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Friday, July 19 Live Feed Updates


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#BB15 9:00 BBT Amanda and Mccrea are in the hohr alone in bed, now out in the By is Howard, Candice, and Spencer, Andy, Judd
just talking Spencer saids yall should have been better at boncing cans talking about the have not comp. Oh in case you didnt know
Amanda and Mccrea are making out in the hohr (Yuck)

#BB15 9:05 BBT Kaitlin in pounding chocolate chips in a bag with a can of soup, She is told to put on her microphone
Judd, is in the hohr with Mccrea and Amanda, Judd is talking about his pictures now

#BB15 9:10 BBT Kaitlin says she told DR that Jeremy was a bad kisser and she gets the youre not allowed to talk about the DR from BB
Amanda and Mccrea are now in the hohr alone and its walnuts shes banging not chocolate chips. Aayrn wants to do the Amazing Race with Kaitlin.
Judd says Helen needs to control her voice you can hear her all the way downstair, and now its onto the texas tornado thing Ginamarie and Elissa are now
in the KT

#BB15 9:15 BBT Judd says he is tired, Elissa walks into the HOHR Amanda does an empression of Elissa walking into the HOHR.
Elissa says she didnt get the MVP yet they are talking about the twist. Ginamarie was in the DR like 30 minutes can it be her
Amanda no Fing way. Elissa thinks shes going to get it (no youre not)
In the hammock is Spencer and Candice Spencer is talking about his girlfriend.

#BB15 9:20 BBT Spencer and Candice are just talking, In the HOHR they are still talking about the MVP and who Elissa should put up if she get it. (Which we know she wont)
Aayrn is still talking about wanted to be on the amazing race

#BB15 9:25 BBT Judd is wearing his crown now, and he is now talking about what he likes about his room.
Spencer is talking to Candice about the mvp. and in the hohr they are still talking about the twist, and the veto comp now

#BB15 9:30 BBT Spencer and Candice are talking about Nick being a shaddy F*** Ginamarie and kaitlin are whispering about something can really hear what
with Aayrn I think they are talking about Jeremy really hard to hear over banging the spoon and whispering Howard walks in and talk stops. until he walks out

#BB15 9:35 BBT Spencer and Candice are now talking about Jeremy Candice ask Howard if he is going to play
pool or stuggle. She says you got your hands in to many pots. The girls in the KT are talking about Jeremy and how Kaitlin misses him
Aayrn is called into the DR. she tells BB to wait a minutes shes knee deep in chocolate right now

#BB15 9:40 BBT Mccrea says that Howard is trying to split the house, and how he was saying that he wants to be on the good side now
Amanda says she wants to go to bed in like an hour. Elissa is told to put on her microphone she was doing a flip of some kind. Elissa says she hates ice cream. she is putting her feet over her head in
a flip of somekind.

#BB15 9:45 BBT Judd says that when he told Ginamarie that he was going to put her up as a pawn she went nuts. Judd says he threw up
in one comp. I think the have not comp they are talking about the have not Elissa is saying that she feels bad about Jessie being a have not
They are really hoping Elissa gets the MVP (Not going to happen and we know that)

#BB15 9:50 BBT Elissa is still doing excuses in the hohr because shes bored now Judd keeps saying the she better get that MVP hes said it like I dont know how many times now
they are talking about who will get the least. And how Aayrn has a fan base Mccrea says some people are here just for the fight Aayrn made finals for the real world and she picked BB
Elissa saying I wish she had gone on that Judd says would you be mad if she turns over your mattress and Elissa says I wont be suprised.

#BB15 9:55 BBT Judd is now in the BY talking about rather or not Elissa has the mvp
he doesnt believe she doesnt have it. ( aw Judd she doesnt have it)

#BB15 10:00 BBT HG are just sitting around talking now not really any game talk right now Howard and Candice are now
in the hammock.

#BB15 10:05 BBT Howard is now talking about Jeremy, and Elissa Howard is saying that Elissa has a power that other people in the
house dont have and how Elissa is using her power to bullie people in the house. Much like Jeremy did. How Elissa is using Helen. And how much he likes Candices game over Elissa
he tells her to pay attention to her. She nice and people will listen to her, And that shes fake. She a good woman and nice and all that Im not retared I just dont say nothing. Now Candice is onto Helen
and how Elissa and Amanda ganged up on Helen when she was HoH. Now shes talking about when Mccrea said he had the MVP.
#BB15 10:10 bbt Candice is now saying how she wants to make Aayrn a friend, no one will believe that her and Aayrn will work together, And they are now talking about Elissa again,
and also Amanda Candice says that Amanda tried to threat her and she wasnt having it. And now shes saying how Amanda is playing kaitlin. they are saying Helen will do whatever Elissa says so we cant count Helen.
If aayrn wins veto who is Judd putting up. put up Elissa Ginamarie as a pawn. This if Candice wins hoh They just go round and round with this

#BB15 10:20 BBT Judd is called to the DR Elissa is saying maybe Judd got the MVP. Mccrea is like he will tell us he would not tell us. Mccrea is like Aayrn was in there awhile Elissa keep the crama down there to see
how long Judd is in there. now talking about the designing of the house. and now nothing, Mccrea says the twist worries him.
Elissa is like they are not going to bring back someone. she wants something fun and crazy. she saying it would be so silly at this point to bring someone back doesnt make sense.

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9:53 PM BBT Spencer is no longer in the hammock with Candice and Howard. They're flirting.

Judd is still with Kaitlyn and GM. Kaitlyn asking Judd who he's backdooring and what his plan is. He tells her the plan is to get Aaryn out. Kaitlyn just put a lighter to GinaMarie's hair to get rid of a piece of thread. Kaitlyn asks what if Aaryn wins veto. Judd says she won't. Kaitlyn is saying Judd is making her nervous. She feels she is going home, but Judd says the house would rather keep Kaitlyn. Spencer joins them. Game talk has ceased.

