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Guest 6Borders

2:33pm BB Time

Judd is now talking to Amanda...explaining the GM/Kait as pawns.

Amanda says she will respect anything he wants to do, then proceeds to say he should prob put up Spencer. She says it's up to him. Judd says if he takes Kait off...he will have 4 people gunning for him' (Aaryn, Spencer, Candace...)

Amanda says "so you are not going to put up Howard"...Amanda says if Elissa puts up Spencer..

Amanda says Spencer is more dangerous than Howard...says Aaryn is alone and doesn't have alliances. Amanda is still pitching getting rid of Howard...says you want to get out the strong players.

Amanda says put up who you want but if you don't backdoor Howard now...says if he doesn't put up GM she won't be coming after him. She says we need to get out the strongest player. She says if he puts up GM she will be gunning for him the rest of the time.

Amanda says it's completely up to him...but {you knew that was coming} if Aaryn goes home that is only one person.

Amanda pitches again putting up Spencer...they need to break up Howard/Spencer/Candace. She expands that MVP Elissa will put up a weaker player {this is going to be hilarious if America puts Amanda up as the 3rd nom -6Borders}

Judd says he will think about this and they will all talk more later.

Amanda says again that Spencer is more dangerous and he's a really good liar, that he has an allianace.

She says Helen and her side are all making alliances with everybody. Judd says they are?

Amanda says she will support anything he wants to do. and leaves.

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Guest 6Borders

2:43pm BB Time

Judd calls in GM...says he is thinking about putting up two pawns and would she be ok with that. She freaks and says "are you f'ing serious. Judd tries to tell her he's still brainstorming and she is not going home. She says pawns go home.

Judd tries to explain that nobody will vote her out...GM says this is what Kait told her, that it would be the 3 of them (GM, Kait and Aaryn) on the block.

GM says she doesn't know what Jessie has been telling him...she says Jessie went to every guy in the house (David/Nick evictions). She says Judd is pretty cool but she does not like this...that they don't know what the twist is and it does not mean someone is going to get a certain power.

GM says she wants to play and win and do the best for her team. Judd says he needs someone he trusts as a pawn in case the power is something like the coup de eta. GM says then put up Jessie. GM says he's HOH and if that's his decision she can't fight it. GM says it seems that everyone who has/had a showmance has been voted out.

Judd says this is why she'd be a perfect pawn...GM is not buying it for a New York second!!

Judd says if I don't put you up he wants them to be like Bonnie 'n Clyde. GM says she's always (kind of) been on his side and she has nobody. GM says she plays strategic and ppl twist her words...she said that she said IF she were revengeful she would put up Judd because he voted out Nick. GM says she was nice to him before he got HOH.

Judd tells GM she has got to get the Jessie stuff out of her head. that he does not have a showmance with her. GM says Jessie just wants a guy to protect her. GM says she doesn't throw out names or point fingers. Judd (doing some damage control) tells GM she is kind of like his cousin. GM says she doesn't want to get backdoored with no way to save herself...Judd says she's not going to get backdoored. GM pretends to think and then throws out putting up....Howard!

Judd says he trusts everything she says 100%.

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2:01pm BBT: we are still on trivia
2:12pm BBT: feeds are back hg are taking sahowers . ginamarie andJudd and kaitlin are in the cockpit talking.ginamarie is saying i dont want everyone to throw me under the bus because someone is a havenot.in the hoh rm is helen , candice and jessie and elissa. helen says this is so exciting.amanda just got out of the hoh shower. amanda says i hope we get to keep the bathingsuit and helen says i know i like the bathingsuits.
2:16pm BBT: andy comes in cockpit and tells Judd that the nomination screen is up . ginamarie says it is? he says yeah and ginamarie says i need to go get a shower.Judd and Kaitlin are talking. kaitlin asked if aaryn is the target this week judd says no i promised her i wouldnt put her up. kaitlin says if it is me will you be honest with me and tell me he says yeah you might have to be a pawn.
2:19pm BBT: Jessie comes in to cockpit and judd asked if he could have a couple of minutes with kaitlin. jessie says you want to talk to people by yourself she says it doesnt matter to me you are hoh. Judd says yeah just let me talk to kaitlin a few minutes and jessie leaves.
2:21pm BBT: helen is walking around in the hoh bathroom saying she killed us and i think with the right comps she can win.candice is in the hoh shower.in the cockpit judd says to kaitlin if you go on the block win and get the power so you can come off the block.spencer is now in cockpit talking to judd . judd says i told kaitlin i ma putting her up and if i win veto i will take her off and everyone wants aaryn out.
2:28pm BBT: spencer is asking if he can have the hoh rm for a few minutes to talk to kaitlin and judd says well i just talked to her. he says ok then. spencer says i think if we put up kaitlin and aaryn and if she comes off then put up ginamarie. spencer says if elissa gets mvp again and aaryn isnt on the block which she will be then elissa might try to put me or howard up ya know. he says if you want to make a big move we have your back ok.
2:30pm BBT: mccrae is now in cockpit talking to judd . judd says kaitlin is 100 % ok with going on the block as a pawn. judd and mccrae start whispering and its hard to hear them.in the color br is kaitlin and andy talking feeds swithc to arryn and amanda in chair rm getting dressed after their showers.
2:32pm BBT: back in the cockpit mccrae has left and amanda goes in . judd says here is the deal ginamarie and kaitlin are the pawns. amanda says i except anything you do.in the hoh bathroom is mccrae, elissa and helen. talking about who will go up and helen says as long as one of the 3 people go home this week we are ok .helen says aaryn is making crap up to kaitlin and mccrae says totally.
2:38pm BBT: amanda and judd whispering in cockpit about ginamarie. amanda says if you keep her safe and tell her she wont come after you but if you put her up she is going to gun for you.
2:41pm BBT: helen and mccrae and elissa in hoh bathrrom . helen says are we going to get howard out this week or are we getting out ginamarie this week which is a waste.
2:43pm BBT:in the wa hg are still taking showers. Judd is talking to ginamarie in the cockpit and says i am thinking about putting 2 pawns up this week are you ok with going up as a pawn? ginamarie says are you freaking serious.ginamarie says i dont like the pawn situation pawns go home. judd says let me explain. there is a twist and if there is a power then you will not go home.ginamarie says who else is a pawn he says kaitlin she says oh crap.just like was said it will be the three of us. judd says i cant say who else it is ginamarie says judd i dont know what jessie has been telling you i just want to tell you something jessie went to every guy in this house even mccrae. and she is sticking to you and using you. nick didnt use me i had feelings for him. i dont like it but we dont know what the power will be.
2:49pm BBT:in the have not rm spencer and andy are sitting and talking.spencer says it doesnt matter who goes up but this week we have to keep our votes together he tells andy from what i have heard from helen and elissa is that aaryn will be gone this week.
2:53pm BBT:judd tells ginamarie out of evertone in the house he enjoys her. he says i dont want you going. ginamarie says if you dont put me up and i dont get a chance to play for veto then i get backdoored that would suck too. ginamarie says i might not like being a pawn but you have to do what you have to do.
2:55pm BBT:in the hoh rm helen amanda and elissa are talking.elissa says arryn is trying to break up our little circle here. amanda says arryn or howard one needs to leave this week.
2:57pm BBT: judd is now talking to candice. candice is saying how aaryn has hurt her feelings. judd says mine too. candice says she just wants good people to make it to jury and she wants good people in this house so we can all have a good time.

