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Wednesday, July 17 Live Feed Updates


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***Twitter Reply*** RT @JulieBouche: Going to have big brother withdrawal this week !! Missing live episode!! @CBSBigBrother @BigBroLiveFeeds @mortystv Good luck! That's a difficult thing to have to do! Good luck!

12:07 AM BBT Talk has been everywhere in the kitchen. Judd has been repeating everything that GinaMarie says for about 5 minutes now. Elissa asks GinaMarie why she didn't want to do Nick's memorial tonight. GinaMarie says it can wait until Friday. The entire time Judd is still repeating her. It's quite humorous. Feeds switch out to the BY with Candice, Howard and Helen sitting in the hammock. Helen is talking about how great it would have been to play with the coaches from last season. Helen says being HoH is so amazing. She goes from watching at home to actually being in the BB house and winning HoH. Helen really hopes everyone gets a chance to win at least once.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @JulieBouche: @mortystv @CBSBigBrother soo difficult! No tv where I'm going! Ill stay tuned through twitter! #thankgod #hugefan is jer staying? Or going? - Absolutely! We'll be here for you! As for who is going home...it still looks like Jeremy but there's still a day and half for him to go. He's campaigning his tail off though. We'll see!

12:16 AM BBT (My browser crashed...picking up in the BY). Jessie has joined Helen, Candice and Howard. Helen is telling everyone that she told Jeremy that he's been a bully and she went to high school with people like him. Jeremy wanders into the BY so Candice shushes her and he asks to take a seat with them. They agree. Helen and Jeremy want to bum a cigarette off someone. Jessie and Candice tell her not to. Talk turns to drugs. Jeremy says if he knew that he was going to die at a certain day/time that he would like to shoot up heroin at least once just to say he tried it. Jessie has no interest in trying heroin and Jeremy says he doesn't either...but if he were to know when he was going to die...

12:20 AM BBT Switching feeds...it appears that Judd is now mimicking everything Andy says and does. This goes on in the WA and into the lounge where Amanda and McCrae are sitting. Amanda called to DR. Andy (and Judd...) begs for Judd to be called to DR. Andy starts tapping his mic repeatedly and Judd starts as well. Andy says Judd needs a penalty nom. Andy runs out into the BY and Judd gives chase. In the KT they pick up GinaMarie. After a few minutes of this Andy climbs onto the stair-steppers and says he'll do it the rest of the night. GinaMarie wraps her arms around him and says she's going to hold him down and that Andy should run. Andy runs...right into the door hitting his knee. They go into the lounge and Judd says he's exhausted.

12:28 AM BBT Out in the hammock...Elissa is having a conversation with Jeremy saying that arrogance is a cover-up for being immature. Helen agrees. Jeremy says maybe outside of the house he'll be able to realize what's going on. Elissa says maybe his heart isn't full. The topic is about his biological father. Candice is also in the hammock. Jessie comes out and says she's going to sleep. Everyone wishes her goodnight. Out on the couch in the BY Aaryn and Kaitlin are sitting. Aaryn says "He/That makes me nervous..." and we get a FoTH (probably in relation to the conversation going on in the hammock).

12:33 AM BBT Feeds are back and Aaryn is in the KT talking to Amanda. Amanda says she knows everything that was said and what is being said. She's fine and not to worry about it. Talk continues in the hammock about growing through experience. Helen points out that Kaitlin is out on the couch waiting for him. Jeremy didn't realize she was sitting out there. Kaitlin says Aaryn got called to the DR so she was left by herself. There's a small party in the lounge consisting of Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, GinaMarie, Judd, and Howard. Candice stops in on her way to go pee. Helen comes into the lounge and Judd says she's drunk. Helen asks if there's any more beer. Andy makes fun of her chipperness. They talk about how when she called everyone for the nomination ceremony she was really happy and they said "Yeah...that's not quite what we're looking for Helen...it's more of a somber moment...".

12:43 AM BBT Out in the KT McCrae and Elissa are talking about the muffins she made. Talk turns to the slop diet. Elissa asks if Season 6 really lost a lot of weight because Rachel said everyone in her season said they gained weight. McCrae doesn't remember but he's not sure how they'd know that without a scale. <Crickets> Talk turns back to the slop diet. Out on the couch in the BY Kaitlin is telling Jeremy that Howard is throwing comps because you said you don't have to win the first half of the season. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that he needs to point out these things that Aaryn is saying. Jeremy questions why Helen brought her up to the HoH earlier...because he told her everything Aaryn was saying and Helen wanted to reassure her that things are going to be ok. Kaitlin hates that Jeremy came in acting so aggressive because she can't fix it. His mom apparently told him to even mellow out. Jeremy says he can't lose.

12:49 AM BBT Jeremy says putting Helen and Elissa up last week was a big mistake. Kaitlin says "Weird...didn't I spend two days trying to convince you and Aaryn that?" Jeremy says he thought he had TMC behind him. Someone comes outside and starts playing pool. Kaitlin wants to go lay in the hammock. Jeremy is going pee first. Up in the HoH Andy is talking to Helen. Helen says to send McCrae up so she can tell them.

12:51 AM BBT Andy goes to the balcony and calls McCrae up. McCrae is down in the KT talking to Elissa. Elissa says she had no interest in cosmetology but someone at school (or maybe her friend) told her that she was taking these classes and doing their nails everyday. Elissa said she was like "My parents won't pay for my nails I should totally do this!" She says she still has her license for hair extensions and etc. McCrae heads up to the HoH. Helen tells McCrae that Jeremy just threw out all the names of the folks that needed protecting (I don't find this difficult to believe...the house keeps referencing the line with Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn, and GinaMarie and everyone on the other side...it's not rocket science...)

12:56 AM BBT Amanda comes in and Helen starts rehashing the convo with Jeremy that she was sharing with McCrae. Jeremy told her (Helen) that he went to Judd, Amanda, McCrae and Andy and was talking to them. Amanda says that's not how the conversation went with them. Helen says Elissa stood up for herself when Jeremy asked for a second chance and Elissa said "I gave you second chance but you wiped my hat on your rear!" Talk turns to Jeremy throwing everyone under the bus and laying things on thick. Just before Amanda walked in Helen was telling McCrae that she (Helen) told him that he might need to vote out Kaitlin first and he said ok. McCrae pointed out that if he were to flip on her like that then what is to stop him from flipping on them.

01:03 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the hammock Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy are sitting down. (Honestly...she was complaining about something...but it escaped my mind.) Aaryn heads inside and Jeremy comments on her burning something. Aaryn says Elissa had the heat on too high and she had placed the muffins on the bottom rack. Aaryn away. Jeremy and Kaitlin begin kissing again. Meanwhile over on the couch the other love birds (Amanda and McCrae) are sitting on the couch smoking. McCrae says he doesn't get a good read on Aaryn. Amanda feels like she does get a good read on her.

