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Tuesday, July 16 Live Feed Updates


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12:00 AM BBT Kaitlin shushes GinaMarie mid sentence and says she wants to listen to whatever conversation is being had on the couch across the yard. You can faintly hear Jessie and Elissa's voice. Something about a shoulder. Kaitlin goes back to bashing the house for evicting Jeremy, while GinaMarie bashes the girls with the squeaky voices because those are the kind of girls she can't stand. Meanwhile back in the HoH Spencer is explaining how The Moving Company was created. Helen is still shocked that was going on without anyone realizing. Helen says without Jeremy in that alliance it might have worked.

12:10 AM BBT Up in the HoH idle chit chat. Elissa joins them. Helen wonders about what people are going to do about hair. Elissa says Rachel told her someone came in to do her hair and then her hair fell out. Back out in the hammock Aaryn has returned to join Kaitlin and GinaMarie. Discussion is about MVP. Kaitlin says McCrae won MVP last week and put Jeremy up and Elissa won it this week. Aaryn and GinaMarie heard McCrae won it two weeks in a row but GinaMarie doesn't know how. Kaitlin says McCrae was an underdog. GinaMarie says he's not an underdog. Talk turns to PoV and how they suspect something fishy is going on. Feeds aren't being cut yet. They're beating around the bush. GinaMarie points out that they didn't get to watch each other. Aaryn says she there's no way she was beat by Candice. GinaMarie says "Do you really think her fat bottom could get up and down that quickly?" (She didn't really say fat bottom....)

12:18 AM BBT Jeremy gets out of the DR and they call Kaitlin in. She's going to do her makeup first. GinaMarie again refers to Candice's fat bottom not being able to get up on the trampoline that quickly multiple times. GinaMarie argues that no one got to watch the PoV. Aaryn points out that in individual contests like this nobody gets to watch. GinaMarie disagrees. Aaryn tries to explain that it's happened in seasons past this way. GinaMarie continues to argue saying people should be able to watch. Aaryn gives up or simply finally caves in saying she agrees with GinaMarie and she (Aaryn) feels so gullible. Aaryn asks GinaMarie to come in with her while she cooks something. GinaMarie is going to hold the hammock for Jeremy and Kaitlin to return so no one takes it.

12:24 AM BBT Andy, McCrae and Amanda are talking about the mystery votes and that they should keep Candice around because she is such an emotional player and she'll be going after people. Amanda compares Candice to GinaMarie saying they're both emotional and nuts. Meanwhile out in the BY Jeremy joins GinaMarie in the hammock and says it does kind of smell like a fart. He goes on to tell about the first time he sharted which was a couple of months before he got in the house. GinaMarie misses that stupid kid. Jeremy says it's ok to miss him.

12:32 AM BBT Back in the lounge McCrae, Amanda and Andy are rehashing the previous week when they were able to get Nick out of the house. Out in the BY GinaMarie continues bashing HGs...Spencer and Judd have nothing. Jeremy is beast. GinaMarie says she's full of energy. Howard is a beast but a bit of freak. McCrae is geeky. Jessie is a ho. Aaryn is pretty but a firecracker. GinaMarie says there's no way she got 8 minutes in the PoV. She murdered it. She's a beast.

12:38 AM BBT Candice can be heard talking in the background and GinaMarie whispers under her breath that she needs to shut up. She wishes a house would fall on her. GinaMarie talks about DR and Spencer hushes her. He says "they" have said they're going to start doing penalty noms for talking about DR. Back in the lounge speculation is ongoing about what may happen in the upcoming weeks. Talk turns to Andy saying he thinks Nick had more money than he led the other HGs to believe. Amanda thinks Howard is a professional athlete or recently ex-professional athlete.

12:44 AM BBT Kaitlin is out of DR. Jeremy is called out by BB for talking about DR. They act flirty/kiss and continue to talk about DR. Back in the lounge Andy had left but returned just minutes before Judd came in. McCrae is talking about how GinaMarie eats all of their have-not ice cream but never makes any. She's always making Jeremy chicken parmesean but she won't make any of the have-not ice cream! Andy says this is the most fired up he's seen McCrae get. McCrae says Jeremy eats so much so that's another reason to evict him. Judd and Andy say they slept in the HNR for three nights because nobody would share beds with them at one point but then when the bed fight broke out they had to walk away because it was stupid.

12:56 AM BBT Jeremy and Kaitlin continue to chat/cuddle in the hammock. In the lounge they rehash the have-not competition and whether or not Howard threw it. The consensus is he did but he didn't try hard enough. Talk turns to how inconsiderate people are in the house and they don't clean up after themselves. Out on the couch Candice is telling Howard and Spencer a story about an ex of hers. Candice says she was rebellious because it was her senior year in college. Candice cashed in a savings bond which was a couple hundred dollars or so to her boyfriend at the time to fix his jeep. Howard and Spencer laugh and feeds switch to Aaryn and GinaMarie in the KT. GinaMarie asks why they're sitting in the WA and not in their room. Aaryn says the WA is the last place she'd want to sit.

01:01 AM BBT Aaryn tells GinaMarie that something she cooked was delicious. GinaMarie asked if was the Chicken Parmesan and Aaryn said no. GinaMarie said that was slop and she didn't make it. (Thus proving Amanda and McCrae's point literally minutes later...). Feeds switch to the WA with Jessie, Helen, and Elissa chatting. Jessie is eating something off a plate. Now Jessie is going to go smoke. Talk in the WA is about actors and movies. BB reminds the HGs they're not allowed to talk about DR with a "Kaitlin!" followed quickly. Elissa whispers that she thinks it's funny... and Helen jumps in "Hey GinaMarie!" GinaMarie joins them on the lounger in the WA.

01:06 AM BBT Aaryn has joined the lounge room and they're laughing. Aaryn says she gets blamed for everything anyway. Andy laughs and says "The toilet's broke? Aaryn did it! I saw her and she blamed it on Candice!" Amanda walks in carrying a couple of things and they scramble to hide them in the lounge. It appears to be some of Nick's things including the empty Triscuit box and a green container of some sort. Amanda gets told to "Stop that!" by BB. They break up and head outside. Aaryn confirms by whispering to Kaitlin that they were hiding Nick's things. Aaryn can't wait to watch the explosion.

01:14 AM BBT Talk out on the lounger in the BY is about...shady camp counselors doing shady things to some of the girls while they were growing up (Jessie and Amanda). Spencer thinks he should've been a camp counselor. Spencer asks how old and one of them mentions they were 13 and Spencer says "Nope...they should totally be in jail." Howard agrees and wonders what kind of camps these girls were going to. Amanda says she gave her first BJ when she was 14 and she can remember it. McCrae and Judd are also out on the lounger as well.