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Guest 6Borders

2:55pm BB Time

Helen, Amanda and Elissa in the HOH room: Amanda says she doesn't care either way {right} and Helen says it has to be Aaryn or Howard, not Kait. Helen says she wants it to be low-key this week. They say now that Jessie is a Have Not she won't be sleeping in the HOH room. They say if they can't backdoor Howard then they will take out Aaryn or GM.

They say GM was really playing in the ice cream comp.

Helen and Kait leave the HOH, leaving McManda. McManda are relating their conversations with Judd. Amanda says everyone wants Howard out except Spencer and Candace. McCrae does not understand Judd's logic and why he is loyal to Aaryn. Amanda says he needs to put up Aaryn/Kait and does not understand why he wants to put up GM...she asks McCrae to tell that to Judd. Amanda says Judd does not want to piss off Elissa. They discuss making Elissa think it's her idea (who she puts up with the MVP).

Amanda says Jessie is going to have a nervous breakdown. Amanda says Judd does not want to backdoor Howard and she says she told Judd if they don't get Howard out now the whole house will be against him. McCrae says if Howard stays he's not going after 2 girls he will be going after McManda. McC says he told Judd he wants Aaryn gone because she is such an f'ing liar.

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#BB15 3:02 PM BBT Judd now talking to Aaryn. Talk about who Elissa would put up as MVP. Judd says she may put up Gina.

#BB15 3:05 PM BBT Aaryn asks Judd if the house wants her to go home this week. He says not everyone but he has to put her up.

#BB15 3:09 PM BBT Judd calls Elissa in to the cockpit room. He tells her he has heard that Elissa will put up Aaryn if he doesn't. He says everyone he has spoken to says that Helen and Kaitlin have a deal. Eissa says if she knew she had it she would put up Aaryn. Elisa says she thinks everyone wants Aaryn gone and not Kaitlin. Judd says that he guesses everyone wants to be beat by her.

#BB15 3:14 PM BBT Helen and Howard talking. Helen concerned that Judd seems to be believing what Aaryn is saying about Helen. Helen wanted a calm week. She wanted to go with the house and now finds out Judd wanted to put up this morning. She doesn't want to speak to Aaryn at all.

#BB15 3:18 PM BBT Andy comes in to talk to Judd. He decided to put up Gina and Kaitlin. He says if Elissa wins she will put up Aaryn. Andy agrees.

#BB15 3:22 PM BBT Judd tells Andy that he may backdoor someone. He will just need to see how the veto plays out. He says it would be dumb to get rid of another guy.

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Guest 6Borders

3:04pm BB Time

Judd is talking with Aaryn..She says everyone in the house wants to get rid of me and he says not everyone.

Aaryn says "who do I need to be nice to this week" She says it's up to him cos he's HOH but if she goes up against Kait she will prob go home. Aaryn says Elissa might not want to put her up because she wants guys out.

Judd tells Aaryn that people are telling him Aaryn is twisting his words with everyone. Aaryn wants to know who...says she hasn't talked to anyone about it. Aaryn asks if he knows what he is going to do...he says not 100%. Aaryn says if she has to go up she would rather go up against GM. Judd says to let him think, they hug and leave.

Judd is wandering the hallway, finds Elissa and asks her to come into the cockpit real quick.

He tells Elissa is is thinking to put up Kait as a pawn and GM,,,Elissa says did you tell her (GM) and she freaked out.

He tells Elissa he is thinking of putting Aaryn/Kait up. He says almost everyone he talked to says Aaryn and Helen have a deal....says don't say anything to Helen {like that's not gonna happen}

Elissa says Aaryn and Kait are just trying to cause trouble between them. Judd says again put up GM as a pawn and Elissa pitches Spencer again. Elissa says if I knew I had it (MVP) I would be so happy and would put up Aaryn.

Elissa says as long as Aaryn is up, everyone wants to get rid of Aaryn..says she is much more unpredictable. Judd says Kait is more like Janelle...a beast in comps. Judd says just about everyone has a deal with Kaitlin (I think).

Andy pops in and tells Judd he is ava whenever Judd wants to talk to him.

Elissa says he can't listen to Jessie...she says Aaryn is much more manipulative. Judd/Elissa flatter each other with their bonds (storage room day one, Judd's her best friend...blah blah)

Elissa says he can't go wrong with Aaryn/Kait on the block...says if I put her up she'll be coming after me. Judd says don't tell her (MVP). Elissa says they need to get Aaryn or one of them out or they will start getting numbers on their side.

Judd says if he has to replace a nom he can just put up GM. Elissa is pitching Howard again..says if you put him up he will be voted out. Elissa says Kait is the least threat...she hasn't won comps {Hello...she just smoked everyone in the Veto}

Judd tells Elissa they can talk about her (MVP) nomination later. They tell each other they both have each other 100%.

Elissa says Jessie scares her and she was really mean to her (Elissa). Judd says he's not in a showmance and they can strategize later because Jessie goes to bed so early. Elissa says something about who "she" got cast with and I didn't get the rest.

3:19 pm BB Time Enter Andy and Judd says he was going to put up GM and Kait and he figured Elissa will put up Aaryn anyway.

It's basically the same conversation he just had with everyone. Andy says and backdoor one of them...Judd says not backdoor and Andy says "just get rid of one of them"

Judd says a girl needs to go...Andy says do you know which girl you want to go. Tells Andy he told Elissa not to put up GM.