01:09 AM BBT Judd comes out and they start talking about food. Back at the hammock Aaryn is talking to Jeremy and Kaitlin again and she sings "<something> teamwork!" and BB calls her out quickly to stop singing. She says "No!" and makes a snarling face at the cams. Jeremy and Kaitlin begin making out again under the blankets...and Kaitlin lets out a soft moan. Back on the couch Aaryn joins Judd and McCrae and talk turns to Aaryn and GinaMarie's brief spat in the KT earlier. Amanda comes out with one of the slop muffins that Elissa made. Elissa says the muffins are more muffiny when you dunk them in the chocolate milk.

01:15 AM BBT (I had the feeds minimized and we had a brief FoTH...when the feeds came back I could hear what sounded like people making out. I was fearful that the feeds were switched to Kaitlin and Jeremy...Judd spoke up and I maximized the feeds and all four feeds were on the couch in the BY...and it's either Amanda or McCrae eating. It's an awful sound. Jeremy called to DR. Spencer joins McCrae, Amanda, and Judd on the couch. Aaryn comes out with a slop muffin and tries it and cries out in disgust.

01:23 AM BBT Kaitlin comes outside and says she's got to pee and she almost walked into the WC with someone in there. Talk in the BY turns to what people would see if they walked in with guys standing or girls sitting. Up in the HoH Elissa, Helen Candice and GinaMarie are chatting. Kaitlin runs in and asks if she can use the bathroom. Helen says McCrae is in there. She waits a few minutes and he finally comes out. She runs in and McCrae walks out. Howard asks McCrae who is in there as he's leaving. Howard walks in. Several conversations going on a time. Elissa and Candice talking about education/career. Helen, Howard and Andy are talking about something and GinaMarie is just kinda watching before Helen includes her by asking her something.

01:29 AM BBT Meanwhile out in the BY we return to Spencer asking about a sexual preference and Aaryn cracks up saying Spencer never ceases to cross the line. Kaitlin says she's asexual. Someone asks what that means. Kaitlin means that she isn't really attracted to either sex. Spencer says "That's a shame for someone as fine as you!" Talk turns to sexual maturity. Up in the HoH they are talking about creating a show when they get out, similar to The Talk but later in the afternoon. Different HGs will take different parts. Oh...they're going to do it tomorrow evening. (It doesn't get much better than this folks...).

01:36 AM BBT Kaitlin called to DR. Out in the BY McCrae and Amanda are off the couch. Aaryn, Spencer, and Judd are chatting. Aaryn is trying to get Judd to do an impression and apparently he's bad at it. Spencer does an impression "I'm Aaryn and I'm critical of people's impressions!" Aaryn is thoroughly amused with herself and laughing quite hysterically. Up in the HoH talk continues about their news program they're going to put on tomorrow night. They're talking about names for their show. Candice thinks it should be called BBTalk and GinaMarie says "We should all come up with a name and see what's the best..." Andy laughs saying "Your name is great but we want better!"

01:42 AM BBT Andy is running through the showmances in the house this season: Kaitlin and Jeremy, Aaryn and David, Amanda and McCrae, GinaMarie and Nick, Jessie and Judd, and Candice and Howard. Andy says this leaves 4 people in the house not in a shomance with 2 of the 4 being married (Spencer and Elissa). Judd comes in and Helen tells Judd what they discovered and Judd says he's not in a showmance. Helen says you don't have to kiss but just like spending time with the person.

01:46 AM BBT Out in the BY Aaryn, Spencer and Jeremy are still talking about sex. We'll leave out the details...this is (mostly) a family feed after all. Up in the HoH they're now talking about previous seasons of BB. Andy heads downstairs and tells Amanda and McCrae in the lounge room about the show they're planning for tomorrow night. Candice joins the group.

01:56 AM BBT BY talk is still between Spencer, Aaryn and Jeremy and the topic is still about sex. Spencer says he loves talking with people about sex...he likes hearing where everyone stands. Candice comes back into the lounge and Amanda just randomly asks her if crabs are white or black. Candice says they're black. Amanda asks if they crawl around. Candice says you use cream and they just come out. Candice goes into detail with her story about how she knows. Andy turns the conversation "Hey Candice do you remember when the Mad Hatter was real issue?" Candice says Aaryn told her that Spencer told her it happened.

02:07 AM BBT The talk out in the BY has been joined by Kaitlin. The subject at hand...is still sex. Switching feeds Judd is up in the HoH talking to Helen and Elissa. Judd is asking if she (Helen) has a final four deal with Kaitlin. Helen says no...final six at best. Judd also asks whether Jeremy is still the target this week. Helen says yes.

02:15 AM BBT Judd is up in the HoH pitching to get GinaMarie out before jury because she'll be a bitter jury member. Helen makes the recommendation to get Howard out saying the house wants Howard out more next week. Judd says Howard is scrambling anyway. Elissa just agrees with everything Helen says and backs up Helen when she questions Judd about things he's asking/suggesting. Down in the BY...still sex talk. Jeremy is questioning about Kaitlin about her being asexual. "You're not attracted to anyone?" Kaitlin says "I'd be attracted to you if you kept your mouth shut". Aaryn starts telling a story and Spencer chimes in "Oh hey! We need to have a wet t-shirt contest tomorrow!" Aaryn says no because she doesn't have any boobs. GinaMarie is out there now. She's asking if asexual is a real thing.

02:20 AM BBT Up in the HoH Judd is talking about Aaryn's week of HoH. Judd says Aaryn almost put him on slop but then put other people on it instead. He says she talked to him after that and told him that he screwed her over. Judd understood...and he voted Nick out later that week. Elissa and Helen laugh. Judd says that Aaryn told him today that he's screwed her over so much over the past couple of weeks so he really doesn't want to put her on the block. Helen says she wants Jessie to make it to jury because she deserves. Helen asks Elissa if she agrees because Jessie's vote could have sent her home. Elissa: "Mmmhmmm..."

02:28 AM BBT Howard sticks his head in the door and says he's going to go to bed. Judd doesn't want to keep the girls up any longer so he excuses himself. Judd stops by and talks to Howard in the KT and Howard says they'll talk in the morning. Judd asks if everything is cool. Howard says yep. Howard heads into the darkened colorful room. Up in the HoH Elissa and Helen have turned off the lights and they are also heading to bed. Switching feeds...Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, Judd, Jeremy and Kaitlin are chatting. Jeremy and Kaitlin are mumbling and whispering to themselves. The others talk marriage and what it means. Aaryn says even if she is getting in her dress and she is not tearing up and filled with joy to get married then she'll have to walk away.

