. Judd says everyone can take advantage of it already. Spencer agrees with Jessie. Jessie also points out that they've not seen much of Kaitlin's game without Jeremy meanwhile they've seen Aaryn's game since David left. Spencer agrees. Jessie pushes for Kaitlin to go home because Kaitlin will work with Amanda and McCrae because McCrae and her are already close. Judd says if that's they case then she certainly should go. Judd wants to tell her that she's the target then. Spencer says to tell her Thurs.

01:27 AM BBT The HoH crew, minus Howard continues to run scenarios and pros and cons of who to keep and who to get rid of. Meanwhile downstairs in the HNR Howard is pitching the idea of keeping Aaryn safe this week to Candice. Candice isn't keen on the idea. Candice says if they keep Kaitlin she won't put them up (Howard/Candice). Howard says Kaitlin is a competitor while Aaryn knows the game but her social game is sunk. Andy and Jessie come in and talk stops. Jessie is going to bed. Candice needs to wash her face. Andy is just getting his stuff ready.

01:33 AM BBT Howard and Candice leave the room and Jessie and Candice begin whispering. Jessie says she was put on the spot in the HoH and it was really awkward. Andy tells her that Howard and Spencer can't be trusted. Jessie knows but she just wants to know what to do. Andy says Kaitlin is the target. Jessie says ok but up in the HoH Howard and Spencer are saying the exact same thing. Andy is surprised but says they're shady and may be thinking a few steps further ahead. Andy says Aaryn trusts Amanda. Jessie says Elissa doesn't want to work with Aaryn though. Andy says Elissa has agreed to work with Aaryn. Jessie is glad that they all have this worked out.

01:38 AM BBT Out in the BY Amanda and McCrae are smoking discussing the numerous discussions they've all had today. Amanda loves McCrae. She loves looking at him. He wonders why. She wonders if he's attracted to her. He says of course. She says he turns her on. She wants to go to SeaWorld with him. (Not gonna like...I was assuming that was an innuendo but then they proceeded to talk about where it's located in Florida).

01:43 AM BBT Up in the HoH Andy, Judd, Spencer, Howard, and Candice are talking about everyone's tips and tricks for sleeping in the HNR. Out in the BY Aaryn, and GinaMarie are hanging out in the hammock. GinaMarie's eating something and it's fairly obnoxious to listen to.

01:52 AM BBT Aaryn is telling GinaMarie that if she stays she has to win HoH. Aaryn says she is nervous about Julie talking about expecting the unexpected. GinaMarie wishes the MVP thing would end soon "How long's it gonna last? A year?" She goes onto say that if the MVP wouldn't be in the house they'd be running the place with all the guys still at their side. Up in the HoH they have idle chit chat. Howard is called to DR. Spencer says "Oh...it's because you're the MVP." Judd is going to go smoke.

01:58 AM BBT BB tells Candice to put on her mic. Candice: "I have...oh..." and she attaches her mic. "I've been getting in trouble about that recently." Spencer laughs and whispers into his mic "No she doesn't!" Talk turns to Jessie and how intelligent she is but still lacking in overall street smarts but she's still very sweet and smart. Spencer agrees and says she also has a nice booty. Talk turns to music. Andy hopes Elissa doesn't win HoH because she'll request country music. Someone points out that she'll be playing hard for it because she can't play in PoV this week.

02:01 AM BBT Talk turns to where Evel Dick is from... Spencer: "A******ville?" Candice wonders if he's related to Amanda. Candice: "She seems really schooled on this game..." Howard is back from DR and tells everyone he had to tell them he wasted his MVP this week. GinaMarie is called into DR. Feeds in the BY switch from the hammock to Jessie, Judd, McCrae and Amanda talking on the couch with Jessie talking about how everyone was telling her to get an education at a good school...and she did...but then discovered you need more than just an education to get somewhere in life.

02:15 AM BBT Out at the HT Aaryn wants to tell Kaitlin a secret...Aaryn seems scared to tell her. Kaitlin says she'll keep it a secret. Aaryn tells Kaitlin that she's Jeremy's brother. Kaitlin doesn't seem to believe it...but she does. Kaitlin is very weirded out right now. Aaryn swears. She says there are some things regarding their background that they had to change to keep it secret. Kaitlin is not ok with this...she's very weirded out by this. After a few minutes of awkward laughing Aaryn finally comes clean.

02:20 AM BBT Up in the HoH Judd, Howard, Candice, and Spencer are chatting about their jobs. Out in the BY Kaitlin laughs and tells Andy (across the yard) what Aaryn just said to her. Andy seems uninterested. Jessie continues to talk to McCrae and Amanda on the couch. Judd comes outside and Kaitlin tells him what Aaryn did. Otherwise idle chit chat including Jeremy's "low numbers for a guy".