01:18 AM BBT Elsewhere in the house Kaitlin and Aaryn are going through the house towards the SR. In the SR Aaryn starts counting out the condoms. There are 9 left in the box from 12. Kaitlin says their were 2 boxes of 12 originally. Helen used some for something at one point. Aaryn finds a female condom that apparently is good for more than one orifice and they start laughing like hysterically. They leave the SR. Aaryn stops Judd before he goes to bed and walks him into the SR to show him the female condom. Aaryn calls it a dam. Judd is worried he's going to get blamed for Nick's stuff being hidden. Aaryn says he's fine and she won't let him take responsibility for it. Aaryn wants to put it in someone's bed she asks who's. Judd thinks Amanda would take it best. Aaryn agrees and tells Judd to come with her. She's going to leave it in the package so she can see it. Aaryn says this is the highlight of her life.

01:27 AM BBT Aaryn is laughing hysterically. Andy comes into the SR and asks what's up. Aaryn shows him the female condom. He laughs as well (though not nearly as hard). Judd recommends putting some BBQ sauce in it. Kaitlin comes in and asks why there's a large jar of Vaseline next to her bed. Aaryn tells her to follow and they go into the HNR. Aaryn asks Judd which bed is Amanda's. Aaryn has not stopped laughing. They wipe the lid of the BBQ sauce on the condom. Judd realizes they need to get rid of the BBQ sauce now. Aaryn says no way just wipe off the lid. FoTH (Hopefully BB is educating them to not use that bottle/lid because it is contaminated with...well...lube). Feeds back and Aaryn is out in the BY asking Kaitlin what she told Jeremy.

01:35 AM BBT Meanwhile elsewhere in the house...Amanda and McCrae are hanging out in the lounge listening to the cackling coming from the KT. Aaryn sticks her head in the lounge and asks if she's interrupting. Amanda says they were just listening to GinaMarie to see when she was going to go to her room. Aaryn comes in trying to compose herself still. McCrae says she looks like she wants to say something. Aaryn says her and Judd have been acting stupid and she's trying to stop laughing. Aaryn says she's waiting for something to happen. She's in a slap happy mood. She's also in a prank kind of mood. Judd and Andy come in. They're laughing saying GinaMarie is going to flip. Judd confirms it wasn't a Triscuit box but it was a cereal box. Aaryn says there's only a few people she would do pranks on in the house...only those that she knows would take it the best.

01:42 AM BBT The lounge group continue to laugh and snicker just waiting for GinaMarie to go off the edge when she realizes his stuff is missing. Someone recommends telling her the producers had them put it in the SR so they could send it back to him and to give her medication. They pause and listen frequently to the conversation in the KT. Jeremy says he only sees one black and white picture on the wall. David's. He asks if she's making people up now. GinaMarie says she is. Kaitlin opens the fridge and gets mad at herself for opening it because the last thing she needs to do is eat. Meanwhile back in the lounge Elissa stops in to tell them they're going to bed. Aaryn seriously wants to put Nick's things in Candice's drawer. She just wants to create as much chaos as she can. Amanda thinks they should put something Judd's bag. Judd says no way because she already blames him for Nick going home.

01:55 AM BBT Idle chit chat about television shows in the KT. Jessie sticks her head in the lounge and says she's going to bed and that Candice and Howard are looking for Judd. Andy laughs and says the house is going to freak out when GinaMarie realizes Nick's things are missing (aka: hidden). Aaryn says Spencer told her that Candice sat on her hat just to be mean, but Aaryn wonders now if Spencer was just stirring up the girls. Aaryn says he is the source of some shady stuff. GinaMarie sticks her head in the lounge and says goodnight with Amanda walking in behind her. But then Judd and Amanda question if she's going to bed and she says goodnight. Judd called to DR.

02:03 AM BBT Anticipating GinaMarie discovering Nick's things missing we follow her into a darkened chair room. She's laying on Aaryn's bed making cat sounds with her silly hat. Aaryn walks in to get the petroleum jelly for her lips. Jeremy asks Aaryn what she's up to. Aaryn starts to walk out and Jeremy calls her Airhole. Aaryn says she's walking out now because she hates that name. GinaMarie wonders why there are half chairs on the walls. Now she wants to do some situps. She follows Aaryn out into the KT. Back in the lounge they're still anticipating GinaMarie making the discovery. McCrae laughs wondering if he's going to get evicted over it. Andy agrees. Andy asks McCrae how he's feeling. McCrae says he's feeling better. Laughing has really helped him through the night.

02:10 AM BBT In the WA Judd, Spencer, Howard, and GinaMarie are hanging out, chit chatting. Candice is doing nightly ADL's. Back in the lounge Andy and Aaryn seem to be the only ones left. GinaMarie comes in and lies down on the lounger complaining of her hand still hurting. This is a conversation she just had in the WA with the other group. Spencer, Amanda, Judd and McCrae are now out on the lounger in the BY while smoking - idle chit chat. Amanda is done smoking she's heading back inside.

02:18 AM BBT GinaMarie, Amanda, and Andy are chatting about the cameras in the lounge. GinaMarie is going to go to bed. Andy hopes they call her to DR soon. Howard comes in and pets GinaMarie's hat. Aaryn comes in and out a couple times. Howard back out. Talk turns to food. Out in the BY Spencer and McCrae are chatting. Spencer wonders if his final 4 deal is still valid. McCrae says it is but they should still keep it on the DL for the time being. McCrae says Helen has the worst case of HoHitis.

02:25 AM BBT Spencer brings up that Kaitlin, Aaryn and GinaMarie needs to go home soon because guys are getting picked off. Amanda is summoned to the lounge by his wife (Candice relayed the message). Judd comes outside and says everyone is in the lounge right now. Switching feeds we have Amanda, McCrae Candice, Andy, Aaryn and GinaMarie chatting about how Amanda and McCrae are wasting away on the slop diet. Andy gets up to walk around. GinaMarie is going to walk to her bed. Candice is going to do the same thing. GinaMarie gets in her improv convertible and drives Candice off to bed. Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn are scared...GinaMarie is going to explode. Andy comes in and says he's scared as well.