02:36 AM BBT Talk continues about marriage/divorce rates with Kaitlin and Jeremy whispering to each other. Judd is going to be heading to bed soon. GinaMarie hopes Judd feels better soon. She says he's been a zombie all day. Judd heads inside. Talk turns to why Jeremy has been snoring...Jeremy says he's been sleeping on his back because his shoulder hurts. Meanwhile elsewhere in the house...Amanda and McCrae are in the lounge chatting. Amanda says she wears the pants in the relationship.

02:43 AM BBT Judd joins Amanda and McCrae in the lounge and is telling them Howard and he will talk tomorrow. McCrae wonders what he's up to. Amanda says she's confident in their side so she isn't worried. Judd knows GinaMarie is going to get HoH. Amanda says they looked at the wall today and there's only 5 of them that hasn't been on the block yet this season...Amanda, McCrae, Judd, Andy and Howard. Judd points out it's the Goof Troop plus Howard. Judd says Jessie wants to talk to them tomorrow and Amanda says that's fine. McCrae is going to use the restroom. Idle chit chat in the BY. Kaitlin is going to make Jeremy a taco. Spencer is about to go to bed. Aaryn says Thursday is going to suck waiting to feel like you're going to vomit.

02:47 AM BBT Amanda says she'd rather backdoor Howard but they'll just have to see how the HoH falls. McCrae comes back in. Judd rehashes the conversation between GinaMarie and Aaryn earlier. Jeremy is eating a taco. Switching feeds...Judd has left the lounge and Amanda and McCrae are just laying silently.

02:54 AM BBT Judd is back outside and we're listening to Kaitlin eat a taco now. Amanda and McCrae continue to lie in the lounge without speaking. Feeds jump around...and we're listening to GinaMarie eat something. Switching outside...Aaryn is no longer outside. Kaitlin's eating is still obnoxious. Talk is about books (?! I'm just as shocked as you are!). Aaryn comes back out complaining that someone stashed soda and salsa in one of the cabinets and she's been looking for the salsa for days. "Who does that?!" (One word. "Wine". Or "Whine" works as well).

03:04 AM BBT Spencer is going to go to bed soon. Talk briefly turns to Kaitlin being in a music video called "Bounce". It may or may not have been a mature music video. Aaryn calls Kaitlin out saying she was telling the story and she corrected Aaryn saying "I didn't say that..." and Aaryn said "Yes you did and I told them..." and Kaitlin said "But you exaggerated what I did..." and Aaryn says "Whatever...no I didn't..." Switching feeds Spencer has joined Amanda and McCrae in the lounge.

03:12 AM BBT Spencer asks McCrae and Amanda if they hid the salsa and the soda in the SR. They say no. Spencer tells them someone's stash has been discovered. McCrae says he was looking for the salsa. Brief FoTH. Feeds back and all of them are on these three in the lounge.

03:19 AM BBT McCrae gets up and closes the lounge door and he and Spencer start talking game. They worry that GinaMarie may get a lucky HoH win and it'll be so lucky and dangerous. McCrae thinks Kaitlin may win the season. McCrae says the person that is setting up the comps this season is the same one that ran them last year and last year was his first year...or so he hears. Spencer asks McCrae if he's heard anything that he should be worried about. McCrae has not and says Jeremy is almost set in stone now. They just want to keep him calm. McCrae says they're not going to tell him until Thursday morning. Amanda comes in and asks if bouillon is a condiment. She's going to check the list.

03:24 AM BBT We have feeds in the BY again and it's just Judd and Aaryn discussing previous seasons of BB. Back in the lounge Spencer asks what the thinking was behind putting him up as a pawn over Howard. McCrae isn't sure but "they" really like Howard. Spencer continues to probe McCrae for information about his thoughts on various things going on in the house. Spencer says he was told he should make it to jury...obviously he wants to go further. They discuss how awesome of a name that they wasted on TMC.

03:33 AM BBT These guys are still going strong! Aaryn comes into lounge with Amanda whom is trying to concoct a new recipe. Meanwhile out in the BY GinaMarie is talking to Judd. GinaMarie is going to ask Helen if she can give a sympathy vote to Jeremy by voting Spencer out. "She's head of house...I don't want her coming after me. Judd points out she won't be HoH next week. GinaMarie tells Judd she was mad at him because she would've rather known that he was going home. GinaMarie says "He never told me he liked me..." but then she turns around and says she asked him and he said yes but she doesn't know if she is lying. Judd tries to explain how TMC moved its members to opposite corners of the house to create alliances that way.

03:41 AM BBT GinaMarie and Judd continue talking in the BY. Rehashing things from the season and strategies they came into the house with. GinaMarie said a friend of hers told her not to win comps early. Back in the lounge...Amanda, McCrae and Spencer continue to chat. Amanda leaves the room for a moment and Spencer says "She seems to be on board with me". McCrae agrees.

03:48 AM BBT Talk in the lounge continues to be general rehashing of previous alliances and events in the house between Amanda, McCrae and Spencer. Spencer wonders if anyone is going to get brought in to their fold. McCrae says Judd would bring Jessie whom is a wild card. Howard would have Candice...not to mention everyone might have an alliance member in jury which is still a bad thing. More rehashing of thoughts and ideas. Meanwhile out in the hammock Jeremy and Kaitlin have their eyes closed. BB reminds HGs that bedrooms are for sleeping. Also meanwhile...GinaMarie has Judd on the couch in BY talking to him explaining to him the difference in lying. "Judd...is that your cup? Say yes..." Judd: "Yes." GinaMarie: "No it's not...it's mine. That's lying."

03:55 AM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin are going to bed. GinaMarie says she and Judd are going to bed soon. GinaMarie explaining to Judd that Nick would have owned the HoH the night he was evicted because he knew the seconds questions exactly just like Helen. Judd says he would have become a nom that week. Meanwhile inside...Amanda is making slop at 4 AM. Once again...Amanda is making slop at 4 AM BBT! McCrae starts beatboxing and we get FoTH.

04:01 AM BBT GinaMarie and Spencer are heading to bed. Judd is heading to the WC. Amanda and McCrae goes to the BY to eat their slop. McCrae starts rehashing the conversation he was having with Spencer basically probing him for information. Candice and Howard are sleeping on Feed 3. Jeremy and Kaitlin sleeping on Feed 4. FoTH.

04:07 AM BBT Judd out in the BY rehashing his conversation with GinaMarie to McCrae and Amanda. Judd says he tried to hint to GinaMarie that winning HoH this week might be dangerous and you'd end up having people mad at you no matter who you put up. He's not sure if she realized it...but it was worth a shot. Now they begin to run scenarios for the week.

***Twitter Reply*** RT @Markeene: @mortystv WC? WA? Plz - WC is water closet (aka: toilet) and WA is wash area (aka: common washroom where the showers/sinks/lounger is).