02:28 AM BBT Judd and GinaMarie crawl into the hammock together. GinaMarie thinks if she gets HoH next week she'll put up Amanda and Elissa next week. GinaMarie says she told McCrae she wouldn't put him up and Elissa...she told Elissa she wouldn't either but since she put her up as the MVP nom then that deal is out the window. With her not being able to play for veto this coming week they have a good shot at getting her out. She asks Judd what he thinks. He says it's a good move. GinaMarie knows Elissa is MVP because Howard wouldn't have put her up. GinaMarie says it's a good plan. Judd whispers to her and tells her that he heard Howard was MVP and she can't tell anyone he told her this.

02:39 AM BBT Talk in the hammock has turned to Howard being shady (rinse, repeat). Meanwhile in the WA Kaitlin and Aaryn are doing nightly ADLs with Andy passing through towards the KT.

02:50 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the KT with Aaryn, and Kaitlin and the occasional passer-by as they make themselves something to eat/snack on. Meanwhile out in the hammock Judd and GinaMarie continue to chat. Judd is rehashing different things that have happened in the house. Aaryn comes out and says they're going to do the cinnamon challenge.

03:03 AM BBT Cinnamon challenge results...Aaryn, Jessie and Judd all coughed up mouthfuls of cinnamon. GinaMarie wants to jump in on this action and chews it up, sticks her tongue out revealing she was able to conquer the challenge. Kaitlin has never seen that before. NiteSlacker grabbed a couple screenshots, you can find them in our Screen Captures board.

03:11 AM BBT GinaMarie goes back for seconds for the rest of the HGs that missed it. This time she does a tablespoon full successfully. Brief FoTH. Feeds are back and the HGs are saying "They probably googled it and realized it might be bad..."

03:22 AM BBT Idle chit chat in the BY. Jessie, Andy and Candice have turned off the lights in the HNR room and crawled into their airplane seats for the night. Feeds switch to McCrae and Amanda in snuggling in the lounge.

03:32 AM BBT GinaMarie and Kaitlin into WA, beginning nightly ADLs. In the lounge McCrae's face can be seen but Amanda can't be seen...but she can be heard as she talks periodically. She says after BB they need to go straight to Vegas and try to see how they get along together outside of the house.

03:40 AM BBT All four feeds have been on Amanda and McCrae cuddling and kissing in the lounge for the past 5-10 minutes or so.

03:43 AM BBT Feeds 1 and 2 finally switch to the BY. We have GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Judd, Howard, Aaryn, and Spencer chatting. Spencer tells GinaMarie that if she and Nick doesn't work out that she should move to Arkansas because he knows all sorts of guys that would love a girl like her.

03:56 AM BBT Elissa bashing begins in the BY and rehashing of the night she was drunk. Kaitlin tells them how Elissa told her that she should call Jeremy up and say "How do you spell Evicted?". Aaryn starts freaking out wondering how Elissa would know what Aaryn said in her good-bye speech to her. Aaryn explains her good-bye message to Elissa and Kaitlin and GinaMarie says the two messages don't sound familiar at all. Talk turns to cell phones and Nick. The dryer can be heard going off in the background and GinaMarie laughs saying "Nick?!"

04:01 AM On that note Kaitlin is going to bed. This leaves Howard, Judd, and GinaMarie outside in the BY. General rehashing of conversations from the past couple of days. Talk turns back to the cinnamon challenge. Judd wonders how it could be dangerous (One word...aspiration!) Meanwhile back in the colorful room Aaryn and Kaitlin are getting ready for the bed with the lights on. Spencer comes in from outside and Howard gets up. "GinaMarie: Is it your turn next?" Howard mumbles something and heads inside.

04:18 AM BBT GinaMarie is still rehashing various conversations she's had with people throughout the season. Howard is back outside. GinaMarie is weighing pros and cons of keeping Kaitlin versus Aaryn. Meanwhile in the colorful room Kaitlin and Aaryn are lying in their separate beds laughing and giggling talking about an assortment of topics as well as rehashing things from the week as well. Aaryn changes the subject "Does it feel like we're in a little kid's room?"

04:27 AM BBT GinaMarie asks Howard who he would put up on the block if he were to get HoH. Howard says Amanda and McCrae are a couple and they should be targeted. GinaMarie agrees. Back in the colorful room Aaryn and Kaitlin are whispering without their mics on so it's difficult to understand because their voices appear to be echoing around the room. Discussion is about Elissa and how much different she is from Rachel. Aaryn says Rachel is way cooler. Kaitlin doesn't think she'd say that. Kaitlin says "She's probably on the other side of the door listening" (She's probably laying in bed listening, the echo sounds very loud from their conversation!)

