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Friday, July 19 Live Feed Updates


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Please post ONLY Live Feed, televised show, and Big Brother After Dark observations here !

If you are adding personal comments, please keep them to a minimum and use brackets [personal comment] around the text.

Remember your time zones. Big Brother 15 is in the Pacific Daylight Saving Time Zone (See Map Here).


Please be careful in identifying who is speaking, and do not use confusing abbreviations. We have several HGs with names beginning with "A" and "J."

It takes me a while to get used to everyone's name, so I post this chart near my computer. http://m1h.us/11j

Try to be consistent with abbreviations:

Wash Area (WA)
Water Closet (WC)
Kitchen (KT)
Dining Table (DT)
Living Room (LR)
Back Yard (BYD)
The screen when the feeds are off should still be called (FOTH)
Indoor Lock Down (ILD)
Outdoor Lock Down (OLD)
Head of House Room (HOHR)

If you post questions or start conversations with each other, it will be deleted.

Please post pictures in the following thread: BB15 Live Feed Screen Captures
We really need your help by posting in this forum. You don't need any special permission, just watch and report. Afraid someone will get all critical, don't worry, it's against the rules. Just do your best and stick to the facts.

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Everyone (especially me) will appreciate it.

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:help:Just a reminder that none of our regular updaters will be available to post after 1:30AM and we could sure use some help, as these HGs often stay up until dawn. Please post!

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12:00AM BBT It is celebration time everyone can eat and drink wine. General chit chat around the table.

12:10AM BBT Kaitlin drink a little too fast she is now coughing. Mccrae is dancing,

12:18AM BBT Ginamarie is sobing and looking very sad while everyone celebrates. Helen is talking about her children.

12:21AM BBT Elissa is running up and down the stairs to Hoh exercising.

12:25AM BBT Elissa and Amanda in the cockpit talking. They both agree that Jeremy was very calm. Elissa said she was very nervous when she voted to evict Jeremy. Amanda said it was difficult for Mccrae and her in the last two weeks because Mccrae had to break away from the moving company.

12:27AM BBT Elissa said her gpa average was 3.9 and she felt funny. Elissa said she would have 4.0 average but she turn her paper in late and the teacher gave her a bad mark.

12:30AM BBT Elissa said she cannot believe they are in the house a month now. Amanda said she want some quiet times in the house. Elissa said I love CBS for them to have this talent it is impressive I love impressive people. Amanda is now crying to Elissa she is very sad.

12:35AM BBT Amanda said where she is from they are financially well off she did mention her boyfriend is very mean when he is talking to her. Mccrae is very nice to her, she also said she deserves better treatment.

12:40AM BBT Elissa said her sister Rachel is very stress also that Brendon is still going to school. Elissa said she is thankful for her husband and the way he treats her. Mccrae had 3 beers and he said he feels better.

12:43 BBT Judd is now in Hoh with Andy, Helen, Kaitlin, Ginamarie and Spencer General chit chat. Judd is enjoying his snacks.

12:54AM BBT Howard and spencer game talk while playing chess Spencer said he wanted to win Hoh so badly.

1:01AM BBT Spencer, Howard and Mccrae talking and playing chess. Howard said in a day or two He is going to pitch something, Howard said the house thinks I hate Amanda.

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1:05AM BBT Elissa asks Amanda if she is in love with Mccrae, Amanda reply they love being together. Elissa said the way Mccrae looks at Amanda that only sau he loves her. Amanda said it would be interesting to see how they look outside the house. She said Mccrae talks about moving to Florida to be with her. Amanda said Florida is different from Minnesota.

1:08AM BBT Amanda said Mccrae makes her so happy but she is scared of what happens outside the house. Dealing with her ex boyfriend and his familyElissa said it does not have to be that way. Amanda said she would take it how it goes for now.

1:12AM BBT Judd and Jessie talking in HN Jessie told Judd to do what is best for him, Judd told Jessie this is not Howard week to go. Judd said he is not nominating Aaryn and Elissa wants Aaryn gone but Jessie wants Kaitlin gone first. Andy said he thinks Kaitlin is going after Howard and Candice. Elissa hopes the next competition is endurance.