04:20 AM BBT Amanda wants to go brush her teeth. Judd wants to brush his as well. Amanda says now that she has a full belly she's ready for bed. Before going to bed they try to figure out how they're going to store the extra slop she made.

04:28 AM BBT Amanda wants to make out in the lounge before they go to sleep.

04:34 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae make-out pretty hard core and she finally asks if he wants her to get off. He says whimpers out a yes. She gets up saying she's sweaty and asks what's wrong because he has a look in her eyes. He says "The game". Amanda asks "You're thinking about the game right now? Awesome! You should be going with what your other head is thinking!" Talk turns to whether Jeremy has the votes in between the two of them shoving their tongues down their throats.

04:43 AM BBT (You probably thought they were through didn't you? Yeah...me either.) The make-out session continues in between words of encouragement from Amanda telling McCrae to settle down and enjoy the ride this week. This week should be the easiest week they get.

04:50 AM BBT Now Amanda is whispering sweet nothings in his ears apparently of the naughty nature because McCrae says "They can still hear you..." She disagrees. She whispers again and he says they can still hear you.

04:54 AM BBT McCrae wants to go to bed. Amanda asks him as a superfan what he's always wanted to do inside the house. Amanda suggests skinny dipping. They can pull their clothes off inside the pool if they want to remain decent. McCrae declines and suggests on his birthday. Amanda calls him a dud. Talk turns to how long they've had in the house and what they have left.

04:59 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae are finally heading off to bed but not before sneaking in a few more kisses.

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8:00 am BBT After the late night and nothing planned by BB, the HG will probably sleep in.

8:52 am BBT Looking at my magic feeds and all I see is sleeping HG.

9:20 am BBT Jessie is up, uses WC, makes coffee, changes batteries, searches for something in SR. Camera zooms in on the mic stuff.

9:27 am BBT Jessie goes outside, puts some cream on her shoulders, puts the hose int he pool, puts her feet in the hot tub and has a smoke.

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Guest 6Borders

9:18am BB Time

I'm not sure when they happened but Jessie is up for the day. She's just left the storeroom and the camera is panning the room and zooming in on mics and batteries awaiting another fun-filled day in the BB House.

Everyone else is still sleeping it appears.

9:23am BB Time

I saw Jessie in the yard. She was off camera but the sounds were water and vitamins maybe.

Jessie is out on the hammock putting on sunscreen or maybe pain cream for her shoulders.

Whatever it is she is now done with it, checks her image in one of the BY mirrors and starts the hose to wash her hands, then plops the hose in the pool and returns the cream from wence it came.

9:28am BB Time

Jessie's BY wandering back and forth continues. She stepped on the laundry strewn on the ground by the machine but does not attempt to pick it up. She finally settles down for a smoke with her feet in the hot tub, enjoying the California morning. She looks lost in thought about something.

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Guest 6Borders

9:36AM BB Time

Jessie's hot tub/smoke is over and she's back in the storeroom. {she really appears to be depressed this morning}.

She wanders to the kitchen (which is once again a mess..clothes all over the counters and dishes out) to make some tea, which she takes outside to lie on the chaise {restless as she is this morning she probably won't stay long}

I haven't seen any other signs of life in the house yet.

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9:42 am BBT Judd is awake now. Does some ADLs then goes outside, says Good Morning to Jessie.

9:52 am BBT Judd brushes his teeth, check the SR for filters and rejoins Jessie on the BY lounge.

9:54 am BBT Judd tells Jessie his convo with GinaMarie last night. Judd thinks it wouldnt be smart to win HOH this week.

9:58 am BBT Jessie says things are so sketchy, any one could be going up. They agree next HOH will be Enduro.

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Guest 6Borders

9:42am BB Time

Judd is up and changing mic/batteries in the storeroom and adjusting his shirt in the two way mirror.

He's looking for something in one of the drawers in the hallway, apparently doesn't find it and heads back to the storeroom.

He just took something from the storeroom and put (or hid) it under something in one of the drawers in the hallway.

{he was acting either suspicious, or I am and maybe he was just being quiet so as not to disturb anyone sleeping}

Judd joins Jessie on the chaise so maybe we will get some game talk.

9:46am BB Time

Jessie asks if those are Judd's sunglasses and he says no.

Judd says hopefully Thursday GM and (someone) will have different sleeping arrangements.

Judd asks Jessie can I stay with you (she heard it as "steal me" - I did too)

Jessie says he does not bother her, he goes to be so late. She asks what time he went to bed and he said 4:30.

He says he hung out with GM for a long time (and it seemed longer than it was)

Judd is going to brush his teeth and Jessie asks if he will check the storeroom for filters {she was just in there 5 min ago and he was just in there 30 seconds ago}. He says he will check.

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Guest 6Borders

9:49am BB Time

Judd is brushing his teeth (and tongue) and Jessie keeps shifting her position on the chaise.

He dutifully heads to the storeroom to check for filters, doing neck stretching exercises as he looks.

He finds no filters and heads back to the yard to give Jessie the no filter news.

Judd settles on the chaise and says "day 27, July 17th"

Jessie says "wow, almost 30 days". Judd says they should have a one month celebration and it will be 13 of them that will make it a month.

Judd relates his conversation with GM last night. Says if GM wins HOH he's almost sure she will put him up because she blames him for Nick going home. Says he told GM he had to vote with the house and (after a long time) she finally starts to understand. Goes over the conversation about winning HOH, when to win or not to win it...says GM told him she was told not to win the first HOH but tried anyway.

Jessie thinks the HOH comp will be endurance...Judd says McCrae thinks so too.

Judd says win it, Jessie says her shoulders...and Judd says don't kill yourself for it but if it just hurts a little go for it.

Judd says if they still have the MVP thing they control the votes...Jessie says they control the votes without it.

Judd thinks they are in a safe spot..Jessie says not from going up but we are in a safe spot from going home. Judd thinks they are in a safe spot from not going up.

Judd says "they" (McManda I think) want to talk to him today...he wonders what about and then says something is sneaky.

Judd says "it went by kind of fast...at least the first part of it did"

10:02am BB Time

Jessie says she can't function w/out coffee in the morning and there are no filters. Judd tells her to try paper towels.

Judd says GM was telling him last night that she and Judd don't live far from each other and maybe they can spend the holidays together {Judd does not seem thrilled about that idea}. Judd says he's been trying to direct GM's game play and it would be scary as hell if she won something because she would just randomly pick (put up) whoever pissed her off that day.

Jessie asks who he thinks Spencer would put up...Judd says he doesn't know but that would be scare too and we go to FOTH!

10:09am BB Time

We still have FOTH so it might be wake up music for the rest of the house!

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Guest 6Borders

10:12am BB Time

The feeds are back and it looks like the house is getting up. Andy is in the bathroom doing ADL's.

In the BY Judd says he thinks he will stay up until lockdown.