04:36 AM BBT Aaryn and Kaitlin have been quiet for the past five minutes in the colorful room (with the lights on). Out in the BY Howard is giving the others reasons why Amanda doesn't like him because she can't read him because he's got such a good poker face. Howard knows the two of them started the rumor that he's the MVP. Spencer says they started talking about him (Howard) being a pro football player and Spencer blew their theory out of the water by asking why he'd be in the BB house trying to win half a million dollars when league minimum is more than that (not quite). GinaMarie goes on a tirade saying the girls all need someone to protect them and she's her own girl and she liked Nick but she didn't need him.

04:43 AM BBT Brief FoTH. Feeds are back and GinaMarie is gone. GinaMarie comes back and Judd says that was fast. GinaMarie says "Yeah they just wanted to check on me after the whole cinnamon thing. I told them I was good and thanked them for being concerned. They're so sweet!"

04:54 AM BBT GinaMarie sticks her head out the door and says it's almost 5 am. She's heading to bed. Judd, Spencer and Howard continue to run various scenarios and discuss who they do or don't trust. Intermittent FoTH.

04:57 AM BBT They agree that Amanda and McCrae needs to be the target this coming week that way one of them goes home. Spencer tells them that McCrae told him that when Amanda goes home he'll come back to him. Judd doesn't like that. Spencer says he told him the same thing. Judd thought McCrae was smarter than that. Judd says he told McCrae that he needs to mingle more with other people instead of just Amanda. They've laid claim to the lounge and it ticks people off.

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9:00AM BBT: All 4 feeds show sleeping housemates.

9:30AM BBT: The feeds have changed to FotH.

9:31AM BBT: Feeds come back, and shows Andy getting up out of bed. He heads to the DR.

9:32AM BBT: Once again, feeds cut to FotH.

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9:39AM BBT: Feeds come back and we have some awake housemates!! The feeds have shown Elissa, Helen, Spencer, Andy, Jessie. They start their ADL's.

9:48AM BBT: Andy and Spencer have laid back down on their beds in the HN room. Jessie is laying outside with her legs in the hot tub. Elissa turns on the tap in the washroom and then heads into the washroom. Candice is out of bed and is in the washroom brushing her teeth. Helen changes into her workout clothes.

9:54AM BBT: Candice fills Helen in on last night's cinnamon challenge. Helen says that is disgusting. Helen heads outside for a run. She walks over to Jessie and offers her blue onesie from one of the competitions as it might help with sleeping in the HN room.

9:59AM BBT: Jessie has gotten up from beside the HT and is chatting with Helen. Jessie and Helen chatting about being HN's. Helen says that unless you've been through it, you really don't know. Just the little things set her off, like when Jeremy drank all the chocolate milk. Helen once again offers her onesie, just for extra warmth. Helen says it's almost like another blanket. Jessie says 'they' told her no bath towels or sheets. Helen jokes she should make a deal with Aaryn and tell her she HAS to be a HN next week. They both laugh.

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Guest 6Borders

10:04am BB Time

Helen and Judd are talking on the chaise about the deal Aaryn made to stay (that she will throw HOH in exchange for not being voted out). Helen is relating the people Aaryn trusts (Helen, McCrae, Judd) and that Aaryn has agreed to come to them and let them make the nominations.

Helen says they have to play with Howard, Spencer and Candace in case any of them next HOH next week that they will tell them Aaryn is out the door. Judd is saying GM is smarter than he thought. Helen thinks GM will do what they want.

Helen reiterates that they can't let Howard, Candace, Spencer or GM know the deal they are making with Aaryn

Judd says those ppl are really suspicious right now. Helen says make Kait think that (she's safe) so she will be blindsided Thursday.

Candace comes out in her pink "oneseey" (basically a pink pajama jump suite). Talk immediately turns to how cold it is in the Have Not Room.

10:11am BB Time

Helen is saying she goes to bed and either misses the good stuff or the bad stuff. Teasing that production thinks why did they cast these girls because they go to bed so early.

Helen is going to start her run...says she wishes it was done already.

(all feeds are currently on the BY so no game talk since Candace showed up)

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Guest 6Borders

Andy is discussing theme songs. Candance starts to sing the theme from the Love Boat, Andy is humming a tune...it takes BB a few minutes to tell them to stop singing.

Candace is saying "I can't believe she took 2 spoonfulls of sugar" and she wonders if that will make the show! She decides she is going back to bed {so game talk should resume}.

BB tells the HG's to please lower the outside awnings. Jessie gets up to comply.

Judd and Andy retire to the HOH room to talk. Judd is saying he heard from a very reliable source that Howard is the MVP (based on how many times Howard was called to the DR). Judd says he needs to do something to make them (Howard/Spencer) team think that Kaitlin is not loyal, so he needs Andy to start whispering things to Spencer.

Judd says he doesn't know how to go about it because they (H/S/C) are so suspicious that the other side is trying to keep Aaryn. Judd is pissed off that Kaitlin goes home but he doesn't want GM to be on the outs and be pissed at him.