02:31 AM BBT GinaMarie comes in upset asking where Nick's cup and hat is. She's on the verge of crying asking repeatedly where it is. Everyone denies knowledge of it. McCrae wants to come clean. Aaryn says it's going to be way worse if they tell her where it is. Amanda doesn't care she's getting the stuff to give it to her anyway. Aaryn recommends only just giving the hat back to her. She runs off to get GinaMarie after Candice walks by saying she's crying. Aaryn starts to claim innocence "I didn't know where any of it was hidden!" Amanda corrects her saying "Oh we've all had a hand in this..." Amanda helps her find everything in the lounge. GinaMarie laughs and screams out Judd's name saying they took her shrine away.

02:38 AM BBT Everyone's laughing at this point. GinaMarie is taking this pretty good and she's pointing fingers at everyone. Andy, Candice, and Judd's name is called out. (For those keeping score Judd, Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, and Andy were all in the lounge when the things were hidden). Aaryn is preaching her innocence. Candice finishes brushing her teeth and comes out saying "GinaMarie parked the convertible and looked straight at the hat saying Where's Nick's hat?! I need it beside me!" They're all laughing. Amanda points out that Nick's hat is actually McCrae's hat. GinaMarie offers it back and McCrae says it's alright. Amanda says the whole thing was orchestrated by McCrae. GinaMarie laughs saying he's so starved he can't think even spell his name.

02:44 AM BBT Amanda questions the reason behind the shrine. GinaMarie dances around the question. Amanda questions whether or not she realizes he's not dead. GinaMarie knows. Amanda questions the mug and why she hasn't washed it. Amanda comes clean and says it was all her idea but she was smart by giving each of the items to a person in the room so she could blame everyone. Amanda says she didn't mean to make her cry. Aaryn walks back in and says everyone blames everything on her. (Each time she's said this she sounds like she's being serious. Everyone else is pointing fingers at each other laughing.)

02:49 AM BBT GinaMarie comes into the colorful bedroom and Candice explains to her that tomorrow they're going to hold a memorial service for the ShadyFreak (not really the word freak) and celebrate the end of his BB game. Candice says Howard has studied psychology and they all realize that this is not healthy. Howard says they're going to put everything up in the drawer because it's not healthy. GinaMarie questions whether she can keep the hat on the bed. Howard says absolutely not because it creeps him out with all the stuff over there. They have a good laugh. GinaMarie keeps making excuses to keep the hat out and Candice sticks to her guns saying no way. Candice points out that the hat was McCrae's. GinaMarie just found that out tonight.

02:53 AM BBT GinaMarie goes outside to get her hairbrush. She tells the group gathered outside (Spencer, Amanda, Judd, Andy, and McCrae) about the plan to hold a memorial service with everyone wearing black and with that they're going to "bury" his stuff. Howard follows and stays briefly before going back inside. Amanda questions what would be the hardest thing for her to get rid of and GinaMarie says the hat. Amanda says good because that's what Judd hid. She gives him a playful death look, laughing. Judd says he hid the chapstick and hair gel. Andy begs her to let him have the hair gel. Judd says Andy and he were really close so he should get the hair gel.

02:58 AM BBT Amanda wonders if there is a reason he left the things he did. Maybe there's a clue in the key items that he left. GinaMarie almost seems to be taken the bait but then laughs saying no, it's just stuff he forgot. Amanda says it's possible...his shady glasses and shady hat...there may be something there. GinaMarie still doesn't seem to be going for it. Amanda questions Judd why he chose to hide the hat. Judd laughs saying he hid the gel and the chapstick. GinaMarie tells everyone goodnight. Judd says "See you in the morning!" and she replies "There's not going to be a morning for you!". She heads inside and Andy says she totally meant that.

03:03 AM BBT Andy says the only game GinaMarie talked to him all day was her telling him that she didn't want Spencer eating the Chicken Parmesan. Talk turns to how much larger than life GinaMarie's personality it. Andy wonders what time it is. McCrae says it's around 3. McCrae is getting delirious. Andy is getting tired as is Judd. Amanda is wide awake and tells McCrae he can't go to bed. Talk turns to Nick and his shady ways.

03:10 AM BBT 2 of our feeds finally switch to something other than the BY and GinaMarie is chatting with Howard and Candice. On an interesting note...GinaMarie is talking about missing her phone which is the exact conversation they BY crew was having when we switched feeds to check on the darkened colorful room. Another set of voices can be heard coming from the next room (Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin). Talk turns to life back home for GinaMarie.

03:18 AM BBT Amanda and McCrae head in from the BY and lie down in the lounge. McCrae tells Amanda that Spencer asked him he actually won MVP or if he was just telling everyone that to take heat off Elissa. McCrae doesn't think he lied very well. Amanda says who cares. McCrae tells Amanda that Spencer wants to go after the three girls next. Meanwhile in the colorful room Candice and Howard are curled up together whispering softly. They don't have mics on so it's difficult to hear.

03:22 AM BBT Back in the lounge Amanda and McCrae are talking about how Aaryn was trying to get her to tell GinaMarie where the stuff was hidden. McCrae thought it was a bad idea the whole way through. Amanda said she had to take a step back and think about she would do outside the house. She's not a mean person. Amanda says Aaryn is a mean spirited person. McCrae agrees. Andy sticks his head in and says goodnight. Out at the memory wall Spencer, Andy and Judd are listing in order their people in their showmance wishlist.

03:30 AM BBT McCrae and Amanda just laying in the lounge room. Amanda hates seeing McCrae so sad and unhappy. She's never seen him like this and it hurts her. McCrae is sorry. She wishes she could make something for him. Back out at the memory wall Judd, Spencer and Andy are looking at the pictures various "Would you rather games" using their fellow HGs photos. Judd is getting tired. They all head off to bed. Feeds switch to a darkened chair room with a very wide awake Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn. Aaryn asks Judd to sleep in bed with her. He sits down for a few minutes before giving her a kiss on the cheek and telling everyone goodnight.

03:39 AM BBT A make-out session has begun in the lounge room. Back in the chair room Aaryn asks Kaitlin if she's cried in DR. Kaitlin says no but they tried to get her to one time "You can do it...c'mon..." and Kaitlin was like "Uh no...this is weird." Jeremy agrees. FoTH. McCrae and Amanda are in the WA. McCrae wants to go get his lighter so he can use it to see in the HNR. Amanda is getting covered/dressed up in the darkened chair room. They tell Jeremy, Kaitlin, and Aaryn goodnight (Spencer sounds like he's snoring). Amanda finds the female condom bag in her bed and questions it. She says it's a pantyhose bag and throws it on the floor. - In the morning she'll discover what it really is...and she should find the opened condom smeared with BBQ sauce beneath her bed. All of which Judd and Aaryn placed there while Andy guarded the door earlier.