9:59 PM BBT Candice/Howard still in the hammock. Feeds switched mid-conversation. Howard saying Jeremy needed to grow up saying his social game was terrible. Howard says that he believes everyone in here is a good person. He says he likes where Candice is in the game. He is telling her to be careful in the game. They are talking about Elissa. They believe she has been a bit of a bully with the MVP last week when Elissa/Amanda and others pulled Candice aside explaining that Howard can't be trusted. Candice says she may nominate Amanda if she is HOH. I'm not sure how the conversation started or where it's going, but the gist of it seems to be that Howard/Candice don't fully trust their side of the house. It seems centered on Amanda/Elissa trying to get Candice to turn against Howard, and with McCrae saying he was MVP to protect Elissa.

10:08 PM BBT Candice/Howard still talking. They want Kaitlyn out because they believe Amanda/Helen have Kaitlyn in their back pocket. Howard suggests he/Candice/Spencer/Jessie/Judd need to vote together this week, but Candice points out Judd is HOH. Candice would like to see Amanda nominated. Howard says Judd may want to backdoor Elissa but not want to rock the boat too early. Howard says he wouldn't rock the boat early either. Candice says she doesn't want Aaryn to go this week. "If Kaitlyn won HOH, she would put you and me up." She goes on to say Aaryn would not do that.

10:12 PM BBT Elissa in HOH once again talking about how nervous and excited she is for the twist and mentions how serious Julie was. She says it's fun when they switch it up.

Judd is called to the Diary Room. Elissa: "Maybe Judd did get it. Do you think he would say something?" McCrae: "Yea, he's pretty loyal to the group. I don't know why he wouldn't say anything." Seems like the HOH crew of Amanda/McCrae/Elissa are keeping a close eye on the spy screen to see how long people are in the DR.

10:20 PM BBT Camera still shows Elissa up in HOH with McCrae and Amanda. There's not a lot of talking. McCrae goes for a cigarette. Elissa says she likes the quiet and as McCrae leaves, he mentions that it is nice to be alone and there is always people everywhere. (I wonder if he was trying to give Elissa a hint)

Feeds switch to Candice/Helen/GM/Andy/Kaitlyn talking about the challenge in the backyard. McCrae walks out to the backyard. Howard/Spencer are playing pool. Jessie is in the kitchen by herself.

Howard is telling Spencer some game info about McCrae and Amanda by the pool table, but stops as Aaryn walks out to the backyard. Andy is telling the backyard crew he is really excited to host if he doesn't get picked for POV. There's just a lot of small talk going out in the backyard.

10:29 PM BBT Elissa is talking with Kaitlyn in HOH. Amanda is there too. Kaitlyn says she doesn't want to be with Aaryn any more, but she doesn't know how to go about doing that. Kaitlyn says that she is very negative and GM is starting to get the same feeling with Aaryn. She says she feels super out of the loop and would rather be told if she is a target to her face. McCrae comes walking in and the conversation continues. They are telling Kaitlyn that Aaryn is the target. Kaitlyn is worried about Aaryn winning the veto. She says Judd wouldn't tell her who the replacement nominee in that scenario, but the HOH crew keeps telling her she is safe. Elissa asks Kaitlyn about MVP. Kaitlyn says that Aaryn scares the shit out of her. Kaitlyn thinks Aaryn is going to get some sort of power. Andy comes walking in (followed by a commercial).

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10:39 PM BBT GinaMarie has also made her way up to the HOH with McCrae/Amanda/Andy/Elissa/Kaitlyn. They're just making small talk and more speculation about the twist.

Howard and Spencer are still playing pool. Looks like Jessie/Aaryn are on the couches. I'm assuming Judd is still in the DR. Not sure where Helen and Candice are.

Amanda and McCrae walk downstairs where Amanda discovers Aaryn made cake balls. Everything is really quiet right now.

10:50 PM BBT Amanda/McCrae talking in the lounge area while snuggling. They just called someone else to the DR and Amanda is wondering why "she" keeps going to the DR. Amanda is saying someone is on a rampage (Elissa?). Amanda is saying Elissa wouldn't leave the room. They are saying Elissa walked into the room in a weird way. They are still talking (slight bitching) about Elissa saying something is up with her.

McCrae has a theory saying Spencer told Kaitlyn last night to say that Helen told her that she was going up on the block (I can't follow McCrae's logic). Then they keep speculating about other people doing certain things, and Amanda suggests that they just don't get involved.

10:59 PM BBT Jessie is talking with Aaryn about Kaitlyn. Jessie is saying that Kaitlyn is a competitor especially in the last two HOH's. Jessie is telling her that whoever of Kaitlyn/Aaryn win veto, the other one is going home. Jessie says now that Jeremy is gone, Kaitlyn is completely in the game. Jessie says that Aaryn can't tell Kaitlyn. Aaryn says she doesn't talk game to Kaitlyn any more. And BBAD ends


The highlights from tonight, There's definitely fractures in the majority alliance and surprisingly fractures in the minority alliance. Amanda/McCrae are saying they want to stay out of the way of any BS. Elissa is worried about MVP and won't be quiet about it. Kaitlyn is trying to get reassurance from people that she is not the target. Spencer/Howard/Candice want Kaitlyn gone. Jessie wants Kaitlyn gone. Aaryn/Kaitlyn are starting to split. Candice would like to see Amanda nominated. My opinion, alliances seem to be realigning because everyone has their own agenda. Of course, everything may change again tomorrow night.

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