Judd discusses a band (might be one of the wake up songs) and says "a girl band". He mentions a movie I didn't get and says he doesn't remember who was in it but it wasn't very good..

Helen is up doing ADL's.

BB announces that the bedroom lights must remain on during the day!

Judd goes to the Have Not room for his bandana head band. There is some movement on one of the airplane beds but that's as good as it gets in the Have Not Room right now.

Judd goes to the WC and knocks.

10:18am BB Time

Jessie appears to be trying to nap on the chaise. Judd lies back down and says (mumbles) something I didn't get, then gets up to collect dishes from the lounge area to take inside to the kitchen.

In the HOH room Helen is getting ready to start her workout, stretching, etc.

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Guest 6Borders


Helen is studying the memory wall and Judd is wandering around the kitchen.

I don't get the conversation with the noise..something about 4:30 (bedtime maybe?)

Helen is going to work out but says she is not very motivated today.

Judd is sitting on the BY couch and Helen is getting ready for her workout. Jessie looks asleep on the chaise lounge.

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#BB15 10:02AM BBT Judd and Jessie sitting on the lounger in the BY. Judd talking about how fast/slow the specific days goes by. Everyone else still zzzzzz'ing.

#BB15 10:06 AM BBT We have FOTH - may be time to wake up the HG!

#BB15 10:14 AM BBT We come back to feeds. Andy in the WA blowing his nose. Judd and Jessie talk about who a certain band was. Helen now up in HOH WA.

#BB15 10:21 AM BBT Helen preps to go out to the BY to work out. Jessie still curled up on the lounger. We do not see any other movement in the house.

#BB15 10:27 AM BBT Jessie still lying on lounger. Judd and Helen talk briefly. Helen says she isn't very motivated today. She is sleepy. Judd moves over to the BY sofa to smoke a cigarette.

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Guest 6Borders

10:28am BB Time

Helen is running laps in the yard. Judd got a cig and moved into the shade on the couch {it's going to be hot in S. Calif. today}. All cameras are on these two "activities" right now.

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Guest 6Borders

10:34am BB Time

Judd starts either the washer or dryer {but the same pile of clothes Jessie stepped on this morning appears to still be on the ground next to the machines}. he brings a pair of shoes over by the hose housing, turns the hose off and winds it back up. Helen calls out "thank you" and Judd replies "Jessie must have put it in" (she did) and proceeds to rinse off his shoes.

Helen is still running laps {I've lost count even tho I vowed one day to keep track of that}

10:39am BB Time

Judd is now contemplating the memory wall.

BB announces sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms {I think Jessie just got busted}.

GM wanders thru the living room and Judd wishes her good morning and says she's wide awake {he's heavy on the sarcasm this morning...she looks like the walking dead}

Jessie comes in and Judd says "you feel asleep?"...he says she has a print (or something) on her face (maybe an imprint from the cushion). Jessie is now in the Have Not Room attempting some more sleep it seems.

10:43am BB TimeBB tells Aaryn to please change her batteries {note, BB says "please" so it's the first call}

There is movement under the covers in the Color Room but nobody is getting up.

10:44am BB Time

BB tells Judd to please lower the outside awnings {BB's picking on him only because he is up}. Judd finally gets up and complies after a few minutes (lockdown may be a'comin')!

Howard is up in the Color Room, goes to change his batteries and wanders into the bathroom.

10:47am BB Time

Judd finishes the blinds and Helen calls out "thank you Judd". BB chimes in and says "Judd...Thank You".

Judd (surprised and it seems pleased) replies "you're welcome" and Helen says "nice".

Judd is now cleaning the lint trap in the dryer {which looks like it hasn't been cleaned since about BB12}

10:49am BB tells Kaitlin to please change her batteries.

Howard comes out to the yard and Helen and Judd wish him good morning. Helen informs us she's on lap 50 now.

Judd starts the washer {I just love that thing...it's has tones} and BB calls Candace to the DR.

{darn...I've lost track of Helen's lap count 6Borders}

10:51am BB Time

Candace is putting in her eyeballs (contacts) and gets some clothes on, gets her mic from storage. She makes a stop in the bathroom to put on earrings and heads off to the DR {she is half awake and half dressed so I doubt we'll see that on the show...just saying}

10:53am BB Time'

Howard has his bible and goes into the photo booth for his morning prayers.

Outside Judd is folding laundry

Howard begins his prayers and I switch cameras because it feels like intruding {strange thing to say in the BB House, I know}

Helen is now running a different pattern of laps and Judd is attending to the laundry.

We still only have 2 camera feeds so I assume everyone else is still asleep, or trying!

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#BB15 10:31 AM BBT Helen doing her laps in the BY. Jessie hasn't moved on the lounger and Judd still smoking his cigarette. No other signs of life on the cams.

#BB15 10:41 AM BBT BB gives Jessie a warning about only sleeping in the bedrooms. Jessie doesn't move. Helen asks her if she heard and she says yes.

#BB15 10:43 AM BBT Amanda must have used the WC as the feeds switch and she is walking back into the HN room. She is crawling back into bed.

#BB15 10:49 AM BBT Howard is up. uses the WC and comes out and directly brushes his teeth. Leaves the water running the entire time. SPlashes water on his face and dries off. Never washes his hands from using the WC and leaves the WA.

#BB15 10:55AM BBT Candice is up and using the WC. Judd is folding towels on the pool table. Helen still running in the BY. Howard walking around the house.

#BB15 10:56 AM BBT Howard heads to the photobooth to pray.

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Guest 6Borders

11:13am BB Time

Howard comes out to the BY and asks Helen is she's done her pushups yet. She says no. He says she can do 20 today and encourages her.

Candace calls out asking about coffee filters. Helen tells her to use a paper towel and Candace says "I've never made coffee before" {who are these people and what servants do they have at home??} Helen interrupts her workout to show Candace how to make coffee.

Howard and Judd discussing game. Howard is explaining that Judd was not the target (I didn't get all of that...sorry). Apparently the jist of it is that Judd is good with Howard/Spencer.

11:18am BB Time

Helen has resolved the coffee problem and goes to do push ups. She makes 20 and almost 21 {I am impressed}

Helen says that is awesome, she's never done 20 pushups in her life and she's in pain but it's awesome.

Howard says in 3 weeks she will be doing 50. Helen says her husband is going to be amazed because she never could even do one. Now to goal is to get to 50!

Helen asks if everyone is ready for competition tomorrow. She says she is glad she can't play and it will be fun to watch it and enjoy. Howard discusses who he would like to win it...Howard says he even cried when Helen got her letter from home.

They both think the comp will be endurance tomorrow. Howard likes the ones where there are teams and some prizes during the game. Helen says they have not had any competition prizes yet.

11:22am BB Time

Candace is making breakfast tacos...asks Howard if he wants one.