Andy says he wonder what Spencer wanted to talk to him about last night. Judd says he wanted to name them (Andy, Judd, Howard, Spencer) as their alliance. Judd says he's so confused and they go over the other alliances they have {basically everyone has an alliance with everyone else and Roscoe The Rubber Duck the way I see it -6Borders}

Andy is saying Candace shows up at the most inopportune times (and interrupts the conversations) and then stays for hours. Andy is going over the senarios of what he should say to whom as to his vote to keep his hands clean.

They say Kait is getting really cocky right now because she thinks she has this other alliance. Judd says the Jessie vote is scary...they have to have the votes with the house.

Judd tells Andy he needs to start saying Kait has an alliance with everyone here, especially McManda, and then they (the undecided) will want Kait out. Andy says the other side have no idea Andy has a deal with McManda. They say "they" (the other side) hate Amanda.

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Guest 6Borders

10:24am BB Time

Andy says he can't stand to be around Spencer anymore because Spencer is telling him that Andy is his best friend and would never lie to him. Judd says Howard has to go tho and Andy agrees. Andy says if he gets HOH he will put up Howard/Spencer immediately. Andy want to know how the Howard/Spencer Camp has the numbers.

Andy says so the other side wants to pick off McManda, Helen and Elissa. He asks who GM think is a floater and Judd says "Jessie".

Andy says Howard.Spencer and also Candace CANNOT win HOH. Judd tells Andy to make friends with GM. Andy says he is and Judd says REALLY make friends with her so she trusts you.

Judd says they (I think he and GM) talked to Howard and Spencer and their talk was very convincing. Andy is ticked that Howard says he playing such a clean game and talking about everyone behind their backs. Andy says H/S would never have come clean (about the Moving Company) if Jeremy hadn't first. Andy says he can't stand them and just wants them gone. Andy says he will put up H/S in a second if he gets HOH. He says Candace will flip out but whatever...Judd says he is sick and tired of her and she's nice and everything but gets on his nerves.

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Guest 6Borders

Andy is trying to decide what the best thing to say to Spencer/Howard is when they ask how he's voting. He decides he will say McManda really want to get rid of Aaryn, Judd says say whoever McManda wants to stay....Aaryn really wants an alliance if she stays. Andy says we can appease that and Judd says we need to make her a part of something,

Judd says Elissa told Kaitlin "wouldn't you rather play against all girls". Andy says once they get rid of Howard/Spencer they can get rid of Elissa. Judd says "you don't think they are trying to get rid of all the guys"...Andy says no.

Judd says it freaks him out all the things Spen/Howard say to McManda about Judd. Andy says everything S/H say is a lie and they will even swear on the bible. Andy says they need to go and he hopes this HOH is endurance and he will hang on until forever {heard that before with April and she got cold and let go of the button -6Borders}

Andy says he really trusts Helen. Judd says he is not sure how much he trusts Helen anymore {uh oh} and Andy defends immediately, says Helen has a loyalty to him and will tell him anything and he can tell Judd (and the rest of his other alliance). Judd thinks Helen and Jessie have something going on because they are always whispering. Andy says don't read too much into it and says Jessie has loyalty to Judd and would not F him over {I really don't think Judd is buying into this}. Andy says it would not make sense for Jessie and Helen to try and branch off (from alliances)

Andy throws Kait under the bus saying she used to talk to him every day and now she never talks to him. Judd says Candace needs to go...maybe even before Spencer. Andy says Spencer needs to go first, he's too shady. Judd says Howard graduated with a degree in psychology and maybe that is why he was reading Judd so well last night...Judd says he had a pissed off expression.

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Guest 6Borders

10:40am BB Time

Judd and Andy continue to say they need to get HOH or they are (going to be the targets)

He says he is supposed to talk to McManda about who they want.

{Andy has gotten it wrong so many times as to who everyone wants to go/stay he might vote the wrong way}

Andy says how can Howard/Spencer think that nobody talks to each other all the time (this is about the 14th time he's brought that up). Judd says Howard is scary cos he stays quiet and listens {the rest of them might try that sometimes}.

Andy says if Elissa gets it she will "want to give it to Aaryn" (I think he means put her up). Andy says Elissa wants Aaryn out and doesn't think game and yesterday they were trying to convince her Kait needed to go and she kept saying "Aaryn has been so mean to me..."

Andy loves that GM thinks he's a floater...Judd says "and Jessie". Says GM thinks Jessie is "a floater and a half" Andy says at least he's not a floater and a half. Judd says the funniest think is GM hates Candace...Andy says Candace hates GM too. Andy says Candance says if she gets HOH GM is not going to be allowed in her HOH room.

Andy leaves so it doesn't look like they are taking {right} and says he will plant the seed that McManda wants Kaitlin to stay {I hope he gets it right when he starts planting that seed}

Judd is attempting to nap now that he is alone.