03:52 AM BBT We currently have all four feeds on sleeping HG's. Helen and Elissa in the HoH on Feed 1. Candice and Howard in one bed and GinaMarie on another in the colorful room on Feed 2. McCrae on his "bed" in the HNR on Feed 3. Close-up on Candice and Howard in the colorful room on Feed 4.

03:56 AM BBT On that note we'll take a bit of a break for the night and get some rest ourselves, but don't worry we'll still be here for those exciting early morning WC breaks as well as the mysterious bumps and bangs from behind the walls!

***LFU's Note*** For the first time since this season has started one to two updates per hour were being shared on the Twitter tab attached to the feeds. Upon scrolling back most of them seemed to have "vanished" except for the one that is currently near the top of the list. This is exciting news for the site as a whole simply because it shows we can make that list and any sort of share whether it's for one hour or two is great advertising for the site.

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03:30 AM BBT Cams 1 & 2: Amanda and McCrae in the cockpit making out, and talking about McCrae's struggles as a have-not

Cams 3 & 4: Judd, Andy and Spencer in front of the memory wall, playing KMF(Kill, Marry, Fuck... Choose 3 people, they have to pick one to Kill, one to Marry, and one to Fuck). All three head to bed after a few games.

03:36 AM BBT Cams 1 & 2: Amanda asks McCrae if he is not a sexual person, McCrae references the cameras and millions of people watching as a reason why. More making out, Amanda asks if they should get married on his birthday, McCrae responds that he "Hasn't even proposed yet."

03:42 AM BBT Momentary FOTH. Cams 1 & 2: on McManda in WC doing ADLs, McCrae went to the BY to get a lighter.

Cams 3 & 4 on Darkened Bedrooms, with Spencer, and Andy getting into bed.

03:46 AM BBT: All 4 feeds on Amanda and McCrae in the Have not room, Amanda found something weird in her bed, McCrae is using a lighter to figure out what it is.

03:48 AM BBT: Have Not room saying good night.

03:55 AM BBT: All 4 feeds on Darkened bedrooms, everybody is either asleep, or about to be.

Good Night!

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7:50am BBT HG sleeping.

(sometimes I want to pull an Evil Dick and beat some pots and pans to wake them up...then I think of what the day will bring and I tip toe around MY house so as not to wake them up)

8:18 am BBT HG are getting their beauty rest.

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8:51 am BBT We have movement...nope just adjusting the blankets..back to sleep

9:06 am BBT Judd is up, walks thru a very dark BBH to the WC. In HOH, Elissa gets up, uses WC. Judd goes back to bed. So does Elissa.

9:49 am BBT just in case you're not tired of seeing me say it......They're still sleeping

9:59 am BBT Even the camera man is bored with them sleeping. Cam 4 keeps zooming in on stuff on the floor by either Amanda or Jessies bed.

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Guest 6Borders

10:13am BB Time

The houseguests (well I saw Helen and Andy anyway) are up for the day!

HOH room...Helen and Elissa: Helen says the skin on her neck is really itchy (last night the discussion was that she might be getting ringworm). Helen says maybe she got too much sun and Elissa says there is Aloe.

BB reminds everyone the bedroom lights must remain on.

Helen gets clothes and things and goes into the HOH bathroom. Looks like the rest of the house is planning to get some additional shut-eye.

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Guest 6Borders

10:17am BB Time: Helen is getting clothes/towels ready to wash.

She looks dressed for a workout. She gets her shoes on, does a few cursory stretches and gathers up the dirty clothes and heads downstairs.

Camera pans to the kitchen, which is a mess...looks like they had a late night and didn't clean.

BY: Helen starts laundry and begins to sort clothes/towels left by the others and starts the dryer, then heads back to the HOH bedroom for her mic (she beat BB to the punch that time) and off to the BY to start her workout.

10:26am BB Time:

Helen has started her laps in the backyard.

Not a houseguest is stirring anywhere else right now!

{I can hardly contain my excitement!}

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Guest 6Borders

10:48am BB Time

Helen seems to have finished her work out (or else she is taking a break)...it was a break, she's back to running again.

Jessie is stirring in the Have Not Room but doesn't look like it's going to be much more than that.

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10:04am BBT: we now have foth. bb must be waking the hg up.
10:14am BBT: feeds are back on helen is up in the hoh she says my neck has been itching so much i think i need to get it checked out today. elissa tells her there is aloa downstairs it might help. bb says the bedroom lights must remain on during the day.
10:18am BBT: helen ask elissa if she wants her blue towel washed. Elissa says sure. Helen is going around gathering dirty laundry.
10:29am BBT: Helen has now started laundry and is now running her laps in the by. Everyone else is still in bed sleeping.
10:36am BBT: Helen is still running in the by. camera in have not rm is zooming in on objects on the floor.
10:47am BBT: Helen has stopped running and gone to kt to make ice water. she has now gone to the wc.
10:51am BBT: Helen is back to running in the by. All other hg still sleeping.
10:58am BBT: Helen is still running and all other hg still sleeping.

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Guest 6Borders

11:01am BB Time

BB tells McCrae to change his batteries (doesn't look like McCrae complied)

11:02am BB Time

BB (more insistently this time) tells McCrae to change his batteries...still no movement I can detect from McCrae but Jessie gets up (maybe she is going to change them for him)

We get FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

11:04am BB Time

Feeds are back and McCrae is up changing his batteries {I guess BB Hollered at him during FOTH}

Helen has finished her work out and heads back to the HOH room.

Elissa is stirring.

BB tells Amanda to change her batteries.

Elisa wants to know what time it is and Helen says "10-30-11"

Amanda is up and moving around (looking like she just came off a 30 hour airplane ride or three)

McCrae is back on the airplane benches attempting sleep

BB calls Howard to the DR

Amanda comes back into the Have Not Room...looks at something and remarks "ewwwwww...you put a f'ing condom wrapper..." which produces an unintelligable reply from McCrae. Amanda lies back down and covers her head {apparently Amanda is not a morning person!}

Elissa is up and making the bed in the HOH room {seriously without Elissa and Helen BB would have had to bring in a bulldozer by now for the mess}

Elissa goes to the kitchen and remarks she hates coming down the stairs (from the HOH room) because it makes such a loud noise. Jessie is attempting to clean the kitchen. Elissa asks if she slept ok and Jessie says it was the worst night of sleep she's had. Elissa says she' sorry...says it's the first time in 26 days shes...eyes not puffy (she's applying tea bags to them anyway).