Howard is snuggled up looking over her shoulder and rubs her back. Candace asks what halibut is and Howard says fish. Candace has never cooked it before. Howard says "you are baking it right" She says she's never cooked it before but she's going to learn today. Howard tells her how to back in wrapped in foil. She asks Howard to get more of something from the storeroom.

Helen comes in and says she's going to shower and then she will be down to help Candace clean the kitchen. Candace says the food should be done by the time Helen is finished...asks if she wants cheese and she says "yes please".

Candace asks Howard if he wants guacamole on his and he says "no ma'm"...says he does not like baby food.

Howard says he's got to start getting up earlier. Discussion about schedules...his prayer schedule is off if he gets up late.

11:28 am BB Time

Candace says she likes to (fing) sleep. Howard says she cursed and she says no, then admits she did {I actually didn't hear it}. She says she won't curse all day and give her a consequence. Howard says 50 sit ups for every curse word and she says "I like that" {any bets she won't curse at all today or do any situps?? -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

11:36am BB Time

Howard is explaining to Candace why you need to change your mic batteries.

She thinks if you are sleeping you aren't using your batteries and he has to explain that if batteries go dead BB can't hear your conversation and finally she gets it {not sure if she's playing dumb or she really is naive!}

Candace said she was having the craziest dreams last night but she can't remember then {thank you for that...whew!}

Howard is relating a dream he had. Helen comes in they discuss ball games...they hope BB never takes their balls away.

Candace is now starting to like pool. Helen asks if she plays chess and she says no. Helen offers to teach her. They say she will like it once she learns it and Helen says then you will have an indoor activity you like.

11:40am BB Time

Judd is doing ADL's and general chit-chat in the kitchen while Candace cooks and Helen does dishes.

Howard tells Judd..."one more day, man, one more day"

11:42am BB Time

BB tells Elissa to change her batteries and Helen remarks she is dead asleep right now!

Candace says McCrae was telling her someone started a Twitter feed...Candace says she was a black girl (Kalia). Candace is describing her and says someone started a whole Twitter feed about her belly. They say that is so rude.

Helen says when she leaves the house she is not reading any of it...she will watch the episodes and take what she wants from it. She says plus she has 2 kids so no time to read.

11:45am BB Time

General discussion about the feeds, etc. Helen says just don't read it...you can't defend yourself anyway.

Says there is going to be a ton of stuff on the Rachel...(she doesn't finish but we got it).

Elissa is up. Candace wishes her a cheery good morning and Elissa mumbles a half-hearted good morning.

Helen is discussing the live show tonite {I thought it was tomorrow night???}

Eating ensures in the kitchen.

Helen says her neck is still so itchy it's unbelievable.

11:50am BB Time

It's just general chit chat about food, relationships etc...no game talk.

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11:05am BBT: Helen is still running in the by and Howard is in the photobooth praying and reading his bible..
11:07am BBT: Helen has stopped running and is picking up trash in the by and cleaning the couch area. she is now picking up towels and taking them to the washer.
11:10am BBT: candice is now up and goes to by her and Helen say their good mornings. Candice is going inside and ask Helen if she would like bacon and eggs this morning. Helen says yes thank you. BB comes on and says Houseguest this is a reminder sleeping is only permitted in the bedrooms.Howard is done praying and walks through living room area and says goodmorning to Judd.
11:13am BBT: Howard goes to by and asked Helen if she did her sit ups yeat she says not yet but i am working out first. he says 20 today? she says i dont know if i can do 20. Howard says yeah you can you did 16 the other day. candice comes out and says there is no coffee filters Helen , helen says i know use a paper towel it works just as good.
11:16am BBT: Howard and Judd in by talking. Howard says i just wanted to talk to you real quick , i just want jury to be 4 guys and 3 girls if we can or 5 guys and 2 girls which ever it will be ok. Judd says yeah yeah ok . Howard goes to workout. candice comes out and asked if he wants cheese on his breakfast sandwich. he says no just bacon and egg. helen is teaching Candice in the kt how to make a coffee filter from a paper towel.
11:20am BBT: Helen walks out to by and tells Howard ok i will do my pushups now.Howard says ok the first 10 dont think about it the first 10 is easy. she does 20 and tells howard that is awesome but she hurts now. he says before long it will be 50 , she says ok thats my goal 50. she says i am ready for the comp tomorrow night. Howard says i know i just want someone on our side to win hoh tomorrow.
11:26am BBT: helen comes in and says she is going to go get a quick shower to Candice then she will come down and help clean the kt. Candice asked if she wants cheese on her, helen says yes please. Howard comes in and asked what candice is doing she says you dont like this he says no she says avacado he says no it taste like baby food.
11:31am BBT: while Candice is cooking Howard is putting away the clean dishes.
11:40am BBT: helen is out of the shower and now in kt washing dishes. Candice is still cooking breakfast.Howard looks to be straightning up the kt a little. Judd comes in and Howard says Judd one more day man one more day.Judd heads out to the by.
11:46am BBT: candice now has breakfast ready. helen says coffe is ready. helen and Howard tell candice thsnk you for breakfast. Elissa comes in and candice says good morning elissa. Helen says we are having a talk show tonight and all the have nots will be interviewed.
11:51am BBT: Elissa comes in the kt with a pineapple and a green apple, Helen says you gonna cut that pineapple? elissa says yeah you want some and helen says yeah i love fresh cut pineapple.Judd is just walking around the house looking at helen and Candice's food. kaitlin gets up and changes her batteries then goes back to bed and snuggles with jeremy.
11:53am BBT: helen talking to Judd about doing the talk show tonight he says we can talk about how to stay up all night in the bb house and get up early. and helen says with judd the stud.
11:57am BBT: helen is watching elissa at the sink she asked you wash the outside of the pineapple? elissa says yeah with dish soap if i was at home i wash off the pestisides and germs.helen says i have never seen anyone do that. elissa says i wash all my fruits and vegetables like this. elissa is now cutting the pineapple.

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Guest 6Borders

11:57am BB Time

Elissa washed the outside of the pineapple before cutting it. Helene, Candace and Judd have never seen that before.

Elissa gives the health lecture on getting EColi and Salmonalla from the outside of fruits and veggies that might have been contaminated on the way to the grocery store or the Big Brother House.

Elissa says she is just trying to keep the houseguests safe and relates how she washes all her fruits and veggies.

Says more people get EColi from fruits and veggies than meat {she's correct..this lady knows her stuff regarding nutrition and health}

Discussion about their show tonite: It's to be called The Veto Show, and who is doing what for the show

{I must remember to stay up tonite and watch that -6Borders}

121:02pm BB Time

The rest of the HG's slowly seem to be making an appearance. We just had a Jeremy sighting.