Judd asks Andy what he thinks about the twist. Andy wants to know why Judd does not want to put up GM..Judd says she's just so weak and if I don't I will have her loyalty. Andy wants to know if Elissa mentioned putting up "one of us"

Andy says Howard/Spencer and Judd says "no I don't think she will put up anyone in our alliance"

{this house has more alliances than a Rubic's cube}

Andy says all the girls hate each other and no way Helen/Elissa would form an alliance with Aaryn/Kait. Judd says he heard Helen made an alliance with Kait,..Andy says she didn't, he was there.

Andy says he supports and respects what Judd wants to do because he feels they are in similar positions in the house.

Judd is worried the twist will be a coup de eta. He and Andy leave

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Guest 6Borders

3:25pm BB Time

Judd and GM are back at it and GM is reiterating how hard she tries.

BB Calls Judd to the DR...GM says "perfect timing dude"

Have Not Room: Helen is back on "why would (he or they) believe it" with Candace/Jessie.

(Looks like Helen, Jessie and Candace are Have Nots)

I have not gotten the gist of this conversation yet

Helen is relating Jeremy's exit and "she" called out "we love you Jeremy and Helen says she wanted to say "now we don't"

Helen says "we need to backdoor her" (Amanda I think because Helen says she would rather keep McCrae).

Jessie says if either of them got HOH she would not feel safe and if she got HOH she would not send Kait or GM home...Helen threatens "she better".

Jessie is back on why she wants Kait out this week because Amanda would be keeping Kait close but she wouldn't get away with that with Aaryn, Jessie says she can't believe she's saying this but she thinks Aaryn is more with them. Helen says Aaryn has been making up shit about her tho.

Helen says she has to go home....Jessie says Kait is a bigger threat. Helen says she is fine with either of them.

3:34pm BB Time

Andy, McCrae, Spencer discussing McCrae's B'day and that he should ask for a 45 min at least like they had during the 4th of July (when even the have nots got to eat), McCrae says he will ask in the DR.

Andy is mimicking Helen saying she is a have not for the 3rd week and America voted mangos and macroni (I guess those are the have not foods).

Elissa comes in and they ask if the BY is open...she says she doesn't think so.

Elissa says America loves them because they give them the best have-not foods.

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#BB15 3:25 PM BBT Gina returns to the room. She asks Judd if he was going to back door someone. He said he wasn't sure. It's very confusing because he then tells her that he told Elissa not to put her up.

#BB15 3:32 PM BBT Jessie, Candice and Helen talking in the HN room. Jessie talking about Amanda and McCrae being a power couple in the house. Jessie says that is why she wants Kaitlin out this week. She is strong.

#BB15 3:37 PM BBT In the HOH room there is a discussion about the HN food. Andy is happy with macaroni. McCrae says that it must have been the worst choice. Amanda says that Gina single handed won the HN comp for her team.

#BB15 3:42 PM BBT Howard now talking to Judd. Sounds as though he is suggesting to Howard that he will put up Kaitlin and Aaryn. Tells Howard hat Elissa may put up Gina. Howard tells Judd that he wants him to understand that although he is with Candice a lot, he doesn't tell her everything.

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#BB15 3:46 PM BBT Amanda talking to Judd now. Judd tells her that he asked Elissa not to put up Gina so in case he needs a back up nom for veto. Amanda says that's good because no matter what Gina isn't gong home

.#BB15 3:48 PM BBT Helen is now in the cockpit room with Judd. He tells her his plan is to nom Aaryn and Kaitlin and asked Elissa not to put up Gina in case he needs a back up. Helen says she is fine with that. Helen reminds him that they do not know what the twist is so best to get them on the block. Judd tells Helen that Kaitlin has been told she is a pawn.

#BB15 3:53 PM BBT Gen movement in the house. Judd getting ready to take a shower. Howard cooking in the KT.

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Guest 6Borders

4:02pm BB Time

HOH Room: Judd is eating ice cream. Jessie is listening to Judd's CD and Elissa climbs into bed next to Jessie and asks Judd if they want privacy. Judd says no, he's going to take a shower.

They are discussing the comp...Elissa thought the burping and one person threw up was repulsive...the smell etc {must have been some comp}. She said it was embarrassing!

Judd asks if they think Sunday will be an eviction. Elissa says you mean a double eviction? Maybe!

Andy comes in and they tease him about being a have-not. Andy says of his time in the BB house he was a have only one week.

Andy asks Judd if he knows what he is going to do...he says Aaryn/Kait unless Andy has other ideas. Andy says no, he thinks it good and Elissa concurs. Judd says to Elissa just don't put up GM. pick anyone else as a pawn because they won't be going home.

Andy asked if Kait/Aaryn both know...Judd says kinda and Andy says oh right, you're not allowed to say.

Judd says Kait knows she is a pawn. Andy says so the whole GM think is because she would be staying and you don't want to get on her bad side. Judd says GM doesn't understand (the game)..Judd says that is good. Andy says he tried to explain don't pick the same teams and she just didn't get it. Andy says it was like talking to a wall.

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Guest 6Borders

4:12pm BB Time

Enter McCrae to the HOH room. They ask what's up? Judd asks if McCrae sent his laundry out (when he was HOH). McCrae says he didn't...Andy says Helen did.

They ask what's up and McCrae says things are pretty quiet. Discussion about the comp. Andy says it could have been way worse for eating gross food. Not sure if Elissa or Jessie but Andy asks how many times she threw up. Andy says over half the ppl in the comp threw up. Elissa asked if "they asked about it" (in DR). Andy says no, they asked how it was to be a have-not for the 3rd week (we do not get production admonishment which is surprising).

McCrae says his stomach was too full and he doesn't know how Andy didn't throw up. Andy says he gagged a little bit. McCrae says he has a weak stomach {that explains a lot} and Andy says he has an iron stomach. Andy says he is really happy with the have-not food, he might not even touch the slop. Andy says there's lots of stuff to put on the pasta.

Andy asks Elissa if she is finally feeling better. GM comes in...Andy says are you still feeling embarassed. GM says she yacked up like 30 pounds and then carried it around with her. Elissa says she didn't know where to put the stuff.

GM says her tongue is still numb from the habenero sauce.

Discussion about Judd's dog is super cute. Andy leaves to go get a mango and Kait comes in. Everyone is acting tired or say they are tired.