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Guest 6Borders

11:13am BB Time

BY couch: I think it's Judd and Jessie. If there is any conversation it can't be heard over the planes but it looks like they are just hanging out, trying to wake up, and not talking.

BB tells Aaryn to do something but I can't hear it because of the airplane overhead.

11:18am BB Time

Jessie gets up (probably to go inside since I heard the sliding door). Judd looks and sounds asleep {I am waiting for BB to holler at him but it's probably the most exciting thing they've seen this morning too}

BB tells Jeremy to change his batteries and it starts Judd awake. He gets up, streetches and heads inside.

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Guest 6Borders

11:20am BB Time: Kitchen: Jessie is fixing something, Judd asks about coffee and we get FOTH

11:21am BB Time: Feeds are back and Jessie is outside with coffee and a cig.
Howard is up in the Have Not Room adjusting his mic and making a racket. He gets his bible and leaves for morning prayer.

11:24am BB Time. The camera zooms in on Amanda in the Have Not Room and we confirm that she is breathing.

Backyard: Judd and Jessie are discussing something she can take to help her sleep and for her aching shoulders...it's kind of like a painkiller says Judd but he wishes he could google it. Jessie says she really should see someone because she can barely rotate her arms. Judd asks what's it from? She says it's been over a week...Judd says was it at the Have Not and Jessie says it was before she was a Have Not. Jessie runs down the list of therapy she'd done (stretched, massages, heating pads).

Jessie says she's afraid it's going to mess her up in comps..if it's another one like holding onto the popsicle she won't be able to do it. Judd says as long as Aaryn, Kaitlin and GM are out she will be fine...Jessie says Aaryn and Kaitlin will hold on for dear life. Jessie discusses who might make deals.

Judd says he thinks Kaitlin should go (be evicted) before Aaryn. Says Kait is more friendly and she's kind of likeable...you know her true colors...but she will inch her way in with the girls. Judd says Helen told him they need to be nice to Kait, that it's been hard on her (yada yada) and Judd says "no way" he doesn't need ppl making deals for him.

Judd says just want to go to the Final 2 {doesn't everyone?} Judd says some ppl may think we're floaters but we've made two of the biggest moves in the game. He tells Jessie is she hadn't switched her vote other ppl wouldn't have. Jessie says Elissa wouldn't be here if it were not for her. Judd speculates McCrae might have even voted the other say...says Mc kind of got trapped into the MC because he got the first HOH.

Jessie says she knows the next HOH is going to be endurance. Judd says it could be....(doesn't finish)...discusses smaller people might be good at it.

Elissa is called to the DR.

11:33am BB Time

BY: Judd and Jessie discuss past HG's and how they did in comps, how long Dan waited to win HIH. Judd says Dan was a really smart player.

Judd says Aaryn needs to stay before Kaitlin because no one likes her and she has a huge target on her back.

Discuss who Aaryn would put up. Jessie says Kaitlin and Elissa have been getting closer and Judd says Elissa is not going to forget what they did to her...Jessie says Elissa hates Aaryn more than Kaitlin....we get FOTH

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Guest 6Borders

11:37am BB Time

Judd and Jessie still discussing who needs to go. Jessie really wants Kait to go.

Judd thinks it's suspicious that Candace didn't try out for the show...he is not sure about Howard.

Says Spencer and McCrae are huge fans {which basically means he thinks they made the show legit}

Judd tells Jessie he thinks she needs to get closer to Amanda...that they need to hook up with McManda and the four of them could really do some damage. Judd says not know, it can wait until later on (to make an alliance with McManda)

Jessie says McManda spend all their time together (hard to talk to them I guess)...she says Elissa loves McCrae.

Jessie just wants Kailin OUT. Judd is telling her who likes her...says Spencer has a crush on her.

Discussion about how personalities go with looks. Jessie says Amanda has a great personality.

Jessie thinks Candace has gotten cooler...she was annoying befor. Judd says the only time Candance is annoying is when she wedges herself inbetween ppl on the chaise lounge. Jessie says she is a little tackless sometimes.

11:43am BB Time

Judd is saying he stayed up late and it didn't give the moving company a chance to talk. Jessie goes to bed early and Judd stays up late (and then they can compare notes).

Judd says ppl are suspicious of Howard, even tho he's fessed up (to MC and his voting).

Plane goes over and Jessie point up (it's not a regular airline but sounds like a smaller plane). Jessie says "cool"

Judd goes back to Howard swearing on the bible and he didn't do all that before Spencer and (didn't get it due to noise)

Judd and Jessie rehash who needs to go and in what order: Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM seem to be the order of wishful thinking. Judd says GM needs to go soon, they can't let her make jury. Judd says he doesn't want to be in the jury house with her. Judd says he's going to start working on Aaryn to get on her good side. He says he's screwed her over a lot but he had to do it