10:47am BB Time

Jessie is putting on a shirt in the kitchen, Judd is attempting to sleep in the HOH and right now nobody else is visible on the cameras. Jessie is taking a drink and cleaning supplies out to the BY couch. She throws something away and sprays whatever it is she is cleaning (looks like the candle holder try).

The camera crew must be as bored as we are. We got shots of the empty Have Not Room, Jessie cleaning and the BY.

{Can you say BB Boriiingggg}

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Guest 6Borders

10:52am BB Time

Andy, Helen, Jessie on the BY couch (cameras must be on delay because I didn't now see Helen and Andy materialize)

Helen and Andy so want to win HOH tomorrow...they say the other side think they are idiots. Helen wants to win HOH and put both their f'ing butts on the block and she would rather keep Aaryn then them (Howard/Spencer or McManda??? not sure)

Helen wants to know where Howard's loyalty to Candace is...Andy says none. Jessie says she is falling in love with him.

They say they can't tell Candace anything. Helen says Howard/Spencer have to go against each other. Asks Jessie what she thinks and she says they need to keep the house together as much as possible. Helen says one of them won't go to jury.

Andy goes over if H/S got HOH who would go up (it's basically anyone except Howard/Spencer/Candace)

Helen is telling them how America thinks, and how Howard is being portrayed as a family/prayful man...says "the black vote is strong in America" and "they are going to want a minority to win" {honestly...that IS what she said}.

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10:10am BBT: Judd,Jessie.Helen and Candice in by. Helen says i dont feel like starting my run.

10:12am BBT: helen says i cant believe Ginamarie swallowed 2 spoons of cinnamon lastnight. She says i always miss the good stuff or the bad when i go to bed early.

10:14am BBT: Andy come in and motions for Judd to go to hoh rm.Judd says Candice is so annoying.Andy says what did Kaitlin say when she wa with ya'll lastnight.Judd says he told Ginamarie on the hammock that he heard from a reliable source that Howard was the mvp and what he did it looked like Elissa did it.Judd says they are all thinking that Kailtlin is loyal and i might need to get you to tell them that kaitlin is coming after Howard and Spencer. Judd says i have to do something they are getting suspicoius of me wanting to keep Aaryn.

10:19am BBT: Judd and Andy are laughing that Howaerd and Spencer has an alliance with evryone in the house. Andy says do they not think that we all talk.In the kt Jessie is making coffee.

10:24am BBT: Andy tells Judd it is getting to the point where he cant stand to be around Spencer he is driving me crazy. Judd says yeah but Howard need to go. Andy says yeah he does need to go.

10:34am BBT: Andy says as soon as we get rid of the big threats then we can get rid of Elissa, she is a loose cannon. Judd says do you think they are trying to get rid of all the guys? Andy says no. Judd says thats what Spencer said. Andy says no Howard and Spencer lie about everything they need to go.

10:36am BBT: Helen is in the by running her laps for the day. Jessie is doing laundry. Most hg still in bed sleeping.Judd and Andy are doing alot of repeating themselves.Andy says to Judd i think Jessie is really loyal to you though.

10:45am BBT: Andy and Judd still in hoh talking about the other hg. Jessie cleaned the by and is now washing dishes and cleaning the kt.

10:49am BBT: Jessie is now on the by couch drinking coffee. Judd is in hoh going back to sleep.

10:52am BBT: Helen .Andy and Jessie in by talking about voting out Kaitlin this week.Helen says i want to win hoh this week and put Amanda and Mccrae up one of them needs to go.Andy says i dont know what they are thinking they have formed an alliance with everyone. Helen says yeah except Elissa and Me. Helen says where is Howards loyalty to Candice lay? Andy says i dont know.

10:56am BBT: Andy says i canr help but think if Howard or Spencer gets hoh this week they wont put up Aaryn or Ginamarie they will put up one of us. Helen says yeah.jessie says how did Howard get MVP? Helen says they are trying to portray him as a family man.

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Guest 6Borders

Helen is back on her Howard soapbox; says (relating the conv) "don't you dare lie to me" "don't you dare think I am stupid" and how she forgave Howard once.

Jessie is cleaning and Helen tells her she will make a good mom. Jessie says she learned from the best, her mom. Helen gives Jessie's mom a nice shout-out.

Andy and Jessie reel Helen in off her tirade and say they can't come on too strong. Andy says Aaryn seems defeated and Kaitin (bascially has game on). They discuss how to tell Howard/Spencer that Kait wants them out. Helen says the plan is to put doubt in their minds {personally, I think they have all LOST their minds -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

11:05am BB Time

The ping-pong who wants to get rid of whom continues. {Andy just got it wrong for the 3rd or 4th time and says "it's early" for the 3rd or 4th time}

Helen says she needs to go to confession after this show..."even tho I don't lie..." {that one will go over well}

Andy has scuddled right up to the HOH to talk to Judd to relate the whole conversation from the BY couch.