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Guest 6Borders

4:21pm BB Time

Andy and Aaryn in the bathroom. Aaryn is saying she doesn't know what the point of her going home would be.. Andy says "yeah, yeah". Aaryn was doing hair/make up (again), then heads to the bedroom where Howard is still giving Candace a massage...Howard says it's 30 minutes and his work here is done. Candace says no, it not. Howard calls out "Andy you're next"

Andy and McManda in the cockpit and Amanda is still pressing why Judd wants to put up GM. Andy says Judd does not want GM to go home...Amanda is insisting it has to be Howard! Andy says there are a lot of things he is uneasy about. Amanda says why put up Aaryn/Kait. McCrae says "he wants a girl gone". Amanda says if one of the girls gets veto Judd HAS TO backdoor Howard or everyone will be gunning for him next week.

Amanda is on fire about getting rid of Howard and goes over how stupid it would be to get rid of Aaryn {like this is Andy's fault and he's supposed to fix it?}. Amanda says no way Elissia will put up one of them (Andy/McManda). This is the same old conversation about Spencer/Howard are together and if Judd does not backdoor Howard her f'ing mind is going to be blown! {Amanda is like a dog with a bone...she is not letting go of this!}

Amanda says she convinced Judd to put up Kait/Aaryn...says "we HAVE to get rid of Howard and he (Judd) better not be a pussy about this".

McCrae tells Amanda that Aaryn said Elissa,Helen, Amanda, Kait had a final 4 deal (I think I got that right). Amanda says Aaryn is alone, Howard has alliances. Amanda says the house wants Howard gone. Andy says Judd might be thinking that it's a double eviction. Amanda says they HAVE to break up the alliances...Aaryn is alone and has no power {unless she gets HOH}

Enter Judd...Amanda says "thank God, come in", we have to talk.

Amanda goes right on the attack about why would he put up GM, Howard, Spencer Aaryn will go home before GM...if he backdoors GM she will come after him...tells him everyone would be pissed at him. Judd says they will be mad at me if I don't. Amanda says it's a big move. Judd says then there will be no guys here. Amanda says do you think there is a girls alliance...says there is not. Judd says he doesn't think so. Amanda says we need to get out the strong players and if Howard stays he will get rid of the alliances {which is exactly what she is trying to do}.

Amanda says Candace/Spencer would be the only people irked if Judd back-doored Howard.

Amanda is not letting up on this and goes over the numbers (again).

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Guest 6Borders

Amanda tells Judd she is loyal to him no matter what {as long as he does it her way basically -6Borders}

Amanda asks Judd what is Jessie telling him...Judd says she wants Kait out more than Aaryn and Amanda says that's just personal reasons, that no way Aaryn can take them down.

Amanda hammers home again that Aaryn is "one person" and she's back on getting rid of Howard.

BB tells Kait to put on her mic.

Amanda says what if there is another twist...says it won't be another coup de eta. She thinks it's a twist to the MVP and says "...America vote..." {Bingo!} Amanda is hammering Judd again about why do you care if a girl goes home?

Amanda says they are getting out guys who are "shady as shit"...says Howard is the biggest threat {to McManda}/

McCrae is called to DR...GM is told not to obstruct her mic.

Amanda says GM is not a threat to anyone and not going home. Judd says there is no other option available. They are back on the girls alliance and Amanda says "there is NO girls alliance" {not sure who she is really trying to convince} and she is back on Howard again!

Amanda asks Judd what his worse case senario is...Judd says whatever the twist is he's afraid it's going to F-him. Amanda says you can't control that shit and she is right back on getting rid of Howard. Judd says Aaryn would rather go up against GM and Amanda says that's stupid. Amanda says worse case senario is they get rid of Spencer...they have to break up those 3 {Judd does not seem to remember he has an HOH room he can go into and lock the door -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

4:47pm BB Time

Amanda is now off on how dangerous Jessie is and tells Judd not to align with her. Amanda says she knows Judd is nervous..he says he's just really tired!

McCrae is back and GM is called to DR. BB tells Judd not to obstruct his mic.

Amanda continues to hammer Judd. He says he's really worried about the twist and she says you can't do anything about that. Amanda says ask everyone and if they all say Howard should be back-doored Judd can just blame it on someone else. Amanda says Howard has gone up to every single person in the house and made an alliance with them.

She throws out that they (Judd included) are floaters...Judd says what.

Amanda says you have to get rid of people who have you as a target.

4:53pm BB Time

Howard joins the cockpit crew. He says he was just walking around {I hope he was listening at the door}

Andy tosses out the cover that they are all just talking about their positions in the house and ask his opinion.

Howard says if he was thinking strategic stuff he would keep GM or Aaryn...says Kaitlin is crazy smart and crazy athletic.

Andy says Kait talks to him and trusts him.

Discussion turns to taking a nap. Howard says his stomach is too full and his gums are numb.

The cockpit crew breaks up to do other things.

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4:00pm BBT:amanda and Kaitlin curling their hair in wa as ginamarie sits and watches. Judd and jessie in hoh rm with elissa and helen. Judd is eating as jessie listens to music and then asked judd for a hug. judd goes to the bed and gives her a big hug.
4:03pm BBT: Howard and Candice in color room talking. candice is playing with her mic so hard to hear what she is saying. she now says she is ready and Howard gets up and is giving her a massage. he says you know you are paying me for this right? she says no its part of a bet remember . he says oh yeah.in hoh judd is still eating and jessie and elissa are in the bed laying down as jessie is listening to music. andy has now joined the hoh rm.andy says he has had one week as a have but they got macaroni and mango for the have not food to go with slop.
4:12pm BBT: judd telling andy about ginamarie yelling at jessie asking her if they could wear shorts over their swimsuits in the food comp. and ginamarie said she was tired of everyone asking her that and she didnt want her backside showing all over tv so she kept her shorts on. and judd and andy laugh. mccrae now in hoh laying down on the couch. andy says it is a good thing i ate alot lastnight.
4:17pm BBT: aaryn and Kaitlin are in the kt eating asking where everyone is when ginamarie walks in. she says that candice is getting a full body massage and everyone else must be upstairs, she says i am going to go up there. kaitlin is now washing dishes and aaryn gets water from the fridge and says eewwww look what came out of the fridge water. kaitlin says that is discusting
4:19pm BBT: Arryn was heading to hoh rm and kaitlin heads up there too. andy leaves hoh to go eat a mango. Ginamarie says everyone is napping as mccrae says he is tired. kaitlin says i am for sure about to go take a nap and she leaves the hoh rm.
4:24pm BBT: andy goes to cockpit and tells amanda and mccrae that judd doesnt want to put up ginamrie. amanda says if he doesnt put up howard then everyone will be after him. andy says he doesnt want howard up either and amanda says if he doesnt put howard up everyone will be after him. andy says he wants kaitlin gone this week. amanda says why and andy says i dont know. amanda says he better backdoor howard and if he doesnt do that he is saving people.
4:32pm BBT: Judd now joins the cockpit. amanda ask him what he is thinking. he says i dont know. she asked him why dont you want to save ginamrie. he says i dont know. amanda says if you save her and try to backdoor her you are pissing her off. arryn and howard and kaitlin need to go first. amanda says aaryn is alone in here and howard is strong he needs to go first. judd says if i do that then there are to many girls here. amanda says do you think there is a girls alliance? judd says i dont know.amanda says if you dont go after howard he is going to come after us the alliance and break us up.
4:38pm BBT: amanda is repeating herself about howard needs to be backdoored this week and remeber there is a twist. judd says what you think it is. amanda says i dont think its the cud de ta. amanda says why do you care if it is a girl that goes home or not. judd says there is 8 girls and 4 guys and i am afraid soon it will be all girls. amanda says we have your back we are getting out all the smart guys.
4:45pm BBT: amanda telling judd that kaitlin would go home before ginamarie would and judd says no . amanda says yeah she will. amanda asked did you already put in your nominations and judd whispers. amanda says you dont want to piss off elissa either. amanda says you want to think about the long run too and keep them in the house and the time howard has he will scheme. she says you dont know how howard is he is full if crap am i wrong? andy says no your not.
4:54pm BBT: amanda telling judd now that howard will go after everyone you elissa ginamarie all of us. amanda says i swear there is no girls alliance. amanda says what if you put up candice and howard. judd says if i do put her up and howard walks in and talk stops.

