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Kaitlin - Week 4 - Evicted (July 25)

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CeCiMom, on 25 Jul 2013 - 11:54 AM, said:snapback.png

Sometimes there are more important things than the moves in this house... I for one think this is one of them. Many of these houseguests are selling out tonight, imo.

I agree and for those of you on the forum who find it funny; it isn't.

I agree also but remember that we can not legislate pov's nor humor.

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I was sooo sick of Kaitlin for a variety of reasons, but I actually found her exit interview delightful. Jumping in brain first could have taken her to F2 and the win. Likable, strong, smart, and minus bad influence, a real contender. It would have been fun to see her maneuver her way gamefully through the twists and turns.

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