1:16AM BBT Judd and Aaryn talking in HN judd talking about Bbackdooring Howard. Aaryn is afraid to go up but Judd said the Mvp might put her up. Aaryn wants Candice to go up. Aaryn said Kaitlin made deals with everyone. Aaryn told Judd if she stays she would not put him up and Kaitlin would never do that to him.

1:25AM BBT Judd told Aaryn that Elissa wants to put her up but he will try and change that, and if Elissa put her up he will veto her off.

1:28AM BBT Ginamarie, Kaitlin and Aaryn in Br talking. Kaitlin said that Jeremy is a bad kisser. Kaitlin said Howard got called to the DR allot today Aaryn said when you throw competition you have to explain why.

1:32AM BBT Ginamarie and Aaryn that had a little fight Aaryn don't like how Ginamarie talks to her. Ginamarie scream at Aaryn because she told her she need to calm down. Kaitlin said they want howard and spencer gone before Aaryn.

1: 35AM BBT Judd is telling Aaryn that he is thinking of backdooring Elissa and Helen before howard, Judd also said he would be mad if Elissa put up Aaryn and Elissa would go against him. Judd said with Elissa having Mvp would not be helping him if she does not work with him. Judd also said he would have the votes to evict Elissa.

1:41AM BBT Kaitlin said imagine Jeremy would be watching what is going on in the house. Ginamarie wants to know if Elissa lost her power or Mccrae took the heat off of her this week.

1:51AM Aaryn said she thought the goal was to get out the guys first. Aaryn is upset that Judd would not put up Spencer and Howard Kaitlin said it is the same scenario they would backdoor someone.

1:55AM BBT Aaryn said she does not see how America is ok with Mvp. Kaitlin said it is because America loves Rachel and Elissa is riding her sister coattails. And we got cut to fish.

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8:05 am BBT All quiet on the BB front...well except for snoring and blanket wrestling.

8:45 am BBT We have FOTH. Could be wake up call.

9:00 am BBT Feeds back and HG are starting to stir. GinaMarie uses WC. Judd changes his batteries.

9:04 am BBT BB tries to get them up by telling them "Attention HG there are fresh batteries in the SR." No one moves.

9:05 am BBT Elissa changes her batteries and disappears off camera. BB repeats the battery announcement--only one up is Judd who is feeding the fish.

9:20 am BBT Judd is in the shower everyone else could care less that the lights are on. ZZZzzzz

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Guest 6Borders

8:45am BB Time

We have FOTH and the enchanting BB musical score so it must be time to wake up for the day!

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Guest 6Borders

8:56am BB Time

We have feeds. Judd is up (no surprise there) and I just had a GM sighting {I think that may be short-lived but stay tuned for exciting details}....GM walked past Judd in the hallway, didn't say good-morning that I heard (from either one) and went back to bed!

9:02am BB Time

Judd is wandering the HOH suite. Jessie (I assume) is still sleeping in the HOH bed.

The lights are on throughout the rest of the house but no movement and I don't even hear snoring!

9:04am BB Time

BB announces to the HG's that there are fresh batteries in the storeroom {and the poll is open as to who actually gets up on or even hears the first call}

9:05am BB Time

No more calls, we have a winner...Elissa is up and changing her batteries!

9:08 am BB Time

BB's 2nd announcement that there are fresh batteries in the storage room {BB is going to be hollering at them by name on the next call}

9:11am BB Time

Judd is feeding the fish in the HOH bathroom

{if this is not exciting enough for you I just painted my garage door and put in a load of laundry so come out to California and you can watch paint and laundry dry at the same time as the feeds...oh and I'm making puff pastry! -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

9:21am BB Time

For the past few minutes we have been treated to legs (below the knee) and feet in the shower! (it doesn't get better than this folks!)

9:22 am BB Time

Someone is stirring in the color bedroom and I heard a cough!

9:23am BB Time

The shower is off and California's water supply is safe for another 10 minutes.

9:28am BB Time

FOTH...BB is getting ready to holler at everybody is my take on it!

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Guest 6Borders

9:31am BB Time

Feeds are back. Judd is sitting in the HOH in his HOH robe.

BB calls Jessie to the DR...she stirs in the HOH bed and whines "meeeee??"