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Guest 6Borders

4:57pm BB Time

Howard joins Kait, Aaryn in the bedroom. Discussion about the comp.

Kait asks where is everyone...it's like a ghost town.

Howard says he just wants to say he has no control over what is about to happen (nominations) but that he was loyal to them.

Right on cue Andy comes in looking for his bandanas to go take a nap. They ask where everyone is and Andy says sleeping. Aaryn asks where Andy is going to sleep...he grins and says "my new bedroom"

Aaryn says she is scared about the votes. Kait says she's lost because if she asks any question she will just get lied to so why bother. Howard says he does not like a lot of the things going on. He says Jeremy had a lot of growing up to do but he didn't back down on things.

Aaryn says "Elissa hates me". Howard shrugs and says he does not like people being a hypocrite. He says "that's all I got" and puts something over his head to try and sleep. Kait says "I have no clue what is going on in this game".

Aaryn says she has no clue why (the icy hot patches) don't get hot. Kait says "did you read the instructions?" She says yes {which probably means she didn't or they would be working}

Kait says something about Jeremy but her mic was obstructed so I didn't get it.

Aaryn says she just took vitamins.

Aaryn seems to be going over numbers in her mind {I can see the wheels turning}

Aaryn says it will only take 5 votes this week to evict someone. There is no reponse...the BB House is taking a siesta!

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5:02PM BBT: Aaryn, Howard, Andy discuss that everyone is sleeping. Andy leaves to go sleep in the HN room. Aaryn is scared about the votes if she & Kaitlin are up. Kaitlin says she knows if she asks anything, people will lie to her face so why bother. Howard doesn't like some of the stuff going on. One of the things he did respect about Jeremy was he didn't let himself be bossed around.

5:03PM BBT - Gina and Judd in the lounge. She tells Judd she doesn't have anyone but him. She's thrilled he wants to see her stuff if she wins HOH; she needs to win to get her hair dye and her other stuff. Helen and Elissa have been getting along with her lately, so maybe she has a chance. Judd says he'll talk to Elissa and see what he can get from her about what she plans to do if she wins MVP.

5:06PM BBT - Judd eating cheese string while walking through the house. Total silence from Aaryn and Kaitlin.

5:07PM BBT - Jessie, Elissa and Candice napping in the HOH room. Gina moving around the KT. Aaryn and Kaitlin trying to nap. Judd comes into the KT; Gina comments about everyone else napping. He was going to nap but he doesn't think he'll have time now. Gina mentions a display, but she's talking with her mouthful so it's hard to understand her. She says she's not that tired, she'll probably fall asleep outside. (She's munching on the Have Not's dried mango's as she talks)

5:11PM BBT - Gina encourages Judd to try a dried mango. She likes the flavor of them, but can't swallow them because of their texture. He tries one and says he understands what she means. Both of them are now talking with their mouths full, making it even harder to understand them. Plus, the bag of dried mango's Gina is constantly moving makes it worse.

5:13PM BBT - Gina is afraid to eat too much, she doesn't want to get nauseous, she tells Judd as she shoves something else into her mouth and starts chewing. She stares into the fridge, and then decides on some soda. Judd is still making a ton of noise with the mango bag. Gina said someone said that Howard threw the competition so that "they" would lose (Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie). She said that in the competitions for Have Not's she's played in, she's been first and second. She feels picked on and everyone tried to put Spencer on their team so they would lose.

5:17PM BBT - Andy is the one who made the comment; Gina thinks he made it because he lost and he was mad about it. Gina is back into the dried mangos. Judd comments on how lucky the HN's are to get macaroni - there is tons they could do with that. Judd says he'll never eat guacamole again.

5:18PM BBT - We have trivia! Maybe time for the nomination ceremony?

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7:09PM BBT: The feeds are back after one heck of a long nomination ceremony. Judd has nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction! At the nomination ceremony, Spencer's key was pulled first, Amanda's was last, after GinaMarie's.

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Guest 6Borders

7:21pm BB Time

The feeds came back on several minutes ago.

Looks like Aaryn and Kaitlin are on the block.

HOH Room: Judd and Spencer have been discussing the noms. Judd says they were both expecting it and Spencer supported his choices and told him the noms were clear cut. Spencer says they need to get thru the next couple weeks... he's trying to win HOH but he would rather win it next week.

Judd tells Spencer he needs to win it because he (Judd) needs safely and he's scared that Aaryn is going to win HOH and he's scared about the twist.

Spencer says the twist won't be that someone has the power to flip the noms because it's never been that way {except the coup de eta}.

Spencer and Judd are watching the spy screen and say they wish it went into all the rooms.

Judd says we'll just see how this twist pans out...and it should happen in the next couple days.

Spencer speculates that maybe the MVP won't be annoymous anymore {he's probably right!}

Judd says veto tomorrow and Spencer says if you draw my chip I'll play like heck.

They discuss what will happen depending on who wins POV. Spencer thanks Judd for putting his key in first.