BB tells the HG's to clean the bathroom, including the mirror {could be they will be using different parts of the house for a comp or else BB can't see thru the mirror} Judd is cleaning the mirror!

12:08pm BB Time

Spencer is up doing ADL's.

Jeremy is eating and says he will take (the trash/recycle) out when he finishes his cereal {Jeremy is being "Mr. Nice Guy, please keep me tomorrow"}

Howard is praying again in the photo booth.

BB thanks Judd for cleaning the mirror {that's 2 TY's today from BB to Judd} and someone calls out "nice"

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Guest 6Borders

12:15pm BB Time

Helen, Spencer and (shock) Jeremy are cleaning the bathroom.

In the backyard Judd and Elissa are talking while folding laundry. Judd asks if she's ready for HOH. He hopes she gets it and wants her to see her family. Judd says if it comes down (to them as the last 2) he will let her have HOH. She says that is so sweet. Spencer comes out and remarks that the laundry is never ending {well, if more than 3 people in that house would do it once in a while it wouldn't be -6Borders}

12:19am BB Time

McCrae is sleeping on the airline bed {looking like he's on Ducky's table on NCIS..I assume Amanda is under there somewhere}.

Back in the house and on the patio the HG's (sans McManda, Kait, Aaryn, GM and Jessie) are cleaning.

{I actually have not seen Andy anywhere since the wee hours}

BB tells Helen her mic is sliding {which means they are having a hard time hearing her wipe the shower doors clean...she adjusts it and it's much better now, I heard the spritz of the spray cleaner}

In the kitchen Jeremy is actually washing dishes {yeah, I'm surprised too}

Jeremy asks if the tortillas go in the 'fridge. Elissa says they don't have to.

She says the warmer it is the more chance for bacteria to grow, and discusses the flies in the storeroom..Jeremy says he saw that.

Elissa shocks Jeremy asking if he thinks Nick is an Undercover Cop...Jeremy has a great laugh about that.

Elissa says Nick got caught in his own game and "the Moving Company moved him right out" {good girl Elissa. I am impressed!!} Jeremy laughs {and they have some what I am dubbing "precious moments" in the house -6Borders}.

Elissa speculates that it was Nick's plan to get kicked out. Jeremy says he was a sly dog, etc.

Helen comes in and Elissa tells her she was telling Jeremy about Nick being an undercover cop. Helen says he is the first person she is googling when she gets out. Jeremy jokes that this is an Ivy League cast...Elissa jokes Nick was not the only Ivy Leaguer

{this is one of the best conversations of BB15 in my opinion and I am glad I was here for it first hand -6Borders}

12:32pm BB Time

Elissa and Jeremy are discussing vitamins being so gross but Jeremy says "they are so good for you"

Elissa expounds on the difference between men's and women's vitamins (apparently fish oil is not good for women according to Elissa)

12:34pm BB Time Jeremy says he's going to clean up the cockpit now and Elissa continues to study and compare vitamins

12:35am BB Time

BY couch: Spencer and Judd are discussing someone...Spencer says he would not have sex with her...she used to be the hottest girl in the house but she's the dirtiest (no idea yet who this is).

I just saw Aaryn put in an appearance in the kitchen

BY quick conv. with Howard and Spencer...Howard is says the votes are supposed to be pretty easy and he's just making sure he's in the loop. Spencer says Helen has been looking at him funny. Howard says "if Jeremy doesn't go home next week {WHAT?} he will know something is funny.

Howard saying get your workouts in now...they are going to get shut down pretty soon and be in until tomorrow night.

Spencer says he told Judd he was safe..Howard says he told him the same thing.

Howard says "we'll see...out of my hands dude"

12:40pm BB Time

HOH Room: Helen and Candace: Helen is saying "can I tell you she's not your target". Helen says I do know who "her" next target is if she gets HOH and it's not you me or Elissa.

Helen wishes it was a double evict this week {sorry Helen, we would know by now} to get Aaryn out.

General rehash about getting Aaryn out...nothing new here.

BY: Spencer and Judd discuss GM needs to be the last one to go because she is less likely to win anything.

Spencer says let MVP take care of Aaryn..Judd says he's lied to Aaryn so many times but he had to do it because nothing she's ever done has benefited him...we get FOTH at 12:45pm BB Time

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Guest 6Borders

12:50am BB Time

Amanda is up. Last I saw McCrae was still sleeping on the airline seats. If anyone has a sighting of Andy please confirm!

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12:05pm BBT: hg in kt talking about nick and his shampoo bottle and helen says he didnt pack it cuz he didnt think he was leaving. Helen says the hot topic of the day on the talk show tonight will be the moving company.
12:10am BBT: BB comes on and says hg please clean the bathroom today including the mirror over the sink. Judd says i will clean the mirrors.
12:11pm BBT: Howard is now in the photo booth praying again. jeremy and elissa in kt not talking.spencer and judd in bathroom while judd is cleaning the mirrors. helen is gathering towels and clothes from the wa to take outside to be washed.
12:17pm BBT: jeremy, Spencer and Helen cleaning the bathroom area and Judd and Elissa are in the by folding clothes. Elissa says it is hot out here.Judd asking if elissa is ready for hoh tomorrow. she says yeah i want to win so bad i want to see my family so bad.
12:25pm BBT: Helen is cleaning the shower doors. Jeremy and elissa are cleaning the kt. jeremy is washing dishes.. Howard is in by lifting weights
12:27pm BBT: Elissa asked Jeremy if he ever thought that Nick could be an undercover cop? Jeremy starts laughing and says could be. elissa says Ginamaroe figured it out lastnight since he was always wearing the hat and glasses and his hood over his head. jeremy is laughing and saying that some crazy stuff but could be. spencer and Judd are on the by couches talking about the votes for tomorrow night.
12:35pm BBT: Judd and Spencer talking about Ginamarie and Nick and if they will meet after the show and have holidays with each others families.Arryn is now up and in the kt. elissa is getting a drink.
12:41pm BBT: candice and Helen in hoh bed talking . Helen says we need to get Arryn out next. candice says yeah. Helen says can i tell her that she is going up next week ? candice says yeah. helen says i will tell her she is a pawn again but we have to get her out. spencer and judd in by talking about personal point of views and the votes for tomorrow. spencer isnt sure about amanda and mccrae's votes. judd says jessie is voting jeremy out for sure. spencer says thats good.
12:52pm BBT: amanda is now up in the kt and jeremy comes in and says good morning sunshine you didnt sleep all day today. she says no you sleep in there and see how you sleep.Judd and spencer still in by general talk and candice and helen in hoh bed talking general talk about divorces and being happy.
12:57pm BBT: jeremy and kaitlin in wa with kaitlin looking at her backside in the mirror. jeremy talking about a movie to Arryn. Judd and Spencer still in by general talk . jeremy in wa asking Kaitlin if she is ready to go swimming. he says it is very hot outside.