Judd chuckles and she wishes him good morning and goes into the HOH bathroom {don't hold your DR breath BB...this could take a while}

ADL's in the bathroom: Helen and Elissa and I saw someone else go by. Discussion is Elissa's face is so dry and Helen is so tired...they only got 5 hrs sleep {me too but I not only work for a living but I am up reporting on what you are doing in my spare time}

Aaryn is doing ADL's as well. Helen says for the 3rd time she is tired {ok, we get it, you are tired}

9:35am BB Time BB calls Jessie to the DR (again...this is #2 call)

Amanda is up and general ADL's amid yawns are going on.

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9:32 am BBT Aaryn changes her batteries, Jessie gets called to DR. Elissa and Helen are awake and in WA. Jessie not happy about being called to DR. Helen says her life has changed when she thinks 9:30 is early.

9:42 am BBT girls are doing ADL or sitting in KT, Amanda called to DR. Howard wonders thru KT. Helen starts jogging.

9:48 am BBT Jessie is making coffee, she tells Howard she had a weird dream about her mom. Jessie spills coffee all over, Howard helps her clean it up

9:56 am BBT Jessie makes more coffee, Howard prays, Helen jogs....typical morning in the BBH.

9:59 am BBT Helen tells Spencer about her morning so far. Spencer called to DR. Coffee done, Jessie invites Elissa upstairs to have her coffee.

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Guest 6Borders

Discussion is 9:30 is too early (to wake up)...in the pre-BB life 9:30 would be the middle of the day (I paraphrased)

9:38am BB Time

Hard to hear over the water and the facial massage unit but Elissa says something about McCrae

{from a Californian PLEASE turn off the water between your facial scrubs!!}

BB says something I can't hear because Elissa has the water running (still)

All cameras are on the bathroom {must be a Union coffee break or something}

9:40am BB Time

BB requests Amanda's presence in the DR and she responds with a HUGE yawn and "ok"

Aaryn says something about the backdoor being open and we go to FOTH

Feeds come back and they are all on Elissa doing ADL's & the bathroom

Discussion between Elissa and Amanda...Elissa keeps saying "I am not going to tell you Amanda" (might be Amanda is pressing for MVP info...?)

Aaryn is eating and alternately signing and playing with her hair. She actually washed (or at least rinsed) a dish!

Jessie is making coffee (guess they found the filters)

9:46am BB Time

Howard is up doing ADL's...says he loves the show but never dreamed he would be on it. He says (between tooth brushing/water running) he (I think) gave up the job to be on the show. Someone says something I didn't get (might have been Elissa because she was there).

Someone asks "are you ready for a Have-Have Not Howard" and I heard Jessie say "I didn't sleep great" {must be "BB-Speak" that is developed after a month in the house).

Discussion about how they sleep and Jessie says she had a weird dream about her mom but (thankfully) does not regale us with the details.

9:50am BB Time:

Jessie is in the kitchen wiping/washing something off her shorts {I do NOT want to know}

Howard asks "do you want potatoes" and the reply is "sure, that would be awesome"

Someone off camera asks Howard to do something but I didn't get it...he said sure so maybe we will see what it was!

Jessie is checking the coffee and I think I saw Helen breeze through

BB calls Elissa to the Dr (9:52am BB Time)

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10:03am BBT Judd asks Elissa if putting GinaMarie going up would be a good idea, she says no. Jessie thinks it was supposed to be the 3 girls going up. Elissa says Kaitlin is a far better person to go then GinaMarie.

0:12 am BBT Spencer and Helen compare Mc and Jeremy. Mc is more mature then Jeremy. Elissa tells Judd/Jessie that she doesnt like/trust Spencer.

10:16 am BBT Judd says he is 90% sure he is putting Kaitlin and GinaMarie up. Elissa says that if Kailtin stays she is plyable, Aaryn is not.

(some one needs to take over TFU, I am babysitting and cant cover it)

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Guest 6Borders

10:07am BB Time

Discussion in the HOH: Elissa says Kaitlin is a far better target to go after than GM.

Judd says Kait is more dangerous, Aaryn is more unlikeable and GM would be the pawn.

Elissa says there is no point in getting rid of GM..Judd disagrees and says GM blames him for Nick going home he's her target. Elissa says it's the time to make a deal with GM...Judd says she's the pawn, she's not going anywhere.