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11:03am BBT: helen is now done running she is now working out with weights. BB tells Mccrae to please change his batteries. He gets up and goes to change them then jessie gets up and we get foth
11:05am BBT: mccrae is now going back to bed. Helen goes to hoh rm where elissa is. elissa says what time is it Helen says its about 10:30 or 11:00. elissa says really, Helen says yeah everyone else is till asleep.amanda is now up also.
11:08am BBT: Elissa is now up walking around the hoh rm while helen is talking a shower. Amanda is now going back to bed in the have not rm.
11:17am BBT: Judd and Jessie now sitting on by couch.. BB tells Arryn to change her batteries.
11:20am BBT: judd was sleeping on by couch BB yells for Jeremy to please change his batteries and scares judd. Judd goes in kt and asked jessie is that coffe? She says yes i just made some. Jessie goes out by the hottub and feels the water. She now goes and sits on the couch and pulls the table close to her and lights a ciggarette.Howard is now up putting on his shoes.
11:24am BBT: jessie is sitting in by counting on her fingers as she smokes and drinks her coffee. howard walks out of havenot rm holding his bible. judd joins jessie in the by. Jessie says i slept like crap lastnight. Judd says yeah i did too.jessie says my shoulders are so shot. she says they hurt so bad and they arent getting any better. Judd says did you go in to get it checked? Jessie says yeah but there is only so much a medic can do.
11:26am BBT: Jessie says i should really get this checked i can barely rotate my shoulders. Judd asked how it happened? Jessie says i dont know, judd says did it happen in the have not comp? she says no it was before that i dont know.
11:28am BBT: Jessie saying she is afraid this is going to mess her up in like comps. She says if it is like the popcicle comp then i am afraid i cant hold on. Judd says as long as arryn , kaitlin and Ginamarie are around you shouldnt have to worry.
11:39am BBT:Jessie and Judd still in by. Jessie says i want kaitlyn to go next.Judd says kaitlin didnt even try out i dont think she is a threat though but i want her to go out before we do though thats for sure. he says howard i ain't sure about but spencer is a big fan, He tells jessie i think you should try to get closer to Amanda cuz i think the 4 of us can go far in here.
11:42am BBT: Jessie says amanda has a great peronality. Judd says yeah. Judd asked about Candice. Jessie says she has gotten better but i dont think people get her personality.Judd says candice comes up to you and ask what are you talking abou he says she doesnt want to do that it is dangerous grounds. Judd says did you know i was a target? Jessie says no. Judd says yeah cuz i was up late at night and the moving company didnt have time to talk. Jessie says but you stay up late i go to bed early.
11:48am BBt: Judd says i am going to start working on Arryn. she thinks i have screwed her over so many times, which i have but i needd to work on her.Jessie says yeah.
11:50am BBT: Judd is telling Jessie that it is just good that spencser goes he is just strong and can win comps.jessie says i was his partner in the bbq hoh comp . Judd says and he threw that too huh?Jessie says if i had been hoh that week it would have sucked. Judd says i am glad you wasnt hoh that week. Jessie says yeah if i had been hoh that week i would be in arryns place right now and that would be back . Jessie says ooohhh i want Kaitlin gone.
11:54am BBT: jessie says she was talking game a little with kaitlin yesterday and she told her that she was afraid she would put her up and kaitlin told her no howard and spencer. Jessie says maybe if you tell howard and spencer that Kaitlin is coming after them and she needs to go then they will tell candice and candice will tell everyone else.
11:58am BBT: Jessie and Judd are shaking on an alliance and playing with each others fingers coming up with a name for their alliance. Jessie says lets combine texas and tennesse they come up with tanexas. jessie says she needs a showe Judd says i do too. jessie says i think i will just go for a swim but i need to wash and pick up i have alot of dirty clothes . they head inside. where Howard is taking trash out .

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Guest 6Borders

11:49am BB Time'

BB tells Candace to change her batteries.

Conversation between Judd and Jessie continue...Judd is talking about ppl only intimidate you if you let him (I think this is about Jeremy)

They are now rehashing comps and who threw what comps. Judd is explaining why someone threw HOH..."he" was safe and it would have forced "him" to pick a side.

Jessie's broken "I want Kaitlin gone" record is playing again!!!

She says she talked game with Aaryn and said she asked if Kait was HOH would Jessie go up and says Aaryn told her no.

Jessie wants Judd to put a bug in Spencer and Howard that Kait is targeting them they would tell Candace and she would tell everyone else. Judd thinks that is kind of risky....he wants to wait and see how the HOH falls.

BB calls Aaryn to the DR

Jessie says she wants to talk to Amanda but she is afraid to because Amanda is really good at lying. Jessie says I just want to make sure I am solid with them {which contradicts what she just said}. Judd says she needs to start getting closer to Amanda. Jessie rehearses her "what I will say to Amanda" speech...Judd says she needs to talk to them before Jeremy leaves. Jessie wants her and Judd to go to sequester at very least and Judd says at least but wants them to be final 2.

Jessie says they need to come up with a name for the alliance that combines Tennessee and Texas. Jessie says she might put her swimsuit and and Judd says he's going to hang outside and get good and hot before taking a cold shower.

Jessie says she needs to pick up her stuff...that she has stuff all over the whole house.

Jessie and Judd head into the house and wish Helen/Elissa a good morning.

Judd says he was the first one up this morning. Helen asks if he even slept and he said he did...went to bed at 3:30.

Elissa is cooking and Howard is changing the trash bag.

BB tells Candace to change her batteries. They laugh and says Candance tells BB to stop telling her what to do.

They say Candace is funny. Judd says she's a different girl when she's a Have Not.

Helen says she is going to drink her coffee and then she will start cleaning the kitchen. She will cook after she cleans the kitchen {there really should be a BB perk or special pass for people who keep the house clean -6Borders}

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Guest 6Borders

12:02pm BB Time

Candace is up and everyone wishes her good morning in the kitchen.

Helen is going to make bagel/egg/cheese/bacon sandwiches after she cleans the kitchen.

Elissa sing-song's it's nice to see (Candace's) sunshiny face.

Discussion about the fish and they are glad one didn't die the first week. Aaryn thinks BB should take one fish out every week..to symbolize an HG leaving every week.

Candace says coffee time and she feels like her eyes are swollen. They say ((BB) hated them this morning because they only got 2 songs.

There is still no movement from McManda in the Have Not Room

We just learn {at least I did} that you can buy Slop on the internet. They say GM will buy some, that she loves the stuff, and she will be the first one to purchase it.

Discussion about being on slop...Helen says all you do is think about food even tho you are not hungry.

Candace wants to know if it's a warm day to go out and swim...Helen confirms that it is.

Helen is still worried about her itchy skin..Helen thinks it might be sun poisoning and they are worried ringworm might be going around again {lovely discussion over breakfast!}

They admire Elissa's Canadian nails. Someone asks when is Canada Day and Elissa says it's the same as our 4th of July or Memorial Day {she is wrong, it's July 1st -6Borders}

Helen asks a few more questions about Canada {Elissa gets most of the answers wrong}

Candace says her biological grandmother is from Canada.

12:21pm BB Time

Kitchen discussion with Helen, Elissa and Candace is about lips, full lips and that nobody's bottom lip and top lip look the same.

Candace misses the kids she works with at the Clinic. Elissa says she dreamed about her little boy. candace talks about a boy she teaches and it was hard when she had to tell his parents she was leaving (to do BB)

Helen is going to DR to ask about her itchy neck.

12:15pm BB Time: Judd and Aaryn are in the storeroom. Hard to hear but sounds like the discussion is who will be put up if who gets HOH. Aaryn asks Judd how it is being a Have Not. BB tells Judd to put on his mic {thank you BB}

McCrae is up and wandering.

Helen went to DR and is asked what they said. She said they are going to call her in (to get looked at).

She says she hopes she does not have ringworm..doesn't know what it is {a mom doesn't know about ringworm???}

Helen says it itches and Candace says ringworm does itch.

Elissa (I think) says they need to wash everything in the house with bleach.