Judd has been trying to sleep, listens, then says to Andy "when you go back down because I am trying to sleep..."

{take the hint Andy...geeze!!}

Andy heads right back to the backyard to tell Helen/Jessie what he said. The talk still seems to be keeping Candace in line. Andy is giving his speech to H/S saying Kait has repeatedly told him she is going after them...it might blow up on them but...

Helen is now saying "do you guys really think this is the smartest (move)"

Judd has materialized and tells the BY Couch Crew he has to go to DR but he wants to fill them in (I didn't get it all with the planes going over)

Andy is coaching Helen how to change the conversation when someone walks in and interrupts...Helen says that is "improv skills" and she is not good at that. They have a practice session where Jessie leaves and Helen/Andy have a mock up conversation and interrupting it when Jessie arrives {they thought it was good..I didn't see they did anything I would buy}

Andy says (again) how Howard/Spencer need to go. Helen says she will put both on the block...the new idea is to tell H/S that the idea is to backdoor Aaryn. Jessie says if Howard is MVP next week who would be put up? Andy says "Elissa, Helen or McManda". They say Howard CAN NOT win HOH.

Helen is Spencer bashing and they are saying he's a floater, he's never won anything...etc {and yet Spencer has correctly guessed just about every twist, how it worked and why -6Borders}
They discuss what is a floater/vs not a floater.

Helen and Andy are relating their DR good bye's and what they said {Production is either not on the ball today, or like me, they just don't care anymore -6Borders}

11:21 am BB Time

All feeds are on Andy/Jessie on the BY couch or practically empty rooms!

Jessie and Andy decide that "he" (Howard) is the mean bear from Toy Story (the movie..I didn't see it)

Andy is almost insulted that they fall for all his (trips?...plane going over, didn't get it).

Helen is back asking who the "good people" are "they" wanted to play with. Helen says the whole key is to make sure they think we are not on them. Jessie goes to check laundry. Andy says (again) they need to go...they say they (their side) have to win the HOH {same verse, same as the last 30 times they said this}

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Guest 6Borders

11:30am BB Time

More of same...Andy "if one of them gets HOH I am going to die" {14 seasons and I never saw an HG die from not winning HOH}

Helen is discussing Aaryn taking the deal (to throw HOH and if she does get it by fluke to let the Helen Camp make the noms for her). Jessie comes back with food and Helen says "we are like the Breakfast Club here". They say Judd would be there but he's in DR. The all discuss how many times they have been in DR.

BB says you are not allowed to talk about production.

They say it's because Howard has MVP and now Howard has the black vote (gives us the political on that) and because Aaryn made racial slurs America chose Howard as the MVP. She says it not racial but if she were watching the show it would upset her that this goes on and she would be voting Howard and Candace too...Jessie throws in the showmance thing. Helen throws in Howard being the "prayful man, etc". Helen says even tho Aaryn didn't make the comments about her it hurts. Helen is relating ppl making fun of her for being Asian, and she just just dealt with it. Helen is relating growing up, how her dad told her being a minority it would be harder on her.

11:33am BB Time

The BY discussion is still pretty heavy with race/minority issues {nothing derogatory, just discussing real work/social issues which is probably an all time new for the BB House}.

Helen is taking about every issue...how woman take time off to have kids and they are basically unemployed and then they have to start at the bottom to come back to the work force. Jessie bring up Veterans... Helen says there should be jobs available for them when they come back.

Jessie says the reason ppl stay in the military is because they don't have opportunities when they get out.

11:40am BB Time

The serious talk is over for now. Jessie is picking up beach balls and cushions. Helen and Andy have gone inside to put on swimwear, etc.

11:42am BB Time

Helen and Andy are studying the Memory Wall.

Andy asks whose pic looks like them the most/least like them...Helen says And looks the most, and it goes right down the line from there (except they don't like their own pics)..and then they reverse their decisions.

11:45am BB Time

If there are other people, other than Andy, Helen & Jessie, in the BB House right now I have not seen them for a few hours and the feeds are not helping so I am out for a while....and right on cue we have FOTH {thanks Big Brother}