Spencer asks if Elissa and Helen talked to him and he says yes. Spencer says were they pushing Aaryn and Judd says they don't want Kaitlin gone. Spencer asks what the argument was...Judd relates the conversation.

Aaryn comes into HOH to talk to Judd. She says she's not mad but she just wanted to know...tears start..Judd says "just trust me...don't cry". Judd says trust him and don't be mad at him...they hug. Aaryn tells Judd he is a good actor.

Judd says if there is a power she can get she has it coming. Aaryn says if you win veto are you going to take me off and he says "no". He says it's better if she wins it...Aaryn said if it comes down to the two of them he can throw it to her and he says I will.

Aaryn asks Judd if he is working with Spencer/Howard? Judd makes some mumbles and back-peddles and says something like "it was mentioned" and tells her just not to worry {I have absolutely no idea what just happened}

7:33pm BB Time we get FOTH as Aaryn is relating something to Spencer and (could not see who else)

HOH Feeds back: Andy and Judd talking. Judd asks what Andy thought about his speech...Andy said it was good.

Andy asks what he said to Aaryn. Judd says he just told her people twist his words and if she (does something) he can't have her in the game...says Aaryn is pissed at him {none of that happened}

Andy says Howard is freaking him out right now. Judd says Howard needs to be back-doored, no point in riling him up.

Andy agrees. Judd says he's also telling people that he is playing for himself, that ppl keep saying they will keep him and Jessie safe and he tells them no, no, he's playing for himself.

Andy says he's leaving so ppl don't get the idea they talk as much as they do. Andy compliments Judd on his "Texas Tornado" dig in his nom speech. Judd says "I made her cry but..."

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Guest 6Borders

7:38am BB Time

McManda, Aaryn and Kait in the bedroom discussing the noms.

Kait (I think) says they are trying to backdoor somebody and Amanda says that's what she thinks.

(there is a lot of noise from the other rooms so hard to hear the conv)

Amanda says what if there is a different way someone gets MVP. Judd joins and asks if the BY is open, is told no. He says he needs a cig and they tell him to put on his patch. They discuss who the targets are. They are discussing Judd's speech...Aaryn says she wishes the speech had been different....says "thank you for making me a shady fuck"

Aaryn wonders if there was an expression on her face when "that happened" (I think when she was referred to as the Texas Tornado)

BB calls Judd to the DR...FOTH 7:44pm BB Time

7:44pm BB Time

Helen is cooking and fixing and the Have-Nots are enjoying pasta with something and saying it's pretty good.

Amanda is saying something about "did they every tell you how you got (I thought she said promoted") and we go to FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

7:47pm BB Time

Kaitlin is hollering "don't even talk about production" and there is a lot of laughter. Kait is told to put on her mic and Elissa jokes "that's what you get for not sticking up for Amanda"...lots of laughing.

Amanda is asking McCrae "what did he say". I can't hear anything but a word here and there. I heard her say "Gina Marie"

(too much noise to hear their conversation).

They are discussing the twist...McCrae says "...one of us gets the twist". Amanda says "that's too much power"

They think if someone gets the noms, takes someone off and puts someone else on...Amanda says that's never happened before and McCrae says it has. They discuss Jeff's coup de eta and how Jeff overturned the nominations.

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BBAD is starting earlier tonight

8:00 PM BBT Amanda and McCrae are snuggling and Amanda is whispering about something is pissing her off but can't make it out. But after that, Amanda and McCrae are back to kissing and small talk. McCrae and Amanda are saying their babies could be McCrabies or McMabies.

Spencer/Andy/Candice/Howard in the lounge. Candice is snuggling with Howard. Andy is saying he has not been full as a have not until today. Apparently there was saurkraut (sp?) ice cream. Howard says that nasty flavor can taint ice cream for him for a long time. Howard doesn't eat Sherbert Ice Cream because when he was little, he mixed lime sherbert ice cream with Kool aid when he was ten and hated it. Andy and Spencer say it sounds good. Andy: "Ten year old Howard knew what was up." Spencer: "You must've eaten too much of it." Spencer says he has eaten cole slaw once his entire life.

8:06 PM BBT Judd with Amanda/McCrae. Amanda is whispering making it hard to hear. Amanda is telling Judd someone (a male?) is being shady as shit. Amanda is saying Howard and Spencer make alliance with everyone. Amanda is saying Andy is afraid Judd won't backdoor Howard.

Helen/Kaitlin/Aaryn in Kitchen getting food

Elissa/Judd whisper outside bedrooms in hallway. Can't make out what they are saying because Helen won't stop saying, "Tacos are ready" to the people in the bedrooms. But after she leaves, Elissa discusses the MVP nomination with Judd. Elissa tells him she hasn't heard anything about MVP yet. Judd is saying he could've been a little nicer at the nomination ceremony. Elissa is trying to find out if Judd knows anything about MVP. Elissa says she is nervous about the twist as Aaryn walks by to go to the storage room. Elissa asking about what Aaryn said to him up in HOH after the ceremony, and he says she was just mad. They disperse now.

Elissa is now talking to McCrae and Amanda. She is bringing up the twist again and says, "I'm really getting into this" to which Amanda and McCrae laugh followed by Judd saying the backyard is open. BB says for Amanda/McCrae to stop obstructing their microphones and Amanda says, "Maybe you should fix your camera because I'm not obstructing it. It's just my boobs are big. And this camera has a neck ache, it can't look down."

8:15 PM BBT GM is with Jessie in HOH. GM is talking about the veto situation with her last week if she won, but she still competed as hard as she could. GM is saying she tries her best at everything despite losing giving pageants as an example. She says it makes her a stronger person. Jessie is saying she has her back on the Nick thing. Jessie: "Maybe people don't love as deeply as you do and you can't decide when those things happen. It has become like a joke in the house. The other day, I stood up for you and said I don't think it's nice we're making fun of GM behind her back because that means they are going to be making fun of me behind my back. Maybe I laughed at a couple jokes, but I'm not the one sitting there cracking the jokes." GM: "It's just the things I see every day that remind me of him that just makes me wake up every and say sorry Nick you're not here but I am here, and I gotta push forward and I gotta win for me, for you, or win for myself." She explains that's the reason she likes to see his stuff around. She also says that she came in without him and she'll leave without him. She is saying she doesn't want Nick to be forgotten just like she wouldn't anyone else to be forgotten like if Howard were to leave. (Where's David's shrine?) She is now talking about Jeremy saying he treated Kaitlyn like gold and left respectably despite other things that happened in the house. GM says she doesn't like to lie or bring people down and doesn't want to do that. GM says she doesn't give up names when talking about people in the house saying this person said this or this person said that. She mentions Judd telling her that he heard she was going to come after him. GM says that was true but he didn't let her finish. She said she told him, "If I was revengeful, I would put you up" but she has to think strategically. She then uses the example, "I shot a cop.... but I'm a cop." "If you don't see or hear for your own ears, you don't know if it is the truth." She is saying she is not revengeful and now she's over what he did. GM says she told Jeremy and Kaitlyn she was going to vote with the house for her own game and he and Kaitlyn understood. GM says if she has a Nick situation, she'll bring it up to her (You're going to regret that Jessie.)