Helen, Candace and Elissa are cleaning the kitchen with maximum efficiency.

Aaryn has joined the conversation but it not helping with the cleaning. Discussion is friends on Facebook.

12:23pm BB Time

Discussion is about Facebook and Twitter. Judd says he never wants Facebook again but he likes Twitter.

Candace says if someone hacks into our stuff we're not there. Judd says he deactivated his...Candace says she didn't but her best friend is monitoring it for her.

Candace lets us know she's gone on 3 dates thru Facebook and we go to FOTH (12:25pm BB Time)

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Guest 6Borders

12:30pm BB Time

Jessie is eating in the pool and Judd is lying out (trying to get warm before that cold shower)

Judd asks whose clothes are in the washer...asks Helen if she wants her to start drying them.

Howard is kicking an orange ball around the yard then dumps it in the pool.

Judd comes back with something for Jessie (olives?)

Judd is mumbling something about pickles (he's obstructing his mic so I can't hear)

Right on cue BB tells him not to obstruct his mic {thank you BB}

Judd and Jessie are discussing movies.

Kitchen: Jeremy is now up. Aaryn (I think) says "this is why I have decided to be single for a while...I can't deal with all this BS"

Discussion about real or turkey bacon for the sandwiches Helen is making.

Elissa says she is glad there are other girls like her there (they have been discussing standards I take it).

Aaryn has joined Judd and Jessie poolside.

Discussion is about the POV...Aaryn says even tho they knew it was going to happen it was hard to see Kait have to do that (take herself off the block and watch Jeremy go up)

Judd says GM can't stand Kristen from BB12...says GM met her a few times. Judd says they should all discuss that Kristen from BB12 was their favorite {I guess they are bored and need some drama and GM is sure to go off on that? -6Borders}

Aaryn is sunning, Jessie is lying in the pool and Judd by the side of the pool

Aaryn is wondering about the comp...they hope it does not go late into the night

12:41pm BB Time

Kitchen cleaning and Candace's dating stories continue. Jeremy is making food.

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12:05pm BBT: helen is going to go feed the fish so another one doesnt die.Elissa says it would be cool if they was fighter fish like betas. Arryn says oh my gosh they would all be dead. she says she likes the puffer fish.Elissa says i feel like bb hates us we only got 2 songs this morning. Howard is eating his breakfast as Arryn drinks coffee and Elissa is dolng dishes. arryn says someone said you can buy slop on the internet. Elissa says yeah you can Arryn says Ginamaroe likes it she will buy it.
12:08pm BBT: helen sitting in kt saying her neck is still itchy and she might need to go get it looked at. arryn asked is it warm enough to swim today. Helen says yeah it is warm outside.
12:10pm BBT: Elissa and Arryn and Helen talking about Canada day asking when it is . Elissa says it is ,like the same day that our 4th of July is. Helen says they celebrate the start of Canada? Elissa says yeah they celebrate. Helen asked who was there first Canada or the USA. Elissa says the USA was first.
12:15pm BBT: Judd and Arryn in storage rm. Arryn says we need to take better care of our food here. Judd is whispering so hard to hear what he is saying. Arryn is agreeing with him as she eats a cookie.In the kt elissa is still washing dishes and Candice is now up helping her clean the kt. just general chat going on.
12:18pm BBT:helen comes out of dr . candice asked did they look at your neck? Helen says yeah they will call me in later. she says i hope it isnt a ringworm even though i dont know what that is. Candice says it itches alot helen. helen says we need to wash everything in the house with bleach then.
12:22pm BBT: Helen, Elissa. Arryn and Candice talking about their friends on facebook. helen says i have like 150 friends elissa says she has about 600 as candice has over a 1000 friends and she admits she went on a couple of dates because of facebook. judd comes in they ask him how many friends he has on facebook he says like 2000 Helen says wholy cow judd i might have 150. Judd says i like twitter better so i stay with that.
12:29pm BBT:Jessie is in the pool eating a pickle Judd goes in the house and asked if anyone knows whos clothes are in the dryer helen says they are mine he says do you want me to start drying them she says i will do it.
12:32pm BBT: jeremy is now up in the kt with Arryn talking about her going out with friends and helen cooking. and elissa still cleaning. Judd is now at the pool with Jessie and Howard is kicking a ball around in the by. the girls in the kt are talking about going on dates and who pays for them.
12:35pm BBT: Arryn is now at the pool with Jessie and Judd. Candice and Elissa and Helen in kt cooking breakfast.
12:40pm BBT: Arryn sitting by the pool says i wish we rewally had that handle to the shower over there. Judd says what happened to it. Arryn says i dont know. general talk in the kitchen with Helen candice elissa and jeremy. candice telling about dates she went on .
12:43pm BBT: Arryn is called to dr as she is putting suntan lotion on. Judd gets in the pool to cool off. jessie is laying in the sun by the pool > Howard is working out lifting weights. candice is still talking in the kt about her dates.
12:45pm BBT: Kaitlin and andy are now up and in the wa . Kaitlin brushing her teeth. and now changing her clothes.Judd still in the pool playing with a big orange ball that says big brother on it. and Jessie still laying by the pool.
12:52pm BBT: Jeremy has now joined Judd in the pool he says this feels good. now jeremy and judd are throwing the ball back and forth to each other.. kaitlin now joins them in the pool. and andy walks out to the pool and Jessie says good morning.
12:55pm BBT: andy is now in the kt. spencer is now in the kt also. they say good morning to andy and asked how he slept . he says i slept good . candice says i slept good lastnight too. helen is still cooking. elissa is eating and candice is washing dishes now. candice says we are having a memorial service today and we will all wear black so we can all say goodbye to the hat and gianamrie is going to say a few words and pastor howard is going to perform the service and we are all going to wear black.