Jessie asks who would be the 3rd nom..Judd says it could be random, random, random. He asks Elissa if she thinks she will get MVP. Elissa eludes the question and talks about how flattering and fun it is and it makes the game worth it to her but she would never assume that. Judd asks who she would put up...she says she does not think there are any pawns here {really?} Discussion is just back and forth about who is the bigger threat. Elissa thinks they should break up Spencer/Howard because she thinks they are definitely an alliance {lightbulb}...she says "you TRUST Spencer??"

Judd mentions she does not like him (in for form of a confirmed question)

Elissa expounds on the fact that she doesn't dislike Spencer but he is just so mean...she would not mind seeing Spencer go {they are all still assuming Elissa will have the MVP vote again}

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Guest 6Borders

10:15am BB Time

Backdoor discussion still continues between Elissa, Jessie and Judd. Elissa really seems to be pushing Spencer.

Elissa is interested to see Kait's game w./out Jeremy. Judd is 90% he is putting "those two up".

Elissa is still pushing to put up Howard/Spencer..Jessie chimes in to backdoor Spencer/Howard.

Jessie says Kait has a really strong social game and is a really strong competitor. Elissa says she is like Vegas Cocktail Server and knows how to work ppl {interesting analogy}

Judd goes over Kait's attributes in challenges. Jessie says "she is so strong"

Elissa says she didn't make any deals with Kait, Helen did and they just pulled her into it and Elissa says she has not told Kait anything. Judd says if they don't get her out she will sneak her way to the finals.

Discussion is Helen loves Kaitlin. {sounds like Elissa has a new alliance or side alliance}

Elissa is still pushing for Spencer going up.

Judd says he just does not realize that Kaitlin is such a threat..Elissa relates Kait cleaning her nipple rings in front of the guys and she will stop at nothing to stay in the game...Elissa says did you see her all over Spencer

Jessie says Kait is like white on rice.

Judd says now he has to put Kait shut and he loves Helen but she can't keep her f'ing mouth shut.

Elissa finally concedes that maybe Judd should put up Kait

They discuss Aaryn's bad rap (Elissa says "nationally") and everyone is scared to work with her.

More Aaryn bashing (mostly by Elissa)

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Guest 6Borders

10:29AM BB Time

Howard and Spencer and chopping food in the kitchen...no game talk right now.

BB tells Helen to exchange her mic.

Back in the HOH room: more talk of who tried to make deals with whom.

Judd says he doesn't see how "she" could really benefit his game.
Elissa says Spencer is obviously trying to get in shape so he can win stuff...Jessie says he won't be in shape in time.

Judd is pressing Elissa on who she will put up with the MVP {little do they know}

Jessie says if you put up Aaryn/Howard the temptation will be to vote them out over Aaryn. Elissa is still not comfortable with voting out Aaryn. Jessie maps out the next evictions in order...Elissa asks "can you imagine being in the jury house with Aaryn"

Elissa tells Judd she thinks he is right, Kait is the better choice. They say maybe it will be a double eviction. Jessie says she will be estatic if Kait goes home...Kait has been the source of all Jessie's worries in the house.

Judd says he is soooo sleepy.

Elissa offers to talk to Kait..Judd says something again about Helen needing to keep her mouth shut.

Jessie is worried about the plan, that Judd won't get the support he needs because Andy and them won't want Kait to go.

Jessie says do you think they will roll with it..Elissa says she never heard Kait being brought up as the option. Jessie tells Judd he is going to meet some resistance (to those noms). Judd says if people refuse to consider...and they have side deals with everyone. Judd says they have 90 side deals...BB calls him to DR. Judd says "we don't have long to think about it"...says it would be awesome if they had until tomorrow.

Elissa asks Jessie her reasons for wanting Kait gone...Jessie says because she won POV, has come close to winningHOH twice within two questions...tells Elissa who Kait is not going to put up and that she will put up Jessie, Helen, Elissa.

Elissa asks who would be the 2nd option {she is really pressing for Spencer again}. Jessie says Spencer/Howard are going to pretend they are will their side whereas someone like Aaryn or Kait don't have to do that, the minute they win HOH their side will be in trouble again. Jessie says they may have trouble with Candace if they put up Spencer/Howard this early. Jessie says protect the numbers and go after the ppl they originally were going to go after...says Kait and Aaryn are the biggest targets and Kait is the biggest snake in the grass and will bite all of them if they don't get rid of her.