8:29 PM BBT Backyard crew, Amanda/Jessie/Judd/Andy/Candice/McCrae/Spencer is talking about the food challenge. Andy says no one on the orange team threw up and that's probably why they lost. Everyone laughs. Candice says she enjoyed watching Howard "eat it like a vagina" during the food challenge She says it was the highlight of her day.

Aaryn and Howard are chatting at the kitchen table. Elissa and Kaitlyn are also in the kitchen area. Howard seems like he really doesn't want to talk to her as he is not looking at her, just his food. Now there is awkward silence. Other houseguests are randomly walking through the kitchen getting something to eat or drink like Helen, Howard, and GM. Very little talking. Aaryn says she doesn't like IKEA but they do have "huge things of tupperware" that she likes.

Feeds switch back to the backyard where it seems Spencer, Judd, Candice, and Andy remain. Andy says he is full from the macaroni and mangos. They are now talking about "popping it" for frozen yogurt today. Candice does a little booty shake. Andy brings up the Casey Anthony trial. He is mentioning one of the lawyers saying, "She was dancing and drinking." Andy says he and his friends wanted the lawyer to continue listing things she was doing at the club such as "She was dancing and drinking and popping it and dropping it like it was hot..." (everyone starts laughing).

8:38 PM BBT McCrae and Amanda have gone up to the HOH room to lay down in Judd's bed. McCrae gets some candy, Amanda turns on the spy screen, and they kiss.

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#BB15 The feeds are back after one heck of a long nomination ceremony. Judd has nominated Aaryn and Kaitlin for eviction! At the nomination ceremony, Spencer's key was pulled first, Amanda's was last, after GinaMarie's. Aaryn is upset and wants to know what words she has twisted

#BB15 7:30pm BBT - Judd tells Spencer he doesn't want Kaitlin gone quite yet. Aaryn is by herself, still insisting she's never said anything wrong

#BB15 7:34pm BBT: Andy/Judd in HOHR, after FOTH Andy saying that Howard is being shady. Andy asked what Judd said to Aaryn- Judd is lying and saying he told her she was shady in the game. However, he actually told her to trust him, and he'd take her off the block if he won veto

#BB15 7:37pm BBT: Aaryn/Kaitlin/Amanda/McCrae in bedroom. Aaryn is complaining about Gina Marie and saying every story she tells, GM turns about Nick

#BB15 7:39pm BBT: Candice/Judd/Howard in cockpit. Candice tells Judd he did a good job at the ceremony, spoke very clearly and only had to do it 1.5 times

#BB15 7:43pm BBT: Kaitlin/Aaryn slightly arguing about Judd's nomination speech. Sounds like Judd called Aaryn "Texas Tornado"

#BB15 7:45pm BBT: McCrae/Amanda/Elissa whispering in bedroom. Judd just got called back into DR, Elissa is wondering if they're telling him some sort of twist

#BB15 7:49pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae whispering in bed. Hard to hear, feeds are jumpy so can't make out the whole conversation. Amanda says "We don't want them to know how close we are to that side"... She also says they need to law loy this week

#BB15 7:53pm BBT: Amanda/McCrae wondering about the twist. Talking about the coup d'tat and other details. Other HGs cooking- Spencer asking Andy what he can and can't eat/drink as a have-not

#BB15 7:55pm BBT: Amanda (to Mccrae): "If I get voted out before you, and don't make it to sequester, and I see you touch another girl I'll freaking kill you" They both laugh

#BB15 8:04pm BBT: Andy/Spencer/Howard/Candice in cockpit talking about the havenot comp, it required them eating gross flavored ice cream... Feeds go back to Amanda/McCrae/Judd in bedroom. Amanda tells Judd that Andy is afraid he won't backdoor Howard- he tells them to go upstairs later

#BB15 8:07pm BBT: Elissa talking to Judd- she is getting nervous because they haven't told her she's MVP yet. Making sure Judd would tell her if he got it, and keeps asking him if they (DR) told him about the twist this week

#BB15 8:14pm BBT: Gina Marie talking to Jessie in HOHR. GM not sure who she's closest with out of Aaryn/Kaitlin and how she felt torn if she won last week's veto, but she didn't throw it.

#BB15 8:17pm BBT: Jessie telling Gina Marie that people are making fun of her in the house, and that she stood up for her.

#BB15 8:20pm BBT: Amanda says to Judd "Thanks for putting my key last!" But says she thought it was funny because she trusts him. Andy comes out to BY with them, they are speculating about tomorrow's veto.

#BB15 8:31pm BBT: BY crew- Amanda/Andy/McCrae/Spencer/Jessie/Judd talking about if someone needed medicinal marijuana, if they'd be allowed to have it in the BB house. Rest of HGs in KT cleaning up after dinner

#BB15 8:42pm BBT: McCrae/Amanda in HOHR making out. BY random chit-chat

#BB15 8:51pm BBT: Amanda to McCrae: "Howard needs to go, he's the only one who would think to break us up". They think maybe Aaryn, but she wouldn't want a bigger target. McCrae says Spencer just wants to stay there, but Howard is trying to make big game moves

#BB15 8:59pm BBT: Aaryn/Kaitlin in KT. Kaitlin says that her and Jeremy want to do The Amazing Race, but not sure if CBS will let them. Aaryn says they will

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8:43 PM BBT The makeout session between Amanda and McCrae continue. Looks like they have the spyscreen on to see if anyone is walking to the HOH room. Amanda and McCrae are getting hot and heavy. Amanda grabs McCrae's ass and possibly his junk too. Now she has gotten a bit smarter and put some sheets on them. She is now on top of McCrae.