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11:01pm BBT:Andy says i feel like Aaryn feels more defeated than Kaitlin. kaitlin is mor aggressive than Aaryn.Helen says can we tell Howard and Spencer that the house is heard through the house that Kaitlin is after you and we need to get her out. Andy and Jessie agree. Jessie says plant the seed of doubt.
11:06pm BBT: Helen says after Andy goes in the house that she needs to go to confession after this show. She says i dont lie but i bend the truth alot. Andy runs to hoh to tell Judd what all has been said outside.
11:09am BBT: helen is telling Jessie that when Howard is gone Candice will be fine she will throw a fit at first but she will be ok. But if she wants to make it farther in this house Howard needs to go.
11:17BBT:Jessie says whats good is Judd will come out of this hoh looking good. Helen says yeah and Aaryn will be saved and i wouldnt do this if Judd wasnt ok with it.
11:19pm BBT: Helen saying last week her goodbye message to Aaryn was mean but this week was much nicer. Helen says and With Ginamarie it is either happy or mad at the world there is no medium with Ginamarie.
11:32am BBT: General talk with Helen and Jessie and Andy in the by about minority peopel in the workforce. all other hg still sleeping.
11:35am BBT: Jessie says i think our veterans are treated so bad. Helen says yeah if they are in the iraq war or any war they should have a job when they get back.Jessie says yeah they have so many skills from that.
11:38am BBT: helen says if we respect the military then why are they working like a bank clerk why dont they have high jobs in the government.
11:40am BBT: Jessie says i am down for some vollyball today. Helen says cool. she gets up and says i think i will have a cup of coffee then a shower then lay out for awhile this morning. Andy in the kt says there isn't one clean cup in this kt as helen walks through.
11:43am BBT: Helen and Andy looking at the pictures on the memory wall and talking about peoples looks and how good they look. Helen says look i have wrinkles in mine. Jessie is cleaning up and putting chairs back around the pool and moving pillows around.
11:48am BBT: Judd joins Andy , Helen and Jessie in the by he says he thinks Ginamarie is a doctor or a nurse or aomething. Judd then laughs and says i am just kidding. and they all laugh. Andy says i was fixen to get pissed. Helen telling Judd what they are going to tell spencer today to get him to vote out Kaitlin. Helen gets called to the dr.
11:51am BBT: Andy says i am just going to pretend that i am Howards best friend today and he laughs. Judd says Jessie come over here when you are done. She walks over there and Judd says i am sorry for outting you on the spot lastnight.Howard is now up and changed his batteries and now going to the wa.
11:58am BBT: Judd talking about him and Jessie and Andy will start voting out others when they are down to the three of them left in the alliance.

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12:06pm BBT: Mccrae is now up he and Helen go to str. helen tells him that Andy.Jessie and judd have been talking about getting kaitlin out and that we need to tell them kaitlin is after them. Helen says i think if Aaryn gets it we have her put Spencer and Howard next week but they have to go up together. Mccrae says yeah they do. Helen says ok thats what you missed and they leave the str.
12:13pm BBT: Mccrae goes out to by and Judd and Andy tell him that they are going adter Howard and Spencer next week but dont tell amanda. He says ok i wont tell her.
12:17pm BBT: Andy asking Mccrae who he will put up if he wins hoh Howard and spencer? Mccrae says yeah we all need to be on that plan.Judd says i just dont want to be their target. Mccrae says you wont be Amanda and i will be. Judd says they want Amanda out before you Mccrae.
12:21pm BBT: Jessie is sweeping the kt. helen took a shower and is getting ready to go lay out by the pool. Judd and Mccrae and Andy sitting on by couch repeating everything about trying to get Spencer and Howard out and that they have to win hoh this week. Mccrae gets up and walks into the house and Andy says Mccrae has to go too i dont trust him then he says just kidding.
12:26pm BBT: Helen is taking amanda and Elissa to the str to talk she says ok Judd has been upstairs with spencer and Howard and Howard is working with Kaitlin so howard needs to go up with spencer next week.helen says dont tell anyone about the Judd , Howard and Spencer thing lets keep it quiet. they will go up next week. Amanda leaves the str and Helen tells Elissa that Howard is making deals with everyone in the house cuz they tried making a deal with me for final 4.
12:37pm BBT: Helen sitting in by with JUdd and Andy they are repeating themselves as Helen eats. Elissa and Amanda in the kt just general talk.
12:44pm BBT: Amanda is now out in by with Helen. Judd and Andy and jessie telling them everything that has already been sais and how Howard is telling things in the house that most the hg want her and Elissa out. she says he knows that i know he is making alliances with everyone in the house. Amanda says if i win hoh i am putting up Howard and Spencer for sure. andy says we all are.
12:47pm BBT: Elissa and Howard in the kt. Elissa is washing dishes.helen comes in and says i was gonna do those.
12:52pm BBT:helen is now washing dishes as Elissa is chopping onions for her breakfast she now goes to rinse off the cherry tomatoes. amanda and Mccrae and Judd and Andy still in by on couches talking about Howard and spencer going up when they win hoh and how they cant win veto against any of them.
12:56pm BBT: kaitlin is now up and goes to by . All talk stops and Kaitlin yawns and says it is hot out here. helen is still washing dishes. Elissa is cooking and Andy comes inside and ask zjessie if she will make slop balls today. Jessie says yeah. Howard is now in the by doing the eliptical.