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Guest 6Borders

1pm BB Time

I see Andy on the BY couch, GM, Kait and Aaryn are up...I think all the HG's are present and accounted for

1:03pm BB Time

Movie discussion in the BY. Andy liked the music (wake up) today

HOH Room: Helen and Candace discussing fundraisers at school and Church and buying everything generic for the house so they have money for that

Camera switches to the bathroom so I do to:

Kait is alternating itching and combing her hair

Elissa is called to the DR

1:08pm BB Time in the Bathroom

Amanda is doing something to her stomach with a nail file or something (not sure what that was but it was a little weird)

Kaitlin is plucking something around a belly buttonring and the camera focuses on her elbow (looking for ringworm??)

Andy joins the girls in the bathroom and discussion is the hot tub and the resident rubber ducky!

He leaves and the girls continue to primp.

1:11p, BB Time

BY discussion (at least what I came in on) is "doesn't hurt to try"

Sounds like they are discussing Jer/Kait and then past BB Showmances which have worked (Jeff/Jordan are mentioned).

Jessie is apparently trying to get Jeremy to sell his boat to buy a ring...Jeremy is asked if his boat is paid off and he says it is. He is asked how far he's gone in his boat and he says just around the harbor.

Discussion about pirates,,Jessie can't believe there are real pirates. Jeremy says he needs to get an M16.

Jessie says to her a boat is just like a guy with a motorcycle...a couple of them relate ppl they know who got killed on motorcycles.

Jeremy says if it's your time it's your time {and your time in the BB House relates to his how...????? -6Borders}

Jessie relates someone who just passed away in her sleep. {Camera switched and I tried to get back to that conv but BB had other ideas}

1:17pm BB Time

HOH room" Discussion seems to be about their "show" tonite {if you are not watching I don't want to blow their script so stay tuned tonight on the feeds or updates}

1:19pm BB Time: Howard and Spencer in the storage room...if there was game talk I missed it but Spencer wants to get in his 20 min run before lockdown (which he was going to do hours ago)

Bathroom lounge: Judd is telling Aaryn he needs to win something just for his pride.

Judd says omg this talk show thing (we can hear GM in the background already directing)

1:23 pm BB Time: McCrae has surfaced and is awake and semi-functional!

HOH Room: Helen is rehashing tonite's "who is doing what" for their show. If you haven't already heard this several times you are lucky. I have so I will leave you now and be back later for more updates...-6Borders}

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#BB15 1:06 PM BBT Helen in HOH talking about how she loves that her husband is so charitable. Talking about how they purchase generic to save money. In the BY - gen chit chat about life.

#BB15 1:11 PM BBT Kait in the WA tweezing hairs on her theighs and tummy. Amanda tweezed some on her stomach as well.

#BB15 1:15 PM In the BY Jessie, SPencer and Jeremy talk about the Amazig Race. Jeremy says he would do the show with Kaitlin. They tell him he has to stay loyal to Kaitlin then. Jeremy says "long distance loyal". He says long distance doesn't work. They tell him to move to Vegas.

#BB15 1:16 PM BBT Kaitlin continues to tweeze. She is moving on to more private areas. She is wiping the tweezers on the pad in the WA.

#BB15 1:21 PM BBT In the HOH room there is planning of the Veto show. Andy is going to do weather. They are thinking of questions. The HN are being interviewed tonight.

#BB15 1:30 PM BBT Discussion in the WA. Judd wants carpet cleaner to clean the coffee stain on the seat cover in the WA.

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#BB15 1:34 PM BBT Amanda says that she is missing a whole pack of ciggarettes. Says McCrae lost them. Says she is going to start the patch today.

#BB15 1:37 PM BBT In the HOH room - the planning continues for the "View" type talk show the HG are planning for tonight. Andy says that kaitlin will be HOH this week since anytime someone's showmance partner goes they get it.

#BB15 1:47 PM BBT Gina complaining to Aaryn that the house is disgusted by Kait/Jeremy always being all over each other. Gina says it isn't fair as people of others at home that they want to hug and kiss and can't.

#BB15 1:50 PM BBT Howard and Candice in THE HOH room discuss winning HOH tomorrow night. Howard says he is tired of talking about the MC. He says that the MC was originally 8 - it included girls.

#BB15 1:57 PM BBT In the BY Amanda is playing "Would you rather". In the HOH Howie and Candice still talking. Candice says anytime there is an endurance it is hard. Says Aaryn will stay up there a long time.

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2:00pm BBT: kailtlin and Jeremy making out in pool they laugh Arryn get out of the pool. Jeremy now gets out and says he needs to jump rope for a little bit. amanda and Andy and Judd on couch still general talk. candice and Howard in hoh talking about Howard being hairy. Howard says he is hairy but he doesnt .like to be crazy hairy.

2:07pm BBT:howard and candice in hoh, Candice laying on couch and Howard laying almost on top of her on his knees on the floor as she rubs his face. andy and amanda on by couch talking about the talk show for tonight . spencer is running in the by.

2:12pm BBT: most hg in by with general talk. candice getting ready to go out to the pool now and we get foth.

2:16pm BBT: Amanda on by couch rehearsing the nomination ceremony speach then Andy practices. Helen and Jessie in by talking about taking out the person who is not closes to you .

2:25pm BBT: hg are getting ready to play collyball in the by. Spencer says he will sit out the first game. just general talk on the by couch about past hg in the bb house.

2:29pm BBT: Amanda and Mccrae are tal,ing about having a toga jewish wedding in the bb house at night with chairs. andy says oh. then talk turns to music. howir, helen and jeremy and jessie playing vollyball in the by. Arryn and kaitlin in kt talking about shaving their leggs.

2:34pm BBT: correction it is candice playing vollyball with howard jeremy and helen not jessie.. arryn and andy in wa talking about the nails sticking up out of the floor wondering if they shoild cover it so no one will get hurt on it.Arryn is putting a towel over it for now.

2:39pm BBT: Arryn is in the shower shaving her legs as kaitlin sits in wa talking to her just general chat going on. all other hg are in the by either playing vollyball or general talk going on.

2:46pm BBT: kaitlin yelling at andy from wa to kt if he burned the pizza he says no. she says there is an awful lot of smoke out there. he says thats what i was thinking. Elissa is now in wa putting her swimsuit on and Arryn rtells her the towel is in the floor because of the nails and the boards coming up/

2:51pm BBT: hg out in by talking about past hg and things they have said and done. like brittney and her saying she lost her dignity on slippery weeny. now they talking about movies being quoted by ginamrie when she was mad.

2:54pm BBT: by conversation is on menstral cycles and finding spots on the couches and the beds. Arryn is not outside to sit in the sun.Mccrae has gone to dr. just general talk going on in by.

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