Jessie says "we need your help Elissa" {assuming her MVP again). Elissa says she could care less if Howard goes/stays, says Aaryn is a big threat and asks if Judd likes Aaryn. Jessie says no but he thinks Aaryn has nobody and Judd was nice to Elissa when ppl were being rude to her. Elissa says no one is being rude to Aaryn...Jessie says Judd is going after a huge target (Kait) and they need to be encouraging it.

10:45am BBTime

Jessie is still trying to convince Elissa to be on board as to why Kait should go. Says she should scare the shit out of Elissa because she has zero loyalty to "us".

BB calls Helen again to exchange her mic

Elissa says Spencer and Candace are Kait's targets...Jessie says that is BS, that she is smarter than that

10:46am FOTH

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#BB15 10:31 AM BBT Judd and Elissa in the HOH room throwing out names and who has done what in the comps.

#BB15 10:40 AM BBT Spencer and Howard in the KT prepping food. They are whispering so difficult to hear. Spencer says something about "him" going to be early allows for 3 more hours to do his pimp game. Jessie and Elissa in the HOH discussing who should go up. Jessie doesn't feel Howard or Spencer should be targets this week because they can't do anything without the numbers.

#BB15 10:52 AM BBT Helen joins Elissa in the HOH room. Elissa asks Helen what does she think of Gina and Kaitlin going up. Helen says that she promised Kaitlin that she would be protected as much as possible. Elissa says that only Helen told her that. Helen agrees. Helen says that she told Kaitlin that she doesn't think that Kaitlin is the target.

#BB15 10:56 AM BBT Elissa tells Helen that Judd was told that Helen said that Kaitlin WAS Judd's target. Aaryn is starting things in the house. Helen very upset and tells Judd that she would never tell her that.

#BB15 10:00 AM BBT Judd says they will just put up the three - Gina, Aaryn and Kaitlin. And depending who wins POV, they can change who the target is. Helen very upset that Aaryn is putting words in her mouth.

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Guest 6Borders

10:46am BBTime

Feeds go back and forth FOTH...(I thought I saw Aaryn and Judd talking)

Back in the HOH: Elissa tells Jessie she knows how he feels but are you going to win the war or the battle.

Jessie says something about letting Amanda win every battle...she is building her side army and FOTH

Back (10:50am BB Time) Jessie is relating coming over to this side. Says if you have Amanda as an enemy in this house you are probably going home. Elissa is mostly nodding and saying um-hum!

Helen comes into the HOH. Says she misses this room...the shower downstairs just isn't the same anymore.

She discusses how the house is so great when you first come in but after you have been HOH the rest of the house is gross.

Elissa asks what Helen thinks about Judd putting up Kait/GM. Helen says who is the target, is told Kait, and Helen says "OMG". She says she can only try to influence them. Elissa says something and Helen says Aaryn is making stuff up and Aaryn is an f'ing bitch {so much for nice mom}. Helen says she can influence as much as she can. Says she told Aaryn she was not Judd's target and even if she was Helen would never tell her that.

Helen says Aaryn is trying to get her and Kait against each other...Helen says "I am going to kill her".

Judd comes out and Helen tells him she is so f'ing mad and how could he believe she told Aaryn Kait is Judd's target.

Judd is like "yeah, yeah yeah" during Helen's oral diarrhea. Spencer comes in and Helen sends him packing, saying she needs 5 minutes.

Helen is yelling "she's f'ing lying" (and here come Helen's fake waterworks). Helen is "SO MAD".

Helen just backpeddled about 3 conversations she had/didn't have with Aaryn..Helen says you have to be so careful talking to her...she is such an f'ing bitch. Judd tries to hug Helen! (Helen is dabbing the fake tears now)

Helen is saying Aaryn is just trying to bring her down, get everyone against her {welcome to BB Helen} and she has no f'ing credibility.

Helen says again she is so f'ing mad {I lost count after 6-7 times she said it} Judd says lets just put all 3 of them up (again assuming Elissa has MVP)

Judd says nobody likes Aaryn...says to Helen look how mad she has you now.

Judd says don't say anything...Helen says she doesn't want Amanda thinking she is trying to throw Judd under the bus.

Helen repeats again (lost track of how many times on this too) that she told "her" she had no idea who Judd's target is.