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#BB15 1:15 PM BBT Andy, Kaitlin, and Spencer in the WA. Kaitlin realizes the sink is loose. She can't figure out why it is moving. Spencer says it is just put in with silicone. Now they are discussing things of theirs that are missing.

#BB15 1:21 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae have a discussion about if CBS was around when the Brady Bunch was on. She wants to know who PBS is affiliated with. McCrae says he isn't sure.

#BB15 1:25 PM BBT Andy and Kait whispering in the WA. Kait talking about Spencer/Howard and the deals they are making with everyone. Andy says they told him that they have his back but they haven't made a deal. Elissa comes in and says she wonders what Marilyn thinks when Spencer says things about Jessie and how much he likes her in her bathing suit.

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#BB15 1:33 PM BBT Jessie and Spencer on the BY sofa. Jessie talking abut that she would just like the house to get clean. She knows it won't stay that way but it would be better then grime building on grime. She says she doesn't mind doing it herself. Spencer says that Andy told him that it keeps her from having a slop meltdown. She agrees.

#BB15 1:37 PM BBT In the WA Kait, Aaryn and Elissa are doing facial products and make up. They discuss facials and other products. Kait asks Aaryn how to wash her hair extensions. Aaryn says "just like you wash your regular hair".

#BB15 1:43 PM BBT In the BY Amanda is sunning, Andy and Candice on the loungers chatting. Candice is wearing footie pajamas. Says she is thawing out from the HN room. Kait in the KT making eggs.

#BB 15 1:49 PM BBT In the KT Helen is prepping slop for the HNs. Kait says she would have volunteered to do slop. Kait upset that there is no dishwasher. Says its ridiculous. She says at least they could have a bigger sink or dish rack.

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#BB15 1:59 Helen, Elissa, Jessie and Kaitlin in the KT discussing the cinnamon challenge. Helen is making slop balls. Now discussing the benefits of cinnamon overall.

#BB15 2:19 PM BBT In the BY Howard explaining to Jessie and Amanda about the entertainment business. Amanda says she stopped being an actress after a web show during the writers strike. She says she worked in the reality television area for a couple of years and then got into real estate.

#BB15 2:24 PM BBT Gina and Aaryn talking in the BR. Kaitlin comes in. Arryn talking about people who twist words and as a result she is perceived differently then she is. Kaitlin suggests she has people repeat what she said and what they got from that. Now Gina and Aaryn talk about when to pack. Aaryn says she doesn't pack until Thursday.

#BB15 2:27 PM BBT The HOH camera has come out - it's picture time! Judd goes around the house taking pictures and having pictures taken.

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#BB15 2:30 PM BBT Kaitlin, Gina and Aaryn discuss MVP in the bedroom. Kaitlin says it was a brilliant move for Elissa to put herself up if she had MVP. Gina says instead the 3 girls who have no back are up [i think she means backing but not sure].

#BB15 2:34 PM BBT Picture taking continues in the BY. In the BR Gina, Kait and Aaryn going through their clothes. Aaryn offers to loan Gina a bathing suit. Gina says no. Jessie had worn it and parts of her chest freak Gina out [her words]. Gina is upset that Jessie keeps coming in and drops things off and disturbs her.

#BB15 2:43 PM BBT Andy is eating the slop balls Helen has prepared. Her new secret ingredient is dijon mustard. Amanda has laid the keys out on the KT table and Judd comes in to take a picture.

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#BB15 2:55 Candice and Howard in the HN room. He tells her that Spencer is comparing apples to oranges between Kaitlin and Aaryn. Candice asks who Judd wants out. You can not hear what Howard says but then says something about upsetting the house. He says he is down worrying about it.

#BB15 3:01 PM BBT Amanda telling Elissa and Andy about her job life. Saying she could never be the main actress but would be the funny sidekick. She is pretty but would never be cast as that. Telling about everywhere she moved and boyfriends

#BB15 3:08 PM BBT In the By Amanda still talking about her real estate career and how she go into it. Spencer and Howard sit down to play chess.

#BB15 3:16 PM BBT Howard and Spencer rehash the options and the game. Nothing really new. In the BY Andy, McCrae and Elissa talking about religion. She is offended that Gina and Howard swear on the bible. She is religious.

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#BB15 3:21 PM BBT Elissa leaves the BY. It seems that she was getting a bit loud in voicing her being offended at Howard swearing on the bible. Andy and McCrae laughed at how loud she was getting and she thought they were laughing at religion She was offended. Andy and Mccrae head inside to apologize.

#BB15 3:28 PM BBT Andy and McCrae continue to try and apologize. Elissa does not want any of it at the moment. Says that she doesn't use religion as a weapon. Andy trying to calm her down as she is getting very overworked about it. BB announces a LD.

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