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1:15pm BBT: Spencer is sitting outside on the couches alone. Jessie in kt asking if anyone knows anything about muscle relaxers. her shoulder is hurting her bad. Helen says did you take advil and it isnt working? she says no. jeremy and kaitlin and judd still at the pool.
1:21pm BBT: candice and howard are making their beds and cleaning the room. Arryn is now in the pool with Jeremy and Judd as kaitlin lays by the pool.
1:23pm BBT: candice and howard share a hugg and candice is now taking sheets off the bed to go wash them. howard is now putting his clothes away in the have not rm.jeremy , judd and arryn in pool talking
1:27pm BBT:spencer and andy and jessie on by couch. jessie is earing her slop and spencer and andy are just haveing a general talk and we get foth.
1:30pm BBT: Bb tells Andy to lower the awnings. he says eeewwwww there is a moth by the awning things. kaitlin yells dont kill it he says i wont kill it and we get foth.
1:33pm BBT: spencer asked jessie . you want me to rub your shoulders. she says yeah just let me get some sunscreen first though. she comes back with sunscreen and spencer asked her where it hurts and she tells him and he starts rubbing her shoulders. howard comes out and sits on by couch with them but not saying a word.ginAmarie is now by the pool with others just sitting in the sun.
1:36pm BBT:candice and elissa in wa getting ready to go out to the pool andy comes in and says you are wearinf my favorite earings. andy says i cant believe they singled me out to put the awnings down. candice says yeah.
1:42pm BBT:spencer still rubbing jessies shoulders elissa in kt cleaning. most hg at the pool just general chat going on.
1:46pm BBt: howard and spencer laughing about them going to have a memorial service for nick and his hat today and how evedryone will be wearing black and ginamarie will speak. they say it is going to be funny.
1:48pm BBT: judd walks up to howard and spencer and howard says judd i need you to be a pallbearer today and cary nicks stuff. judd says ok and they all laugh.
1:53pm BBT: spencer cooking breakfast and candice telling him about the memorial service tonight for ginamarie to lay nicks hat to rest. she says we are all wearing black. spencer says i dont have any black is charcole grey ok and candice says yeah as long as its dark its ok .
1:58pm BBT: spencer, howard and jessie folding clothes on the pool table. judd is switching laundry in the machines. candice is in the kt howard walks in and says that helens eggs taste funny she doesnt know what she put in them but they taste funny. she tells howard she has to find her black bathingsuit top cuz she feels like her breast or showing he says he seen one outside, she goes out and jessie says it is here candice says yeah thats mine.

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2;31 Pm BBT KT:

Aaryn kaitlyn and jeremy talking and eating and walking around. Aaryn says tht she is social but not social. She and kaitlin are talking about someone coming down hard on her aaryan - out in the backyard. Maybe helen asking her to go make photos. Not sure. Aaryn says where is my adderal. Jeremy mocks her

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2:10PM BBT: Howard is cooking in the kitchen. Judd, Spencer and Candice are outside on the BY couch. Judd says he's probably going to take a nap later today. Spencer says he's going to run for half an hour after the food settles in his stomach. Judd says he's missing so many khaki shorts, and they're probably in the big pile of laundry. Spencer says he's missing a lot of socks.

2:18PM BBT: Feeds cut to FotH, and when they come back, Andy has joined Spencer, Candice and Judd on the BY couches. Candice says after she gets out of the house, she's going to follow her dreams and go to aesthetician or cosmetology school. Candice said she wiped her phone clean before coming into the house. Turned it off and deleted everything off it. She had 1300 pictures on her phone. Andy asks her why, because of production? Candice says no, she just wanted a clean slate. Plus her phone is broken, so when she gets out of the house, she's due for an upgrade. Spencer said he just turned his phone off and handed it in. Andy said he handed his in, but his has a passcode, so they can't access it. Andy said he mum still pays his phone bill. Candice said she just cancelled her plan. Talk changes to their apartments/houses.

2:24PM BBT: Aaryn and Judd are in the washroom. Judd tells Aaryn she's been good the past couple of days. Judd starts shaving his face, and Aaryn leaves to make some food. In the BY, Andy asked Candice if she deactivated her facebook before coming in, and says no, but her friend is monitoring it. Andy says he didn't deactivate his either. Spencer says he did, but regrets it now. Candice says her friend probably wont watch any more episodes after the bed flipping episode.

2:31PM BBT: Candice, Andy and Spencer talk about past seasons. Andy says he loves that Elissa doesn't give one f*** about talking to people about how much she hates Jeremy. He comments that once Jeremy was out of the pool, Elissa got right in. Andy goes inside, and Candice says that having everything taken away will make her appreciate everything so much more. Helen comes out with a camera. She says she has an hour with the camera, and wants to take as many as she can.

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2:37 PM BBT BY:

helen taking pictures of herself, GM, Howard, Spencer, andy, jesse, elissa, candice. GM directing.

2;39 PM BBT: KT:

Jeremy still eating. amanda has come tot he kitchen. He asks her if there is a saboteur. She says, I dont know, Jeremy. Jeremy eating and watching picture-taking outside. Amanda talking to aaryn so aaryn must be in the kitchen too. Judd is there as well. Amanda and judd go back and forth about the saboteur - coffee filters. aaryn asks amanda if she just woke up she says yes. they discuss coffee filters and whether there are more or not. Judd asks aaryn to borrow her sunglasss she whines juddddddd. he says I will bring them right back she says I know but dont scratch them. He promises not to and goes outside to be in picture.

2:42 PM KT:

Andy flies into the kitchen and grabs amanda and asks helen to take a picture of them him and amanda and she does. Apparently they are in the kitchen taking photos now.

2:44 PM BBT KT:

Aaryn talking about how much coffee they drink in the house and how she goes all freaky drinking coffee and taking adderall. Theytalk about it and amanda says she goes off anyway. aaryn is whispering. amanda asks her if she saw what happened last night. She says yes. amanda is making fun of someone not sure who it is. Aaryn says tht her stomach hurts. amanda is saying tht she wants a bagel so bad. Jeremy is hugging her. Jeremy says that people hate him because he is unbeatable.

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2:35PM BBT: Andy, Spencer, Candice and Howard are sitting on the BY couches. Candice says she doesn't like taking pictures. Andy says he noticed she has an aversion to the photo booth. Elissa and Helen take a picture together, and Elissa comments that it's a really good camera. Elissa says to Gina Marie that she can't believe that they are her real boobs. Gina Marie says that her family all has big boobs.

2:42PM BBT: Amanda just woke up, and comes out of the HN room. She found the condom under her bed (a prank), and comes out asking who did it and laughs about it.

2:47PM BBT: Amanda searches for coffee filters and can't find any. She uses a napkin instead of a coffee filter to make a cup of coffee. Helen comes inside with the camera. Elissa, Candice, Howard and Gina Marie are in the pool. Gina Marie says the memorial for Nick will be on Friday. She says she's not ready yet. Helen is back outside taking pictures of the housemates.

2:55PM BBT: Andy is sitting at the kitchen table going through the pictures. BB announces they're going on an indoor lockdown. Aaryn has the camera and is taking pictures. The housemates are grabbing their items from outside before they go on the lockdown.

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