Jessie says Kait chose to play Jeremy's game, is a huge physical threat...Judd says he likes Kait a lot and he just knows how Aaryn is. Jessie says Aaryn will just keep digging herself deeper but Kait can win and she would put up two ppl from their alliance.

Judd says the other scary thing is whoever they vote out gets a special power..no idea what Julie was talking about.

Elissa says maybe the 3 will compete for the special power.

Helen says she worked her butt off in the comp and she was surpised Kait and GM came close to her time {Helen,. you lost}

Helen is relating she told Kait she would protect her (when she was HOH) but now she's not HOH and can' protect her.

Helen is back on the "Aaryn starting so much shit" train...Aaryn is trying to break them all up.

Elissa says Aaryn is obviously telling everyone different things.

Helen says Amanda needs to stop being close to Aaryn.

Jessie says it makes her uncomfortable that Kait is forming relationships with all of them.

Helen says she never promised Kait jury...that she would protect her for "what, a week, two weeks"

11:08am BB Time

Everyone in the HOH room is talking over everyone else so I can't really get any conversation.

Judd is not putting up Aaryn because he's lied to her so many times and they can get her out next week.

Judd says Aaryn is not going to make jury...Elissa says if Aaryn makes Jury she will have to remove herself from the game; Helen says I can't live with her for 8 weeks.

Discussion from the girls how Aaryn has figured out how to use her time wisely and they have been saying this (get Aaryn out) for two weeks. Judd asks Helen is she is going to go on another tirade like she did with Jeremy...Helen says she will (and pretty much proceeds to do so).

11:12am Howard and Spencer are whispering in the bathroom. (I thought it was game talk but either it's not or it's over for now)

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Guest 6Borders

11:23m BB Time

Helen's waterworks are still going on in the HOH...she says "Elissa it's so unfair" Elissa tells her she feels her pain.

Helen says she hopes he (Judd) believe her and Elissa says he does

Helen says "fing Aaryn..I hate her". Says Aaryon is trying to break everyone up and she just f'ing hates her for it.

They ask Spencer for his opinion..he says he would just as soon see Aaryn go home.

They say Aaryn has to go. Elissa says they need to keep pushing for Aaryn because Jessie is in it for herself.

Elissa says Aaryn would be a solid target everyone will agree on. Helen says Aaryn doesn't deserve to be here...Helen is so f'ing mad and begs America for MVP {sorry about that Helen}

Helen says she can't even go downstairs. Spencer says not to worry that Aaryn is just grasping at straws and instigating her BS...he asks for Elissa's agreement and she says 100% but she's now back on Kaitlin.

Spencer says no matter what Judd does we (I think this is what he said) control the MVP.

Elissa says for her game Kait just stresses her out....she's untolerable and just too much.

(just more Kait vs Aaryn bashing)

Helen has repeated for the umpteenth time she is "so mad" and she can't even believe she stuck up for her.E

Elissa relates how many times Aaryn tried to start fights with her...Elissa is a mom and they have businesses and it's just not her style

Spencer says "she's a brat". Elissa says Aaryn said she needed a muzzle and Elissa told her she needed to learn a lesson about talking about ppl's race etc. Spencer says at least a muzzle would keep her from talking. Spencer relates the mattress-flipping episode. Helen said she didn't see that and it was a good thing she didn't.

Elissa is whispering but her mic is in her hand and I can't hear other than if she got MVP she would put Kait up (I think)

11:33am BB Time

Spencer says Howards potatoes should be almost done...goes downstairs to check. FOTH

11:35am BB Time

We have trivia now...maybe nominations!

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11:15am BBT: BB has Called Judd to the dr. Elissa says will you wear your robe and crown down there today and Judd laughs and says no.Howard and Spencer are in kt cooking breakfast. Jessie in hoh talking to helen and says kaitlin ids getting so close to amanda and it scares me. spencer comes in hoh rm and talk turns to opening the captain crunch cereal and jessie taking a shower.

11:18am BBT: Elissa is now in the kt with Howard. Howard asked if helen was ok he heard her yelling and Elissa says yeah. In hoh spencer is talking about fixing his house up.