Feeds switch to the backyard crew. Elissa/Spencer/GM/Helen/Andy/Candice/Howard/Judd are out there. They continue to talk about the food competition. BB warned them that they could run out of the ice cream. Seems they had to gain three pounds a piece for their team. Candice says her strategy was to get more water weight than eating the yogurt. Elissa is saying if you chug water quickly, you get full. Andy said he kept getting brain freezes. On the couches, Candice has her legs leaning against Howard's body while he has his hand on her leg. There's just a lot of general chitchat about the food competition. Talk moves to froyo. Spencer prefers the term "soft-serve" and Andy says froyo is very popular in Chicago.

8:51 PM BBT Feeds switch back to Amanda and McCrae in HOH. Amanda asks McCrae what he thinks is going to happen with MVP because it's too "rigged." They speculate while holding hands. Amanda says Howard needs to leave sooner or later because he knows Amanda/McCrae need to be broken up and the other players aren't as savvy. McCrae suggests Aaryn might. He also says Spencer is just trying to stay here while Howard would make big game moves. McCrae says this is the point in the season where Jeff won his coup d'etat.

8:58 PM BBT Kaitlyn and Aaryn are chatting in the kitchen making dessert. It looks like cookies, but Kaitlyn said "Cake pops."

Judd is taking a dump in his bathroom. Amanda and McCrae still in his bed laying there quietly now. Judd said to McManda to get Helen to control her voice because she's so loud. Helen said "that bitch!" about Aaryn earlier today. Spencer could hear her downstairs when she was in HOH saying that. Judd says that Kaitlyn said that Helen said Judd wasn't going to put her up. Amanda says Aaryn went to talk to Judd earlier and then told her that Judd laughed about the Texas Tornado comment when talking to her. Amanda says Judd is being weird. Judd says he shouldn't have been mean saying "Texas Tornado" because Aaryn went up to HOH crying. McCrae said it was a good thing he called her out. Amanda said that Kaitlyn said that Judd said he wasn't going to backdoor Howard or Andy and that he has another target. Judd stays quiet. Amanda says, "Don't be like Elissa." They laugh. Amanda says Elissa is a creeper. They are saying Elissa is obsessing over it. Amanda says MVP is Elissa's only value in this game. If she doesn't get it, they don't need her any more.

9:07 PM BBT Amanda says "Oh my God" as she and Judd see her walking up to the HOH. Elissa walks in and she has a visibly nervous look on her face. Judd asks, "why do you act nervous as shit." Amanda says she is acting weird now. Judd says she has a bad poker face. Amanda does an impression about her. Judd is saying Elissa is scaring her and he's going to have to backdoor her ass. They all laugh. Amanda asks if she has MVP, and Elissa says no. Amanda says the twist is going to have to do with MVP. Elissa says GM has been in DR for 30 minutes. Speculating she may have MVP. Amanda says GM can't keep a secret for shit. Elissa says to look downstairs on the spyscreen for some reason. Elissa says she will get nominated if anyone else gets MVP. Amanda and McCrae say GM doesn't have it because if she did, she would be acting all excited. Judd says he thinks GM is America's sweetheart to which everyone starts laughing.

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9:13 PM BBT HOH crew of Elissa/Amanda/McCrae/Judd are still up there. Elissa says Rachel is obsessed with BB and CBS. They also start talking about The Amazing Race. Elissa says Rachel/Brendon came in third and that Elissa wants to do TAR also. Amanda asks McCrae, "Wouldn't it be fun to do TAR?" Elissa says they usually give MVP to her at 9:00 PM to which BB says, "You are not allowed to talk about production."

Judd puts on his crown and his robe saying he's going to go downstairs like that. Elissa says she would like to do something fun again like being woken up in the middle of the night. Everyone else says, "What?"

Spencer talking with Candice in hammock. Spencer is saying "she" (not Candice) is sometimes short with him. Spencer says his dad was a judge. Candice is saying Spencer wasn't mentioned a lot last week. Candice tells him she thinks McCrae was trying to cover for Elissa as MVP. Spencer agrees. Spencer says he feels like he was being lied to about MVP last week. Talk turns to Jeremy. Candice says he is a douchebag. He had glimmers of a nice guy, but she believes that women have stroked his ego too much. They are wondering what his boat is like. They are trying to determine if he was lying about anything with his stories. Candice thinks he was, but Spencer doesn't.

Spencer says he and Howard have already talked about going to visit each other since they live pretty close (Spencer is from Arkansas, Howard is from Mississippi).

Kaitlyn, Aaryn, GM talking in the kitchen. Kaitlyn says she would have never approached Jeremy in real life. BB calls Aaryn to DR. She says she is knee deep in chocolate and they are going to have to hold it for a minute. She asks Kaitlyn to continue making the cake pops for her while she's in DR.

In HOH, Judd says "You never know." I'm assuming they are wondering why Aaryn in going into the DR. Judd says he wants them to mix it up. Judd says Spencer is wanting to work with people and says he Spencer probably feels on the outs. McCrae says he believes Howard is trying to flip the house and Judd says, "He has been doing that since he got in here." McCrae says Howard wants to be on the good side of the house if it ever does flip.

HOH crew of Elissa/McCrae/Amanda/Judd making small talk now. Elissa is showing off her flexibility. Talk has turned to GM. Judd is saying GM was about to go ballistic when he suggested she may go up as a pawn.

9:40 PM BBT Judd says, "You better win MVP Elissa." Elissa saying again she'll be nominated for sure if she doesn't win MVP. Judd and McCrae say Aaryn probably has a fan base, but Elissa says she makes racial slurs. McCrae says people probably want to watch her start shit. Elissa says Aaryn would've been better on Real World or Bad Girls Club. Judd says, "Yea, they're idiots." Judd asks, "What if she turns your mattress over tonight Elissa?" Elissa: "It wouldn't surprise me." Judd goes to get his laundry without wearing his crown downstairs.

Candice/Spencer/Howard are in the hammock.

Kaitlyn/GM are laying down on couches. Judd joins them and Kaitlyn is whispering to him about who he would pick for houseguest's choice for veto. He evades. She asks about MVP. Judd says Elissa said she didn't have MVP. Kaitlyn suggests Howard may be MVP since he has been called to DR so many times yet he is quiet. Kaitlyn says it would be stupid for the MVP not to talk to HOH. GM says she would talk to HOH if she got it (You don't have to worry about that, GinaMarie.). They all assume Elissa would've gotten MVP.

Feeds switch to Candice/Spencer/Howard talking game. Candice says, "You never know with Amanda." Spencer says the easy plan is for Kaitlyn to go this week, but you don't know.

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