11:25am BBT: Helen says aaryn is starting crap and i hate her for it. elissa asked spencer what he thinks about kaitlin going up and spencer says i dont care but Aaryn in a crap starter.Elissa tells then that we need to push for Aaryn i think everyone in here will agree with Aaryn. helen says dont talk about me and dont try to turn peopel against me i will get you i swear. helen says i am so mad at her right now and i cant even go downstairs right now i am so mad. spencer says just calm down dont let her get to you. he says she is just starting crap so dont let her get to you.

11:33pm BBT: Judd comes out of dr snd yells hey hg gather in the livingroom for the funkiest competition ever and we get foth

11:35am BBT: we now have trivia as the have not comp gets underway.

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#BB15 1:00 PM BBT We still have trivia - HN comp still going on.

#BB15 1:20 PM BBT Still trivia - we will bring you the HN as soon as we know.

#BB15 1:33 PM BBT We are about 2 hours in on trivia.

#BB15 1:50 PM BBT Still trivia...

#BB15 2:00 PM BBT Still trivia...

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Guest 6Borders

2:10pm BB Time

The feeds are back and GM and GM is talking with Judd and Kait in the lounge. They are saying nobody wants to play on our team. Kait says something and Judd says who told you that...he says who told you that and she says "a couple of people". Judd says who...says he doesn't like ppl saying that.

GM is saying "she" talks shit and that she pushes herself to be the best that she can be.

Judd is discussing the twist and that it will have a special power but he doesn't think it's going to be the original one.

Judd says he will talk to ppl individually...he doesn't like ppl saying he will do this or that.

Kait whispers something I can't hear...Judd says it's between ? and there is something about she twists so much shit.

Andy comes in and says the nomination sign is up. GM is going to shower. Kait says to Judd who do you want to see first. Judd is going to talk to Kait first. Kait whispers "expect the unexpected"

Kait says she heard Aaryn is his target and he says not necessarily..Kait says if it's her she wants him to tell her. Judd says he is going to use Kait as a pawn. Kait is worried that if he target is not up there are ppl going to be sending her home...says she would be pissed after the whole Jeremy situation. Someone comes in (Aaryn or Jessie?) and Judd says he needs a minute to talk to Kai. She leaves and Judd says no reason she needs to hear this.

Judd says he will try for the Veto..Kait says what about the MVP. Judd says he wants them to work together..he does not have a straight out alliance {wrong, but great fib} and Kait says neither does she anymore. Kait says "you promise I'll be safe". Judd says if she hears anything just talk to him first because he might be saying things just to get ppl off his back.

Judd says he's putting "her" up as a pawn and she'll go ballistic but she's not going anywhere.

Someone knocks and Judd says "hang on a sec" (male voice says OK)

Judd says GM could get a big power and not know how to use it...Judd tells her to try and have more influence on GM.

Kait says if you keep me safe I got your back.

BB tells Amanda and McCrae to put on their mics.

Judd calls in Spencer...says he told Kait she is going up as a pawn and take her off and backdoor Aaryn but he is really not going to try to win the veto. Spencer says if he puts up Aaryn and Kaitlin everyone is going to vote Aaryn out.

Says Kait doesn't have anyone (an alliance).

Spencer says put up Aaryn for sure...if you put up Aaryn/Kait there is a good chance one of them will come off....says if Elissa gets MVP again she will try to put him or Howard up as an MVP nom. Spencer says if you want to make a move we got your back. They agree and fist bump and then Judd says he needs to get the yogurt off him

McCrae comes in to talk to Judd. McCrae asks if Judd is putting up Helen and he says no...he's putting up GM and Kait and GM will be 100% pawn. Judd says Aaryn is stirring up lies and twisting words. Worst case senario Spencer goes up in one of the girls gets veto.

2:29pm BB Time:

Judd and McCrae still talking. Judd wants a girl to go home this week. Judd goes over the whole senario in whisper so I am not getting much...Judd says everyone is trying to go over his head with the MVP thing, Judd says he thinks it's a good plan for Kait and GM to go up, both pawns...Kait will probably win the POV and Judd says he almost wants to throw it.

McCrae says he's not going to push it but keep his mind open about the Howard thing {Amanda has sent in the other half of the team to pitch getting rid of Howard}. McCrae says are you going to talk to Amanda..says she is going to come on strong. McCrae is going to try to get to her first. They say they should save the dirty work for Elissa and Helen {they are still assuming Elissa will have the MVP}

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